CBS Renews NCIS, Good Wife, Two and a Half Men, Mom, Five-0, Blue Bloods and 12 Others

CBS Renewals Fall 2014On the heels of renewing The Big Bang Theory for three more seasons, CBS on Thursday picked up another 18 shows for the 2014-15 TV season.

Getting the nod on the drama side are NCIS (for Season 12), NCIS: Los Angeles, Person of Interest, Criminal Minds, CSI, Elementary, Hawaii Five-0, Blue Bloods and The Good Wife.

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CBS’ newly renewed comedies, meanwhile, are 2 Broke Girls, Mike & Molly, Mom, The Millers and Two and a Half Men (which will be going into its 12th season)

Additionally, CBS greenlit new cycles of The Amazing Race, Undercover Boss, 60 Minutes and 48 Hours. TVLine’s hand-crafted Renewal Scorecard is updated.

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In addition to the aforementioned big new buncha Bang, CBS had previously renewed Survivor through its winter/spring 2015 cycle.

So, thusly, still on the bubble are The MentalistIntelligence, Hostages, The Crazy Ones and any series premieres-to-come (such as Friends With Better Lives, which bows March 31).

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  1. Boiler says:

    Don’t watch all these but nice to see. Praying for Crazy Ones also!!

    • trainwreck says:

      I gave chance to almost all new sitcoms this fall.. The Crazy One is hands down the best one! NEEDS to be renewed ASAP!

    • Please, CBS, renew The Crazy Ones! I need my Zach and Andrew bromance!

    • Coop says:

      The Crazy Ones is tons better than “Mom”, “2 Broke Girls”, “2 1/2 Men” and “Mike & Molly”!!! Total crapola…if they don’t renew TCO I am leaving CBS for good this time!!!!

      • Brian says:

        Don’t let the door hit you in the CBS on the way out…

      • chistosa says:

        While I would never say I won’t watch a certain program or station again as it is a ridiculous response to displeasure, I will say that I am disappointed the The Crazy Ones has not been renewed when very subpar comedies like Mom, Mike and Milly and worst of all the Millers have been renewed. It makes me wonder if there is no announcment yet because of negotiations with stars. The show would not work without Robin Williams and I have to believe he is expensive.

        • Boo says:

          Just as you don’t like Mom, Mike and MOLLY, & The Millers, I don’t like The Crusty Ones one damn bit. So while you bash the shows that you don’t care for, remember that there are many, many of us who don’t like that stupid show and hope and pray that it gets the ax before we are made to suffer anymore!

          • There’s no reason for that type response. That person is just saying his or her opinion and you can’t fault he or her for that, plus that person right about show things, like crazy ones better than mike and molly. I think the other she is on crazy ones level or better. Two broke girs is really funny and do like them self some two man and a half. Mom is a great new but to tell how it be, but the comedy no one mentioned is big bang theory which is the comedy on tv not on cbs.

      • Paul Fritz-Nemeth Sr. says:

        You obviously don’t know what you are talking about.

    • Mark says:

      Hate the fact that the Millers got renewed and the Crazy Ones didn’t. It’s the only CBS comedy I watch.

    • Linda Davis says:

      Me too I love Robin Williams. I don’t watch very many comedy shows but I do watch The Crazy Ones and Last Man Standing. Also I’m hoping that The Mentalist is renewed and Intelligence is renewed also.

    • Mika02 says:


    • Barry Ebbitt says:

      Glad to see Person of Interest, The Good Wife, and The Mentalist renewed. These are my 3 favourite dramatic shows.

    • greysfan says:

      Agreed. I am seriously praying The Crazy Ones gets renewed. Bar The Big Bang Theory and HIMYM (which is now ending) its the next best comedy on CBS by far!

  2. Boo says:

    Sooo excited about TGW but seriously The Crazy Ones is way better than Mom or The Millers! Come on, CBS!

    • Eli says:

      It may be better, but it’s also a lot more expensive

      • Steven says:

        SO HAPPY ABOUT TGW! I wish they’d renew The Crazy Ones but with those ratings and with Robin William’s price tag I wouldn’t count on it.

        • Will says:

          Robin makes about the same as Anna Faris (star of MOM)

          • Badpenny says:

            Robin Williams make $165,000 per episode – as reported in the Huffington Post. I doubt Anna Faris makes anywhere near that amount.

          • John says:

            Because the Huff Post is so reliable! Until a star comes out and says “Yes, I’m making this” or it’s huge figures such as Mad About You, Friends, Two and a Half Men w and wout Charlie, NCIS (which Mark Harmon is over paid!) you never know for sure. I’m kind of hoping another channel will get it and treat it right. They should have had it behind TBBT and left it there. They stick The Millers….which loses half TBBT audience and is just not funny. I was hoping it would have been cancelled so Margo Martindale will quit wasting her talent. If it wasn’t for that lousy show then she could be doing more movies and earn an Academy Award she deserves and not make fart jokes with Will Arnett. Hopefully. CBS will give TCO the chance it needs, it’s finding itself and the 2nd season I can see it growing. CBS does not listen to the fans though and renewing Mom? It is getting trounced by The Voice and will soon be below TCO in ratings and key demos. I heard though Robin is only pulling 125,000 though. Also Sarah Michelle Gellar won The Peoples Choice Award does that not count for anything? I also can see TCO award recognition from Emmys, GG, and maybe SAG for ensemble, nevertheless I can see Robin Williams getting an Emmy, and and David. The only other of CBS crap comedies to get any recognition would be Margo Martindale. Mom is too generic and unfunny where I can’t see Anna or Allison being nominated and it sucks because Allison Janney is so talented she needs something different again talent being wasted. Anna is just the same thing in every role just the voice changes pitches. Maybe TCO could go to USA and expand to an hour. I could see it as an hour long show.

          • Badpenny says:

            The Huffington Post is generally reliable enough for things like this. Actor’s salaries are fairly easy to find on various entertainment websites – including this one.
            As far as TCO or Mom, I don’t like either – having given both my 3 episode try. I really do not care if CBS brings them back or not. I was simply responding to the notion that Anna Faris makes as much as Robin Williams. There are actors on TBBT who do not make $165,000 per episode, let alone Anna Faris who is on a much smaller show and really hasn’t had a movie hit.

      • Esaul says:

        I wasn’t aware you’re privileged to know the budgets of these two shows. I’d imagine with Lorre’s name attached with Mom the price tag might be a bit more. Also with his name attached they’d probably give more leeway to his shows.

        • Drewer says:

          Mom is a multi-cam show they are significantly cheaper to make than a single-cam, because often an episode can be shot in one or 2 days compared to upwards of six for a single cam. Plus lighting, set, location are all reused over and over and over again, so set up is much less costly, their is rarely need for any sort of location scouting or such. Plus the less days spent shooting means the less hours crew works etc. This is why TCO is the first multi-cam comedy CBS has picked up in a while.

