Ratings: S.H.I.E.L.D., NCIS and NCIS: LA Hit Lows, Glee Dips, Voice Rises, Mind Games Plunges

BRETT DALTON, BILL PAXTON, MING-NA WENInviting along a couple of new agents didn’t put new fannies in the seats for ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which on Tuesday night returned to 5.1 million total viewers and a 1.7 demo rating, dropping 23 percent from its month-ago airing, to series lows.

The Goldbergs in turn did 4.2 mil/1.6, down 16 percent in audience but steady in the demo, while Trophy Wife (2.6 mil/0.8) fell 19 percent and a tenth.

Mind Games capped ABC’s night with just north of 2 million viewers and a 0.6 demo rating — plunging more than 40 percent from its premiere. Fun fact: Body of Proof‘s series finale did 7.6 mil/1.2.


CBS | NCIS‘ 250th episode (17.7 mil/2.4) added some eyeballs week-to-week but slipped two tenths in the demo to a season low. NCIS: LA (14.3 mil/2.1) ticked down to a series low, while Person of Interest (10.6 mil/1.7) matched last week’s series low. P.S. Got POI Qs? Email ’em ASAP to InsideLine@tvline.com!

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NBC | The Voice (14.3 mil/4.0) rose 10 and 8 percent, About a Boy (8.7 mil/2.6) gained three tenths, Growing Up Fisher (7.1 mil/2.0) was flat and Chicago Fire (7.1 mil/1.9) inched up a tenth.

FOX | Glee (2.6 mil/1.0) dropped 13 percent and two tenths, New Girl (2.9 mil/1.5) ticked up a tenth and Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2.6 mil/1.3) was steady.

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THE CW | The Originals (1.85 mil/0.8) was flat, while Supernatural (2.04 mil/0.9) dipped a tenth.

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  1. Katherine215 says:

    It’s small of me, but I’m kind of glad to see Mind Games bomb after ABC dumped two episodes of Killer Women for it.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Awww, karma will take care (may already have) of that flubber of a decision by ABC.

    • Weezy says:

      This explains why I had absolutely no clue what the hell was going on in the “previously on” at the beginning of the last Killer Women.

    • Babygate says:

      Thank you! That decision annoyed me to no end. Especially since I had no idea what was happening during the last episode that aired.

  2. ChicagoDan says:

    Glee should be shipped to Friday nights ASAP. Since they foolishly committed to S6, they can just leave it there to get established. Can’t do much worse than it is now… or can it?

    • Olivia says:

      Oh, it can. Just wait till the Lima pair from hell moves to NYC.

    • kd83954 says:

      I actually am curious to see how it does when it moves to NYC-only. So many of us fans have been calling for it since season 4 (but a lot of people on TVLine hate who’s going). It’ll be interesting to see if ratings go up or down. And I bet someone is going to respond and say that it’s Blam’s fault for the declined ratings but I disagree. A lot of people stopped watching because they were annoyed with the Lima stuff. Or that the writing has been lackluster. It’s shame that season 4 happened. The show has gotten much better this season (vs. season 4). And of course they’re going to feature Blam heavily because they’re not continuing on with the newbies. Why give them stories for us to care about (or not care about) if we’re not going to see them again? When Glee goes to NYC, I’m envisioning it to be much more balanced.

      • Lydia says:

        Honestly I think the audience that left is gone for good. I may improve by a tenth or so, but the writers are still the same so I doubt a location change is going to “fix” the show.

        • tim says:

          I agree, the show has lost its heart, and that started in S4 when they tried to make lead actors of those that should only be supporting. Lea, Chris, Cory and Naya really had very little screentime. Rachel was not Rachel last year, Cory was Will2 (just write on the whiteboard and sit in a corner), Chris was an accessory to Rachel, Naya was here and there. So they put their focus on the wrong characters and people did not buy into it. After Cory died, everyone said Glee will be okay it is an ensemble cast. only one entertainment reporter(from TVline, I think,)said it would struggle without Finn and Finchel, and how right they were.

