Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Glee, Grey's, Teen Wolf, Good Wife, Reign, Nine-Nine, Originals and More

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Question: Although Finn was the love of her life, I don’t want Glee‘s Rachel single forever. But please tell me they’re not going to formally pair her with Sam. –Nathália
Ausiello: You want the good news or the bad news first? Let’s go with good, yes? “We’re really focused on her professionally right now. That’s probably the best thing,” executive producer Brad Falchuk told us at Monday night’s 100th episode party, when we asked if Rachel is ready to move on romantically after Finn’s death. “I think…I don’t know,” he added, pausing to shake his head. “No, no.” But when we pressed Falchuk about the sparks that flew between Lea Michele’s alter ego and Sam (Chord Overstreet) during the show’s Billy Joel-themed episode last November, he conceded that indeed, “There was a hint. I think there’s something nice about those two, but not yet.” (Uh-oh. “Yet” is an awfully loaded word, Nathália!) Ms. Michele, however, who was also on hand to celebrate Glee‘s milestone, wasn’t ready to speculate about her character’s readiness to love again. “I leave that all up to Ryan Murphy,” she deferred. “He’s in charge.”

Question: Do you have any scoop on Glee? Preferably Jayma Mays- or Wemma-related? –Elle
Take a seat and brace yourself for the mother of all teasers! When we grilled Matthew Morrison about whether Will will eventually relocate to New York — or more specifically, to the Great White Way — at Glee‘s 100th episode celebration, the actor might’ve let the cat baby out of the bag. “[Will is] going to have a family pretty soon, so I can’t see him leaving [them] and following his Broadway dreams — unless he packs up the kid,” Morrison said, before offering us a big smile and the following qualifier: “If he’s having a kid….” Glee Emma PregnantOf course, when you view Morrison’s comments in conjunction with this image of Will painting a room (possibly a nursery) in the March 4 episode called “Trio” (yes, trio) methinks the matter of Wemma’s impending bundle is as clear(blue easy) as day.

Question: Can you give us some news about Glee? –Chriss
Ausiello: If the preceding two tidbits didn’t satisfy the hungry Gleek within, let me offer a third course of scoop (’cause I’m generous like that). Though Sue finally gets her way and disbands New Directions in the 100th episode, it’s “not with the great joy” as you might expect, Jane Lynch previewed. “She is a little sad about it.” Of course, it ain’t over till the blonde A-listers sing. “The kids and Gwyneth Paltrow’s [Holly Holliday] and Kristin Chenoweth’s [April Rhodes] hatch plans to get the glee club back in the auditorium and up and running,” Lynch added. The episode, slated to air next month, marks “the end of an era,” said Matthew Morrison. “[New Directions] came in second place in Nationals, and the deal [Schue had with Sue] was that [McKinley’s show choir] had to come in first. We’ll see the end of the glee club,” Morrison previewed. The hour also finds him teaming up with Paltrow and Chenoweth for a big musical number, which he said “was really a blast, especially with Kristin. I just love her energy. We’ve known each other for a long time, so it’s always great to have her on the show.” Ultimately, though, Morrison spoiled that Holly and April’s efforts to save New Directions will fail. But that doesn’t mean somebody else’s campaign won’t work, does it? Does it?

Question: I can’t wait for The Good Wife to return. Do you have any spoilers on the next batch of episodes? —Andres
Ausiello: The first episode back, airing March 9 and hilariously/confoundingly titled “Parallel Construction, Bitches,” brings Mike Colter’s Lemond Bishop back into the fray in a big way. “Bishop brought his illegitimate business over to Florrick Agos, and some of his employees are [suddenly] being arrested,” explains exec producer Robert King. “So there is a worry about [possible] leaks coming out of Florrick Agos that are hurting [him].” The suspects include Clarke (Nathan Lane), Robyn (Jess Weixler) and Cary Without an E (Matt Czuchry). Adds King: “It’s this very complicated picture that starts with a crime case but turns quickly into suspicion that there’s a leak at F.A.” Bonus Scoop: The ep also marks the return of Wallace Shawn as Bishop’s henchman Charles Lester.

Question: Longtime reader, first time scoop-asker. Any news about my favorite Grey’s Anatomy couple, Callie and Arizona? —LaKeeau
Ausiello: The March 13 episode is going to take stock of Arizona in a big way. Explains her portrayer, Jessica Capshaw: “It’s a window into where she’s been and where she wants to go in a clearly intentioned way as opposed to you know, things just happening all over the place between the infidelity and trying to make up for it but then squashing it and sort of sandwiching in another infidelity. [The time] is right for her to have a reckoning.” Arizona’s awakening comes during “a really bad day in her life,” adds Capshaw. “But [whereas] a really bad day in her life used to be all about, ‘I lost a leg and it’s all about the leg,’ this episode is, ironically, about: She lost a leg but she’s actually OK. You can have a normal bad day that’s not all about the leg; it’s just a bad day. She has a new normal.”

Question: What can you tell us about Brooklyn Nine-Nine? —Zoe
Ausiello: The season finale will feature a drunken hookup between two characters you would never imagine (under any circumstances) hooking up.

Question: Please tell me you have some Teen Wolf scoop! —Mary Kate
Ausiello: Do I ever! The show is currently casting the role of Mason, an out-and-proud athlete, described as funny, witty and handsome. He’s also the best friend of Beacon Hills High’s new star lacrosse player, and we’ll meet both guys next season. If this sounds like Danny and Jackson 2.0, it’s probably because it is — but something tells me Mason is going to get a little more involved in the town’s supernatural shenanigans than poor, clueless Danny.