    • herman1959 says:

      So right, if Mom can be given a chance, Crazy Ones MUST be.

    • Dee says:

      Really happy for The Good Wife. An oasis of quality drama on the network schedules.

    • Noah says:

      TCO is CRAP! The Millers is AMAZING!

  3. Rebecca Parker says:

    Really hoping they renew The Crazy Ones – the show has been a real surprise and just keeps getting better and better!

    • David says:

      Crazy Ones is getting better. I had lost interest for a few episodes. Ithink its 50/50 on getting renewed though.

  4. Great news that NCIS will have a season 12, hopefully with Cote de Pablo as Ziva, otherwise more and more people will tune another program. So now have renewed come to negoations with Cote de Pablo, and sponsore actress studys for another actress.

    • msstargate says:

      I never thought that I watched NEWS for Zia but I have not watched since she left. Just can’t get in to it with her gone.

      • NoChance says:

        If you haven’t watched since Ziva quit and moved back to Israel then how do you know that you can’t get into it?

    • Claudia says:

      I’m glad for the expected renewal, but I like the way that season 11 has gone more than the last couple of seasons. I don’t expect Ms. de Pablo back because she left of her own volition. There are no negotiations to be had. She has moved on, and so has the show, and I, for one, continue to enjoy watching.

      • John NYC says:

        Seemingly so: they didn’t sidetrack her for creative reasons dreamed up by the writers, the actress left.

        That sort of shuts the door.

      • I can not enjoy watching the show anymore. It is flat and boring and as for Cote leaving of her own volition, that is something I do not believe. If CBS was smart they would get Cote back. They cannot match her talent with any other.

        • Melora says:

          The show was NOT called The Ziva Hour. Get some help. There was more to the show than her. SHE LEFT ON HER OWN ACCORD. GET Over it

        • Do you have proof it wasn’t her idea. I have read interviews where she stated she left. Until they show written proof that CBS fired her, I will believe what SHE said.

          • flootzavut says:

            Exactly! It’s beyond weird to me that people won’t believe Cote herself. So much for being fans.

        • talimom says:

          I HAVE tried watching the Ziva free version, as has my husband. Tried, couldn’t. Just blah. The fire, sparkle,and charm, plus the complicated Ziva character and the dynamic between partners that drew me to the show is sadly absent this season. We LOVE Tony’s character, and he is so much more fun to watch with his partner around. And I am not talking about the NSA junk food fan.

          Most “procudurals” are too “dark” and unhappy for my taste: it was the characters and their relationships that drew us to the show. Crimes of the week are more than abundant on TV. I’ve left all the others behind, tired of the brutal stories, and was only watching NCIS. Now NCIS is lacking the one thing that made us tune in.

          My husband, an avid NCIS “new episode” and USA Marathon watcher simply said “Oh, PULLLEEEASE!” about the new agent and most of the storylines. He watched more than I this season, and used the word “pathetic” in describing how he feels about the season 11 episodes. He notes that everyone seems off and the interactions just seemed strained.

          I suspect that Cote kept trying in negotiations for most of the pre shoopting hiatus and finally threw up her hands and gave up. And that money was not the sole barrier issue in the contract talks.

          She could be brought in for grouped guest spots and a huge audience would return, even if she would not be signed to do a season. A great many of the former fans who walked away also did so because of the miserable excuse of a wrap up story for Ziva’s exit. One does not appreciate investing eight years into a character relationship story aND HAVING SUCH A UNSATISFYING WRAP UP. Even MW states in interview that they DID have a real relationship, even if it weas not yet physical, and certainly he’d have insight into the character.

        • flootzavut says:

          Well clearly millions of viewers in the US alone don’t agree with you that the show is flat, and the most reliable information suggests that she left for personal reasons and not because CBS did something wrong.

    • Q says:

      Ziva never comes back!
      I put money on that.
      That’s reality.
      You can hope, but that’s all, what you can do.
      Glasberg & co. never get her back.
      They just try keep you in hope, but reality is…never.

      • Andrea says:

        After reading David McCallum’s remarks, I’d also put money on it being more likely that Ziva doesn’t return. I think some fences would need to be mended first. I’m looking forward to S12, and I’m interested to see if the spin-off gets a spot on the schedule. The only downside for NCIS is that, with the renewal of Mom, we likely will not see Dorneget again, and I liked the character.

    • as524 says:

      They already negotiated with cote’s people. She quit. Time to accept her decision & move on…

      Can’t wait to see Ellie in Season 12 – she is the perfect cast addition to take the show away from zcis- the cartoon super hero era.

      • Ellie is NOT the perfect addition. She is a cartoon character and totally unbelievable. As many fans say, she needs to go!

        • paula says:

          I couldn’t agree more

        • TullaT says:

          Completely agree. She adds nothing to the team or the show. No chemistry at all with the rest of the cast.

          • NoChance says:

            I like Bishop and think she fits in really well with Gibbs and Tony and McGee but whether she does or doesn’t is entirely subjective. Some of us think she’s a good fit and others like yourselves don’t. What matters in the end is if the producers and other actors think she is and it seems they do.

        • Melora says:

          You don’t speak for all the fans. You are in a rabid fringe minority

      • Marsha Sorba says:

        3 years later and you are still on that ZCIS ass524 ? Bishop is the least likely Agent for the Team they have ever had. She is dull and boring – but I DO understand you only like her because she is NOT Ziva. You are fooling no one ! If she is back for Season 12 – I will be shocked – 90% of fans want her gone ! Move on lol !!!

        • Jax says:

          90% of the fans? Really? So you’ve talked to every one. Even the millions who don’t go online and post on fan pages. You assume too much based on the input of a small subset of the fandom. Also, be prepared to be shocked. Bishop is here to stay.

          • Marsha Sorba says:

            Really – and who do YOU know on set that told YOU she is here to stay. She is history. LOL.

          • Jax says:

            Oh, my bad Marsha. I didn’t realize you were trolling. I guess that silly 90% statistic should have clued me in that you were not dealing with reality.

        • TullaT says:

          Three years? MUCH more than that. She is famous on every website for years now as a Ziva hater. She has even been known to stalk Ziva fans.

        • Patrick M. says:

          Make grandiose statements for yourself–YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR OTHERS! 90%, eh? Grow up……..

        • flootzavut says:

          90% of fans want her gone? You’ve spoken to well over ten million people? Colour me impressed. Though that being the case, I’m surprised more of them haven’t signed the petition begging Cote to return…

      • Alisa Neely says:

        i AGREE….people RESPECT COTE’S CHOICE TO LEAVE…..SHE WAS DRAGGING THE SHOW DOWN….it was becoming ALL ABOUT ZIVA ….and the non-romance of TIVA….which MW made very clear, that he was NOT FOR.

