NBC Renews Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., Grimm; Parks and Rec Formally Picked Up for Season 7

Chicago Fire Renewed Season 3NBC has added three more shows to its growing roster of renewals for the 2014-15 TV season.

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Chicago Fire, its offshoot Chicago P.D. and the supernatural drama Grimm will all be back with new seasons, the network announced on Wednesday evening.

Also within NBC’s announcement, Parks and Recreation Season 7 was listed among the previously announced renewals — though, technically, network boss Bob Greenblatt had only informally greenlit the beloved comedy during January’s TCA press tour.

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TVLine’s hand-crafted Renewal Scorecard has thusly been updated.

NBC also previously picked up The Blacklist (for Season 2), The Voice (Season 7) and Celebrity Apprentice (Season 14).

Which of these renewals are you most excited about?

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  1. Nkg says:

    Wonder If parks is renewed for a full or half season?

    • D says:

      Let’s assume that it’s for at least 16 episodes. :p Amy said that the end will eventually come but she’s still in denial about it in the PaleyFest panel for Parks and Rec on Tuesday.

      • S. says:

        Can’t go wrong with Patton Oswalt as your moderator. That panel was genius. I was laughing so hard, including at that guy Daniel at the end asking his question. The cast was in love with him and totally dying. The random shout out to Cosmos was fun too. It’s great that they’re watching it.

  2. Rainy says:

    I am very happy about absolutely all of this. Well done, NBC!

  3. Viv says:

    So I will keep my fingers crossed for SVU.

  4. jimbo says:

    What about Parenthood? :(

  5. wrstlgirl says:

    Chicago Fire! Chicago PD!! Grimm!!! So Awesome :-) :-) And good news for Parks fans too.

  6. Eliza says:

    Yay to all of these shows being renewed!!

  7. Lecholls says:

    Is Parks gonna be a full season? A final season?

  8. Page says:

    WTF no Revolution? Season 2 has been better than the first one

  9. david says:

    parenthood? community?

    • Casey says:

      Yeah these are the only two I truly care about being renewed even though I enjoy some of the ones they’ve re-upped already.

  10. Code Boy, Television Scout and the gang says:

    I know someday, someone at NBC will help explain to all of us why Celebrity Apprentice was an early pick-up. We guess NBC figured, hey, if we don’t pick this golden nugget of a TV show up early, sure enough, someone else (a competitor?) will snatch this wonderful piece of television right out from under us. Can’t let that happen.

    So, for all you public access channels, cable channel 999’s, and guys living in the basement of their in-laws house, attempting to start their own Internet streaming service [uhh…not any of us though, uhh, we assure you], we’re sorry, but this entertainment building block from NBC will not be available to you to steal away. Darn it. [I wonder if the Martha Stewart version of Celebrity Apprentice is }still available?]

  11. Liza says:

    soo happy for Chicago PD

    • Dianne says:

      I love this show Chicago PD, but I hope you get more comments on the background music. Sometimes it is so loud, you can’t hear the script..Please turn down the music.

      • Teresa Ross says:

        The background music is entirely too loud on Chicago P.D. I cannot hear the actors talking over the music for most of the show. I cannot believe the producers don’t recognize this as a problem.

        • Hector says:

          I agree! I don’t know about Chicago pd. But the background music on Grimm is way too loud! Can’t hear what the actors are saying half the time. Seriously, who edits this?!

  12. ET says:

    Hannibal next, please!

    • Zorkel says:

      Yes, please, Hannibal needs a Season 3.

      • canadian ninja says:

        Hannibal is almost guaranteed a 3rd season as there are more than a couple channels that would pick it up if NBC passes. Also, it has its non-US deals to keep it in production.

        • Gina says:

          Iyou’re right. I’m worried as it doesn’t seem to being going very well it this point. I see these ratings for all these NBC shows and I just wanna sream!!! Are people really in to all these cop and firefighting shoes?? I mean how many more do we need. Finally a brilliant show somethingthing different and now it may not even be piced up for a 3rd season. NBC is a bunch of idiots. I’d like to see someone like FOX, FX or A&E pick it up.

    • Teag says:

      Add Community and Revolution to that.

    • JM says:

      Pretty please!!!!

  13. SS says:

    Yay to Grimmm! Just need Dracula, Hannibal, Revolution, and Parenthood to get picked up

  14. webly3 says:

    I’m really sad that Parenthood wasn’t announced within these renewals. I’m really worried for its fate. It’s such a great show.

  15. Beth says:

    Yay for Chicago fire!!!! Love the cast and the show, can’t complain about another season of Jesse Spencer being on my TV :). Super happy about Chicago PD as well, it gets better every week. I really want them to renew Revolution, I feel like it has so much more of a story to tell.

  16. David says:

    I am also worried about parenthood! I love this show so much. It is my favourite! But the ratings are not great!

