Ratings: Criminal Minds Rises, SVU and P.D. Drop, Mixology Steady, Arrow Hits Low

Ratings MixologyThe so-so ratings for ABC’s Mixology weren’t watered down at all this Wednesday night.

Week 2 of the freshman comedy drew 4.6 million total viewers and a 1.7 demo rating (per finals), on par with its premiere.

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The news was decidedly better for ABC’s other comedies, which all rebounded from season lows. The Middle (7.1 mil/1.9) rose two tenths week-to-week, while Suburgatory (5.6 mil/1.7) and Modern Family (9 mil/3.4) gained three tenths.

Capping ABC’s night, Nashville (4.8 mil/1.5) ticked up two tenths.

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CBS | Survivor: Morgan McLeod Edition was steady at 9.6 mil/2.4, Criminal Minds (11.4 mil/2.6) was up from both last week’s special 10 pm outing (9.4 mil/2.2) as well as its previous episode (10 mil/2.5), but CSI (9.2 mil/1.7) was down 6 and 15 percent.

NBC | Revolution (4.8 mil/1.3) added a handful of eyeballs and was steady in the demo, while SVU (6 mil/1.6) dropped 23 and 20 percent and Chicago P.D. (6.1 mil/1.5) tumbled 24 and 30 percent from its season highs.

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THE CW | Arrow (2.2 mil/0.7, down two tenths) and The Tomorrow People (1.33 mil/0.4, down one tenth) both hit series lows.

FOX | American Idol was flat with 10.5 mil/2.7. (Read Mr. Slezak’s Top 12 recap.)

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  1. LOL says:

    Old people love CBS!

    • wrstlgirl says:

      :-( I get so tired of hearing this. It’s mean spirited. I happen to love H50 and Blue Bloods on Friday nights and I get accused of being “old” all the time. I’m in my forties and if that’s considered “old” then you have a rude awakening coming. I also happen to love Arrow and other shows on that network, so I guess old people love the CW too.

      • Angela says:

        Not to mention, there are plenty of young people who watch CBS as well. I watch a couple things on that network (“Criminal Minds” and Craig Ferguson’s talk show), and I have a friend who watches that channel frequently as well…and we’re in our late 20s.
        Besides that, if there is a channel that is targeted towards older people (or, as you note, people who are perceived to be “old”), so what? Every demographic deserves attention, after all.
        Meh. Anyway, good to see “Criminal Minds” had a nice night ratings-wise. Odd case, but it was an interesting episode nonetheless, and the ending was sweet and made me smile.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          Yes, another one I watch on CBS. Criminal Minds was wild but those are generally the ones I prefer, lol. The ending was very sweet, Reid is awesome :-)

          • Angela says:

            Always good to talk to other fans :D. The wild ones do tend to be some of the most intriguing, entertaining ones a lot of the time, yeah-there are real life crime stories out there that are just as strange, if not stranger, after all, so…
            Reid is awesome. I adore him. I know I’m far from alone in this opinion amongst the fans, of course, but…yeah :p.

    • Boiler says:

      wrstlgirl you are so right. I am older than you and watch CBS shows and CW and ABC. One reason the demo bugs me.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        I watch shows all over the place really. If I like a show or want to check out a new one I don’t pay much attention to this network or that network. I just set the DVR and go :-) On Friday’s while recording H50/Blue Bloods I’m also recording Grimm and Hannibal. (Friday night is Netflix movie night)

        • Angela says:

          I watch shows all over the place really. If I like a show or want to check out a new one I don’t pay much attention to this network or that network.
          Same here. All I care about is if I enjoy the show I’m watching. Everything else is irrelevant.

    • Maureen R. says:

      What a totally stupid and ageist remark–but anyone who signs their post with a LOL, obviously is mentally juvenile and lacks imagination and guts. I’m 23 and watch CBS and all the other stations, I watch what interests me. So, I guess the only sense your post makes is–none. Can’t fix stupid, and you prove that nicely.

  2. MisterGrimmster says:

    Arrow doesn’t deserve this.

    • Ggny says:

      It doesn’t deserve to be trapped on the cw. It would be better off on cable then that crap network

      • Mikael says:

        Arrow is getting better and better each week. I wish it weren’t trapped on CW either, but Fox would’ve canceled it ages ago, and I couldn’t imagine it on any of the other “big four.” It would benefit from being on FX or something because they could up the violence and ditch some of that signature CW soapy relationship stuff. It’s definitely been dialed down this season, though. Now if they could just get rid of Laurel and keep Sara.

