Exclusive: Nickelodeon's Ashley Argota Joins The Fosters as a Love Interest for [Spoiler]

Ashley Argota The FostersTrue Jackson, VP star Ashley Argota is relocating to ABC Family, TVLine has learned exclusively — and she’s got her eye on one of The Fosters finest.

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Argota, who also starred in Nickelodeon’s Bucket and Skinner’s Epic Adventures, will join the drama in Season 2 as Lou, an attractive singer in whom Brandon takes an interest.

While it’s no wonder why Lou catches Brandon’s eye — she’s described a single-minded, charismatic free spirit — the pairing is sure to strike a chord with fans holding out hope for a Brandon/Callie reunion.

The Fosters airs its winter finale March 24 at 9/8c, then returns with new episodes June 16.

How do you feel about Brandon’s potential new flame, Fosters fans? Drop a comment with your thoughts on Lou below.

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  1. Kat says:

    Brandon/Callie is SO overrated. I for my part seriously hated the whole Brandon/Callie storyline, it totally went on my nerves…

  2. Barb says:

    Thankgoodness! Now we can finally be rid of that annoying Brandon/Callie storyline!

  3. Adam says:

    I didn’t mind Brandon and Callie at first but they have really dragged it out. I thought it was over but they keep dredging it up. Bring in someone new and end it for good!

  4. Jen says:

    I like this. They need to bring in someone new for Brandon and the fact that she is a singer will go great with his musical abilities.

  5. April says:

    Love her! She will be great on The Fosters.

  6. Columbus says:

    Cannot stand the Brandon/Callie storyline. She needs her forever family more than a boyfriend. I hope that having a new girlfriend for Brandon will derail the Callie/Brandon relationship permanently.

  7. Aleana says:

    I was never a Brandon and Callie shipper to me they are overrated and need to stay being brother and sister so happy Brandon getting a love interest let’s hope Wyatt comes back for Callie or a new love interest

  8. Alex C says:

    Just a bump in the road. Understandable why that needs to be the case but quite foolish for anyone to assume they can push those feelings away which were developing before possible adoption. They can’t be brother and sister in anyway cause of that.

  9. Cassandra says:

    This is just another obstacle Brallie will have to overcome. They’re far from over. Lou can’t compare to Callie.

    • Luna says:

      How can you say that when you hav enot even seen Lou.

      • JC says:

        Because Cassandra is the type of person whose life revolves around fictional couples on TV. She likes Brandon and Callie as a couple so she’ll say any stupid thing online because she thinks it will somehow make a difference.

        • Neftaly says:

          How rude I actually agree with Cassandra

        • Crispin says:

          These things are online to help make a difference. Being rude just makes people want to vote against you.

          AT LEAST have Brandon and Callie f*** and get it over with, their story is clearly not finished.

    • anonomous says:

      i totally agree with you this chick isnt half as awesome as callie Brallie FTW

    • Kiana says:

      Yes!! At least someone agrees with me!! Brallie will be together AGAIN :) even if it is halfway through the season!

      • Emily says:

        Yes! #brallieforever I don’t understand how people don’t think they are the cutest couple ever, and yea maybe they have dragged it out but that’s what keeps making people come back for more… They wanna see it Brandon and Callie will work out in the end or not. I’m hoping they do end out to be together and to be honest I wish they didn’t have to drag it out any longer I CANT WAIT to see what happens :)

    • Vic says:

      Tbh, they weren’t ever really a thing..he’s just really intense. Callie never expressed an interest in Brandon

  10. Ian says:

    Hmm. Makes sense I suppose. I’m sure Brandon and Callie are going to have to live together again, so another love interest will only help them keep their distance romantically. I expect we’ll hear of a love interest being brought in for Callie as well.

    I just wish Jude was older. It’d be nice to see a gay male relationship and love story on this show.

