Lena Dunham Hosts Saturday Night Live: Watch Video of the Best and Worst Sketches

lena-dunham-saturday-night-live-snl-host-recap-videoWhether you love or loathe (or perhaps try not to pay attention to) HBO’s Girls, you’ve got to give it at least a little credit for the ferociously specific point-of-view of its creator Lena Dunham. (OK, you don’t have to give her credit for anything, obviously, but for the sake of this intro, just work with me!)

Alas, though, in her Saturday Night Live hosting debut, the actress/writer/producer was tossed headlong into such flimsily conceived and executed sketches that they lacked such essentials as decent punch lines, specific characters and even discernable end points.

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Sure, the overall quality of the writing represented a slight uptick from last week’s Jim Parsons-fronted debacle, but such back-to-back flops coming out of an Olympics-season hiatus is truly troubling. Sure, former head writer Seth Meyers has left the building — or, more accurately, Studio 8H — to assume hosting duties at Late Night, but Lorne Michaels & Co. had better dig deep between now and March 29 (the show’s next fresh episode) or they might be facing a crisis not even Olivia Pope can fix.

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Below, my picks for the week’s best & worst:

Dunham struck the right goofy note as Kelsey, a new character on ABC’s Scandal who finds herself completely bewildered by the insane shorthand and rapid pace at which the show’s characters operate at while “fixing” problems. Dunham’s best zinger arrived as Kelsey quit her job with this parting bon mot: “I want you all to know you are the most beautiful and ethnically diverse people I have ever seen in one room — and you should be really proud of that.” Oh, and bonus points to Sasheer Zamata for the ecstacy she conveyed while being inappropriately fondled in front of her staff by the Commander in Chief.

A pretaped movie trailer with Dunham (as herself) playing Eve, “a struggling twentysomething in the Garden of Eden” tackling subjects like “apple shaming” (amazing) and her lack of health care. Taran Killam (who maybe should give one of the new guys the occasional chance to be in front of the camera?) was fine as Adam Driver in the role of the Bible’s first human, but it was Vanessa Bayer bringing to life that tricky snake — with the hairstyle and speaking cadence of Zosia Mamet’s Girls character Shoshanna — who had me howling hardest with this stream-of-ridiculousness: “Oh em effing Gee, I’m like a legit snake and I know this sounds crazy, but you should, like, totally eat the apple. And I know, like, God told you no, but like, that was just a guideline. Plus, it’ll make you, like, so smart. And no offense, but I feel like a girl like you, like, needs to be smart.”

It might’ve been sheer exhaustion, but I chuckled a couple times at this very peculiar digital short about a guy (Brooks Whelan) who agrees to attend a Will Smith concert with two coworkers (Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney) but doesn’t want to deal with their endless inane emails. Mooney trying a new drug and envisioning Wheelan as a giant bird/fish hybrid? That’s gonna haunt me all week. And there’s something so compelling about Bennett that he manages to shine even when the material is iffy, no?

This interminable sketch — with Nasim Pedrad (remember her?) and Dunham as awkward middle-school girls filming a Web cast about flirting — did the impossible: Making me nostalgic for Aidy Bryant and Cecily Strong’s tepid/recurring “Girlfriends Talk Show” (which “What Are You Even Doing?” blatantly ripped off — only with Pedrad and Dunham playing almost carbon copies of one anothe, as opposed to “Girlfriends'” opposite characters). Did Jon Hamm really have nothing better to do with his weekend than cameo as himself in this hot, buttered wreck?

Mike O’Brien nearly vanished into the scenery as a mousy boyfriend of Cecily Strong’s waayyy over-the-top Venezuelan beauty pageant contestant-turned-office worker, who joined Dunham and several other pals at a jewelry party. The kicker? Bruce turns out to be a “men’s rights” advocate who campaigns for dudes to earn more than their female counterparts doing the same job. Get it? His girlfriend’s not just from a foreign country, but she’s also too dim to understand what her man does for a living? Oh, and she doesn’t like his body or face or sexual moves, so she’s clearly just with him because he brought her to the U.S.? OK, I’ll stop writing; just know my one-paragraph description can’t convey the awfulness of the full sketch, OK?

What did you think of Dunham’s SNL outing? Grade the installment in our poll below, then sound off in the comments with your picks for Best and Worst!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Taylor says:

    I actually really liked the jewelry party sketch, but that might be due to the amount of annoying MRAs at my college. I loved the singing sketch; the ending killed me!