      • Ian says:

        Yeah, to me, it just seems like the fans the show has left can’t stand the Lima side anymore, but the audience the show lost hasn’t watched in a long time and probably aren’t even aware of the changes the show’s about to make or pay any attention to the promos. It’s going to take a lot of god will and good word of mouth from the last remaining fans to build the show’s ratings again over time. A good example of that is the Cory memorial episode, when the ratings spiked so dramatically. The general public had obviously heard of his passing and there was such a buzz for Glee to make a great tribute to him.
        The problem is now though, that Blam in NY isn’t going to get Glee’s 3 million viewers recommending the show again.

        • Fernanda says:

          Yes, BLAM is going to NY, but also KLAINE is finally back on business. I will be honest, Blaine becomes so annoying when he and Kurt broke up last season, writers try to make them funny but failed. Blaine is only lovable when he is with Kurt. Sam also was so caring character at the beginning. Yes, I love to see him shirtless and doing impressions but I remember he could do some tender moments, specially when he shared scenes with Cory. I love Sam and Blaine individual not as BLAM.

          High school story lines will soon be over, I hope people don’t came here to write about how much they missed Ohio, McKinley High and the newbies.

          Without Finn, the show needs a new strong leading male for Rachel. I don’t want her to have a relationship with Sam. Big Mistake if the writers put them together. My candidate for Rachel, JOHN GALLAGER JR. He will soon end his work in HBO’s The Newsroom he is one of the Spring Awakening cast who doesn’t have a role in Glee, yet. (former SA actors in Glee were J Groff, Phoebe Srole and now Skylar Astin)

          • Ian says:

            Uhh, Klaine being separated this whole time wasn’t why people weren’t watching, Fernanda. I’m sure every Klainer still watches the show these days, and the ratings still suck.

  3. So, don’t even bother with Mind Games. Bummer.

  4. HeatherC says:

    Did SHIELD go up or down Matt? Your wording is slightly confusing because at one point it says it went up but then you used the word dropping at another point so I’m slightly confused right now. Happy to see Chicago Fire going up this week though and I REALLY hope ABC keeps The Goldbergs and Trophy Wife around because they are totally hilarious. =)

  5. Rose says:

    Curious as to how these shows do with DVR use factored in. Are some more likely to be watched later than others?

  6. wrstlgirl says:

    Actually was a pretty good episode of SHIELD but I think the show took to long to find a stride and get loyal viewers established.

    • The pacing for the back-half of the season hasn’t done them any favours either. They have strung three new episodes in a row together at the most and every time they build some momentum, the show goes on a multi-week hiatus. At least it always gets a boost in the live+3 ratings — advertisers factor that in so I think that will help the show. Still, they need to get some buzz out about its improvements, this week’s episode was solid and it’s been great since the mid-season finale.

      • Carla Krae says:

        I DVR SHIELD and watch it at 10 where I don’t have a schedule conflict. I figure since I don’t have a Nielsen box, it’s the only way I’m getting counted, anyway.

    • Jimmy says:

      Agreed. The last 3 or 4 episodes have been really good, but as you said they took too long to get it going. I’d hate to see it end after only 1 season.

    • Jerri says:

      At some point before the new episode aired, they should’ve re-ran at least some of the episodes leading up to the new episode. Let people catch up and review. Multiple hiatuses aren’t good. I know at least several people who haven’t watched any episodes beyond the second one, but they DVR all of them with the intention to catch up with all in a marathon. Sadly this probably won’t help advertisers in any way. Those who gave up on SHIELD, really should give it a second chance, I almost gave up on it, but stuck around, and the last few episodes have been quite good. A vast improvement over the earlier ones, for sure.

    • Babygate says:

      Totally agree. I gave up after the first couple of episodes and came back only for the guest stars and stayed when I realized the quality had actually improved. But by now, it may be too late. Next week episode’s looks epic. Maybe it may lure some viewers back if they promote it enough.

