Shocker: The Originals Loses a Series Regular

Claire Holt Quits The OriginalsWell, this is bloody surprising.

This week’s episode of The Originals, titled “Farewell to Storyville,” was in fact a farewell for an original cast member.

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Claire Holt, who plays Rebekah on The CW’s hit freshman series, is as of now no longer a series regular, The Wrap first reported.

UPDATE: While Buzzfeed claims it was Holt’s decision to leave the well-received and already renewed supernatural drama — a source tells that site it was never her intention to play Rebekah this long (?) — The Wrap says producers had decided that Rebekah’s storyline “advanced in such a way that she was no longer needed as a regular.” So… who has a coin to flip?

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Prior to playing Rebekah (first on The Vampire Diaries), Holt’s credits included a few episodes of Pretty Little Liars and the series H20: Just Add Water.

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  1. JJM says:

    This show is really going down hill for it’s first season…

    • Jason says:

      2 season dumb ass

    • Barbara says:

      I disagree. I believe the show is progressing nicely. However, the loss of Claire Holt may be a huge blow. I really enjoyed her performance as Rebekah and her absence will be a problem as far as I am concerned. If New Orleans is out, maybe she will settle in Mystic Falls for a while. If not, then I wish Claire Holt only the best in her career, and I hope to see her in something else soon.

    • kaylis says:

      Your way off! It’s a great show and will only get better with the upcoming birth. That will provide a great deal of options for the story line.Although I adored the character Rebecca, they will find another attractive female to toss into the mix I am sure. Maybe even Caroline. After all she did just have a woodland tryst with Klaus did she not?

  2. Mimo says:

    Good for her, she, and the character,deserve better.

  3. Justin says:

    I’m shocked.

  4. david says:

    oh come on. you need all 3 old them unfortunately i cant see the shows second session succeeding :(

    • luvprue1 says:

      I agree. The show is call “The Originals”. How can it be about The Originals family with just two Originals? I rather they had kill off Marcel,or Cami. Hell, they could have let Davina stay dead for all I care. But keeping Claire would have benefited the show.

      • Josh says:

        It’s Vampire Diaries spin-off. It’s two Originals aka Two Dudes and that’s all that matters. Female “characters” on this show and the Vampiries don’t exist outside the realm of men, so who cares if one guys away.

        • Brandy says:

          Rebekahs trysts with Matt& Marcel were hardly a thing on either show ,she had other sl.Plus, the names is Originals as in the three remaining living Originals-Rebekah,Klaus,Elijah.

    • Jimi jeeter says:

      I agree that Claire shoud stay for the show to have even a remote chance. They really need to get rid of the girl who plays Cami! She doesn’t fit in this show at all! They alljust need to go back to the original show, Vampire Diaries

  5. Alex says:

    So what’s her next project?

  6. Mindy says:

    First Naya Rivera leaving Glee, now this? Weird week.

    • 'A' is Alive says:

      Did Naya really leave? Last time I heard, she was leaving for a couple of episodes (like last season, but it was more spread out). I think she will resurface some time later in the season. Maybe somewhere between 18-22 because we know she’s not in episodes 14 through 17…

    • Cris says:

      I know right. Sad to hear that both my fave tv characters will either leave for good or be reduce down to a guest spot only. Well I guess that means my Tuesday night will be free from now on.

    • daphne says:

      :( Naya and claire.. omg. nooo D: ….. Wish them all the best for their future :)! Song/Actress! :D

  7. M3rc Nate says:

    Im happy about this. I adore her and think she is insanely gorgeous and a great actress, she was fantastic on TVD, i havent started The Originals yet…but IMO she can do so much more. Get on a real TV show or get yourself an awesome movie…i say the same thing to Nina Dobrev, both of them could be playing serious, awesome, badass, parts. Holt could have easily been the wife in Wolf Of Wallstreet and Nina could easily have been Katniss, the chick in Divergent…etc.

    • tv2day says:

      Very rare cases when TV stars in these kinds of shows look big on the film screen. I thought Jackson from sons of anarchy would be a huge film star. He’s small on the big screen. These girls would be too.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        What do you mean small? Like their talent? I have to disagree, HUGE stars (recently) have come from TV to be big movie stars. And i dont even mean they have to become big movie stars, i mean….Sophia Bush on The WB (CW) on OTH…she went from a CW teen HS drama (granted, one of the better/best ones) to Chicago PD, running around in Tac-gear with a M4 playing a interesting, heavy character on a show that has a LOT of mainstream viewers.

