Scandal Recap: 'What Is That, Latin for Dweeb?'

Scandal Olivia's Mother ReturnsThis week on ABC’s Scandal, Olivia found herself at gunpoint, “Publius” dodged a bullet, Mellie did some macking and a familiar face showed up in an unexpected place.

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PUBLIUS AND THEM | The primary narrative thrust, if there was one this week, revolved around James’ fear that he will be outed as “Publius,” the informant who put a bug in reporter Vanessa Chandler’s ear that Daniel Douglas was murdered. Hearing that Cyrus aims to butter up Vanessa with a Fitz-clusive before pumping her for her source, James offers to work his colleague himself. When James turns up no results, Cyrus enlists Charlie to “burn the stumps to the ground.” To that end, Charlie intercepts a message from Publius to meet up with Vanessa, with the plan to ambush him — but David has agreed to go in James’ place. And just as David is about to approach Vanessa, two figures bag his head and throw him into a trunk. There, David calls Abby, gets her voicemail, and professes his love for her (belatedly returning her own ILY which was met with silence earlier). “You’d better, because I just saved your life,” Abby responds as she and Huck open the trunk, revealing how they had thwarted Charlie’s plan.

KISS AND MEL | Mellie asks if Andrew accepted the veep nod just to get with her — and he says no, mostly. A series of flashbacks then reveal how in the wake of Big Jerry raping her, Mellie grew distant with Fitz and even attempted to kill herself with an overdose of pills. But Andrew found her and saved her — a gesture which despondent Mellie didn’t entirely appreciate. When Andrew asks why she sought to end her life, Mellie plainly tells him of the rape, the resulting paternity question looming over her son and how it all “makes me not want to be alive.” Later, Andrew confides in Mellie how good he feels around her, just to see her — but, she notes, she is the governor’s aka his best friend’s wife. Back in the present, Andrew finds a glammed-up Mellie in the Vermeil Room, and asks what would happen if he went to kiss her. Mel at first shrugs off the suggestion, but reflecting on her umpteenth talk with Fitz about his unbridled ardor for Olivia, reconsiders and pulls Andrew into a kiss.

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‘HE LICKED MY FACE’ | When Rowan is suspected of leaking a story about (what was actually Mellie’s) pill-popping during Fitz’s gubernatorial days, Olivia urges Jake to sic B613 on her dad, in the name of “protecting the Republic” and all that. When Charlie gets pulled away from that job, Quinn attempts to take over — only to get immediately made by Olivia, who was dining with her dad. “You are not cut out for this life… Come home,” Olivia invites her former gladiator. But Quinn is determined to help herself and orders Liv out of her car — at gunpoint. “I’m violent now, or hadn’t you heard?”

OH, MOTHER! | In the afterglow of apparently another round of “reuniting,” Adnan Salif presents Harrison with a briefcase bursting with greenbacks, and a seeming assignment. She then asks him if Olivia knows about Clearwater or “just the insider trading.” After Harrison phones the Grant campaign to make a donation, we next see Adnan introduce herself to Cyrus at the Grant Campaign donor dinner, saying that he helped get her back into the States. Cyrus bristles at her offer to throw unlimited cash his way, but Adnan says, “Isn’t it time someone scratched your back? Let me help you.” And as the hour closes, it is revealed that Adnan is in cahoots with Maya aka Momma Pope.

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ELSEWHERE…. | Leo courts Hollis Doyle (wow, remember him?) as a big bucks backer of Sally’s campaign (in trade for naming the energy secretary), but Hollis keeps a flag planted in Fitz’s yard as well…. After running “errands” for Olivia, Jake shows up at her place (using his “Official Boyfriend of Olivia Pope” key), carps about his “beard” status as well as her pantry offerings (“Wine is not beer, popcorn is not food”) and then showers before “pretend sex.” Later, Secret Service agent Tom revealed himself to Jake as B613’s man inside the White House, as he delivered that days flash drive — from which Jake observed Olivia telling Fitz, “I don’t know” if she has feelings for Jake…. Huck hand-delivers to Olivia, like, 12 coffees, for a while there having me think he was gradually dosing her with something as part of some loopy Season 4 storyline, but instead he was endeavoring to secure her forgiveness for what he did to Quinn. “You should have never given me someone to love. Monsters eat people. That’s what we do.”

What did you think of “We Don’t Touch the First Ladies”? Is there a Season 3B storyline youre particularly latched onto yet? Or do you sense a slight lack of focus, at least as compared to Season 2?

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  1. Nicole says:

    Nooo not Tom! How could he do that to Fitz. He was always the loyal one. No wonder Fitz has trust issues. Watching scandal can give you trust issues. Does that mean Tom was giving Rowan the tapes when Fitz and Olivia had sex in the Oval Office eww. I’m mad now, I wouldn’t of cared if it was Hal as he always seemed shifty.

  2. kara says:

    I adore Mellie and Andrew

    • crabapplerum says:

      Absolutely. Her character is really becoming one of my favorites. Great job, Bellamy!

      • kitty says:

        Yeah, now that Olivia Pope has done all the heavy lifting to make it a prime time show, it’s time to get rid of the first black female prime time lead in 38 years and make it the good wife 2! Mellie is your favourite because her character has been completely rewritten to manipulate you into liking her, while Olivia and Fitz have been demonised. I’m surprised so many people are so suggestible.

    • ejdax37 says:

      Me Too!! I was so yelling at Mellie to get her some! I also hope that the Big Jim rape episode comes out to Fitz just so he knows what happened. I try not to be mad at him he just saw his wife turning away from him and becoming cold and defensive he didn’t know what was wrong, and I want to go back 15 years and give Mellie a hug and get her counseling so she knows it wasn’t her fault.
      Also if Fitz acts jealous or judgmental for one second when he finds out about Andrew and Mellie I swear I will scream! (Of course he will find out more drama!)

      • Lolita says:

        When Big Jerry was raping Mellie she never screamed . Her husband was in the house in their bedroom and she didn’t scream. The next day she blackmailed Big Jerry into being on Fitz side.. She didn’t tell Fitz, in the flashback she told Andrew but she could not tell Fitz? She is cold and calculating and she wlll go to any means to get what she wants. She could not stand for Fitz to touch her but she wouldn’t tell him why. No wonder he fell out of love with her.

