Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on The Mentalist, Good Wife, POI, Bones, Castle, B99, Vikings and More

The Mentalist Spoilers Van Pelt LaRocheWho will The Mentalist‘s Van Pelt compel to do her bidding? Will Bones be a “drag”? Who on Person of Interest has Shaw’s number? Can Stana Katic solve a Castle mystery? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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Can you give us any scoop on The Mentalist? –Shena
Will this exclusive sneak peek from this Sunday’s winter premiere (CBS! 10/9c!) fill the bill? (In the episode, Rigsby and Van Pelt must convince J.J. LaRoche to help them investigate who is stalking former CBI members.)

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There is a rumor on Twitter that Bones will have another undercover episode, probably with Tony and Roxy. Is it true? —@Katiarabreu
It’s false, actually. Having said that, exec producer Stephen Nathan reveals that Booth and Brennan “will be going someplace they have never been before — the world of female impersonators.” But as the boss man stresses, “It’s not an undercover episode,” so don’t expect to see David Boreanaz donning a wig and fishnets.

I’m dying to know more about Nestor Carbonell’s appearance on Person of Interest! Will we get any “Ben”/”Richard” scenes? –Karen
EP Jonah Nolan told me he’d been biding his time, hoping to grab Carbonell – with whom he worked on The Dark Knight Rises – and the role he wound up with sounds like a doozy. “He represents the first real serious challenge to Shaw — not in terms of a physical threat, but… she gets a little knock-kneed and tongue-tied around the guy.” Alas, Nolan reports, Carbonell’s appearance won’t afford him any scenes with fellow Lost alum Michael Emerson.

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Is it possible for someone to find out why there have only been two sightings of Kate Beckett’s engagement ring on Castle this season? –Dan
I am your someone, Dan. And this someone hand-delivered your Q to Stana Katic. “The important thing to remember is that Beckett is a detective, so she can’t wear things that will identify her, she can’t wear things like that on her hands that would distract from the conversation, that could be stolen, that could possibly hinder her when she’s shooting or hand-fighting,” she explained. Also, Katic said, the ring “is something that Beckett’s very protective of, because she loves it, so on occasion, if it’s like a big event or maybe a private moment outside of being in bed, she can wear it. But having it on display at the work place is not appropriate, especially as a detective.”

This week’s episode of Castle was great, I don’t think they’ll be able to top that this season. What should we expect in the next episodes? –Cami
As you may have read, Eureka‘s Salli Richardson-Whitfield will guest-star in Episode 19, “The Greater Good,” as Captain Gates’ estranged, U.S. Attorney sister. Up after that is the already buzzy “That ’70s Show” episode, in which character actor Jon Polito (Millers Crossing, Barton Fink) will play Harold Leone, the onetime consigliere to an infamous mobster who disappeared in 1978.

IMDb lists Ruben Santiago-Hudson in the credits for Castle Episode 18. Any truth to that? –Jenn
None — though bringing Capt. Montgomery back would be a neat trick, amiright?

Any news (good or bad), on my newest ship, Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s Jake and Amy? ~Lydia
This certainly falls under one of those two categories: I can report that we have not seen the last of Teddy (played by guest star Kyle Bornheimer), with whom Amy just reconnected – much to Jake’s disappointment.

When is Matthew Goode appearing on The Good Wife? –Kevin
Goode debuts as State’s Attorney prosecutor Finn in the March 23 episode — an hour that also marks the return of Hunter Parrish’s imprisoned character, Jeffery Grant. And that’s not a coincidence. “He is the prosecutor of [Jeffery],” exec producer Robert King reveals. “He’s an excellent prosecutor, and has fun in court.”

Any Good Wife info? –Steph
A case in Episode 20 will involve a Libertarian grad student who’s got cerebral palsy and a medical marijuana card. (I know, you’re all, “Ugh, another case involving a Libertarian grad student who’s got cerebral palsy Arrow Harley Quinnand a medical marijuana card?!”)

I’m a huge Arrow fan and I was wondering if you had any hints about the mysterious girl (with the pigtails) in the “Suicide Squad” promo? –Celeste
The CW has no official comment — and I’m hearing it’s possible this mystery woman won’t appear in the actual episode — but our good friends at IGN are speculating that it’s a veiled nod to Harley Quinn.