        * i’m THRILLED with the following RENEWED SHOWS: 1) NCIS….2) NCIS:LA…..3) CRIMINAL MINDS….4) HAWAII FIVE 0 ( not thrilled with the changes though….can do with far LESS catherine.)…..5) BLUE BLOODS……i THOUGHT 2.5 was supposed to be DONE this season? *

    • Debbie says:

      I don’t think Cote de Pablo will be back. I have watched NCIS from the beginning all these years and sadly this last season is the first time I have really not enjoyed it. I don’t like the new girl. The whole dynamic of the show seems different and either it’s the writing for her character or the actress’s delivery that just seems lame. For now I’m watching in hopes things will improve but if they continue as they are now, sadly I will probably drop it. I never would have thought I’d say that!

      • Melora says:

        The fact Cote de Pablo told the Producer she was leaving 10 DAYS they were filming this season means she WILL NEVER be back

      • Mary says:

        I agree about the new girl…dislike the show now and have been a faithful fan since start..I have quit watching it! Get rid of the new kid on the block so I can go back watching!

    • Greg says:

      Cote has left the building. She is gone. It was HER choice. Bishop is working out just fine, dark eyebrows and all. Thank you very much. Cote=gone, Bishop=here. Why can’t folks accept this?

      • Some of us do understand that CdP is gone. While we may have liked the character things changed. But sorry, that does not in any way mean we have to likelike what the writers are doing with EW’s character. Bishop could have been written so much better and the introintro handled with better finesse. Instead of the “dreaded TIVA show” It became “Bishop Hour”.

        I’m holding out hour that things get better. Heck, I wanted to like the new teammate. But do far I haven’t been impressed. And I’m not alone. But just because we don’t care for the new character doesn’t mean we want Ziva back. Story wise that wouldn’t make sense either. And at the end of the day isn’t that what we all care about? A good show?

        • JBC says:

          I agree, I don’t care is Ziva comes back, but this Bishop is not a good match for the NCIS team. All I can figure is she must not be too expensive a hire. I also think it has become the Bishop Hour. NCIS isn’t must see for me anymore.

          • Adrienne says:

            I also agree that I do not care that Ziva will not be back but Bishop is not the answer. She is boring and the chenisrty is just off.

    • Maria says:

      Cote de Pablo is in Chile filming a movie about those Chilean miners who were trapped underground a few years ago…she is playing the wife of one of the miners. (I believe Antonio Banderas is also in this film) so I’d say she’s busy right now.

    • pat says:

      Cote left NCIS on her own. They tried to keep her. Thanks for Hawaii Five 0.

  5. Ashley says:

    but…but I thought NCIS would never make it without Tiva! haha

    • flootzavut says:

      lol ;)

    • Lolitta says:

      What do you mean? The show with 20ml. ( in the past) viewers couldn’t get canceled in one season.Doesn’t matter how they have changed.Nobody expected it to get canceled.BUT..Good bye to #1 spot even in totals and hello to #15 in Demo.Cote won’t be back ( at least as a regular).Would you go back to that ‘family’?

      • Lillian says:

        #1 spot in scripted demos. TBBT got #1 overall, but that’s a different genre. Football always beats NCIS, but NCIS is still considered #1.

      • If I were Cote I would not exactly want to go back to that “family” either. But if CBS works hard to mend fences hopefully she will because the show is awful without her.

        • Marsha Sorba says:

          I agree with you – without Cote NCIS is just a regular procedural with no fun left in it – she took the pah with her – and Bishop brings NOTHING to the table, In fact, she sucks the life out of every scene she is in. Honestly, she does !

        • Tina says:

          Yeah they were real awful paying her millions of dollars and getting a couple months off a year. Please cry me a river. People work long hours and get little vacations for a lot less. She’s reaping the benefits by being able to take some time off and looking for other parts.

  6. JustMe says:

    Has The Mentalist been renewed? Otherwise shouldn’t it be on the bubble? (Not that I watch) .. Really excited for more The Good Wife.

    • Elyse says:

      the Mentalist is the first show on the bubble list.

      • JustMe says:

        Yeah it wasn’t there before :)

      • Carole Fuller says:

        I like the Mentalist, a Canadian show, we in Canada still get so many American shows, why can,t we keep the good Canadian Shows? Also Flaspoint is very good!

        • Anne says:

          The Mentalist is an American show, not Canadian.

        • TV Gord says:

          The Mentalist is not a Canadian show.

        • Liz says:

          As an expert on Canadian tv, I say with authority that The Mentalist is not Canadian. But it is a great show I and hope it gets renewed.

          • John NYC says:

            There are some though: Lost Girl is definitely NOT “American” for example…..

          • Greg says:

            I really enjoy “The Mentalist” but, if they don’t get on the ball with more intriguing stories the bubble will burst and tea will fly all over Patrick Jane’s RV.

        • N tTVf says:

          Carole – do you folks still have ‘Saving Hope’ running in Canada? As bad as it would be to see Mentalist canceled [ the Canadian program or the US program ;) ], at least you have ‘Saving Hope’. I envy you and my friends and neighbors up in our sister-country Canada. You get to watch the wonderful Erica Durance each week. I haven’t see that show or ED in almost two years – I’m miserable over it. = (

          We’ll make a deal – we/US will fight CBS to have Mentalist renewed, and you and our friends in Canada fight to help get Saving Hope picked up by NBC [yep, good ‘ole NBC] via the Canadian Television System for this summer’14!

          • Teresa says:

            I don’t understand the logic of some shows. I am glad Criminal Minds was renewed. I think Mentslist is not as exciting as last season, but would still watch that show than the reality shows today. One show I wish NBC kept was Saving Hope. Canada was smart!!

        • Trish Rawlings says:

          Flashpoint was cancelled.

      • mewp12 says:

        They are trying to ruin it. Why move them to Austin. Everything on the new set is grey. Walls. furniture or black all clothes are black. The stories are grey, also. Frankly I think the show which is one of my favorites, has lost it’s personality.

        • TV Gord says:

          I think it has been reinvigorated since the Red John story wrapped up! I loved last Sunday’s episode!

        • Greg says:

          Austin is a much more “in” town than Sacramento. As for the “personality” issues, a show that was centered on one villain for three seasons was actually very lucky to run that long. At least now they have actual room to flex their creative writing skills. Perhaps they could paint burnt orange smiley faces all over the place? I hope they stay at least a few more seasons. I mean, they are blessed with three of the best looking women on the tube.

    • Larc says:

      Since The Mentalist wasn’t renewed in this round, I’m guessing it won’t be unless there are still outstanding issues such as contract renewals being discussed.

      • Marc says:

        I’d put my money on it being a money issue. It should be making more ad revenue than TGW (but less acclaim; it’s good but not in TGW’s league) and probably costs a little less, but it can’t be cheap. CBS probably wants a license fee cut even though it would be pulling comparable numbers to NCIS: LA, CSI, or Criminal Minds if it had their slots. They’ll work something out. I am sure it is profitable for the Eye.

