How I Met Your Mother @ PaleyFest: Dead Mother Buzz, Final Episode Secrets and More

How I Met Your Mother Series Finale SpoilersThe How I Met Your Mother farewell tour made a stop at Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre Saturday night for PaleyFest 2014, and, in addition to reminiscing about their nine-year journey, the show’s cast and creators dropped hints about the show’s final three episodes. Herewith were the five most interesting takeaways:

PHOTOS | How I Met Your Mother Series Finale First Look: What the Heck Is Ted Doing With [Spoiler]?!

DEATH BECOMES HER | Asked by moderator Wayne Brady about rampant speculation that the Mother (Cristin Milioti) is, in fact, dead, exec producer Carter Bays would only say, “We’re wildly excited about the finale and we obviously can’t say anything.”

BEST OF THE BEST | Neil Patrick Harris, beamed in via satellite from New York where he’s prepping for his debut in Broadway’s yMcxrMS - ImgurHedwig and the Angry Inch, narrowed down his favorite final-season moment to, “Getting to say my vows to Robin.”

PHOTOS | How I Met Your Mother Sneak Peek: The Wedding Has Arrived — and So Have the Nerves!

FUN FACT | The cast was given special tissues during the final week of filming emblazoned with the words, “Let it all out — no questions asked.”

FUN FACT TWO | The final scene Milioti shot was the same exact scene she performed during her HIMYM audition one year ago. “To have that be the last thing… I could barely get through it,” she shared. “[It was nice] to have it come that full circle.”

SLAPY HAPPY | The final slap “happens,” EP Craig Thomas confirms. “We haven’t forgotten.”

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  1. michelle says:

    I hope it ends with Robin/Ted. Sorry not sorry. Ive loved them the most.

    • Rob says:

      You’re not alone Michelle! R/T has been the driving force of this show since day one.

    • DL says:

      Please, no. Would not be satisfied with that at all.

    • nope says:

      It’d be pretty stupid to have Ted go through this journey of getting over Robin just to end up with her so I doubt that’s gonna happen.

    • B says:

      The way people romanticize that relationship is obscene. White males don’t get everything they want, and that includes Robin. Ted has been nothing but a stalker toward her, has risked ruining his relationship with his “best” bro to win her back, and has completely disrespected Robin by not stopping his rampant, obsessive pursuit of her. If I were Ted, I would never tell my kids this story in the way that he does because it’s clear that the mother is second place to Robin. I honestly think Ted is the creepiest character on television. The entire series has been him whining like a child when he doesn’t get his way.

      • Jonathan says:

        Thank you! I’ve been stunned at how unlikable they’ve made him out to be. Ending with Ted and Robin getting together would be a huge disappointment to me.

    • Michael Westen says:

      Pilot: “And that’s how I met…your Aunt Robin.”

      • Morena says:

        Something has always intrigued me in fist episode
        If the mother is not Robin, why the kids should think that Ted was talking about her in the first episode (before he told Aunt Robin).
        Ted told them about the night he met a female TV news anchor at McClaren’s. The problem is not the place where they met, but the profession she had.
        Until TEd “Aunt Robin”, the kids thought Ted talked about their mother and us too, no ? The kids would know their mother a little better than that only to be surprised at the end when they find out that this was about their Aunt Robin.
        Honestly, it’s weird

        • Mick says:

          Well, maybe the kids don’t get as much details as us viewers (we can hope for them !).
          If Ted just says “I met this beautiful woman at the bar, we went on a date, etc…” but doesn’t mention her job, maybe the kids wouldn’t guess already he’s talking about Robin.

          But the better answer might simply be : it was the pilot, HIMYM was beginning, the writers were not not so pro about the timeline. And I don’t think they initially thought the show would last nine years.
          I mean, the kids would at least know Ted and the Mother didn’t meet in 2005 but in 2013. They should have seen from the beginning that Ted wanted to tell the LONG story.

