Scandal Recap: The Not-So-Great Debate

Scandal Fitz Throws the DebateThis week on ABC’s Scandal, Cyrus, Leo, Olivia and Fitz conspired to keep Sally from spilling the beans, while B613 boss Jake enacted his own extreme measures to protect the Republic.

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MURDERERS’ ROW | The first presidential debate is nigh, and while Fitz is “killing” (well, not literally — but good question!) during his prep against Mellie, Andrew and their eye-sex, Sally is wayyy too full of fire and brimstone, God-fearing and elaborate pig metaphors. (“Yum-yum, crispy piggy!” Yum-yum!”) Leo calls in her hometown clergyman to “show her the way,” but all that gets Leo is a confession-happy candidate — if only so that she may hear the Lord again.

Meanwhile at OPA, Olivia is processing the news that Daniel Douglas was murdered — and also a bit miffed that her team wasn’t called in to cover it up. (As Abby notes to David, “We are the best. You chose us.” This is true!) Confronted, Cyrus maintains that he has things “under control,” at which point Olivia does 10 times more laughing than she has done in the previous two-and-a-half seasons. Once up for air, she observes of the debate panel, “They’re all murderers…. Reston, Sally, Fitz…. It’s literally murderers’ row!” Liv then turns serious, chiding Cyrus for robbing Fitz of his chance to run clean: “You huffed and you puffed and you blew his house down!” Refusing to be dragged “back into the dark,” she tells Cy he’s on his own with this hot mess.

Thrown for a loop by it all, Liv retreats to Jake’s place (which all but gobsmacks him), saying that all she wants to do is drain a bottle of wine (by herself), “eat too many fries” and have a relaxing evening with her fake boyfriend. Sharing a bit of his own day (1,500 reams sold! Weight of the covert spy world on his shoulders!), Jake invites Olivia to “run away with me. Save me.” But for right now, all she’s down with is him taking advantage of her.

SALLY DODGES A BULLET | Fretting that he might be (gulp) “fired” by Rowan, Leo strongly advises Cyrus to get the debate pushed — or go to jail mere moments after Sally’s confession. Cyrus first turns to Jake, ordering him to kill the veep, but Jake wants no part in this “petty White House squabble.” Cy, though, counters that it is very much in the Republic’s interest to not believe that elected officials can be murders. For good measure, he taunts that Jake’s predecessor would have done what needed to be done by now.

Cyrus’ next stop is Olivia, to whom he admits, “I screwed up royally, repeatedly, making a series of horse ass-sized mistakes.” (Like when I left The Mentalist off this bubble show list!) Liv takes her own crack at soothing Sally, but when she has no luck she makes an appeal to her Lover-in-Chief: Throw the debate. Sally needs a sign. Fitz says, “It’s not happening” — yet once the debate gets underway and Sally begins to confess on live TV — with B613 sleeper agent Tom in the rafters with a rifle trained on her — Fitz interrupts, then goes on to make a verbal blunder, saying he’s “proud of [his] personal failings.” Smelling blood in the water, Sally goes to school on POTUS.

Afterward, Olivia explains to Fitz the nitty-gritty of what “no more lying” entails, the “sins and sacrifices” that are committed to protect him. “There is no ‘clean,’ just like there is no Vermont,” she says. “This is what it is, so stop pretending and just be here.” She then pulls him into a kiss (by, duh, the one break in the Oval Office drapes. C’MON.)

BURYING THE LEADS | As the hour closes, Cyrus — having discovered the bug in the photo frame James gifted him — goes to his husband aka “Publius” not to yell or condemn, but to apologize. “I did this,” he says, holding the frame. “I used you. You were right to lie to me, to be angry.” He invites James to what he will with him, with them, affirming, “Just know that I am so very sorry, and I love you — more than anything.”

James later meets up with David, reporter Vanessa and the NSA lady to reveal he’s bailing on their mission of justice, but David says he’s done with burying stories. Then, just as they realize they’ve all been duped into this rendezvous, shots ring out, popping each of the ladies fatally in the bean. Jake emerges from the shadows, then trains his pistol in the gents’ direction, and just before we go to black, a shot fires from his gun.

THE REVIEW | All told, a much stronger, more cohesive episode than last week. (If I’m ever in doubt, the ease, or lack of, in writing the recap confirms my instinct.) The debate seemed a little low-wattage compared to the spectacle we see transpire on TV every four years (like only Liv and Cy would be in the wings?), but I enjoyed Sally’s change of intent, that “flip of a switch.” I also felt some better character work was done on Jake this week (aside from, you know, all the killing). His wine-and-fries scene/monologue with Liv didn’t ring false and the “mouse on a wheel” retort to Cyrus did the character some favors — while on the other side of the triangle, it was great to have Olivia school Fitz on what it invariably takes to get the leader of the free world elected. (Bonus points that she initiated the kiss.)… Yet again, not sure what we’re doing here in the long-term with Quinn, who basically abetted in those two shootings. But hey, she got in jokes about fake-selling paper!…? Lastly, fun fact: The logline for this episode included, “[T]he Gladiators work with a powerful CEO accused of murder,” and there were even episodic photos with a guest star. Cut for time?

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  1. crabapplerum says:

    I think the last 30 seconds broke my heart a little bit. Jake was solid, Jake was good. And now he’s shot one of the two moral cores of the show.

    • Cheyenne says:

      But did he really? See my comment below yours.

    • Overthinking says:

      The premise of the show is that no one is all good or all bad. And Jake has killed before. He may not have killed a central character of the show but he did kill at least 2 people in season 2.

    • TvPeong says:

      I’m with you. He was good. Now he’s just like one of them. I hope they don’t mess with David Rosen’s character

    • herman1959 says:

      And how about all of that stuff about is family! Wow, Jake, wow.

    • charlid6179 says:

      Maybe it was Charlie that killed the women. Remember Cyrus called him first and he told Cyrus (in fron of Quinn)the boss said no more freelancing..Charlie has been known not to follow the rules

      • A Rocks says:

        Charlie did not kill the women. Jake did. If you have DVR and you taped the episode, just replay the scene in slowmo.

