White Collar to End With Six-Episode Season 6

White Collar CancelledAfter six seasons, USA Network is officially hanging White Collar out to dry.

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The popular drama, starring Matt Bomer, will conclude with a six-episode sixth season, our sister site Deadline reports.

White Collar‘s Season 5 finale, which aired Jan. 30, found Bomer’s character kidnapped by unknown assailants. The shortened final season will serve to resolve that cliffhanger, as well as to tie up any other loose ends.

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  1. rebecca says:

    no more neal?! oy.

  2. Ram510 says:

    Yeah, it’s time for this one to come to a close. It had a nice run

  3. jerrycakes says:

    Only six episodes? Geez.

    • Alichat says:

      Agreed. Could we not at least get a full season? 12 or 13 episodes?? Just 6 measly episodes.

      • Robby Horine says:

        This is the MO of USA/SyFy. Give a small final episode batch to close things out. “In Plain Sight” got 8 episodes, “Psych” got 10, “Warehouse 13” is getting 6 also.

        Feel lucky USA is greenlighting any new episodes. Any other nets would just close it out.

    • BunG says:

      Six episodes should be enough to resolve everything. I’d rater have 6 great, meaningful episodes than another season with a bunch of fillers.

  4. Dan says:

    Son of a B! this is ‘Nikita’ all over again. :(

    • Nadine says:

      Looks like I will have no reason to watch USA Network after the 6th season. I wonder if the DVD company will charge the full season price for the only six episode season when it is released

    • May says:

      I know, it’s depressing. Nikita and now this it is like the don’t appreciate good shows with actual plot lines anymore!

  5. Katie_Mead says:

    Phew – saved from another cliff-hanger cancellation.
    In many ways, I’ll be sad to see this great series bow out, but it has had a decent run, will now have closure, and I’m already looking forward to seeing Bomer, DeKay et alia moving on to their next projects.

  6. d4h8a15r16m23a42 says:

    I’m just happy we’ll get closure. I still love the show but the ratings and quality have been going down.

  7. Claire says:

    They better bring Sara Ellis back for at least one of those 6 episodes

    • Lu says:

      ew I hope not…well, at least not as a love interest. She’s cool otherwise.

      Someone new for Neal!!! A blend of all the best of girlfriends past + quirky cool like Neal.
      That’s my little wish.

      • mattybfan says:

        I agree. Quirky cool like Rebecca was, but this time they should make her a real deal. Sara gives me yawns with her fake persona…sorry!

    • Lore says:

      Neal is gonna be fre finally and he is going to London where Sara works and lives!! at least i hope so, he like Rebecca because she was a redhead like Sara

      • mattybfan says:

        Sara isn’t a redhead. She was a blond in S4. Anyone can be a redhead, haircolor..helloooo!!Rebecca also fashioned herself after Alex and Kate. If only she were real. Neal really loved her….sob sob!

    • JBC says:

      Sara Ellis had a wonderful farewell. This character was in 19 episodes. Don’t be greedy Sara Fans. We need a good S6 wrap up due to limited episodes and they don’t need to have wasted scenes with ways to fit in Sara Ellis. They need to concentrate on NEAL and PETER and I am sure they wrote the finale with a solution in mind. S5 was exciting so I hope they keep it going, with a real reconciliation with Peter and Neal.

      • Nadine says:

        We need a good farewell to the character of Reese since that actor passed away in late March 2014. He played a huge part in this as well as in Peter’s life as his boss, mentor and friend.

        • JBC says:

          Loved James Rebhorn in this show. They did mention in S5 that Reese had a retirement party, so that pretty well wrapped up his storyline. They will probably dedicate an episode to JR in S6. Hope TPTB will add more eps in S6 than originally ordered. I hear Fox is still trying for that. This show deserves at least a complete last season.

    • jane.c.l says:

      I hope they bring her back.

    • Emma says:

      I hope not. Her character had a nice goodbye. Sara took a lot of time from other characters. This is not “The Sara Show”.

    • Olav says:

      totally, she is smoking hot:P

    • Mandi says:

      true, they MUST bring Sara back!!

