Exclusive First Look: Will The Walking Dead Terminate Rick Before He Reaches Terminus?

More than a few critics have suggested that it’s time for The Walking Dead to bump off its end-of-the-world-weary hero, Rick. But would AMC’s monster smash really go through with it?

New season finale promo art suggests that it might.

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As you can see in the exclusive image below, the show hasn’t supplied us with a run-of-the-mill picture depicting its characters en route to Terminus, the sanctuary whose motto is, “Those who arrive survive.”

Rather, the shot is of Andrew Lincoln’s shaggy sheriff, along with son Carl (Chandler Riggs) and their formidable traveling companion, Michonne (Danai Gurira), looking poised to do battle and quite possibly surrounded by the smoke that Tyreese and Carol saw in last week’s episode. Even more ominous is the tagline: “Who will arrive?”

In other words: Who will survive?

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Do you think Rick will live to see Terminus and be reunited with baby Judith? Is there anyone you’re hoping won’t make it? Take a look at the image below and, while you’re waiting for this Sunday’s penultimate hour of the season (airing at 9/8c), hit the comments with your predictions.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Key Art Poster Rick

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  1. webly3 says:

    Rick can at points be a really annoying character but killing him off is not the right idea.

    • Rich says:

      I don’t know who anybody’s kidding .. As much as I’d be put off by the show if they killed Rick .. Lord knows I wouldn’t stop watching it ..any person really into this show that says they would is a damn liar ..lol..

      • merle says:

        Sorry, I disagree with you. Rick has been through so much that if he gets killed off it is half the show. The other half is Darrell. They have to die of old age .LOL By the way where did Beth go?The new guys coming on just don’t have the stuff that the originals have. Too ,any more and the show goes bye bye along with the good wife after Will got killed.

        • DarkWolf says:

          If You look at “Mary” the Grill Chef in Terminus, She’s Wearing Beth’s Sweater, The one She had on when Abducted by the Caddy Driver and Daryl Chasing it…

          • laurak says:

            No she isn’t. Completely different sweater. Just check Google images from that show and compare.

          • Michael says:

            Nope, I just looked Beth’s sweater is why lighter where the one at Terminus is a darker grey color

      • pmack1958 says:

        Then call me a liar if you want, but I WILL NOT continue watching TWD if Rick OR Daryl gets killed off the show. To me, these two, in their own different ways, have been the ones who have dealt with loss, total vulnerability, and regained hope to keep going for the others. They don’t give up on anyone. They still see the original group as a “family” and are committed to them 100%. I don’t feel that any other character that we have been following or have been recently introduced to can carry the loss of Rick and/or Daryl.

        • Caroline Thompson says:

          I totally agree the show wouldn’t be the same with out Rick and Darrel they have been there from the start and should be there till the end they make the show so please don’t have them killed off it won’t be the same show if they let them go. It was sad to see Hirshel he should have been still in the show.

    • Royy says:

      if they kill rick off i just go back to the comics. show does not work with out him.

  2. john says:

    Kill carl already, kid is annoying as feck.

  3. azu says:

    Rick and Carl are the main reason I watch. They’d better not touch him. My only Hollywood crush. I love him!! It’s definitely not the time for him to hand over the mantle of leadership to Carl!!

    • Teag says:

      Why does everyone assume Carl will be leader? No one will follow a 14 year old kid.

      • CBWBDK1 says:

        Read the comics and you’ll know why.

        • Teag says:

          Plot twist: I do.

          • Nina says:

            They won’t kill off Rick until Carl is done going through puberty. It is known.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            The fact that “it’s known” makes it more likely IMO. What better way to shock your audience then to switch up something like that. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want it to happen, just sayin’. Besides it would be really stupid to have Rick survive The Governor and to keep Judith alive for an emotional reunion to just kill him off now.

      • Z-Girl says:

        Carl & Judith are the future! I hope Rick lives a long time, When they decide to kill his character arc off hopefully at the end, Carl will be the leader!

        • Randy says:

          Isn’t the baby dead? At the end of the last show niether tyreas or carol r carrying her and there is a grave with baby shoes on it!!

          • Alicia says:

            Tyrese had her on his back. That grave was already there at the beginning of the episode.

          • Liz says:

            Why would the baby be dead? She wasn’t killed. I believe Judith was being carried in an opened duffel bag which Tyrese in this case had slung over his neck resting by his right hip. It was blue. He had his hand underneath the bag holding it steady as he walked.