        Jake killed them both and then he killed David Rosen. I’m picking David Rosen based on where he and James were standing and the direction that Jake was pointing when he pulled the trigger on the other gun.

        • Anna says:

          Well, you might wanna check the cast list for episodes 3×14, 3×15 and so on. You’ll see that Josh Molina is there ergo our dear David Rosen is still alive while Dan Bucatinsky’s AWOL.

          • A Rocks says:

            I was basing my choices on where James and David were standing, the position of Jake holding the gun and my belief that the person Liv is speaking to in next week’s episode is Abby. All speculation of course and it would not surprise me if I am totally wrong. It didn’t occur to me to check the cast list. It’s a little more fun to speculate.

          • A Rocks says:

            If James is the one killed, then this would tie into the good bye scenes between him and Cyrus. It would tie into the scenes where Cyrus was looking at the picture of himself, Ella and James. Cyrus must know that B613 did it. I wonder what he will do. Will this make him less vicious or will he go further off the reservation?

    • Shari says:

      Jake was solid? Jake was good? Um, HELLO?? he was a member of b613, a spy whose job it was to kill people. We met him as someone who was STALKING Olivia. Someone who made a sex tape of her without her knowledge, watched it over and over again like a pervert, handed sex tape over to her father AND gave her a concussion that put her in the hospital without any remose.

      Jake was NEVER good. If you truly think that, you have NOT been paying attention.

      • charlid6179 says:

        I think Jake tried to be good for Olivia but you can’t hold secrets like those of B613 and be good. That’s why he told her he had to go do his job. I think you are all the way in or all the way out just like all relationships on the show. No one is good on this show, not even Olivia. That was her point about walking in the sun. You can’t hold peoples deep, dark secrets like those and maintain your goodness. All in or all out.

      • Sara says:

        I wouldn’t say that he gave her the concussion without remorse. That was clearly an accident.

      • A Rocks says:

        Preach. I do not understand where people get this Jake was good thing from.

  2. Cheyenne says:

    Best scenes of the night:

    1) Sally’s epic meltdown at the start of the show
    2) Olivia cracking up when she realizes it’s “Murderer’s Row”
    3) Cyrus ordering Jake to kill the Vice President (since when does he give Jake orders anyway?)
    4) The murders at the end of the show. Did Jake kill Vanessa and the INS lady and then turn his gun on David and/or James, or did someone else take out Vanessa and the INS lady and did Jake then kill whoever took them out?

    It’s going to be a long, long week till next Thursday.

    • Geo says:

      Interesting theory, re # 4. Could Leo have taken things into his own hands? Notice there was that scene with Olivia’s dad and Leo, where Olivia’s dad was saying he’d “fire” (i.e., kill) Leo if the situation wasn’t handled. Leo could have hired someone or even tried to do it himself.

      • A Rocks says:

        Jake killed all 3 or all 4 of them. Replay the scene in slowmo and you will see that he was clearly the shooter.

        • A Rocks says:

          I have replayed the scene in slowmo. The third person killed is David.

          • Anna says:

            You’re… not telling the truth (trying to be polite here) and you know it. The person shot cannot be identified at the end of 3×13, even when you watch the scene, frame by frame. So please stop being so adamant about things you can’t prove!

      • herman1959 says:

        That’s an interesting way to go Geo, but I don’t think Leo took matters into is own hands. He strikes me as an “all talk, not action” character; now Olivia’s Dad, Rowan, is another matter. It could be Rowan!

    • Dior says:

      I hate that I am so addicted to this show. i am in knots waiting for next week

    • Caroline says:

      I am hoping Jake killed the women because they were secret assassins trying to kill David and James and Jake was there to save them. I don’t want Jake to be the bad guy. He is great for Olivia. I feel like Fitz act like a crying baby now. Why is Olivia still so surprised by what is going on around her? She could just quit, but then we wouldn’t have a show. Quinn is getting so annoying. I hope she starts on the road of redemption soon or just go away.

      • A Rocks says:

        Jake was never good for Liv. If Jake was good for Liv then Edison was a supernova for Liv. There is only one man good for Liv and once again she had a hungry I am yours make out session with him at the window. They need to stop doing that sort of stuff at windows though… Only needs someone with a telephoto lens…

        You do not understand the complexity of Fitz. Recall that he is a president trying to win an election that was stolen from him. He has prepared for the debate, he has the love of his life back with him (somewhat) and here she is asking him to throw the debate. What do you think he was going to be? All happy and gung-ho?

        I don’t understand why some of you don’t understand that Fitz is the man that gets the job done in spite of extra ordinary odds. Does he have the love of his life helping him at times? Absolutely! But so what – they are a team. That’s what couples do.

        • herman1959 says:

          Yes, A Rocks, I thought about that telephoto lens possibility myself. Let’s see what comes of it.

        • jackie says:

          Ohhhh I don’t think they’re good together. I think they’re toxic. And all they do is SCREEEAM. And Fitz’s got some blood on his hands and being the Pres…… well that’s just not good. I don’t think they’d make it as a couple because all the drama’d be gone and i think they both thrive on it and that’s what drives their relationship. OK I’m done w/my armchair therapy. LOL!!! And Quinn. You’re done! Cyrus……you’re overdone! LOL!

          • A Rocks says:

            I just love me their brand of toxicity. Such amazing passion between these two. You love hard – will this is what you get.
            What drives their relationship is the fact that they utterly adore each other. What drives their relationship is the fact that they understand that in spite of the crap life throws as them that they complete each other. They understand they are each other’s one true love.

        • Nathalie says:

          I love Fitz.

      • A Rocks says:

        I hope that Jake just killed them all, because as Command, that falls within the scope of his responsibilities.

    • para says:

      Why Does Jake Change guns?

    • herman1959 says:

      Yes it is!

    • Charlibear says:

      Maybe it was Charlie that killed the women. Remember Cyrus called him first and he told Cyrus (in front of Quinn) the boss said no more freelancing…

    • jackie says:

      OMG Saly’s rant about the was creeping me out big time! It was just awesome. You could just FEEL the crazy just wafting off her! LOL! Cyrus…….ya f’ed up bro! I love that James is busted. That was inevitable. Cyrus…’re done! My LORD……they’re becoming Murder Inc. LOL!