I would love some scoop about what’s ahead on Revolution. –Stacie
Casting is underway for the season-ending, double-episode role of a blue-collar dad to two teenage kids who “wants to do the right thing for his family at all costs.” Wow, go ahead and order a red shirt for him now, why don’t you?

Will Vikings‘ Lagertha and Ragnar get back together romantically? –Sue
Certainly not anytime soon. As you’ll see after tonight’s four-year time jump, Rags (I call him Rags) is busy doting on the once-again pregnant Aslaug. And when Lagertha next appears, she’s heavily involved with a powerful new fella, in a relationship that is… well, complicated.

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  1. Francine says:

    I can certainly understand many complaints about Castle, but the engagement ring thing? I never got that. Exactly what Stana says is what always seemed pretty obvious to me. As always though, thanks Matt for all the Castle info.

    • Q says:

      People is really blind, with no memory.
      She wearing engagement ring on her necklace, with her mother ring.
      Where you have eyes fox?
      And yes, on her working place is that not appropriate.

    • shirley says:

      I agree with the above remark .
      Beckett has the ring around she neck with her other important ring-her mom.
      Many fan ( and it is their right) worry about the ring.
      Lets just worry about the wedding date and the writer and producers pulling that off and and making sure the fans see it and not assuming anything or as some call it subtexting.

      Been a fan from the beginning.

  2. Letty says:

    Female impersonators?? haha, I can just hear Booth and Brennan now. What a kick.

  3. But Kate Beckett doesn’t even wear the ring at home. She wasn’t wearing the ring at home on 6×17 ep when she was home all day on her day off. Stana Katic I call BS.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I will relay your words next I speak to her.

      • Elle says:

        i never wear my wedding ring…id loose it forsure/ smash it off something..i think everyone is crazy and reading way to much into it.

        • Angela says:

          Yeah, if I ever get married I don’t think I’d wear my ring much because I have very skinny fingers and I’d have the same fears you do. Plus, I’m just not much of a jewelry person in general.
          There’s lots of logical, legit reasons why people don’t wear their engagement/wedding rings, and not wearing them doesn’t mean their relationship is less valid or strong or whatever people seem to think not wearing them would mean. Anyone who’s making a big thing out of the rings needs to seriously get over it.

        • grey says:

          Yeah, my mom never wore her wedding set at home, sometimes that can be as hazzardous as trying to wear it as a cop! Cleaning the house (with detegents, bleach etc), taking care of the kids and pets, having it possibly slip off while you hands are wet and soapy and it ends up down the drain. :-o You could loose a stone accidently banging it around, etc. Heck, I have a desk job and once had a stone pop loose from a ring. It was a simple bump of my hand *but* it hit against the desk at just the righ angle and force and, pop, there it went. It was just lucky that I realized it as soon as it happened! Please. When my mom got home the first thing she always did was take off her wedding set and put it back in the box. It was very special to her and, like Beckett, she took precious care of it. So get over the ring thing people.

          • I, too, lost a jade stone from a ring I had had for over 20 years. The stone was loose and I hit my hand at workb but didn’t notice stone was missing until later that day. The office was carpeted and I never found that stone.

      • LOL, Matt. Stana’s answer makes perfect sense and what I think most of us assumed. My ex-husband and I worked in a restaurant when we were first married. After he lost his ring in the oil dumpster and I almost served mine in a salad, we thought it would be best to leave them at home–and we rarely remembered to put them on. It’s not a big deal, really.

      • CastleFanForLife says:

        I wish there was an option to like this answer! Because really, guys? They love each other, they are getting married (eventually lol), it’s obvious in every look and gesture..so why make such a big deal out of an engagement ring?! (Or being rude towards the cast for that matter!)
        Sad really…

        • grey says:

          I think the real crime in all of this is that fugly wedding dress! Hey Matt, can you get her to clear up why everyone on the show thinks it’s so great because really it’s hideous. I don’t want to hurt Luke’s feelings but sometimes the truth hurts. I don’t understant why no one stood up and told him in a kind but professional way that the wedding dress is not right. ???? !!!!!

          • Luli101 says:

            Ok. I love the dress. It is bold, unique, untraditional, and beautiful–just like Beckett!