  17. Amanda says:

    Very happy about Chicago Fire, PD, and Parks and Rec being renewed.

  18. Eric says:

    Thank goodness that Parks is now 100% official, not that I had any doubt that it would be back. Now, take care of Hannibal, Community and Parenthood, please! The latter two deserve final seasons at the very least. And I feel pretty good about Hannibal’s chances of being picked up elsewhere if NBC pulls the plug.

  19. Stacy says:

    Even though I was pretty confident Chicago Fire was going to be renewed, it’s nice to see it officially announced. Thanks NBC!

  20. Kre says:

    PARKS AND REC!!! Everything Is Awesome.

    Now Community and Everything will be awesome-er?? 😄

  21. Zooey says:

    NBC, thank you for renewing Parks and Rec! Now…please renew Community! #sixseasonsandamovie

  22. Elyse says:

    I’m beyond excited about ChiFi and ChiPD! My favorite shows on TV :D :D :)

  23. Alisa Neely says:

    GREAT for BOTH “chcago shows…..HOPING that SVU comes back as well.

  24. Carlos Alvarez says:

    So happy Chicago PD and Fire got renewed. Awesome shows

  25. Jasmine says:

    Good for Chicago PD, but why no early renewal of The BEST Show on television, PARENTHOOD?

  26. suzyku says:

    Excited for Castle to be renewed!!! Also excited about Grimm.

  27. Ron says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m more than thrilled with the Parks & Rec renewal (I’m anticipating it will be the final season — and at this point I think I’ve made peace with that. I’m just glad I get this next season to prepare.) However, NBC, give me a Community and a Hannibal renewal … NOW!!!

  28. sara says:

    Was just telling my fiance this afternoon that I hoped Chicago PD gets a second season! Super happy it was, love me some Sophia Bush!

  29. tp says:

    Yes to all three of these.

  30. Amber says:

    Impromptu poll time: With Chicago PD getting renewed for a second season, does that make Sophia Bush the most successful One Tree Hill cast member so far?

  31. TeresaPoe says:

    Hoping too that Revolution will be renewed and am oh so happy to hear ChiPD and ChiF are renewed! yeah!!!!

  32. Laurie Emerson says:

    The only ones I watch are Chicago PD and Grimm. Hope though that favorites of others are picked up as well!

  33. Nicole says:

    Now just need Hannibal getting the pick up and I’ll be set.

  34. j says:

    This is the first year where I’m not freaking out about whether Community will get renewed. This season is just too weird and depressing for me. It may have finally lost me.

  35. DavidSask says:

    Half season for all the bubble shows not mentioned is the smart move!

  36. Barb says:

    Please renew Parenthood!!!

  37. Spencer says:

    Really hope that 7 is the official final season for Parks. Not that I want it to end, (oh Lord I never want it to end), but the chances of it getting an 8th season are slim (NBC doesn’t seem to like it very much and neither do viewers since its ratings are subpar, sadly) so it would be nice to know they had an end-game in sight, instead of having the rug pulled out from under them and getting cancelled.

  38. Ally Oop says:

    Hoping really badly that Revolution gets renewed. And Parenthood. Im not surprised that they werent in these early renewals–I expect its fate wont be announced until upfronts in May. I’m surprised Law & Order wasn’t listed here as an early renewal. It’s ratings are still decent. Not that I care though because I don’t even watch the show. I wonder if it’ll be cancelled since Dick Wolf’s Chicago franchise has taken off. Happy Chicago PD was picked up.

    • icy says:

      SVU took awhile last year to be renewed, the EP said late march or early April. It was I think Late April before anyone knew that SVU was going to be renewed.

  39. Tran 2.0 says:

    No word on Revolution, Parenthood, Community, About a Boy, Growing Up Fisher, Believe & Crisis.

  40. Joan says:

    Revolution?? It HAS to be renewed!

  41. Tran 2.0 says:

    I’ll be shocked if SVU is going to go beyond a Season 16.

  42. Jillian says:

    Now it’s time for NBC to renew Community and Parenthood.

  43. RUCookie says:

    Yeah Grimm! Great news!!!

  44. Laura E. says:

    Yay for Parks and Grimm! I could live with a shortened final Parks season. The show deserves to know when and how it’s going to end.

  45. Angela says:

    Adding myself to the list of people rooting for a “Community” renewal *Crosses fingers*.

  46. charlene says:

    What about SVU! It’s been better this past two years!

  47. Miranda says:


  48. Derrick says:

    Revolution and Community are two great shows that just not enough people watch. Fingers crossed NBC keeps them going instead of trying to implement new pilots, because their new comedies have been awful lately.

  49. Pat says:

    Yes, to Grimm! Love that show and all the main characters who are in it. NBC, I thank you.

  50. Margaret says:

    Dracula deserve a second season,NBC when are you going to renewed.If not let showtime or AMC have it .I bet you a million dollars it will be the next huge hit.Next walking dead.