Question: Do you have any Teen Wolf spoilers between Stiles and Lydia? Please and thank you. –Miriam
Ausiello: There’s nothing romantic in Lydia and Stiles’ immediate future, unfortunately, but you will be happy to know that their bond will play a major part in the pack’s rescue efforts. Lydia has a deep connection to Stiles, and that will be crucial when it comes to ridding him of that pesky Japanese spirit. The question is: Can their connection also overcome his feelings for Malia?

Question: Can you tell me, is The Originals‘ Sophie dead dead? Or is there a chance the Deveraux witches will get some justice? —Marko!
Ausiello: Well, Marko, I’ve got some good news and some bad news. Actually, just bad news. Sophie is definitely dead, as tonight’s episode features her consecration ceremony, which will include one extremely uninvited guest. As for justice, some will be served this week — but not by a member of the Deveraux clan.

Question: I am absolutely obsessed with the new show Reign. Any spoilers at all would be amazing. –Michelle
Ausiello: How about this? Torrance Coombs hints to TVLine that Bash might just get cozy with one of Mary’s ladies-in-waiting in a future episode. “There’s a strong possibility of that,” he says, but “maybe not in the way that you think.”

Question: Does the Once Upon a Time premiere (airing March 9) answer the speculation one way or another that Snow White and Robin Hood know each other? –ZsaZsa
Ausiello: Do they know each other? No. Do they know of each other? Partly.

Question: Have you heard anything about how Rizzoli & Isles will handle Lee Thompson Young’s passing and absence from the program? –Karyn
Ausiello: Having immediately acknowledged Young’s tragic passing with an “In Memoriam” card added onto the Aug 20 episode, R&I won’t address Detective Frost’s fate until Season 5 arrives this summer, since Young was with us for much of the coming run of episodes premiering tonight.

Question: Got any scoop on Banshee? I’m addicted to this twisted show. – Ala
Ausiello: According to exec producer Greg Yaitanes, two Easter eggs have been planted — one in last week’s episode and one in this Friday’s — that hint at a storyline in the March 14 finale (and beyond). Any hardcore Fanshees out there think they can crack the mystery?

Question: Now that we know NCIS will address the loss of Ralph Waite’s character, what’s the latest on Bones‘ plans to honor the late actor? —Jaime
Ausiello: As I hinted at in last week’s AA, there will be a tribute card at the end of the March 10 episode — the show’s first original outing since Waite’s passing. As far as it being addressed on-screen, I’m told the episodes for the remainder of the season have been broken, so any memorial to Hank will have to wait until Season 10.

Cam and ArastooQuestion: Do you have anything juicy on the final stretch of this Bones season? —Rachel
Ausiello: Cam’s gonna meet the parents! The show is casting Arastoo’s very traditional, possibly judgmental mother and father, who are very eager to meet their prospective future daughter-in-law.

Question: Any info on the upcoming second seasons of the summer soaps Devious Maids or Mistresses? –Dylan
Ausiello: Tuesday is the maid’s day off at AA, so you’re going to have to be content with some Mistresses intel — and it involves the (relatively) straight-laced April (Rochelle Aytes) getting caught up in drama both juvenile (via her daughter Lucy’s heinous new classmate) and adult (brace for some half-nekkid gentlemen!). To be more specific, the show is casting the recurring role of 11-year-old Peyton, described as “a mini-Kardashian” (which is another way of calling her “a condescending, entitled, eye-rolling rich-bitch-in-training who thinks that every word that comes from April’s mouth is absurd, stupid, immature or just plain hopeless”). Knowing how April shut down her presumed-dead ex-hubby and his skeezer girlfriend last year, let’s hope she gets to unleash her delightful verbal venom on the little hellion, yes?

Question: Any Mindy Project scoop? —Vanesa
Ausiello: The season finale is titled “Danny and Mindy” for exactly the reasons you might suspect.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman, Kim Roots, Andy Swift and Michael Slezak)

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  1. GUYS YOU SPOILED THAT THE NEW DIRECTIONS LOSE AT NATIONALS. I mean we already knew, but seriously…

  2. Rachel says:

    I had really hoped we wouldn’t see Sam/Rachel maybe Sam/Mercedes since Amber is coming back in some capacity.

    • Kev says:

      Same. I was exciting to see that Chord/Amber were filming scenes. Loved them together!

      • Tommy says:

        They pretty much said they are going to get back together. Not sure why they would do that only break them up for the THIRD time. Pretty crappy to do that to their fans.

        • T25 says:

          Very cheap if they get them together only to say sorry but the heavy black girl and pretty white boy need to break up to make way for the Broadway Star.

  3. Emily says:

    My guess on Brooklyn nine nine is either Santiago and Boyle or Rosa and peralta

  4. NO Samchel! says:


    • KC says:

      Sorry, but I think that is the direction they are heading in. I think we’ll get tidbits for the remainder of S5, but for S6 I think they will get together.

  5. ren says:

    “feelings for malia” they barely know each other and only slept together. they literally spoke to each other like maybe 2-3 times… just becaue you have sex, doesn’t automatically mean you have deep feelings even if it was his first time.

  6. Kate says:


  7. Sam says:

    I have a Glee question. If the people on Rachel’s Funny Girl show were so hesitant is casting her because she isn’t known yet, why on earth would they cast Santana as her understudy?? She is even less known and doesn’t have schooling like NYADA to back her up like Rachel does.

  8. TB says:

    No Sam and Rachel.

  9. Britt says:

    Sam must have beer flavored nipples. Seems one half of every major couple on Glee wanted on that at one point. Brittany. Blaine. Now Rachel? LOL…(Not to mention he also went through Santana. Quinn. Mercedes) I haven’t watched any of the newbie scenes so not sure if any of them wanted white chocolate either.