  7. Elyse says:

    I’ll be sad if the Mentalist ends but it’s probably about time.

    • Linda Davis says:

      As long as there is closure for Jane and the rest. I won’t be happy but I hate it when shows do not have some kind of closure like they did with The Glades.

      • GildedRose says:

        Ugh. The Glades. I hate when shows that are in danger of getting cancelled do cliffhanger endings like the Glades did. Ruined the entire series. So yeah, give the Mentalist crew closer, end it nice and move on.

        • Greg says:

          “Under the Dome” got renewed when it started under the pretense of being a thirteen episode min-series. What’s next, “Game of Domes?”
          “Blacklist” is the best show on NBC…period. However, it still can’t hold a candle to NCIS, NCIS LA, PERSON OF INTEREST or, CRIMINAL MINDS. If Spader left the series would be over. Unlike NCIS which is able to stand up to changes that might otherwise sink shows of lesser quality.

  8. Great to see NCIS back! Hoping they sort out the casting and writing issues that have made this season so uneven. I’m looking forward to seeing the team again.

  9. Poppy says:

    I’m confused, where is The Mentalist?

  10. Liz985 says:

    So happy “The Good Wife” was renewed! One of the best shows on TV.

  11. abz says:

    Beyond happy about The Good Wife. I’d watch it for 10 more seasons if it gets that far (I know it won’t, but I still love it that much).
    Also, really glad to see Elementary and Person of Interest renewed. I hope more people discover these shows because they are really great.

    • Liz says:

      I think Elementary and Person of Interest are two of the best shows on tv right now.

      • abz says:

        Agreed. I’m really enjoying this season of Elementary, and while POI would undeniably be even better with Carter still in it, it’s still been entertaining enough to keep me tuning in.

        • Greg says:

          The quality of the writing has allowed “Person of Interest” to stretch and grow like NCIS and CRIMINAL MINDS. Just remember, if someone “replaced” Carter, there would always be someone who would not like their eyebrows.

      • My three favorite shows now are Blackliest, POI, and Elementary.

    • Marilyn Deaton says:

      All the drama on CBS are great!!!. I’d love to see HOSTAGES as a series. It was great. The best is The Good Wife!!!! The writers are the best–always a different cliff hanger!!!! <3

  12. LWolf says:

    I’m loving Intelligence. I’m hoping it sticks around.

    • Katherine215 says:

      I am too, but I think it’s ratings have doomed it, unfortunately. I wish it had premiered on another night or in Fall, so it would’ve had a chance to snag some Blacklist viewers.

      • herman1959 says:

        What happened to Intelligence’s ratings, weren’t they close to Scandal’s at one time?

        • herman1959 says:

          Sorry, I was thinking about Elementary.

        • April says:

          Intelligence premiered with a 2.5. (it is worth noting that the premier took place on a Tuesday after NCIS). The very next episode dropped all the way to a 1.2 and it has been bouncing around in the mid to low 1’s ever since. Those numbers would be good for ABC or NBC but not CBS. It has the lowest ratings average of any show currently airing on CBS. Renewal does not look good.

      • Marilyn says:

        Move Intelligence & give it a good chance b/c i’ts a good show. Makes me think!!

        • Rita says:

          I agree it deserves another season on another night. I watched it initially or rather I DVRed and still do as I watch the “Blacklist” but I will admit at first I was skeptical but I find I am liking it. Give it another 13 weeks..

    • GS says:

      Bad night. I’m not giving up Castle or Blacklist for it. I’d watch it any other night.

    • JD says:

      It would be nice if CBS would’ve left it on Tuesday night and not paired it with comedy shows. Such a mismatch!

    • Patricia says:

      I think Intelligence would have gotten better ratings if hadn’t been for so many repeats of NCIS & NCIS:LA and competing with the Olympics. Most people just figured that there was no new TV to be watched and missed out. I’m really hoping that this gets renewed. Fingers crossed

      • Greg says:

        “Intelligence” has suffered the fate of most replacement shows. It started out with a bang and then just wallowed in a rut. “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” has pretty much done the same thing. Tie-ins with “superheroes” etc. have helped it some but, moving it might help more. Unfortunately, “Intelligence” might not be able to weather a move unless it went to Sunday night.

        • Linda says:

          I really like Intelligence, but it seems CBS and don’t agree on renewal. I also liked Vegas, and we all know what happened with THAT. I remember a few seasons back, CBS stated Friday night viewers were more the “geriatric crowd”. They had Blue Bloods on the bubble then, too. Like the Mentalist, but think it needs something more substantial in the storyline area.

  13. Andrea says:

    Since The Good Wife got the nod, I’m thinking it’s not looking promising for The Mentalist.

  14. ggny says:

    Im guessing The Crazy Ones not getting rewnewed yet has alot to do with the money they got to shell out to the actors on the show since im guessing it wasnt cheap to get Robin Williams to come back to TV

    • Esaul says:

      A lot of the big movie star actors take cuts on the small screen. Last Man Standing has Tim Allen and the show’s been on for three seasons now, on a Friday no less. Movie actors can’t expect to make big bucks either to appear on television. It’s probably not even for the money, but for something different.

    • sarah says:

      I can not see Crazy Ones cast members making what Ashton Kutcher makes per episode.

      • April says:

        Yes but TAAHM has an insanely lucrative syndication deal and TCO’s does not.

        • Andrea says:

          Two and a Half Men also has one important thing…Chuck Lorre. He might still want to continue to do the show, and I seriously doubt that CBS would want to bite the hand that is also feeding them TBBT, Mom, and Mike and Molly.

  15. Me2 says:

    Yay for NCIS season 12!!

  16. M says:

    2.5 men?? When will this show end?

    • crog says:

      Hopefully not soon. I’m glad it got renewed. Its easily my favorite comedy. Its always consistently funny for me while tbbt and himym are either horrible, okay or really good. 2 broke girls is in second for me

    • Tania says:

      I so agree It’s time for that show to end

    • Simon Jester says:

      I don’t watch it myself… but at this point, every renewal is like a big middle finger in Charlie Sheen’s direction, and I’m OK with that. :-D

    • Greg says:

      I must confess, the only Lorre show I like is TBBT. 2.5 men is out of gas.”Mike and Molly” relies waaay too much on slapstick. But, this is JMHO.

  17. kgd53 says:

    News about Josh Charles’ contract? I can’t be happy about The Good Wife if I don’t know whether Will will be in it.

    • Steven says:

      I’d be ok with Will leaving at this point. With this new federal investigation I could see him taking the fall for Alicia and going to jail. Watching LG crumble and Diane going to Alicia and Cary for a job would be so much fun!

      • kgd53 says:

        It wouldn’t for me. Diane is a Queen and I don’t want her going anywhere. People should come to her. Also her professional relationship with Will was one of the main draws throughout the series. Original, and so masterfully acted. I’m still hopeful they’ll fix it before the end of the season. Also, when Kalinda still existed Will/Kalinda scenes were epic, and I would want Patty back just so she could interact with Will. Those conversations about her children were hilarious. And that’s without even touching the fantastic job Josh Charles did when it comes to Will’s shenanigans with Alicia.