    • Su4dhir says:

      How many women’s groups on your campus?

    • MattR says:

      I truly believe that MRA are some of the worst people on this planet. Ever read reddit? That place is like a den of sexually frustrated stunted man children who have a victim complex. I love that the sketch went there because honestly, the “movemen”t needs a kick in the teeth.

      • ZimbaZumba says:

        “..MRA are some of the worst people on this planet..”

        Wow nice generalization of a group you know nothing about, or do know something about but are simply dealing in propaganda. You don’t feel these are issues worth addressing:-

        1. 80% of suicides are by Men.
        2. 95% work place deaths are of Men.
        3. 98% of those living of the street are Men
        4. 40% Males and 60% Females in College,
        5. Family court discrimination against Fathers.
        6 Selective Service and Draft exclusively Men.
        7. etc.,etc., etc.

        Both Genders have issues primarily relate to them alone, I hope we address them all appropriately As someone supposedly interested in Social Justice I find your comment puzzling.

        The Jewelry Sketch was poor on many levels, but mostly because it was poor satire. Successful satire requires a thorough understanding of those you are targeting, SNL did not tonight.

    • bricewgilbert says:

      oh man the replies already to this post!!

  2. Drewer says:

    Yeah hated the jewelry sketch, but I was also really disapointed with the Scandal sketch, Jay Pharoah as Harrison was the only one really doing it for me here. But my favorite stuff tonight was Terran Killam’s Matthew Maconahey (it was amazing and the writing in that sketch was great too) and I loved the Rap sketch, it was so weird but i laughed like nonstop through the whole performance and critique.

    • e says:

      so funny, because i totally though jay pharaoh was the most convincing one as well! and he didn’t even say much, but he nailed harrison!

    • dude says:

      I didn’t really think any of them conveyed the actors very well. Olivia was the most disappointing. My favourite part of that sketch was Lena’s delivery of “Okay I have like 100 follow-up questions.”

  3. drew says:

    The male rights skit was so awful, it was racist, sexist and offensive all at the same time. Worst off, I faile to see one punch line thuought the whole skit, not one. To feel that “men’s rights” is such a worthless cuase is akin to calling the suffergettes terrorists, but on a comedy show with absolutley nothing really redemably funny to it shows that it was either a social piece the young and uneducated Dunham wrote herself, or snl is asleep at the wheel and needs replaced with something more humorous like watching heart surgery. Bluh and shame on anyone who liked it.

    • Jen says:

      Really, what rights do men have any reason to fight for?, the sketch was not great, but it had little to do with them making fun of MRAs.

      • Su4dhir says:

        Jen, you need to go to any family court to see what reason MEN have MRA’s.. But first you need to pull your head outa da place where the sun don’t shine…

      • ZimbaZumba says:

        RE: “Really, what rights do men have any reason to fight for?”

        How about these issues?:-

        1. 80% of suicides are by Men.
        2. 95% work place deaths are of Men.
        3. 98% of those living of the street are Men
        4. 40% Males and 60% Females in College,
        5. Family court discrimination against Fathers.
        6 Selective Service and Draft exclusively Men.
        7. etc.,etc., etc.

        Both Genders have issues primarily relate to them alone, I hope we address them all appropriately

        • I don’t normally like to discuss politics on this site but assuming they are true (a big assumption), those statistics are meaningless without context.

          1.) Men are 80% of suicides because they choose more violent, and therefore more successful, means like shooting and hanging.
          2.) The higher rate of workplace deaths would probably be the result of the fact that men are the majority in more dangerous jobs like construction, firefighting, mining.
          3.) The number of men on the street has a lot to do with how we treat our veterans and nothing to do with men’s rights.
          4.)There’s nothing wrong with those college rates unless you believe that men have more of a “right” to higher education. Women are 52% of the population so it makes sense there would be more women in college.
          5.) What you call discrimination against men in court is the result of women being pigeon-holed in the role of caretaker and baby maker. (See? Sexism hurts everybody.)
          6.) That’s because only men were allowed in combat. Whose idea was that? (Hint: not women.)

          Most of the problems you cite are the result of policies that once favored men.