    • UGH! says:

      either that or Chord is serving Ryan for screen time! Seriously how is this idiot even in the conversation for leading man?

      • RUCookie says:

        Some people actually enjoy him… I personally like his voice, find him understated funny and, the obvious, he is pleasant to look at. You do not speak for everyone.

        • murley says:

          I am with you. Sam has always been a favorite character of mine. We are either the minority or a lot less vocal. In general the negative voice always seems to be the loudest.

          • Per says:

            You arre right! there’s so many people who love Sam and Chord! he is great and his growing with all of this hate. He’s a talented actor and a great musician!

  10. abz says:

    Ugh Ausiello, why even ask the question? That’s just further putting the ridiculous and disgusting thought of Rachel and Sam in their heads. You should’ve ended the question after the vague one about her love life.
    “the sparks that flew between” –> What sparks? Geez.

  11. tim says:

    So what I am reading is Lea, does not make the decisions on whether Rachel has a love interest, Ryan does. People keep saying that Lea must be okay with the Samchel story so therefore it is okay to do.. She obviously has no say in the matter. She has not made that transition yet in her real life and to make her do it onscreen just seem insensitive. I know she is professional but come on…

    • Jess says:

      I don’t see why Rachel CAN’T be single the rest of Glee. It’s one year. Why can’t she focus on her career? This is a fictional show so not everyone has to have a significant other/endgame at the end of the show (which I assume will end when they are are 21).

      • abz says:

        Agreed. Hell even for the rest of this season at least, keep it about her career, her schooling, her friends and emotional grieving and adjusting after FInn. There is no need whatsoever for them to pair her with anyone.

    • Jennie says:

      Def sounded like Lea is not ready to go there. Really no reason to keep watching this crap if that is the direction they are taking.

    • Say no to Samchel says:

      the only one saying that are Chord fans desperate for him to latch on to Lea so he becomes significant. Face it, the guy is a second rate talent w/nothing more going for him then who he can latch onto to get screen time.

      • James says:

        More like 3rd rate talent. Post Glee he will be the Wedding Singer and I don’t mean a remake of the movie, I mean that will be his job!

      • Per says:

        Continue hating! You guys have never seen his author work. He is a great musician! He plays a bunch of instruments and is a great composer. Also has a beautiful voice. And is one of the greatest actors on glee. You all are jelaous.

  12. UGH! says:

    Dear God NO please don’t put that man whore and waste of screen time Sam with Rachel. What a slap in the face to her and Finchel fans for her to saddled with that dead weight!

  13. Betty says:

    So Rachel’s going to end up with the idiot, low-rent version of Finn? LOL.

    • Tate says:

      He is not even a low rent version of Finn! He’s not as good as that. He’s shallow piece of meat that is nothing more then his body. All show with ZERO substance!

  14. dioxinblues says:

    Every time I hear or read either Jessica or Sara talk about their characters and what will come I think “I wish I could see THAT story instead of what we end up watching on the actual show.”

  15. Sonja says:

    I really can’t wait for Grey’s to com back. Season 10b seems to be awesome and lots of drama in it.

  16. Jamie says:

    WTF Glee? Sam and Rachel? HELL NO! Why would Rachel settle for someone like Sam? She would need to lose like 50 IQ points just to deal with him. He’s the shows dumb blond!

  17. falva says:

    1st. I stopped watching Glee since Cory’s death, but seriously, pairing Rachel and Sam is the most stupid idea EVER! IMO Sam should have written off since S3 or so…

    2nd. Glad to hear about Stiles and Lydia helping to save the pack and getting rid of the “pesky Japanese spirit” it kinda confirms that they aren’t going to kill Stiles.
    BTW, I just hope they don’t kill Allison or Derek. I don’t want anyone to get killed but in that case I’d prefer it to be Isaac…

  18. Amber says:

    When did Cam and Arastoo get engaged? Did I miss a proposal? Or did you accidentally spoil something there by referring to her as the future daughter-in-law?

    • catherine says:

      Ugh, of all the couples on Bones, Cam/Ara are the least interesting, I dont care about them, why would I care about his parents? ugh, double ugh. When his traditional parents hear devote that Ara is “dating” a non-muslim, they will take their little boy under their wing again.

    • 4theloveoffilm says:

      Prospective. Prospective daughter-in-law. Their son is in a serious relationship, so they view her as a possible future wife for Arastoo. They are not engaged.

  19. 504 says:

    Not ”yet”,meaning it’s not gonna happen. In the first place. Sparks? I do believe Sam telling Rachel she wasn’t his type season 2. Now them writers can play around. Thinking people actually would watch Sam and Rachel as a couple. Thought them rating was horrible watch and see.

    • AntiSamchel says:

      Not yet meaning lets play all our cards. Service the Sam Mercedes fans then throw a bone to the ones that like Samchel and hope the all watch. Meanwhile lets F over the Finchel fans by letting them know Finn is replaceable by an idiot that falls in love with anything with boobs.

      • Ana says:

        “Meanwhile lets F over the Finchel fans by letting them know Finn is replaceable by an idiot that falls in love with anything with boobs.” That the part the hurts the most in this whole thing.

        • Teri says:

          So true! It’s like ok lets find some dope and hope the fans are stupid enough to believe he’s a good Finn replacement. It doesn’t matter that he’s shallow, dumb and hasn’t met a girl he doesn’t fall for.

    • Debbie says:

      Starting to hope the rating take such huge a dive they HAVE to cancel the show just so they won’t have time for Samchel to happen!

