Ratings: Glee, NCIS: LA and All ABC/NBC Sitcoms Rise; NCIS, Mind Games and CW Dramas Dip

Between the LinesGlee‘s 100th episode drew 2.85 million total viewers and a 1.1 demo rating on Tuesday night (per finals), rising 24 and 22 percent from last week. (Read our recap here.)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, leading out of a New Girl repeat, did 2.5 mil and a 1.1, down a tenth.

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* ABC’s (admittedly entertaining) Marvel informercial drew just 3.9 mil and a 1.5 — yet The Goldbergs went on to post 4.7 mil/1.7, adding eyeballs and two tenths in the demo. Trophy Wife (3.1 mil/1.0), similarly, ticked up on both counts (hitting a 9-week demo high), but Mind Games (2.2 mil/0.7) dropped 19 percent and a tenth.

* CBS’ NCIS (17.1 mil/2.4) ticked down a tenth, matching its season low demo, while NCIS: LA (14.2 mil/2.3) rose two tenths (from last week’s series low) and Person of Interest (11 mil/1.7) was flat.

* NBC’s The Voice ticked up a tenth week-to-week, with 13 mil and a 3.6. About a Boy (8 mil/2.1) and Growing Up Fisher (6.8 mil/1.8) each rose one tenth. Chicago Fire was flat at 7.05 mil/1.9.

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* The CW’s The Originals (1.53 mil/0.7) slipped a tenth in the demo, while Supernatural (1.9 mil/0.8) was steady.

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  1. Ames says:

    Wow Fox really is the new NBC. Neither network is killing it in the ratings but at least NBC seems to be on the upswing…Fox is just getting worse and worse

    • Amber says:

      I really dont think you can compare Fox to NBC.

    • sarah says:

      NBC had growth in all shows except Chicago Fire and the main reason Chicago Fire dipped this week was because Person of Interest was new, it was not last week so Chi Fi did better. However for me as I do watch both, Chicago Fire is my number one .

  2. OUCH Glee! says:

    WOW…Glee is really dying a slow painful death! This was a huge milestone and it barely rises? It’s a shame so few tuned in because last night was one of the best S5 episodes apart from The Quarterback. Starting to wonder if they pull S6.

    • Name That Tune says:

      Glee is suffering from not having the strong lead-in that Idol used to be able to provide. Now days, they are struggling to find a place for the results show that doesn’t escalate the ratings slide.

  3. Heidi says:

    CW shows were pre-empted in Chicago because of the elections last night.

  4. dude says:

    Pathetic numbers for Glee. I’m a Gleek but it’s really sad that the show that use to net 10-12 million viewers an episode can barely crack 3 now.

  5. kd83954 says:

    I think people are failing to realize that FOX isn’t promoting Glee much anymore. They’re not doing the behind-the-scenes videos anymore; there haven’t been many TV spots; talk show interviews; and even this episode wasn’t promoted until really the past few days. Glee isn’t trying to gain new viewers. It’s in it’s fifth season, it’s been renewed for a sixth and final season. I believe the +3 and +7 ratings are quite good. It brings in money other ways. Fox isn’t going to pull the plug on season 6.

    • Ally Oop says:

      Glee has lost viewers because it has failed to tell good stories in the last couple of years and develop characters. There’s been too much emphasis on making characters quirky rather than showing depth. If my 2 and 4 year old didn’t love the music so much it wouldn’t be on my tv anymore. Hopefully the show can remedy this when it cuts the cast list in half and focuses on only one setting. Trying the dual-world thing failed on Glee, just as it failed on Degrassi.

      • kd83954 says:

        It was an EPIC fail, I agree. I’m very much looking forward to NYC-only. I think the stories will be stronger because there’s only going to be 5/6 cast members as opposed to the 12+.

        • Scott says:

          Yeah good luck with that. There’s no way the remaining cast will be carrying twice the workload. Its far more likely we get a bunch of new recurring characters and one-off guest stars.

  6. Leo says:

    Yeah, it’s such a milestone for Glee. Really sad to see they just got 1.1.
    It’s like CW standard….pft..

  7. Lynne says:

    Glee’s numbers in general are dropping, but proof that last night had a rise is something. Shows that fans who have probably abandoned the show for whatever reason did return to it last night because we knew the originals were back for the episode. So glad it focused on them and not the newbies.

