Pilot News: PLL's Bryce Johnson, Covert's Oded Fehr, Josh Lucas Are Among the Latest Castings

Bryce Johnson Pilot CastBryce Johnson (Pretty Little Liars), Josh Lucas (The Firm) and Oded Fehr (Covert Affairs) are among the latest actors to book pilots this winter.

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* CBS’ How I Met Your Dad pilot has added two more names to its roster, TVLine has learned. Nick D’Agosto (Masters of Sex) will play Frank, the head of IT for Juliet’s (Krysta Rodriguez) fashion blog, while Andrew Santino (Mixology) will guest-star as Sally’s (Greta Gerwig) older brother Danny, an uptight lawyer. Santino’s casting is in second position to his role in ABC’s Mixology, which has yet to be renewed.

More castings, per our sister site Deadline

* Johnson, whose Pretty Little Liars character met an untimely end this season, will be reborn in The CW’s recently retitled Supernatural spin-off, Supernatural: Bloodlines. No details have been released about who Johnson will be playing in the pilot, which follows several warring supernatural families in Chicago.

* Lucas (The Firm) will star opposite Debra Messing in NBC’s The Mysteries of Laura, which follows a homicide detective (Messing) who solves crimes alongside her soon-to-be ex-husband Jake (Lucas).

* Fehr (Covert Affairs) has boarded ABC’s Richard LaGravenese drama pilot about Margot Worth Cole (yet to be cast), a powerful New Yorker who gets her kicks by competing with fellow socialite Philip Julien (Rufus Sewell). Fehr will play Margot’s ex-husband.

* Tom Everett Scott (Beauty and the Beast) and Niall Matter (Eureka) have both nabbed series regular roles in TNT’s drama pilot Guilt By Association, which stars Julia Stiles as a talented-yet-impulsive Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney. Scott will play Eric Northup, the Head Deputy of the Special Trials Unit, while Matter will play Lt. Graden Hales.

* ABC’s drama pilot Forever, the story of immortal medical examiner Dr. Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd), has added three more names to its cast. Joel David Moore (Bones) will play a young hipster M.E. tech; Barbara Eve Harris (CSI) will play the boss of Henry’s associate, Detective Jo Martinez; and Donnie Keshawarz (Homeland) will play Detective Hanson, one of Jo’s co-workers.

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  1. april-ann says:

    They are HOT.

  2. Kaycee says:

    Bryce Johnson. Mm anywhere anytime. He’s amazing

  3. Re: Lucas. What happened to Occult on A&E?

  4. Sarah says:

    Three actors from PLL joining the SPN spin off – what the heck is happening?

  5. maryploppins says:

    Oh man … great news and congrats to Oded, but sad news on the whole “Eyal returning to Covert Affairs someday” front. We only got like 3 minutes of him in season 4. I hoped we’d get more in season 5 but it looks like that was a pipe dream.

    • Bashful says:

      It doesn’t make sense why the show has not taken advantage of Oded’s talent and included him in the show more. He has amazing screen presence and just makes the show better overall – the scripts are better, the acting is elevated, and Eyal’s character just brings so much to the show. I don’t understand why they don’t include him more, especially since the show seems to be struggling in viewership and ratings. Oded/Eyal also has one of the show’s biggest fanbases – how can the showrunners ignore that? I hope Eyal will return in season five, and for more than three minutes. He’s too amazing of a character, and Oded’s far too talented an actor, to be sitting on the sidelines.

  6. ivy says:

    love them all
    so i will happily watch all those shows
    espec Oded such a god actor
    Josh’s show sounds fun

  7. J.B. says:

    Josh Ford* 4ever

    *the original Finn Hudson

  8. Kayla says:

    Okay but Eyal needs to be with Annie.

    • Bashful says:

      I agree – they do belong together. There’s so much chemistry there and Eyal has done absolutely everything for her – he’s always there for her when she needs him. I’d love to see Annie and Eyal as end game – it makes the most sense after everything he’s done for her.

  9. Priscillia says:

    Annie does not need Eyal, Annie is a big girl and she became more and more badass, and I like Annie and Eyal but not as a couple

    • Bashful says:

      Annie DOES need Eyal, and she knows it. If it weren’t for him, Annie would have been dead so many times. He’s done everything for her too – not only has he saved her numerous times, he’s risked his life for her, risked his career, sacrificed himself to protect her, and always gotten her out of a tricky situation. He also saved her again and helped her go deep undercover in season four. She wouldn’t have gotten him involved if she didn’t trust him and if she didn’t need him. Simply being “badass” does not necessarily mean one is a good spy; and Annie may seem like a “big girl” but she has some growing up to do yet. Maybe this experience of going deep undercover will mature her personally and professionally.