    • Sarah says:

      Yeah, holy moly Sally. Yum yum crispy bacon! That actress is pretty awesome.

    • Ange says:

      I could go with your number 4 theory because Jake was there unmasked. I think Charlie killed the two women, at least David will be shot (interesting Darby was on one of the late night shows after this episode aired) and Jake will then take James and try to locate the sniper in the wings.

    • M says:

      I’m thinking for 4) that Quinn/Charlie did some freelancing and Jake caught her/him. They shot the NSA and journalist chicks. Jake shot the freelancer.

  3. CK says:

    #WhowasShot. Can it be Quinn? Please Shonda, let it be Quinn. That being said, maybe this is the downfall of B613. I would hate to see it become some sort of third world (olivia’s office, the whitehouse, and it) for this rest of the show.

    • Morgan says:

      I want Quinn gone so badly. Her complaint about Olivia was baseless. She whined as if Liv lured her in and threw her to the wolves. She sniffed around and became fascinated with something she shouldn’t have and it came back to bite her in the butt. Instead of learning from her lesson and thanking God she’s alive, she is bitching about the gladiators and acting like she is some hardened mercenary.

      • A Rocks says:

        Quinn and Charlie make a fun team.
        Charlie: ” we sell paper?” I found that funny

        • Euvee says:

          True. Quinn & Charlie make a fun couple. I adore their weird & twisted coupling. I honestly don’t understand the hate thrown at Quinn, Liv & co destroyed her life & identity. Liv ‘saved’ her & handed her over to a deranged, somewhat tamed monster as a protégée …what did anyone expect? Poor girl was eager to please, find a new family & be loved,, instead she got sucked into the dark side by Huck. I believe the writers will find a way to redeem her, #TeamQuinn all the way.

          • A Rocks says:

            I like their weird twisted coupling as well. I don’t understand the hate thrown at any of the characters, myself either. A few characters I find boring, but I don’t hate them.
            Yes, I think some people seem to watch Scandal from very superficial levels and do not understand the complexities of the human dynamic. They want easily, mundane packaged characters who fit in to their nicely packaged existence not realizing that life is sometimes very messy and murky.
            Take Sally – she claims to have Jesus firmly on her side, yet ended up murdering her husband and have found a way to now forgive herself thinking that all is forgiven and their will be no consequences. Isn’t that like how some of us live our lives. We think we are entitled to only good stuff happening…

      • jackie says:

        OMG I soooo want her gone too!!! Talk about taking zero responsibility for your actions!! I’m sick of her moping around like some injured party. Ummmmm…….ya went off the reservation all on your own sweetie and you are absolutely out of your mind. You turned on Olivia and it was HUCK who was tipped to that LIV! so get off his ass! Yeah and this “I wanna kill somebody…….lemme have a “case”…… just psycho! I want her outta there!

    • A Rocks says:

      IT wasn’t Quinn who did the shooting. Once again it was Jake.

  4. johnsmith5 says:

    Anyone notice, the girls were shot by a gun with a silencer, the last shot, fired by Jake, was not. Maybe someone else shot the girls and Jake shot the shooter.

    • Cheyenne says:

      See my comment above. Very good observation about the silencer. I didn’t notice that; have to watch it again tomorrow.

      • Sara says:

        It looked like he switched guns.

        • Cheyenne says:

          But why would he use one gun with a silencer and another gun without? Doesn’t make sense.

          • Sara says:

            For some crazy, elaborate, Shonda Rimes scheme that will be explained in about 3 episodes time? He probably did it it make it look like multiple shooters for some reason or another.

          • Cheyenne says:

            Unless… he used two guns to set up a scenario to make it look like there were two shooters.

          • herman1959 says:

            We were set up for a TRIPLE CLIFF HANGER – who was the first shooter (of the women), did Jake actually shoot anyone, and if so, which man was shot? Shondaland, this is way too much!

          • herman1959 says:

            One more thing – this reminds me of the time Jake was almost killed by the female B613 agent he thought was his friend. Remember, someone (sent by Fitz) was standing BEHIND Jake and shot the woman. I’m thinking this is similar, except, Jake was standing behind the first shooter. Until next week…

        • A Rocks says:

          He did switch guns.

          • Cheyenne says:

            Why use one gun with a silencer and another one without? If he didn’t want to attract attention he would have had silencers on both guns.

    • Melly says:

      I noticed the silencer too. My theory is that the two women were killed by Charlie (or if not Charlie, then someone hired by Leo to take out the group of four) and Jake shot Charlie/whoever before he could take out David and James.

      • A Rocks says:

        No, this is not the case. Jake killed the two women with the gun with the silencer and then he killed David with the other gun

      • Cheyenne says:

        This is the promo for next week. Look carefully at the feet walking towards the group. It looks like a woman wearing skinny jeans. Quinn??

        OTOH, whoever killed the women dead-bang between the eyes is an excellent shot. Is Quinn that good a shot yet?

        I’m thinking the shooter may have been Quinn or Charlie freelancing against Jake’s orders, and whichever it was, got shot by Jake after killing the two women.

  5. C. says:

    I was seriously wondering if I missed something with the CEO storyline. I mean stuff happens so fast in this show, it is very possible to completely miss a D plot. Scandal acts like EVERY week is sweeps week. And while I appreciate that they pull out all the stops to try to entertain, it is getting exhausting. At this point, the most surprising thing they could do is take it down several notches.

    As for the shooting, I don’t understand the point in shooting just one of them. Why not shoot them both?

    • SVUnCI says:

      Well every week is sweeps week, when you won’t be on for 2 out of the 3 sweeps periods. (their finale is sometime in April)

      And is it just me or is the ABC promo department hyping up some of these scenes WAYYY too much. I mean every Scandal episode can’t have an OMG moment in the last 30 seconds every week for 22 weeks. If I was them I would have hyped up the sally-almost-getting-shot-at-the-debate scene over the Jake-may-be-the-shooter scene.

      • I think last night’s ending would have been much more effective if they hadn’t hyped it. Fans are going to watch this show and they became fans by seeing things happen that they didn’t expect. What fun is it if you’re sitting there waiting for that moment? Promote the show but let us be surprised!