        I’d also disagree and say that Charlie Hunnam was “big” in Pacific Rim and that he totally has potential to do other huge movies.

        I can only imagine people would say the same type of stuff about Jennifer Lawrence if she had started on TV, cause she is so normal and gorgeous but not in Oliva Wilde striking way…they say shes perfect for TV but wouldnt stand out in movies..but obviously us having seen her in movies, we know thats not the truth.

        • Melanie says:

          Sophia Bush a big thing? I think you need to check your fact. Her role in OTH was bigger than what she has now (in term of presence and visibility I mean)- and horror movies are known to be a dead end.

          I really agree of what her next project is? 30 years of Sci-Fi convention regretting that move. Funny, ironic, but true. I can’t argue she’s no good, but realistically won’t happen. And Nina Dobrev is having quite the biggest she can in movie- quality movie with something to say (like Perks of Being a Wallflower). Only way you can improve is by getting an interesting part on a bigger and better quality network- but look at Katherine Heigl. She was talented, had incredible storyline to get her price recognizion- but moved to chick movies where her parts where nothing as Izzie Stevens emotional parts would have gotten. So Nina is making significant movie and that’s the best she can do even if talented.

        • Jeni says:

          Jennifer Lawrence did start out on TV: The Bill Engvall Show.

        • Josh says:

          I wouldn’t call Sophi a Bush a success story. She’s a crappy spin-off of a character crappy show. Charlie Hunnam did have a STARRING role in a movie.

          I’d say Kristen Bell is a better example as she was on a show quite like Nina’s, except she was the actual main star of the show, unlike NIna who’s really been pushed back to third place(use to be fourth when Klaus was around). Now her talents get wasted since she basically plays a character who’s main function is a man pain device.

      • Alice says:

        Didn’t Shailene Woodly go from being on a little TV show to being in an Oscar-nominated film with George Clooney? And the film adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars? AND the film adaptation of another YA trilogy? She seems to be just fine on the big screen.

    • Rachel says:

      Problem is Nina Dobrev can’t act. Actually she is fair but nothing spectacular. She is way over rated, just like Kristen Stewart.

      • Mari says:

        No opinion on whether she should ever win awards, but unlike some, Dobrev does have more than two expressions.

    • ES says:

      There is NO way Nina could have been Katniss or even that girl on Divergent. She doesn’t have the depth or range needed. Also, she is not stunning and statuesque like those other girls (and Claire Holt is too). Claire will do well though! Nina will probably not do much after TVD is over.

    • Derek says:

      Get on a real TV show??? WTF? You’re kidding, right? You don’t think TVD or The Originals are real TV shows? Those actors have huge followings, and get paid serious money for starring in those series. Hell, there is even a TVD/originals Convention held approx 8 times a year. Not too shabby! (Especially when you look at their lack of previous acting roles.) I’m not saying they couldn’t or shouldn’t do other shows or movies but don’t knock these shows.

      • 80s says:

        It’s all subjective. I wouldn’t count TVD or Originals as the most acclaimed shows on TV, nor do they have spectacular ratings (good for CW, but that’s not saying much). I hope Clare Holt finds herself on a bigger network in the future and in a better show. I could understand why Clare could want more.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Yet they arent really considered real TV…mainly by Hollywood where is where they get their next/other jobs. You have a following/big show on the CW? Good for you…teen girls are huge fans of your vampire show…does that mean you can transition to successfully playing a deep, gritty, subtle role on a show like Breaking Bad or True Detective?

        They are the “PG-13, CW-Teeny-bopper girl version of True Blood”… they arent critically acclaimed besides teen shows like Teen Choice which no one cares about in the industry (execs, casting etc). CW will never be one of the “Main” network channels (NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS).

        That all said I think Nina and Claire could transition, i personally think they are both under-rated actresses with potential for real roles.

  8. nateddog says:

    In pissed!