    • Mikael says:

      I find it amusing that the showrunners are saying that “the show everyone wanted from the beginning is now coming.” They claim that they had to establish its own identity or it would only cater to Marvel fans and wouldn’t have succeeded. Um, The Avengers made over a billion $$$ and the premiere had like 13 million viewers probably because those people wanted to see more of it. I think they’re doing serious damage control now. Hopefully word of mouth spreads and people who were turned off start to come back.

  7. JR says:

    Isn’t this a series low for Glee? I personally don’t think they can come back from the bad writing of Season 4 and the loss of Cory. Will Fox reconsider its Season 6 commitment?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Grey area — GLEE did a 0.9 on Thanksgiving night, but since that was marked by Fox as a “special” it technically doesn’t “count.”

  8. I know there is a vocal minority that likes the NCIS Bishop character but it seems like there are more people who don’t. Like I’ve said before, I tried. I wanted to like her. But the way the roll out was handled & the way they are writing her is crap. Even last night’s show had her whining about the job again. If it’s this annoying to a die hard loyal fan it has to be impacting the “swing voters”.

    • Andrea says:

      The entire CBS line-up is down, not just NCIS. It’s way too easy to attribute the ratings to Bishop. That argument would carry more weight if LA and POI went up. Also, Senior was in last night’s episode, and he’s an acquired taste for viewers. Some like him, some don’t, and Robert Wagner doesn’t exactly play to the 18-24 demo.

      • JC says:

        Thank you. Yes, CBS seems to be down across the board lately. Attributing that all to Bishop seems like a reach, to put it mildly.

    • Maryann says:

      Bishop is a breath of fresh air. The only bad part about her presence is that it seems to bring out the snark in Tony. It’s getting to the point that I just can’t stand him. It would be really nice if the writers didn’t go off the deep end with his character.

      • John NYC says:

        They may be overwriting the establishment of distance between the two to keep the lid totally nailed shut on any shippers.

        [sarcasm] As if it isn’t entirely clear, what with their mismatched eyebrows, that it is Gibbs and Bishop that are soul mates… [/sarcasm]

      • Johanna says:

        and with this “Fishermen´s friends” will NCIS go down…

    • bonniew88 says:

      Watching last night, I was thinking how Bishop has spoiled the show for me. Very disappointed in the producers for adding her to the cast. Both the character and actress couldn’t be more annoying. It used to be must see tv for me but now not so much.

    • Adam says:

      Well, I’m a die hard loyal fan, and as such a fan, I am seriously wondering about the constant comments of people who claim Bishop is “whining”. Was McGee “whining” when he was a probie and had to carry all the equipment through a live bomb field? Uh, yes. He whined when he got poison ivy while looking for evidence as well. When Ziva was a probie and forced to climb through a garbage dumpster–twice, she whined a great deal. There have been many instances of probies over the years whining with other characters–yet, it’s Bishop who whines all the time. That and those dark eyebrows makes her such a bad character–sarcasm. Amazing how some people can sound like a constant dripping faucet……

  9. Blacklister No.134 says:

    The NCIS series low is 2.1. Considering how much it has plummeted in the last two episodes I am almost certain it will reach that number sometime this season.

  10. Norah says:

    And that Body of Proof series finale was even technically after the TV season was over (it aired in late May)! What a bummer for BOP fans.

  11. R.O.B. says:

    I actually enjoy SHIELD now – the characters have reached a point where you care about them (ironically, it took as long for me to care about the characters on SHIELD as the characters took to care about Skye). I think some of these shows are suffering from extended absences – if people aren’t completely invested, they shrug it off when there are weeks between episodes, or simply don’t realize it is back on. Thanks, Olympics!

  12. Maryann says:

    Agents of Shield had moments last night that were jaw dropping, dark and gritty. I just wish it had found its stride earlier in the season before it bled so many viewers.