  18. Bad Wolf says:

    Wooohooo !!! Hurray for The Good Wife !!! Wow I’m just ecstatic, I wasn’t expecting it so soon, maybe the end of the month ! Now I can just enjoy the rest of the season without worrying for its ratings, oh thanks CBS, thank you so much !

    @Matt : You forgot to put The Mentalist on the Bubble list. If I remember correctly, fellow procedurals Without a Trace, Cold Case, CSI : Miami and CSI : NY were also left out of the March renewals in 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2013 before being axed in May ! It’s a good thing they wrapped up their Red John arc this year !

  19. Jennifer says:

    This is why I love CBS. They let us know early! I was concerned about Blue Bloods and Five-0. So happy that they are coming back. Two of my fave shows (not to mention eye candy!!!)

    • TV Gord says:

      I think we can now declare that Friday is BACK! There’s so much to watch on Friday nights again. It’s no longer the wasteland (where shows go to die) that it was just a few years ago. Maybe one day, we’ll see Saturdays reborn, too!

    • Sue J says:

      Five-0 & Blue Bloods Best Shows and Best looking men on TV!

  20. Danielle. says:

    They need to keep Intelligence; that is a good show for CBS, and it’s hard to find UNIQUE cop dramas these days (an Agent functioning via implanted computer chip – who woulda thunk?). It’s gaining a regular following slowly but surely, and by good, old-fashioned word of mouth. POI, Elementary, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods & even NCIS:LA are now staple shows for the Network. NCIS is dead in the water & needs to permanently dock after this season. That is all.

    • flootzavut says:

      “NCIS is dead in the water & needs to permanently dock after this season. That is all.”

      Yeah, consistent figures and consistently winning the ratings battle on their evenings… Definitely on its way out

      • Danielle. says:

        Agree…and honestly, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just time, that’s all. It happens to everyone & everything on Earth. Everything has a lifespan. The key is that you have to know WHEN to sign off…..with some Dignity intact. It’s far better for NCIS to do the latter, than to pretend that everything is peachy & just keep going. Gibbs looks half-dead & he’s supposed to be the star of the show. Hardly anyone on that set seems to be having fun anymore, and even worse – the AUDIENCE picked up on that, so they’re tuning out. It’s hard to say goodbye, but a necessity nonetheless.

        • Jennifer says:

          I love NCIS. Have since the beginning. Just wondering where you’re getting that “-the AUDIENCE picked up on that, so they’re tuning out.” Since it is STILL the highest rated drama, again, where do you see the audience tunign out??

          • Natalie says:

            Jennifer, no offense but you need to pay closer attention to TV Line on a regular basis :) They’re really good about posting all of that information. The numbers have been reflecting a downward shift for quite some time now.

          • Betty says:

            I too have been a loyal follower on NCIS since the beginning! No one messes with my Tuesday nights!

            I also love Intelligence! I know that it is up against Blacklist which I also watch….thank heavens for DVR’s! Does taping a show count towards it’s rating?


          • TV Gord says:

            Natalie, with the increased competition from ABC and–to an extent–NBC this season, NCIS has taken a bit of hit, but nowhere near the point where anyone should be talking about cancellation. The show is as good as it has ever been, so it’s ridiculous to suggest that it’s time to pack it in.

          • Daniel says:

            The numbers haven’t been going downward. This season has consistenly remained above 19 million viewers and a 2.9 in the 18-49 demo, except for the last two episodes because The Voice returned.

          • Pete says:

            Natalie, the numbers have NOT been reflecting a downward shift.
            Up until the last 2 new episodes the numbers have been steady at a bit over 19m viewers but without the wild fluctuations in numbers seen last season. The s11 average has been so close to the average for s10, so far, for there to have been no noticeable difference (aside from possibly the steadiness of the numbers this season) made by de Pablo’s departure.
            Yes, season 10 did have a couple of episodes with a high number but it also had some rather low numbers. The most recent 2 episodes, although a drop compared to earlier in s11 were still higher than several s10 episodes.
            It is possible that the numbers for the rest of the season will be continue to be ‘low’, but that remains to be seen, however the lows of the last 2 eps are still above the lows of s10. CBS has no more information to think NCIS is failing now than it did this time last year.

          • Barb says:

            Agree with Danielle & Natalie, as do many other fans. You can really see the downward spiral lately. Everyone has been mentioning it all over, actually. Not just stateside. I’ve seen many complaints from global audience. I agree – NCIS has run its course, and that’s not a bad thing necessarily. It’s had a great run, but now it’s time to make room for something else. The New Orleans show looks somewhat promising, but we’ll see. Btw I LOVE the Blacklist – now THAT is a hot show!!

          • Lolitta says:

            Funny..So the last few seasons there was no competition to NCIS at all,no Voice,no daylight shift…Sure,everything just magically came only for this season. FYI: in S10 NCIS drew over 20 ml. against American Idol AND Voice.

          • April says:

            @Natalie – The numbers are lower than they use to be but the same can be said for almost every other show on television. People aren’t tuning out of NCIS…they are tuning out of TV. It still has some of the highest numbers of total viewers on broadcast television and consistantly ranks very high with the coveted 18-49 demo. I won’t speak to the quality of the show because that is too subjective but ratings wise this show is still very much a winner for CBS.

          • TV Gord says:

            @Barb, the only people complaining about NCIS are the ones who won’t get over Cote CHOOSING to leave. They may be loud on message boards, but they are a minuscule part of the overall audience.

          • Nick says:

            Barb – you & Natalie & Danielle hit it Dead.ON, bar none. What the heck does “No. 1 scripted” do for ANY show when virtually NOBODY cares to talk about it, or pay attention to it anymore? In my area all the hot TV Talk evolves around the shows making the most noise these days: Scandal ( a bit over the top in my opinion) Blacklist, even The Bachelor gets discussed around the water cooler. NCIS has ZERO buzz. Time to Go. I agree about Intelligence – they should keep that

          • TV Gord says:

            TV advertisers don’t hang around the water cooler.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Bingo. They hang around a spreadsheet full of numbers, called ratings.

          • N tTVf says:

            Exactly – thank you TV Gord and MWM. It’s about money. That is what advertisers spend on network programs via commercials, and the money follows the ratings.

            Buzz, tweets, yelps, re-tweets, likes – that’s really nice stuff, but show me the money. Ratings are still the main driver of where money is spent. That, and potential syndication deals – again, all about the money.

            When all else fails in determining whether a TV show should be renewed or canceled, follow the money.

          • flootzavut says:

            NCIS would be worried about lower numbers if it was the only show that was taking the hit here and there. First off, it’s been attracting solid, consistent numbers, and secondly, it compares favourably with the shows against which it’s competing. People talking about a downward spiral need to check their maths.