  11. dude says:

    Just glad she’s not a love interest for Jesus. He’s got enough on his plate and if they’re not going to put Brandon back with Callie, at least they’re not putting him back with that horrible Talia.

  12. Di says:

    I have nothing against Lou, but I don’t think Brandon and Callie are over each other. They might date other people to distract themselves from each other, but I think in the end, they’ll end up together because I truly believe that they’re soul mates.

  13. Andrew Hass says:

    I can understand Brandon meeting someone new because for now he and Callie can’t be together if ever.Plus the show should move Callie and Brandon into separate stories for a bit.

  14. Allison P says:

    I think she looks a bit too much like Mariana…

  15. anonomous says:

    all u punks who say u dont like Brallie are just wicked dumb Brallie is epic and awesome theres no better for brandon than callie and vice versa. also the brallie storyline is one of the things about this show that makes it so incredibly awesome! i love brallie and hope this stupid storyline about this chick only last like 2 episodes brallie is endgame

    • Kiana says:

      All of you guys that say Brallie don’t belong together are punks!! They belong together!! They have amazing chemistry, and whoever this Lou is she will never compare to Callie!! Brallie is one of the main reasons I so watch this episode and I hope her character will last no more than 5 episodes BRALLIE FOREVER!!! <3 <3

    • SMiaVS says:

      No, risking losing your shot at having a shot at a real family over a broody, not that good-looking, teenage boy who’s too busy ignoring restraining orders and committing felonies to realize that his actions are harming you more than helping you is “wicked dumb.” But apparently, so are some of the teenagers who watch The Fosters. Stef and Lena are where it’s at; the show will survive without Brallie, it never could without Stelena.

  16. Rebecca says:

    Brandon doesn’t need a new love interest! Callie and Brandon are meant to be together. This is just another test on their love story. I don’t believe that Callie and Brandon are over. They belong together and having another love interest for Brandon won’t change that!

    • April says:

      Meant to be together?!? They are teenagers for goodness sakes. The have their whole lives ahead of them and will meet many different people and have different experiences. This whole “meant to be together” crap is just stuff that TV and movies try to sell you. I know this is just a TV show with made up characters but if it was real life I would hope that these two kids wouldn’t settle for the first person they had strong feelings for. Go live your lives!

  17. Christina says:

    Callie and Brandon r meant to be together come on he following a girl who he just meet less a day she even told him about her foster father sence day one I don’t think that stef and Lena even know about that and just because he gets another love interst doesn’t mean he doesn’t love Callie. Callie is his number one and Lou is his second.and for the people how think that it’s over between them what make you so sure that it’s over.

    Brallie forever❤️

    • SMiaVS says:

      You’d do well to waste less time fangirling over a nauseating and inappropriate relationship between two fictional characters, and spend more time learning how the English language works. Your spelling, syntax and grammar are atrocious. If you’re a member of the show’s target demographic (between the ages of 12 and 20) and this is a sample of how you write, I’m embarrassed for you, and I don’t even know you. If I’m wrong and you’re actually five, (as your sentence structure would lead one to believe) then my apologies, and bravo.

      • elita says:

        ok if think that this is so stupid why r u even on this page. why go judge people when ur doing the same thing (its called keyboard language u should know u know being all smart and all)

  18. Lex says:

    Honestly, I think given its a show, the whole structure of it is based off of basically Callie.Im not saying I’m happy about that, its just a given fact. Lets say they were to end Brandon and Callie’s relationship, they would most likely lose viewers if they ended it for a long time period. Ever notice there’s always cliffhangers or more problems to face? Notice how they keep adding more? I’m not saying that’s bad, in fact, its genius to be completely honest, props to J-Lo and all the producers. ANYWAYS, You think they would spend so much time building a storyline on two characters then destroy it for their own good in the show? Heck no haha. They are going to have you on the edge of your seat every week and will keep going back and forth with Wyatt/Brandon it will take time, but you just have to understand the concept, then its real simple. The time will come when everybody will be completely happy, but when that time comes, the story will end. Probably when the show is over.But trust me, you may hate those problems now, but when the time comes, you will miss them. Stay true to the show and keep relating! Its awesome. Have a wonderful time in the world;)