          • Kathie M says:

            Thank you grey! That ugly wedding gown is NOT anything like Beckett. She has always worn classy, simple, sleek gown styles on the show. That gray monstrosity is gaudy and tasteless with a skirt that adds 20 pounds to her lovely hips. UHG! I don’t want her apartment to burn down again, but maybe the dress can spontaneous combust and just destroy itself, lol.
            The ring controversy is a non-issue for me. I always wore my engagement, wedding and later 25th anniv. rings., but I didn’t have a dangerous job. My husband and kids gave me a ring with my kids birthstones for my 50th bday. When my husband passed away in Aug. ’08 I asked the nurse to take his ring off and now I wear it on my right hand with the birthstone ring. I do take them off at home. I thought Kate’s was on her chain, but haven’t noticed one way or another. It’s too big for anything I would be comfortable wearing for long periods of time and might scratch during amorous actiities, lol. Leave it to Rick to go over the top. :)

        • shirley says:

          Totally agree !!!


        • shirley says:

          Love the comment from above.


      • Sorry Matt, I love Stana, but I think she relays what the writers found out as an explanation of their sloppy work, and it is a BS anyhow.

        Her mother’s ring was at least as precious to Beckett because of the sentimental value, and the show emphasized it a lot in the early stages that she wore it every day (on a chain, not on her finger!) at work. In fact that was part of her daily ritual. The show also emphasizes – when it serves their purposes – how important the symbols in her life. Nothing could stop her to wear the two rings beside each other – just like it was shown once. But if she does it only occasionally, it degrades the rings from symbols to jewel accessories.

        With the ring the show simply forgets the character’s core behaviours. She never wears her mother’s ring anymore either. Yeah, I know the answer, she is happy now, it’s not her death wich determines Kate. But did she wear the ring to remember her to REVENGE? Or to remember her to Joanna, the human being? Who is that emotionally handicapped person who says that just because you love somebody your departed dear ones are not worth to remember? Especially when the whole show was and even at this moment is revolving around to bring her killer to justice?

        Emotional values are not something what somebody switch in and out according to the weather. The writers cut the characters regulary into the Procrutes bed of their weekly featurette, omitting their “unnecessary” parts, which is a shame.

      • April says:

        Yes Matt, please be sure to tell Stana that Denise thinks she is a liar. I’m sure she will be happy to know what her fans think about her.

      • Db says:

        But that doesn’t explain why in Smells Like Teen Spirit she was wearing a big black ring on her right hand. So her explanation is really bogus!

    • candy says:

      BUT REALLY? Didn’t you read the whole answer? She only wears it on special occasions. And let me remind you that Beckett did wear her ring in “Number one fan” when she was jobless.

      Honestly, I don’t get why wearing the ring/not wearing the ring is such a big deal for some. Isn’t it obvious that Beckett loves Castle?

    • Really says:

      “so on occasion, if it’s like a big event or maybe a private moment outside of being in bed, she can wear it.”

      Emphasis on ‘on occasion’ and ‘maybe’, it doesn’t necessarily mean she’s going to wear it.

      • disappointed says:

        I think most of us figured why she didn’t wear it when on duty, which takes up most of her screen time, but always thought it was glaringly missing when she was Pocahontas preparing for the Thanksgiving dinner with the whole family, ie her dad was going to be there, in TGTGTB. But there it is, it need never be mentioned again, another example of providing us with an off screen explanation to compensate for the lack of one during the show.

        • beckstle says:

          She was in costume as Pocahontas. Last I checked Pocahontas did not have a giant diamond ring on her left hand. Seriously, I do not get what the big deal is about the ring. Not everyone wears their engagement ring all the time – especially one so diamond heavy and with her kind of job. Her mom’s ring is small – perfect for around her neck. I’m sure that huge diamond would end up pressing into her chest After a while of doing that the novelty would wear off. Beckett is a practical woman to begin with.

          They’re giving an off-screen explanation about the ring for those who have asked – which is nice of them. As you can see, a majority of people had no need of having this explained. It’s obvious because of the circumstances and the character. A police detective walking around with diamond ring of 4-5 carats would be ridiculous – as would rushing to put it on as soon as she got off duty. She’s certainly not going to sleep with it on. This is not a big deal.

    • Francine says:

      Again, I dont get this complaint. I never wore mine when I was at home all day with just my fiancé. We already knew we were engaged. I couldn’t wear mine at work either, so the only time I really wore it was when I went out of the house and was doing something non-work related. It really seems like this is just looking for something to complain about.