        • Dmac says:

          Ah yes, the rape and how it changed her is all her fault. Must women don’t tell their spouse right away after it happens they push everyone away, but most women have a husband who don’t let their wives push them away and try and figure out what is going on. As for her not screaming women deal with assault differently so stop making Mellie to blame for her own rape.

          • Lolita says:

            I did not say she was the blame for her rape , all I said is she didn’t scream,and the next day she used it against him. Then later on she didn’t seem to be mad at Big Jerry she was smiling and grinning with him. She wanted to be the governor’s wife ,with eyes on the White House . I’m glad this is tv that let’s us know she wasn’t really raped.

        • You should be ashamed for that comment says:

          Yes because she didnt scream clearly she wanted it… who the hell are you? Rape is a very traumatic experience and who are you to judge how she handled it. Maybe she was powerless to stop him – maybe she felt like she should have fought him off. Maybe because she waited to tell her husband she was afraid dad would spin it that she wanted it so she made the best of a bad situation so she could move forward. Dont judge rape is no tiny thing to be brushed away!!
          Maybe she was pissed at Fitz that he couldnt stand up to his dad or that he was more powerless than her and thats why she blamed him… NONE OF US KNOW for sure- point is it was rape it was bad enough she tried to kill herself and LOTS of women who are raped cant stand to have anyone touch them and are too ASHAMED to tell ppl why… stop being so pompous and QUIT BLAMING THE VICTIM!!

          • Lolita says:

            Every body on this tv show are really good actors,they all should get awards for the way they play their parts.

          • A Rocks says:

            except that right after she was raped when she went to her room, Fitz called her to bed and she went and he spooned her.

        • A Rocks says:

          I simply do not understand why she wouldn’t tell her husband. makes no sense to me. and that part about not wanting to go to the party is inconsistent with what we have seen of the interactions between Mellie and Fitz’ father in other episodes. Once again scandal writers are trying to fix another one of their inconsistencies.

    • GeoDiva says:

      Ditto! They have great chemistry and Mellie needs someone who wants her.

    • anna says:

      I agree, it’s sweet. It’s nice that someone genuinely cares about Mellie. I don’t get why Fitz never made the connection between Mellie suddenly hating his father and not wanting to be touched by him. He knows that his father gets drunk and hits on women.

  3. Rory says:

    I felt so betrayed when Tom showed up… Thought he was the only one I could trust.

    But I also felt that way about David Rosen getting in the car with Billy Chambers, so perhaps there’s hope that Tom is working with Fitz to keep B613 under his thumb?

  4. Mick says:

    I may one of the few people who watches GH and Scandal, but every time I look at Adnan Salif I think “Don’t get shot again Leyla!”. Also Tom suddenly makes way more sense.

    • ckolva says:

      I see her from How I Met Your Mother as the sweet, lovable Nora. It’s hard to imagine her as what, a terrorist?

  5. Amy says:

    “He licked my face” is a line directly from Alias. It’s such a icky image that that line has always stuck with me.
    I’m beginning to think that Olitz is toxic. All they do is scream at each other, apologize to each other, do/say horrible and hurtful things to each other, sleep with each other, rinse and repeat. I get that there needs to be roadblocks between them in order to sustain the dramatic story-telling, but after 3 seasons, it’s getting old. I always thought Season 1 Fitz was a sympathetic character, but now, I think he’s mostly a mean/angry guy.

    • Anna says:

      She’s beginning to see the light, yay! ;-) Olitz is toxic, duh and Fitz is neither a worthy boyfriend nor a husband. I want a strong Olivia, someone who isn’t insulted week after week by her lover, her lover’s wife and her dad because of her lover. It’s plain demeaning.

      • Stay strong olivia says:

        I agree- the first season you could really feel their love and now you just wonder why such a strong independent woman is still letting herself get emotionally abused over and over…i still cant forgive him for the awful things he said to her after the sex in the oval- that whole whore speech it broke my heart… i feel like if you truly love someone then there are lines you dont cross and she lets him hurt her over and over why? just because he is president?? or a good lay?

        I wish she woulda stayed with Jake- at least then Fitz was treating her better and vying for her affection again… but then we wouldnt have a TV show i guess…

      • A Rocks says:

        OLITZ is fun. it is a sweet indulgence that the writers created and now trying to destroy. we’ll have to wait and see if this back fires or not.

    • And he is also a murderer.

      • A Rocks says:

        Fitz is not a murderer.

        • herman1959 says:

          Jessica’s right, remember Fitz killed Verna in the hospital when she told him that she was the person who had him shot and that she was going to confess that the election had been fixed.

        • Cheyenne says:

          Like hell he isn’t. He held his hands over Verna’s face until she stopped breathing. Did you think that was an accident?

    • kitty says:

      You’re supposed to think that because they’re going to break them up and kill Fitz at the end of the season. It’s gonna wreck the ratings, but anyway…Season 1 Fitz has been retconned, like S1 Mellie and season 1 Olivia.

  6. TvPeong says:

    Poor Jake!

    • Mary says:

      Can we really feel sorry for Jake? He knows, if this isn’t the biggest setup for heart break by a suitor I don’t know what it is. He is fighting a losing battle.

      • Kendall says:

        I think it’s weird how people have forgotten that Jake gave a sex tape of him and Olivia to her father to use as he saw fit. Mind you, nobody else cares about the things that Olivia has been through, so why should anybody care that her privacy has been violated by the guy who’s supposedly better for her than Fitz. OK then.

  7. Ruth says:

    I really love the part about Mellie and Andrew in room full paintings of First Ladies makes me wonder if it’s not only the presdeints who has affairs….

    Quinn is getting stronger as a person it’s true
    That Olivia screw her up @first place and the team blew her away so she all alone but I feel Quinn @ the end will help Olivia team from the outside

    When will Mellie tell fritz what happened 15-20 years ago
    Why is she so shamed about what happend it’s wasn’t her fault?
    I’m rooting for Mellie and Andrew
    Mellie dosent deserve fritz

  8. Alichat says:

    My random comments throughout the episode…..

    I am ready for Quinn to just go away. Don’t come back home…don’t go to B613….just go away. The fact that she got freaked out when Huck licked her face should tell her A: she’s not B613 material, and B:being in B613 is why Huck licked her face. She was disturbed by it, so she’s running head first into the world that created that moment. Yeah, that’s smart.

    Liv should really start speaking to Jake with more respect. She’s not a hen just as he’s not her trained dog.

    I am officially tired of James whining about the mess that he’s created.

    Well now, Mellie did let him touch the ‘first ladies’.

