Pretty Little Liars Season Finale Recap: Shot Through the Heart, But Who's to Blame?

Pretty Little Liars Season FinaleThe Season 4 finale of Pretty Little Liars took us deep inside the mind of Alison DiLaurentis, which was just as dark and twisted as you’d expect. But the really messed up part came when we learned who tried to bury Ali’s body… and who knew she was alive the whole time!

After recalling her many false “A” accusations — first Jenna, then Toby, then literally every member of the PLLs — Alison revealed what actually happened the night she went missing, including all the people she encountered along the way. Let’s take them one-by-one, shall we?

EZRA | It turns out Ezra was telling Aria the truth about his relationship with Alison… mostly. The night Ali disappeared, Ezra discovered she was underage and finally broke things off with her. Their parting was tense, but it was amicable, and Ezra certainly didn’t seem to be in murder-mode.

IAN | Ali left Ezra to confront Ian about their little tryst, threatening to release all of his home movies if he — or whoever “A” was — didn’t stop harassing her. Ian stormed off into the woods, which led to a nasty backyard confrontation between Ali and…

SPENCER | …a shovel-wielding Spencer! The reason Spencer wasn’t passed out, like the other three girls Ali drugged, was because she was taking speed. And strangely enough, Ali genuinely agreed to keep Spencer’s little drug habit a secret.

BYRON | The last person Ali “needed” to see that night was Byron, just to let him know she had proof about his affair. Their encounter was fairly uneventful — as most Byron encounters are — so we’ll just move on.

MRS. DILAURENTIS | OK, here’s the crazy part: While walking back home, Ali was hit over the head, and Mrs. DiLaurentis saw the whole thing! What’s worse, she‘s the one who buried her daughter alive!

MONA | Still covered in dirt, Ali wobbled her way down the street until Mona picked her up and took her a motel, under the name “Vivian Darkbloom,” no less. That’s when Mona concocted the whole plan for Ali to “die” in order to unmask “A.” She was in on it from the beginning!

And if you thought the surprises were over, then you definitely weren’t prepared for the episode’s final moments. Back in present-day Philadelphia New York, the girls narrowly escaped a masked assailant; unfortunately, Ezra wasn’t quite as lucky. After showing up to the save the day, Ezra wound up getting shot — possibly dying in the arms of his ex-girlfriend, Aria. (Is this real life?!)

Also, was that Mrs. D’s body being dragged into a grave during the closing credits? I’m going to need a minute few months to process all of this.

So many revelations, so little time. Which moment from the Pretty Little Liars season finale shocked you most? Drop a comment with your reaction(s) below.

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  1. Chantel says:

    Why didn’t Ezra just scream the name of A instead of saying I know who you are ! Although it answered some questions. I thought the episode was really disappointing

    • Andy Swift says:

      I was definitely hoping for more answers, but upon further reflection, we were really only promised to find out who buried Alison… which we did.

      • Chantel says:

        Yeah that’s true! Now we just have to wait four more seasons to find out who tried to kill her

      • Alison says:

        If Toby really was in Phillllly and told Melissa that means he could have followed the girls!

        • Lucy says:

          Melissa lived in London, and mentioned Toby going to London to get her. Because international flights are soooo much cheaper than a Skype call…

          • emily johnson says:

            Pretty little liars is the best show and ezra is not died I know for fact because all the cute guys don’t get hurt toby went to london,caleb went to raveswood,ezra got shot so he is still alive because he is cute and I think A is someone alison knew in her life.

    • Ray ray says:


      • KATIE says:

        right but honestly i think its jason it has to be a guy cause they jumped to another building and why would mrs.d keep it a secret only a close member to mrs.d her son jason

    • Wallace Alexander says:

      Well I heard rumors that one primary character is gonna die this finale, and after seeing Mrs. DiLaurentis got buried, and confirming with Wikipedia that Ian Harding will remain a series regular, I think so far, it’s safe to assume that Ezra got the avoiding-death free card. Hope he doesn’t die anytime soon.

    • Alison says:

      I think Ezra is def alive! As for A, it def has to be a guy with the amount of body strength they used to pull themselves up off that ledge. I am leaning towards Jason, (if there is no longer going to be a twin) bc who else would Mrs. D and Spencer’s dad both want to protect. He has been fibbing all throughout the seasons.