          • The grave with the baby shoes on it was there when Tyrese, Carol and the 3 girls got there. Tyrese was carrying baby Judith when they left. Lizzie killed Mikka and was going to kill Judith, so she had to be killed (she was crazy!)

          • DarkWolf says:

            First Randy, Learn to Spell, those Shoes were there when they arrived, and The Baby is on the back of Tyrese in a baby Soren (Backpack styled carrier( You see her from behind with a Baby Blanket over Her Head…

          • Caroline Thompson says:

            That was there when they arrived at the house and yes you could see the baby back of Tyreas when they set off on there journey with out the 2 girls. hope that helps

          • C’mon John… this kid had to grow up fast and learn how to survive like a grown-up… give him a break…

        • Payne says:

          That was Mika….

          • Liz says:

            While Mica was buried alongside Lizzie, don’t forget that the home where the group stayed in had a family. The property had about two perhaps three graves already on the site each with crosses one of which had a pair of child shoes (girl’s sandals) hanging from it. Remember at the top of the episode that Mica thought that Lizzie, while holding Judith, was sad because she saw the little girl’s grave. Of course by now we know that Lizzie was sad about Carol or Tyrese (?) finding a walker in the house and killing it. Cray-cray.

      • Jess says:

        I think King Tut was about that age when he took rule. And we’re not talking about modern society anymore. All that is gone. And has made these people adapt to a whole new kind of world. Kind of like that of which King Tut Ruled. Just saying

    • Lena says:

      I love Rick as well. I’ve been a little irritated with the lack of screen time for this character lately. If they kill him off, I will move on from this show. Normally, I don’t quit a show for one character’s death, but this time might be a first.

      • I agree, I think the show needs Rick still. The actor and character have a strong following…kill off a beloved character too soon for just shock value will lose viewers..I would be included in that.

        • Bobbie says:

          Ditto, network better realize the female following. We don’t like to see the people we tune in to see gone!

      • Dawn says:

        I am with you, I was hoping for more screen time with Rick, Micchone and Karl… and hoping they will reunite with baby Judith. If rick gets killed off I will not watch anymore… That is not BS nothing could be more true. he started this show and I will be darn to see them kill the man who brought in the audience in the beginning as well as Glenn. get rid of the bimbo Beth, sorry her character so doesn’t fit into the rest of the survivors, just my opinion..

  4. Dav says:

    It’s a little too soon to kill off Rick. I can see how it might work during the last season but not right now.

  5. Teag says:

    Awesome poster. Wish this week and next week were a back-to-back finale.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Me too. I’m very anxious to get to the end of the season to see how it wraps up but at the same time I’m dreading it because, well, it is The Walking Dead. Anything can happen :-(

      • According to Scott Gimple and Kirkman, its not ‘wrapping up’ so to speak, we’re all getting an agonizing cliffhanger to last until October…

        • wrstlgirl says:

          Yeah I was really just thinking of the conclusion of the season, judging by the description of the finale it’s not gonna be warm and fuzzy slippers :-)

  6. Abigale says:

    I was under the impression that the smoke Carol saw was from when Daryl burned down the house. Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think that’s what is going on in this picture.

  7. Allison says:

    With the last three episodes Rick-less, I’ve really missed having he (and yes, even Carl) around. He’s the ooey gooey center of our beloved group and I don’t think it’d work without him at this point.

  8. Elisa says:

    I will stop watching if they kill Rick off. He, Daryl and Michonne are my main reason to watch this show. I like Glenn and Maggie as well but like stated those three are my main reason. So I really really hope they don’t kill Rick off.

  9. wrstlgirl says:

    The show won’t be the same without Rick. Even though they are all split into groups right now he’s the glue that pulls them all together. Killing him off would be a really bad idea. I’ve missed him on the show, tons, in these last few episodes.

  10. Babybop says:

    Don’t kill off Rick!

  11. Zoe says:

    Rick is my favourite character! I’m not saying I wouldn’t watch if he was gone, but my interest would definitely wane. I like all the characters to a greater and lesser degree, but it was Rick that got me into The Walking Dead, and although I don’t think he should necessarily survive until the very last episode (whenever that might be!) he should not be killed off any time soon.