    • Kathy says:

      Oh, lord, it’s not BS. We’ll be married 34 years next month and I never wear my wedding ring or my forever ring (a 25th anniversary present with three diamonds) at home.

    • Nayna says:

      And will kate state the same reason for not wearing her wedding band when she’s married, cause that would indeed be BS as RYAN wears his.

      • Elle says:

        a mans wedding ring and a womens wedding ring are very different!!

        • diva says:

          A man’ wedding ring is different from a woman’s …how exactly? Don’t they basically signify the marriage bond. And what does seamus being married have to do anything with the character he plays. Many folks make unreasonable comments . Anyways i hope all this fan craze keeps our fav show going

          • April says:

            I think you people are confusing the ENGAGEMENT ring with the wedding ring. A man’s wedding ring (and usually a woman’s in most cases) is just a solid band of gold or platinum. An engagement ring is more ornate and traditional has a diamond or other jewels. It is more flashy, more expensive and certainly not something a person dealing with criminals everyday wants to wear. It is perfectly logical for a woman in that line of work to not where her engagement ring and I know several women in real life who don’t. Seriously, get over it people!

      • candy says:

        Are you the wedding band police? In real life, not every married couple wear their wedding bands. It’s their decisions as a couple for sakes.

      • Daniela says:

        Don’t forget the Seamus Dever is married and thats why Ryan wears a wedding ring other then being married on the show too of course.

      • CARBONA says:

        You mean Stana states it right? You are aware that Stana Katic is playing a character correct?

    • Texcastle says:

      I agree wear the ring more. Show thenecklace with the ring

    • jay says:

      she keeps it on her necklace.. why the complaint? We obviously aren’t gonna see it all the time. And to be fair it looks like they were lounging around all day.. so since she wears it around her neck i would only see it around her neck if she was getting dressed to go out. I mean she probably wears it on her finger now she’s not in dc but still we hardly see them out of the precinct and NOT on the job. We know they’re engaged. Is it that important to see a materialistic object around her finger?…

      • Rich Abey says:

        Jay…you are probably the most sensible person around here, what with all the ‘conspiracy theories’ flying about as to why KBecks isn’t wearing her wedding ring.

        Besides folks remember that we have had like only 2-3 sightings of Kate’s mother’s ring during all 6 seasons, despite it being the single most important thing in her life before getting together with Rick, and we didn’t even see that ring until halfway through Season 2! So stop worrying guys.

    • Dav says:

      You call “BS”? Really? Like you think Stana is lying to you? Like there is some kind of secret plot to not show the ring. For gods sake…get a life.

      • Mary says:

        I couldn´t have said it better, thanks for sparing me the words!:)
        And why is wearing the ring that important for some people, anyway?! The commitement is what matters – personally I´ve met one or another person that wears a ring and is, or has been – how will I put this – unfaithful!

      • Rich Abey says:

        Hahaha! Good one Dav :)

    • shirley says:

      what a shame to say.

  4. emms says:

    Is Zack come back on bone

  5. Pati says:

    After binge watching the first season of Vikings I’m really into the show but I can’t believe Ragnar didn’t do more to stop Lagertha, he already has a son and isn’t the first born supposed to be more important? In those times anyway

    • April says:

      But remember in the first season Ragnar went to the seer who told him that the gods would give him many strong sons and they would make him famous. Men worry about their power, fame and legacy (especially back then). He really wants lots of sons. If Lagertha could not give them to him he figured the gods were telling him to go somewhere else.

    • Lisa says:

      Also, I know he truly loves Lagertha but I believe he also has feelings for this new woman. All that BS about “she’s carrying my child. I have to take care of her” is just a cover. He wants to be with both women and couldn’t make a choice…so when Lagertha made it for him he let her go.

  6. WTF says:

    “(I know, you’re all, “Ugh, another case involving a Libertarian grad student who’s got cerebral palsy a medical marijuana card?!”

    No, Matt, not “all of us” need OAUT to feel entertained. Hard to imagine, I know.

  7. sladewilson says:

    Harley Quinn? Oh man, please, oh please bring Harley to the Arrow Universe. It would be the greatest thing ever.

  8. nateddog says:

    That would be SO cool if that was Harley Quinn

    • Bad Samaritan says:

      If it was Harley, then the Joker could show up at some point, which means that Batman won’t be far behind.
      Please, oh please… NOT BEN AFFLECK!