    • reenie says:

      I think that one of them (probably David) is now in B613. Remember during the show, they show Jake talking to someone like they just joined? Thoughts?

      • herman1959 says:

        I wondered who he was speaking to myself – Olivia, Quinn, a therapist? I’m going to watch the episode again to see if I can tell by the background. Anyway, wow Jake, WOW.

      • Cheyenne says:

        Jake was speaking about B613 at the beginning and at the end of the show, how it sucks you in and takes over your life. Was he reminiscing to himself out loud or was he talking to someone off camera? If he was talking to someone else, I’m betting it’s Quinn.

      • Sarah says:

        I thought that too; I thought that the first part he was maybe speaking to Quinn, and the second part was maybe James and/or David. Like he shot at them and then just said “you’re coming with me.”

  6. lolita says:

    I love this show but to night’s episode was boring. I am really tired of B613,i am getting very annoyed with Quinn,and I am tired of Liv’s father,and Leo. I am thoroughly disgusted with James and Cyrus. Jake was rambling on like he was crazy. This to the worst episode .

  7. A Rocks says:

    Just watched Scandal after watching Elementary. I must say I enjoyed this episode for the following reasons:

    Glad to see Liv get rid of Jake. Hopefully this is for good.
    Liv telling Fitz to let them live in the moment and be the couple they are supposed to be come what may. And the kiss that followed immediately was just icing on the cake. Fitz was like a thirsty dehydrated man,like a crack addict who needed a hit from those magical lips. About time this relationship got back on track!
    Charlie is fun. His quips have me in stiches.
    Sally has Jesus back – I look forward to her quips as well
    Glad that there wasn’t much of Mellie. The show was definitely more interesting without her.
    Evil Cyrus getting a bit of a comeuppance – being told he was a mouse was certainly taking him down a peg.

    Yeah to OLITZ!
    Scandal seems to be getting back on track – about time

  8. TaMara says:

    Scandal has lost just about everything that made me love it. I’m glad this season was cut short by Kerry Washington’s pregnancy. Hope it finds its footing again next season.

    • stevie says:


    • A Rocks says:

      I’m curious – what has Scandal lost that made you love it?

      • catch&release says:

        Right??? I think those negative Nellie’s should change the channel, if they can’t enjoy a terrific show like Scandal, than there must be something else going on.

        • CK says:

          There’s being a negative nelly and then there’s enjoying the show/but hating the plotline/direction. I love Scandal, but I definitely wouldn’t put season 3 on par with 1/2. At this point, it’s just getting a bit ridiculous, not “The Following” level ridiculous, but almost. Heck, the writers even commented on it, by having Olivia burst into laughter at the realization that each presidential candidate was a murderer. Everyone’s either a murderer, an undercover agent, working for a terrorist, etc and it’s starting to lose it’s shock/surprise factor. At the rate season 3 is going, the two certain things are that 1) Olivia will burst into an emotional mess and chug a bottle a wine each episode, and 2) Some main character will have a “shocking” secret.

          • A Rocks says:

            Agreed. I liked Scandal up until end of season 2 when Shonda broke up Olitz after their watch me earn you scene. It was just shoddy writing and character and plot development. Shonda realized her faux pas and have been trying to fix it ever since.
            She needs to return to what made Scandal popular, scandals to fixed and OLITZ making out. This B613, mama and papa plots have gotten way out of hand and they need to go.

      • Bhud says:

        it needs it’s case of the week format back. I was thinking how are they gonna syndicate this show if every episode is super dependent on the one before

        • CMarie says:

          YES. I love Scandal, and I will watch no matter what, but I definitely miss the case of the week. Though I guess they are trying to put forward that she is consumed with the reelection, but that’s why she has employees…

        • herman1959 says:

          I see your point, but if they could syndicate The West Wing they can syndicate Scandal.

    • MiaB says:


    • Yeah. I hope the break will give them the chance to figure out what they want to do because the stories are all over the place. I spend most of the episodes rolling my eyes.

  9. abz says:

    Such a great episode. Sally’s breakdown at the start of the episode was EPIC. “Yum Yum crispy piggy yum yum” –> LMFAO that was just insane.
    I really enjoyed Liv’s laughing scene. Finally someone tells Cyrus how it is.
    That ending was just crazy.
    Low points for me continue to be Olitz and Quinn. Fitz continues to be my least favorite character. Quinn is annoying, but I’m hoping Shonda has some sort of plan with her character.

  10. abz says:

    Also Matt, thanks for the review section. I really think it’s great that you included it. It’s nice to get your thoughts on the episode rather just a retelling of what I just watched. Hopefully you guys can do that more with other show recaps.

  11. para says:

    Why does no one write reviews about Parenthood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Matt Webb Mitovich you need to write one for the Parenthood so I can write comment about the show!

  12. u says:

    Olivia laughing made me cringe… I think KW did not pull that off well.
    I hope Jake doesn’t turn into a bad guy but sadly I think he will, because of the talk he had with Olivia.
    I’m also hoping David is not dead, poor Abby, but I think if it is one of those two (David or James) it’s probably David… just because of how they set up the conversation between him and Abby about being in danger, and how in next week’s promo Olivia seems to be very shaken up about the murders telling someone that they will find the killer.
    And finally please end the Olivia and Fitz “relationship” it is masochistic and abusive and sets a terrible example.

  13. Leelee says:

    I wonder why so many are shocked about Jake? Of he’s bad?!?!? He’s B613 and has been for a while. He is Charlie and Huck but better looking. Of course he’s bad/a killer!! Mostly everyone is….and before this show ends for good Shonda will take Olivia Pope over a cliff and she will kill also. That is the show…..a show about imperfect people that we see some kind of good in. I know I’m in love with a MONSTER!! And there is several to pick from!! LOL!!

    • A Rocks says:

      I actually think that Charlie is the best looking of the three. And Tom is better looking than all of them
      Like you, I don’t understand why anyone thought Jake was a good guy and he was in B613. I am surprised that he decided to do the dirty work himself, though. I don’t think Rowan would have ever sullied his hands by doing this.

