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Looking Finale Post Mortem: Jonathan Groff on the Big Kevin-Richie Cliffhanger

Looking Season 2 Spoilers“WTF?” has rarely been more valid a question than it is in the wake of the freshman season finale of HBO’s Looking. Off his impromptu tryst with his boss, will Patrick attempt to pursue a relationship with Kevin in Season 2? Or will he recommit – and profusely apologize to – his sorta-boyfriend, Richie?

For answers, TVLine turns to Jonathan Groff, the Broadway babe and Glee alum who plays the in-demand loverboy in the middle of the muddle. Not only does he make a case for Patrick and Kevin – and Patrick and Richie – he also cops to a crush on one of his co-stars, reveals how badly he was stung by early criticism of the show and marvels at the unexpected opportunity to enlighten his straight friends about gay sex. So yeah, all in all, it’s a must-read.

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TVLINE | Before we get to the finale, congrats on the Season 2 renewal. Were you sweating it out?
Yes, we were. We’ve been dying to find out if we were going back since we left San Francisco, actually, because it was such a great experience. Since we wrapped the show, we’ve been keeping our fingers crossed for a Season 2 pickup, because we didn’t feel like it was done yet. The honeymoon was not over, and so we’re really excited to get to go back.

TVLINE | Do you have any idea how many episodes Season 2 will be?
It’s unclear yet how many there will be.

TVLINE | Fans are hoping for more than eight.
We are, too! [Laughs]

TVLINE | OK, about the finale, burning question — how the hell was Patrick able to resist Kevin for as long as he did?
[Laughs] Well, I think part of it was due to the fact that Kevin has a boyfriend… I also think Patrick was a little blindsided by Kevin’s interest in him. In the finale, when Kevin is sort of coming after him in the office right before they have sex, and Kevin is like, “I can’t stop thinking about you,” it takes Patrick by surprise. Patrick didn’t realize that Kevin was harboring that kind of feelings for him.

TVLINE | You and Russell Tovey have fantastic chemistry. Was there a spark there from the get-go?
I love him. You can’t work to create that. It was a relationship we had from the get-go. We both come from the theater world, so we have this similar way of working and relating to each other together on set. I adore him. I think he is so talented and I’m so happy he’s coming back as a series regular for Season 2. And Raul Castillo [Richie], who I’m harboring a huge real-life crush on… [Laughs] I’m happy that he’s coming back as well.

TVLINE | What was it like shooting the big Kevin-Patrick sex scene? It was pretty steamy.
[Laughs] Indeed. It was great! [Looking co-creator] Andrew Haigh directed that episode, and I love the way he [depicts] sex in film and television. I think that it’s very intimate and very realistic. He definitely goes for whatever feels the most real, and that was certainly the case in that scene. And Russell and I had been comfortable with each other by that point. It was quick — we didn’t take that long. It was that one shot, as you saw, and it was really special. I feel like I’ve had a lot of people — a lot of straight friends of mine that live in L.A. or New York who are liberal-minded and open and accepting — say that they did not know that gay men could have sex face-to-face until they saw the show.

TVLINE | Get out.
And that has been a huge revelation for me! And it’s certainly not like the intention of the show is to, like, educate straight people about how [gay people] have sex. But it’s obviously happening with my friends, and I feel like, “Wow, what an added bonus that we’re telling some things that maybe people didn’t know.” Isn’t that crazy?

TVLINE | That’s crazy. It’s hard to believe.
Go to dinner with some straight friends and ask them about it, because I am shocked at the number of friends who live — like I said — in L.A. or New York who didn’t know that.

TVLINE | After Patrick and Kevin slept together, Patrick asks, “Now what?” And Kevin says, “I don’t know.” It seemed rather dismissive.
Yeah, I agree! [Laughs] It did seem like it is a very surprisingly dismissive moment! Maybe he is dismissive because he doesn’t want to acknowledge his feelings, like, “Oh s–t, I really feel something for this guy,” or “You know, now I f—ed him and it’s done, I’m over it.'”