    No Tom!!! Noooooooo!!!!!

    • kitty says:

      Liv SHOULD respect Jake. He’s already made and distributed a sex tape of her and put her in hospital. If she provokes him she might end up in his trunk.

  9. Katelyn says:

    I love Jake’s comment about the wine and popcorn. And Olivia and Fitz have become a replica of an unhappy, married couple. They’re fire and gasoline together.

  10. Mary says:

    Jake…WHY?????? Can Fitz have no loyal people in his corner?

    Also I know the central story is of Fitz and Olivia, but I would really like Olivia to be a little stronger (like season 1) and separate herself from Fitz personally.

    • Mary says:

      I meant to say Tom where I said Jake.

    • A Rocks says:

      Liv should not have gone back to work on the campaign. separate herself from Fitz how? they are the love of each other’s lives. they can’t breathe without each other…

      what needs to happen is -Mellie needs to be out of the picture or Fitz needs to stop being president so that OLITZ can get on with their lives.

      I vote for Mellie being out of the picture. This character is tiresome.

    • Fitz is weak. WEAK. He thinks only about himself, not about the people around him. Selfish, moody. I’m not saying that doesn’t have its own appeal, but Fitz is not to be looked up to.

      • kitty says:

        Yeah he was thinking of himself when he embarked on the political career Mellie wanted, when he lied about an affair to free Jake, Olivia’s lover, when he committed a crime to free Olivia’s terrorist mother…shall I go on. This show is like a competition to see who can use Fitz the most and whine about his imaginary selfishness the loudest. While some of the audience root for Jake, a man who tried to kill Olivia’s father and made a sex tape of her, and Mellie who just finished dancing on Daniel Douglas’ grave, rigged an election, forged papers repeatedly and induced then neglected her own child. Have people lost their minds? Do people just believe anything characters say over what they actually DO?

        • LaT says:

          Oh, for heaven’s sake, Fitz is a grown up. If HE didn’t want a political career, he wouldn’t have embarked on it, regardless of what Mellie wanted (or did you just forget that the WHOLE reason Olivia voted to rig the election was because of the whining speech he gave re: how much he really wanted the presidency?). Fitz does what Olivia asks of him when it’s convenient for him AND because he has zero qualms about abusing the power of his office when it suits him to do so. Also, let’s not conveniently ignore that Jake started spying on Olivia because FITZ asked him to do so, once again Fitz abusing the power of his office in a manner he saw fit. Rowan turned that to his advantage as a means of separating Olivia and Fitz, but Jake never would’ve been in the position in the first place but for Fitz putting him there. NONE of these characters are covered in glory, but the other characters’ failings and flaws don’t somehow magically cancel out Fitz’. He’s as much of a sleazy and abusive user as the rest of them. Finally? It’s possible to disagree with people about things without using ableist language (“have people lost their minds?”). If you can’t disagree with people without accusing them of being delusional, maybe your argument isn’t as sound as you think it is.

  11. Sara says:

    I hate hate hate the writing for Olivia this season. She’s being made to look both weak and wishy washy. Why these writers think anyone would want to see this every week when it comes to her, is a mystery to me. And poor Fitz, they are also just destroying his character week after week just so more viewers will be open to Olake.

  12. mmel says:

    Would it have been so bad to let Scandal be about Olivia and for it to be told from her point of view? Can’t America handle a story being told about a black woman without her being sideline for a white one? The reason people are saying that Mellie is their favorite character is because Scandal has become about Mellie. It is quite sad that Shonda feels that because Scandal has now become popular it has to reflect the majority’s point of view. She has forgotten the loyalty that we showed her coming back episodes after episodes. Had it not been for the loyalty of the fans who were there for Olivia, there would be no Scandal? I just wish she remembered that as for me I am done.

    • Lena says:

      You are not the only one talking about this. On a Scandal site, fans are starting to get really upset with the direction of the show. It’s the Mellie show now. SR and the writers are pushing OP aside and making Scandal, like EVERY other show practically on television, with a “white” lead. Fans on twitter are also chatting about this. As this cycle continues, more and more fans will bring this issue to light and SR won’t be able to ignore it. Scandal was special because a black female lead on television was nonexistent. Now, they are pushing Mellie to the forefront as if she is the main focus of the show. It’s sad. I miss strong Season 1 Olivia Pope and the cases. Now, it is all about Mellie.

    • Eric says:

      I’ve heard this many times and I’m not going to lie, I’m really, really disappointed in the Scandal fans. Do you not see what an incredible cast this series has? They have such strong actors and it’s clear that Shonda and her team of writers are just trying to let other characters/actors on this show shine. You also have to take into account Kerry Washington’s pregnancy. Given that she is the main character, she is seen a lot, but I’m assuming her work hours are reduced a lot. So this gives the writers a chance to let other actors and characters shine. Olivia isn’t the only character on this show. They have a fairly large cast and it would be bad writing for them to not develop other characters and get into their past. That is what they are doing with Mellie, hence why she has a greater presence this season. We are also getting some backstory for Harrison, which is great. I for one love the fact that other characters are getting fleshed out and we have some actual development for other characters. Also, stop making everything about race. That is what disappoints me. I’m so sick of seeing people say they phasing out the black woman for a white woman. Get over yourselves. It’s never about race until the fans make it about race. Kerry Washington herself has even said this show is not about race. Get over it already. If you are done with the show, see ya later. “Fans” like you who complain about them phasing the black woman out for the white woman are the kind of fans that aren’t needed. It gives the entire fan base a bad name.

      • the girl says:

        That bears repeating. They had to make adjustments for Kerry Washington’s pregnancy so naturally that pushes other characters to the foreground. We can only wonder what might have been different if Kerry had not been pregnant and the season was not truncated. And the other thing you said, about the cast being filled to the brim with amazing talent, is also ridiculously true. It’s not like we are losing one amazing actress to focus on someone mediocre. Bellamy Young is killing it right now.

      • A Rocks says:

        Charlie, Sally and Hollis are much better and more fun characters. Mellie is a boring character. If they wanted filler use those three.

        It has always been about race – in which world do you live? Until we in America live in a world where the playing field is truly level – it will always be about race. Of the over 200 hundred shows on tv and movies now how many have a black lead? how consistent is this?
        It is always about race. I am disappointed when people say it isn’t about race when the very industry sends the message that it is very much about race.