      • Mallory says:

        Ok that’s really smart but I don think so bc the dad said I try so hard to keep this a secret or whatever witch means he thinks spencer did it but they both would protect Jason bc that is there son

      • emily johnson says:

        I hope ezra is alive he is really cute and all of you guys are great actors.

      • Rod says:

        Who says the twin has to be a girl? The only logical answer for Mrs. D’s behavior is that it is someone she knows and is covering for. maybe someone from her past.

    • JaNae says:

      Your right about that, and aria shouldn’t of said take the mask of hanna should of shot A an then took the mask off.

  2. Ric says:

    Ok Ezra gone so am I

    • Andy Swift says:

      I don’t think he’s really gone.

    • Dani says:

      Do you really think he’s dead? I honestly thought people wouldn’t even give in to this “twist” that clearly just served as a cliffhanger. I’m 100% sure that Ezra is alive, Aria will take care of him and all will be forgiven so that this “love” can continue.
      The episode was good but I still expected a bit more to be honest. Didn’t live up to the hype that it’s going to be the best episode yet.
      So we still don’t know who tried to kill Alison. But the fact that her mother was the one burring her alive was shocking! Marlene King said a long time ago that they are not giving into the twin theory but if it wasn’t Alison’s twin who tried to kill her I think the only one Mrs D would cover for is Jason.
      Melissa telling that Toby came to London to tell her about Spencer’s relapse must be one big fat lie. Toby knows that Melissa and Spencer aren’t close. Not even to mention that I see him on a plane just to tell her. Melissa could easily be informed about this over the phone. That was the one thing that really made no sense at all in Tonight’s episode.

      • Wallace Alexander says:

        In “Castle” episode “Knockout”, Beckett got shot, but did she die?
        I think it’s safe to assume he’s only critically wounded. Maybe it’s not lethal… yet.

    • james says:

      Ian Harding said he signed a contract for season 5 already. So…he probably gets amnesia or something.

    • -A says:

      Ezra is not gone, according to the internet Ezra is in all of the seasons so it’s okay to think that Ezra will appear in all of the seasons until Pretty Little Liars finish.

      Hope it helped!!!

  3. Elyse says:

    I’m so conflicted on how I feel. Pissed because the previews fooled me I so thought we would unmask A. UGH. Worried for Ezra but they wouldn’t kill him off right? If he lives they’ll either give him amnesia and we won’t remember who A is or he’ll say he was bluffing.

  4. K says:

    -if Ali never slept with Ian or Ezra then who’s baby did she think she was pregnant with unless she lied about it
    -are there still multiple ppl involved since it seemed like the shooting and burying of mrs d happened at the same time?
    -is anyone else confused about Mona or just me? so was she trying to be A in order to find out who hurt Ali bc she was obsessed with her? or was she crazy obsessive about Ali bc she hated her and just wanted her to leave? Mona’s story mainly confused me the most
    -also did we ever find out about the fight spencer and Melissa had the night Ali died which mrs. Hastings mentioned to Ali in a recent ep?
    -and did they hire a private detective to find out what was going on w/spencer and discovered it was drugs? or did they find out she was on drugs and hired him to see of she killed Ali?

    • Simone says:

      It was officer wilden who was the baby dad .

    • james says:

      – Wilden was the supposed baby daddy.
      – We don’t know if there are multiple people, but it def seems that way.
      – We know that Mona was crazy. She wanted revenge on the girls because they always picked on her, so she convinced Ali to leave and then harassed the other girls. But she also said someone else became A after she went to Radley.
      – I have a feeling Ali’s mom told Mr. Hastings it was Spencer to cover for whoever had the rock, and he hired the detective to find out the truth.

  5. Leonie1988 says:

    First: Andrea Parker is great and I want to see her everywhere all the time.
    Now the episode was really amazing. Mrs. D was nice and creepy as always, Ali finally spilled the beans and Ezra was able to straighten some stuff out before he (probably) died.
    Can’t wait for what’s still to come!

  6. Sarah Schaefer says:

    You forgot to mention the very end where we clearly see A burying Mrs. Dilaurentis’s dead body.

    • Jillian says:

      I don’t think that was A. I think it was Mr. Hastings. After Melissa told him she killed the girl, he had that look in his face. How could A be in both philadelphia and rosewood at the same time?