      • Tess says:

        Pretty sure CW and the folks at Arrow don’t have money in the budget to get Ben Affleck so you can rest assured that if Batman/Bruce Wayne ever makes an appearance in Starling City, it’s not going to be Affleck or any other actor that has played him on the big screen for that matter.

  9. J says:

    Loving all The Mentalist scoop- much thanks, Matt!

    • I sure hope the ratings go up on T.M. I would like to see 1 more season. Now that Red John is dead, it’s like watching a new show.

      • Bill says:

        Me too but seeing as how it’s not CBS owned and the bottom ratings-wise along with good wife(which CBS owns and makes Syndication money from amazon) it’s almost certainly gone. :(

      • anne says:

        i’m not so sure. I don’t like Kim and willey characters and i really miss The original team including Van Pelt and Rigsby. I hope for another season with Patrick, Lisbon, Cho Rigsby Vn pelt and Abbot,

        • lea says:

          Kim is the best female character on the show. If Lisbon the boring chemistry-less bland chatacter is gone show would be better. She won’t have any chemistry with Pedro either just like she has no chemistry with Simon Baker. Dud actress. She should marry Pike and leave spoilers are she seeks career change let us hope so.

  10. I haven’t watched Arrow yet but you if you put my favorite DC Villianess on it and I will definitely check it out.

    • Stacy says:

      Ditto this!! I’d been considering checking out Arrow at some point down the road. Give me a real storyline with the super psycho fun Harley Quinn? I’ll see you tomorrow.

  11. Can Person of Interest Keep Fans from Leaving and Get Those Who Left Back? says:

    Person of Interest ratings were a series low for the March 4, 2014 episode. Jonah Nolan might be biding his time but he needs to do something to stop the hemmoraging of fans, How on earth could a drama with so much promise and such a great following morph into an impending disaster? Is it possible the death of the Joss Carter character and the emphasis on sci- fi/ machine plot lines are not as inviting as “the number of the week?” Is the catwoman idea a losing proposition and failure to attract a younger demographic? Whatever is wrong with this show needs to be fixed quickly before it becomes more of an afterthought.

    • Martoukian says:

      The best way to “stop the hemorrhaging” would be to get off the 10PM hour. Lots of people tune out at 10.

    • Dav says:

      I think you are letting your personal feelings cloud your judgment a little bit. If you look at the numbers you will see that almost EVERY show dropped some this week. Even the hugely popular NCIS was down significantly. It always happens this time of year. Spring is coming, the days are longer and people have TV show fatigue. While I’m am sure that some people did tune out because of certain characters, I think the ratings drop is more likely the result of the usually Springtime slump that ALL networks face.

    • JBC says:

      I agree. POI has radically changed. I miss Reese being a major player, he seems sidelined now and it is becoming more Shaw centric. Miss Carter too. Last week’s episode was a little better with learning the origins of the characters, and loved Neil Jackson in it as Mr. Dillinger.. Fusco is always welcome in the story, just love him. As far as Root goes a little goes a long way. I wish they had never made Amy A. and Sarah S. regulars. It makes them have to be in a certain # of episodes. ALSO
      Why would they get Nestor Carbonell to guest star and then not have him in any scenes with Michael Emerson? Oh, how I would love to see them work together again. (Lost alum)

  12. MH says:

    love the mentalist sneak peek LaRoche is back but what is his job?

  13. Wesley says:

    I call facepalm on people that dont want too understand or just want too complain for the sake of complaining

  14. Ally Oop says:

    Disappointed on what happened on Vikinga but I guess that’s what’ll make this story even more interesting. Ragnar and Lagertha hopefully will eventually find their way back to each other. I’m glad their son went with her.

  15. Via Bona says:

    Such a great spoiler sesh this time, Matt.
    Thanks for the all scoops on “Castle” – I’m really enjoying this season. I feel they’re back on their game. The ship has regained its spark and the show has had good cases this season. Last week’s episode was just very good.
    Also thanks for the “Bones” scoop and the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” scoop. I love the entire cast of that show, they have great chemistry. I’m also rooting for Amy & Peralta and Boyle and Rosa.
    POI has been boss this season. I miss Carter but I really love Shaw. Looking forward to seeing this new side to her.
    The best show on network TV, aka “The Good Wife,” has just been stellar this year. I hope we get to see Elsbeth Tascioni again this season – she always makes for a great episode. Also I hope we get some good Will/Alicia stuff for the second half of the season. I’m dubious though if we will, since their firms are having little interactions from what I’ve heard. Oh, and I’d love a good Diane-focused episode too. And I’m wondering if we’ll see Will and Peter go head-to-head again or will this be dropped? So stoked for the second half of the season.

