Veronica Mars Boss on Chinatown-esque Sequel -- Plus: Web Spin-Off Update!

Veronica Mars Movie SequelVeronica Marsnext trip to the cinema — if there is one — would find the titular P.I. immersed in a vastly different kind of adventure.

Although the Veronica Mars pic only just hit theaters, star Kristen Bell has already been talking about the mysterious box office number the movie needs to hit to trigger another film, and now we’ve got some scoop about what a possible sequel might look like.

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The current big screen continuation has a Godfather feel to it, with Miss. Mars being pulled back into her old life. But for the next chapter in the beloved character’s saga, “I would try to write Chinatown with Veronica Mars at the center of it,” creator Rob Thomas told TVLine at a PaleyFest event celebrating the series on Thursday.

“With the first movie, because it was crowd-funded, it was a love letter to the fans,” he explains. “I put every character they loved back into the movie. There are a lot of inside jokes. With a second movie, I would build it from the case out. In the first movie, I feel like I did just the opposite. I put all the dessert, all the frosting on there, and then put a detective case in the middle. On the next one, I would want the detective case to be the driving force of the movie.”

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Whether the project would incorporate any storylines from the upcoming novels, which pick up where the movie left off, is still up in the air. “I really liked the plots of these early books,” says Thomas. “And they could be good movies. But I want to see where we are a year from now, what the response to the books has been, what the delay would be between the first movie and the second movie, if we’re so lucky to have that happen.”

And it would, indeed, take some luck because a follow-up is “so not an automatic,” admits Thomas. The dollar figure that needs to be reached is “not the easiest goal in the world. But it’s a reachable goal.”

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In the meantime, Thomas will soon head to Vancouver to shoot his iZombie pilot for The CW. Then he’ll start production on the Veronica Mars web series for the network’s digital arm CW Seed. And good news: There will be some familiar Neptune faces accompanying star Ryan Hansen in the offshoot.

“It’s me, banking off the success of Veronica Mars, trying to get a Dick Casablancas spin-off and trying to get help from my cast members,” reveals Hansen.

So who might fans expect to see assisting the actor in his crazy endeavor? “If Ryan’s in it, I’m always in it,” says costar Jason Dohring.

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  1. Stinky Feet Lover says:

    Watching this movie last night, really made me want another series to spin out of it.

    • HAP says:

      That was exactly what I thought. It’s not like any of the main cast is immersed in successful film careers. They already have the setup given the ending of the movie.

      A follow up series would probably be better than 75% of what’s on TV right now.

    • Jaymee says:

      I totally agree I want another season to a made yeah it’s expensive and yeah it would take longer but in the long run they would get a lot of the money back with the amount of fans who want another season and the way they left it it was like we were all waiting for the next eposide to see how Logan and Veronica’s life plan out and what cases she ends up getting, I really hope that they make another season!!

  2. martina says:

    i watched the movie all over again, i love tha fact that i could buy the film online from Germany :) i love all the film, it was really a love letter to us!!! thank you Rob Thomas

  3. TV Gord says:

    I went online Thursday to see where I could buy the movie online, and was surprised to see that it was actually playing at a movie theater in my city that night! I went to the theater that night. It was sold out, but apparently sold out doesn’t mean sold out, because they let me in, and there was a seat for me. Boy, am I glad I saw it in a theater with a bunch of other fans. Nothing beats the crowd reaction with everyone laughing in the right places and jumping out of their seats (as the girl sitting next to me did when [spoiler] was [spoiler] through the window]).

    If you have a chance to see it in a theater, I highly recommend it.

  4. Coop says:

    So totally ready to help fund a sequel to the fabulous movie Rob & Company just released!!! Count this original “backer” as a life-time Backer!! Fan Love = Life Time Support :)

  5. Aryn says:

    I read the script Friday, and watched the movie yesterday…so in LoVe with it!! I will follow this series anywhere they go, TV, movie theater, web :)

  6. Riana says:

    Put Duncan in it! Maybe he can have his charges dropped.

    • Miss Priss says:

      His kid would be about 10, and Mac mentions that she took a job at the Kane software company, which we know is an evil place. So maybe they’re leaning to a Duncan/Logan triangle for the next movie and a mystery around Kane industries.

  7. Elyse says:

    Yes! Hope the movie did well enough for a sequel!

  8. dude says:

    What I’m wondering is if the On Demand numbers will be factored into that “Magic number.” Predictions are that VM will make about 2-3 million at the box office this weekend. I think if the On Demand numbers are factored in, it could absolutely hit that number considering the marshmallows all over the world who watched it at home.

    • Brooke says:

      It’s entirely possible. This was also an experiment in simultaneous release in theaters and other avenues. I imagine that purchases on iTunes and Amazon and all those services are also being looked at. It’s not a traditional release, so I can’t imagine that they’re using traditional ways of measuring success.

    • alistaircrane says:

      Of course the VOD and digital downloads factor into it. The movie is only on 291 screens, so they will make the majority of their money from the home video market.