      • Meredith says:

        It could be A. There was no time stamp to know at what point Mrs. D. was being dragged into that grave. That scene at the grave could have taken place several hours after the confrontation in Philly.

        • Scotia123 says:

          I just realized that there is more than one A because some letters have this: –A and others this: -A so there is two A’s and one shot Ezra and the other on buried ms. D

  7. Rex says:

    Was that Mrs. DiLaurentes being dragged and buried at the end?

  8. lk says:

    Yeah that was Mrs d being buried same outfit she was wearing at the police station!

  9. Andrew Hass says:

    I thought it was a good episode because we got finally answers about the night Allison disappeared.As for Ezra i think he lives but i could see A trying to kill him again to keep him quiet.I don’t think Ezra was bluffing about knowing who A is but the question might be how he found out.

    • david says:

      lol sorry to burst your bubble guys but they wont kill ezra, just like it was obvious he wasnt A since we kept seeing gloved hands. In true soap opera fashion Ezra will only think he knows who A is or will get amnesia/be in a coma. Cant wait for interview with someone from the show probably tomorrow or Thursday where they tease more lies :)

  10. Rachel says:

    1. Who was Mrs. D talking to on the phone the night Ali died?
    2. What did Melissa whisper to her dad at the police station?
    3. I don’t think Ezra was bluffing and I don’t think he is dead.

    • maddie says:

      I think Melissa said that SHE was the one who ‘killed’ the girl, because she mistaked the girl for Ali and she was jelouse that Ian was seeing Ali, she didn’t mean to kill the girl just hurt her out of anger but it turned out worse than planned.
      Ezra is not dead, I know for a fact.

      • sara says:

        I don’t think Melissa killed the girl but at the police station CeCe said that the same person who killed that girl is the same one trying to find Ali (meaning A). If Melissa told her dad who actually killed that girl then that means she knows who A is.

        • Jade says:

          Maybe when Toby met Melissa thats what he was telling her… that he is A. And Ezra is definitely alive he signed a contract for season 5 and they would probaly give him amnesia, Aria will take care of him and their love will be restored.

          • cherry101 says:

            how can someone get amnesia after being shot on his stomach?? Let’s be real people unless he was hit with something on his head which didnt happen. That guy is too short, so it can’t be toby. It must be ian or jason. I think ian killed the girl thinking it was ali and mellisa was protecting him

      • Kh says:

        How do u know for a fact…. Dying to know if he is alive

        • A says:

          He have signed a contract for season 5 ^^

          • renzanity says:

            While I agree that he isn’t dead, saying “he signed a contract for next season” is a poor reference. Plenty of characters on this show and others (Lost as an example) die and the actors are still under contract to reappear in flashbacks.

  11. ann says:

    Has anyone read the books…. Anyone think they may be following the story line more closely then we think….for whom would a mother bury a child …another child maybe??? Not a son..

    • Emily says:

      I completely agree! I think they’re following the story that Alison has a twin. I think Mrs. Dilaurentis was talking to someone at Radley that they didn’t know were one of her daughters was (Ali’s twin). And there is no why that a mother would turn in her own daughter and risk losing them both. What choice did she have

      • Katy says:

        Here is my theory!!! I think ali does have a twin and the twin was the one that hit ali in the head.. I also think that Melissa had killed ali’s twin thinking it was ali.. As for who is A that part is still unclear to me, i have a few ideas they make it obvious on who they want you to think start thinking outside of the box.. I think it could be Jason, Aria’s dad or brother.. Think about it Jason is always in and out of episodes as well as Aria’s dad and brother., But my question is where was noel when A appeared in the last episode…

        • I could see like Noel, Mike, and Mona being a little team. ALSO I think we should all be looking a little more closely at Wren. The dude has been shunned by more than one of the liars….Spencer, Hannah when she was visiting Mona at Radley in season 3, and he felt up Emily when she used the massage certificate that Ashley Marin gave her. AND we know he gives good massages based on that flashback when he gave Spencer a massage in their bathing suits…Suspicious

  12. Michelle says:

    I think Ezra is definitely alive! I also think that Melissa is the one that tried to kill Ali. When Spencer’s dad confronted Mrs.D she said all she could think about was her daughter was still alive after that is when we see Melissa whispering in her dad’s ear. I think Spencer’s dad was burying Mrs.D because he said what did he miss and he always tries to cover for his daughters!! Other than that I have no clue and I’m completely disappointed that we don’t know who A is…

  13. Dan says:

    Unless I missed something, whatever happened to that bit where hungover Jason stumbled out to the porch to see Ali and cece arguing?