        • JLK says:

          I grew up with the idea that my mother was a teacher. I heard about her being a student teacher in a city a couple hours from where we lived. When she got bored after my brother started school, she started working as a teacher aide at his preschool. It wasn’t until I was around 12 or 13 that I found a picture of a company softball team with both my parents smiling on separate ends that I learned, “Oh…yeah…we met at work. I hadn’t found a steady teaching gig, so your grandpa got me an office job. They needed a woman on the softball team, and I was the only one who could throw a ball. The rest was history.” I had no idea that my mother had held any other job than teacher until then. I always knew that my Dad and my Grampa worked at the same company. I just had this vague notion that my Mom had been visiting Grampa or dropping him off so she could use the car for errands or something and that’s how she wound up meeting my Dad. Frankly, I didn’t really care how they met when I was a kid either though. We know what our parents tell us, and, really, that’s often not a lot of personal information.

    • pb says:

      completely agree

    • Sarah says:

      If the mother is dead, I can see the programme actually being the lead up to telling the kids he and Robin are getting married or they’re getting together. The story starts with Robin – he’s explained to them how much he loved Robin in the past and what a huge part of his life she was before he met their mother, the whole thing is like he’s justifying his decision to them.

      I can see Robin and Barney growing apart but still being friends, or maybe Barney’s dead, too – live fast die young, etc. It’s not the ending I want, but it would make sense.

      • JLK says:

        I think it’s just as likely Robin could have died and he’s breaking the news to them about Aunt Robin and letting them know how instrumental she was to him meeting their mother and finding the happiness he has today.

        • speedbunny says:

          The other far out thought I had was – this is the kids first time meeting their Uncle Barney and Aunt Robin. It’s possible there was some huge falling out on the wedding night (hence Ted’s bandaged wrist) and he never saw them again (although Lilly and Marshall stayed neutral). Ted could be explaining all this because they don’t know Robin and Barney. Ted’s beaten himself up for being an ass that night all this time, even named them godparents in the hope of reconcilliation, but it’s taken this long for them all to start talking to each other again.. Ahhh, well – only two weeks until we find out.

  2. andy j says:

    I’m not sure the Mother is dead. My theory is that maybe she went to jail in 2024 and Ted is telling the story on the eve of her release from prison.

  3. OK says:

    lmao at u trolls below.

  4. tiffanie says:

    I think that its Ted that’s dead

    • WB says:

      YES. The kids have been watching a video of Bob Sagat, I mean the dad, telling the story of how he met their mother. The last thing we see is the mother turning off the tv. End of series…

  5. Jess says:

    I’m now wondering if Robin is the one who’s dead/dying…

  6. Bella says:

    I hope nobody is dead, this is supposed to be a comedy!

  7. Fernanda says:

    maybe the producers would forget when Robin becames a bull fighter. I hope I am wrong

  8. Pat says:

    I am just going to sit back and wait for the ending, without getting crazy over it. Of course if the ending is nuts then you will be reading my post crazy comment. After nine years of watching, I just hope I am not disappointed.

  9. jax says:

    I’m having trouble with the whole ” dead mother” theory. The stories Ted has been telling are mostly about him and his life so how does that equal the mother is dead? It would seems more likely that, if someone is dead/dying, it would be Ted. These stories would not help them “remember” the mother as she is not in most of them. I really hope the death theories are NOT true. This is a comedy and it will color watching it in syndication is they go that direction.

    • Ann says:

      No. If she is dead, the story remains the same…about an aging man retelling the story of how he met their mother and how destiny brought them together. Re-watching the shows after learning that she is dead in the future would make episodes, such as the Time Travelers one where Ted wishes he had those extra 45 days with the Mother, more poignant and sweet.

  10. Matthew Weber says:

    I have a feeling I’m going to be disappointed by the finale. There have only been two of my shows that have done it right IMHO, The West Wing and Burn Notice. A lot of them F- it up: Dexter just to name one.