  8. Blacklister No.134 says:

    CBS needs to stop being stubborn and give Cote whatever she wants. Those ratings are low. NCIS might already be renewed and those ratings are still above average but we need to remember that the show is expensive to produce. I am still predicting that if Cote/ Ziva does not return they will have to start replacing the cast. It has happened with other shows such as the Mentalist, Grey’s, and SUV just in the last couple of years and at this rate I just cannot see how NCIS will not start suffering the same fate as those shows. Clearly the ratings decline that is happening just proves that she was worth whatever she wanted and possibly more than what she originally wanted.

    • Ana says:

      Lol, are you just going to ignore the first couple weeks when the ratings were perfectly fine without Cote? DST and lots of other factors play a part in ratings. Believe it or not, people do not always tune into a show for one actor.

      • Mary says:

        Of course the first couple of weeks would be higher. People are still tuning in to see what the show is like without Cote, and whether or not they still want to watch.

        • Ana says:

          there could be a lot of other factors that contribute to the lower ratings. It’s interesting how whenever an actor leaves a show and any ratings drop occur, rabid fans immediately attribute the loss to the actor leaving.

          • Blacklister No.134 says:

            Just read most comments online to see that the lack of chemistry and energy without Ziva is usually mentioned when criticizing this season. If you can come up with another reason why the ratings are down almost 30% then go ahead but regardless of what people say what fans online say are usually indicative of what the viewers as a whole feel even if most of them do not take express it online.

      • Blacklister No.134 says:

        Ratings do not usually go down right after an actor leaves. Even if we look at the ratings post-Ziva they hovered around the 3.0 which is already much lower than last year’s season average which already indicates that interest was much lower.
        DST can play a factor in ratings but since these last three episodes are the lowest in ten years then that it is not all DST. Also the last two episodes before this were before DST anyway and they still were at a 10-year low. Also since most complaints online regarding the show have been about the lack of chemistry then this is probably the biggest factor of all.

        • Q says:

          If Cote and chemistry missing?
          Yes a lot!
          But something is worst.
          This season is totally boring.
          Too much politics, too much empty and pathetic words, too much non realistic family drama, no action, poor and idiots anti heroes, too easy for our team….too boring for fan’s.

          I was years, proud fan of this show, but this season broke me down.

          My new list is:
          The Blacklist
          Midsomer Murders

          Sorry boys, that’s not only Cote, that’s YOU.

          Best show on the planet, ended after 11 seasons.
          Yes, that was M.A.S.H.
          Why not you?
          Make for fan’s, one or two, 120 minutes movies, and bye bye.

          Change is in you hands.

          It feels like, when you do a show just for the money, and the fans have forgotten.

          • Andrea says:

            Too much non realistic family drama? Funny, but I’d consider the injury of a significant other, the re-marriage of a parent (even one who is elderly), and the process of adopting a child to be very realistic family dramas for 2014. Families go through those experiences every day.

          • Q says:

            Yes Andrea, for my yes.

            Yes it is reality, but way, how they play, is overreacting.
            That is only game with our emotions.
            Compare with S04, S05, S06, S07, S08

            What about those other stuff, what I wrote?

            Maybe because i hate sadness, and that is my problem. ;-)
            I love fun, action, intelligent humor, strong anti heroes, strong and smart heroes….
            NCIS stock, now seems like empty, for this atributes.

          • Andrea says:

            “Compare with S04, S05, S06, S07, S08”

            These seasons had boatloads of sadness for numerous characters.

            I like fun too, which has been one of the best things about this season, in my opinion. The things that I find to be the most fun are: the humor in McGee and Tony’s friendship, the awesome Michael Weatherly, and a more laid-back Gibbs. Mark Harmon has always had a lovely smile.

            Too bad you no longer seem to enjoy NCIS because you’re missing out. Some people (and things) about the series are different than in years past, but the things that you say you enjoy are also present in S11.

            Not gonna change your mind, I realize that, but it is possible to watch a show that has a character that you don’t like. That’s what I did for the entire time Ziva was on-screen. TIVA and Ziva weren’t about to drive me away from a series I enjoyed. While I like Bishop, I can understand that some people don’t because that’s how much I disliked Ziva. The key is to find other things that you like about it, and it’s unfortunate that you can’t seem to find any.

      • monieet says:

        Yes, they do. If we like the character we watch. POI killed off Carter and I just do not watch anymore because her character was killed off.