  14. Elisa says:

    The episode ended in NYC, not Philly. Didn’t you see the NYC skyline? It’s Aldo why the cops didn’t find them.

      • Dan says:

        Agree, I thought that was NYC skyline yet the cops were looking for them in Philly. I think it was a storyline and editing fake out and the cops were not outside the bar where the PLLs were hiding. Either that or the Philly skyline looks just like the NYC skyline (never been to Philly but have lived in NYC).

        • Ella-sa says:

          the car was a diversion tactic they probably knew that it would be tracked so they listed in Philly and took some other form of transport to New York…

          • Yesenia says:

            Yeah Noel Kahn was the one that picked them up and took them to the real location… which is why they were skeptical at the beginning of this episode.

        • Shane says:

          It could have been NYC because the Liars drove to meet Ali somewhere but were picked up by Noel and taken somewhere else which is why they weren’t where Spencer’s car was. So Noel could have taken them to Ali in NYC.

    • Megan says:

      Noel drove them from Philly to the place in NYC. Anyone notice the painting in the room Aria looks up at was signed “A”?

      • Sandra says:

        Yes! I did notice that the painting was signed by “A”. Which leaves me with more questions to the many I already have. :)

  15. Cookie says:

    Ahhhh o my gosh I really hope that Ezra is okay!

  16. Gina says:

    What about Ali’s brother? What if he attacked Ali? Then Ali’s mom would have reason to protect him and so would Spencer’s dad.

    • Melisa says:

      Yes! Im so shocked that no one has mentioned about Jason. Because then Mrs. Dilaurentis and Mr. Hastings would be protecting Jason.
      Maybe thats what spencers dad found out when he hired a private investigator.

    • Flo says:

      That’s also true but remember on episode 23 when Spencer’s hot watch buddy (dean) was about to leave and he walking in when spencer was talking to Jason and Jason left to fix something and spencer mentioned that Jason wasn’t in town he was at Clark centre but then again Clark centre has been closed for some years now and that’s the last of him we saw even for the investigation they never interviewed him either were? Was he throught that’s whole episode and the fact that his sister wasn’t dead?

  17. Cookie says:

    I am freaking out!! They can’t kill Ezra! I hated him at the beginning of the episode because I thought he was a, then at the end he protected them! He only wants aria back! I hope he is ok!

  18. lana says:

    Not to point out the obvious but despite not being shown ali’s actual killer mrs.d only has one other person left to protect at any cost….her son jason. As shown ali spoke to ian before her fight with spencer we know the N.A.T club met that night so ian probably called it to notify them ali had a copy of all their footage remember jason was drunk n high and the two of them had a terrible relationship anyway based on flashbacks he must have just had enough and hit her with the rock unaware of what he was doing. Mrs d covered it up to protect him and I can only imagine the mental trauma that left. Monas storyline however suggests that since A’s original lair with all the creepy stuff was hers first thats she was the one originally bullyin ali however based on the jump at the end of the episode that strength is male so im thinking jason was thr black ninja at the end. And finally the secret melissa told I think the statement made by her of if she saw ian with ali someone would get hurt solved that mystery we know melissa was at the rock we know when ian was in the N.A.T meeting he had to explain how he knew ali had copies of the videos n we know melissa in a fit of rage went off lookin for ali to have it out n it was dark…n the chick buried in her place was at the party…n wearing yellow…connect dots also I think when melissa realized she killed the girl she went to jason who told her where ali was buried to get rid of that body too and low and behold they uncover an empty grave dump unknown ali look alike to pass off as ali which would solve jason and melissas problem since this chick died diff which would not b connected to jason n if thought to be ali too hard to tie to melissa and yet another twist because melissa n jason r brother n sister they would cover for eachother. Melissa n spencer never had the best relationship so she would b fine lettin her parents think spencer did it perfect fall guy. …just my theory. I think only reason melissa came clean now was cuz with ali alive the girl she actually killed would lead to her so a best defense is a good offense. So basically its one very f’d up family.

    • Terri says:

      Reading your comment was so confusing… While you made some valid points, others were loss in the typos and run on thoughts.