  20. Christina says:

    Anyone know what the Banshee easter egg is?

  21. Jones says:

    WOW so they are going to put Mercedes and Sam together then break them up, so like this mean the over weight black girl isn’t good enough to the blond hot white model? Good going Glee! Great message.

    • KC says:

      I don’t think they are putting Merdedes and Sam together ‘romantically’ again, they will be BFFs. Samchel will happen!!

  22. Ash says:

    I thought Stiles and Malia had great chemistry and were really cute together, so I’d definitely like to see more of her and any relationship with Stiles that might bloom.

  23. Scott says:

    Since Glee has already said they’re relocating to New York what happens to the Glee Club scarcely matters any more.

  24. Ella says:

    I was wondering that too…not that I mind in the least. But I wondered if I had missed something!!

  25. Rachel says:

    Sam is my favorite character and I know some fans disagree with me, but I like the possibility of Sam and Rachel so I’m okay with them eventually happening.

    • Sandy says:

      If you like Sam why would want him with some that will NEVER love him the way she loved Finn, he would ALWAYS be second best and know that Rachel is with him ONLY because she can’t have Finn. Sam would be nothing but the guy in Finn’s very large shadow. Hell she has Finns name tattooted on her body, another constant reminder that he’s second choice and always will be second choice and NEVER as good as Finn in Rachel’s eyes.

      • Ana says:

        They don’t care. Sam fans only want more screentime for their fave and pairing him up with the lead girl of the show give that to them.

        • NOOOO says:

          I guess that is the only way Sam would get real screen time. But sorry that would be a terrible paring! The duets would be horrible! No way in any Universe could Chord keep up with Lea!

      • Angela says:

        So…going by your logic, nobody in real life should ever date anyone whose previous lover (or spouse) died, because they’ll apparently never match up and will just always be “in their shadow”?
        I have no real feelings on this particular pairing of Sam and Rachel one way or another, myself (though I won’t argue with the person a ways up in this comment section who said that Rachel should take some time to enjoy life in New York City and chase her dreams and all that good stuff), but you DO realize that people who have many relationships can love different people in different ways, right? No, any guy she dates from here on out isn’t Finn, but that doesn’t mean that she won’t be able to love and appreciate them as they are, nor does it mean she would automatically view them as “second best”.

        • Single Rachel says:

          Yes people love more then once but they spent 4 years building Finchel as an Epic once in a life time love story and putting Sam in Finns place only cheapens what we have been sold for 4 years. And Rachel is only 18 and the idea she would find another Epic love endgame twice before she is 20 is ludicrous, especially for a girl on the brink of Stardom. Yes she will move on, but there is nothing wrong with showing her leading a single life for a while, and my main objection is Sam. They guy that always came is second to Finn. Why limit Rachel to guy like Sam that is just a second rate Finn? Let her grow beyond that little Lima group and find someone with his own identity and not settle for the other guy that liked plaid from the Glee Club that always came in second to Finn.

          • Angela says:

            I wholeheartedly agree with the idea of her being single for a while, and not expecting to find her next “one true love” anytime soon. You will get no argument from me on that one :). And you make a fair point about how the show built up the love between Finn and Rachel over the years (though I seem to remember a lot of people thinking Finn and Rachel should’ve broken up at various points over the seasons because of some of the arguments they had and whatnot…but that’s a whole other topic unto itself…). If Cory hadn’t passed away, no doubt they’d still be going strong with the idea of them being together. So it would seem weird for her to just move on so quickly as a result, yes.
            And I’ll even go with the idea of her finding somebody completely outside of the Lima/Glee club circle, too-New York’s a big ol’ place, there’s certainly plenty of prospects for her to explore relationship-wise. And many people nowadays wind up dating (and eventually marrying) someone they never even went to school with, never even lived in the same state with! So I’d have no problem with her someday finding someone completely brand new to show interest in.
            It’s just that the intense, overdramatic freakout so many people are having over this possible particular relationship strikes me really funny. It’s totally fine if you don’t buy these two possibly being a couple, of course-there’s lots of pairings that have happened on this show that I can’t understand, either. But this show’s had everyone bouncing around and dating each other or kissing each other or whatever at some point, so, I dunno, I guess I’m just not all that surprised or fazed by the idea that they’d eventually get to a possible Sam/Rachel hookup.
            Besides that, there’s no indication that even if they did explore the idea that it would be a permanent relationship. For all we know it could just be a brief, fun fling at best. So it seems strange to me that people are seriously freaking out over something they haven’t even seen play out on the show yet (IF it even plays out at all). Again, you don’t have to like the idea, but…everyone just needs to take a deep breath and chill a little, is all.

          • justsaying says:

            People that leave their small town to move to the big city almost never end up with their high school sweetheart. they come to the city for a reason. because they want more than the opportunities afforded them at home. usually all the opportunities and diversity causes them to grow and change in different ways from the one they left behind who probably doesn’t change at all. or even if they come with, there’s a lot of growing you do in your early 20s and people tend to drift apart. I say this as a new york transplant who has seen most people change who their dating at least once since high school college. just an observational thing, sure, but i would bet the numbers would hold true.

    • Daley says:

      I can’t wait for Samchel – bring it on!

  26. Molly says:

    Why can’t Glee have female characters be single for 5 minutes? Obviously Rachel will eventually meet another “love of her life”; she’s very young and has plenty of time ahead of her. But it will probably not be someone she went to high school with, and it doesn’t have to happen right away. It’s ok to not date someone for a little while.

  27. greysfan says:

    Sam and Rachel? No WAY!!! Don’t do it!!!

  28. Monique says:

    Is GLEE coming back!!!!!