          • Daniel says:

            So your bottom line is “yes there are issues, but it’s all the mens’ fault”. MRAs are actually pro-equality, as in no gender is more or less valuable than the other, and any kind of sexism is wrong. In that regard, MRAs have more in common with feminists than you might think (and nothing at all with how it was portrayed in the skit, which is why it sadly wasn’t funny. That’s like portraying a black person as a banana munching monkey. Haha, so funny).

            MRAs differ to feminists mainly in two crucial details: They are focused on supporting men who are hurt by gender discrimination (because contrary to popular belief, feminists don’t do that) and more importantly, they don’t subscribe to the notion that it’s acceptable to blame an entire sex for all of our issues.

            If we could all just agree that gender roles have developed for various reasons (of which many have been crucial or at least beneficial to our survival for some time), instead of some kind of conspiracy by an entire gender (the minority by the way) to oppress the other, then we could all work together on what really matters, namely gender based discrimination. Whether it hurts men or women.

            But somehow I don’t see this happening anytime soon.

          • My bottom line is that statistics (with no source listed BTW) are useless without context.

            “If we could all just agree that gender roles have developed for various reasons (of which many have been crucial or at least beneficial to our survival for some time),”

            Sure, let’s agree on that. Now let’s agree that a lot of those reasons are now no longer valid because the world has changed. MRA aren’t looking for equality. They want to return to the inequality of the past. That’s not going to happen.

          • StopBeingStupid says:

            Marceline (@MsMarceline), Very convenient way to explain things way, always marginalizing anything that happens to anyone that’s not part of your gender. These things happen to men, and men shouldn’t be mocked for wanting to deal with them.

            You give the same rhetoric I’ve seen all over, almost word for word.

            I don’t see feminists fighting to get women into these dangerous jobs, I don’t see feminists fighting for selective service to include women, I don’t see feminists fighting to change the child support and alimony laws.

            Because these things benefit women.

            And it makes feminists like you, who are unable to take any criticism seriously, or consider any viewpoints not their own dirty, dirty hypocrites.

            MRA’s are looking for equality. Wanting to deal with issues that are unique to men does not take away from women’s equality.

            This might involve criticizing feminism. Sorry.

          • Try Reading SomethingOther than Feminist Claptrap says:

            Exactly, Marceline, statistics are usless without context, e.g. “women 77% of what men make; 1 in 4 women experience sexual assault; less than 50% women CEOs; etc., etc. Feminism is built entirely on sourceless, contextless statistics, and false, easily disproved ones at that. Oh, and a side of entitlement, misplaced rage, lack of responsibility and make-believe.
            As to your points, especially number 4, these are the very arguments women adopt to prove THEY are “oppressed” by men. Typical of many women it seems, “OK for me, not OK for you”. BUt seriously, number 1 shows that men follow through and women just “cry for attention”; number 2 justifies why men should earn more than women; number 3 is just stupid, plain stupid and not backed up by anything but how you “feel” the answer is. Here’s a clue, men’s employment has fallen dramatically now they have to compete with affirmative-action bolstered women; number 4, well, 52% is not 60% and using this argument ignores the myriad programs to fund and “assist” women into college that don’t exist or are denied to men; number 5, yeah, you fail, it was feminists whofought for women’s custody entitlement. Previously the man would be favoured to keep the children, read before spouting nonsense; and number 6, this is because women couldn’t handle the combat roles they way they were designed prior to modern tech. And they still can barely lift the munitions.

    • Su4dhir says:

      Well said, Drew.

    • Betsy says:

      I can’t believe you’re able to type half the crap you spew with a straight face.

  4. Mike R. says:

    I think if you are able to ignore your Lena Dunham hate for an hour and half, it was solid episode, that in most instance catered to her strengths, the Scandal skit was my highlight, but besides the MRA skit, while kind of true, was really unfunny. I hope she comes back, because for. Host I think she did a great job.

    • Alex says:

      Except not actually true at all in the slightest

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I can’t ignore my Lena Dunham hate for even one and a half seconds. She blows and she makes me want to get a sex change because the woman is an embarrassment to my gender. She and the Jezebel contingent can take their entitled, nasty, bellicose attitudes towards everyone and everything deemed beneath them and SHOVE IT!!!!

  5. WP says:

    I thought Lena Dunham did a really good job, I wouldn’t mind having her back again. I heard she wrote a couple sketchs, do we know which ones?

  6. Et al says:

    I hope Lorne Michaels is happy. While he’s enjoying the fat check from Dunham’s parents, the rest of us had to suffer for 90 minutes.

