Bones EP Previews Monday's 'Dark' Episode and 'Very Surprising' Season 9 Cliffhanger

Bones Season 9 FinaleWith a Season 10 pickup firmly under Bones‘ belt, producers of the Fox procedural are moving forward with Plan A and ending Season 9 with a doozy of a cliffhanger.

“We’re ending the year in a very surprising way,” teases EP Stephen Nathan. “Two different stories converge and it throws Booth and Brennan’s work relationship into turmoil and causes big, big changes for our people.”

Per Nathan, one of those plots centers on “a promotion that seems to exist within the FBI and they have their eye on Booth to fill this position,” while the other storyline involves a certain invisible serial menace. “The Ghost Killer [arc] becomes far more complex and conspiratorial, and very well might lead back to the FBI.”

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In the more immediate future — specifically, March 10 when Bones returns from its winter hiatus to reclaim its Monday-at-8/7c perch — Booth will be dealing with an unresolved CIA issue when Freddie Prinze Jr. reprises his role as super-spy Danny Beck.

“We wanted to do an episode where we really saw the friendship between Booth and Danny, and also touch on the things that kept them apart,” explains Nathan of the atypically “dark and action-filled” outing. “What kind of a friendship exists when one person’s life is all secrets? And Danny’s got a lot of secrets.”

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The episode does have its lighter moments, courtesy of a B-story that finds Brennan buying a life insurance policy. “Her rates are far more than Booth’s, and she doesn’t understand why since both of them are essentially doing the same job,” Nathan previews. “She’s penalized for going into the field and Booth is not. It’s a way for us to explore the difference between their [professional] partnership and the marriage.”

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  1. catherine says:

    yay, well, finally, getting back to the core of B & B and interesting stories of their lives together whether personal or professional. TY Mr Nathan.

  2. Anon says:

    About time Booth got offered a promotion…looking forward to see how it connects with the Ghost killer arch, esp if the killer is FBI related…

    • Mar says:

      Booth has already been promoted. He’s the head of major crimes and just last season he turned down another promotion.

    • Missy says:

      Here are my thoughts: 1) hope Booth gets a promotion which could turn into a fantastic spin-off opportunity for David on Fox; 2) now we need a spin-off for Emily; 3) if the ghost killer arc leads back to the FBI, that may validate my suspicion that there is a very dark side to Sweets. I always thought that he may have been somehow involved with the Gormagon; maybe the real apprentice instead of Zach. Bottom line — excellent opportunity to kill Sweets. People, he is definitely not what he appears to be…

    • momajenk says:

      My money is on Cam. I think that whole identity theft thing was too big, yet unresolved. The “friend” may have been a fall guy(girl) she was caught on camera. Maybe Cam is jealous of Bones and finally wants some of the limelight. She has unrestricted access (and now she can blame everything on identity theft (and knows how to commit, cover up and solve a murder that all of the employees could solve. Whew! I love this show!

  3. Babybop says:

    Hmm… Maybe his promotion will mean he can no longer work with Brennan because they’re married.

  4. Jess. says:

    Booth maybe gets a promotion and the Ghost Killer may have a FBI connection …so one could speculate that the killer wants Booth and the team off the case not to figure out who she is….Really looking forward to Danny and Booth’s friendship being highlighted. And a darker ep is fine by me. March 10th!

  5. Emily says:

    Finally. B&B front and center. It’s been annoying that this show is no longer about their leads. I miss the old days where B&B were central. Now we are lucky if we get a handful of “B&B episodes” a season. That’s one of the major flaws of this show.

    • Mar says:

      I’d say that’s one of the main reasons why it’s lasted as long as it has. Everybody watches for different reasons, not just B&B.

      • Letty says:

        To each his own, but the B & B stories get the most buzz, the most comments and most reaction. If you enjoy the others, fine, It’s a double benefit for you.

    • Jessie says:

      You are right on the money.Now it has 3 leads hate sweets:( More BB

  6. Andrew Hass says:

    I kind of figured that eventually Booth would get a promotion or at least the chance of one but maybe the new job is not in Washington D.C..Plus maybe instead of him and Brennan working together he becomes her boss in a way.