      • dude says:

        There’s nothing cable about Arrow.

    • dude says:

      Maybe people just weren’t interested in an island-centric episode? They’re always my least favourite.

  3. sarah says:

    I wonder why most shows have been down the last couple weeks!
    Arrow was good and Chicago PD was really good!
    Happy that Modern Family rose at least.

  4. mary says:

    Arrow was great last night and promo for next few episodes looks epic. I don’t understand it, maybe Laurel arc made people stop watching.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I think Laurel period has made people stop watching. Especially if what’s predicted is the direction they are going. I love Arrow and can over look the character but I know folks that are not sticking with it.

    • Nic says:

      I am not fond of Sara or brother Blood on Arrow which is why I haven’t been watching as much this year. Laurel doesn’t bother me that much.

    • Blackfel says:

      “Arrow” and “Tomorrow People” got preempted here in Oklahoma City. It will air on Sunday night, but why wait when it’s already on Hulu?

    • Magreeda says:

      I will admit I’ve stopped watching for the remainder of the season, haha. I will pick it up in Season 3 once my favorite character is no longer on the crazy train to villainry. (He’ll probably be dead but at least I won’t have to watch.) It’s that I don’t think Arrow isn’t an excellent show because I do, but my heart cannot take watching it.

    • GildedRose says:

      I love Arrow but I think they’ve made some missteps this season. Altering the dynamic of Team Arrow (Oliver/Felicity/Diggle) by adding others rather suddenly, having too many characters at once that distract from Oliver’s story that start to make him feel secondary in a show that’s supposed to be “about” him and his journey. Too many characters that feel like they’re forgotten or serve no purpose (Isabel, Roy, Blood, etc). Too much focus on side characters that (while apparently figures in the comic books) offer little more than a step on step off role in Arrow that doesn’t really “change” anything… but leaves me feeling kind of like… why did they take an hour away from the core characters of Arrow that I like and want to know more about for THIS?

      Don’t get me wrong, I look forward to Arrow every week and I love a ton about the show but there are bumps and issues that I can see might start frustrating people. A perfect example is Slade and even Isabel. I was really excited to see Slade’s revenge plan kick into gear (still am) but they’ve really milked this. They’ve taken a long time to get to this point and even when they did finally bring him forward, they only gave him the last few seconds of each episode in a gone-on-too-long-tease. And Isabel… the fight for Queen Consolidated held a lot of promise when the season started and now it feels like it was wasted time/potential.

      I don’t mind the island stuff but there are a lot of people, apparently, who aren’t fond of the flashback stuff, so this episode might not have been that exciting to them.

      I’d really like Arrow to go back and really knuckle down to focus on the core group of characters like they did at the beginning of Season 2 and get back to the Arrow business.

      • tabularasalocke says:

        While I agree they dropped the Isabel story, I think it has more to do with the audience’s negative reactions to that character. But Roy is far from a pointless character, he has a huge impact on Ollie’s life. I’d rather watch Sara than Laurel. And Blood is running up against Moira and one of Slade’s hands. I’m also not sure how Ollie feels secondary when he literally deals with threats to the city in every episode. The times they take to show other character stories are because they need some subplotting. Diggle had his own centric episode and is going to play a part with The Suicide Squad. Felicity just had an episode where she was the one to save the day. I don’t think they’ve gone away from these characters. Diggle and Felicity have always been in supporting roles. And hell, they’ve spent much more time between Ollie and Felicity this season than they did in season 1.

        Also, I disagree about them milking Slade’s plans. Honestly, I didn’t expect to see Slade in the present timeline until the final season. I thought he was endgame and was surprised but also delighted that they decided to pull the trigger on this story in season 2. They have 23 episodes to fill. Revealing everything about Slade and his revenge plan earlier would leave them with too much time in the season and they’d have to start putting in fillers to take up times. This way, we got 8 episodes to fill and this is also around the time we started to put the pieces together with what Merlyn wanted last year.

        Honestly, I think season 2’s plotting and action have been a step up from season 1. There’s been less boring filler, more mythology, and I’m way more invested this year.

        • JC says:

          First I’ve heard about any negative audience reaction to Isabel. Last I knew everyone was happily speculating that she was either going to be Talia al Ghul, or working with Slade. (I think the latter is now more likely.) I think it’s more that her storyline, along with others, ended up getting delayed because of the writers’ incomprehensible decision to drop that five episode Laurel/Lance family arc down in the middle of things, thus bringing all the momentum they’d built up before the holidays to a screeching halt. I hope they can get back on track.