      • Vincent Ventrevski says:

        Remember it has no costs to recoup, so everything which comes from the cinema, downloads and the later media sales is profit.

        • bstoletheremote says:

          Well, not entirely. WB spent extra money on this, and a significant portion of the 5.8 million went to paying back Kickstarter backers with gifts and free copies, etc. It could still be profitable, but it’s not making money right away

        • Alex says:

          Not true. There are ALWAYS costs. Marketing costs, reshoot expenses, refunds for failed digital downloads, theater rentals, various overhead expenses, and on and on. This movie might do little better than breaking even in the end.

  9. Brooke says:

    Even if we don’t get any sequels, I’m completely at peace now that we’ve had our conclusion to the series that we didn’t get back when season 3 ended. And it was so well done, too. It’s so obvious that the cast and crew involved with the movie were just as in love with their show as we were.

    • Stacie says:

      I agree 100%. If they don’t do another movie or tv series then that’s OK. Everything was set up perfectly for either continuing onto something or being just a one off. Either way I am pleased. I’d love to see more Veronica Mars, and follow Veronica on more adventures and maybe even thinking about starting and/or having a family. That would be crazy, but pretty great. I am so happy with how this movie turned out. And I totally agree that this was a love letter to the fans, and as much I love them having people like Weevil, or Piz, or even Wallace might not make sense in the future. So if that’s the case then it is what is, but I loved this movie as it was and I’m glad we caught up with all of them.

  10. leo21 says:

    I loved it. However, I couldn’t help thinking both the fans and WB would have been better off with a series of TV movies over the years than trying to do a box office release. The fan base was strong enough to to support additional VM content and WB was a fool for not seeing that.

  11. Mark says:

    So what is the magic number ????

  12. david says:

    It was a really good movie in my opinion. Started off a bit slow but liked it a lot. If there is no sequel i will still be happy by the fact that i finally found some resolution after the season 3 finale. Here is to hoping that next year by this time we will be going to see the 2nd movie or netflix series.

  13. csr says:

    Have watched twice via VODAFONE rental . Loved it!!! Have missed veronica and the gang.

  14. I Heart Damon Salvatore says:

    Sequel? *gets out credit card* *logs onto KickStarter* Let’s do this!

  15. The Kaibosh says:

    I’m truly glad that by all accounts the fans of the show have been able to enjoy this movie and the continuation of the story they love so much.

    I say this with all sincerity because I also very much like Kristen Bell and all of the actors on this show. I do indeed wish them much success.

    I’m saying this up front because despite this I really hope this movie fails.

    The reason for this is that a film or tv show directly sponsored by its fans like this sets a tremendously dangerous precedent.

    If this film profits it will go to the studio who did very little to lift a finger to create it; yet will reap its reward. If this film profits it will inspire like minded studio executives to shut down production on similar shows/projects in the hopes that perhaps its fans will directly come to its rescue. Its one of the more perverted forms of corporate welfare.

    Finally it will have a negative impact on the story telling; which is really what it should all be about. The story.

    We fans are fickle and dare I say (myself included): stupid. Writers now create stories for the sake of the story, not to pander to the whims of what fans currently like or dislike.

    If it became the norm for fans to directly influence a production financially or otherwise: the story would suffer.

    Congratulations to the Veronica Mars fans for coming this far. But please stop!

    • DL says:

      There’s no one out there who thinks crowdsourcing is an ALTERNATIVE to standard film and television funding and production. And I guarantee there are many incredibly wealthy and successful producers with a lot of klout in Hollywood who would abhor such a paradigm. I have no idea how you could think this is viable. Even if Veronica Mars made hundreds of millions, all that would do is probably raise a few eyebrows. Can’t even fathom how you think this is a real possibility.

    • Alex says:

      Foolish talk. Why are you in such a panic over something that will clearly never happen? Studios will NOT behave in this manner except possibly in a very, very few isolated cases. The fact remains that VM is the only significant crowd-funded success, and it garnered only a small budget by film standards.

      And the story SHOULD be what the fans want. Or rather, the fans in general. I’m sick of crappy movies with stories I don’t enjoy. VM went straight for the fanbase with its movie, and it succeeded. That was exactly the right way to do it.

  16. David4 says:

    After the HUGE drop off in ticket sales (-40% each day) I wouldn’t be thinking about a sequel right now. I’d be talking more about the magic number needed for the sequel to happen.

    • alistaircrane says:

      It ultimately doesn’t matter because they can just do another Kickstarter campaign to fund a sequel. I would be willing to pay even more than I did for the first movie in order to get a sequel. Also, your numbers don’t factor in VOD and digital downloads.

  17. Vicki says:

    Do we have any insider knowledge yet on what this magic number is and whether it’s expressly “box office” focused? Because NONE of the movie theaters within 150 miles of me are showing the film and I live about 50 miles from Nashville (meaning – not a small town area). I purchased a digital copy through iTunes in order to watch and hopefully to help with the number.

