Reign React: Did Mary Wed the Right Brother?

Reign Wedding RecapAfter one of history’s most dizzying games of emotional ping-pong, Mary finally said “I do” in this week’s Reign.

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Though she admitted to loving Bash, she was forced to tell him — in what was easily the show’s most heart-wrenching scene to date — that she loves Francis more.

And so, with the knowledge that Nostradamus’ original premonition about Francis’ death was wrong, Mary slipped into a gorgeous wedding gown and sashayed down the aisle, where she officially became Mrs. Francis Reign. (Right? I’m so bad with royal titles.)

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Of course, this doesn’t mean fans should rule out a future for Mary and Bash altogether. Torrance Coombs tweeted a very good point about life at court:

Now that we’ve dissected Mary’s big day, let’s hash out the other major twists from this week’s episode, “Consummation”:

FRANCIS’ FATE | When it comes to flip-flopping, there is one person at court who’s even less consistent than Mary, and that’s Catherine’s thickly bearded soothsayer. After determining that Francis would not die upon saying “I do” to Mary, Nostradamus’ follow-up vision — which he acquired by hanging himself after sex, for the record — revealed a new horrifying fate for the future king. It turns out Francis will enjoy a bit of wedded life with Mary… only to suddenly bleed from his ears and die in bed.

IT’S SHE’S ALIVE! | And then there’s Clarissa, who turned out to be significantly less dead than everyone thought. (But did you really believe she wouldn’t be back? Rule No. 1: Always bury the body!)

CAT LANDS ON HER FEET | Speaking of people being not being dead, it seems Catherine will live to see another day. Many days, actually, as she was officially pardoned by the king for her crimes against their marriage.

But back to what really matters…

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  1. anon says:


    • Caroline says:

      It is the wrong choice! I never thought I would be fixated with Reign, but then I fell in love with the modernized costumes and then I watched the episode where Bash said that monologue, “My duty will never be for some country, some land…” to Mary and ermahgerd, I was hooked! I shipped them only to see that ship sink tonight :( That was cruel and nasty to force Bash to watch the consummation, and Mary didn’t even bat an eye. Even if Francis did die, how could Bash love Mary again knowing that he is her second choice.

      • Amanda says:

        Mary made the wrong choice. I hope she has an affair with Bash in the 2nd season. Not that I want him to be an adulterer, but I want Francis to get some karma for betraying Mary with Lola, something I believe he’s going to do again. He’ll make Mary watch him and Lola hanging out together with the baby. So I hope Mary realizes what a mistake she made in choosing this philanderer over the very loyal and devoted Bash. I’d at least like Mary and Bash to have one time together.

    • SunTzu says:

      According to History, Mary marries twice after Francis dies. One is to her first cousin, Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley. The other is James Hepburn, 4th Earl of Bothwell. So if Bash becomes James Hepburn, then he will be Mary’s third husband. This reminds me of Gossip Girl’s Blair/Chuck. Of course incest is a taboo subject, the CW will not put an incestuous storyline in so I don’t think that Bash will be her first cousin/second husband. I am hoping that Mary/Bash will be the end game. She has more chemistry with Bash than Francis. Francis is like a little brother.

      • Isobel says:

        If Bash becomes her third husband he kills her second husband. Given ratings websites are predicting Reign does a Batb and only gets 2 seasons they’ll probably end with Francis’ death and that’ll be it.

      • Lou says:

        god bless you!

      • LadyAlice says:


    • Guadalupe says:

      Francis doesn’t really love her, or else he wouldn’t have had sex with Olivia and Mary’s best friend(Lola). He easily forgot her, plus he never really comforted her, only Bash did. Time and time again Bash has proven that he cares more about Mary than anything else. Of course after this episode I’m starting to believe that Mary doesn’t deserve his love, to not interfere when they made Bash watch the consummation.

  2. Lore says:

    Yeah i didnt like it, well that she married Francis, but we he will be dead in one year and then another man will come to her, but right now, im glad what Torrance tweeted, so there is still hope, i mean what will happened when Mary discover that Francis and Lola slept together.

  3. Robin says:

    It was THE BEST EPISODE EVER! I loved it! “It’s You. It’s always been you!” Mary to Francis.
    I liked Bash.. but Torrence is quickly getting on my nerves and I might have to unfollow him, but whatever.

  4. Sarah says:

    Wrong choice girl….

  5. Maddy says:


  6. Lucy says:

    No, she didn’t. Congratulations CW, you just alienated half of your audience, and this show needs all the ratings it can get. Buh-bye!