TVLINE | What do you think was going through Patrick’s mind when he saw Richie waiting for him at the end?
It’s incredibly complex. There is a lot of guilt and confusion happening. It’s also sort of clear and unclear what Richie is saying in that moment. He says, “You know, I think I’m falling in love with you,” which makes me feel emotional just reciting the line that he says. I think he’s just so heartbreaking in that scene when he takes off his hat; he is so adorable. Is it a break-up moment? Is he walking away from him? Is this the end? There are a lot of things happening there.

TVLINE | The fact that both he and Russell are coming back as regulars suggests that the triangle is going to endure.
I imagine that the triangle will be further investigated for sure.

TVLINE | Who are you rooting for Patrick to end up with?
Both of them offer something really different and unique to Patrick. I love that Kevin and Patrick have a sort of effortless connection, and both have the same sort of job. I also love the chemistry between Patrick and Richie. And I love that they come from different places and are finding a common ground and finding a way to connect with each other. And I also think that Richie is in a place where he is ready right now, and Kevin still has a boyfriend. I don’t know; it’s hard. I feel like you could fight both sides, which is what makes it interesting.

TVLINE | After the first episode aired, there seemed to be a little blowback from the gay media about the show, with some complaining that it was too boring, slow-moving. Did that bother you?
This show, more than anything I’ve worked on, I feel incredibly, personally connected to. So to hear resistance or to hear negative comments in any way, it’s sort of like a punch in the stomach. But we were also expecting a complex reaction, because there was so much expectation and so many ideas of what it was going to be before it aired. And hopefully, now people are seeing it for what it is and connecting to the characters and connecting to the stories. And certainly, the good news for us is that the numbers have continued to grow each week, which is such a relief and really exciting. It sort of makes up for that initial negative reaction. To know that people are really starting to connect with the show and starting to watch it and starting to get invested, it’s all we ever really wanted. We really fell in love with the characters while we were working on the show, and we really fell in love with each other, and it’s nice to now see people starting to embrace them and embrace the style of the show.

TVLINE | Lastly, are we ever going to hear Patrick sing?
[Laughs] I don’t think so. I feel like Patrick would be a terrible singer, so it would be fun to sing badly.

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  1. justjeff says:

    “WTF?!” is right. I’m pissed, but I am also intrigued to see how the characters are going to fix their mess in season 2. The long wait starts now.

  2. Ian says:

    This episode just made me sick, unfortunately. I almost couldn’t even finish watching it. Absolutely everything I didn’t want to happen, happened. I don’t care for Patrick and Kevin at all. I don’t even care for Patrick. But I’ve wanted so much to love this show. And now it’s been ruined for me completely.

    • bill says:

      Why? Because Patrick and Kevin ended up together like it was obvious from the start? Richie is too different, he’s got no ambitions, he’s whiny. Kevin is a man with power, he’s fun, and the actor’s hot.

    • Elaborate why it made you feel sick, or couldn’t finish watching it. Why you don’t care yet you wanted so much to care? Why not just change the channel and spare us this morose rant?

      • dlill1634 says:

        I agree. I felt sick! I live this show and lived how it ended with season 1, however for me the sickness came from the sense of realism i as a viewer felt struck with. Patrick and richie were on the way to this loving relationship that made us all smile and say aww, then patrick sleeps woth someone he seemingly doesnt are about, and who is already cheating. Then after the sex scene we see the emotions that patrick has for richie, he does kind of love him! And we all felt guilty as if we had cheated, and we all felt sorry for richie because hes so genuinely nice! So i felt sick, just not in an, i hate this show its ruined way, more of a, ive never felt so into a show since buffy way…

    • James says:

      Wow! I had the EXACT same reaction. And that seemingly ‘content’ look on his face when he sat on the bed watching the Golden Girls made me ill

  3. Fernando says:

    I’m team Richie all the way, I hope Patrick and him end up together plus he was the first guy he met and had a connection with so he could be end game but we are far from that so for now I love just seeing Patrick be torn between these two guys.

    I d

    • razzwill says:

      I’m team Ritchie too. I rewatched the entire first season in one sitting and the character development and plot arc becomes clearer in hindsight. I don’t think Patrick deserves Ritchie. He’s not committed or serious enough and it seems he only seeks people out when he’s down, sort of like comfort food. Patrick’s attempts to worm his way back into Ritchie’s life in the second season was kinda creepy.