        • Nina says:

          It is about race. I remember reading about how the show creator of Orange is the New Black had to pitch the show about Piper before they could even focus on the amazing diverse cast. It is important that Olivia Pope remains the main focus of the show. It is important that Olivia is breaking the mold that America is seeing on tv. I like Mellie. I think they are focusing on other characters to be able to ‘hide the bump’ more… and that at the end that it will be set up for a more Olivia centric story arc. Olivia Pope at the front and center of a successful show is so needed. Representation is so very important. Anyone who can’t see that.. probably can’t see past their privilege.

      • mmel says:

        You are disappointed in us “fans”? This is a show the fans built up when it was on the brink of cancellation and we worked hard to keep it going, we did not do it for Mellie, Fitz or anyone else we did it for Olivia. Do you know how many times I had to read people say kerry Washington’s lip is too big? Her skin is too dark to be a lead and that scandal should not be on specifically she wasn’t lead material and I had to check them regularly. I made it a point of asking everyone I knew or didn’t even know to watch the show, I was practically begging people to give it a chance. I wanted to believe that the show with her as the lead can survive.I am not saying I saved the show but if there were million of us “fans” that did that I would say we worked harder that the damn network ever did.

        I am sorry but you saw the last episode right, Olivia is being destroyed as a character to built up Mellie. I personally don’t like Mellie but if they wanted to focus on other characters they could have done so without making Olivia look like an indecisive, stupid, petulant child on top of calling her a whore. What message is Shonda sending us by this turn of events the white woman is the virginal saint and the black woman is literally the whore ( which she is called every episode this season in one form or another)? Had Shonda not been a black woman we would have gone after her for sending such a racist, misogynistic message to America but no we give her a pass because she brings” diversity”.

        I may see everything in terms of race but you have blinders on, you are the type of people that makes it impossible for us as a race to actually achieve something. If you can’t see what was wrong with that last episode of Scandal I feel sorry for you. It is people like you who do not see anything wrong because you “you don’t see color”. You don’t see our black boys going to jail at the highest rate because of institutional injustice but because they are the only ones to blame. The achievement gap is not because of poverty but because us black people are stupid. I bet people like you would have thought Jim Crow is fine because you don’t see race. I gave this show way too much of my time and I won’t do it again but keep in mind when we had a chance to actually elevate a black woman we accepted being her being called a whore every week and said nothing because it is just entertainment.

        Lastly, this show is incoherent and trite, it relies on shock instead of character development , there is nothing amazing about it. Unlike you I don’t believe Olivia and Fitz regressing as human beings , Mellie given sainthood or another conspiracy as a backstory for Harrison character developments. It is a soap Opera that is not that well written, but good luck with your show because as more and more of us “fans” give up, it will be reflected in the ratings like it did yesterday.

      • kitty says:

        ‘stop making everything about race’ PLEASE. This is the FIRST black female lead on prime time in THIRTY EIGHT YEARS. Are we supposed to believe that has NOTHING to do with racism? And 3 seasons in she’s being called a whore on every episode while the white character that is her love rival is lauded continuously?? I’m no fan of seeing racism where there is none, but if you can’t see why this matters to black women, you’re in denial. Actresses are pregnant all the time and their show is never given to another actress in this way. Claire Danes, Mariska Hargitay, Amy Brenneman.. I’d give examples of black actresses, but there hasn’t been a black lead in… 38 years.

        • mmel says:

          Thank you, thank you and thank you. People use the “stop making everything about race” to shut you up so you don’t ask for change.

    • A Rocks says:

      Preach! I am right behind you. I am done with this show as well. I kept saying that I would, but kept hoping and hoping that things would improve. It just goes from bad to worse instead. I am done. I do not know if Kerry’s pregnancy has anything to do with it, but the sidelining of Liv’s character for Mellie’s is boring and intolerable. How can you have a show based on a fixer when the fixer is secondary?

      • Cheyenne says:

        Every single week you come on here and say you’re done with the show and the next week you’re back making the same stupid announcement. If you’re really done with it, stop watching it. The weekly rants have become a stale joke.

        • A Rocks says:

          and yet you do not find the silliness and inconsistencies of scandal a stale joke. go figure. if you don’t like my comments – well surely you know what to do or don’t you… do you want me to give you a hint?

          • Cheyenne says:

            Look, honey, if you get your puny little jollies ranting about a show you pretend to hate, that’s your lookout. Who do you think you’re kidding? You can’t get enough of this show. And you know damn well you’ll be back on here with the same tired-ass complaints next week, and the week after that, and the week after that. You wouldn’t know good TV writing if it slapped you upside the head. Now scoot on out of here and watch something you can handle. I recommend the Sprout Channel.

  13. Christine says:

    I am fundamentally disappointed by the new path of the show. They spent two season building this incredible love story between Fitz and Olivia to trash it in season 3. There is no excuse for the lame plot line that paints Mellie as a victim one minute and harolds her as bad ass the next. You were raped. You can’t tell your husband but you tell his best friend on a stairway??? Let’s not talk about the Jake angle. Last episode he claimed he could do a better job at B613 and now is overwhelmed at the magnitude of the job? You agreed to be a fake bf and get upset when you are treated as one? Ego anyone? I want this show to get back to the cases of OPA, the Olitz relationship resolved(either way) and the gladiators being gladiators!

    • Cheyenne says:

      Write to Shonda and tell her your concerns. Don’t expect her to listen, though. This is her baby and she’s telling it the way she wants to. She said she gave in to viewers’ complaints about Grey’s years ago and she’s not making the same mistake again. Watch it as she tells it or don’t watch it.

      • A Rocks says:

        Let’s see how much of a baby she has when people stop watching. Do you recall her baby Private Interests or whatever the Grey’s spinoff was called?

    • Tee Tee says:

      How about shouting out you fixed the election! The have killed the olitz love story I am no longer invested in it. Am I wrong or did Mellie and Vic gov say the used to spend time together during the flashback? Did they date before her and Fitz?

    • A Rocks says:

      Preach! Couldn’t have said it better myself

    • Nina says:

      Man… I would be so happy if the show went back to focusing on the gladiators and Olivia instead of all this melodrama. Ugggh the story was so tight back then. As for not telling Fitz… Trauma does things to you that don’t make sense. While Mellie can be calculating and manipulative… she can also feel shame and fear.. I’m not sure Fitz’s reaction to that news wouldn’t have ended without him severely injuring his father… potentially ruining any chance he would have had to do anything. (Like Daddy Dearest wouldn’t hesitate to ruin him) but… yeah… I don’t think Mellie would have told Andrew if he hadn’t had seen her try to commit suicide. So that I understand but Jake is a whiny turd.