    • ejdax37 says:

      According to the poll above it was lose lose situation for the CW. When I am posting this it is 51.08% for Francis and 48.97% for Bash so they where going to alienate half their audience either way, lol.

    • L says:

      Well this show is based on history and while they play fast and loose with some stuff they do have to hit the big events from her real history and her marriage to Francis is part of that.

      • arianeb says:

        Agreed, anyone who read Mary Queen of Scots Wiki page knew her wedding to Francis was inevitable. The show is not that accurate however, at the time of the real wedding, Francis was 13 years old and Mary was 16. Potential spoiler: According to history, within a year of their marriage, King Henry of France dies and King Francis becomes King of France. Something even “Mash” fans can look forward to.

  7. hannah says:

    Nope. Mary fell in love with Bash, what they had together was real. It was based on a strong connection. Mary and Francis’ connection is based on obligation and loyalty. It just doesn’t feel right to me.

  8. Priscilla says:

    marry made the perfect choice. she and francis belong together

  9. M says:

    That’s a beautiful dress

  10. CocoVills says:

    Andy: Francis or Bash?

  11. Lucy8B says:

    YES, SHE DID. Francis is perfect!!!

  12. Just Sayin' says:

    Yes, a ‘perfect’ guy is one who sleeps with your best friend and then lies and hides it from you because he knows if you knew the truth, you wouldn’t marry him. Yuk!

  13. Willowroses says:

    Yes Francis was the perfect choice. He is her first love and soulmate.

    • just pointing that out says:

      Lol I believe you missed the scene where Mary said about BASH, “I have made the perfect choice!” :)

      • alyy33 says:

        Maybe you missed the scene when she says to Francis “She let me decide what’s really in my heart. It’s you. It’s always been you.”

  14. Kate says:

    It’s funny that Frary got married with that giant lie in between them about Francis sleeping with lola, as well as Mary still being in love with Bash. They’re off to a great start ;)

  15. Kayla says:

    No she didn’t marry the right brother!!! Mary and Francis were together because they had to be. Bash at least gave her the choice of being who she wanted to be!

  16. Dee says:

    Well, to be fair, Francis didn’t think he was going to marry Mary (hee!) anymore so he was, “what the heck!”. I’m sure he was with other women while he was away.

    The dresses that Mary wore tonight were beyond stunning! Absolutely beautiful, OMG.

    Nostra-dumb-ass is a fool.

    I kind of figured Clarissa would still be alive.

    I didn’t really feel for Breneman’s portrayal of a mom. Her accent was sort of suspect as well.

    I did tear up at the wedding ceremony.

    • Alichat says:

      I have to agree with you about Brenneman’s portrayal. That accent was awful. She’s supposed to be Scottish, right???

      • ejdax37 says:

        All the accents are horrible on this show! If you are watching Reign for historical accuracy you are defiantly barking up the wrong tree. I kind of wish they had just made up characters in some fake world so they wouldn’t be any hang ups with historical accuracy.

        • Alichat says:

          Well, I suppose I should say that her British accent was bad, since most of the characters speak in a muted, flat British accent.

  17. HanLin says:

    GUYS, you can’t alter history (at least of Royal marriages). Mary ends up with Francis. This is LITERALLY a 500 year spoiler. Sure, they have embellished (read:made up) a lot of things (including Bash!), but they can’t alter the basic outline of history. I am sure that despite the marriage, the drama is still going to be amazing.

    • Nichole says:

      Well said!! While I enjoy the frivolity of this show more then I ever expected to, it is supposed to be, at least loosely, based on the life of Mary, who did marry Francis, though she was only 14 and he 15 at the time, so doubt he was off running about Paris in gambling dens :P As to the affair with Mary’s lady, I can buy that, his father Henry took Dianne/a as his mistress at 14, though their relationship was very different to how it is shown in Reign, which is a shame, would have made for some really good drama.

    • Elyse says:

      THIS. anyone threatening to stop watching the show is delusional. it was ALWAYS going to be Francis.

      • Shell says:

        I went into the show knowing Mary would marry Francis. But I also went in expecting the writers to make them getting married plausible and believable.

        After just watching the ep where Mary supposedly loves Francis more, I’m at a loss as to see why she would. Women who love men who treat them badly and cheat over men who treat them well generally have low self worth and low self confidence. Neither of those are in Mary’s character. So it makes no sense that she would love the cheater more.

        I’m very disappointed in the writer’s lack of believable characterization.