    • Claudia says:

      You might have a point if it were not for a couple of little things. First, when the DVR numbers are added in, the total viewers for NCIS as well as the demo, always rises significantly. For week 23, the most recent week that these numbers are available for the total viewers for NCIS topped 21 million. So the ratings aren’t really all that down. Second. CBS can’t make Cote de Pablo return since she is the one who chose to leave. I guess folks just can’t accept that.

      • Blacklister No.134 says:

        Ratings and viewers are completely different. Ratings are definitely down even when you add DVR and if you probably add the DVR viewer numbers of the earlier episodes of the season I am sure the numbers are in the 24 million mark.
        I am not even certain whether any ratings or viewers added through DVR count towards advertising rates because advertising want you to watch the commercials and people who DVR do not tend to watch the commercials.

        • leia says:

          IF you look at the half hour ratings NCIS increased in viewership in the second half hour. That ;s actually a good sign. Further isn’t the Voice up against it this year? I think that last year Voice was up against LA most weeks. I also note that Voice went from 4.1 last week at 8 to 3.6 this week. Thats a big demo drop, for them too. The last episode of NCIS in the +7 3.9and more then 21mil.That was for the feb25 episode that barely pulled 17mil live. We’re all time shifters now. I actually watched the show later on the DVR and enjoyed it so much more than when I watched it earlier on the evening. The commercials are so irritating these days, they totally distract you away from enjoying a show. That’s true for all shows there are too many commercials, they are shorter in length but so many more occupy the space in the break, you almost lose track because of the volume of them. Further I accept that the departure of Ms De Pablo has affected viewership somewhat, but that’s their loss, as the show’s main theme remains intact. Last night was an excellent example of it

    • Lori Fugate says:

      JEEZ, get off the give COTE what she wants….CBS DID…she wanted OUT!

    • TV Gord says:

      CBS did give Cote what she wanted. She wanted to leave. The unfortunate thing is that they have no control over the insane level of denial that her fans seem to cling to.

      • Stormy says:

        I don’t care about Cote, at all. But, I’m not crazy about Bishop. It’s time for them to bring in Tea Leoni as a non NCIS love interest for Gibbs.

    • David Chess says:

      Bishop doesn’t cut it, no personality. I agree bring Ziva back before its too late.

      • Thomas Powell says:

        So tell me, how do you “bring back” someone who chose to leave the show? Hit her on the head and drag her back? That would be kidnapping…….SMH

  9. Aries says:

    Last night’s Glee was a great episode, Moving to all NY is perfect timing. It still makes money for FOX so Season 6 is still happening. Production starts in July!

  10. Danielle says:

    Since some people seem sooo hung up on “numbers”, it is all-too interesting that Ncis dips YET AGAIN this time around, thus proving EVERYTHING that was pointed out last week by commenters is 100% true. Time for this show to dock, and something fresh to take its place. After all, the proof is in the…um….”numbers”.

  11. sarah says:

    While it is not good that Chicago Fire dropped, 7 million for NBC is good.
    Personally for me that is the one I tune into first before I watch Person of Interest.
    I think Originals dropped because some people are mad that Claire Holt left. I am disappointed she is gone but I will still watch the show.

  12. Jaimie Rae says:

    Oh yeah it is time for NCIS to dock (dripping with sarcasm). Continuing sarcasm…it is so time to go when a show is raking in 16-19 million LIVE viewers. Obviously, almost 20 million live viewers aren’t wrong about something! Other shows and networks can only dream of that many people watching their shows. NCIS isn’t going anywhere! If you don’t watch it, just ignore it! I have watched every season, I re-watch the DVDs, and I tune in EVERY Tuesday. I loved the Ziva character and Cote but I also love all the characters and the show as a whole. Anyone that leaves because Cote is gone was not a full fledged fan to begin with so good riddance. Everyone needs to really get off the ‘CBS, bring Cote back’. CBS could have offered the world…Cote wanted to leave…simple as that. Have you ever thought what it would be like to work 14-16 hour days for a tv show and to never see your family? Perhaps, after 8 seasons she was simply burnt out!

  13. David4 says:

    Glee is getting a 6th season with ratings like that? Fringe should have gotten a 6th season so it could have ended on a high note.

  14. Over the Plague says:

    I am laughing into the sunset over The Originals ratings falling like a rock. Julie Plec gets everything she deserves for how she has ruined these characters. How do you even call it the originals when you keep killing all of them off!?!?! I will just live in my head canon where they are still the characters they were on TVD and they aren’t OOC. Thanks Plec for ruining my Favorite shows. You deserve an award for worst TV producer ever! God forbid anyone who disagree with her…. such as Kol fans or Klaroline fans or OMG Rebekah stans!!