    • Lauren says:

      I was definitely thinking this too. Another option is some sort of Cece tie in? Possibly thinking Ali was Cece and killed her instead. The comment made by Mrs. D about “never turn your back on a Hastings” really stuck with me also. Melissa just seems so..guilty. I swear this show has more rabbit trails than the JFK mystery….

      • Casey says:

        “Never turn your back on a Hastings.” I mean, Jason was technically a Hastings. She could be covering for him, but it just seems way too obvious.

    • Elyse says:

      No there are 2 options. Jason or Alis twin that they have fed us clues about. Like in the first Halloween episode when they showed portraits of the Dilaurentis (sp?) kids and there was a picture of Jason and 2 pictures of Ali… one probably being her twin.

      • Courtney111111 says:

        Does everybody realise that in the show as well as in the books there is a poster in Ali’s room written in French that says something about being a twin..? Definitely has a twin

  19. _stelasantiago says:

    Jason is totally A
    thats who Mrs.D was protecting

    • abz says:

      I had that same thought, but then why would he bury his mother if she had protected him?

      • Melanie says:

        A children or a lover! Somehow Jason is too obvious of a choice for A. I don’t think Marlene would have been that blunt about it. And I really hope there is no twin

    • Ray ray says:

      Every one says A is Ali’s twin or Jason. Since the show tries throw you off all the time ( Jenna, Ezra , mrs. D ) it probably won’t be either one!

    • Sunny says:

      Yeah remember the Halloween episode on the train when Aria was put in the coffin she stapped the person with a screwdriver, and then in a later episode we saw Mona & Jason outside on the porch. She was cleaning a puncture wound on Jason’s leg. They never cleared mentioned this again… So there is more to Jason’s story then we know now.. Also A looked a man, the liars even commented about how they knew that wasn’t Mona.

  20. rocky says:

    Where is jason? He was there that night. It seems that the a that wanted to shoot the girls and might have killed ezra seems like a guy! It was also said that ms.dilaurentis tried to protect who hit alison. Could it be jason?

  21. rocky says:

    I definitely think a is jason . He apparently cant remember what happened that night. And he said he was always jealous of ali. Plus if he wasnt at rehab where was he?

    • ccccss says:

      I think A and the killer are 2 different people. A may be Aria – texts go silent while Aria sleeps. But the killer is someone who impulsively tries to kill Allie at the last moment.

  22. shannon says:

    I think A is Jason…. A seems to be a guy and it has to be someone who Mrs.D wouldn’t turn against and would wanna keep safe and not in jail. She was willing to help cover up ali’s death and buried her own daughter…. why would she wanna lose another child ? Jason also lied about being at rehab.

  23. Leighana says:

    I honesty know it has to be someone close with the family. Alison’s mom would not cover for just anyone, and blame everything on spencer. I read most of the books and I think it’s going the same way as the books… Think about it…blood is thicker than water. Does Alison know someone who looks just like her?

  24. Kristie says:

    I think Travis is one of the A’s. I think Ali’s twin is end game and Travis is helping her. Or, Travis is Ali’s fraternal twin (in a twist on the books).

    • MA says:

      No!!! I love Travis, he’s super precious!!!

    • BMadden says:

      Travis can’t be Ali’s twin (or a child of Jessica Dilaurentis). Remember in the previous episode he was working Mrs. D’s wedding event. Hanna even asked him to hold off Mrs. D and, presumably, he did. Mrs. D also saw Travis when he was out on a date with Hanna and she stopped to say hello. If he was her son or close to the family in any way, I don’t think they would regard each other as strangers.

  25. Taylor says:

    I definitely think Ezra will live, but its going to be a long recovery, possible amnesia. It’s the perfect way to bring him and Aria back together without it being totally wrong and awkward.

  26. rocky and jane says:

    We may have not found out who a is but we did get many hints. Our prediction is a is jason. First of all we think that on that night jason was very high and hit ali cuz he didnt know what he was doing. Thatsy ms dilaurentis hid the truth. Plus while ali was being buried she kept hearing her mom say what have u done? Also that a that came in shattering the window and had a gun was not a girl. When a was fighting with ezra they were both struggling it had to be a jason liked aria and she said she had a bf which jason knew was ezra.