  19. NerdCreatives says:

    Brallie will not be over. Everytime they try to date others will only assure they have more feelings for each other. They ended up break other people’s hearts because they can’t commit as much. Everyone wants to believe they can meet this type of irreplaceable and unconditional love once in their life time. The fact is their relationship is what spiked the TV rating. I work in the industry…we see the stats. Therefore, those who hate them being together shouldn’t and can’t be majority of the people. I’m sure this love interest is gonna come and go.

  20. Shusters says:

    I think Lou will be good for Brandon. He’s practically obsessed with Callie.

  21. Johnny Richard says:

    Callie and Brandon must be together. They just are so perfect for each other. I’m sure they figure something out and surely hope so.

  22. Lana says:

    Oh the drama that is teenage years. I remember you well. While I am on of the “older” viewers of the show (not old old but older) I do not understand why everyone is saying that Brandon and Callie are what 16 years old? They have some time before they settle down to whomever they are meant to be with. I, for one, who has been married and divorced and closing in on a milestone age, still don’t know a lot about love. I do however, love Callie and Wyatt together. They just seem to mesh well together and they are “totes adorbs.” But once again, they are teenagers. There are not a lot of teenage success stories that make it far.

  23. Lana says:

    Oh the drama that is teenage years. I remember you well. While I am one of the “older” viewers of the show (not old old but older) I do not understand why everyone is saying that Brandon and Callie are what 16 years old? They have some time before they settle down to whomever they are meant to be with. I, for one, who has been married and divorced and closing in on a milestone age, still don’t know a lot about love. I do however, love Callie and Wyatt together. They just seem to mesh well together and they are “totes adorbs.” But once again, they are teenagers. There are not a lot of teenage success stories that make it far.

  24. Cassi says:

    I personally liked Callie and Brandon together. The way Brandon fights for Callie and is determined to get her back is thrilling to me. Its obvious that he really loves her and i think it would be exciting for them to get back together now that Callie hasn’t gotten adopted yet. I like the forbidden romance aspect of their relationship.

  25. Lindsey says:

    I hate the Brandon and Callie story line. She needs a family more then anything. And Brandon is going to be her brother. And they are 16! They are going to meet a lot of people.

  26. alyson says:

    Ahhhh i dont think im going to like her lol. #Brallieforever i ship them so hard..but i guess its a good idea for Brandon to see someone else for alittle to distract himself from Callie and Callie could date Wyatt bc they are kinda putting too much drama into the whole Brallie thing.. like just make it happen or not…but they need to end up together somehow bc no matter how hard they try you can tell they cant get over eachother they are meant to be they are SOULMATES!!!!! #BrallieForevaaaaaa

  27. Neftaly says:

    Noooooooooooooo brallie is perfect and dont want lou dating brandon . Thats that

  28. shirly says:

    I think that Brandon and Callie make a good couple they should keep on going out they don’t look good as brothers and I don’t like the guy Yet or how ever u spell it and if they don’t start dating again then theres no point of watching it anymore

  29. Mandy says:

    I saw hope for them getting back together after Callie finds her real dad. But of course that would only work out if Callie’s real dad can give her a happy family and home. She could still be part of the foster’s family if Brandon and Callie’s relationship works out. Mean while as Callie is working on finding her real dad it would be a good idea for Brandon to have a distraction to give her time to work it out. Callie has worked so hard to take care of her brother. It’s time for her to get a break and get her soulmate. She clearly needs Brandon.