  14. LU says:

    i still don’t understand Adnan Salif..that’s a male Arab name..and i know we were supposed to be under the impression that Adnan was a man and then surprise us with this revelation that the character is a woman, but its not like a gender neutral name like Terry or woman would be named Adnan…it is strictly a male-only funny..they probably should’ve done some research before naming her that.

    • mmel says:

      They don’t do any research on Scandal anymore (if they ever did), they just go for shock value.

    • Nessie says:

      That’s probably exactly why she goes by that name. It’s more then likely not her given name but she uses it so people think she’s a man. In the criminal underworld (to which we’re told she’s a part of) it may garner more fear that way.

  15. Miguel says:

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    as I found this article at this website.

  16. azu says:

    Scandal is all over the place. Haven’t watched this season because of the way they’ve destroyed some of our favourite characters!! I only read the recaps. What a shame!! Used to love this show

  17. herman1959 says:

    Now EVERYONE on this show is a double agent…Shonda dropped like a season worth of info into this one…my mind is blown! I’ll review the episode and post again when I can make some sense.

  18. Overthinking says:

    So character assassination has been the central theme of the show. This is really taking away the umpth of the show. I understand that characters are multi-faceted but there is always that characteristic in a character that the audience roots for. It is one thing that they took Fitz’s character into the dark side but assassinating Olivia, Cyrus, Mellie, Abby and Quinn’s character too is a bit much. I think the writers are focusing too much on the shock/OMG moments that they are taking away from why the audience root for/fell in love (or hate) the characters. And if there are no characters to root for then the audience might change the channel. I think the writers need to go back to character development not character assassination. That way we will not have bland episodes like last night episode. The only interesting thing that happened was discovering Tom is a B613. Wonder where this will go given that Tom is team Olitz and now his other boss (Jake) is also interested in Olivia.

  19. scampi says:

    Loved Jake scenes this ep. Especially his demand that Olivia stock the frig. Very taken by the notion that Command might be more demanding than Jake thought. Nice touch that the briefing showed Papa Pope not blowing smoke when he said Command doesn’t answer to Pres. and republic all that matters. OK Tom!! Maybe B613 monsters are exception/tools not the rule.

    Tired of Olivia and Fitz. Her strength gone this season. At least let character retain smarts on the job. Don’t let OPA dissolve in service to campaign.

    No going back for Quinn. Maybe Huck will leave?

    I want Mellie to have love, but have read hints she can’t accept it. In my ideal she gets her own life. Fitz no good for anyone.

    No coming back for Sally.

  20. Lolita says:

    Why have they turned Olivia into a person that has no back bone anymore? Mellie talks to her any kind of way she wants to and she just stands there and takes it. Her nasty father gets in her face and he really demeans her, and she just stands there looking ready to cry. My goodness all of a sudden everybody is down on her. Quinn pulls a gun on her, Huck said ugly things to her and she just takes it. Where is the strong woman she used to be??

    • elephant says:

      Well let’s face it, Olivia doesn’t have much maneuvering room where Mellie is concerned. She is openly having an affair with Mellie’s husband and everybody in the White House knows it. Imagine being in Mellie’s position, knowing your husband despises you and has told you to your face he is in love with another woman — right in front of the other woman. Do you think Mellie has ever gotten over that?

      • Lolita says:

        This new guy should be able to help Mellie almost forget about Fitz, he is very handsome she knew him years ago. It’s gonna be fun to see how he really goes after her.

      • kitty says:

        I don’t see what Mellie has to complain about. In season 1 she was inviting Olivia back, At the end of the season she was yelling at Olivia for stopping the affair, in the flashback she gave Olivia permission for the affair, in this season she begged Olivia to return and resume the affair. And we’re supposed to be sorry for her when she gets what she wants??

      • mmel says:

        I would have agreed to the divorce.

        • Cheyenne says:

          Not if you loved being first lady as much as Mellie does. She’s staying with a husband she knows despises her just so she can stay in the White House. She’s all about power and control. She had no problem practically throwing Olivia into Fitz’s bed if it helped him get elected, as long as Fitz didn’t fall in love with her.

  21. SB says:

    I can’t stand Fitz and Olivia anymore…together or separately! Or Cyrus…or Quinn…or Jake…luckily there are still enough fun characters like Mellie and her new suitor, because otherwise this show is becoming really tedious to watch, filled with a bunch of completely unlikeable characters.

  22. Allison says:

    I know there is so much that can be said about the episode, but all I have to say is I loved, loved, loved when the inside man was revealed to be Tom and the song “Backstabbers” began to play! :) Loved it for a lifetime! :)

    • Lolita says:

      Why was the plane shot down by Fitz? Why did Liv’s mom lie to her husband, what was the reason for killing all those innocent people? Boy, did Liv not get the worst people for parents?

  23. emw says:

    I don’t know what to say about that episode… i am a diehard Olivia and fitz (olitz) fan but I am tired of the direction that they are being taking in. Fitz was to have been this great patriot the reason they the DC 5 did what they did… The real deal, I haven’t seen that yet. Olivia is too weak for me maybe they are putting her on the back burner because of the pregnancy but I hope next season they go back to season 1 & season 2 a Olivia. Tom, my feeling were truly hurt I thought he was a good guy but shock value. The show just felt out of sorts to me.. i don’t like nor trust jake, glad mellie has someone to care about her but she looses points for a number of reasons. .Quinn & James need to go.. James whine too much for me. I don’t know I think I am just ready for season 4.

  24. stevie says:

    i miss season 1 “scandal”.
    compelling storylines instead of over the top-shock value moments.
    believable and interesting characters instead of whiners, weirdos and whack jobs.
    white hats instead of straight jackets.

  25. Anna says:

    I just want Huck to be happy… :(

  26. Jessie says:

    The story went from bad to worse to absolutely crap!!

  27. herman1959 says:

    OK gang, Shonda and Co. dropped so much on us this week that I won’t even try to comment on it all, except to say…KEEP YOUR EYES ON JAKE! He has his own endgame and he is plotting something major by season’s end. I have a feeling that Fitz will not be pleased.