  8. Steve says:

    Love that cable unlike most networks give us closer

  9. Viv says:

    Oh wow. Didn´t see that one coming to be honest. Happy that they give the show (and us) closure. And I prefer a announced final season every time over a dragged out series or a cliffhanger ending.

  10. James says:

    Andy, just to clarify..How is this a cancellation if it was renewed for a final season?

    Or is this just another TV term for “White Collar to End with Shortened Final Season”

    • Sarah says:

      Everyone loves to call everything cancelled when a show ends! People did it with Fringe, too. And it annoyed me because ‘final season renewal’ means the show ends with closure and is planned. And so: not “cancelled”.

      • Marie says:

        I agree! In my opinion, a show is cancelled when the season finale aired with a cliffhanger and then you learn it is not coming back. Giving a show a final season with a proper ending for the fans is not cancelling it according to me. You cancel a show with bad ratings. You don’t cancel a show that has run its course storytelling-wise, you end it properly.

        • James says:

          And now we got an editing change on the title. Thanks Andy! We 9-Oh fans still miss you over at Hollywood Life. :D

      • I understand & agree with your frustration re: those who cry “cancelled” at ~every ending show. BUT.. there is ONE major difference tho:

        The opinions of the ppl who actually ~make the show! For example, a show is only truly “ended” when the main cast (or certain ~irreplaceable actors) WANT to move on.. but a network saying “we don’t want you anymore, but you can wrap your storylines with a few more eps..” is STiLL considered a “cancellation”. If the cast would ~prefer to STAY, & the series just needs better writing, then it is the network’s fault for not giving them a chance to get / BE better (or just replacing said writers / showrunners outright; ie in SciFi’s case of letting SG’s original runners run their own series SG1 & SGA into the ~ground before dying an annoying death.. siigh).

        Tho just to clarify, it is currently ~unclear as to how this applies to WC, ie I have not seen (tho I’ve honestly not really looked just yet) the reactions from their camp (creator / actors / etc), so I’m personally holding off on labelling it for now.. ;(

        • James says:

          Still not a good way to describe as such when it has already been renewed for a final run.

        • justsaying says:

          change cast to producer/ creator, you have it right. the CAST doesn’t control whether the show goes on. they are just paid to work there. i get tired of people acting like actors have all this power. the LEADS might. but if they’re big, they usually are made exec producers of the show and so still fit in the above category. because production was more than willing to work on this show, it can definitely be considered cancelled.

          • James says:

            Except it was given another season so no, not canceled, but it’s definitely ending. Not axe, not eaten by the bear, but going to the great beyond.

            This is the compromise agreed by both Fox TV and USA Network to give the show the closure it deserves given present economics thus it’s not considered to be anything else but ending it.

            In the case of others shows that have end, it’s a big blur as to whether they were ending it or downright canceling it:

            Kyle XY and Make It or Break It-The shows’ cancellation were announced a few episodes before their respective season finales and ABC Family was promoting their last episodes as “See how it all ends, the series finale!”, MIOBI had closure but the story itself felt incomplete. Kyle XY had the biggest promotional push at the time for tis final episode but its cliffhanger ending only added salt to the wound.

            House, MD-David Shore was likely well-aware that the increasing cost of keeping House will affect Fox’s renewal decisions so he was already giving the studio (NBC’s Universal TV) and the network to thumbs up of giving the show the pink slip halfway through the season so he could give fans a fitting ending to the series after 8 season on the air. And jointly-announce they did.

            90210-Exactly a year ago, 9-Oh was in the middle of finishing production for its fifth season, and right in the middle of filming its supposed season finale, the network announced the show’s cancelation. However, the timing of the cancelation came fortunately earlier thus producers were able to pen last-minute changes to reconfigure the then-still being made season finale into a series ender to satisfy viewers who stuck to it for 5 seasons. So they had to ditch the planned time-jump and everything and gave everyone except Silver a happy ending (which has already been filmed prior). Better that than the next one…

            Secret Life-Okay, so ABC Family announced the show’s end months before Season 5B (which they were more or less were wrapping filming for it) hit the air but given the way the series ended on controversial terms for longtime viewers, I say Brenda Hampton didn’t expect the show to end that soon (at least soon for her) when she apparently had plans for a season 6 as she shared in an interview at EW. An unexpected dive in the ratings from Season 4B onwards was a major factor on the net’s decision.

