Teen Wolf Death Watch: See Who's on the Chopping Block this Monday -- and Vote!

Teen Wolf fans, are you ready for the saddest Moonday ever? One of Beacon Hills’ best and brightest is about to find him/her/itself six feet under, so it’s time to place your bets.

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Monday’s episode (10/9c, MTV) will finally usher in the big death we’ve been promised/threatened with for months, and because no one is safe — well, almost no one — TVLine has broken down the potential victims in an easy-to-digest photo gallery.

The categories include “unlikely,” “possible,” “quite possible,” “extremely likely” and one very fortunate “not gonna happen.” Enjoy:


Now that you’ve seen your options, cast your vote below (you can choose more than one), then head to the comments section with more of your theories, fears, etc.


Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Cami says:

    I miss Jackson too :(

      • Josh says:

        Not me haha…Colton is a TERRIBLE actor. He was the worst on the show by far and that says a lot since Tyler Posey was pretty bad in season 1(but has grown leaps and bounds since). Colton hasn’t grown at all in that time.

        • Azkaban says:

          I agree with you, Josh. So glad he went. He’s an atrocious actor.

        • The Beach says:

          Agree about Colton, disagree about Tyler. He is still as wooden an actor as he was Season 1, Episode 1.

        • tsevca says:

          Someone else thinks so? Finally! He always has that pissed face, no matter what the scene. In The Gates, in Teen Wolf and in Arrow. He´s the main reason why i don´t like Arrow so much anymore and why I like this season of TW much more than those before. What is it with him? Do they make him wear uncomfortable thongs?

  2. Pedro says:

    I’ve seen some theories online that the death is actually Stiles’ human side. We’ve been hinted all season about Scott turning him into a werewolf, and therefore killing/extracting the nogitsune (i’m not sure if it’d actually kill it).
    Rumor has it that this “death” would change the title sequence, excluding Isaac, Kira, etc etc. Stiles turning into a werewolf would maybe require the intro to be changed.

  3. Jon says:

    Who cares? People die and come back on this show at the turn of a dime anyways. Whoever it is, I’ll eat my hat if we don’t see them come back by the end of next season.

  4. Dan says:

    I’m kind of worried about Melissa. (Who is completely freaking awesome.) They seem to be pushing Scott toward that bland guy who plays his dad more and more.

  5. B says:

    If Isaac dies I will be crying so hard. Daniel Sharman is one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen and Isaac really is a good character. Plus, he’s Scott’s right-hand werewolf. I’m really hoping it’s the twins, because I don’t really care about them and that would satisfy the plural in “deaths” for this season. Either way, it’s nerve-wracking. I just love Isaac so much. Before this all started going down I thought he was thisclose to being added to the title sequence. DONT KILL ISAAC.

  6. Shaun says:

    yeah,why wasn’t Scott’s dad in this list?

    • Elyse says:

      he would get my vote!

    • Lois says:

      Because he’s not that significant? It’s supposed to be a death with impact on the audience, Scott’s dad dying would only affect Scott. Even if he did die, someone else would go too. They wouldn’t build up all this hype for him. I’m almost sure it’s Isaac and/or the twins.

    • Andy Swift says:

      There are a few people I left off, including Scott’s dad/mom and the Coach. I just don’t see them as possibilities, but there’s also an option in the poll to add in a name if you think it’s one of them.

      • KEviNTUCKY says:

        It HAS to be Scott’s Mom. Why else bring in his dad and have that tidbit from Stiles about how he couldn’t forgive his Mom for what she did prior? Sheriff was being prodded for him to tell Scott. She’s pretty significant because we are led to believe she is the only one who works in that hospital. She’s a nurse and yet she has been handling jobs really out of her league this season.

        I say it’s Melissa. His dad joins the series next season and they have the opportunity to return to the “parent doesn’t know” storyline. Jeff Davis isn’t going to eliminate any eye candy since the show is built around that.

        • Nick says:

          Well they had Jackson leave before and he was eye-candy too. They already casted 2 football players as replacements who probably will have semi-important roles next season. Thus I really think eye-candy will not lack in any case, weather it’s Derek or Isaac dying.