  18. CC says:

    Definitely not. I don’t blame Francis for Lola – he was free then. And it’s not just about the actual cheating before (though that bugst does too). It was his arrogance and condescension toward her that turned me off. He told her so many times during the first half of the episode basically that he was the king of france and could do whatever he wanted and she should just put up with it. What a jerk. Whenever I see Frary shippers its “oh they are soulmates” without a big of explanation as to why. Mash is all about true foundations of relationship – but Hollywood never goes for that.

    • c says:

      I agree. I can’t understand how people think they should be togethr after the way francis acted when olivia was around and forbidding her to be around bash while he was having fun with olivia if you catch my drift

    • c says:

      sadly I knew it would go this way because of what history says, but history also says that Francis will die. I’m not wishing for him to die, but I am wishing for something to ruin Mary’s and Francis’s marriage so bash can get his shot. Maybe once Mary finds out about Lola, she and Bash will fool around, like torrance said “when has fidelity been anyone’s strong suit at court”

  19. CC says:

    The show really made a misstep here – everybody knew she was going to end up with Francis but it was a huge turn off to 50% of the audience to make it all go down the way it did, crushing Bash so completely

  20. sihn says:

    I think it was the right choice. Not because I cared much one way or the other really, but because the show had to stick at least a little to what is written in the history books. And from a storytelling perspective it really had to be this way… Now hopefully we get to see Bash embracing his mothers side of the family and bringing some heretic revenge on all of them. And also how much fun is it going to be to see the proph trying to hide his major f*** up from Catherine. Let’s face it… she is the main reason for watching the show – besides from hoping to see Kenna be killed off in some horrible way

  21. IMHO says:

    Great dress wrong guy.
    Screw history I was still hoping for a Bash & Mary marriage.
    Of course the Best part of the episode was when Mary called the King a Bully and basically told him to Step the Frak Off.

  22. Tee says:

    Well that was awkward, and I felt bad for Bash. I predicted Francis but figured it had to do with Bash not getting legitimized. But hey, at least she made a choice and it wasn’t just circumstance forcing her into it. Cue Lola finding out she’s pregnant in 3, 2…

    Admittedly love triangles aren’t my favorite, but this definitely ranks towards the bottom for least enjoyable to watch.

  23. Disappointed that Mary chose Francis over Bash . I think that Bash is the better man for Mary he Loves her above anything else. He does not go sleeping around on Mary like Francis does . And Bash does not mulpiate her like everyone else does he wants to protected her. Francis is a horrible brother to Bash.

    • tp says:

      I can’t believe you think Francis is a horrible brother. I just….can’t. From episode one Bash is talking mess about Francis and eyeing his fiance. Even when Francis could see Bash liked Mary he didn’t say anything but “We have always been honest with each other, regardless of our station.” He always showed concern for Bash even after he saw Mary and Bash kissing. “Who will my brother be when he gets back?”. He took it like a man when Mary said she would marry Bash. He loved his brother and looked up to him. The same brother that took everything away from him. How is that a bad brother?

  24. Tina B. says:


  25. Carly says:

    You can’t judge Francis about what he did when he thought Mary didn’t love him anymore. People do worse things in times of heartbreak.

    Mary made the absolute right choice. Bash never made her smile the way she does when she is with Francis, and you can see it in all her scenes with either brother. Mary and Francis is a true love story. Although I do love the character of Bash just not with Mary.

  26. meah says:

    Yesss at she making the right decision,she actually loves francis,its not only because of tradition.
    Bash annoys me,francis was ready to leave the court for him and mary but he couldn’t do the same,so selfish
    Bash listens to mary too much,its like he can’t stand on his own thoughts.if mary says jump,bash would ask how high
    Francis sleeping with lola wasn’t cheating,him and mary were broken up by then so y’all should chill.

    • Shell says:

      Why are there so many “Francis wasn’t cheating” comments referring to Lola on here. There were 2 other women he cheated with first. Sure, the 2nd wasn’t technically cheating either since he declared they were (really just he was) free to be with other people until they were officially married where she liked it or not. But to me, that bit was worse than cheating.

  27. Alichat says:

    This whole plot was moved along way too quickly. Frankly, her running off with Bash would have been the better season finale, or her demand to Henry that she will marry Bash. I don’t think this show needed a Scandal-like pace.

  28. jessica says:

    i was not a fan of this episode. I really wanted bash and mary to marry. Francis is so horrible. Bash is the better choice and is always going to put mary first. im sad they didnt end up together but i hoping thats not the end of them! go mary and bash!! and what the hell was up with making bash watch mary and francis on their wedding night, that was so messed up!! the show better make it up to bash! Im hoping after mary finds out about lola she will realize she made the wrong choice and have an affair with bash :)

  29. ninergrl6 says:

    While I “ship” Frary because I think they have better chemistry (and it’s what ACTUALLY happened historically), the consummation scene was so disgusting that it made me hate them. Until that scene I was happy for them, even though the episode felt rushed, and I thought the wedding was beautiful. My heart broke for Bash but I knew it was coming. But then Henry forced him to watch?! And Mary & Francis made eye contact with him?! It literally made me sick to my stomach. I don’t know how any Frary shippers can feel good about that.