            Blurred lines between ending/canceled on those shows but rest assured, White Collar getting a renewal for a final season is not considered a cancellation in its own right. The fact that the show was even renewed despite drama BTS over production costs negates the description that it was ever canceled in the first place.

          • James says:

            And just for the record, TVLine doesn’t allow spaces between paragraphs. Sorry about that. :)

      • Blbrown says:

        Just semantics…that’s all. Don’t get all knotted up about it.

  11. John says:

    Just six?

    That’s harsh.

  12. Emgee says:

    Disappointed in the low episode count, but it’s better than nothing.

  13. tv2day says:

    I saw all the seasons except the last one and a few from the season before. I checked out. It’s time to end this.

  14. ggny says:

    Not really surprising every USA show ends around season 6-7

  15. Patrick Maloney says:

    If they were going with the shortened season, they should’ve just ended it this season

  16. Quinn Mallory says:

    Only 6? I would have prefer for them to have 10 episodes. The show is still quite enjoyable but has gotten creatively difficult to keep Neal a criminal after all that he has done for the Bureau.

    At least this is a better fate than Psych which got the cancellation news after the season was finished.

    • “Keep Neal a criminal”, that is the problem right there! They should just have had him GROW UP & use his epic powers for GOOD, helloo havent they ever heard of CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT.. apparently ~not >.> ughh that bad writing!!

    • Kathy says:

      If you read Steve Franks interview, they knew when USA ordered Season 8, it would be their last. They weren’t allow to say until the network did. At first, USA only ordered 8 episodes and then they order 5 additional scripts. Finally, they allowed the fans to pick from 3. It got 10! 6? That is criminal.

  17. Robin says:

    Only 6! :(

  18. rainey13 says:

    I suppose 6 eps is better than nothing, but it’s still a slap in the face from USA to the fans of one of its signature shows. The relationship between Neal and Peter was always the heart of the show. Unfortunately, the writers seemed to forget that for a large part of Season 5, and we had way too much separation – physical and/or emotional. Now this little 6-episode run will, presumably, start with them separated physically once more. That doesn’t leave much time to repair what was broken. On the other hand, there won’t really be anything I need to watch on USA after this, so I can explore new options.

    • artisan says:

      don’t you watch Suits?

      • rainey13 says:

        No – tried Suits, didn’t like it. I “like” Royal Pains and Covert Affairs, but they’re not shows I’d go out of my way to watch.

        • Joey says:

          Its for the best. Those two are probably the next to be canceled by USA.

        • justsaying says:

          i don’t know what you like about royal pains. it’s pretty much snoozeville in the hamptons. i tried to like it but there just wasn’t enough there there. the case of the week thing? blah. usually people too stupid to go to the doctor or tell the doctor the truth. the soap opera that is their lives? yawn. the chemistry between the actors? meh. i like them all individually but as a group? there’s just no there there! Covert Affairs is an awesome spy romp that i don’t know why more people don’t get on board for. they spend their money well and give good action and drama. yeah, it can be uneven but overall it’s good fun. Suits? I just love the dynamics between the core 4. Harvey, Mike, Donna, and Jessica. Louis is a great putopon foil to the characters who theyve still fleshed out to have heart. Mike’s girlfriend and her entire storyline? Yawn. But the heart of the show is the interplay between those four characters. I find it quite enjoyable to watch. Maybe you should take a second loo

    • abz says:

      Psych, Covert Affairs, and Burn Notice –> Three of USA’s greatest shows.

    • Sofia says:

      Agreed! Except for Covert Affairs…but White Collar was jewel of the crown bad desicion USA Networks….Reconsider at least a full season…..;(

    • I used to watch a lot of USA programs but since this nonsense with WhIte Collar I quit cold turkey they don’t have anything that interests me any longer when White Collar ends so does my interest in USA network I won’t even bother trying any new series goodbye USA ITS BEEN REAL where did I hear some similar ohI I know Kate WC

  19. WCCTV says:

    A 6 episodes Season is far from enough, we say! And so does all the fans of White Collar. Yes, we’ll appreciate a decent closure, but only SIX episodes?? Simply not good enough…

    Apparently USA Network hasn’t been listening to their fans, because we’ve even yelled CROWDFUNDING to ensure that FULL Season 6 that we’re craving.