    • James Butler says:

      It’s one thing to dislike Peter for what he did in season one, and have since been nothing but exemplary, but to condone a married woman to continue infidelity with a man who displays only acrimonious and bitter behavior towards her is beyond my understanding,

  16. Ali says:

    Yeah! Revolution spoilers! There are never enough of these. Waiting eagerly for the next ones please… :-)

  17. Rich Abey says:

    Thanks for all the Castle scoops Matt! Worth it’s weight in gold.
    – Regarding Cp.Montgomery, I’m pretty sure he is dead, but it would be cool if he returns via a flashback incident…like from back when he was running round with Mccallister & Raglan kidnapping thugs off the street…his first meeting with Bracken maybe?
    – Honestly I’m not worried about the lack of screen-time for Kates’ wedding ring. She is a police detective afterall and the ring can be all sorts awkward & clumsy while hunting after criminals. Besides recall what happened when Ryan wore his ring to the precinct…it ended up stuck on Javi’s hand & on the way to a date with a dancer before Kate came to the rescue!

  18. Nichole says:

    The Castle bit about the ring not being something to wear to work for the “professional” reasons is a bit BS, at the start of last season they did Beckett’s hair and makeup like she was on the cover of a fashion mag. I have no problem with people looking attractive, but seriously, would you want a cop telling you your loved one is dead or interviewing you looking like they are made up for a night on the town?? And the hair is another thing, it looks unprofessional and in a fight would be an easy thing to grab and hurt.disable the person with. Yes I know it’s television, but the little things like that that are so far outside what you would encounter in real life are sooooo annoying. Not to mention all the stray hairs that could be left all over crime scenes :P

  19. Naazneen says:

    Come onnnn, give us some Originals scoop for the love of my sanity Matt!

  20. Genie says:

    Matt–I really enjoy all the news regarding the show Castle. I am a mega fan, I have all the DVDs, have read all the books and can just about recite the dialog…but this discussion about why Beckett is not wearing her engagement ring is so unreal. My husband and I were married for 48 years and we stopped wearing our rings 20 years after our wedding. He worked with petroleum products and got some fuel under his ring which cause a major irritation. I worked in a hospital it was too much with all the hand washing. However I did wear my rings when we were out socially that’s if I remembered to do so. He passed away in June last year and I will still put my wedding ring on socially.
    The ring is a symbol of their love and commitment, but does NOT need to be worn to prove this.

  21. CARBONA says:

    Matt, totally off of the subject here but can you tell me if ABC always wait til late April or May to commit to renewing shows for another season? I can’t remember past last year when they renewed it in May I believe. Also, to your knowledge is everybody signed through a season 7? Do you think that the show runners are even told if they’re getting renewed? You’d think that would be kind of hard to come up with a game plan for the final ep’s if you don’t know whether you’re going to have a cliff hanger or end a series!! IMO that may explain last years final 3 ep’s fiasco (again IMO) where everything seemed to come out of the blue.

  22. CARBONA says:

    As for the ring thing; Stana Katic’s answer makes perfect sense & I can’t believe it’s the issue that it seems to be. Seriously can’t wait for that 70’s Show ep & for that matter the rest of the season!! If they’re renewed which to me looking at the ratings this year they should be, (never know w/ABC though) I have a feeling that the whole Bracken thing will put off the wedding til next year.

  23. MARIANA VIDAL says:

    I just cannot wait for Evil and Wicked to get into it. My money is on the beautiful and evil Regina. Although Selena looks just as menacing!

    Yeah! the 9th is only two days away…

  24. grey says:

    Thank you Matt for the answer about Beckett’s engagement ring! I’m been saying, almost verbatim, the same thing Stana did all along and being shot down for it. It makes perfect sense and, I told you so! (You know who you are!)

  25. Lyra says:

    Oh god the Castle answer about the ring!

    “The important thing to remember is that Beckett is a detective, so she can’t wear things […] that could possibly hinder her when she’s shooting or hand-fighting,”

    ” But having it on display at the work place is not appropriate, especially as a detective.””