          • TullaT says:

            The ratings have been going down. You can’t blame it on the Voice, they were up against the Voice last year and were doing better. As far as the quality of the show, fans are complaining about it ALL OVER the internet. This site seems to be an enclave of people who hate Ziva. That’s fine, it’s your right, but no other site on the internet has this bias.

          • Danielle says:

            I agree with YOU, Nick. If “TV Writers” actually SPENT more time around the water cooler, perhaps they’d get an idea of what viewers REALLY want to talk about & see. Get your head out of your “numbers” and actually find out what people want to see. The Industry certainly isn’t reflecting any NCIS love these days. The show NOBODY cares to talk about. Enough Said :)

          • RealityPolice says:

            @TvGord Newsflash: You, “MWM” & some others completely missed the point of what the fans were saying. Screw “numbers”; the point was REALITY. If NOBODY cares to promote something by DISCUSSION (aka Buzz) then soon enough, that reality WILL catch up to the “numbers”, as it’s already DOING. That was the accurate point being made. The “numbers” will continue to matter less & less, and THAT is what is happening with shows like NCIS. Socially…people are tuned out. That WILL catch up to the “number”. It’s equivalent to scientific law. They HAVE to collide eventually.

          • flootzavut says:

            There seems to be an assumption that people who want the show to carry on must hate Ziva. Newsflas: not true. I liked Ziva, and Cote came off as a cool chick. I just don’t happen to think that one person out of an ensemble cast is the magical ingredient without which the show cannot function. It’s TV, it’s a job. She’s moved on and so has the show. 17-19 million viewers in the US alone seem to be happy.

          • Terry Lynn Erwin says:

            Remove my from you e-mail list please your e-mail are getting annoying

        • flootzavut says:

          Uh, Danielle, I think you missed my sarcasm there…

          • Andrea says:

            To Matt’s point about ratings, if you’re CBS and you make this announcement in March, you have a reasonably good idea of what you’re going to keep. If the “2 dramas and 2 comedies” stat is accurate, and that’s all the room that you know you’re going to have, what’s the point of greenlighting so many pilots? I know networks want options and not everything will test well, but pilots also cost money to produce. It seems like CBS has a lot of pilots for both comedies and dramas. NCIS has the spinoff, Bebe Neuwirth and Tea Leoni have Madame Secretary, and Hart Hanson has a drama for CBS, doesn’t he? That’s three right there. At what point does producing pilots become producing material to fail?

          • Julia says:

            @Andrea – Even if the “2 Dramas” quote is real there are still a lot of unknowns. For one thing, just because a show gets picked up doesn’t mean it will do well. CBS may want to have a few shows on reserve to fill in just in case one of it’s new shows tanks. Also, a show may sound good in spec but once you start filming it may turn out to be horrible or a total nightmare. You need to be prepared just in case something goes wrong. The sad reality is the vast majority of pilots don’t make it on air but networks need to make them anyway because well…you never know what it really going to work until you actually see it.

        • Agreed. I believe the show has run its course at this point. Gibbs can move on to NOLA since he seems more interested in that right now.

          • flootzavut says:

            Since Gibbs is a character and not a person, I doubt he has a say in that…

          • NathanC says:

            Well, since “you believe the show has run it’s course”, by all means let’s just pull the plug and shut it down–arrogant much? Frankly, I pay little attention to constant whiners and complainers like yourself–do everyone a favor turn it off and abandon the comment section–many people, myself included, would be eternally grateful–take your little pals with you…. SMH

          • flootzavut says:

            Lucy’s comments and opinions are apparently much more important than those of the rest of us plebs… according to her, anyway!

        • Greg says:

          May I suggest any one of a number of “vampire-love” or “fairy tale” shows de jour? This type of entertainment seems to draw numbers like fresh manure attracts flies. The comparison does not end there. Great shows like NCIS etc. have their ups and downs. But, they hang around due to their quality. Whereas shows that latch on to the current “fads” fade without a smidgen of “dignity” to be found.

    • Bad Wolf says:

      Sadly, the numbers are the only thing that matters. NCIS may be dead in the water creatively (your opinion, I stopped watching years ago), but people still watch it massively. The only show whose quality may have mattered for its renewal is The Good Wife, which skyrocketed this season (an exploit, given its previous four seasons were already far above anything on network TV). And even then, its 2 million dollars per episode deal probably matters most to CBS. So Danielle, prepare to say goodbye to Intelligence, its ratings are downright awful, especially for a show in its first season. Sorry.

      • Esaul says:

        How can you speak of the creativity of NCIS if you stopped watching years ago? That’s a silly assumption to make despite that this opinion is your own.

        • suzi says:

          Yea…I love how people can state unequivocally that a show has dropped in quality, and in the same sentence claim not to have watched in years.

          • TullaT says:

            I’m still watching, and I think it has gone so far downhill, it’s almost unrecognizable. I keep watching in hopes it will improve. There was a little glimmer of hope with the 250th, so we’ll see.

          • Jax says:

            I think you guys need to take a reading comprehension class. Bad Wolf very clearly states that it is other peoples opinion and not his(hers?). And BTW I agree. People may complain about the quality of the show but the ratings are still very good. Clearly enough people still enjoy it and CBS is not going to get rid of it as long as it keeps bringing in the viewers.

          • Greg says:


          • flootzavut says:

            Comment by Greg – March 13, 2014 07:54 PM PDT”


    • Andrea says:

      Happy about NCIS and The Good Wife. I agree about Intelligence and would like to see it stick around. It’s growing on me more than I thought. Could it be a summer series with a 13-episode order? That would work for me.

    • Jane says:

      Sadly, they don’t care about quality anymore. The scripts are all over the place, poorly written.

  21. Lysh says:

    I feel like Sunday at ten should be a news show or something. I like The Mentalist, but CBS doesn’t seem to care anymore. Maybe it’s time for it to go.

    • David says:

      The Sunday timeslot during football season sucks. I wish they would move Good Wife out of there. I think that plays a huge factor in Mentalist ratings.

      • Agree with this x’s infinity — never knowing what time the shows are going to begin has turned a lot of people off. I am doing a happy dance over TGW’s renewal – it’s the most consistently smart show on network television. It will be a major disappointment to lost The Mentalist without at least giving it a decent time slot.

    • TV Gord says:

      I think the Sunday time slot after The Good Wife should be a live and entertaining sports/news show that can time out to 11pm. That way, it might keep football fans on CBS through the evening to see an entertaining wrap up of everything that happened in the world of sports that weekend (and it might show some of them how “Good” The Good Wife is!

  22. Poppy says:

    The fact that The Mentalist gets better ratings than half of these shows makes looking at the ratings posts a totally pointless waste of time. What a joke.