    • Boston2AZ says:

      “Jaw dropping”. I agree. Like when they only had 2 guys guarding the super-secret facility. Like when it only took a power drill from Home Depot for Fitz to unscrew the door lock and get inside. And let’s not forget – when all else fails and the characters and writing are substandard – just yell “ASGARD” a few times. That always brings the fanboys back into the fold. What a disappointing show.

  13. Maryann says:

    I wonder in how many markets The Originals was bumped to ten o’clock ( or preempted entirely)for sports, and how that affected the ratings. I know of at least two that this happened in, in different regions of the country.

    • Carla Krae says:

      Happens a lot to the CW. I wish they had fully-dedicated stations like the other networks so this wouldn’t happen anymore.

  14. barbara says:

    I’ve luved ncis from beginning but lately just not caring for it just boring. tried to like bishop but i just find her annoying!!!!!!

  15. Christina says:

    Trophy wife :( Funniest new show that nobody is watching. What a shame.

    • tiffanie says:

      I agree that and the goldbergs best sitcoms this year if people would watch just one they would love them Abc should have put them on Wednesday with the middle and modern family

  16. Observer1234 says:

    While watching last night’s Shield, I couldn’t help thinking that the show might be better off if they would just let Skye die…

  17. Bryan says:

    Does anyone else think that the NCIS LA number has to do with the fact that the team is broken up?

  18. Boiler says:

    I still enjoy watching Glee but Ryan Murphy and his team really have seemed to mess it up. Some of the stuff on it are ridiculous and it isn’t just the newbies(who I like). I’m amazed any network would want a show of his after Glee. Also please watch Trophy Wife

    • rawley says:

      Thank you! I’m sick of people talking about how good the New York half of the show is. Um, it’s not. I’m not even sure I can continue hate-watching.

  19. Pat D. says:

    NCIS was a complete throw-away episode last night with another lame appearance by Tony’s Dad. Seriously, have they completely run out of ideas, even with a new main character?

    • Lolitta says:

      Exactly.He comes to DC,causes problems,Tony is furious,then annual traditional hug and ‘I love you ,Dad’.Put on top Bishop and enjoy the creativity of the show.BTW..why is she can’t sit on a chair?

      • John NYC says:

        The auction character description had “quirky” in it so the actress, for her audition for the part, threw in some gags like that. They clicked with TPTB so when they hired her they incorporated the floor gag and IIRC one or two more (the food association?).

        • John NYC says:

          Oh as to within the show? She has been shown spreading out the various printouts and such in a wide arch to she can have a lot of things in view simultaneously in order to catch connections across datasets: and apparently she’s found the floor a nicely big and wide work area to spread out the stuff…. she’s done the same on vehicle trunk hoods etc. In the office at least the issue could be addressed by getting her a really big library table to spread out on, and maybe they will once someone is written being seen tripping over her legs.

        • John NYC says:

          “audition” character description…

          It’d be nice if this had an edit function….

      • Pat D. says:

        I actually dont mind the Bishop character as much as some, (perhaps because i’m a guy and she’s not bad to look at, teehee) but the plots recently have been about as generic as they come. Hopefully they have some decent arcs for Sweeps and the Season finale.

  20. DeeLoge says:

    Typical lows for this time of year in the tv ratings. As we approach the season enders these numbers will rebound. As for NCIS, its been a great season and last nights show was good except we never met the new step mother. I don’t mind a tease but I would like to feel like we made progress by the end of the episode. I hope we get to see us move beyond all the gripes of wanting Ziva back and hating Bishop. Bishops character is fine and the show is making adjustments, not the first time its done this. I am ready for Tony to move on with his life and get a new “person of interest” at home!!!

  21. Dennis says:

    Shield is getting so much better I wish people would give it another try. the best thing they could do to revitalize the series is make an episode that acts as a prequel or set up to one of their movies, for example have Cap show up in the episode before the movie launches, the episode wouldn’t be required to see the movie but would have elements that are in the movie and help enhance the story, while the following episode of Shield would deal with the ramifications of the movie events

  22. LA Hope says:

    I knew it… Body of Proof was soooooooo much better than any new show on ABC! I want BoP back!!!