  29. liz says:

    excited to see Lamond Bishop return to The Good Wife; he’s such a fascinating character.

  30. Amy says:

    am/Chord is pretty much the new Brody/Dean. Shallow, mediocre and nothing but a walking under ware ad so why would they be dumb enough to saddle Lea/Rachel with this guy? smh!

  31. rep says:

    Stop hating on Chord/Sam. Chord is doing his job it’s not even Lea’s choice.

    By the way Chord is one of the most talented on the cast. Stop it with the “he’s only a body”. He is a person with actual feelings and good ones.He was friends with Cory he even dedicated his concert and wrote a song for him back in July. He was leaving his dream and had time for his friend because he really cared.

    Cory would be dissapointed with all of you and the comparations. It’s not a competition. And even more with you insulting his good friend.

    You may not like Sam, but he never treated wrong a girl. He just didn’t have luck and his relationships ended. But his actually a good boy. Maybe not smart but he’s a caring sweet person.

    You wouldn’t like Samchel? I get it. But please be respectful with Chord/ Sam he didn’t do anything wrong.

    • Sam's a dope says:

      When the rest of the talent after Lea, Naya and Chris are Daren and Newbies that ain’t saying much! And Chord was saying he was planning to step into Cory’s shoes and fill his spot on the show not long after Cory died. Very insensitive and classless!

      • who says:

        That’s not true! He said he would like to be as good friend as Cory was. Like to keep all the cast together. Cory was 7 years older, Chord admired him and respected him a lot. He was only trying to say he wanted to be as good as Cory was as a person. It was a sweet gesture

  32. lol says:

    I love Sam and Chord!!! And you know what he doesn’t give a s*hit about you haters. You are making him stronger. GO Chord! You are the greatest actor and a very talented musician. They know nothing about you

    • LOL! says:

      The haters got the Newbies fired…just saying. Notice Sam isn’t singing much lately? Notice Sam is not part of DSB in the 100th when all the other seniors are and only sings once in the 101st and NOTHING in the 100th? Notice they are keeping Sam away from Rachel musically in the 100th? Reduced screen time and music. Go haters you are really making Sam stronger lol!

      • DSB says:

        Very happy he was left off DSB! I hate they are redoing the song but at least I don’t have to worry they will give Chord the part Cory sang. He can sway in the back ground with the Newbies.

        • Per says:

          Why because he probably had sung it better? The reason you hate is that maybe people would like him more than Cory. But there are bunch of people that loved him more than Cory before. You forget that people has different opinions

      • What says:

        This has to be one of the weirdest posts I have ever read. You think fans got the newbies fired? You think fans got Sam to not be in DSB or have less screen time in 100 and 101? LMFAO. Yes. I am sure GLEE producers write strictly for a specific group of fans. What are you going to say when the NY-based episodes start and Sam gets more screen time and songs? Are you going to say the fans lost that one but the battle rages on and they will eventually win? So odd. Ryan Murphy and his staff do not write to appease people, nor do they write to piss them off. They are telling the story they want to tell and no amount of “hating” on a character or threats to boycott the show are going to change anything. To even remotely think that a group of fans have that much power over the creative direction of a show is so over the top. Then again, the GLEE fandom is over the top so I can understand the notion of someone thinking this way.

        • Mithya says:

          actually…with the amount of things that what fandom creates ended up on screen dialogue or if you forgot: Brittana was totally because of the fandom, are the proof that what the fans want matters. The fans do not control the show, but its naive to think the writers are not afraid of losing viewers. It the showbiz. Duh.

          • Daley says:

            Yeah and we all saw where Brittana ended up. Lesson – never get invested in any character or couple on Glee. (Well, except maybe Klaine)

      • Nope says:

        Yeah you are sooo right. That is why he is moving to NY. You can stop pretending all the fandom hates him. That’s not true. It’s only that you haters are so rude and louder. And by the way I think he/she was talking about Chord not Sam. You should learn the difference ;)

  33. Rjrtist says:

    Banshee producers have said they have a ” Red Wedding,” type finale. So I’m anxious to see who lives and dies in the end.

    • justsaying says:

      seriously makes me sad that all people can talk about on this board is a show that peaked in it’s first or second season. I want some Banshee speculation too!!!

  34. em says:

    I agree with the people defending Chord! The guy is just working hard. Tbh he could carry any show he has the talent. The problem is glee writers. But he’s a qualified actor.

  35. tyler says:

    Sam is so sweet so as Chord Overstreet. I love him and Cory loved him too. I don’t get why so much hate. Why are you so blind?

    • Taylor says:

      Because we don
      t watch Glee with Chord/Sam colored glasses? They character is pathetic. He doesn’t want to be know for his body/looks then goes and becomes a model? He behaves like he has half a brain cell and spend more time w/o his shirt then with his shrit. And the actor is average at best and not that good a singer!

  36. JJ says:

    Gina and Hitchcock! haha God Brooklyn Nine-Nine is fantastic!

  37. corylove says:

    I loved Cory so much and I don’t understand why people is bashing in Chord. Like they are saying Cory wouldn’t like that I knew hin.

    Cory was so talented so as Chord. Two of my favorites males on the show.

    And why is people saying Sam is stupid? Finn wasn’t the smartest neither but he was a genuine guy just like Sam is. They are different but both lovable, the same with Cory and Chord.

    I know it’s to soon guys and that it hurts. I don’t wanna see Rachel moving on but it has to happen she deserves to be happy.