  28. ckolva says:

    I also am frustrated by how Olivia is being portrayed as “weak” at times this season. I miss her monologues where she goes off on men instead of sitting there looking like she’s going to cry. I get that she has a weakness for Fitz, but c’mon girl, don’t just stand there and pout and avoid eye contact when you see him after having a huge fight. Make him EARN YOU. Also, don’t pretend like you and the First Lady have anything in common in your love lives. That scene was just gross. I am sad watching what James’ character has become. And Huck. I love Shonda’s series’ in general, but there are what, 23 different storylines going on right now (I just counted and I’m probably missing some)? That is WAY too much to digest and how can any of those really be fleshed out over the next 7 episodes?

  29. Kendy says:

    I wonder why so many people forget that the reason Olivia is even on the campaign is because Mellie begged her to come back because Fitz couldn’t do it without her? I guess it’s convenient to forget that Mellie’s so focused on staying First Lady that she basically pimped out her own husband? Ok then.

    With regards to the direction the show is going in I’m disappointed too. This has turned into a story about the First Lady, her pain, and her husband who can’t stand the sight of her. WTF? The season may be truncated, but Kerry Washington is still spending long hours working, she’s pregnant, not dying.

    As for the people who want us to forget about the historical significance of the Olivia Pope character and race, well you’d love that wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t want to mess with your show with all that black talk. The fact that you don’t think that Scandal is about race shows how you with your default world view watch the show. If you had the brains you were given, all you’d have to do is listen to Rowan’s soliloquys, the aesthetics of him being taken to the Pentagon and brought in chains to Fitz. His use of the word “boy”, his words to Fitz, the things that he says to Olivia. Really, you somehow missed all that? Made you too uncomfortable did it?

    By the way, if somebody can find me a footage of Kerry Washington saying that this show isn’t about race, I’ll give you fifty bucks. Kerry has always intuited that there are deeper messages going on, and she’s always talked about the subtlety with which Shonda Rhimes deals with race. For instance when Sarah Stanners goes to shake Abby’s hand thinking that the great Olivia Pope had to be a white woman. Those racial microaggressions happen to black people every day. If you missed that, then that’s on you, because it was there. Go back and watch episode 2×16 if you don’t believe me.

    I too am disappointed in the direction the show has taken. The writers have literally dumbed down Olivia Pope in order to bring Mellie to the fore. I don’t have a problem with every character being developed, that’s what makes a good show, but never in all the other shows where the lead characters are white, do the showrunners ever forget who their lead is. Michelle and Robert King from The Good Wife are a perfect example of this. They know who Alicia Florrick is, they craft stories that mesh with her title, everything isn’t about her, but it’s linked to her. Alicia usually wins her cases too, whereas, until recently, Olivia hadn’t successfully fixed any scandals, it’s like the writers forgot what her job is. All roads lead to Alicia in TGW, whereas in Scandal, all roads lead to The White House, and invariably Mellie Grant. That’s not the show that I signed on to watch. There are lots of other shows on TV with white lead actresses, I watch them, so why does Scandal have to turn into yet another version of those shows?

    I want the strong, badass Olivia Pope back, enough with the destruction of this anti-heroine that I used to love. Enough with making her a slave to the White House. Enough with the show calling her a whore and not giving her the words to fight back. Listen I get why Mellie calls her a whore, but it seems to be every episode now. And when Mellie isn’t calling her a whore, she’s referring to herself as a whore. I hate it. It’s misogynistic. How come nobody refers to Fitz as a whore, he’s the one who’s cheating on his wife. The other thing too is that infractions and microaggressions against Olivia seems to go unchecked. Cyrus and Mellie have always used her sexuality against her, yet she never responds or yells at them. Fitz seems to be the only person Olivia is allowed to yell at. Something she does. Frequently. Why is she mute when things happen to her? Where is Olivia Pope’s voice? Why does she never defend herself?

    Jake landed her in hospital after their struggle in 2x 18 when he wouldn’t let her leave, where was Olivia’s voice to rail against that? Huck choked her in episode 302, where were the repercussions of that? Can you imagine the outrage if either of those things had happened to Mellie Grant? Oh the feminists would have come out in full force. There would have been a billion column inches written to address the infractions against Mellie. With Olivia? Every reviewer brushed over both incidents. Nobody ever cares enough to mention the stuff that Olivia goes through, unless it’s an excuse to batter Fitz some more. Nobody ever connects with her humanity, and that really disturbs me. I mostly lay the blame at the feet of the writers, but I also lays the blame at the feet of the media that doesn’t think that a black woman’s body is as important as a white woman’s body. Anybody who denies that fact is living in some other alternative universe.

    The problem with Shonda is that she has the same writers from Greys. She needs to hire people who aren’t Shondaland alums, then at least we’d see something fresh from a story telling POV.

    On the subject of Fitz, the writers have done a huge number on him. He is unrecognisable these days. The destruction of his character began in episode 213 and there has been no let up since. The writers have sacrificed character consistency in lieu of plot, and Fitz is an embodiment of that. When I read that the writers went back on forth on whether to have Fitz be the one who kills Verna, or for it to be Huck, I should have known then that this pattern of OMG, shock and awe would continue way past its sell by date. The fact that they chose Fitz because it was more shocking is probably when the show started to lose its way. None of the characters are consistent, one day Olivia is forgiving Fitz for ‘killing’ her mother, the next she’s shouting at him because he’s jealous that her chosen beard is a guy she had a one night stand with. One day Fitz is being all badass and deposing the head of B613, the next he’s throwing a temper tantrum because Bible Basher Sally is running against him for president. There is nothing organic on this show any longer.

    Characters are treated with contempt, the writers seem unable to build up a character without tearing another down. Why does Olivia have to be torn down in order for us to like Mellie? They are two incredible women in their own way, why does one have to be destroyed to prop the other up? Why does Mellie have to be raped to make her more likeable? Why couldn’t she just be an unapologetic badass? Did Walter White or Dexter have to be raped in order to make them more palatable to the audience? The destruction of one character to prop another is amateur hour to me. It’s happening with Fitz, Scott Foley has the acting skills of an amoeba, so the writers are literally saying to us “HEY GUYS, YOU HAVE TO LIKE THIS GUY BECAUSE HE’S BETTER THAN FITZ IN EVERY WAY AND HE’S SINGLE!!!” The acrobatics that have been done in order to give Foley relevance is staggering to me. The man cannot act, and he stands out like a sore thumb. I couldn’t even buy him as a well trained b613 super spy, and his portrayal of a man in love with Olivia Pope is severely lacking. I have no idea what he’s doing on this show.