  9. Rose says:

    Mixed emotions. Can they bring her back to The Vampire Diaries, please? #mabekahFTW

  10. tv2day says:

    She was my favorite character on this show n when she was on vamp diaries. I hope she has something better lined up. Hit shows r hard to come by

  11. guy says:


  12. Rebecca Parker says:


    Rebekah has become my favorite character on the show, surpassing Elijah, which is saying A LOT. It won’t be the same without her and I don’t at all get it.

  13. Aj says:

    They need to bring her back to TVD for Matt!!

  14. ggny says:

    Well that is just a dumb mistake. Looks like there is no point in watching this show anymore

  15. Kalee says:

    Uh what? Now it’s just the Originals brother duo? Welp, BYE.

  16. christine says:

    Dissapointing. Rebekah was the badly needed vulnerable one. The only one who dared to love. The show started out so strong but is fizzling since its return from hiatus. The only female characters to root for now are Davina and Hayley. Cammy is just bland.

  17. jerrired says:

    I knew someone major would die or leave from this storyline. I thought it would be Charles (Marcel). I’m completely shocked it’s Claire and Rebekah. The show has been really good so far, but her leaving makes a big hole in the series. I don’t know how they’ll fix this…I don’t know I feel like it needs Rebekah to feel complete, so this is a weird development, and I’m not even saying this as a huge Rebekah fan, just the way we’ve come to know these characters and the show’s dynamic.

    • Derek says:

      Rebekah added a voice of ‘humanity’ and an emotional sentiment to the show that just is not being offered even by Elijah. Her leaving the show leaves a huge gap in the character range of the show.

  18. Beck says:

    Well I’m no longer watching The Originals. I wonder what happened?

    • dude says:

      It said that she never envisioned playing Rebekah as long as she did. Makes sense now why she was so reluctant to sign on to the series in the first place but I wish she’d have at least stayed for the whole first season before leaving.

      • Berrylimesublime says:

        Is the actress still dating the actor playing Klaus in real life? Because they’ve been dating since starting playing these characters and her best friend is the girl playing Hayley so my guess would be there was a breakup involved……

        • San says:

          Joseph Morgan is dating the woman who plays Bonnie’s mom in TVD in real life. Phoebe the girl who plays Hayley is dating Paul Wesley. Claire and Joseph never dated as far as I know so I’m sure there wasn’t any tension coming from between them.

        • rarefied says:

          Joseph Morgan has been dating Persia White, the woman who played Bonnie’s mother, for the past year or so.

          • Mark says:

            Isn’t Paul Wesley married ?? or was she the cause of the divorce ???

          • Mary says:

            Paul Wesley was married for 2 years to Torrey DeVito who played Meredith on TVD. Two months after the divorce it was announced he was dating Phoebe Tonkin, who currently plays Haley. Joseph Morgan was rumored to be dating Claire Holt after he broke up with Emil VanCamp , but nothing was ever confirmed.

  19. michelle says:

    Shes my favorite character. I hate that she decided to leave The Originals. And hate all you want. The Originals is better than TVD at the moment. I would love for her to come back to TVD so she can reunite with Matt. However I dont see it happening. This sucks :(

  20. Anna says:

    This show had such promise, but the lack of a decent plot and character development (for both the new ones and the TVD ones), has really left me wanting more. No more Rebekah just seems to make the point of the show (aka The Original FAMILY trying to make a new life in New Orleans) seem like a ploy to get people to watch. I am so very disappointed. I was hoping she was just going on a character vacation (Tyler does it every season of TVD), the show will lack something without her on it.

  21. La says:

    The Originals doesn’t have many Originals left. Seriously, they should have never left TVD.

  22. A. D. says:

    NO Way this sucks!

  23. Brooke says:

    How the bloody heck can this be The Originals without the Originals? It was odd enough having only 3 of the 5 siblings, but now down to only Elijah and Klaus…?

  24. Cy says:

    She’s tired of playing Rebekah, it would be kinda pointless to return to Vampire Diaries since it’s the same character.
    Anyway, this is weird. Maybe something went down. She knew she would have to play Rebekah for long when they were offered a show of their own…

  25. Jean says:

    What? I remember a summer interview where she said she hoped in The Originals’ success ’cause she wants to work, and now she leaves the show. I’m really sad :(
    Danielle Pineda left, too (she will play a character on a pilot for Nbc), so, who’s next?