    • Gemma James says:

      My money’s on wren Ali even said in the halloween epsiode she knew a doctor and it’s always weird how wren shows up engaged to mellissa but then purposely breaks up with her as sticks around perving on hannah and spencer and we haven’t seen him since he drew red coat as said you never know who you can trust an why would he disappear with melissa. She comes back and whispers in peters ears probly saying wren. But yh it could be jason hitting his sister on the back of the head drunk he might of been trying to hit cece she was there that night who knows

  27. jimmy says:

    i felt like mona was the one who hit ali in the head with the rock… thats what i felt like they were telling us. she came up out of nowhere and then she came up with the idea for ali to leave.. i mean the person who tried to kill ali wanted ali gone. & mona basically had ali gone so .. i dont know

  28. emily says:

    The final scene in “A is for answers” was one of my favorite scenes in PLL! So heated!

  29. Marcie says:

    They met Noel in Philly. He took their phones from them and took them to New York. That’s why the policeman said the suspects weren’t there. And that’s why we saw the NYC skyline.

  30. Nicole says:

    Wasn’t that Mrs. D who got buried at the end? Though we all only cared about Ezria at that moment, why isn’t it mentioned?

  31. Dae says:

    All I really want to say is bravo to Sasha Pieterse for an awesome performance. The rest of the cast were really stellar, but she totally took the cake in this one.

  32. Jenny Kaur says:

    I am sorry but tonights episode simply makes a point that PLL needs to end in season 5 if it wants to end with any self-respect. Hannah not shooting A when she had the chance, the cliffhanger of Ezra being alive or dead, and not even the audience being aware of who A is were all huge mistakes on Marlene’s end. The writers seem to have this notion that the audience seeing Alison is enough for us….We were over her being alive a long time ago…I adore and obsess over this shows mysteries but after tonights episode I honestly am no longer a fan of this show.

    • Anon says:

      I’m still a fan but I agree it needs to end. As much as I love waiting for the next episode, I know I’ll miss the show Jen it’s over, I want it to end with respect and not turn Into secret life of the American teenager (which I loved to begin with) and end in the worst finale ever because everyone got bored and it was cancels, please give is the ending this series deserves

      • Daniel says:

        Nicely put :). Yeah I feel like they could’ve ended it tonight lol (so to speak). Or they can do 1 more season but maybe only a half season. That’s really all they need. :)

    • Hope says:

      I agree with the fact that they had the chance to shoot A. If they had common sense they would realize they needed to shoot A in the foot or leg so he/she couldnt go anywhere and they could see who it was. I;m so frustrated. I will probably stop watching the show now. The girls are becoming too stupid.

  33. Anon says:

    I think Jason is A. Anyone else, and mrs d would be running the police first chance, her and Allison had problems but she’s her mother. She’s also Jason’s mother and likewise would do anything to protect him. Thinking Ali was dead she couldn’t save her so she decides to save Jason, who unfortunately discovers Ali is alive and decides to Finnish the job to avoid prison. Mrs d got wise to the fact that Ali was alive and decided she was done covering for her murderous son. Jason knows she’s going to spill the beans and offs her because he’s so desperate to stay out of prison. That’s my theory

  34. victoria says:

    People say that a is Jason and at the end they show Mrs.d being dragged and buried dead . Why would he kill his own mother that was protecting him.

  35. MA says:

    On the Ian memory… Nothing about the “I know you want to kiss me” video. What was up with that?! That’s the whole reason we all believed Ian killed Ali at first.

  36. Taylor says:

    I think ally has a twin. That’s the second blonde.
    Or instead of the twin being the dead girl she’s the one trying to kill ally

  37. jenny says:

    Any one else think it’s detective? He didn’t tell mr hastings his wife was there and vice versa, and did you notice how he held the gun out the window? Perhaps he followed ezra?
    The way he was stanced at the end also.

    • Melanie says:

      How do you explain he was in Rosewood and NYC then? The cop kept them separately trying some tactics to make them talk.

  38. Jordi says:

    I honestly hope Ezra is dead. As much as I love his chemistry with Aria, it would be too predictable for him to live. Him knowing who ‘A’ is, is a major reason why the writers might cut him off, to keep him from revealing the identity of ‘A’.