    Besides… White Collar still has too many open story lines for 6 episodes to be enough to wrap it all up in a decent way.

    First of all, where is Neal? Who kidnapped him?

    What happened to his father?

    Will he ever get his freedom? And since the FBI just said “no” to an early release as late as in the Season 5 finale something major must happen for them to change their mind fast enough to wrap up that part in 6 episodes.

    We never got to hear more about Neal’s mother – where is she?

    What will happen to Peter’s and Elizabeths marriage now that El will be working in D.C.?

    Throughout 5 seasons Neal has dreamed about a white picket fence, a loving woman in his life… He needs that in a decent closure – but with all the other things needed to be wrapped up, he’ll have no time to settle down?!

    See… Way too many questions to be wrapped up in just 6 episodes.

    • nina says:

      I agree with you. They made Neal’s psychological angst very deep and complex in S5. They also had Rebecca break his heart rather badly. They created Neal/Peter discord and Neal/El discord as well to some extent. How can they resolve all of this in just 6 eps? Mainly it won’t make sense Neal getting cozy with another girl so soon after the Rebecca fiasco unless she has more storyline and turns out she was good afterall. Let’s just hope it ends as awesome as it started with that incredible pilot!

      • JBC says:

        Love to see Rebecca proven to be good after all. It would make a nice ending since Neal fell so in love with her.

    • abz says:

      THIS. There is so much more they could have done, I think it was a huge mistake for them not to give Neal his freedom. I would have loved to see an anklet-free Neal for the next season.

    • Ssss says:

      thank you. i feel like so called fans arent really fans at all if they have the insanity to ask for such a brill show to end. Theres so much to be covered and omg how will i go without my dose of neal caffrey </3

  20. LaPiquante says:

    I’m glad they will have a chance to give it a proper ending. And I really hope it includes Hilarie Burton’s Sara….

  21. Baileigh says:

    Having watched from season one, I have to admit that this is not that surprising. The show has gotten repetitive in the sense that it has gotten harder and harder for the writers to justify keeping Neal in a sub servant relationship to Peter (and by extension the FBI).

    • rainey13 says:

      All the more reason they should have given Neal the commutation and explored the options with an anklet-free Neal. There were still so many story possibilities, and an excellent cast.

      • abz says:

        Agreed. I was really disappointed when they did that. I’m sure we could have seen an entire season or two of an anklet-free Neal and they could have come up with many stories.

  22. Kenny says:

    They should have stuck to the original premise of Neal and Peter solving crimes and butting heads(a little like the Blacklist) but the show was so done and tired by season 3, that i couldn’t take it anymore.

    PS: Royal Pains is definatley next to get the axe, USA is cleaning up all the old classics, gosh i bet Covert Affairs has only 2 more years

    • THiS.. forever.. ie “sticking to the original premise” yes please! That is what originally drew me in, & it was like, finally here’s a show with just two good guy partners, some snarky chemistry, only the ~sliightest bit of angst, & no stupid soapy “drama for the sake of drama”.. I had no idea how wrong I was going to be proven & how bad it was going to get & how annoyed I’d eventually be! ;(

    • justsaying says:

      Covert Affairs only needs two more years. Only in America do we feel the need to draw things out way past their creative due date. Why? Because networks want to make guaranteed money instead of gambling on something new that they can’t charge as much for. So why does the public go along with this? Because they are greedy and myopic and don’t care whether they are getting good programming. They’d rather get something familiar than good, for the most part. I think this everytime i see people whining about a show going off air when it’s past it’s prime. “waah. but i liked it. i don’t want it to ever end!” are you kidding? there are only so many stories to tell. even the writers and actors might want to move on, but the audience wants them to be slaves to them. people want character development, but don’t realize that most premises of shows are dynamic because they show the character in a time in their life when they need to grow in some way. Once that happens, they become boring and the premise is dead. If you’re doing a show about nothing? About the common everyday things in life, you can get away with that for longer. But if it’s a high concept thing like criminal is deciding whether to be bad or good? well,, once that conflict is truly resolved, what else is there to tell?