    If we must have a triangle, why can’t we be paid the courtesy of having an actor who can win over the audience without the destruction of Fitz Grant’s character? Right now Jake is sitting pretty because the writers are assassinating Fitz left right and centre, and by default Olivia is made to look wishy washy and undecisive. There is nothing consistent about Olivia and Fitz, they behave like hormonal teenagers even though they’ve been on this merry-go-round with each other for five years, and that’s on the writers, because the people we’re watching are at the whims of a showrunner who seems unable to keep the quality of her shows up past the third season.

    Shonda, please write the damned presidential divorce. The stench and dysfunction of Olitz is taking over the damned show, and I for one am sick of it.

    • A Rocks says:

      Kendy- My hat’s off to you. The most brilliant analysis! Absolutely brilliant and exactly what I have been trying to say. Thank you , thank you for putting this together.

      I can now go in peace.

      But before I do – thanks once again

    • A Rocks says:

      You should send this too Ms. Rhimes and to ABC.

    • Overthinking says:

      Excellent, excellent analysis. Character assassination at it best as I indicated above. I agree with what you wrote and this can be said for every main character on the show. In season one they were all assertive, aggressive, confident, focused (all of them but Quinn). They were character that the audience identified with/loved. Now every character has done a 180.
      I love what you said about Eli Pope character. I love, love his unfiltered monologues, he says what he thinks/feels straight up. He totally should have been a main character but come to think of it the writers would have also torn his character down to be a timid, weepy and whiny like the rest of them.

    • Cheyenne says:

      I for one am sick of you Debbie Downers who come on here with your long-winded tantrums and try to spoil the show for the rest of us. FFS I stopped watching Grey’s three years ago because I couldn’t stand any of those twerps new interns, but I don’t bitch and moan about the show. What’s the point? If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. It ain’t rocket science.

      • kitty says:

        Cheyenne, other people have a right to their own opinions. You don’t have to read them.

        • Cheyenne says:

          Kitty, the same complaints week after week after week gets old fast, don’t you think? Shonda is not going to re-write the show because some people don’t like the direction it’s going in. She has said several times that is not going to happen. So why keep whining and complaining to no purpose? Just switch the channel and watch something else.

          • JustSaying says:

            There is a difference between constructive criticism and being a Debbie downer (chronic complainer). I think Kitty’s analysis was the former.

    • kitty says:

      Kendy you said it all.

    • mmel says:

      I agree with A Rocks, absolutely brilliant.

  30. Mandrake says:

    Fitz is THE worst character on this show. Every time he comes on screen, he just becomes more and more unlikable. He’s now irredeemable in every way and they should kill him off for good.

  31. Kendy says:

    I thought I’d leave this post from TV

    “There are certain characters who receive a lot of hatred from the fanbase for one reason or another. Most often, when their creators pick up on the hate, they have a couple options. They can ignore it, tweak the character into a more likable version, or even play it for laughs. Sometimes, however, the creator(s) have become so attached to this character for whatever reason, whether because they see something of themselves in the character or the character reminds them of someone they were close to or the character represents something they admire, that they decide to increasingly focus on him, magnifying the importance of his role, and having the other characters talk about how awesome he is, in painful ignorance of — or sometimes in spite of — the fans’ obvious hatred.

    That’s the Creator’s Pet in a nutshell.
The main characteristic of the Creator’s Pet is that the writers’ focus on him is detrimental to the show. It’s not that the parts featuring this character necessarily suck more than the rest, but that so much effort is being directed to him that it detracts from the quality of the series as a whole. It’s as if the writers think that there’s nothing more important than browbeating the viewers into falling in love with this one character. And it never works. In fact, shilling a character excessively can cause other characters to be drawn into the hatred.”

    This could be Mellie Grant and/or Jake Ballard.

    The writing on Scandal is problematic, and the fact that so many people now hate once loved characters is even more problematic. The Fitz character has lost everything that was once appealing about him. There is nothing good about him now, not even his love for Olivia because that is now being portrayed as obsessive and abusive. He’s shown as being petulant and childish and just plain ridiculous. This is the President of The United States. Yeah right.

    I used to love Huck, in fact he used to be one of my favourite characters because of his fantastic relationship with Olivia, now in an attempt to shock the audience, the writers destroyed that connection that we had to his humanity, and he became just one more person in a long line of people who abused Olivia and got away with it.

    I wish Shonda Rhimes was more like Vince Gilligan and Robert and Michelle King. They actually respect their fans enough to not treat them like idiots. What we’re watching is subpar. The storylines are rarely shocking now. It’s a soap, and not even a good one at that. I’ll keep watching because I keep hoping for better, but the truth is, Shonda Rhimes using the same writers that she does on Grey’s means that things won’t improve anytime soon.

    • mmel says:

      Kendy why are you so smart? I knew there was a reason I watched Scandal because its audience was like you? It’s too bad the audience seems to have changed quite a bit.

  32. Sara says:

    It’s great to see so many on this site are seeing the issues with the show these days. I always want to puke when visiting others sites like Vulture, and they are lapping up everything the writers are doing. If the recapper on that site and and the readers, had their wish, Scott Foley would become the leading man of Scandal and Fitz would be killed off. To them, Scott Foley and his character is the greatest thing ever.

    • Jamieson says:

      That’s because there is no accounting for taste. If there was, there would be no such thing as “reality tv”. As well, shows tend to be dumb down so that they have mass appeal and thus appeal to the widest audience.

    • mmel says:

      It is so sad isn’t it? The man can’t even act.

  33. Cheyenne says:

    The show is called Scandal. The scandal is not the Fitz/Olivia relationship; it’s about how Fitz became president and everything people are doing to keep him president. That’s the real scandal. The Fitz/Olivia relationship, while entertaining, is peripheral to the plot. Not to mention that it’s an impossible relationship with nowhere to go as long as he’s in the White House. So where can Shonda take this?

    • mmel says:

      Cheyenne, just stop. Had Shonda written the phone book and have the actors read it, you would think it was Shakespeare

      • A Rocks says:

        @mmel. Very true. I could not have said it better myself.
        kudos to you.

      • Cheyenne says:

        Oh for pete’s sake, go watch something else and take ARock with you. Try the Sprout or the Disney Channel. This show is definitely too much for you to handle.