    • Meredith says:

      Oliver being a selfish douche is what makes me less enthusiastic about watching.

  5. Ava says:

    Nashville was great last night! The champagne scene was priceless!

  6. Carm says:

    Chicago PD was really good last night.

  7. Fosho says:

    I have been a diehard Arrow fan since the beginning. I’ve convinced many friends and family to start watching the show over the last year and a half. What happened? The writers have gotten so steeped in trying to create spectacle that numerous characters are taking it on the chin. I’m not interested seeing characters like Diggle, Felicity, Thea and Roy put on the back burner for the sake of the action and the plot. I have no problem with action and drama and “spectacle”, but when that hinders the development of your hero, it’s off putting. With out amazing character relationships and dynamics, why should we care about a guy running around with bows and arrows? As Oliver Queen said “love is the most powerful emotion”, and I think there have been too many inconsistencies and poorly written plot driven character arcs to sustain this show much longer. It also really makes me said to think this way.

    • GildedRose says:

      Fosho, you said exactly what I was trying to say above and said it much clearer than my rambling. LOL. “The writers have gotten so steeped in trying to create spectacle that numerous characters are taking it on the chin. I’m not interested seeing characters … put on the back burner for the sake of the action and the plot. …there have been too many inconsistencies and …plot driven character arcs to sustain this show much longer.” That’s exactly my fear and I think the plot-driven aspect has really shown itself (over character) since they came back from break. I don’t know what happened, but you really feel it more now than you did before. It’s such a bummer.

  8. Arie says:

    Aww, I love Mixology.

  9. MKRR says:

    I think Arrow deserve it, i longer watch it, because it reminds of Smallville, all the catering they do for ships, and they forget to just tell the story, season 1 was great, it´s pitty.
    loved felicity in season 1. after that can´t stand her.

  10. Mary says:

    Ouch for Arrow. I didn’t think it was doing that badly. Good thing they’ve already been renewed or otherwise, I’d be concerned. But still, do any of the shows on CW do better than a 1.0 on the demos?

  11. Claire says:

    Sadly, I am not too surprised about the ratings for Arrow. Rather than rewrite something that is going to say the same thing, I am placing something here that I had written earlier. Time and convenience — I roll like that :)

    Thoughts on Arrow — S1 I watched, but even though I got into this show for the action, you still need a story with which to connect and Arrow didn’t have much of one. That and I liked Tommy more than Oliver — more appealing, more charismatic. I never liked the Laurel story until she was with Tommy. I LOVED the Felicity scenes though — it was like something switched on when she had her scenes. Mid season I started to REALLY LIKE — Team Arrow. It was getting better! (And for the record, I didn’t care about F & O becoming a thing — it wasn’t about shipping)

    Season 2 began and it was like they took everything they learned about doing things right from the back half of S1 and put in the beginning of S2. Things were ROLLING! They had found their formula. I became a vested viewer. It was Team Arrow, lots of action and a little bit of Olicity (THEY threw it in and yes, I started liking) on the side. No gratuitous bed hopping, for the sake of making it a CW show. It was telling a story and it was focused on Oliver becoming a better person, Team Arrow and the action. Then we return from the hiatus to S1 under the guise of S2. My mind is boggled. What happened? Did I miss something, like perhaps a time warp?

    I get that the show runners might have felt the need to deal with the elephant in the room — Laurel. As much as I might have desired Arrow developing the Chuck Cunningham Syndrome and having her just disappear, they didn’t go that route and instead have now flung us back into S1, except now we have the added pleasure of the other Lance sister being on hand in the form of Sara aka BC. Oh joy. By the way, kudos to them for not taking the easy way out and trying to actually do something about what wasn’t working. But they get a BIG FAT “F” for making what wasn’t working and unappealing the front and center of the what WAS a good show.

    This foray down memory lane has reminded me of one thing and brought to light another. Oliver + Laurel = meh (Yes, I remember all to well) Oliver + Laurel + Sara = disaster. The Lance sisters and the Lance sister storyline are just the worst thing ever for the show and the character of Oliver. The problem for me however is that Tommy isn’t there for me to pick up the slack. So all you are left with is an unappealing Oliver, and two sisters I don’t care about. Congratulations, the show has moved from the central story of Oliver becoming a hero with a great arc of arch nemesis Slade, to a messed up attempt at SOMETHING that in no way shape or form resembles the clean beautiful image of the 1st 9 episodes. There is a big splotch over the story and I can’t make heads or tails of it.