    • Bad Wolf says:

      Economics ! CBS doesn’t produce The Mentalist so, apart for the advertising revenues (for ads which air during the episodes), CBS doesn’t make any money with The Mentalist. While The Mentalist may have better ratings than some of the freshly renewed shows (if true, not by much), they’re not strong enough to warrant a renewal anymore. Take The Good Wife, for example, which have slightly lower numbers : CBS makes 2 million dollars for each new episode produced thanks to a lucrative syndication deal. That’s why, even with lower numbers, it’s more profitable for CBS than The Mentalist. The same goes for Blue Bloods and 5-0, which are, on top of that, 2 seasons younger thus less expensive (cast salaries in particular). Plus, they air on Fridays, when networks typically have lower expectations than the rest of the week.

    • Dee says:

      I think The Mentalist is facing the same situation as CSI Miami & CSI New York. They had decent ratings but were getting more and more expensive to produce.

      • Xo says:

        and that it is not a CBS produced show they basically gets nothing out of it now other than the first air’s ad money… and since it is pushed back often it doesnt air all of it in 8-11 hour… seriously they need time slot space for new dramas. TGW is a CBS show it might get a bit lower ratings it actually aint as much as you would think other than this week.. but it is CBS own show meaning the get the sync money for years to come while they get nothing nada out of TM!

  23. SandraM says:

    No surprise to see NCIS renewed! Hopefully in season 12 they’ll have the sense not to re-hire Bishop.

    • TV Gord says:

      I hope not! I think Bishop has been a great addition to the team! I like a new dynamic. It makes everyone interesting again.

      • Joni says:

        Only guessing here but here goes – I think Ms Wickersham would have signed a standard 2-year contract.

      • TullaT says:

        Completely disagree. WIth Bishop on the team, all of the characters have become boring, just like her.

        • NathanC says:

          What I find boring is the same people whining over and over again like 5 year old children missing their nap. Sad, their comments just run together, like a dripping faucet–yawwn……

          • flootzavut says:

            It’s amazing to me that people keep going on and on and on about a show they claim they now find boring. I mean, move on, folks, get a life.

    • Tania says:

      I think that what iswith some fans they don’t like her I for one still watch and I don’t like Bashop I hope she does leave at the end of the season. they should of Hired Diane Neal she plays Abby something I forgot her last name but she would be great

      • Joni says:

        GGIS Abby Borin is too senior to be on Gibbs team – if she moved to NCIS she wouldn’t take that big of a demotion and the corresponding paycut.

    • flootzavut says:

      *cough*likely two year contract, solid ratings, dream on*cough*

  24. Sarah says:

    Yay NCIS and Five-0!! :)

  25. Brandy says:

    Glad about 2 BGs and BBT but that’s all I watch on CBS.

  26. Spoiler Junkie says:

    Is the Mentalist on it’s way out? Most probably.The move to Sunday and the long delayed/abysmal end to the Red John story line didn’t help the show’s chances.

  27. Nicole S says:

    Keep Intelligence!!!

    • Jennifer says:

      I like Intelligence, but it reminds my of Chuck (although a drama, rather than a comedy).

      • Mark says:

        I actually think if the numbers keep steady as they are around the 6 million mark I think they will keep it as its not all that expensive to make in comparison to say moving Blue bloods to a Monday and putting up against Castle and the Blacklist. So to say this is the toughest night and time slot competition wise its not dropping or losing people its held pretty steady from the 2nd episode onwards CBS really doesn’t have anything to put there unless they want to kill it.

        • Barb says:

          Well, CBS is bringing in two new dramas next year. They have to make room on the schedule somewhere. Intelligence took Hostages spot so for the sake of this argument, Hostages doesn’t count. That leaves The Mentalist and Intelligence as the only two dramas that have not been renewed. Kind of a big hint there…

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            The plan was always for INTELLIGENCE to replace HOSTAGES when it did.

          • Mark says:

            Well my argument stands do they want to put a rookie show that’s untested with no fan-base up against these two giants and kill it before it gets going or keep something that is not doing great but holding its own every week…

          • August says:

            @Mark – You are assuming they would put the rookie show in the same spot as Intelligence. It could be they move a proven show that already has a steady fan base into that spot and put the new show somewhere else. Either way, Intelligence has the lowest average rating of any show on CBS right now. It is not working. Yes, you take a chance with a rookie that might fail vs. a show that you know if already failing.

          • Barb says:

            The point is, CBS has to cancel something to make room for two new dramas. What would you cut? A show that’s working or a show that isn’t.

          • Mark says:

            I accept what your are saying @August but isn’t the main reason the show is doing so badly solely down to the timeslot its in. If this show was given half a chance by CBS it would have been moved and tried elsewhere but Mondays at ten are a big problem for CBS and they really can’t sacrifice another show there.Any new show coming onto the network will end up in the same predicament as Blue Bloods or Hawaii five 0 aren’t going to get sacrificed so it will be a new show. And that must really fill any actor or actress looking at the pilots on CBS with hope knowing your probably heading straight for the axe…..

  28. Brooke says:

    This sadly doesn’t bode well for The Crazy Ones. I lucked out with The Mindy Project’s renewal, but I’m cynically expecting for my luck to not continue.

  29. Becky walsh says:

    I am happy for the shows that got renewed but NCIS needs to up their game and return to the heart of what their show is.

    • Joni says:

      NCIS has moved to what the heart of the show is – great cases and a great team dynamic. Very much like the seasons when Mr Bellisario was still the Executive Producer (S1-S4).

      • John NYC says:

        I started to see that even with the first two episodes of this season: pop-psychology might opine the summer brought a wake up call and that shakeup led to a revitalization of the show?

        It has an early season feel for me as well. Lighter and moire relaxed flow than recently, when, while I still watched, it was after NCIS:L.A. That order has changed with this season…

  30. GS says:

    Yeah for Criminal Minds and Blue Bloods…2 of my must watch shows!

  31. JWB says:

    I’m surprised about The Millers, Two and a Half Men, and Mom. They aren’t very good shows and the ratings aren’t so impressive.

    • Zach says:

      I’m somewhat behind on The Millers, but aside from Margo Martindale, I was enjoying it. It can be pretty surreal at times. Very Greg Garcia.

    • Brandy says:

      Millers is the only CBS owned comedy and this season highest rated new comedy so it was always going to be renewed.Mom and Men ,two words :Chuck Lorre.Men has improved its ratings since switching timeslots and CBS wants to give it it’s due.Mom has also grown in ratings over the season.

    • says:

      The Millers was def a sure thing

  32. Pete says:

    Excellent news about NCIS, they are hitting their stride now with the new character, Bishop. I’ve enjoyed season 11 more than many of the recent years, so hopefully it will continue in the same vein.

  33. TW2 says:

    Criminal Minds?!? I didn’t even realize that was still on…surprised that is was renewed for next season. Huh.

    • grumpiestoldman says:

      Last night’s CM was one it’s best, or grossest, epi’s yet! And Penelope showed off her incredible cleavage!