    • herman1959 says:

      Leelee, on the day that Olivia kills someone the show will DEFINITELY be over.

      • Leelee says:

        Absolutely!!! It would happen in the last season for sure!! And it maybe self defense. But I just have a feeling that the charter will have to go there one day!?!? 😯

  14. scampi says:

    Did not enjoy this episode overall. Feel have lost Jake, but really probably just seeing who he is. Feel Shondaland reimaging B613. They do monstrous things , but truly believe they are protecting the republic. Jake’s line that he wasn’t there to protect the president or any petty issue. Not sure what Olivia ‘s point being with Jake when she wasn’t leaving Fitz. I see no place for Quinn as a regular. Let her partner with Charlie and use sparingly. Foley good in the Jake’s backstory monologue but was piece necessary? Previously established he has been in for years. Was Tom to be sacrificed? It isn’t the org it is the weight of being Command and making decisions. Saddened by episode. Choice between murderers who won’t actually be in charge in the end. Show could work without Fitz being prez. Plenty other scandals for OPA to fix.

    • A Rocks says:

      The point with Liv is that you do not leave the love of your life.
      The point is Jake is a non- issue. The writers have tried pushing this Liv Jake arc and it does not work. This is the second time and it has ended the same way, i.e. Jake being sent away. How many more times do I have to see this nonsense? Jake and Liv does not work.
      Liv and Fitz works wonderfully well. Keeping my fingers crossed, but it finally looks like OLITZ is back on track.
      Fitz finally now understands the things that Liv has to do to keep him in power. Let the relationship mature.

  15. Overthinking says:

    I think Jake could possibly have fired into the air as a warning to both David and James. If he shots one of them then he has to either shot the other or put them in a cell (like mama pope).

  16. Overthinking says:

    Let’s face it Jake cannot carry an episode. He was better suited as a B613 agent than being command. His monologue at the beginning and end of the episode was bland. He lacks that aura of being in an authoritative position. I haven’t seen Scott Foley in any other shows but I wonder if the part he is currently playing in Scandal is doing him any justice as an actor.
    I know this has been said before but I will point it out again about how Olivia is laxed about security both at her apartment and office where Quinn can just waltz in and take whatever information she wants. For a fixer with high profile clients in D.C. this is a total head-scratcher.

    • A Rocks says:

      Jake is milquetoast. I never saw the purpose to this character.
      There are lots of scratch head moments in Scandal, the lack of security at her apartment and office just a few of them. Where were Abbey, Harrison or Huck during this time? And how did Jake know Liv had a folder?

      • Overthinking says:

        And how did Jake know Liv had a folder? I am thinking Jake put the two and two together when Liv went to his place all flustered, what Quinn said to him about Olivia and of course the talk with one Cyrus Beene regarding killing the VP.

        • A Rocks says:

          I don’t see how those disparate items could lead to Liv having a folder. There was never any hint that Liv was ever involved in this mix. Liz could have been flustered by something Fitz did…

          • Overthinking says:

            It could also be that Jake told Quinn to go see what she could find at OPA regarding the Daniel death not knowing that Olivia had the folder or any information on Daniel death. And as luck might have it, she found the folder and voice recording.

            How Jake found out that Olivia had the folder is definitely a ………things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmm!

          • herman1959 says:

            It was too much of a coincidence that Olivia was so upset at the same time that Jake found out Sally killed her husband; he would have guessed she knew something about it. Also, Jake knows how OPA operates because he worked with them for awhile – he would have known that there would be a folder. Of course, we have to ask why Olivia would keep the folder if she didn’t want to be involved (as she initially claimed)……….hmmm.

        • A Rocks says:

          You could be right. I just finished re watching the episode. Cyrus told him Liv knew. I suppose he sent Quinn to find out what OPA knew and she figured out such a secret would have to be hidden in the safe. Liv needs a better safe or stopping putting things on paper. Scan to a jump drive and have it on you always for Pete’s sake.

          • Sarah says:

            Lol true, but what kind of episode would we have if the characters started making sensible choices?

  17. A Rocks says:

    He can’t put either of them in a cell like Liv’s mother. They are too high level to just disappear like that. I think he killed both of them, I don’t see how he can leave any one of them alive.

    • Overthinking says:

      True, but this is B613 anything could happen

      • A Rocks says:

        I don’t think so. This would be sloppy writing. David is the DA, he can’t just disappear. James is Cyrus’ husband. Both would be missed. It worked with Liv’s mother because no one missed her.
        He either has to leave both alive or have both killed.
        I wonder what Liv will do when she finds out that Jake too is a murderer. As she said, she is surrounded by murderers…. she doesn’t know how true this is.

  18. fudgefase says:

    I think (if there were two shooters) that Quinn is the other shooter.

    • Cheyenne says:

      We know Jake fired two different guns. Maybe he was trying to set it up to make Quinn look like the second shooter.

      • A Rocks says:

        For what purpose would he need to make Quinn look like a second shooter? What’s the motive? It’s not as though there is anyone around to see the killing. It’s not as though she’s not already part of B613. There’s no point to setting up Quinn from what I can see.

        • Cheyenne says:

          What was the motive for not employing a silencer on the second gun, if he didn’t want to draw attention to a murder being committed? That’s what silencers are for.

    • Overthinking says:

      Having 2 shooters is an interesting theory. Now I am wondering if the shooter with the gun silencer was Charlie or Quinn and they shot the two ladies. Then Jake shot the shooter (Quinn or Charlie) to save David and James. I like this picture better than to think David would be killed.

  19. TvPeong says:

    I thought that last scene with Cyrus and James was Cyrus saying goodbye to James because he knew James was going to be killed. I was surprised that he didn’t kill James right there in the house, maybe he couldn’t do it after the Daniel Douglas fiasco.

    I think Cyrus put a hit out on James using Quinn as the hit-man (she’s good with technology and could have set up the fake meeting). But now that she’s B613, Jake found out about it and interceded.

    • A Rocks says:

      I don’t see how Cyrus could have known about Quinn being B613 to use her to carry out a hit.
      This would be the second time Cyrus put a hit out on James; it wouldn’t surprise me if it is carried through to the end this time.