    • tp says:

      Slipping a tenth is falling like a rock?

      • Over the Plague says:

        its is when every week it keeps “slipping”. Take a look at the ratings over the season thus far. Kill off the only good characters or send them of because their story is done and this happens. Keep watching those ratings fall.

  15. Kim R says:

    NCIS is fine. They’ll get their grove back. No worries. I must say it makes me laugh incredulously when I still see the Cote comments. My goodness. She’s moved on so maybe it is time, as the “Adele Dazim” songs says to Let It Go. :D I did notice, however, that the soft lens they shoot in was soooo soft in last night’s episode that at one point I was squinting because it was a titch out of focus.

    • Andrea says:

      I agree that NCIS is fine. Are the numbers coming out of the stratospheric range? Yes, they are. They are also solidly in front of LA, as they have been for several years, and LA still happens to have a couple (whom I also don’t particularly like.) There’s never been any discussion of NCIS (without a couple) or LA (with one) going anywhere, and a third series may be joining the rotation. Life goes on, and things change. We saw that in all of the side stories that were happening last night, and we’ve got a renewal for next year. NCIS is aging, but I like how it’s doing it because we are seeing that age reflected in the characters’ lives.

  16. pat carter says:

    Thank Bishop for the decline in NCIS. Someone does not want to admit they made a terrible error in putting this character in the mix.

  17. Leah says:

    Person of Interest! Sorry…there’s just so much weird NCIS and Glee negativity here.

    • TV Gord says:

      Isn’t there? People who get so much (sorry) glee out of the decline of a show should look inward at what’s wrong with themselves. Rooting for others to fail has to eat away at your soul.

      • StevenR says:

        Amen, I truly love (sarcasm) the ones who say, how much they “love” a show and in the next breath, hope it gets cancelled because their demands aren’t being met or they hate someone on it. Negative vibes–negative people…..

  18. AprilD says:

    I love Mind Games. I hope it gets another season. Can’t watch at night, but watch the next day on DVR.

  19. stevie says:

    person of interest. that’s tuesday.

  20. Ms Thing says:

    last night’s episode of The Originals was notihing spectacular. Glee has been irrelevant for the past three seasons. POI was as usual, riveting!

  21. Bwhit says:

    Last nights Chicago Fire was amazing! Best show on Tuesday on any network.

  22. monieet says:

    NCIS, either bring back Ziva/Cota or get rid of that new BORING, I CAN DO WITHOUT HER, new girl. She is just not necessary. I fast forward when she is on camera because she is not interesting and just b o r i n g. I do not want to switch the channel, but it looks like I might be headed that way. Yall are in desperate need of change before it is too late. GET RID OF THAT NEW GIRL LIKE YESTERDAY…

  23. Lucy says:

    It’s not about Ziva, the whole team dynamic has changed and not for the better.

    • Andrew Williams says:

      “It’s not about Ziva” Hahahahahaha, oh wait, you are not being serious are you? Considering how many comments have been appearing on this site and other sites, by the same band of loonies, DEMANDING her back and in the same breath, bashing Emily Wickersham, of course it’s about Ziva. You could put Meryl Streep in NCIS and the same garbage would be done to her. Not about Ziva, my @ss……. Considering the actress who plays Ziva, quit and left, just what makes you think she would even want to come back?

      • Lucy says:

        Ziva or not Ziva, the show is lacking… you must be someone close to Emily, since I didnt mention her and you’re defending her…oh well. And tell me where did I say I want Ziva back? Of course, anyone who disagrees with you is one of the “loonies”. I find that offensive.
        This will come as a shock, but the entire point to this site is to comment, to give one’s opinion and this is mine, the overall quality of the plots is going down, the scrips are all over the place.

        • Thomas Powell says:

          Well, then here’s my opinion–you are wrong. Now, I’ve seen your name all over here crying for the return of Ziva and bashing Bishop in the same breath–so, I’m sure Andrew must have seen the same as I have. What I find offensive, is your self righteousness in your replies. You gave your opinion (many times) well, since you find NCIS, so horrible and everything is not for the better, why are you still watching it? As Einstein once said, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is a sign of insanity. As far as defending Bishop–reading the horrendous and idiotic attacks by so called fans of Ziva, well, that alone gets my sympathies. So, save your virtuous (and smug) attitude, no one believes it for a minute.

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