      • Angela says:

        Ehhh, I think the cannibal from “Lucky” still takes the #1 spot for “grossest case”, personally. But even so, yeah, last night’s episode was very weird and creepy. And the stuff with Reid and Garcia was fun. This season’s been pretty good overall, I’d say-happy to hear the show will be back for a 10th season!

    • April says:

      Criminal Minds average ratings place it as the 6th highest show overall on the network and it is the #2 Drama behind only NCIS. So…yeah, it’s getting renewed for next season.

    • What you mean you didn’t know criminals minds was still on. Where been at the last couple years under a rock, went back in time, or in a coma. These are the explanations for not knowing criminals minds was still going on, is a great show with a great cast, great storylines and great writers and great producers. If you don’tl ike criminals minds something just wrong with you

  34. Doug H says:

    Don’t forget that CBS has 8 Thursday night NFL games next season to soak up hours… It’ll be interesting how they schedule things… I do feel that some of these older shows are heading into endings as CBS eventually needs some new shows… I wonder if Intel will be replaced by NCIS New Orleans??? It is great that CBS gave TGW a renewal in the face of heavy competition at that 9pm Sunday hour this spring… ABC, NBC, and FOX along with cable nets all have strong shows…

  35. Jay says:

    I’m currently binge watching Hostages. Great show, wish the ratings were good enough for renewal.

  36. Jack says:

    Alright-Alright-Alright…. NCIS returning for another season… Maybe we’ll met Gibbs’s Divorced Wife #2 and Dinozzo maybe will actually have an adult relationship with a woman. At age 45 you’d think it would be time.

  37. Chase says:

    Could it be possible that CBS is waiting to see how FWBL does and then will choose between that and The Crazy Ones to renew? Fingers crossed!

    • Zach says:

      Most likely, and I would bet on The Crazy Ones. It has more episodes in the can, so it’s closer to syndication. Plus, the cast is outstanding. But then again, FWBL seems like their idea for the next Rules of Engagement, the only difference being they don’t get syndication money.

  38. CactusRose says:

    The HAVE to renew Intelligence! It’s such a smart, interesting and entertaining show. Plus, Josh Holloway is gorgeous! There aren’t too many combos like that on-air today!

    • Amy W. says:

      I agree. I have been enjoying Intelligence. I also enjoy Castle, but I caught Intelligence one night b/c of a rerun, and now I DVR Intelligence and watch it every week. CBS should consider a different time slot before cancelling.

  39. Stefan says:

    Very happy for Good Wife. I just can’t get enough.

  40. Jax says:

    The only show I was even remotely surprised about was Mom. Everything else was a given.

  41. kirads09 says:

    Of the renewals here probably most happy about POI (not surprising). Now come on – renew Intelligence – please. :-)

  42. Dee says:

    Great! But can we have Ziva back please? One season without her is way too long already. Love the show but it just hasn’t been as good this year.

    • TV Gord says:

      Since it was Cote’s decision to leave, I doubt there’s anything CBS can do to bring her back, especially since she left for personal reasons (not money).

    • as524 says:

      it’s been great this year….hoping the show shuts up all the ziva whining by killing off the character (off screen) by end of s11.

      • NoChance says:

        I didn’t think so when Ms de Pablo decided to leave but with all of the in-fighting among fans I think finding out Ziva died in a bombing or some accident might be the best solution so the show can move on. It’s been over 9 months and Cote seems to have moved on in her life and career so shouldn’t her fans be happy for her and support her in her future roles? The woman deserves to try for a career outside of a TV show.

        • Jane says:

          They should kill Bishop, she’s upsets the complete flow of the show. Just the boys would be better .

        • as524 says:

          the thing is – these aren’t fans of COTE….they are only fans of ziva & cdp is just the vessel to bring them what they want. What SHE wants doesn’t matter to them in the least as long as they get ziva and/or tiva

  43. sarah says:

    SO happy for Person of Interest Blue Bloods and Hawaii Five 0.
    Please renew Crazy Ones! They renewed the Millers so there is hope!
    I would like to see Intelligence renewed but I would be okay if it is not.

  44. NCIS season 12.. A new opportunity to make things right and to bring back Cote.

    • flootzavut says:


    • John NYC says:

      They cannot “bring” an actress who won’t be “brought”….

      Or do you have some suggestions for a recast? An actual Israeli could be fun. Names?

    • Bellz says:

      Cote de Pablo will not be back in season 12 unless its for a very small recurring role or a couple of ‘keeping in touch” episodes. Wickersham would of signed a 2 year contract as CBS don’t have 1 year contracts. If they did Cote would still be there as thats what she wanted and CBS wouldn’t giver her one. Bishop is doing ok and the ratings are holding up just fine.

  45. Bonnie Maynes says:

    The Mentalist is the best show on TV and it should have been the first to be renewed.

  46. SallyAnn says:

    Keeping fingers for The Mentalist and Intelligence. Love those two shows!

  47. Jo says:

    It was clear from the start that Crazy Ones was a goner. The average CBS viewer can’t handle a comedy without a laugh track.

    • Will says:

      ^THIS! I don’t know what the odds are of it getting shipped around. Would it have been better off on another network? I think NBC would LOVE to have a comedy consistently hitting a 1.9 or higher.. the studio should definitely talk to them ;-)

    • Magali says:

      Sad but true.

    • Zach says:

      I don’t know about that. They gave it a full season, and it still has a chance of returning. CBS said they only plan on picking up two new comedies, meaning they would have to renew two of the ones from this year that haven’t already been renewed. And THAT would mean they would have to renew at least one single camera comedy, and somehow I don’t think that’s going to be Bad Teacher.

  48. terry says:


  49. Kim says:

    I don’t see Ziva coming back without Cote making some major mea culpas to the cast and crew. She basically hung them out to dry big time with her last minute decision to not sign a new contract. David Mc Callum has stated publicly he is very unhappy with the way she handled things.

    • Bad Wolf says:

      Please, not the whole Cote scandal again ! Whatever anybody says, you’re not in her shoes thus you can’t know for sure what happened and in what circumstances she decided to call it quits. She left. Get over it.

    • John NYC says:

      I’d suggest the greater issue is the unknowable basis for her decision to leave. Unless and until those circumstances/facts were to shift cast dynamics are sort of moot.

    • flootzavut says:

      There’s also the question of whether she’d even want to. Discounting the conspiracy theorists, there’s every indication that she left for personal reasons which seem unlikely to have magically changed in what, 8 months?

      Between that and the fact she’d probably have to, as you say, make some major mea culpas (I can’t imagine McCallum making those comments if he felt Cote had been badly treated), she’d have to really, really want to come back.

      And of course, with the show not taking the huge ratings hit that some people predicted, CBS might not be willing to offer her the kind of contract she could have commanded last summer.

      Overall, and this obviously being my layperson’s opinion only, it doesn’t seem likely that she’d return as a regular cast member.