    So if the show runners intent was to show us just how wrong the sisters are for Oliver, well they did a smashing job. Unfortunately the show is almost unrecognizable at this point. I truly liked Sara when she first returned. I felt a solid friendship between Oliver and her, and I felt she and Felicity would be great friends. And then she became this plot devise for shock value — like they remembered they were on the CW network. As a viewer it made no sense.

    So in two episodes they have taken likable Sara and made her trump all the other likable characters that made the first half of the season so enjoyable. She is like Oliver in fighting and better than Diggle in doing so, she is better than Felicity apparently, and better than Dr. House too for that matter, being able to identify a rare disease in less time than it took Hugh Laurie! But that’s okay, Sara gave her thumbs up to Felicity being “still cute.” Well THAT was a winning moment. o.O The problem is, is that while they are having Sara trump all the likable characters, THOSE CHARACTERS made Oliver likable. So what we are left with is unappealing Oliver. Am I redundant? Yes. But sometimes redundancy hammers home the truth, and I hate to see bad things happen to a show I was really enjoying.

    If they wanted to give Oliver another love interest FINE! But did they HAVE to make it the other flipping sister AGAIN? Why? Is he NOT capable of having a friendship with another of his caliber. They went there before and the Gambit went down, they decided to go there again and well, they may very well tank the show as far as I’m concerned. It didn’t work in S1 why in the WORLD would they think it would work in S2? I’m not going down the poor Laurel route with this, because quite frankly I didn’t care S1 and I DON’T care S2. I’m going down the whole “oh, poor FIRST HALF of the season” route, because THAT is the true victim in this whole mess.

    If they were going to take us back to S1 to wrap things up, they could have at least been kind about it and made it short lived. I can only hope things change soon. I will be and have been a cheerleader for this show, which is why I am coming down on it now. I hate to see good shows derail.

    P.S. Did I mention making Sara a BARTENDER? In a NIGHTclub — operative word being NIGHT. Isn’t that when they go gallivanting around saving Starling City? To me, this is where it shows they are more interested in throwing in Easter Eggs like her having previously tended bar in the Oblivion Bar than worrying about uhhh credibility. Yes, Roy works there as well, but last I checked he was stocking shelves or something, not front and center AT A BAR serving drinks.

    • SZ says:

      So much win in this comment. Yes. Just yes. I agree with everything you have said and I hope the writers sit up and take note of when the ratings dropped and why. The moment Sara (who I really don’t like) was pushed front and centre, making Oliver unlikable in turn, i predicted this would happen.

    • Allison says:

      I’m nominating your post for most insightful post about Arrow. I co-sign the petition to get Arrow back to what made it a good show instead of trope CW fare.

  12. robinepowell says:

    Tomorrow People lost a of Canadian viewers, because CTV moved it to CTVTwo as of last week. All so this network could air Mixology, which isn’t even doing that well.

  13. wonderwall says:

    WOW, I thought Arrow was going to do so well especially after that 3 minute promo! I wonder what the cause of it is… Sara and Oliver being together (thus regressing Oliver’s character), Laurel’s arc, lack of Digg/Felicity scenes? Arrow truly deserves better :/

  14. Boiler says:

    Hopefully ABC will rationalize that Nashville leadins have been awful and maybe give it a chance on Sunday next year. Really like the show but certainly get that it is in trouble

  15. Abigale says:

    Everybody needs to keep in mind that we are moving into springtime (and DTS is this weekend.) Historically, all TV shows see a dip in ratings this time of year but the CW especially. I’m sure there are some people who are turning away because of story or whatnot but more than likely it’s just “that time of year.”

  16. Ron says:

    Every time I see out of this world stupid, unfunny shows like Super Fun Night (what an ironic title) or Mixology (I need alcohol to get through an episode), I get even more upset with ABC for unhappily ending Happy Endings.

  17. Ethel says:

    I don’t think ABC cares about promoting any of their shows other than Modern Family

  18. Berni says:

    did anyone watch Revolution last night ? man i found it such a horrible episode ! it has really put me off the rest of the season. to me it just doesnt have a purpose anymore.

  19. catch&release says:

    Really don’t care for the dimple in the chin look.

  20. Boiler says:

    So in final numbers Nashville ended in a tie in the demo with Chicago PD and not much below CSI. Everyone seems to think Nashville in trouble. Are the other 2 also??

  21. Janey Courtland says:

    Bottom Line: Bring back Team Arrow, Action and Olicity and I’ll watch this show every week faithfully. Take that away …crush Olicity….And I’m all done. Which happened weeks ago. YOU HAD US AT OLICITY. And then you gave us Sara. NOPE.