          • KEviNTUCKY says:

            It was my understanding that Jackson left because they could not come to terms on his contract. I think if they had their choice, they would have reupped him; but they do have a budget to follow.. They let him leave, but did not kill him off. There’s a difference there as his departure sure wasn’t by management’s choice..

        • Melissa’s death would probably be the most significant of all. It would be a game-changer for Scott, who has maintained his goodness and humanity throughout his transition from human to wolf to alpha. The death of his mother would open him up to the darkness of the world. That said, Melissa is very low on my list of potential deaths. And, I like her. It is very interesting to have a few adults “in the know” instead of a world where parents are absolutely clueless about the lives of their children.

      • Nick says:

        Wait, Coach was stabbed a few episodes ago, during the run in the woods if I remember it correctly. Have we actually seen him after that? I guess they would have hinted to his death if that has happened, but we can’t be sure considering all the mess that’s been going on.

  7. dude says:

    My heart says Allison. She’s been so underused this season and now Kira (<3 you!) is basically Allison's replacement but logically, Isaac makes the most sense. He's prominent enough that his death would mean something but he adds so little to the series besides his unnatural beauty that it wouldn't really have an effect on the quality of the show. The Carver twins are great but them dying wouldn't really be significant.

    • Josh says:

      I hope not Allison. This show has a tendency to treat their female characters poorly and killing off Allison after she loses ‘girlfriend’ status, it won’t look good.

      • Liz says:

        Lol that’s exactly why I think it’s going to be Allison. This show treats their female characters so badly. It really angers me. Like for 3A, both Kali and Jennifer had to die – be punished for their eviiiiil ways. But Duchaeleon gets a second chance?!? I like lost it when that happened.

  8. Maryann says:

    Kill Isaac. Put Allison and Scott back together. I just cringe every time Allison and Isaac are in any sort of intimate situation. It just feels WRONG.

    • dude says:

      I’m not crazy about Allison/Isaac but I LOVE Scott/Kira. I kind of don’t want them to break up. They’re so adorable together.

    • Nick says:

      Agree with this. And I really hope that’s the way it turns out… But Jeff Davis keeps saying the death forces them to change the initial credits, which they wouldn’t have to, if Isaac was the one dying.
      I really hope it’s Kira by the way, she’s just wrong with Scott and her character has been pathetic the whole season. But then again, this wouldn’t force them to change the initial credits.

      • Ashley says:

        Another possible reasoning for having to change the opening credits is because Jeff likes them to reflect what happens with the characters/seasons. Stiles has been essentially walking into the dark since season 2 (away from his Jeep’s headlights, into shadows). Post Nogitsune, he should be walking his way back to the light. Also, because season 3A and 3B were essentially the same, he didn’t have to do new shoots and editing on credits for 3B because it was in the same vein of 3A. With a new season, he’d have to do new credits regardless if he followed “tradition” so to speak. The quote I remember Jeff stating specifically about the character death was “someone we’ve grown to love”. To me, that means a character that was introduced outside of the core five. Likely Isaac.

        • Nick says:

          I’d honestly be happy if that was the case. Hopefully leading to a rebouncing of Scott/Allison romance.
          But it could also mean a character that we didn’t like at the start and now we do, like Lydia.

    • Reginas says:

      YES I AGREE WITH YOU 10000000000000000%

  9. The Beach says:

    I loved the first season of Teen Wolf but lately the plot has become so convoluted and confusing that it’s losing me. I’ve been really impressed with how far Dylan O’Brien’s acting has improved each season. He’s really quite good now. I can’t say the same for Tyler Posey, unfortunately.

    • name says:

      To me it feels like they’re trying to hard to be “edgy” and they’re losing their previous charm in the process. And it pains me, they used to be a cool little show with flashes of genius at times. Now it’s hard to say what they are:/

  10. I Heart Damon Salvatore says:

    My money is on Isaac. Second bet would be Allison, but I don’t think the show will go there. Isaac is a safe “big death” in that losing him won’t impact the canvas all that much, but he’s still part of Scott’s pack so they can say “big death!” I hope it isn’t Derek. I need those abs in my life.