    What happened to Cory wasn’t nobody’s fault and less Chord’s fault. Stop hating on him he doesn’t deserve it, he lost him too guys. And. I’m sure Lea suffers from this situation she loves all her friends and Chord have been supporting her like all of the cast

    • Ash says:

      yeah I agree she deserves to move on. But please not with Sam. He is such a shallow character and doesn’t contribute anything to Glee aside from taking off his shirt. And there is NO WAY Chord can keep up with Lea vocally or in the acting. At least let them get a capable and worthy leading man.

    • Lydia says:

      It’s pretty obvious all these pro-Sam posts are coming from you because you keep making the same grammar mistakes over and over so you don’t need to keep changing your id.

  38. gsyytb says:

    Sam is the best! So sweet and have always helped everyone. A great guy!
    And Chord is amazing! You are not bringing him down

  39. lstone says:

    Chord Overstreet has shown is a solid actors one of the best in glee in my opinion. It would be interesting to see him with Michele’s character. They are both talented.

    On the other hand I think that the worst thing of this show are the writers. They could have already given better things to Overstreet he is really one of the few with skills

    • Not even close! says:

      Chord isn’t anywhere near Lea’s talent level lol! She would be slumming it stuck carrying him! She is so far above anything he is capable of it’s laughable!

      • Lala says:

        And Cory was as talented as Lea? Stop pretending he was because he is gone. In fact Chord is more talented than him. Get over it. That is because you don’t want him leading because he will be better than Cory. But you will keep denying it to yourselves :) By the way I loved Cory so much and respect his memorie. But this is the truth for me

  40. So funny! says:

    Oh look the Glee Forum Chord stans to the rescue! How sweet lol! Here people don’t have to like Sam/Chord or think everything he does is “flawless” and “perfection” You can’t ban people here for disagreeing with you.

    • Nope says:

      I am defending him and I don’t even know what forum are you talking about. Get over yourselves haters, you can still pretend that everybody hates him because YOU do. By the way he is so talented, if only all of you would know a thing about acting.

      Also he is a great country writer and qualified musician. He has a sweet voice.

  41. Tan says:

    Can this show just get canceled already before they have time to destroy Rachel and put her with The Blond Dufus known as Sam?

    • Queen Lea says:

      I WISH! This show just needs to end. Lea has her album and so many great things coming up. I can get my Lea fix outside of Glee now!

  42. sladewilson says:

    Banshee – I’m just hoping somebody else gets turned to chum…. LOL… I love this show….

  43. finchelfan says:

    I have to say that I am not ready to see Rachel moving on with Sam. I would be okay with someone completely new maybe next year, but definitely not someone who’s been on the show for years and has been with almost all the female characters. Rachel deserves better. I am doing my best to keep watching for the sake of Lea and also because I think Cory would hate to see the show failing, but if they pair up Sam and Rachel, I am done with this show.

    • Kelli says:

      Same here. Anyone but Sam at this point and hopefully someone that is a good match vocally and as good an actor. I wish Jon Groff would come back. Lea would be so happy to have him as her leading man. And yes, Samchel means I am done with Glee.

  44. Cleo says:

    In response to the Teen Wolf spoiler: Danny 2.0? Um, no thanks. I’m happy with the original. If this new guy is going to be a new love interest for Danny (since the actor playing Ethan has another job), okay then, bring it. I would be excited to see where that went. But if he ends up replacing Danny or just getting all the scenes that Keahu would normally get, ugh. No. Wow, that would just be so awful; I really hope that’s not the plan.

  45. Ashley says:

    Cory/Finn were both very influential. Loved by many and loved a lot. It was tragic when he passed. He didn’t “have it coming” or “he did it to himself”. It was an accident that no one intended.
    Many of you fans have to understand as Finn/Cory said “The show must go on… all over the place… or something.” You have to realize they have to pick up the pieces after Cory’s death. This is not how RIB wanted to end Glee originally. But they are making the best of a bad situation. As much as it’s romanticized, never moving on and closing yourself off to love and never planning to move on is NOT healthy.
    RIB want’s to show the world that Rachel can be both successful in her career and love life. Even after such a tragic event. They want to show the world that it’s not okay to romanticize never moving on. They want to show that you can find love again.
    I don’t understand why people are bashing in Chord/Sam. Chord/Sam isn’t there to replace Cory/Finn. He’s not the male lead. Kurt has become the male lead now. Sam and Blaine (along with Artie, Tina and Santana) are all supporting characters. Cory was very talented and so is Chord. What happened to Cory wasn’t anyone’s fault and less even less so Chord’s fault. Stop hating on Chord. Chord doesn’t deserve hate. He’s just doing his job.
    Please keep in mind, Chord and Cory were friends in real life. The fans were not the only ones to lose him. I’m sure Lea suffers but still she wakes up every morning, puts on a smile and does what she can to live the day to the fullest. Lea is a kind soul. She loves all her friends and fans. Chord has been nothing but a supportive and loving friend. Just like all of the cast. There is no hidden agenda.
    A person stating Sam is stupid is really ironic. Finn wasn’t the smartest tool in the shed either. Rachel didn’t fall in love with him because he was smart. She loved that he was kind, caring, genuine and so much more. Sam is the same as well. Sam much like Finn fights for what he believes in. Just because someone isn’t “book smart” means nothing. Sam is smart in many other ways. Just like Finn was. They are different but both very much the same. The same can be said for Cory and Chord.
    As for Sam being “dumb” he can grow and learn as a person. Sam will face a lot of hardship in NYC. But I have no doubt in my mind that he will work past that. You all seem to forget that Sam has very many positive qualities. I have no doubt in my mind in the coming episodes we will see more than a “body and some dumb blond kid”. (c)

    • Ashley says:

      (c) What’s so wrong with Sam possibly dating Rachel? You may not like Sam, but he has NEVER treated wrong a girl. He just didn’t have luck and his relationships ended and that’s fine. There is nothing wrong with not having luck in love. It happens. Sam and Quinn, Mercedes, Brit and Penny were just not a right match. People date people in real life all the time. In fact the only person I have ever seen really have a somewhat realistic love life is Sam.
      How many people have you dated?
      Sam is a good man. With work they could be great for each other.
      Sam will NEVER replace Finn. But Sam wouldn’t TRY to replace him. Sam understands the relationship between Finn and Rachel. He understands how much Rachel loved him and how much Finn loved her. If Sam and Rachel got together I would think it would be end game. I don’t think Sam would EVER hurt Rachel. Unlike Puck and Jesse. Although he’s not the smartest he has grown.
      I see Finn accepting Rachel moving on with Sam. Finn would want Rachel to move on. He would want to see her happy in both her love life and her career. It’s possible to have both. If the situation were revered Finn would move on. Most of the fans are upset because they feel like Rachel is betraying Finn. But she’s not. She’s simply moving on with her life. Tragedy happens. Its how we react to it that’s important. I will ALWAYS love Finchel, but I want to see Rachel happy. I want to see her grow old surrounded by a big and beautiful family. Sam wants the same thing. Sam wants to find his happy ending just like everyone else.
      For those people who say it’s too soon:
      You also have to remember 10 months… NYC is 10 months after graduation. It was also a month after Finn’s death in the show when we saw “The Quarterback” that’s roughly 11 months. Possibly more since his passing. In the glee world it’s been almost a year since his passing. I’m not saying that Rachel will move on so quickly and forget. But a grieving period can last anywhere from 6 months to a year (depending on the person and situation, longer). It’s very possible for Rachel to move on.
      You may not like Samchel and that’s fine. But at least respect the decision if it’s made. As for the show losing ratings it was expected. They said the show would lose viewers because of Cory’s passing.
      But you don’t need to worry.
      Samchel won’t happen.
      In the end RIB will cater to the fans who just want Rachel to be alone. RIB need to take a note from Breaking Bad. So many fans were upset with how the show was done. Yet they never listened. They stuck to what they wrote. Look how good of a show it was.
      For all you know you could be dead set against Sam and Rachel now. But one day take a step back. Look at how they both are. Look past the surface, you’ll realize their personalities complement each other and they could be damn good for one another. Sam being “Stupid or Dumb” is nothing. He’s young. He’ll grow and you will see someone who’s not “just a body”

      • Andi says:

        Sam has had 4 years to grow on me and all that has happened is I have grown tired of the shallow character he’s become. So the only thing that will change is me no longer watching Glee once Sam make the NY move because I am not about to sit around and watch Samchel happen. Not ever for Lea. Glee’s rating are in the tank now, wait til the Finchel fans really leave because that is what will happen if they go there with Samchel and then see if they ever hit a 1.0

        • Ashley says:

          If Sam didn’t grow on you in 4 years that’s fine. Not everyone likes ever character. But he’s not shallow. Since the end of season 3 he’s become naive and written poorly. But tell me, how many high schoolers are naive? People grow and learn overtime.
          I would like to see our geeky Avatar lovin’ Sam back but it’s going to take some time to get back to that Sam. I think because of how many characters they have/had Sam and many others lost a lot of their character. Maybe it will come back someday.
          Don’t worry Samchel won’t happen. RIB will cater to those who wish to not see it.
          Glee’s ratings have been going down since S4.
          Don’t blame Sam/Chord for the ratings dropping.
          It happens in shows. At some point people do stop watching. Most shows that have no true plot line eventually lose viewers.

    • Finchel Is Forever says:

      Sorry but Chord saying it was his intention to fill Cory’s role and take his place so soon after Cory died ended any affection or sympathy I had of Sam/Chord. Paring Sam with Rachel makes Chord the lead and replaces Cory just as Chord said he planned to do. Yes the show must go on but Rachel doesn’t have to go on with Sam and doesn’t have to have another end game when she is only 18. They can’t just stick Sam in Finn’s place and say all is good now. They spent too much time building up Finchel to make it believable that Rachel suddenly falls for Sam? It cheapends everything about Finchel And the only quality they seem to show of Sam’s are his abs.

      • Dani says:

        He also baited Britanna fans last season. He acted like a tool to them and showed no class. That was when I really started to dislike Chord. I am hoping he goes the way of the other graduates and they write him off the show and he becomes recurring. Even as supporting character he is lacking. And SO happy they aren’t letting him sing on DSB and only singing on one song. I have a feeling they knew if they put him on the song with Rachel people would be very upset.

      • Ashley says:

        Source? Were has Chord ever said he intended to take Cory’s place? He said “Cory’s shoes are hard to fill. They can never be filled. But at some point we all have to move on and try the best we can.”

        • Too late says:

          And no can tell people when they have to move on. Fans are still grieving Cory, Finn and Finchel and then you have the added grief for Monchele. It’s not for you or anyone else to tell them when to move on. If people are not ready for Rachel to move on so be it, they will get there when the get there, but don’t keep telling them they have to move on. Glee handled this horribly. They had Sam flirt with Rachel 3 episodes after Finn’s memorial. That was inexcusable and very insensitive and IMO killed any hope of people accepting Samchel and made Sam/Chord the most hated person in the Glee Fandom. Damage is done and its not going to change! And that is no exaggeration he is HATED with a passion on social media and it will get worse when he moves to NY if they have any Samchel interaction.