    • Yasmine says:

      Honestly I’m not entirely convinced she’s gone for good I think yes she will be a guest star till the end of this season but she will return in Season 2 and I’ll think that it will have something to do with Klaus or his Baby because as much as they piss each other off sometimes they have such a special bond and this episode and its flashbacks showed this more than anything besides can you imagine Bex without her overly-protected and Extremely Loving Brother!!!!
      These Two have a Beyond Extremely Special Bond!!!!!!!

      She Will Be Back Or (At Least I Hope So)

      PS: Who Didn’t LOVE Elijah When He Exiled Marcel!!!!

      And Klaus Looking At The Knight And Remembering when he gave it to Rebekah!!!!!!!! =”””””'(((((((

  26. La says:

    So I just read this wasn’t Claire’s decision. The producers/Plec thought her character would be “non-essential” going forward. How can a freaking Original on THE ORIGINALS not be essential????? This is just ridiculous.

  27. Carla Krae says:

    This seems so surprising after a recent live interview with her. She looked like she was enjoying her time on the show and was excited for people to see that episode. She loved the layers of Rebekah and getting to wear the different period costumes and all that. What the hell happened?

    • Derek says:

      Not that I agree with her leaving, but she is an “actor” and she can’t exactly go around giving interviews about how much she hates a show she’s in the middle of filming.

    • sane says:

      I know. She fooled us all. I’m so angry beyond words and I don’t know who to lash it out on. Claire or julie. My theory is that, she could be pregnant. Pls let it be so

  28. Rebecca Parker says:

    I truly think there is something fishy here. Claire Holt had to sign a contract – no way TPTB wanted 1/3 of the Originals to not stick around. I don’t think it’s Holt’s choice, like they’re saying – I think for some twisted reason one of the Execs (Plec, or otherwise) wanted and forced her out.

  29. steve says:

    i didn’t watch yet, what happendd? did she die?

  30. meatwad says:

    She was the reason I decided to give the show a chance in the first place. i’ll continue to watch but it won’t be as enjoyable

  31. loriane says:

    So sad she left the show i don`t feel like watching

  32. Relieved4claire says:

    Can I just say…. I freaking called it! I knew all these actors were miserable on this show! Everyone of them signed up expecting a kick ass show about the originals what the got was some weird, awful baby trope plot that completely sucked the life out of this show. Good for her, I hope she never comes back. If you watch or read the guy who plays Elijah interviews, he talks about how dumb he thinks these romances are and how he doesn’t understand whats going on. I would bet my life savings that this show dies in the ratings now that the only female who had chemistry with Klaus is gone. Plec ruins everything with these characters and she killed TVD too. Kevin never should have left because she destroyed all things good about these characters. I just feel bad for the fans.

  33. Melanie says:

    I really thought this couldn’t happen. Seriously, as so much of the comments above, Rebekah was my fav character and- although I’m not usually like this- I don’t know how to continue this show without her. The character had those moments I felt like the story lines didn’t match with previous mythology sometimes, but … I don’t I’m sorta devastated now.
    I can only wish her the best, although I think she should have enjoy the part she had. She had a challenging full of emotion character to play- she had the chance to play side by side with her real life BFF- and she’s throwing that away for adventure. Can’t blame her for wanting different, but with past actor it’d been shown there is not much futur

  34. Dominique says:

    What the heck?!! if this was Claire’s decision, then dumb move cause she had a good thing going. If this was Plec&Co’s decision, even dumber. Rebekah is essential to this show, it needs strong, yet vulnerable women who screw up from time to time. Rebekah is just that.

  35. Amarilis says:

    Well, that’s very disappointing but not totally unexpected – she also left H2O in their third season for no reason (other than to star in two awfully third-grade direct-to-video/tv movies). I wish her well in her career, nonetheless… Hopefully she’ll agree to make one or two cameos on TVD and TO… Rebekah is one of my favorite characters, and the show will not be the same without her.

    Now, they better start thinking of a good way to bring Kol back.

  36. B. says:

    NOOOOOOO!!!!! This cannot be true D-: WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?