  11. Papa Argent has a new pilot coming out which wasn’t mentioned in the information provided so it may be him. Don’t think tit will be the twins because if HBO doesn’t pick up their new series, they could always come back…so they may leave in search of another pack with the option of coming back. I would suggest Papa Argent, Allison, or Isaac.

  12. joao says:

    I cast my vote in Isaac… and the twins

  13. CBWBDK1 says:

    I hope they kill Lydia, Isaac and the twins.

  14. Marco says:

    I’m thinking about the twins since their actors are also in the HBO show ‘The Leftovers’…

  15. CK says:

    My money is on the twins or Isaac. The twins have just sort of lost their usefulness. Plus they are adding two new lacrosse players (one of whom is gay) so I can see them sacrificing themselves for the good of the pack. I would riot if it is Lydia or Stiles. Allison is 50/50 for me. If they can provide a legitimate reason to keep her dad, then bury her.

    • Anne says:

      It does seem to be foreshadowed a bit, doesn’t it? Derek asked if they were willing to die for Scott a few episodes back. If Derek dies, that would mean Peter probably leaves too (it’s weird for someone Derek’s age to hang around teenagers, but it would be extremely weird if Peter starts to do that) and then what would be the point of Malia’s background story, if her biological father is gone?

  16. Patrick Maloney says:

    Stiles has to die, it’s the only thing they can justify this storyline

  17. I think it’s the twins, because I think we saw some foreshadowing early in the season when Derek said, “Your willing to fight for him [Scott], probably even willing to kill for him, but are you willing to die for him?” So they get my vote.. just not sure how that would affect the title sequence except they need to change the part of Scott kissing Allison if they are making Kira his one and only.

  18. kate'shomesick says:

    If it’s Stiles, Isaac or Lydia…just NO….those are the three most interesting characters- there’s so much more development possible- they really shouldn’t kill those three…and I’d really love to see Derek in a PROPER storyline. Allison is kind of the only badass female (well Kira also) .We need the parents/grown ups to make stuff realistic/possible..so…uh….I think it should be the twins :D….sorry…by default…

  19. Geo says:

    Given how Teen Wolf has let it be known last week that they’ve cast a new gay athlete for next season, my bet is on the twins or possibly Danny. That way the show doesn’t get so much flack for being yet another show that offs a gay character (they also could avoid that by having Aiden die and Ethan leaving town in the aftermath). My bet is at least one of the twins since (as noted above) they’re gonna be on a new show, which would leave Danny in line for a new love interest, hence the new gay athlete.

  20. Nick says:

    Let’s consider the facts. We know that there’s gonna be a death among the heroes and JD says they have to change the opening credits. This could happen for 3 reasons: a new character is added, an old character bites the dust, or an old character transforms and they portray him/her differently.
    Option 1 doesn’t seem to be really related to the death, and the only character new and important enough to be added seems to be Kira. But I have the feeling, and the hope, that she was in this season only to justify the Japanese mythology and we won’t see her after this season.
    Option 2 is unfortunately the most likely. Of the 5 “season one” characters in the opening credits, the only one at serious ROD are Allison and Derek. I hope it’d be the second, with Scott finally becoming an Alpha in the whole sense of the term, and starting to protect Beacon Hills like the Hale family have been doing for decades. Allison must end up with Scott, but if Kira stays then she’s probably doomed.
    Option 3 would be an interesting twist. Considering Scott and Derek are werewolves already and Lydia is a banshee (who doesn’t seem to be shape shifters), it’s all about Allison or Stiles. My guess is that Stiles would become supernatural, but probably not a werewolf since it’s been hinted too many times before. That said, I hope not since Stiles’s human-ness and his ability to help the pack using his bright mind was one of the best things of the first two seasons.

  21. Ashley says:

    The finale synopsis mentions Derek in a present capacity, so I’m not worried about him this week. More so Allison. As long as none of the parents, core five, Deaton, Morrell, or Kira dies, I won’t be too crushed.