    • Jerri says:

      aww did someone tie you up, hold you at gun point and force you to watch the episode or did you lose your remote control and couldn’t figure out how to switch the channel manually?

  7. Rusty says:

    A so so show with a really bad, no talent guest actress. It’s time for SNL to be put to bed after this season

    • DJ says:

      I agree100%. The show is getting worse with every passing week. I’m sure they’ll waste the talent of Louis C.K. with the continued bad writing.

  8. Faye says:

    My favorite was Taran Killam’s impression of Matthew McConaughey during Weekend Update. The more out in the Neptune stratosphere he went, the more I laughed.
    Bet McConaughey did too.

  9. Wow. Don’t think I’ve seen an SNL episode with Fail being the leading vote.

  10. mia says:

    No offense but the writing even with Seth Myers was Horrible. They need new writers start and can we please get rid of Keenan…he’s not funny and had the same expressions he did on all that. And when can we have more stuff from all the ladies like when they did that video with Jimmy Fallon at Christmas??!! They’re all so talented and should all be showcased more….wheres Tina Fey she Can start writing for the show again

  11. Karina says:

    Please tell me why Lena Dunham is considered funny. Plus she dresses like a frumpy grandma.

    • zaza says:

      Her wardrobe choices drive me nuts. It’s like she goes out of her way to find the most unflattering clothes. She either dresses as a frumpy grandma, like you say, or like a twee little girl. Usually I applaud celebrities who are in charge of their own style, but in this case, I think she would benefit from a stylist.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I don’t want to focus on her looks or wardrobe because then it seems like we’re being shallow. Let’s zero all of our attention on the fact that Dunham is monumentally untalented and unfunny.

  12. chrisf says:

    I thought Lena Dunham was very good, and the writing ok. The show was much better than the Jim Parsons debacle. Highlight was definitely Taran Killam’s McConaughey. I think it’s (long past) time for Keenan to move on. It feels like there are too many cast members, so we don’t get much of some of the new faces. Why bring back Fred Armisen (or for that matter another Jon Hamm cameo)?

  13. “flimsily conceived and executed sketches that they lacked such essentials as decent punch lines, specific characters and even discernable end points.” so it was just like an episode of Girls…..

  14. Tran 2.0 says:

    I give the Lena Dunham episode of SNL a C but this was just the same situation Jim Parsons was last week and life without Seth Meyers still wasn’t the same after all. The Scandal skit was indeed the best and the worst sketch of the night was the Jewelry Party. The writers aren’t making up ideas on sketches or digital shorts for some reasons and they need to get their act together or else by the end of Season 39, Lorne Michaels better dump at least two cast members on the show (prediction: John Milhiser and Mike O’Brien). BTW, some great celeb cameos by Liam Neeson and Jon Hamm. Hope Louis C.K. can turn SNL around when the show returns in three weeks.

  15. kat says:

    I have to say I love the TV line readers for voting this a fail. Has that happened before? I feel like Lena Dunham and Girls is an Emperor’s New Clothes situation and I am glad other people here feel that way. I just don’t see the draw to Dunham “playing” herself on her show or in every sketch on SNL. I liked the Scandal sketch and seeing Jon Hamm, though I should have kept it muted. I hope he hosts before the season is over. Otherwise, I would think, frighteningly enough, most of the hosts we can hope to have decent shows have already been here this season….

  16. Su4dhir says:

    Making fun of MRA’s and in general MEN has become all too common, just checkout any TV comedy serial… The wife is smart, sassy, take charge- know it all Tigress and the husband is depicted as a bumbling, clueless idiot who is lucky to have found the almighty, WIFEY and constantly tries to appease her while the wife is being magnanimously condescending!

    • Paul says:

      As a man, I say we’ve got it coming to us. If you think the world needs organizations to promote “men’s rights,” you live pretty far up your own a**.

      • ZimbaZumba says:

        I am guessing you don’t move in working class circles and hence are unaware of the marginalized men in our society.

    • Betsy says:

      except men are writing these shows!! wow! who’s screwing you over? not women!

      • Cordovan Splotch says:

        Nobody ever blamed women for this. How about you try making a counter to what’s actually being said in stead of defending your potentially hurt feefees by attacking a strawman?