  23. jrex says:

    I certainly disappointed at this news, but at least it sounds like they intend to have a proper resolution to the characters stories. I hope the cast continues to find fulfilling new roles to play.

  24. Brandon says:

    USA is ending all of their hit shows

    • Elle says:

      I was just thinking the same thing. They’re going to run out of programs soon. I used to watch all the USA shows, now all I’ll have left is Suits.

    • maggie says:

      Not only is USA getting rid of all their good shows, they haven’t come up with anything that great to replace them.

    • abz says:

      Seriously!! All there’s left after WC ends that I watch on USA is Covert Affairs and Suits and even Suits isn’t what it used to be. Hopefully they treat Covert Affairs better because I still think that show is great.

  25. Lecholls says:

    I will miss White Collar. I think the timing is probably right, but I will still miss it.

  26. CRV says:

    Well..as long Alex is back and ends up with Neal, It’ll be okay.

  27. Livia says:

    Omg No!!!! I love this show! I’ve been watching it since the pilot first aired and it’s one of the few shows that I go on netflix to rewatch all the seasons. What am I going to do without Neal Caffrey on my screen?!?!?!

  28. A. D. says:

    Guess it’s better than nothing, but this sucks..A great show they screwed as a network. Had many years they should have gone!

  29. johnhelvete says:

    Complaining about only getting 6 episodes when the alternative could have been zero new episodes to resolve the series….SMH.

    • Well, speaking for myself, & I was NOT one of the ppl complaining, but I would gladly take the “zero new eps” than have six more badly written ones, which will also likely be super rushed.. ;(

  30. Sara says:

    I agree with the other comments, this is disappointing, but I am glad that they are at least getting episodes to give it a good ending. And I also hope that Neil ends up with Sara!!!.

  31. Dale Sullivan says:

    For a day that started so well, this is a lousy ending. The price of shooting in NYC is high; we’re probably going to end up with a bunch of cheap comedy/reality junk. DUMBING DOWN OF MEDIA
    IFeel like I’m losing family.

    • maggie says:

      More shows are filming in NYC then ever, because the tax breaks and financial incentives have gotten big to shoot there. For instance, The Tonight Show will save $60 million over the next 3 years by filming in NYC, rather than staying in LA. White Collar also got tax breaks and incentives to make it financially advantageous to shoot in NYC, so most likely shooting there wasn’t the issue with deciding to end the show.

  32. Jen says:

    Happy they didn’t cancel it. But I want a full season. Boo! Such a great show. 6 episodes is not enough.

  33. Steve says:

    Sad. And so many loose ends. Is Kate really dead? Only show my wife and I ever found that didn’t spiral downward through the seasons, with ever increasing graphic violence, foul language, or immorality.

  34. Merissa W. says:


  35. rob says:

    i hope they give us kickass 6 eps. no unnecessary fillers please. neal deserves an amazing ending. kate coming back or something big like that. nothing against sara but hope they don’t try to revive that ended relationship.

  36. Ella says:

    Whaaaaaat?! WHY?! I love White Collar, will be very sad to see it go :( Especially since Royal Pains is still on the air. WC is a far superior show. I hope they bring back Sara Ellis and give Neal a happy ending <3

    • Andrea says:

      Neal doesn’t need Sara to have a happy ending, or any woman at this point. I can’t stand Sara, but I also don’t want Alex back either (and I like Alex). After Rebecca, I’d be perfectly fine with Neal and Mozzie going to Paris. In France, Neal would most certainly find a woman now or in the future, but I don’t feel I have to meet her. That could be left as TBD in Neal’s life, and I’d be fine with that.

  37. Laura E. says:

    Man, first it was Burn Notice and Necessary Roughness, then it was Psych and now White Collar. There’s hardly a reason to watch USA now (Suits is OK but Royal Pains has gotten really repetitive).

  38. Emma says:

    I don’t think I care to watch USA after White Collar is over. They have gotten rid of all their good shows. The new shows are horrible. What are they thinking?