  22. Kait says:

    Okay, let’s be honest. There’s no way they’re going to kill Stiles off. With that been said, the main credits will be changed. What if they’re viewed as separate spoilers, as in death and a main credit change, only by looks of it not necessarily names or removal of a character? Nogitsune Stiles is killed, or they’re joined again and to remove the evil part they must “change the form” they alluded to him being changed to a werewolf. Him not being human anymore would change the main credits, not as a name but as what he’s appearing as (a human in front of the jeep rather than werewolf Stiles, the thought of which is not a fan favorite). Or the changing part from that nonsense silver finger script could have meant the Nogitsune was removed (changed form) like it was in the last episode as far as we’ve seen. With that being said, I put a few theories together, but I’m positive it’s Isaac that dies. Sorry for rambling, phone typing sucks.

    • Kait says:

      Also, many of the “secondary” characters are doing other shows. Mrs McCall did Walking Dead, Army Wives and Chicago Fire, Peter did BatB and Chicago PD, Mr Argent did Revenge, Sheriff Stilinski did Army Wives.

      • aw says:

        … didn’t Peter also do major crimes for several episodes as Rusty’s creepy brutal biological father?

        • Kait says:

          I didn’t go back that far on his imdb, but yeah I just checked and he did play on that show too. That’s the point I was trying to make, it’s possible to do other shows in-season for everyone but the main four or five. I mean even Tyler Posey did a one-ep on some show on tv land I’m pretty sure at the same time they were filming TW.

  23. towanda says:

    twins or Kira can die . i don’t care none of them but. please i don’t want Allison,Stiles,Lydia,Derek die :(

  24. name says:

    Ugh, I just hate it when shows turn killing a character into a gimmick. You wanna shock your viewers with a death? Don’t use it to promote your show 5 eps in advance. Having said that, I don’t believe anyone will really die, or whoever does will get resurrected in the finale. Or the “main character” killed will be one of the twins, or Deaton, at best Peter. Whatever happens, I know I won’t be able to react emotionally, because of how promoted it’s being right now – “look, look, we’re edgy, we will kill a character off in 3-2-1! We’re basically GoT, sooooo daring!”. whtvr.

  25. vin.king says:

    lmao lol dead……….u killed me with Argent!!! but Kira wont die….shes new n scott has jus fallen inlove with her….so i ges she is needes as scott’s gf!!

  26. Jess says:

    If Peter Hale does ever die again (which I hope he eventually does because he’s super creepy and gross), I kind of hope that Lydia is the one to do it or at least orchestrate it, as payback for what he did to her all of the second season. (btw the fact that the writers actually forgot about their awful interactions until Holland Roden reminded them is kind of terrible)

  27. staypuft79 says:

    Am I the only person who loves the twins? I am not kidding when I say I hope it’s anyone but them. (I know they’re on an HBO show, but they can always come back. Sometimes HBO has like two years between seasons.)

  28. Reginas says:

    I’m thinking three things, Isaac, Metaphor, or the twins. Jeff Davis stated that “it is a character we have GROWN to love” Meaning that he wasn’t there from the start. But then i don’t see how that affects the title sequence. Or maybe when Jeff said that the title sequence is going to be affected he is tricking us, because it would have to change for season 4. Personally i like Isaac, just not with Allison. I really hope Allison and Scott get together. Isaac and Allison and Scott and Kira will never have the relationship that Scott and Allison did. Anyway for the metaphor, maybe the nogistune will die and Stiles will be alive and back to the old sarcastic Stiles whom we all love. And with that affecting the title sequence i think with the jeep he is walking into the darkness (Since season 2), maybe he will walk toward the light in season 4. And lastly, the twins might be gone. They have a new show, and with what Derek said it just makes it sound like it is unfortunately going to happen. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  29. Quianna says:

    I think that it is going to be the nogitsune i mean we cant lose stiles too after we have just lost Allison. If we lose another character im going to stop watching the show because the show has changed a lot since season 1, but back to what i was saying the character thats going to die in the season finale is going to be void part of stiles and he’s to be a werewolf or somehow killing the bad part of him will restore his health or something along those lines … who knows with Jeff Davis? but Jeff Davis knows that he cant kill of Scott, Stiles, or Derek because teen wolf wouldnt exist anymore without it… and btw they need to give stiles a girlfriend already.

  30. Katherine says:

    Noooo……Allison is dead! R.I.P sweetheart