  23. Rose says:

    SHIELD suffered from the long hiatus, but the episodes have been amazing! More people should be watching this show.

  24. cj says:

    I’m soprry Shield just isn’t any good even after the so-called improvements. And get ready for Whedon to ruin Avengers by using it to promote this turkey of a show.

  25. Pat says:

    NCIS was definitely flat, last night. Since when does Gibbs hold a chair and then start to push it in, when the junior agent sits down? Never seen him do this for Kate or Ziva. Heck did he do this for Jenny? Again, all the characters were just not connecting. What the (BLANK) has Gary Glasberg done to this show? Please someone at TVLine must ask him about this and also ask him how he feels about die hard fans, like myself, who are so frustrated with what is going on with this show.

  26. Ryan says:

    What are FOX going to do with Glee next season, its ratings are tumbling, if it hadn’t already been renewed I’m not sure it would have gotten a new season.
    I’m still enjoying it but I do feel a 6th season might stretch the friendship.
    Off to Friday nights?

    • Joey says:

      They could probably dramatically reduce the episodes ordered, maybe even give them a six or 8 episode season. Maybe they’ll just outright cancel it. I’m not sure if they CAN cancel it, maybe theres a contract that says “nope,” but I bet they’ll try. Even if they have to pay some amount of money to Ryan Murphy and others, it would probably be cheaper than licensing more songs, recording them, etcetcetc.

  27. MiaB says:

    I wish ABC would switch SHIELD to 9 and put The Goldbergs at 8 and Trophy Wife at 8:30. I actually think it would help both shows. I noticed CBS’s strategy to switch the Crazy Ones and Two and a Half Men benefitted both shows, and I think it would here too. I think they put SHIELD at 8 hoping to appeal to kids, but I don’t think that strategy is working. Plus Goldbergs and Trophy Wife are hilarious, family shows that don’t belong so late on the schedule.

    • N tTVf says:

      Not a bad idea – perhaps they will flip the shows. What I’m watching is the demo number between SHIELD and Goldbergs. Right now, SHIELD at 1.7, Goldbergs at 1.6. The difference between the demo of the two series has been getting smaller and smaller. Should Goldbergs reach a point where is has a larger demo than SHIELD, that could become a problem for ABC, and might indeed force ABC to (finally) shake up that Tuesday lineup.

      Perhaps when DVR+ numbers are factored in, SHIELD will get some more breathing room. But as it stands, I worry about SHIELD. Somewhere along the way, the numbers need to ‘bottom out’, and then start growing. Still waiting to ‘hit bottom.’

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        With Live+7 DVR, SHIELD in early February did 9.8 mil/3.6 (+48% / +64%), GOLDBERGS 7.1 mil/2.6 (+43% / +63%).

        • tiffanie says:

          So Matt do they keep up with what’s watched on demand? They should we have to watch commercials on everything now cant fast forward through anything.

  28. Joey says:

    Haven’t seen S.H.I.E.L.D. since the fall. I keep meaning to catch up, but seeing these numbers is making me rethink that. I’d hate to finally give a damn about the show, only for it to get canceled. And I mean, its not like the show will have any major impact on the Marvel Cinematic Universe anyway.

    If ABC cancels it, I wonder if Disney will make a move to produce another season on Netflix.

    Also, holy crap at those Glee numbers. That show really fell hard. FOX must be looking to get out of any future commitment to the series. It can’t be a cheap series to produce, and these numbers certainly won’t justify the expense.

    Seeing Mind Games bomb makes me happy. Those commercials were some of the most annoying pieces of crap I have ever seen. When will networks learn to stop giving Christian Slater a job. Now Resurrection just needs to bomb (it surely will), and all will be right with the universe. Oh, and Mixology.

  29. Alia says:

    Glee really should have ended when Rachel and Finn’s class graduated.