  4. Fernando says:

    I don’t want to wait a whole year for this show to come back

  5. Manuel says:

    Patrick and Kevin are a match made in heaven, i need more of their effortless chemistry in season two

  6. Jared says:

    Richie is my baby. I’m just excited to see more of him and his life outside of Patrick in season 2.

  7. Adrian says:

    This show has messed me up! Please keep up! I’m so in love with Patrick and Richie.

  8. Dan says:

    “a lot of straight friends of mine that live in L.A. or New York who are liberal-minded and open and accepting — say that they did not know that gay men could have sex face-to-face until they saw the show”

    I thought *EXACTLY* that when I was watching. Like, can they do that?

    • Bryan says:

      Wait, so you’re a straight guy who watches this show? That’s awesome :D
      Of course the other option is that you’re a gay/bi guy who didn’t know there’s missionary for gay people, which is err… weird

    • anna says:

      me too!!! I also didn’t know that! glad to see I wasn’t the only one…

    • Well, wasn’t this happened in QAF too? I remember Justin and .. (geez I can’t remember, was it Brian?) .. did it on a matress on the floor. Hot as hell. :)

  9. Jonathan Groff is the real thing, tonight sealed it for me with his tears during the Richie scene. I was one who wrote this show off during the premiere, but it has found itself and gotten better and better. This was the best ep yet and I can’t wait for season 2. These characters and relationships have become so complex.

    • I’m the same! I was writing this show off when I saw the first scene of that pilot episode. I was so disappointed I was a bit mad that this show would be another Queer As Folk (which I have nothing against, but the tone of that show was just not for me). I was expecting something more realistic and fresh and down-to-earth, and romantic maybe. So when it seemed to be just another sex-crazed representation of gay people, I was very disappointed. I didn’t even want to watch the second episode. I started watching again after I saw the recap of episode 3 where Russel Tovey appeared (I’m a huge fan) then realized what I was missing. I started rewatching the show from the start and hasn’t been disappointed since. Funny thing is, I started loving the show because of Tovey, but now I don’t even want him to end up with the main character because I love Richie more! :) I guess the romantic in me want someone good, genuine and honest to win the prize.

      • Bruce says:

        What’s the “prize?” Not Patrick I hope. Richie can do better and deserves better. Someone who respects, appreciates, let him top (primary), and defends him when necessary. A lot of necessaries, especially when it comes to his friend the egotistical, immature, messy Augustine! Patrick’s mother had it right when she confronted Patrick on his on crap. And after his whining about his sphincter muscles (Richie, unfortunately, begged to do him) and Richie still blow him right, ate him out, and even bottomed for a bottom. Then after Richie takes him on a romantic (courting) outing, Patrick just throws his legs up with no problem for the drinking problem, in a relationship, his boss Kevin!!

  10. Sara says:

    Ok, so I just randomly happened to catch tonight’s finale (literally just finished watching it) and now I feel awful that I decided against watching this show because of some sketchy comments and critiques of the premiere. That episode was really engaging!!! Looks like I am going to have to try to figure out my HBO Go log-in information so I can hopefully see the whole season.

  11. Carmen says:

    I am sooo mad with Patrick after tonight episode¡¡ grrrrrr

  12. Alejandro says:

    Why does this interview concentrate on Kevin??? Richie was the first love interest not to mention that he’s Patrick’s boyfriend! He’s just as important, if not more, and there’s only one question about him…
    seems like the interviewer has a soft spot for Kevin

    • Lain says:

      Yeah, Ausiello has a soft spot for pasty white men and tends to forget about those with darker skin. Nothing new. It’s pretty predictable, at this point.

  13. JaMeesha says:

    I LOOOOOVE Kevin! I’m so glad that they hooked up! His accent and demeanor is sooo cute! Kevin is so charming- I have an onscreen crush on him! Get it boo boo!

  14. Guest says:

    Team Richie!!!

  15. Samsung says:

    Why all the questions are about Kevin?? And why you tell Kevin-Patrick cliffhanger?? What about Richie?? Richie and Patrick also ended on a cliffhanger?? And If I am not wrong Richie is the boyfriend……
    It is curious that is Jonathan Groff himself who mention Richie and Raul Castillo because for the interviewer it seems like they don’t exist.