  11. Michael Westen says:


  12. Auntie Ralph says:

    And then Brian Williams takes off his mask, and he’s a lizard too. Fade out. Credits.

  13. Joey Padron says:

    Good info from their last Paleyfest panel. Hope the mother is not dead.

  14. Emily says:

    Am I the only person who’s noticed that the five slaps have already happened?
    1. Marshall slaps Barney right at the end of the original slap bet episode
    2. Marshall slaps Barney during Barney’s play
    3. Marshall slaps Barney during Slapsgiving
    4. Marshall slaps Barney during the Return of Slapsgiving
    5. Marshall just slapped Barney in the woods during that ridiculous Kung Fo episode.

    The deal was five slaps to be handed out at any point until eternity. That’s five slaps. So why would they talk about the final slap happening when it’s already happened?

    • Derrick says:

      Marshall was given additional slaps in exchange for Barney getting out of the duckie tie 2 seasons ago

    • Mara says:

      In the episode Disaster Averted, Marshall gets 3 additional slaps in exchange for allowing Barney to take off the ducky tie. He uses 2 of them in that episode.

  15. Emily says:

    Hopefully the show ends with Barney approaching Marshall with a lawyer, having pressed charges against him for performing violence in his face. (The slaps)
    That is not healthy.

  16. Bmass says:

    Anyone else wondering if Ted is in the grips of early onset Alzheimers and his stories are the only way he can keep his declining memory intact?

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  18. NJMark says:

    Almost no predictions have come to pass, and in fact, they have often been wrong (Barney’s sister is the mother. And very little that’s actually happened was correctly predicted (Lily’s pregnant).

    So I feel pretty solid that NONE of the the above theories are correct. In fact, I bet no plot point relies on anyone being dead.

    None of us know half of what we think we know concerning what will happen, but we’ll all know everyting on 3/31.

  19. Babybop says:

    I’m losing faith in their ability to provide a finale that won’t make me want to throw my shoe at the TV. Prove me wrong, boys, prove me wrong!

  20. Ed says:

    thought Ted is supposed to have an injured hand after he punched the band member?

  21. Michele says:

    Ted’s injured hand will probably be from the final slap. It looks like he inherits a slap in the finale photos

  22. Nikky says:

    Who’s to say they are even Ted’s kids?? He just says, that’s how I met your mother….. They’re mother & father can be anyone

  23. kat4 says:

    Robin is infertile. The how i met your mother qoute maybe that he met their surrogate mother- their birth mother. I can totally see the “mother” offering to have babies for Robyn and Ted. The mother might even end up with Barney

  24. El says:

    Michael Ausiello, please do you know of a way to watch the PaleyFest interview of the HIMYM panel? I have looked on The Paley Center website, Hulu, youtube and even tried to just google it, but have not found the video. I know in years past, you could watch many of the panel events in the screening room on The Paley Center website & also Hulu used to streamed several of the PaleyFest panel events, but I cannot find the video this year!
    Thanks for your help!!!!

  25. Veronika says:

    Ted cannot be dead — his kids are talking to him from time to time and he (saget) responds.

  26. I think the kids are twins, their mother died in child birth after she and Ted had only been together for a couple years. He raised the kids alone. Barney and Robin did get married, never had kids, probably were married for quite awhile. All the way through life the “gang” were in Ted and the kids lives, thus all of them being “Aunts and Uncles”. Barney and Robin ultimately get divorced, probably a couple years before the 2024 scene with Ted and Robin in the restaurant. Ted and Robin are and always have been in love. They date, decide to get married and Ted is telling his children the story, just before his and Robin’s wedding. Thus why he refers to Robin as “Aunt Robin” in his stories. It ends touchingly, lets the children and viewers know he loved their mother dearly and sometimes, just sometimes in this world there are 2 great loves of your life.