        • mmel says:

          Cheyenne, I will stop and maybe not watch television at all like I used to. I ask for my TV shows not to only have “OMG” moments but for these moments to make sense. How many of these OMG moments have been followed through, how many have had consequences. The writers rely on them instead of fleshing out characters. Scandal could have been amazing and it was for seasons 1 and first part of season 2 , then Jake and B613 were introduced and it went downhill. Season 3 part B has been a pivot from Olivia to Mellie which has weakened Olivia in every possible way and has turned Mellie into a victim . I am sorry if A Rocks and I ask for more because although we use our imaginations, we also use our intelligence after all is that not the reason we have both. By the way will the next OMG be that Ella was a spy planted by mamma Pope to destroy Cyrus? “OMG”

          • Cheyenne says:

            Where did you think the show was going? Each season there are many one-episode cases and one long story arc that goes through the whole season. In season 1 it was Amanda Tanner. In season 2 it was Defiance for all 22 episodes. This seasons there have been 2 story arcs, Remington and the re-election. I think your problem with the show is it started off with a bang and then got familiar to you. Well, fine, if you don’t like the way it’s going, then don’t watch it. Find something else you enjoy watching more. But stop with the perpetual whining week after week after week., It gets old.

    • LuvOLITZ says:

      WTH!!! Are you so bereft of a modicum of imagination that you cannot for one single moment envisage how positively scandalous the OLITZ dynamic is? Are you kidding me? Hmmm well no wonder you think any old crap trotted out is the holy grail.


      • mmel says:

        Cheyenne, I don’t come here every week to whine, this is actually my first time this year. I think you just can’t handle the fact that not everyone thinks Scandal is the best thing since slice bread or even good. The Amanda arc while not perfect was really, really good, defiance kept me at the edge of my seat. Cheyenne deep inside you know that Remington was lacking and the reelection is a slap in the face of most of the fans. You have to stop trying telling people to stop watching for many reasons. 1) this is not your show. 2) If someone like me can stop watching then that means casual viewers will too and the ratings will go down. 3) Most importantly you can’t tell people what to do. I am not sure how old you are but you have to know that not everyone will have your point of view on most things and you need to deal with them as mature adults.

  34. herman1959 says:

    Cheyenne, mmel, A Rocks, and any one else who is interested: Let’s take a step back! Remember the original Scandal description read “A former media relations consultant to the President, Olivia Pope, dedicates her life to protecting and defending the public images of our nation’s elite…Slowly it becomes apparent that her staff, who specializes in fixing the lives of other people, can’t quite fix the ones closest at hand–their own.

    I interpret the description to mean that the show was supposed to be a about Olivia, her career, and her personal and professional relationships equally. Yes, the show changed because the Olitz element became so big that it has overshadowed other aspects of the original storyline. Shonda ALLOWED this to happen because so many people (myself included) were so taken with it, the ratings skyrocketed, and the show became a huge hit.

    What I see happening now is that Shonda is FINALLY trying to take the show back to where is was intended to be – Olivia the professionally fabulous, if personally imperfect, fixer. In order to accomplish this, Shonda is blowing up the Olitz relationship in order to put it back together in a different configuration, thus the “character assassinations” people are so upset about. I’m betting that the OMG preview (sorry mmel) for the next episode that is running on Youtube is part of this turn, check it out. I think I know what’s going to happen, but let’s see what Thursday brings; until then, lets chill.

    • mmel says:

      Herman, I appreciate your enthusiasm for the show and I don’t want to even try to take that away from you. You are at least are respectful and thoughtful in your answer unlike others . My main complaint is not about OLITZ while I love them , if they were to break up I wouldn’t stop watching because of that (as long a she doesn’t end up with Jake , I can’t stand him) that is not what upsets me. What I don’t like is the misogyny and racism shown by the writers towards Olivia by calling her a whore every week and using her sexuality against her and elevating Mellie to saint hood to make us despise Olivia. Come on, we have not had black woman as a lead in 38 years and when we finally get one everyone calls her a whore. Can you see anyone doing that to the main character in the good wife or any other show? As black women we are never allowed to just be women; not saints, not whores, not the strongest but just women.
      I personally don’t think I can look at the show the same way even if Olivia and Fitz were to end up happily ever after. This show has left a bad taste in my mouth especially since the show runner is a black woman. I keep coming back here because Cheyenne will not leave it alone and I am stubborn, I want to get the last word.
      I have to admit, I am envious of the fact that you still love the show, because for me it has become a disjointed mess with no follow through. I also wish I had that much faith in Shonda because everytime I put my faith in her when it comes to Scandal she disappoints.

    • A Rocks says:

      Several things occur to me, but this week is incredibly busy and consequently, I will not have the time to do them justice, but here goes…

      If as you think Shonda is FINALLY trying to take the show back to where it was intended – then Mellie will be written out. The intent as Shonda stated in one interview early at the start of the show was to have the first lady only in a few cameo roles. I’m glad to hear this.
      The show is supposed to be about a fixer – OLITZ is part of the fixer’s life. I do not see this dynamic as a detriment to the show – just the opposite as a matter of fact. If as you stated this sweet indulgence (borrowing this expression from another poster) is what caused the show to increase in popularity , then it would be counterproductive to kill the goose that lays the proverbial golden, egg would it not?
      I do understand the concept of the show scandal; how much more of a scandal and life fixing does one require than to have Liv and Fitz in a relationship and loving on each other? Such a storyline alone is worth a years of Thursdays in and of itself! … Hence the reason why I am amazed that Shonda has not grabbed this scandal and ran with it. No one in their right mind blows up what works! You water it, you prune it, you invest in it, you make it stronger. If you want success you do not blow it up. That would be akin to Apple blowing up its I-products.
      One of the main reasons I am ticked off with this show now is its shoddy writing and poor character development and progression. For me it started around the last 2 or 3 episodes of season 2 when I noticed a pattern:
      First few episodes of the season Fitz and Liv are on the outs. Somewhere in the middle they get back together again. As we approach the end of the season they are on the outs again. Take a hard look at season 3 and you will see the same pattern repeating itself. This is tiresome. You can only do this once – twice at most before people begin to lose interest. This sends a message that the show has not figured out what it wants to become – so why bother with it…

      We have gone from fixing an election, to super spy, to vp murdering her husband. I don’t know about you, but holistically, these items are not playing well with me. Seems to me they are being thrown at viewers as OMG moments simply to disguise the fact that the writing has become shoddy and somewhat inane.

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