          • Ashley says:

            I am in no way telling people they “have to move on” I’m simply saying they need to understand that Rachel MAY move on. Doesn’t mean she will. Fans don’t have to. But at some point it will happen.
            I agree with you about the flirting. I think it was a little insensitive to have Rachel and Sam flirt. However, Rachel is a healthy woman and Sam a healthy man. They have every right to flirt. As long as they don’t act on it. Which they didn’t.
            Understandably people will hate Samchel. People don’t like what they don’t understand. People don’t like to see things thrown in their faces.
            Chord should not be hated for doing his job. The threats on his life and all this hate his horrible. Has humanity really grown this horrible?
            Realistically no one should hate anyone for anything. But that’s not reality. Don’t hate on an actor for doing his job. Disagree with the decisions made and vent to the right people. The writers and RIB. Once again you shouldn’t be hating on Chord for his JOB. That’s like hating on the people who make your food. Who make your clothing. This man works to entertain people. He didn’t write the character or script.
            And for the last time, Samchel won’t happen.

          • netta says:

            “they have every right to flirt”… you do realize that these are fictional characters, right? Not real people with real rights. Everything they do is chosen by the writers, and the writers chose to put that flirting in. They didn’t have to do that, didn’t have to run over the feelings of real viewers who are still grieving. They could pick a different SL that doesn’t include things like that, something that would entertain instead of hurt. Otherwise… well, Glee likes to do “lessons”, guess there might be one about how fans can be driven away when they can no longer bear to watch a show that is stomping on almost everything about it that we loved.

  46. Lori says:

    NCIS- who is Hank? Ralph Waite’s character name wasn’t Hank, it was Jackson Gibbs. The show runner has said a season ending storyline will send off and honor Ralph Waite/Jackson Gibbs passing.

    • Natalie says:

      Hank is the character Ralph played in Bones which is what the question was will he be remembered in that show like NCIS are planning on doing!

  47. WOW says:

    LOL over 100 comments and most of the about how much Glee fans hate Chord Overstreet and Sam! I have to say, the comments about Glee are better entertainment then the show itself! JMO but I agree about Sam being a terrible character and really hope they don’t go the Samchel route. It would be a terrible paring and not something I personally will stick around and watch. To be honest not sure I will stick around past the 101 episode. A full hour of NY would have been thrilling if it didn’t include Sam. I tired of his schtick back in S4 and the character has become even more tiresome. His portrayal of Evan Evans snapped the last nerve I had for Sam, and Chord was so terrible with his acting that at this point I see no redeeming qualities in Sam as a character or Chord as an actor. So please Glee spare us the torture of having to witness Samchel and spare Lea the burden of having to carry Chord’s less then stellar acting!

  48. From someone who knows how hard it is to move on says:

    All this hate for a fictional character from glee. Poor guy. Feel sorry for this fandom.
    The person I really pity is Lea. What happens when she moves on in real life?
    I feel sorry for the guy that dates her. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets death threats just like this Chord/Sam guy is. He’s doing a job. Could you imagine how much a real life love interest would get?
    Love how much bigotry this Ashley person is getting. She’s trying to show reason to people who have no interest in seeing it. Fans have NO dictation in how Lea/Rachel, Chord/Sam’s lives are run.
    Fan maybe graving and it sucks. I’ve been through the process so many times. I’ve lost to many people in this life. None of them were easy.
    I understand it’s one of the hardest thing in the world to move on. You have to go through the process or your hurting yourself. There comes a time that life must go on. It isn’t always easy to figure out how to move on after a death.
    The grief process is different for each person. Some people can move forward very quickly while others may lag behind, sometimes for years before the process is completed. It also depends on the relationship that you had with the person.
    Don’t rush the process but you don’t want to wallow in it. If you show no signs of feeling better, you may want to seek counseling to help you through.
    You must begin, at some point, to realize that Cory/Finn would not have wanted anyone to live the rest of their life in misery. If he knew that people were wallowing in his death, it would break his heart. Do it for him, it’s what would make him happy.
    There is nothing more important to move forward after someone dies. It’s a difficult path to follow. Moving on is a tribute to the person that passed.
    Cory/Finn would hate to see all of this fighting.

    • Brad says:

      Everyone loves Lea and from I have seen support her right to move on just want her to be happy. Samchel is a different story. People seem to be ok with Rachel moving on, Sam is the problem. Lots of fans really hate his character!

    • netta says:

      And there it is… sooner or later someone pulls out the “Cory would want” card. Complete with a patronizing suggestion to seek counselling, I’ll have to dig up my bingo card for this one. As you say, the grief process is different for everyone, so I’ll take care of my own and need no manipulative tug on my heartstrings to try to get me to put up with something that hurts me. Because make no mistake, even hinting at a Sam/Rachel relationship hurts Finchel fans, and it makes watching the show hurt knowing that the writers care so little about our feelings or about what was built for the Finn and Rachel characters that they considered going there so soon and still might.

      Sam isn’t remotely in Finn’s league, either as a character, in the quality of portrayal, or in significance to Rachel. Finn’s importance to Rachel, how he supported her from the start, is something that can’t be filled in by some other guy in a plaid shirt (assuming Sam is wearing a shirt at all). It would be lame pair-the-spares writing and highly insensitive.

  49. Carol says:

    Sam didn’t use to be stupid. I wish we could get old, smarter Sam back! He’s not as good as Finn but I’d be willing to give smart Sam a chance!

  50. Pat says:

    I love the character’s of Cam and Arastoo on Bones. I just hope that meeting his parents will not put a wrinkle in their relationship. Even though I suspect his parents are very traditional, Arastoo is not and he really seems to love and care for Cam and hopefully they will marry, which will be my greatest dream for the both of them.