  16. KevyB says:

    Part of the reason for people not liking the show early on, Jonathan, is the writers started the series about four episodes too early. For a show that’s going to be this character-based, you need to FIND those characters and then present those three-dimensional characters, it took you more than 2 hours before we cared about just two of these characters! Patrick and Richie are still pretty much the only fully-realized characters on this show after 4 hours! Dom is getting there, but he still seems like little more than a gay stereotype compared the the better-written Lynn. And Agustin is just a horrendous character. Why are these three even friends when you’ve showed us several friendships outside this inner circle that are far more believable? That said, recent episodes show great promise and make me excited for next season.

  17. Tricia says:

    I absolutely love this show! I think Patrick’s character is so relatable. People in real life don’t always make the best decisions and Patrick’s story is told in a very real way. Relationships are complex! I think there is a lot more story to be told and I can’t wait for Season 2!

  18. DavidSask says:

    How are they going to put Richie into the whole group is the question? I have not heard many people that are on team Patrick right now or period for many. Everyone I know loves Russell but damn they made his character an ass-hole!

    • Violet says:

      But everyone I know loves Richie. So if he is going to be in season2 as regular is because a lot of people loves him too. So Richie is going to be in Patrick’s life probably like a love interest again.

  19. Sarah says:

    I LOVE Richie. But because I love him, I also think he deserves better than Patrick in a way? Patrick doesn’t really seem like he knows what he wants and it feels like he’ll always be drawn to Kevin somehow. Therefore I vote Richie get a boyfriend who deserves him and Patrick/Kevin is endgame somewhere into the future.

    This show is so good. Can’t belive I have to wait (probably) a whole year for season 2. I want it nooooow. I want to see Dom and Lynn! I want Agustín to be happy. And I want Frank to be happy. I want everyone to be happy!

    • ella says:

      Yes!Exactly.Patrick/Kevin end up together.I’ll wish for that.Besides, Richie deserves better.He deserves someone who cares and love him as much as he loves that person.Because at the moment,I can’t see Patrick as that person.Patrick kind of in love with Kevin,the way his eyes always on Kevin,the look of jealousy when Kevin was with his BF.I couldn’t see that when he was with Richie.I don’t think it was love with Richie after all. He loves Richie but he is undeniably in love with Kevin.

    • :) I love you Sarah. Best post so far!

  20. kate'shomesick says:

    The episode just broke my heart but I think it worked on every level. The acting was so spot on.
    Patrick had to sleep with Kevin to realise something…it’s gonna take time but I hope, after he has had some more experience, it’ll work out with Richie, who is honestly the most likeable character I’ve ever seen on TV. Also I loved Dom taking a chance with that kiss. That relationship would be wonderful to watch. I wish Scott Bakula all the best but I seriously hope that NCIS spin-off doesn’t work. He’s just be a great addition to the show.
    Agustin got what he deserved and hopefully that will spur some growth characterwise…

  21. SJ says:

    Team Kevin all the way! :) But looking forward to seeing how the triangle plays out.

  22. Eric7740 says:

    Team Patrick and Kevin all the way!!! Great season finale!!! Jonathan and Russell have amazing chemistry!!! Kevin is who Patrick belongs with. There are just too many differences between Patrick and Richie and in the end those differences will break them apart. Trust me, I speak from experience.

  23. alec says:

    Patrick to sing? NO, NO, NO. The actor can sing, but the character NOT, unless Patrick sings badly. We need to draw the line between the character and the actor.

  24. Matt says:

    I LOVE this show. It’s the first time I felt I could truly relate the characters and storylines of gay portrayals on tv. It felt really natural and “real” to me. Thanks!

  25. Adam Fachry says:

    The scene where Patrick and Kevin are done having sex, comes off like the latter is treating the former like a 1950s secretary who has finally put out for him. No wonder people were quick to judge him as an asshole.

  26. Maria says:

    The sex scene between Patrick and Kevin came across as sad to me, not at all hot. Patrick seemed to regret it almost instantly, as he tucked away his scapular. Kevin came across as inappropriate and manipulative and Patrick’s low self-esteem, his fears after being turned down by Richie played a role in going along with it. I truly hope Patrick and Richie find a way back to each other in S2.