    … What about her crazy heels? They seem to me way more hindering and inappropriate than an engagement ring…

    (and anyone telling me “this is a TV show, not reality”, well in that case why do they have an excuse for her not wearing the ring all the time then? They could just let her wear it and if anyone thinks it’s not appropriate just answer that “this is TV, who cares”)

    • MARIANA VIDAL says:

      Enough about the cotroversial ring guys and gals. I believe that the important thing is that Castle and Beckett have a romantic relationship. Who cares about the ring or if either one of them wears it or not? in this day and age, a snow ball in hell lasts more than a marriage. Therefore, I am enjoying their romance even if it is just on a TV show; and when it is gone, it is gone.

      Then again, it is just my opinion, Mariana

  26. Lisa says:

    Enough about that D*mn ring already! SO WHAT?!? Sometimes she wears it, sometimes she doesn’t. It doesn’t mean anything. There is no conspiracy. There is no hidden agenda. There is no plot to break them up. They are together. They are getting married. They have cute little scenes together where they pick out songs and talk about their feelings. You guys are finally getting everything you wanted and you choose to complain because she’s not flashing her ring in the camera every 10 seconds. I mean it. Really. SO WHAT?!?

    • Samantha says:


      All the Castle fandom does is complain about everything. Some were upset that Castle wasn’t showing romantic interest or any sexual desires towards Beckett, then when she grabs him and leads him to the bedroom so they could font together, there were complaints that he was being insensitive and treating it like he was on some time constraint and wanted to hurry it up and get it over with. Why color me shocked to se a horny Castle like some wanted only to see complaints about him being insensitive to his fiancée. I could’ve sworn she was just as horny before the phone rang. Why how dare they have urgency to have sex?!! What’s wrong with them?!! Sarcasm. Marlowe can’t please some of these so-called fans.

      • Just one thing says:

        People complained that Castle wanted a quickie? Really? Not to be totally sexist, but he’s a man… That’s pretty normal. And was well played and believable.

  27. Ruth Smith says:

    thank you for finding out about her ring, that was spot no ,u have gained a fan ,may i post your page onmy wall, i have friends in Illinoe that also love Castle.

  28. kath says:

    LOL at all the comments about Castle and Beckett’s engagement ring.

    But I have to say, the show deserves the attention. They’ve been knocking it out of the park this season.

  29. Dj says:

    I am on the side of the woman on Arrow being Harley Quinn. I also think that’s it might be just a fun Easter egg where all you do see is her back. But I would love to see her and Nightwing on the show.

  30. Yvonne says:

    Looking forward to seeing Jill Hennessy guest star on “The Good Wife” this Sunday. It would be awesome if she became a regular. Any discussions on this? Love her acting. Thanks.

  31. JoyAnne says:

    Thanks for the good Mentalist video. Love that show. Loved the new episode last night and good gracious, it was on time.
    Now about wearing rings. My husband used to wear his all the time including to work. A plain gold band. It caught on a piece of the equipment he was using and he nearly lost his finger. Never wore it again thank goodness. In fact we gave it to his sister to have the gold used to make a setting for her cameo. Looked great. :-)

  32. kath says:

    After watching the last few episodes of Arrow, I completely understand why Emily Bett Rickards wasn’t on set for an interview when you visited the Arrow set — Felicity is barely on the show any more. Since Sara arrived in Starling City, it feels like the show has made a hard turn to more action and less wit. I’m torn because while on one hand I appreciate all the effort they go to to make it a high action/high stunt show, I fast forwarded through the last episode because I was bored (and the torture was a big turn-off). Since the Christmas hiatus, that’s how I’ve felt about most of the episodes.

    What grabbed me to the show was the original Team Arrow, with Diggle being a mentor/older brother to Oliver and Felicity’s humor making Oliver a more interesting character. I tuned in for the repartee and the characters, not non-stop action. Caity Lotz was a great find for the Black Canary but I don’t find Sara interesting enough to exchange for the Oliver/Diggle and Oliver/Felicity interactions they used to have before her arrival, and after three Sara-centric episodes, I’m more than ready to take a break from her.

    So this is my question…. Is this the shape of things to come? The next time you interview one of the Arrow producers, would you find out if I’m going to get the old show and the old Team interactions back, or should I start looking for another show?

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