  12. Liz985 says:

    Think back to the very first season, the very first episode, and the very first few minutes of The Walking Dead. A lone sheriff’s car coming down a deserted highway to an abandoned gas station…”Little girl. I’m a policeman.” Rick is the core to this show. Without him, phffttt!

  13. Mik says:

    I’m more worried about Michonne. Obviously she’s a fan favorite, so it would be a big loss for the show, but then again we’ve learned sooooo much about her past in the last two episodes she was in. I’m thinking the producers got busy telling her story, because they knew she would have to go soon.

  14. Lola says:

    There is nothing that would make me happier than if Rick and Carl were both killed. I realized that part of the reason I’ve really liked the back half of this season is that I don’t have them on my screen regularly. I LIKE Andrew Lincoln; I just think the character of Rick is a mess and drags down the show. Obviously, YMMV, but it’s been a real relief to be done with Rick and Carl the previous three episodes.

  15. Relaxxx says:

    OHH HELLLL NOOO I watch this show for Rick Michonne Carl and Daryl period Rick is the heart of this show it has been hard to tune in for four weeks straight and get no Rick Michonne or Carl much less if god forbids he dies I cannot even imagine the Walking Dead without Rick do not even play like that Ricks time has not come yet its been interesting to learn about other characters but I always wonder about Rick and Company sorry no one can replace Rick in my eyes not even Daryl

    • azu says:

      So agree with you!! People seem to forget that Rick is only a man and not superhuman!! He’s not perfect and yes he does make mistakes. But his heart and soul are so good and loyal. His best feature is the fact that he’s a ride or die kind of person who’s ready to go to the bat for the people he loves!! Love him to death!!!

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      YES! Rick, Daryl, and Michonne are my big time FAVORITES on this show. I also like Glenn, Maggie, Sasha, and Tyrese. They can’t kill Rick off yet i’ll be pissed but if the show was ending TODAY then yeah but not now…..not while baby judith is still alive and doesn’t know yet.

      As much as i can’t stand Carl sucks to say it but he has to stay alive for judith’s sake same goes for Rick. Love this show but of course nobody is safe!

  16. Joey Padron says:

    I can’t wait to see what happens in season finale. I wonder if they’ll show Terminus in finale or wait until season 5.

  17. Spoiler Junkie says:

    The back 8 of S4 have done real disservice to the mainstay (Rick) of TWD. Rick has already been absent from half of them. I like the other characters but IMHO, Rick is the heart and soul of the show. This is his journey and by extension Carl’s. Completely ignoring him for a stretch of episodes has seriously made me lose interest in this season.

    If S5 also continues to sideline him so much, I will probably stop watching. As for his death – will give up the show in a heartbeat if he is killed. It’s his journey that I have been following, nothing to hold me there and no interest in TWD when his character is gone.

    • Brigitte says:

      In a previous post I read that the reason why there has been so few episodes with Rick in them is to give the audience a feel for how very separated the group has become since leaving the prison. But it seems as though they are reasonably close to each other, so I am hoping for them to meet up before the season end!

    • Julie says:

      I agree!

  18. There will come a time when killing off Rick is the right call. That time does not feel like now, so I sincerely hope they aren’t offing him in the next 2 episodes. As for who won’t arrive, I believe that Sasha is a definite goner, Carol may die, Bob, Beth, maybe even Daryl. But not Rick.

  19. Matt says:

    I would be pretty shocked if they killed off Rick or michonne until they’ve explored the possibility of them as a couple. They seem to have been inching them very, very slowly towards each other, it would be stupid to kill one off before they at least took it to the next level. Sadly Carl won’t go anywhere simply because the show has killed off three child characters already, and I don’t see them doing it again anytime soon. I’d love them to kill off Carl though, would make me happy.

    • Frankie L. says:

      Michonne’s my future wife, so I don’t want to see any type of relationship between Rick and Michonne.

  20. Dr. Opossum says:

    I can kind of see the show killing Rick in an effort to really show it is going in a different direction than the comics or because Andrew Lincoln could be tiring of the role. But dramatically, killing Rick would be a disaster now. There is no other character who could be the unifying leader. Either the others are too young (Carl or Beth), too troubled (Carol or Bob), or are followers and not leaders ( Daryl or Glenn). I am not crazy about Rick but the show needs him for the time being.