    As for the finale; I give it a 5 out of 10. Yes it gave everything it promised to give but it sucks that they have the best scenes in the last five minutes while the rest of the 55 minutes are a drag. I love the show but I was honestly hoping it would end with the fourth season. They just keep adding more and more questions and very few answers are delivered per season. No hate guys, thanks :)

  39. Chelsea says:

    I think Ali has a twin, if her mom didn’t know she was alive then who was she buying clothes for in the wedding episode.

  40. Anushka says:

    Plz someone give me the correct sequence of the events that happened that night….n what’s up with Ali first being hit by shovel and then by rock….

    • Hope says:

      we found out that she was never hit with a shovel. Spencer tripped in the middle of trying to hit her. Later she was hit by a rock but she doesn’t know who did it.

  41. kel says:

    does anyone remember that weird little girl that came to Hanna’s house that night and sat on her bed. The girl was cold and Hanna’s mum was trying to help her, but then she just disappeared. I think Jason is A or at least involved. Remember when they tried to kill Aria and trow her off the moving train and then she stabbed someone…well they later showed Mona with Jason and she was cleaning up his wound…so they were obviously working together or at least connected in some way…

  42. L T says:

    I expect Ezra will live but will admit he was just bluffing about knowing who A was (and clearly bluffing about the cops coming, as well) in an effort to protect Aria.

    As for A… my money’s on Jason at the moment. Mrs. D would have covered for him. IIRC, Melissa had a crush on him and would have covered for him. Ali had indirectly threatened him via Ian. Plus there’s Mrs. D’s whole foreshadowy “never turn your back on a Hastings” comment — which could just as easily have applied to Jason as Spencer, after all….

  43. A says:

    All signs are pointing to the Hastings covering up what Melissa, Wren, and Jason did. Which makes me think someone totally unrelated to any of them did it

  44. Laisea says:

    The show would have been really shocking if Ezra was actually dead, but they’re not going to kill off a fan favourite. He probably didn’t actually know who A was and was just bluffing, or he’ll go into a coma or something and forget when he wakes up. The scene where he was talking about the beautiful sky for dramatic effect was so stupid – any sane person would be like “hey guys, I just got shot”. I feel like the only person Mrs. D and Mr. H would want to protect is Jason.. but that seems too obvious so we probably won’t get answers for another year. So essentially when the premiere rolls around: Ally will have escaped and ran away again before the cops showed up, Ezra won’t know anything about who A is and we’ll be running in circles again. Hooray

  45. abz says:

    While I was happy for more revelations, a BETTER cliffhanger would have been if they had actually made A take off the mask!

    • aw says:

      YES! Thank you! That still would have been really interesting. Now its the disappearance into darkness… AGAIN! It is so frustrating to wait all tis time for what – NOTHING! To survey those FIVE idiots NOT going to the police, running TOWARDS creepy people and noises in the dark… I have no idea, why I still watch this show, I only want to kick Alison in her evil brat face and shake every one of the other girls until they understand the importance of staying away from evil.

  46. Chelsea says:

    Who was the girl at the end of the episode getting burried?

  47. Chelsea says:

    Why didnt hanna shoot A? -_____- just hand me the gun, i would have done it in a heartbeat

  48. tracy says:

    I dont think the person in the black mask was a guy. If you listened closely when the person fell off the ledge, the grunt sounded like a girl.

  49. 1idpete says:

    I kinda wish Ali was really dead because that girl can’t act!

  50. A says:

    Everyone watch the season 1 finale. Ian admits to killing Allison for Melissa. Why doesn’t anyone remember that?

    • Ray ray says:

      The confession was fake .A Killed Ian and wrote the fake confession, while making it look like he killed himself. Season 2 Emily figured it out . The horseshoe Hanna found. A had one

    • justme says:

      Ok. Do that episode took us everywhere and left us nowhere. The twin thing is very plausable. I think that the twin girls that are dead from the Halloween episodes are allison twin and her. I think the story allis telling the boy hanna babysitting about is about her and her sister. Her sister is probably a psycho in Radley. . Possible.. right? Maybe wren knows cause he’s a psycho. And that night mrs.d tells her that she wants her to stay in. Which is the first parental thing I have seen any parent do in that entire show. Maybe she was on the phone because she escaped and was trying go keep allison from knowing and keep her safe. Then Jason thought that allison was the twin because allison was supposed to have been inside… that’s another theory too. I mean y bring up the little girl twin thing if it has nothing to do with the show.