      • Why is that always the default comment? “a man did this therefore it doesn’t matter”, people say the same things when it comes to the majority of rape victims being men “it’s only men raping men so it doesn’t matter”, which is not even true, outside prison it’s the same but by the same logic the higher rate among female prisoners doesn’t matter either. Collectivist thinking doesn’t work, we shouldn’t use the actions of bad people to justify everyone else suffering as a result of their actions. As far as I know, it’s still illegal to kill or rape someone of the same gender, it’s still wrong to bully people of the same gender and it’s still dishonest to lie about an entire gender even if it’s your own. Because you are not everyone. We are not the Borg, we’re individuals with our own lives and perspectives.

  17. A. D. says:

    Worst Episode in years…she is so not funny. The National sucked! Jost is horrible…god he’s like a 10 year old and his voice is grating…please get rid of him. Even the audience wouldn’t back up Cecily’s support of him…you could hear crickets! Cecily would be amazing by herself!

    • Paul says:

      I agree with this. Colin Jost is plenty funny behind the scenes, but he has zero business being on camera. Cecily can handle the Update desk solo just fine, I’d have to think.

      • zaza says:

        I totally agree. I was really surprised that they were bringing on a co-anchor. I really feel that Cecily could handle it on her own. Jost just doesn’t have the same charisma as Seth Myers.

    • MamaLis says:

      Totally agree! There’s something about him that does NOT belong on-camera!! ugh!!

  18. WTactualF says:

    I loathe Lena Dunham with every fiber of my being, but even I had to admit that (horrible monologue aside,)she did a pretty good job as the host.

    The writing really is unfunny, but I’m curious as to which skits Lena wrote.

  19. Lena was good…the writing was awful..Scandal skit was the best..and the “ohh Child” skit too

  20. cjeffery7 says:

    if anybody reads this comment feels NEUTRAL or GENERALLY positive about lena dunham, this episode was a solid B. its not going to go down in history, but it made me laugh. i’d guess the majority of people who failed the episode are people that have an unnecessarily overzealous hatred of lena dunham.

    • Jake says:

      While that might be the case for some, I think others like myself are able to be more objective. The episode had it’s moments but it wasn’t that great of an episode and she was much more obvious in her cue card reading than most of the hosts. Even with her constant reading she messed up a few times.

      • cjeffery7 says:

        reading cue cards too obviously is a non-factor. hosts and cast members alike have been shamelessly staring down cue cards for years. stumbling over her words – also a non-factor. it was like twice, near the end of the night, and she rolled pretty well with them, even improvising during the jewelry sketch. im not disagreeing with you, it wasn’t a bomb-ass episode, but in my opinion it was FAR from a failing grade.

  21. cjeffery7 says:

    the beck bennett and kyle mooney sketches just… don’t do it for me even remotely. i want to like them, but i just cant.

  22. Richard says:

    I’m kinda a Lena Dunham hater BUT I was disappointed that she didn’t change my mind. I liked the sing-a-long road trip, which made me think I would change my mind. The Scandal skit was ok but made a point about TV shows more than made me laugh. Weekend Update wasn’t even that good. KEEP IN MIND “in average” SNL isn’t usually funny. This seemed less than average which means less than “not funny”. This episode just reinforced my dislike for her. Maybe with less male bashing and less politics, I may harm up to her. But this didn’t do it. I’m tired of SNL only catering to half of America. This only catered to half of half of America. How good can it be only trying to make a fourth of its audience laugh? Female liberals. Maybe SNL would be better if it tried to make everyone laugh.

    • justsaying says:

      i’m a female liberal. i didn’t laugh. just saying.

    • S. says:

      The showrunner’s a white male, the head writer is a white male, and most of the people in the cast and crew are white males. The very definition of establishment and the way things have gone on tv for decades, but yup, totally biased towards women…*facepalm* I don’t know who hurt you, but I’m truly sorry. Everybody else has to suffer from the effects of it.

      • S. says:

        PS. Here’s a news flash. Nobody in charge is actually committed to a political viewpoint so much that they won’t cave for a business decision. Not even Rupert Murdoch. You’d think he’d hate Family Guy and keep it off the air. He doesn’t.you know why? Business. Liberal and conservative only appear to exist in the media when it makes someone $$$. That’s the real agenda. Completely understandable too. They have shareholders and bank accounts to think about so I’m not the least bit confused by it. It’s a joke when people think anything it the media is actually controlled by political ideology beyond the superficial.