  27. JaMeesha says:

    Team Kevin! Augustine is gross and needs to be written off the show.

  28. Ojay says:

    I still can’t get over the fact that the show’s first season has ended and that we’ll have to wait for next year for season 2. I love this show! It’s the only show on earth that I got so attached to.

    About the finale, really torned between Richie and Kevin but I think I’d go for Richie for now since obviously he’s falling in love with Patty and he’s not just after the sex. He’s sweet and caring and a partner material, really. Although, I’d say I’m irritated by his insecurities and lack of ambition.

    Kevin would’ve been a good catch but he has a lot of things to fix first because if he can cheat on his bf, then he can do that too with Pat, well, just in case they’d be together on Season 2. Too early to tell. Haha! But he’s really irresistible. Can’t blame Pat for giving in. But I feel sad for him afer the sex. Felt like he was just used to release Kevin’s heat. Gosh! I’m so affected! LOL

    I love Jonathan Groff! Wish I could find a partner like him in the future. Haha! Can’t wait for Season 2!!! :)

  29. Alexandre Therrien says:

    It’s funny because Kevin and Richie both broke my heart for different reasons. I loved Kevin at first, but then he broke my heart for the wrong reasons (what a dick move). I loved Richie ever since we were first introduced to him in the bus, and then he broke my heart for the right reasons. And that’s how good the writers are. Back when the show first started, I never would’ve expected to feel that involved for these characters. Well, Dominic is growing on me, but there’s a bit of work that needs to be done on Augustine. Can’t wait for next season already!

  30. I am obsessed! I love and empathize with Richie, Patrick AND Kevin. Not one of them is perfect and relationships are complicated and hard.Yes, it stinks that Kevin cheated on his boyfriend but that was not casual sex and was a long time coming. When they first met, Kevin shot Patrick down, he told him straight off that he has a boyfriend. However, just as Richie is this close to falling in love with Patrick, so too is Kevin. If you listen carefully to their conversations, you hear clues that his relationship with Jon is far from perfect (the fried food ban, the difficulty in balancing work and a relationship) and that he is falling for Patrick (you get me, you appreciate my work). I think Kevin wanted to tell Patrick how he feels when they were on the roof but Patrick did not want to discuss it then. I am not convinced the sex part of the ambush was planned but it certainly was fueled by alcohol and pent up unexpressed feelings. And having just been dumped by Richie, Patrick was extremely vulnerable. The fact that he bottomed for Kevin speaks volumes too. Kevin made a noncommittal comment and quick exit after the sex (but notice he ran his hand through Patricks hair on the way out) because he knows he set something in motion that will be messy regardless of the outcome. He really doesnt know what is next. Will he dump Jon, who left his job in Seattle and moved to San Francisco to be with him. And what about his work relationship with Patrick, that will never be the same. Sorry for rambling, I just felt Kevin was being unfairly vilified, lol.

    • rachelle says:

      I literally agree with everything you wrote! I was thinking just the exact same thing, no lie.

      • Smallestchicklet says:

        Glad I’m not alone! I’m ashamed to admit how many times I’ve re-watched that scene. I don’t hear coldness in Kevin’s tone when he responds, “I don’t know, Patrick”. To my ears, his voice cracks slightly, as if he’s tormented and afraid to think about or discuss what’s next for him and Patrick. But since no one else heard it that way, I must be hearing something that isn’t there. Guess I gotta wait for season 2 to find out, argh.

  31. Rafael says:

    The Patrick and Kevin whole thing had to happen, they want it. I didn’t want it because I just whished that Richie and Patrick’s relationship work out, but Richie had a point, Patrick rush everything, but I thing that it happens because his insecurities, I don’t know, Richie and Patrick are so differents but them connection is adorable and was automatic. I’m identify with Richie because he is so sensible. Of course Patrick is not ready for a relationship, and for been in love either. I know that the whole Richie and Patrick will be back, not immediately, I know it for the way when he put the scapular after having sex thing with Kevin… I hate that Patrick give to Kevin his bottom virginity, I hate it so much, you figure out if he give it to Richie? Aaaah. So, I love the show, is amazing, is realistic. Can’t wait for season 2, wish more than 8 episodes. Sorry for my english, I’m from latin america.