  30. Elena says:

    Hi, for all those saying that the ” Brandon/Callie story line is dragging out” I totally disagree. Brandon brings out the best in Callie, and I can tell she still loves him. Yea I wish she would just say it. But it keeps me on the edge of my seat, and I’m positive I’m not the only one. If Brandon or Callie ends up with someone other then eachother in the end, I swear I’ll be heart broken <\3. You have no idea how much Ive already cried watching these episodes just for Callie and Brandon. Yea yea, I know it's a show. But it's my favorite show. I just truly Beleive that the fans of the fosters with be touch at the end if they end up together.

  31. Maria Maria says:

    The truth is, Brandon and Callie are soul mates and, even if they don’t end up together, their love for each other will always be real. After all, that doesn’t happen everyday, but only once in a lifetime. He can have a thousand other women after her but no one is going to replace her in his heart.

  32. lisa says:

    Don’t watch it if u don’t like the story line

  33. zero says:

    Ashley Argota is God

  34. mateah says:

    i think that brandon and callie are hiving true love and that they are perfect together

  35. becca says:

    I feel as if they should have it so Callie and Brandon sneak around in season 2. If they do get back together then they should take the relationship farther.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Nooooooooo. Brallie. Ah well just another obstacle
    for them.

  37. JayJay says:

    Brandon and Callie need to be together! I think the writers made it so overbearing to watch them, but I think the pairing should have been given a chance! They fastforwarded the two into so much angst that there was no way for anyone to like them. I will not like the new flame. And the show is already trying to push on the fact that Callie and Brandon fans need to move on by telling us in the freakin’ dialogue that they are ‘like brother and sister’ now…

  38. Kimberly says:

    I don’t like it at all! I am in love with “brallie”! I hope they end up together soon!!!!

  39. Sara says:

    I like the idea about the band but not the part Lou and Brandon because I’m a brallie fan and want them to be together.

  40. Sara says:

    I like the idea about the band but not about Lou and Brandon, because I’m a Brallie fan and want Callie and Brandon to be together

  41. Scira says:

    I love the Brandon/Callie story line they were each others first love and risk everything to be together even going to jail and i have to say that’s something i’d never do, they aren’t blood and she didn’t raise up with him so they’re friends not siblings but Callie is a liar and i don’t really fancy her atm, I hope Brandon’s new gf breaks Callie’s heart into a million pieces but I do hope someday they can get over the fake sibling thing and be together. I don’t like Wyatt, plus he’s a recurring character so he’s gonna be off the show any second.

  42. yane says:

    I dont want brandon or callie with anyone else but eachother…. as a fan from day 1 I fell in love with the two especially together. A part of me wants to stop watching. For me this was a wrong turn. I had hoped that callie would go with her real father and her and brandon could finally be together. This sucks

  43. kat says:

    Honestly at first I hated the whole Callie and Brandon thing. But then I got rid of cable. We got back cable yesterday. So I desided to watch the rest of season one and two. My whole perspective changed the last episodes.and I have fallin in love with them two together. I hate there new boyfriends and girlfriends and believe they should be together..

  44. Natalie Miller says:


  45. Codi says:

    i will never watch this show ever if i dont hear that brandon and callie get back together

  46. shannon says:

    I think that callie and Brandon will get back together, callie admitted that she might be still in love with Brandon. For all the brallie fans what do you think that brallie should or shouldn’t get back together. They will get back together as they both love each other. So reply what you think use #brallieshouldorshouldn’t get back together explain why though!

  47. Crispin says:

    Honestly, no matter what, I hope it’s just a fling, if anything. Her personality (as a character) is god awful and honestly I just hope he ends back up with Callie after more twists and turns. I don’t like this actress or her character… I think there are more than a few people who agree with me on this.

    But it’s just hope… ugh

  48. RaeAnnyn says:

    If Brallie doesnt come back I will be devastated!! I will not watch Fosters anymore if they they dont get back together!!

  49. Milisa says:

    callie and brandon HAVE to get back togher

  50. Kacy says:

    I don’t like Callie and Wyatt as a couple…. I know it’s awkward for Brallie but it’s real love, and that’s what matters! #brallieforever