  37. Viv says:

    That´s a shocker indeed. While watching the episode I thought the entire time: “Like they really would kill Rebekkah… they can´t kill off one of the Originals” – and [spoiler] they didn´t, but I thought she would pull a Tyler and be not around for a few episodes. And while I´m not someone for conspiarcy theories it´s kind of odd that she quits halfway through season 1. I didn´t start to watch for Rebekkah, but I will miss her. And I´m hoping she will be back sometime in the future.

  38. Tee says:

    She was fantastic on TVD. Unfortunately I could never get into the Originals, so here’s hoping whatever she does next, is something I’ll want to watch!

  39. Tobi says:

    Wtf!!! She’s my favorite! I hope this is just an episode or two

  40. AGB says:

    I like Elijah but Rebekah was the reason I was watching. This was totally unexpected.

  41. One hundred percent believe, Plec is pushing her out so that she can focus the show on the love triangle between Elijah, Klaus and Haley. F’ing pathetic and unoriginal, can’t wait for TVD to finally end so that I can leave the Plec world.

    • tp says:

      If they push a love triangle with Klaus, Elijah and Hayley I’m out too. I hate it when the love triangle takes center stage. Almost ruined Reign for me.

  42. Rachel says:

    She got out while the getting out is good. smart lady. This series was ok, but TVD has been hood lately. They need to put both of these shows out of their misery.

  43. Alicia says:

    I am devastated. Rebekah is my favorite of the siblings. If I find out that it’s not Claire’s doing, I’m going to quit the show.

    • beck says:

      She signed a contract so I’m betting it wasn’t her decision some reports are now saying that it wasn’t Claire’s decision to leave

  44. Mj says:

    It has to be her who wanted to leave I just don’t see them getting rid of one of the 3 remaining originals when there are a handful of other girls on the show that have hardly any storylines besides filler for the main storylines

    • Rook says:

      I’ve read online articles saying both that she did want to leave and that she didn’t want to leave. So I thinks it’s gonna be a situation where we’re just not going to know what really happened.

    • Erin says:

      I agree it has to be her who wanted to leave, or else why even create the series…
      She probably wasn’t happy with the storylines for her character.

      • Kevin says:

        um i think the way she exits was fairly logical and nice plot shakeup. She’ll probs return when the baby’s born in sesaon 2 I seriously doubt this is permanent

    • Elle says:

      This is Plec you’re talking about. She thrives on getting rid of the faves. How many faves have been lost on TVD? It’s nothing strange or mind-blowing that a main character would suddenly leave the show. Everyone is replaceable in Plec’s world.

  45. Brandy says:

    I watch for Rebekah & Klaus, I can’t believe Claire quit halfway through season one

  46. Brandy says:

    That should say Rebekah & Elijah, not Klaus

  47. Daniella says:

    Apparently it was plec’s decision and not Claire’s.

  48. Rook says:


    • Brandy says:

      God no.Thatd ruin the show more than Claire leaving

      • Taylor says:

        Agreed. No more Klaroline ridiculousness ever please. And it’s not like TVD is doing much better this year…they would be crazy to lose a main cast member from that show. The next step for TO better be fleshing out their other female characters. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to start switching up the character pairings. Let Cami have screen time with someone other than Klaus, Hayley have scenes with someone other than Elijah, etc.

        • rge says:

          Oh,really honey???
          You need to get your facts straight.TVD has better ratings even in the season 5 from The Originals season 1!The disaster for TO is the stupid baby plot and Phoebe Tonkin!
          And without Klaire Holt,i can’t see any future for a long time to this show.

  49. Brandy says:

    They can’t have a show about The Original Family with only two of the five Original siblings.

  50. Stacy says:

    First kathrine now rebekah at least now I can be done with the world of plec

    • Chris says:

      Right? Rebekah is my favorite character from both shows so no rebekah means me no longer watching the show.

    • soren319 says:

      ^ No, there were 5 originals. The Family included a first born who died from the plague. Then Elijah, who is an original. Finn, original. Niklaus, Original. Kol, original, Rebekah, original. Then Henrik, who died from werewolves. Then Mikael, who was an original. Esther, who was a witch. There were 6 original vampires. The only member of the family never shown was the one who died from the plague.