  39. Rachel says:

    Nothing new is really appealing to me on USA anymore. It used to be my go to network. First it was Burn Notice. Then Psych, which im beyond sad to see go, but understanding it ending, and now White Collar. Which I think could last another full season or 2. I know Sirens is new and everything but just isnt funny to me. And please dont get me started on that Chrisley Knows Best. Whats happening to my go to network?

  40. Gabrielle says:

    I am so disappointed!! Last season was slow going at first but it ended so well. It’s better than more than half of all the other shows on other networks. :(

  41. Joey says:

    This isn’t surprising. The last couple seasons have been pretty weak. Add to that the fact that USA is slowly axing anything older than a few years, and it makes sense. Covert Affairs and Royal Pains is next. If they both aren’t canceled after their upcoming seasons, I imagine they’ll too be given a six-episode sendoff. Suits probably won’t season season six.

    USA is moving toward cheaper comedy and reality TV. I really wouldn’t be surprised if they try to rescue a failing network TV comedy just to try and further prove they can be the next TBS.

    USA getting Modern Family’s syndication rights was pretty much the killing blow to the USA most of us knew and loved years. If Sirens and the other two comedies USA is premiering take off, that all but cements it.

    And may the TV gods save us if that Chrisley show is a hit.

    And I know people will probably bring up USA airing SVU, Criminal Intent, and the NCIS shows as evidence that they’re still that drama network. Really, those shows are pretty much reserved for the daytime, late at night, and weekend marathons when USA is pretty much a different network. Its popular crap to fill the time, because, for some reason, USA REALLY doesn’t like doing reruns of their own shows. Give USA some time to get more comedies, and we’ll see NCIS only on Cloo, and SVU on Bravo in no time.

    • Nadine says:

      I do not like Modern Family and really do not need it showing on three different networks in my area. And taking the premise of Royal Pains and turning it into Rush? I would think there would be some complaints from the people who made the movie Rush. People will confuse the two.

  42. Jerri says:

    Is there anything else on USA Network that’s worth watching? Suits seems the only thing left after White Collar & Psych go off the air. USA Network is slowly turning into the NCIS network with all the NCIS marathons they have running.

  43. abz says:

    WOW!! Six episodes?? That’s really disappointing.
    Why not 10 episodes at least? Burn Notice got a 13 episode finale season and Psych got 10 episodes.

  44. This really does sadden me, despite how badly the writing has been, cuz after all, I never really want a disappointing show to end.. I just want ~better writing! Why is that so much to ask?? WHY must these series only continue to ~torture their chars before finally running out of ideas (of “drama for the sake of drama”) or plain ol’ steam to keep it going?? HOW can they not just FiGURE OUT a way ~around that cliche burnout.. a way to keep the awesomeness coming (& do it ~without relying on same old angst).. siigh.

    So many more possibilities left unexplored, so many more storylines to work with.. if we could just get Peter & Neal working together, side-by-side, with their own lil Team Awesome helping out here & there, catching real bad guys & saving the day, keeping all the soapy crap on the outside, away from them.. just gimme ~that, PLEASE. Oh, but I forgot, that’s considered “boring”, pfft. Well, now we will get ~nothing, so great. And just like many shows before it, the loss of such epic potential literally ~hurts.. >.>

  45. ScorpionGlow says:

    I can’t like shows any more. This is disappointing beyond words.

  46. Tony says:

    Bring back Kate. We never saw her body. For about 2 seasons, my wife and I were convinced she’s still out there somewhere. It’s not too late.

  47. CBWBDK1 says:

    WTF only six episodes?? Why?

  48. melissa says:

    Sucks, I love wc, oh well I will soon have nothing left to watch.

  49. Pat says:

    I am really sadden to wake up this morning and read this about White Collar. This was one of my favorite USA Shows! Everytime I get hooked on a cable show, whether it is on the USA, SYFY, or TNT channels it gets retired. I am being kind some do get cancelled. Their limit seems to be 5 years is their life expectancy, some maybe a little longer while others may be shorter but it does feel like 5 years is the magic number.

  50. Ethel says:

    At least they are respecting the fans more than A&E did with The Glades.I will miss the cast but the stories had gotten worse during the past season. Hope Tim DeKay finds a new home soon as I really like him. Can Mozzie save this show?