  21. Marco says:

    I used to be a big fan of the walking dead but since they killed lizzie and mika i losed interest in the show… I loved those girls… And i am going to watch it just to see what happened to beth and will they reunite and then goodbye the walking dead !! They crossed the line with lizzie and mika !! Brutal!! Sorry about bad english :p

    • Steve Cameron says:

      They killed off the girls because they were a part of the story arc from the comics..

      What would u have thought if she wasn’t killed then when they get back together with everyone arguing what to do with her Carl come up while she’s sleeping and puts a bullet in her head

      • Marco says:

        They shouldn’t kill them at all ! They were both great actors and their storylines was interesting…
        I tough that they will replace comic book Sophia and just live as long as that stupid Carl…
        That would be a better storyline for the girls than geting killed off … I dont know why producers done that… Better make this episode a dream or something !!!

  22. Relaxxx says:

    I Hope they are not considering Abraham as a new leader or Daryl I mean come on he followed Beth with that stupid idea to burn down the cabin and now it looks like the fire is burning down the woods Look Rick is not perfect but no one else is qualified except maybe Michonne but this is Ricks story period Even crazy chasing after Lauries ghost Rick is better than the others no disrespect but it is what it is

  23. Azerty says:

    Rick is the main reason I watch and he is the core of the show. Then again so was Ned Stark in Game of Thrones.

  24. Grind Time says:

    The promo picture is hot Rick and his ride or die chick Michonne and Carl ready to do battle luv them

  25. Jon says:

    I’m not going to read anything into a poster that reveals nothing. It’s more or less saying, ‘Hey tune in to see those characters you’ve not seen in a few weeks’ and that’s it.

  26. Relaxxx says:

    I think Sasha is going to die next only because Senequa Martin Greenes role on Once Upon A Time has been expanded and I dont know how she could continue to do both shows and maybe Maggie cuz Lauren got that gig on that Archer or something show Daryl will live but hes doing that movie with Robert Kirkman and maybe MIA for the first episodes of season cinco so thats a death watch for Sasha n Maggie and a MIA for Daryl and of course Beth

  27. Frankie L. says:

    That poster is awesome!

    As long as Michonne, Rick, Daryl and Carl don’t die, then I don’t care who dies out of the others.

  28. Stormie says:

    I thought Sonequa Martin Green still had a recurring role on Once Upon A Time I do not recall her being killed off and if she appears in both shows that would explain why shes been absent anyways Im putting Maggie and Carol on the death watch list

  29. James says:

    I never fully understood the attraction of ‘The walking dead’.No explanation has been considered necessary to explain how rotting flesh and muscle can remain animated for months after death or what sustains the Zombies blood lust for living flesh.The show is just an excuse for unrelenting violence and death which is not a good mental state for anyone who enjoys watching it.

    • chrisnine11 says:

      Which is why tv’s come with a remote or another way to change the channel. Allows you to watch what you like and skip over things that you don’t find interesting.

      • azu says:

        You are so right!! Tried to convince my family to watch. They just weren’t buying it!! I was so shocked that I’m the only person in my immediate and extended family that loves this show!!! I didn’t bash their heads in for not loving it like I do. I mean, thank God for some of my male friends who share my excitement for the show or I would have gone bonkers not having anyone to talk about it to!!!

    • jennifer w. says:

      Fans of the show will tell you it’s not the Zombies that keeps them coming back, it’s the story line – Ask ’em. It’s why the Talking Dead is so popular. For me, the zombies are essentially just scenery.

    • Jerry says:

      I still watch the show and am still a fan, but I would have to admit that I would prefer that they would go a bit to the mythology of things. Yes, the exploration of humans and how they change (like Carol, Rick, Shane) as time goes on is a huge part, but my wish is that they would mix it up with some “end point”, some hope that maybe the show will explain what exactly happened and show us some light to a resolution.

      Maybe the show will end with the apocalypse being over? It may be my wishful thinking though. AMC might milk the show SVU style to 20 seasons given the ratings, so any development in actual narrative or end-point might be stalled.

      One of my personal favourite episodes is the Season 1 finale where they get to this centre where the suicidal scientist (doctor? researcher?) shows them about the brain of the walkers and how they work differently from humans. I personally liked it a lot because it shed some light and pointed at a potential arc that showed that the writers may have the entire story arc of the show in mind.

  30. Cj says:

    They just need to get rick back to being badass. He was cool in season one. I think they are moving there. Rick as a leader is what he should be. First half of this season he spent avoiding it, and so far in the back half he has been injured. I just want to see him and Carl kicking butt together

  31. charlotte foster says:

    I’ll never watch t again if the kill off Rick. He’s what makes the series.