    • Psychic Secretsry says:

      Why do you even watch if you dislike the show so much?

  23. Tina B. says:

    I loved the writing of the Scandal skit but didn’t really like Sasheer’s imitation of Olivia. She wasn’t even talking fast like Olivia does. The skit with the Will Smith concert tickets felt like Office Space with the whole I will send you an email thing, you could replace that with Did you get the memo? HAHA

  24. GuessWhat says:

    honestly, she and the ep were better than I thought they’d be. I almost didn’t watch because I find her so unappealing. I will say that the Jon Hamm cameo was totally wasted. really, SNL — you put him in THAT horrid sketch?

    • GuessWhat says:

      PS: to clarify, I rated the ep a C. went in with an F attitude though. ha.

      • S. says:

        I went with C. Lena was committed and I think it was the material, not her. There were moments, just not enough of em to raise it to above average. No way was this as bad as the Hunger Games guy. It’s like they threw him under a bus, then backed over him.

  25. DJ says:

    The whole show was terrible AGAIN…these writers need to all be replaced. SNL has been going downhill for years, but this season is the worst. I don’t know why I even DVR it. A waste of space

  26. Observer1234 says:

    Mediocre host + terrible writing = fail.

  27. Andy J says:

    Lena Dunham naked. Thank God for pixilation.

  28. Evan says:

    Lena Dunham is pretentious and she thinks she is more important than she really is!

  29. danin says:

    Matt McCon piece was pretty good.I think my favorite was the Katt Williams sketch.Yeah, the dude who was anchoring Weekend Update has got to go.That Cecily Strong isn’t that strong on Update either.I kept waiting to see the black comdeian but flipped the channel and missed the Scandal sketch. Couldn’t listen to The National’s first song.Was hoping Austin City Limits was being broadcast.Unfortunately it’s on sporadically where I live. The strongest female comic and probably the funniest male or female so far is the blonde(lesbian). The writnig on SNL is really needing funnier writers. The Eden sketch had some funny moments.

  30. danin says:

    Oh!And the jewelery sketch was downright insulting.

  31. ZimbaZumba says:

    Dunham’s humor was in-jokes from the social class and political subculture she belongs to, ie unoriginal and parochial. SNL can be better than this,

  32. The MRAs are out full force on this post. Which makes the Jewelry party sketch all the more funny.

    • Bob Richards says:

      Agreed. The crying from MRAs here and across the internet is great, and more MRA-bashing should be on tv for that reason.

  33. Nick says:

    This poll just show how polarizing Lena Dunham is. This episode was far from deserving an F. It wasn’t the greatest, but there have been so many more worse episodes that this was one better ones.

  34. William J. Van Dan Elzen says:

    SNL had a few good moments,,but,”The Jewelry Party” skit is the single worst,least funny,most offensive,most hateful,bitter,spiteful,narrow-minded gender-biased hypocritical,sadistic persecution of another human beings point of view and feelings,I have ever seen!And the worst part,is that we the people(women and men alike) are supposed to laugh at this “hate speech” without a single punchline.After 37 years of being a fan,I think it may be time to just stop watching!

  35. Lisa says:

    Why is this show still even on the air? I’ve yet to read an overall good review of an SNL episode. Other than the ones Justin Timberlake hosts — I’m beginning to think they save their best writing for him (or bring in better writers when he hosts).

  36. macfae says:

    Writing is the true downfall of this show. Lorne should be embarrassed at the poor quality.
    Some of the best writers have left within the last 2 years. ( Seth Meyers & John Mahoney ) and they lost a lot of their best actors ( Jason Sedakis, Bill Hader, Maya Rudolph )
    I love Taran and Kate Cecily and Jay are strong players. Beck Bennett is improving. But most others are ok to not so much. ( Aidy Bryant is never enjoyable to me.)

  37. The “Scandal” skit was ironic when you consider that it was Kerry Washington’s hosting SNL that helped lead the way for Sasheer Zamata’s hiring.

  38. Ann VerWiebe says:

    I fell asleep after the Garden of Eden sketch. I woke up in the middle of Update, rolled over and turned off the TV.

  39. Natcomm666 says:

    this has no no releivency to the majority of the men right movment men right has to do with unfair portraial of men in media unfair amount of child support alimoney infiant circumcision so on they made it in to anti abortion an other crap it not relivent to what there even talking about.