American Horror Story Season 4 Will Take Place at a 'Carnival,' Writer Confirms

American Horror Story CarnivalRemember those creepy/brilliant-looking American Horror Story: Circus drawings that made their way around the internet last year? Apparently, they were on to something.

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“It doesn’t have a title, but that’s the idea,” American Horror Story scribe Douglas Petrie confirmed during the Nerdist Writers Panel podcast when a co-panelist asked if “carnival” would be the theme. “Very roughly, that’s the idea.”

Creator Ryan Murphy already announced that Season 4 will take place in the 1950s, but this is the first official confirmation of the circus aspect — which was one of TVLine’s dream AHS premises.

What say you to the now-confirmed setting for Season 4? Any title suggestions? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Maki says:

    Uhhhhh can’t wait. Hopefully it will be creepy level Asylum! ^_^

  2. William Earl says:

    I love clowns — this is awesome! I hope the clowns are cute…

  3. Eric says:

    YES. This should be terrifying, just the way I like it.

  4. alistaircrane says:

    What were the clues for this season in Coven? I am not sure a carnival theme can extend itself over 13 episodes, but I have hope. Let’s just hope it’s not just a remake of Freaks.

  5. d4h8a15r16m23a42 says:

    Like the carnival theme, hopefully it’ll be a a tad darker like asylum.
    The obvious title ideas would be
    AHS: Circus
    AHS: Carnival
    AHS: Freakshow

  6. Dustin says:

    Day. Made.

  7. Mikael says:

    I almost find this setting creepier than the Asylum. I really hope they get Angela Bassett to come back.

  8. Kaycee says:

    Wait didn’t they dismiss the carnival idea? I can’t recall exactly but I seem to faintly remember Ryan Murphy saying that it was a different theme. Oh well, so excited! Would love for Chloe Sevigny to return!

  9. B says:

    Coven was by far my favorite. I think I’m done when Jessica Lange is : (

  10. Isobel says:

    Carnivale style freak show?

  11. Lisa says:

    Lange Bates Bassett and Paulson are all set to return already with Peters most likely accompanying them. Rabe, McDermott, and Sidibe are all off the table with other projects and it’s looking likely that Zachary Quinto’s got some involvement (due to his German-themed instagram photos lately). Connie Britton and Chloe Sevigny have both expressed interest in returning this year in some way and Murphy’s acknowledged it so that’d be nice. I’m still not buying the whole Circus theme being all of it. I don’t see why he’d go out of his way to specifically say no if he was just throwing off fans. I think the carnival will be the backdrop, with the McCarthyism taking center stage

    • alistaircrane says:

      I want Taissa Farmiga back. They didn’t do enough with her character last season. Emma Roberts can stay far, far away!!!!

      • Joey says:

        ….I don’t think I’ve ever disagreed with you so much. Her sister is a good actress, but Taissa was not blessed with such acting prowess.

        • Justin says:

          THIS. I hang on every word that utters forth from Vera’s mouth on Bates Motel. Just love her. But Taissa…she kills every scene she is in for me. She’s so down-trodden. She acts it and she has one expression on her face in just about every scene. I just can’t…

    • Justin says:

      Please for the love of the TV gods do not let Taissa come back. She sucks the life out of every scene she is in. I keep finding it harder to believe that she and her amazing sister Vera are from the same bloodline.

      • alistaircrane says:

        Wow, really? Taissa is fantastic. Violet was the breakout character of Season 1. They need to give her more to do.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          I think I agreed with you season 1, but she was absolutely painful in Coven.

          • alistaircrane says:

            Emma Roberts was absolutely painful. They seemed to stop writing for Zoe after the kickass chainsaw sequence from the two-parter.

        • Joey says:

          Violet was hardly the breakout character of season one. The most popular characters were easily Tate and Constance. I still don’t even understand why people were so attracted to the idea of Tate and Violet. Evan really brought charisma to the role, but Taissa just sucked it out of the scene.

  12. michelle says:

    I would have to agree..ahs..freakshow, definitely! & I love that it will be set in the 50’s.. was not happy with coven.

  13. Matt M. says:

    American Horror Story: CARNIVALE

  14. Gaara says:

    Clowns *shudder* creep me out since I first saw IT, so it’s going to be on hell of a show to watch. Yay! I liked last season for the great characters but, as the show’s title suggest, I would like to watch something a lil bit more scary than someone masturbating in front of a minotaur…

  15. Jack says:

    As long as its better than Coven…still not sure why I wasted my time sitting through that entire season…

  16. James says:

    Oh well, I guess the serial killer theme is for season 5…

  17. sarah birkin says:

    Reallly?????? There’s no doubt to me anyway peters was the breakout star of AHS s1…..since then they haven’t given his talent the room to shine :( esp in coven… Very underused! But with x-men, can’t complain as he could easyily not have been in it at all! Soo happy bassett and bates and quinto will be back in some form this year :D missed zach last year :(
    Not fussed either way over Taissa! The circus theme seems interesting, can’t wait to see what they come up with :D as long as the make it damnnnn goood for Lange to go out on (if this is truly her last season!). I’m IN!! :D

  18. I’m pretty sure I’ve already seen this. It was called Carnivale.

  19. Sooooooo ready for season 4. One of the best shows ever. Hoping for many more season…and even a movie ;)

    Title suggestions:

    Freak Show
    Side Show
    Amusement Park
    Fun House
    Thrill Ride
    Vanishing Act

  20. Adam says:

    American Horror Story: Hell Circus

  21. Mark says:

    Wasn’t heroes season 4 carnival themed too? It was pretty awful.

  22. ivy says:

    like carnivale , i loved that show
    happy for peters, bates, bassett,o hare, lange and quinto to come back
    but i really don’t want emma roberts in it, or paulson
    coven didn’t do it for me so hopefully season 4 will be amazing

  23. Ncooke says:

    Nooo! This tooo cheesey and obvious! Anything but a freaking Circus! Please

  24. Lilith says:

    Asylum was the best one. If they want to keep the ratings, invest in something at the same level,

  25. Margot H Knight says:

    Big Top
    Center Ring
    Geek Show
    Side Show
    Clown Car
    Children of All Ages

  26. Jessica says:

    truly belive that the asylum would have been more freaky if it wasnt based around aliens in the end. I mean it was creepy and everyone was quesstionable and then he was taken by aliens really? I didnt watch coven because I forgot to record it and then my dvr started deleteing the ones i did record but everyone who I know watched it said it was good. I some what agree with a carnival can’t take up 13 episodes unless theres something else to go along with it. Serial Killers is a good place to start with that.
    Big Top
    Traveling Show

  27. Azara says:

    I don’t have ideas, but I am sure I will enjoy this next one. I have been watching this show since day 1. I love them all. The creators know how to entertain me and leave me wanting more that is for sure.