  32. Ritchie-fan says:

    Kevin not only cheated on his boyfriend then dismissed Patrick after the sex was done, he did that dick move blasting Patrick’s surfing habits in boss-mode then telling him he was going to hire him for the team all along after Patrick pulled the all-nighter. Hard to know how much is about sex and how much is about manipulation, but it’s not about love there.

    With Richie, it’s about love.

    Was there a condom anywhere in that bottom sex with Kevin? I didn’t see it.

  33. rachelle says:

    I loved Richie with Patrick… then Kevin kissed Patrick in Episode 7 and I. Lost. It! I’m obsessed! Kevin and Patrick’s chemistry is wild as hell! Their scene in the finale. Omg, talk about steamy! I re-watched that scene more than ten times. Their kisses are ao passionate and real. It’s bananas! Tovey did such a great job relaying his longing for Patrick, his inability to fight off temptation. He pulled me right in.

    That scene with Richie and Patrick at the end broke my heart! Poor Richie. His heartfelt confession, Patrick’s tears. God! I can’t wait to see what happens next year. I hope we get more episodes!

  34. Persio says:

    I’m hooked to this show like a druggie is to heroin. I can’t get enough of “Looking” I’m team Patrick-Kevin all the way. They are a complete match, “looking” sexy together.

  35. Fernanda says:

    Patrick-Kevin-Richie hooked up/love/lust relationship will end in season 2, guys this is an HBO series, Patrick will see a lot of more handsome characters if the shows get renewed for season 3. So I will wait to see what happen in season 2 and beg that the show become more epic than other gay show on tv.

    By the way, I still wait news about Open, the new HBO gay show created by Ryan Murphy.

  36. Ella says:

    :D Team Kevin but I want a lot more of it! more episodes pls. A 20-minute episode is too short as well. And besides can’t wait a whole year for S2, though I’m totally an Iranian straight girl.

  37. Oscar Andrade says:

    I’m team Richie, that scene when Richie tells Patrick that he is falling in love, and Patrick feels guilty/moved, it’s worth all the series. I can’t wait for the next season, too bad we have to wait a year.

  38. carol tran says:

    I would love to see Patrick and Kevin together at the end. I honesty don’t think Kevin is an asshole because he said that at the final scene. He did felt for Patrick and can not resist toward him but in another hand, he still has a bf and lot of things to deal with so he got confused and didn’t know what to do so he left.
    I actually like Richie character as well, what an adorable person. Cool guy, Nice smile! Plus He look extremely HOT when he shaved off his beard lol But I just feel like, if he and Patrick together, it is too Obvious and no more interesting to watch!! In another hand Kevin will be much more challenges to be with depends on their circumstances, that’s why many Fans like them and love to see how can they deal to be together. I like both Kevin and Richie, But my vote go for Kevin, in movie. And real life, I may choose Richie because he is more real and easy to be with :)

  39. joe says:

    Just start the season 2….everyone”s waiting…..come on…..

  40. Tim says:

    I finally binge watched series one, and my comment after was ‘what a slow, depressing show.’

    QaF was outlandish, for sure, and relied on stereotypes and exaggerations that bug me to this day, but at least it wasn’t dull and depressing.

    The final episode, while perhaps being teased all prior, left the series with no moral center among its three main protagonists. I don’t know. It bugged me. A lot.

  41. KG says:

    Finally binged watched Looking myself. I have to say, I’m hooked. Waiting so long for season 2 is just wrong! Relationships are complicated & it will be interesting to see how the show deals with the love triangle. Personally, Patrick’s chemistry with Kevin is more beleivable than his with Richie. With Richie, he seems to be trying too hard & I like Richie too much to see his heart being broken. Even the tears in their last scene, Patrick looked like he was forcing them out!
    But after the sex Kevin seemed dismissive. Yes this situation is uncomfortable, will change their relationship and I believe him when he responds “I don’t know Patrick”. All I’m saying is you can not call me for a booty call at work, then leave the scene of the “crime” before me!!!! LOL

  42. Raymond says:

    Awesome show and can not wait to see Season 2, the story line between Patrick and Kevin is what interests me the most. but Augustine can go cause he annoys me as a person, but love this show.