      If B613 is all about protecting the republic, I don’t understand why they are getting involved in covering up the fact that the VP killed her husband. Wouldn’t the republic be better served if people of less moral failings be in the race for the WH? It does show though that politics is filthy and people sell their souls for power.

      I don’t see why Jake would intercede by killing Quinn. Quinn is now part of B613 and as Command, Jake’s commands are law for all agents.

      You do have a point about the scene between James and Cyrus. That’s certainly a very good interpretation of it.

      • Cheyenne says:

        Imagine the fallout if Sally had shot off her big mouth during the debate and announced to the whole world that she killed her husband and the president’s COS knew all about it. Pandemonium. Daniel Douglas exhumed and all his stab wounds on the front page of the newspapers. Cyrus arrested and indicted as an accessory-after, and you know he’s not going down alone, so he names Mellie, who is the First Lady. Mellie gets indicted for covering upa crime. And since nobody will believe she could know and the President did not, they would probably indict Fitz as well. That is why Olivia told Fitz to tank the debate, much as she hated to do it. It was pure and simple damage control.

        • A Rocks says:

          Pretty much the same sort of fallout if Verna had been allowed to speak to David. That time, Liv would have been the one to go to jail as well – and Fitz wasn’t having any of that!

          At least this time around it is the saintly Mellie and devilish Cyrus that are smack dab in the middle of this. I’m glad Liv decided to steer clear of this train wreck.

          • herman1959 says:

            Wait a minute – Liv didn’t stay clear of the train wreck, although she tried at first. She eventually bought Cyrus’s pitch (as detailed by Cheyenne) and now she is up to her neck in it. If Olivia Pope does not go to prison by the end of series, I’ll be very surprised.

  20. bj says:

    I definitely hope Jake didn’t shoot the girls too. I don’t want him to be that evil. And I loved his monologue at the beginning. It definitely gave more depth to his character.

    I’m thinking he sent Quinn out to shoot them and then he shot her at the end to save the two guys. They would be terrified into silence and he’d be rid of an unwanted, probably uncontrollable piece of baggage. Either way I hope he killed the shooter.

    Then again, where is Olivia’s mom?

    • A Rocks says:

      Jake is command of B613. He has to be evil to run such an agency, incompetent though it may be at times.
      I believe in Occam’s Razor and I wish Shonda would employ this as well. Quinn or some other shooter killing two people and Jake killing her doesn’t make any sense to me.

      If Jake could give Tom orders to murder the VP if she started to confess then it is easy for him to simply kill David, James and the two women himself without a convoluted another shooter plot.

      Having said that, this is Shona and I suppose based on past experience we will have some plot out of left field that few of us would have expected. I hope not, but I guess we will have to wait and see.

      • herman1959 says:

        It could make sense if Quinn decided to accept it as a free-lance job – remember her reaction when she heard Charlie say they couldn’t do anymore free-lance jobs? Maybe Jake found about it and went to stop Quinn, but he was too late. It sounds crazy, but as you said, this is Shonda!

  21. herman1959 says:

    I have to say, gang, that there are a heck of a lot of storylines/questions to be resolved in the remaining 5 episodes. I am NOT looking forward to the season ending on another huge cliff hanger. And what about the CEO?

  22. bluegossip says:

    love jake and liv together, fitz irritate the hell out of me. There just isnt much to fitz, everything interesting about him as a character is the two women in his life

    • A Rocks says:

      You must like your men quite bland. Liv don’t like bland though. That’s why she got rid of Edison and Jake. Only one man does it for her. One man only and his name is… say it with me now…


      There is only one interesting woman in Fitz’ life. The love of his life and her name is…. say it with me now


  23. bluegossip says:

    Please dont insult mellie or the actress that plays her. Mellie, liv and cy are the most compelling characters on that show that could actually carry the show on their own of the main characters fitz just aint much. He isnt the cause or reaction to anything he doesnt move the storyline in any direction at all. And of the supporting chaacters there aint much more you can do with huck the most interesting part of him is b613 and we went there already, abby is fun always, quinn is not a factor though her journey could get interesting, harrison just isnt happening fast enough, jake still has something to offer. And on any other show jake’s position and b613 could make great tv.

    • A Rocks says:

      You are kidding right? Tell me you are kidding. Do you think anyone cares about Mellie and Cyrus except for their interaction with OLITZ? (well except for you) No one cares about Mellie’s schemes and pinings and Cyrus’ machinations except for their impact on OLITZ. Without the OLITZ dynamic such schemes mean nothing. As a matter of fact, the whole cast of the White House serves no purpose except for their interrelations with OPA and their effect on OLITZ.

      The show is about a fixer and how she and her team fix other peoples’ lives while being unable to fix their own. It is not about a set of White House characters. Mellie and Cyrus can carry the show about as well as a wet paper bag can carry a river.

      Let Shonda create a spin off for Mellie or Cyrus and see how many people would watch. I for one would only do so if and when OLITZ makes an appearance.

      I very much enjoyed this episode for several reasons. One of the main reasons was that the Mellie character hardly put in an appearance. For the last several episodes, I have just fast forwarded thru her scenes as I find the character boring and rather pitiful.

      • bluegossip says:

        You are nothing more than an Olitz fan you dont see beyond their chemistry. Describe Fitz as a character to me.

        Here is Mellie, an intelligent, beautiful, charismatic, shrewd politician, determined, strong,cunning, snob, calculating, tough and ruthless…and you can use most of those for Cyrus too.
        Hence flawed characters.

        • Nikki says:

          Please explain how Mellie is intelligent and shrewd when ALL OF HER PLANS fail and Olivia constantly has to fix her messes? Was it shrewd and intelligent when she dissed the public with her mic still on? Was it shrewd and intelligent when she forged Fitz’s name and that plan lasted all of a few hours because it was NOT well thought out and Sally knew immediately? If she were really all of the adjectives you ascribe to her then she would not need Olivia fixing her messes all the time AND she would go into politics herself instead of riding Fitz’s coattails (this was also pointed out in an episode in s3 where newscasters were saying that if she was that smart she should go into politics herself). As we saw in 2.10, and as MELLIE said her own self, without Fitz she’s pretty much nothing. Mellie and Cyrus are irrelevant to the show without Fitz, so I highly doubt either of them could carry the show (an, additionally, no one should be carrying this show except for Olivia — this is HER show, the show is about a FIXER, not a First Lady who’s too much of a coward to try for political office on her own. Though I hate Sally’s politics, seeing her out there doing her thing in politics with multiple titles makes Mellie look even more lame in comparison).

