OWN's Lindsay Offers Sad, Boring Look at the Life of Lindsay Lohan -- Rate the Premiere

Lindsay Lohan OWNSunday’s first installment of Oprah Winfrey‘s Lindsay docu-series (10/9c, OWN) was not unlike Lindsay Lohan, herself: tragic and confusing, yet strangely compelling.

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That said, if you were hoping for a tabloid-style portrayal of Lohan’s “train wreck” existence, you were likely disappointed by the premiere, which presented the actress not only as a recovering addict, but as a hopeful survivor.

Sure, there was the occasional moment of insanity — I’m still not sure why Lohan found herself at that lingerie shoot, and any scene featuring mom Dina Lohan was pure gold — but for the most part, the premiere took itself very seriously.

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In fact, it was almost boring at times, which is probably how Lohan’s life should be if she honestly wants to better herself. We saw her hug her brother, smoke some cigarettes and hunt for an apartment. We’ve all had days like this — minus the swarm of paparazzi and memories of prison.

Future episodes look to be slightly more intriguing, with promos touting an appearance by Lohan’s dad and an explosive confrontation with Oprah. But the question is: Do you care enough to sit through several more hours of this?

Rate the Lindsay premiere below, then drop a comment with your favorite (for whatever reason) moments.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Clayton says:

    I’m living for this show. I mean, I hope she does well. Maybe she wont and that’ll be her fault. Regardless, I found this to be an endearing series. Oprah was a genius green-lighting this.

  2. TV Gord says:

    It was pretty dull, but I suppose it will heat up over time. I’m not sure I’ll be watching, though. I’m not a fan of reality shows. I voted that it was okay.

  3. Arlyce says:

    What a snotty. spoiled, rude person. And this is the first in the series!

  4. Britney says:

    I actually really liked the show. I initially thought it would be a show about either a squeaky clean Lindsay or a train wreck Lindsay, but she comes off genuine and real. She’s a girl who loves her younger siblings, trying to build a foundation for herself, desperately wants to work and is a recovering addict (that doesn’t sugar coat it). She’s lost some of her charm from her peak years but sometimes that former sparkly shines through and it’s then that I have hope for Miss Lohan. I wish her the best in her health and commercial success.

  5. Dj says:

    Yeah it was boring at times. But that’s because it is an unscripted look at a recovering addict which can be a sad look into their life. It’s not going to be the staged set up of a kuwtk.

  6. Yolanda says:

    Most people probably expected a train-wreck TV or entertaining trash TV like ‘Kardashians’ that’s the only explanation for the grade. It’s actually very docu-like. I like it and I’m gonna keep watching it.

  7. Ron says:

    I didn’t watch, so I didn’t grade. But I did check out the grades, and in first place is “F” with “A” in second place. That seems way too drastic for me. My only assumption for the grades is that people either 1) gave it an “F” because they so desperately want to see her fail and didn’t (yet), or 2) didn’t even bother to watch but just gave it an “F” because of who it is. This isn’t to say that some people found legitimate reasons to give it an “F.” But with it going from “F” to “A” you have to expect that there are some unfounded votes in there somewhere. If this was a legitimate “F” episode, one would expect the grades to go more like “F,” “C,” “D,” “A,” “B,” or something along those lines, not “F,” “A,” etc.

    • HAP says:

      I have to agree. I just don’t understand why folks are so intolerant. After all, not too long ago, here was this young actor who lost it to addiction, and got into some tough situations. His name is Robert Downey Jr.

      • NotTheSame says:

        I don’t think you can really compare the two. That is, there is certainly no reason not to wish Lohan well, but it’s not like she has some large body of work behind her before her addictions took over her life over the last 10 years. Downey Jr. had many years of quality work under his belt before he went off the rails from 96 – 2001 so it was apparent to many that there was a talent there that was being tossed aside. He eventually got his act together and hopefully will stay on track. Lohan, on the other hand, doesn’t have talent that demonstrably different than any other actress her age and hasn’t been in anything memorable since mean girls back in 2004, and maybe freaky friday the year before that. Instead, she’s now begining her second decade of the same old arrest/rehab/no accountability/comeback drama schtick. It’s tiresome at this point.

  8. Jaclyn Roma says:

    It’s hard to believe she is taking sobriety seriously while she smokes cigarettes & downs coffee. Nicotene & caffeine are drugs Ms. Lohan! #drugfree

  9. Nikki says:

    I was expecting it to be just another trashy reality show, not going to lie. However, it is very well directed and I can understand now why it is labeled a “docu-series”. It reads very much like a documentary that is just split up into episodes. I wish more shows were styled this way.

    As for Lindsay, it seems like she is truly trying to reshape and rebuild herself. Whether it will work or not, we don’t know and I’m not even sure if she knows. I have always been rooting for her though because I grew up with her films, always admired her as an actress, and her personal problems really were not a surprise considering who her parents are (I’m glad we will see Michael Lohan later on in the series; I’d like to see their dynamic). I wish that she had done more jail time for her crimes instead of countless rehab trips, but, at the same token, help is help and whatever wakes her up and sets her straight is something I hope most of these celebrities find, not only for the public’s safety, but for their own.

  10. Mary says:

    I heard about it but did not watch. Honestly, I wish she would just go away and take Bieber with her. I cannot understand why people find these celebrity lives interesting. I guess its like a burning building, you shouldn’t get close but every one stands to watch. They won’t be truly healthy till they are completely out of the lime light.

  11. Daniela says:

    Sad that not many understand what a sacrifice she made to let us in her world. The genuineness of it is amazing especially for a childhood star who has been forced to be fake for so many years. I believe the worse thing that our society can do is judge or be harsh . Honestly how can you watch this misunderstood, vulnerable, beautiful, honest, human and not love?

  12. AJ says:

    She can’t seriously think it’s unfair that people don’t do what they promise. Doesn’t she not show up all the time? Lindsay maybe this is karma for your entitled and rude behavior.

  13. Don says:

    I like the show actually. I am sooo glad that she blew off AJ. I felt AJ was just a celebrity cling on and sometimes she would ask the stupidest questions, glad she dumped her. This show really opens my eyes to how celebrities get treated. Can you imagine you have movers coming to your house and you sleep until noon while everyone else does the work? These so called stressors in her life is just reality to everyone else. No wonder she can’t handle any stress she has never had to.
    I feel bad for her actually, to much to soon and I would put money on the fact that Lindsay is not sober, I think she maybe not doing drugs but I think alcohol is still in her life.