  7. UM88 says:

    I really don’t get how Brennan doesn’t understand that she is more at risk in the field than Booth. Hello, she’s not an a FBI agent, nor does she have the training. Just because she is the best anthropologist in the world doesn’t mean she can do everyone else’s job just as well. Will be interesting to see how she justified her opinion.

    • Susan says:

      I agree, but would not have said it myself..their are those who strike like a snake on words, even if its your own opinion. Although, the FBI would have to have Brennan on Contract for her to work like she does w Booth. Not just the FBI and Jeffersonian, but her as an individual bc she is going into the field with him. I’m afraid to give my complete opinion, ppl really wouldn’t like it..But UM88, congrats on standing up….

  8. UM88 says:

    Would also like to add that it finally looks like DB might be getting a storyline…will wonders never cease!

  9. Lois says:

    Sounds like good story, I can’t wait to have the show back. It’s all about B&B imo!
    So the ghost killer is going to go to extraordinary lengths to stop Brennan & Clark from investigating!! Who is the link at the FBI?

  10. Bob Smith says:

    Michael – Can you please ask the idiots at Fox to just leave the show on Mondays at 8:00? Monday, Friday, Monday, oh, let’s try Thursday, Monday, Friday, Monday…good g-d!

    • TV Gord says:

      They’re not idiots. They know Bones fans will follow them anywhere, which is a compliment to the show and its fans.

  11. Rita Sioros says:

    Bones got 10! Can we go for 11???????

  12. Jaime says:

    So this might be really random, and maybe I’m the only one that feels this way, but are B&B still parents? Because seriously, I have a baby too and I NEVER get that much time where she is no where to be seen. It sort of breaks my immersion and the believability of it that they made SUCH a huge deal about them having Christine, you saw he very firmly in just about every episode for like half a season and now she’s pretty much just disappeared. It’d be nice to at least see them eating dinner ALL together at the end-of-episode tie up or something. It’s just odd and irritating. Am i the only one bothered by this?

    Besides that I am LOVING this season and very excited to see where the rest of it goes (and I hope we get to follow and support Wendel too).

    • Huskygrl says:

      I for one am relieved that all episodes do t have to revolve around Christine. Mentioning her several times per episode is plenty. What kills shows where they have kids is spending too much time focusing on only that. If you want to see kids on screen there are plenty of other options on TV.

  13. Love, love show, would like to see more episodes of the different holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, the old shows celebrating these holidays were very, very good, also would like to see B&B more involved in their marriage relationship.

    Sure hope show will continue past season 10, you guys do a fabulous job and I know must be very tiring. Wish all of you the very best.

    Ruth Ann

    • I love this show also and I rally hope they bb now that they are married they kiss more often and maybe bones should go and take a test to be a part of the FBI team also,

  14. I’m in England and I love the show. We’ve just had the wedding so I don’t know how far behind the US we are. I want B & B’s relationship be secondary to the plot lines like it used to be. I love the fact that they got married and have a baby but its taking away a lot of main purpose of the storyline’s, which were the main reason I started watching the show.My view on some of the other comments are,yes Sweets must have a dark side but not evil,we already know Cam is jealous and is putting on a brave front but the identity theft was definitely left unresolved.One more thing we had an episode were Sweets left the FBI and then suddenly he was back helping get Pelant,was this shown out of sequence?

    • Teri says:

      I am also from England and wondered about that myself. I am travelling around Asia at the moment so have 5 episodes to watch when I get back.

  15. sheryl says:

    Oh, please. Not another serial killer. It’s been done to death.

  16. Ruth says:

    Why cam? First of all booth and cam was in relationship from old days she wont do anything to hurt booth
    I bet it’s diasy she got kicked off by the entire team and they didn’t like her

  17. Ruth says:

    Other opinion it’s could be one of those lab assits

  18. Jeff says:

    Sounds like “The Mentalist” with Red John’s connection to law enforcement, including the FBI.

  19. Rita Sioros says:

    What to Watch tonight on TV————BONESSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  20. jessica b says:

    I love bones but please have more black people on it