          It’s very easy to describe Fitz as a character. He’s intelligent (one doesn’t become a Rhodes Scholar and PhD with no work or via their parents), he’s idealistic and sees the good in people, can be naive at times but with good intention, he cares about people (note that while Mellie wanted to go to war in 2.01 solely to secure Fitz’s second term, Fitz did NOT want to go to war and wanted to find a way around it because he didn’t want soldiers to die needlessly), he’s loyal to a fault to people who are not loyal to him (last night marked the 3rd time he saved Cyrus from prison, and the 2nd time he saved Mellie from prison), and he loves fiercely.

          • bluegossip says:

            save them, he taunted sally till the last second and decided to actually run for president for Liv. Yeah some of Mellie’s ideas might have backed fired but so have Liv’s on occasion, it makes for great tv. point is when it comes down to it, Mellie makes a decision. if you recall his finale decision on going to war was all Olivia’s idea and Cy called him out on it too. Fitz decision usually boils down to, what Liv wants vs what Mellie/Cyrus wants and what his status with Liv is at that moment.
            ‘He’s intelligent (one doesn’t become a Rhodes Scholar and PhD with no work or via their parents)’ and i bet him being a grant had no play in that right…plus in the sea of olivia/mellie/cyrus he always comes of the most clueless.

            Rowan was right, Fitz became governor because he was a grant, ran for president because his wife wanted him to, slept with Olivia to mess it all up, is in love with Olivia cause then he isnt his father, became president because Olivia gave it to him.

            And we all know why Mellie or Cyrus ain’t the president. and when i said that cy and mellie could carry a show i meant that we could a character exploration episode about them and it will be great tv. every time we go back to the campaign days its all from olivia’s point of view, because Fitz just aint a compelling character without the Olitz factor

        • A Rocks says:

          And you are nothing more than a Mellie fan. Different strokes and all that stuff…

          I make no apologies for being an Olitz fan. Once such a sweet, positively scandalous indulgence was introduced to us I was hooked. How anyone can not find such chemistry entertaining, amazing and compelling is way beyond me.

          Mellie: boring, pathetic, shrewish, pitiful, claim to be intelligent, but has yet to demonstrate such, heartless, cold, calculating, sly, determined.

          Fitz: romantic, intelligent, determined, clever, hot, ability to delegate, a motivator, humorous, confident, committed, ability to inspire, focused, passionate, fearless, adaptable, open to change, hot hot hot.

      • bluegossip says:

        Funny thing is im fine with Olivia having an affair with the President of the United States who happens to be married, it makes her human. What i don’t like about it is that Fitz is a moron, and that they never work for it. Fitz is all about how it hurts not to be with her when he literally is in her arms every episode, and he doesn’t even try to get over her or even try to make it work with his wife…i want to root for them, because at the end of the day they make each other better. Fitz threatens the white hat.

        • A Rocks says:

          How much attention do you pay while watching the episodes? Do you not recall Liv asked him to throw the debate. Do you not realize his taunts were to get Sally out of her funk? He did not decide to run for president for Liv. I ask you once again how much attention are you paying while watching? Name one of Mellie’s scheme’s that was successful? Name one of Liv’s plan that backfired?

          Mellie makes decisions that are not well thought out. That is the sign of an idiot. An intelligent person considers all alternatives or as many as possible and then chooses the best course of action.

          Do you have any idea of what it takes to become a Rhodes Scholar and get a Phd?
          We have had Mellie’s rape and we have had her attempted suicide? What else is left do you think? Why isn’t Mellie president? Why isn’t she running for president? Why does she allow herself to be treated so shabbily by a man who cannot stand the sight of her? You claim she is intelligent, if she is where is her exit strategy? Where is her plan B? If Sally can run, what makes her incapable of getting a life and doing the same?

          Going to war was Liv’s idea? What are you talking about? More than ever you are demonstrating that you are not watching with any degree of attention to what’s going on.
          Fitz takes Liv’s ideas into account. Why shouldn’t he? She’s the formidable Liv after all and he considers her his mate, the love of his life. Of course he takes her ideas into account. That’s what you do with someone you love.

          Don’t get it twisted – Fitz sleeps with Liv because of her magical thighs. Just ask Mellie. He can’t get enough of her. The first time when he saw her face, he was lost. Watch the first time they met again. It was game, set and match. And Fitz ain’t giving her up. He tried it twice and became an alcoholic.
          What do you think a campaign manager’s job is. Of course Fitz will do what Liv suggests for two reasons. She wins elections. She can create a narrative like no one else can and he loves her and trusts her. Once again why shouldn’t he?

          Fitz not being a compelling character without the Olitz factor is good enough for me. I don’t know what point you are trying to make with this statement btw.

          • Anna says:

            have you ever heard of agreeing to disagree? You’re one hell of an annoying aggressive commenter here. So are you the kind of person who might trip someone else because they don’t have the same favorite color as you? Aren’t you too old for ship wars anyway? Damn it! Talk about taking escapism and living vicariously through your TV to an insane level!

        • A Rocks says:

          There is nothing to work out with his wife. Marriage was over even before Liv arrived on the scene.

  24. MiaB says:

    I guess I’m a little bit too practical in my thinking about who got shot. I don’t think it’s David because he’s a cast regular, and it’s the middle of the season (who doesn’t like to get their money’s worth?). I don’t think it’s James, because he just won an Emmy. I think it’s probably Leo (who Rowan threatened at the beginning of the episode to handle the situation with Daniel Douglas’s murder) because Paul Adelstein is just there for a story arc.