      • Peggy Cooke says:

        Covert Affairs needs Eyal back and so does Annie, they are so sizzling together. Eyal sure does need his own show.

  10. A says:

    I want to be happy for Oded Fehr but I just love Eyal so so so much. If he is on a new show, can he just be on a show where he is a super hott spy? I will miss Eyal forever.

    • Bashful says:

      A lot of fans are on board with an Eyal spinoff. That would be an AMAZING TV show. Eyal is an incredible character and an awesome spy – he’d rock in his own show. He also has the fanbase to support it (um, WHY is Covert Affairs continuing to ignore this fanbase? It’s one of the biggest of the show.). Oded also has the screen presence, charisma, and talent to shine in his own series. I, for one, would love to see an Eyal spinoff!

  11. Mark says:

    Well looks like Eyal is another Covert Affairs storyline that’s just going to go unfinished. First it was Simon and his secret mission, then Danielle and will she or wont she appear and to be told Annie’s alive and now Eyal the most helpful person in Annie’s world what happened after he helped her the stories not finished and alas its not going to be — come on Writers of this great show start tiding things up there’s to much getting left unfinished its becoming like Criminal Minds stories started yet unfinished.

    • Bashful says:

      A lot of fans have noticed that Covert Affairs is notorious for plot holes and unfinished or underdeveloped storylines. They start something good, but never follow up on it and move on to something else instead. There’s no question Eyal has been a constant in Annie’s life – he’s always there for her, helps her when she needs it, and we’ve seen glimpses of her opening up to him when she’s struggling with something. Eyal also brings a lot of maturity to Annie on a personal and professional level when he’s around – something she lacks the rest of the time. He’s just so right for her in so many ways. Anyways, I don’t feel that Annie and Eyal’s story is over – actually, both characters are so amazing together, and the actors have such natural, believable chemistry, that they could have many storylines that could last for years. I definitely hope we’ll see more of Eyal in season five – and for longer than three minutes this time!

  12. LS says:

    Happy to see Oded Fehr back on TV where he belongs. I love him as Eyal and certainly hope to see him on Covert Affairs again, but I’m happy to see he’s getting his own show too. If any actor out there deserves it, it’s him.

    Let’s all not forget that booking a pilot isn’t a done deal on episodes being ordered, nor is it a death knell for OF to appear in Covert anymore. Cable and Network don’t necessarily film on the same schedules, and even then, there have been plenty of actors who film one Network show but have been able to guest or even do lead in a cable or summer show as well.

    • Bashful says:

      It’s about time Oded got a regular role on a TV series. I agree with you, LS – he’s absolutely earned it and is very deserving of a regular role. And you’re also right when you say that Oded could appear on Covert Affairs again – he needs to actually, because the show is not the same without him. Anyways, I’m very happy to see Oded getting a regular role. I’d hoped he’d get one on Covert Affairs, because he’s absolutely earned it on that show, but it’s wonderful to see him getting regular roles! He’s such a talented actor and needs a place where he can really shine. I can’t wait to see him on my TV screen again.

  13. sticks says:

    This is wonderful news for all three actors. It’s not easy landing a job, especially not a steady job, in Hollywood, but this is great news for the three of them. I’m most pleased for Oded – I have been a long-time fan of his, and I too feel that he is highly under-rated. It will be great to see him on TV again.

    As for the comments about him returning to Covert Affairs, he can return to the show, even if the new pilot he’s in gets picked up for a full series. Actors may be series regulars on a show, but they can still do other projects on the side. I understand that fans have wanted Eyal to be a regular on the show for quite some time now, and it’s clear from this news above that there was no commitment issue on Oded’s end, because he has committed to being a series regular if the pilot is picked up for a full series. The show runners have said in interviews that they’re aware of how popular Oded/Eyal is, and I too do not understand why they do not use him more on the show. I think it would be foolish of them to completely dismiss his character – he is too popular among the fans and the show has suffered when he is not included in it more. It is disappointing to see him used as their “ace” – the show runners using him whenever they feel like it. He is better than that and such a wonderful, intriguing character, it’s a shame to see him so underutilized; but I too hope to see him return in season five, and for more than just a scene or two.

    • Peggy Cooke says:

      Congrats Sticks, you have voiced loads of Eyal fans’ feelings and thoughts. Just so hard to understand why Eyal is not a regular on CA, he certainly is the best actor on the show.