    I loved the movie, the inside jokes, and seeing some of my favorite characters again. It definitely was an ode to the fans, but I think Thomas might be selling the film short as well. It’s a more mature look at Veronica and focuses a lot on the characters – Veronica, Logan, etc. The question is less about who killed the pop star and more about who am I? And, at least to me, that’s an interesting concept.

    • alistaircrane says:

      Agreed, and I also think the film got a lot darker than the series. Neptune and its cops were much more corrupt, and things got pretty bleak for a lot of 09ers post-graduation. To me, it felt like what Veronica Mars could have been (or could still be) on cable. It makes sense to me that this world would get a lot darker for the characters since high school is a pretty insular experience (and relatively safe for the most part).

      • Stacy says:

        I don’t think it was darker. I just think it featured adults instead of teenagers, and no longer on the CW the language changed a bit. The series depicted a Sherriff mocking a girl who’d been raped, an abused boy who blew up a bus, a father who slept with and killed his son’s girlfriend and many other dark storylines. All that’s changed is the presentation slightly.

  18. farleyc says:

    The film was EPIC! The audience I saw it with absolutely LOVED it. I need a sequel. And I need to go see it again…and download it… make sure we get another!

  19. LV Sunny says:

    Just saw the movie. Liked it and it’s nice. But as a Kickstarter backer and a fan of the original series, I truly wish Thomas would have done what he really wanted to do and that’s make a mystery (case) surrounded by the characters. That would have been so much better. I’m not sorry that I donated. I just wish Thomas would have followed his instincts. He may not get a second chance.

    • Stacy says:

      I’m with you. I’m in love with the movie just because of its existence, not that its the best standalone feature ever made. I’m utterly thrilled to have it. That said, I hope Rob Thomas knows that I have faith in his storytelling and direction. Seriously. Don’t care if LoVe ends up together, even though I love them onscreen. I just want a great story.

      I do think that movies vs tv is hard. The movie is equal to about 2 & 1/2 episodes worth of time. Not only does the mystery build much more quickly, but we don’t have 22 eps to get to know our characters. I think a miniseries or 12 episode netflix season would be amazing. No filler, but great story development and time to enjoy the characters and meet new ones.

  20. Sara says:

    I need a sequel! I watched it 4 times this weekend before my 48 hour On Demand rental ran out and I’m already like freaking out and want to watch it again! I aboslutely LOVED this show and they need to continue. It left it hanging too much for me. Come on, someone tried to kill her dad, Veronica Mars would not take that without getting to the bottom of who and making them pay! Also, we need to know what happens to Weevil joining back up with the motorcycle gang (was so sad for him). I need more! I just can’t get enough Veronica Mars!

  21. Sara says:

    I watched the movie last night and loved it! I am always mixed between Team Piz/Team Logan, but either way it was a great movie and I sure hope there is a sequel. I think the only part that I didn’t like was seeing Weevil get back on his motorcycle after it seemed like he got such a happy ending with a great wife and child, I would hate to see him loose all of that after everything he’d been through.

  22. Mikael says:

    The film definitely felt like a new beginning to me. The big mystery was wrapped up, but the subplot with the dirty cops and the gang warfare was just getting started. I’m really excited for the novels, but another film would be awesome.

  23. Leo says:

    Love it. Just too bad they can’t cast Leighton Meester as Susan. She will have a fabulous time playing her.

  24. There needs to be a sequel! This TV series was WAY before it’s time and is better than most of the stuff that is on TV now!

  25. pam says:

    yes please make another series or a sequel

  26. edie says:

    Think it would make a an excellent adult series. The characters have depth and the writing is funny a la Friends or Big Bang.

  27. Hollie says:

    I love this show! Now I love this movie! Please make another!

  28. Patricia Chamberlain says:

    I’ve just recently found the VM series by reruns…they stopped showing them in order so I found the series on Netflix and am almost done:-( The movie is played every other week or so and I can’t stop watching. I LOVE this show. Totally hoped for a spin off series from the end of the movie but more movies will do to. I hope everyone finds this show and loves it so they can get the funds they need to keep making it!! Never much thought of acting but now I’m thinking about it and would love to be in this;-) *wink* Thanks:-) Long Live Veronica Mars!!!!

  29. Babybug Clark says:

    They really need to make another movie.

  30. Rebeccq says:

    I have just finished the whole Box-Set and movie again! After reading this, I have learned of the books? Mission 1 – find said book. Please bring back Veronica Mars! I’m sure if funding is a problem, fans will be more than happy to contribute!

  31. Lori says:

    They definitely should make a 2 movie with veronica and Logan gets married and runs the investigation business as a couple and her dad gets sheriff again

  32. I hope there will be a second movie. The first one was awesome. My dream came true when they made a movie. If you do make a second one, maybe have Ducan and his baby in it. Just an idea. Would love to see another Veronica Mars movie 😁

  33. Kysha says:

    Please make a Veronica Mars 2!!! Please please I beg of you!!