  43. Dani says:

    So, let me gush all over you a little bit :-)
    Patrick: What is so amazing with the writing and character development here is, that after a few episodes and quite a lot of cringing (like “It is so bad I really have to look away” cringing) I could start seeing Patrick about 10 years from now – and what a quite amazing, mature, gentle and affectionate man he will be with a little more self-knowledge.
    You can see little glimpses into a more mature future in the small scenes, his awkward but real laughs at Richie’s flirtations in the bus when they first meet, his wonderfully subtle build up to telling off Kevin in episode 4, his caring, humorous, non-judgmental “mother hen” behavior towards Augustin in the finale, his wide open face in the heartbreaking scene with Richie in episode 8….
    He will be fine, more than that, he will be a very fine men in a few years. And to bring all that to life in just 8 episodes, THAT is amazing writing and acting!
    Kevin: I really really need to see more of him independently of the dynamic with Patrick. They’ve teased us with the real him under the cocksure, guarded, cool, tough man attitude a little bit – him bobbing his head to the Folsom Fair music, the utterly funny and charming yes turning into a no to Patrick’s question whether he would like to be down there, the “get out” to his phone in the same episode, his joke about regressing whenever he is back home in the wedding episode….. There is something very endearing and playful about him every time he feels he can relax and let his guard down. They really need to humanize him more to keep me invested in the character. Let us spend a night out just with him and his best old friend from Essex/London (wherever he is from) visiting him in SF, a scene like that would do a lot!
    Why is it, that the very few, in-between-vulnerable moments of competitive, guarded men are worth so much more (and are so erotic) compared to the ever available openness and vulnerability of an mature man with integrity? Tells you a lot about my maturity level, too :-)
    Which leads me to Richie. This must be a hell of a great mum that did help form this gentle, understanding AND strong man. Can you please write an episode where we can meet her, get to know his world and his friends better? Let’s throw in an ex-boyfriend, too. It seems he would still be really good friends with an ex. Anything really, that makes him even more-dimensional. With him, too, I need to see more independently of Patrick.
    I’m utterly invested in those characters – and hold out hope, that they will continued to be treated with respect in the trustworthy hands of Michael Lannan and Andrew Haigh.

  44. Blessings says:

    Absolutely heart this show! Am from Zimbabwe so i tend to watch it secretly kkkkkkk. I must say i’v alwayz wondered if the face to face is possible so am very happy abt the enlightment. As for teams am all abt Team Richie! I think hez cute and they can go through a lot of growing together with Patrick and some good memories. As for Kevin i think if they officialise it they’ll easily tire of each other and it will become boring.

  45. Blessings says:

    Absolutely heart this show! Am from Zimbabwe so i tend to watch it secretly kkkkkkk. I must say i’v alwayz wondered if the face to face is possible so am very happy abt the enlightment. As for teams am all abt Team Richie! I think hez cute and they can go through a lot of growing together with Patrick and some good memories. As for Kevin i think if they officialise it they’ll easily tire of each other and it will become boring.:)

  46. Blessings says:

    I absolutely heart this show! Am from Zimbabwe so i tend to watch it secretly kkkkkkk. I must say i’v alwayz wondered if the face to face is possible so am very happy abt the enlightment. As for teams am all abt Team Richie! I think hez cute and they can go through a lot of growing together with Patrick and some good memories. As for Kevin i think if they officialise it they’ll easily tire of each other and it will become boring.:);):););)

  47. James Johhnson says:

    this is a well-cast show whose actors are at the top of their game! I am hoping that there will be many more seasons of this series.

  48. Debbie Kenyon says:

    I absolutely loved watching Looking, so much happening in each episode and the dialogue brill, When Patrick said ” you sound like I need to go to evening college” when talking about an uncut cock, hilarious. I was disappointed about Patrick sleeping with Kevin, but the seen with Richie trying not to look at Patrick but with his eyes slipping over to him so romantic I cried.

  49. Mariana says:

    Team Kevin all the way <3 yeah.. it looked kind of shady at the finale but i really love those 2 together

  50. michael says:

    I live in Australia and can only get dvds d.
    I have purchased the first series bust cant purchase the second series.

    Can you please tell me whir I can buy it>

    Thank you