    • Reign says:

      Yes I think that was sad that Henry had to make Bash watch Francis and Mary, but you know back than that’s how things usually plays out. I’m sure Francis and Mary feels horrible that Bash is there but they can’t stop their consummation either..after that I don’t understand how Mash fans can even want hope for Mary and Bash, it’s clear that Mary loves Francis more and that she would do anything to save his life. I hope the writers will have some Epic love story for Bash after this Episode he deserves a woman that loves him truly and only him!

  30. Tanner says:

    Bah shahs all you people complaining about Mary wedding the wrong guy is HILARIOUS!!! Seriously, this is a historical show (at leaf when it comes to the biggest arc of the whole story). There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY Mary could have wed Bash without the show losing every ounce of historical reference. Maybe Mary and Bash should have been together or maybe not but as history goes she married Francis.


  31. alex says:

    I think she made the wrong choice. Even in the first few minutes in her and Francis’s reunion, Francis lied to her about protecting Bash. Then tried to have him killed. That was screwed up. Won’t be surprised if she finds out about Francis’s infidelity with Lola eventually and will turn to Bash, but Bash will have none of it.

    • kate'shomesick says:

      we don’t know if it was Francis who tried to have him killed…could have been Catherine oder Mary’s mother …I’m prety sure it wasn’t Francis…

      • Alichat says:

        I think it would be an interesting twist if it was Henry. He knows Bash, and knows that he probably wouldn’t stay away. Bash has cared for Mary from day one, and with Mary caring for him, Bash could be a distraction to Mary, whom Henry has big plans to become Queen of England….so I could see his drive for England being stronger than his love for Bash.

  32. Jenna says:

    That consummation scene was heartbreaking. Mary didn’t even seem to care that Bash had to watch. Also when she told Bash she loves Francis more…would it jave killed her to show some more emotion. Poor Bash. As much as I prefer Mash to Frary I think her choice was believable. She loved him more. I’m still rooting for mash but damn do I want Bash to have some sort of good fortune heading his way. This was a crushing ep for him.

  33. Jenna says:

    You wanna see uncomfortable you should see the extended episode, she looks sad and awkward but Laurie wrote the episode probably didn’t you too see that she’s still affected by Bash. Any whoo Mary will know the truth about Lola and Francis and that somebody tried to kill him, Francis guards no less so well also see maybe he’s still threatened by Bash or his mother or Mary’s poor Bash all I say is the karma’s a bitch and always comes back Around

    • alyy33 says:

      So what is your point? Francis and Mary’s love is tragic we know that from history. Doesn’t make it any less beautiful. Even if Francis dies the next episode, he is still Mary’s first choice and the love of her life. So don’t be so spiteful because you’re sour she didn’t choose Bash.

  34. Jenna says:

    Yes all the fray fans are happy they must of missed the part where Francis DIES a year later come on people that makes you happy and already said there going to be a 2 month jump in time and givin how much time passes in between episode? He’s not not on the earth much longer

    • L says:

      Well if they stick with history, Henry has to die before Francis so he can become King.

    • alyy33 says:

      So what is your point? Francis and Mary’s love is tragic we know that from history. Doesn’t make it any less beautiful. Even if Francis dies the next episode, he is still Mary’s first choice and the love of her life. So don’t be so spiteful because you’re sour she didn’t choose Bash.

  35. Alia says:

    I only have to say … Mary is a very selfish woman. She doesn’t deserve Bash.

  36. I’m beginning to believe that people who watch the CW have never picked up a history book. Here’s a 500-year-old spoiler for you: Mary marries Francis.

  37. Matt says:

    Ugh you guys do know that this is based on history. Mary did marry Francis in real life. How could they change history and have her marry Bash? Yes I know it is just a show so they can change history, but this show is supposed to be based on her early life.

  38. Stephanie says:

    I think it is hilarious that people think she should have married Bash. Mary Queen of Scots married Francis….to have her marry Bash would rewrite history. I am completely aware that this show is not known for historical accuracy, but seriously – even they would not have the nerve to rewrite history.

  39. Sarah says:

    I wonder if now Mary is with Francis to protect Bash….because she loves him more!!! Very cool twist if it’s true, since the irony is that she got together with Bash to protect Francis.