  32. David says:

    My wife thought the smoke was possibly from Daryl also but then I got to thinking remember the last episode when Carol told Lizzy that the smoke is white which means its not burning anymore.

    • ZZZ says:

      Maybe the smoke is the bar-b-q.
      “I’ll make you a plate”, says Mary (ominous words…reminds me of the Twilight Zone episode called “To Serve Man” – all about a cookbook for aliens, the main ingredient being…man).

  33. Grind Time says:

    Well hopefully now that Rick has accepted the fact that Carl is basically a man Judith needs protecting not just farming and hes mentally more stable hopefully he gets back into leadership mode I dont care what other alpha males try to step up Rick will always be the leader until Carl takes over that kid got balls of steel

  34. Rebecca says:

    If they kill Rick that’s it for me, buh bye Walking Dead.

  35. Annette says:

    Rick has to live – period!

  36. It’s way too soon to even think about killing Rick off. Him as the actor and character are too loved and appreciated to do that, you’d lose many followers. A few shows have tried doing similar for “shock” value and it killed the show. I think there will be a time for it but it certainly isn’t even close to that. I’m looking forward to many more seasons of TWD but kill the handful of beloved main characters off too soon and I’m out.

  37. Karen says:

    They better not touch Rick! Rick and Michone are my favorite characters. If he gets killed off I won’t be watching the show anymore. Like someone else said what would be the point of keeping Judith alive then. Rick, Carl and Judith need to be reunited.

  38. Michelle Todd says:

    Rick will make it to Terminus…. If you recall in the “CLAIMED ” episode he and the guy that was being choked while Rick was under the bed, they made eye contact while he was on the floor before he passed out. That same guy was with the group that found Daryl last week. Rick and the blue bandana guy will meet again!

  39. dinc says:

    Dont kill rick he is cool and i would like to see the rick holding judith:)

  40. jpbianchi11685@aol.com says:

    When Rick Dies the Walking dead Dies..i’m sorry he wont die anytime soon, The main character of The Walking Dead from the begining will only die if the shows Ends..

  41. Bobbie says:

    If Rick or Daryl are killed off you will lose a boat load of people watching. Need to keep them in story line. Kill them off at your own risk!!!!!

  42. tracyhutchins@centurylink.net says:

    Kill Rick or Daryl Off I Quit Watching As I Am Sure Of A lot Of Other People will too!!. So There Goes You’re Ratings!!.Just Sayin’.

  43. Marcel B. says:

    If Rick or Daryl dies I quit watching!

  44. shadyguy says:

    This show is all about “Rick Grimes” and if he dies, then I am done with the show. He is the heart and moral standard of the show !!!!
    It would be like killing Jack off of “Lost” in season 4 !

    • J says:

      Uh Huh huh huh huh, uh, huh huh. Beavith, He said… Jack off.

      Heh heh, yea, like jack off my bunghole. Heh… heh heh

  45. Nadine says:

    I really love the show but If they kill Rick,Michone, Carl, I will not want to keep watching you, because they are the show

  46. Debbie Vandenburg says:

    i hope they keep rick, and all the main characters for now, would love to have the weekly episodes 2 hours instead of 1. i love the show and will keep watching, but just hope none of the main characters die.

  47. he dies i quit watching hes the reason i watch

  48. Kill Glenn. Im fed up with his ” I will do anything for Maggie ” BS, its nauseating already. Kill Carl too, that kid is as nutty as Lizzie. DO NOT TOUCH RICK OR DARYL unless you want a riot that will end at the producers doorsteps.

  49. Rodney Burch says:

    Dude,hell no you better not kill off Rick.I can see most every ones opinion is the same as mine and I predict the ratings of the show would fall along with Rick.

  50. David Bell says:

    After Melissa McBride’s emotional visit to The Talking Dead last week, I suspect Carol will be the next survivor to die. It seemed all too similar to the way Laurie Holden was featured on the talk show shortly before Andrea died in season 3. I doubt TWD will kill off Rick this early in the show. I do think that he is not the “main character” in the show however, and that one day a few seasons down the road Carl will take his place as the leading man. As far as popular characters go, I am more concerned about Daryl’s current predicament. He’s sort of stuck between a rock and a hard place right now, it will be interesting to see if and how he gets out of it.