  25. bluegossip says:

    Fitz and liv would have had more appeal if they atleast were apart, shagging up in the oval office every episode is disgusting. Fitz is nothing more than olivia pope’s flaw. They created a strong, beautiful, powerful, smart… woman and they needed her to have one weakness and thats fitz. he serves no other purpose then that. What drives the character other than his his hard-on for liv? We have no clue, cause everything he is is because his dad puhed him to it, his wife made him work for it and cy and liv gave it to him. Liv’s father was right in his assessment of him, he appreciates nothing cause he never had to suffer for anything and he gets handed everything. And its the people around him who have to sell pieces of their souls to get him something he doesnt even want and look at how he treats mellie and cy. The two most loyal peole he has.

    • A Rocks says:


      I think you are watching the show from a superficial level and do not understand the complexity of some of the characters.

      “Fitz and Liv have more appeal if they were apart”. More appeal to whom? The sweet indulgence that is OLITZ is what hooked the majority of the viewers to Scandal, because such a dynamic is positively scandalous and have never before seen on TV much less prime time TV. You may not like them as a couple, but to try to claim they have more appeal apart makes no sense to me.
      I only wish I could see them shagging it up in the oval office every episode… I only but wish. Shonda, listen up – more shagging please. But I am curious, which part of their shagging is disgusting to you? The fact that they are shagging or the fact that they are shagging in the oval office?

      Fitz is the love of Olivia’s life. Olivia is the love of Fitz’ life. If you want to call love and adoration a flaw, then there’s little anyone can say. Liv could have done worse, she could have had Edison or Jake as her flaw – instead she has the most powerful man in the world as her flaw. Well I for one say good for her! If you gonna do something go all out!.

      You must not have watched Scandal from episode 1… You want to know what drives Fitz…. Watch the episode called “The Trial” It will tell you clearly how, why and when. Watch the episode when his father died and he cried in Liv’s arms.

      Like Rowan, you too do not understand and you too underestimate Fitz. Rowan did this and found himself nicely put to pasture in spite of his rantings that Fitz was a boy. Well if Fitz is a boy and always have everything handed to him, then said boy was the very same one who out maneuvered Rowan who had to claw and climb his way through everything. Seems to me therefore that clawing and climbing is way over rated.

      Why did I know it was going to bounce back around to Mellie… So let me see if I get this right; Fitz is holding a gun to Mellie and Cyrus’ heads. They are not grown azz people with any gray matter between their ears and capable of making rational decisions for themselves, right?

      Cyrus and Mellie are self serving in their loyalty. That is not loyalty. True loyalty is what he has with Liv.

  26. bluegossip says:

    More likely that jake shot the shooter nd protected james and david, both friends of liv.

    • A Rocks says:

      Jake did not shoot himself – so no he did not shoot any shooter. He murdered at least 3 people in cold blood.

      • Cheyenne says:

        We don’t know if he actually killed the third person when he fired that last shot.

        • A Rocks says:

          True, we don’t know, but if he didn’t kill the 3rd person then Lizv’s comment about finding the killer in next week’s episode doesn’t quite ring true. I have been trying to figure out who she was telling this to, but there isn’t enough of the scene to determine.

          I wonder what she will think when she finds out the killer is Jake.

          • herman1959 says:

            I’m starting to think Sonda is pulling one over on us and Jake didn’t shoot anybody. Maybe he shot AT the first shooter (of the women) and missed? I think Olivia is talking about the killer of the two women. I have to stop now, I’m getting a headache!

          • bluegossip says:

            jake turned either david or james (im thinking james) and the last shot was for another hired gun behind them.

          • A Rocks says:

            OK I watched again. Jake killed David. The cut from next week’s episode shows Liv talking to Abbey and telling her that they will find the person who did it and lock them up for the rest of their lives.

  27. Ninam_24 says:

    I think it was David…either way Liv will hunt the killer down. I really wish the would either get rid of Quinn or guve here a better storyline. And why does P&A have such poor security!

  28. herman1959 says:

    I won’t give details now, but I’ve done a little research and I’ve concluded that James was the third person shot. I’m still hoping he’s not dead for Baby Ella’s sake; if James is dead Ella will be raised by Cyrus alone…Yuck!

    • A Rocks says:

      James? I’m going with David.

    • Anna says:

      I’m with you. A simple step would be checking the cast list for the upcoming episodes and Dan Bucatinsky isn’t listed while Josh Molina is. That is at least something tangible instead of some people imagining seeing things which are nowhere to be seen in 3×13 nor inferred from the promo for 3×14.

  29. A Rocks says:

    @ Herman

    No that shooting theory doesn’t work. The bullets entered the women’s head from their forehead. That would mean the shooter would have had to have been behind Jake since he was walking towards the women and they were facing him.

    • A Rocks says:

      The reaction from James and David also clearly indicate that Jake is the shooter.

      • Hey A Rocks! Shut up, please! Sheeeeeeesh! The same arguments over and over and over and over and over and over! We get it, David is dead! You win! Jake is the shooter! OLITZ forever! Blah, blah, blah. Check yo needle yo, it’s stuck in the groove man!

        Just kidding :-). You da man!

  30. A Rocks says:

    OLITZ forever – hell yes!
    Leave Olitz alone and we good

  31. charlie says:

    Remember when Huck shot Fitz? Except the next week we found out his girlfriend did it. All I’m saying is we’ll see next week what’s going on.

  32. Jennifer says:

    Ok I’m forgetting…who did Reston kill that made it a murderer’s row?!

    • herman1959 says:

      He killed the contractor his wife was having an affair with but spun it so that his wife took credit for it. That was one of the best OPA casework episodes.

  33. Naomi says:

    This is insane, I’m replying to my own post. James is not included in the promo photos of Episodes 16, 17 and 18. So is it safe to say his goose is cooked?

  34. herman1959 says:

    I believe so.

  35. Overthinking says:

    Promo photos can be misleading. Look at this episode promo photos where they even indicated we will get a case of the week regarding some CEO…………….just saying.

  36. herman1959 says:

    True, it seems like the CEO story was cut, but they forgot to update the synopsis. But to build on Naomi, the cast listings for episodes 16, 17, 18 do not include Dan Bucatinsky who plays James. This is why I think his “goose is cooked”. Oh well, we’ll find out on Thursday.