  40. Bri says:

    She had to marry Francis. It’s historical fact. With that said, I’m totally torn. I agree with what Bash said 100%, she seems more free with him. Francis got a big black mark from me for sleeping with Lola (who YOU KNOW is going to be pregnant) when he was supposedly so in love with Mary and especially for not coming clean. Just because Mary got married doesn’t mean her love with Bash is over, though it should be.

  41. Sooo no one wants this show to be even close to historically accurate? Unless of course it is supposed to be in an alternate universe? The costumes are marginally accurate, and it is highly embellished, but geesh-read a book? Or at least an online article on history!

  42. Denny says:

    I loved Mary and Bash,but not anymore. I knew she was going to marry Francis,but for Henry to be so cruel and make Bash watch the consummation was awlful. I no longer care what happens to anyone on the show but Bash(funny since he is the fictional one)! I only want Catherine to live long enough to see her beloved Francis die in a year or so. And I want Bash to get over Mary quickly.
    To TPTB: something great better be waiting for Bash!

  43. MASH Shipper says:

    Oh my God. What if Francis gets Lola pregnant???

  44. Ian says:

    I adore Bash. And personally, I do think she made the wrong choice. And I feel like they overshot it with their intention to make us torn over who she should be with. Clearly Bash would have been the best decision for her, and there’s no reason she should love Francis more than him. She only did because it’s historical fact she marries Francis, so whatever.

    And did anyone else assume Nostradamus might be gay? I would’ve really appreciated it if they’d made him gay. The actor’s yummy, and I think the character lends itself to homosexuality. So too bad he was rolling around in the sheets with some woman this episode.

  45. alyy33 says:

    Of course she did. She followed her heart and married Francis. How can you say it’s the wrong choice? She loves Francis.

  46. I really hate how people say that Mary made the right choice. NO SHE MADE A REALLY BIG MISTAKE. And I think she made the wrong choice because Francis will care more about the royalty and forget about mary. Mary should’ve married bash cause Bash wouldn’t care about royalty he would care about mary and mary only. Like what Bash said in an episode 11 “claiming England means nothing to me, and i was only interested in claiming you. Bash let her choose and he also said “if Henry stands in the way I kill him for you” Why couldn’t she forget about Francis and just marry bash and also at the end of episode 11 mary said this to the Queen I made the choice and when we are together we have killed you” So I sort of hate mary for marrying Francis so she did make a big mistake marrying Francis she should’ve married Bash

    • kay says:

      I am so onboard with this opinion. Bash is the better man at the end of the day and I know some people like to say that he isn’t perfect and he was a player too, but I’m sorry the writers haven’t made him look that way at all. There is a reason we have seen Francis bedding several women within the first half of the season including Mary’s friend! I’m sorry but who is more prone to becoming like Henry here? Francis duh! Don’t forget Henry claimed to have loved Catherine in the beginning too. Either way this Frary ship is doomed as he dies in the first year of their marriage. I just feel like the writers should of left it a little more open and believable that Mary could love Bash just as much if not more than Francis because now it may just feel like he’s her second choice. That consummation scene was awful and made me dislike Mary & Francis both. Kind of want Mary to walk in on Francis and Lola or something now :p You also should remember that what Francis and Lola did to Mary was much worse, Bash & Mary never slept together (proof he is a gentlemen!) And Mary was upfront and told Francis why she was going to marry Bash, to save him! Francis also lied about keeping Bash safe which shows his true nature (Henry much?) Can’t wait to see what happens next but this episode was intense and not in the best way for Mashers. Screw history by the way its a freaking CW show go Mash!

  47. wrstlgirl says:

    Does it really matter if she made the right or wrong choice. I mean, it’s so very clear that this isn’t the end of the “triangle” for lack of a better word. I enjoyed he episode even though is was so very predictable. It was so obvious that Nostradamus’ predictions were wrong or right, no wait, wrong again, lol.

  48. K. says:

    I glad she married Francis because they both do love each other! Also I thought in the history department, wasn’t they married around 2 years before he dies? Also spoiler alert for people, she doesn’t marry Bash after Francis dies, I think she marries her cousin! Unless they stop going by the History books!

  49. moriah says:

    Mary did not love Bash the way she loves Francis. She tried, because it meant protecting Francis, but when given the choice, she ran straight into Francis’s arms. It’s always going to be Francis for Mary, and Mary for Francis. No one else even holds a candle.

  50. Lena says:

    Just saw the Canadian promo for next week. The frary fans will not be happy for long. LOL Lola is going to be a bigger problem.