Glee: Chris Colfer, EP Brad Falchuk Hint at a 'Different World' (and New Loves?) for 'Klaine'

glee-season-5-spoilers-klaine-nyc-chris-colfer-Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson may be blissfully engaged and surviving their long-distance relationship on Season 5 of Glee, but don’t go thinking their relationship GPS is necessarily set for “Happily Ever After.”

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With Blaine (Darren Criss) set to graduate high school in Episode 13 and join college student Kurt  in New York City — where the remainder of Season 5 will be set — executive producer Brad Falchuk weighed in on the couple’s future at a media event celebrating the show’s 100th episode Monday night.

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“You have them engaged and together, and it’s a different world,” Falchuk told TVLine at the event, which took place on the McKinley High auditorium set. “It can be both harder and easier to see a person every day.”

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Falchuk added that while Klaine’s long-distance status in the early parts of Season 5 resulted in a certain “longing” between the characters as well as a “difficulty” in maintaining their closeness, “when you’re really on top of each other and really seeing each other and really get to smell each other every day, it’s a little different.”

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Chris Colfer, meanwhile, gave a surprising answer when asked what’s on his Bucket List for Kurt before the show concludes at the end of Season 6. “Maybe a second love interest,” he speculated.

Whether or not Colfer was hinting at romantic sparks between Kurt and his new bandmate Elliot (played by Adam Lambert) is unclear, though the duo’s duet on The Darkness’ “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” in tonight’s midseason premiere (8/7c on Fox) reportedly involves some tight harmonies — and a stripper pole.

adam-lambert-chris-colfer-kiss-gleePlus, there’s a photo that’s been circulating around the Internet which catches Elliot planting a smooch on a surprised Kurt’s cheek.

What would you like to see with regard to Klaine’s NYC future? Did Colfer’s desire for a new romance for his character surprise you? Sound off below! (Reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Gale says:

    Chris is trolling about the Starchild stuff. There is no second love interest.

    • Jeri says:

      He did say there was and second LI, he said he WANTS there to be lol! Not really shocked at all, Chris doesn’t seem to be very invested in Klaine.

      • Gale says:

        Yeah, I don’t trust TV Line, who hate Klaine, for what the question actually was.

        • FF says:

          Please they aren’t going to risk lying cause they hate Klaine. Get over it Chris doesn’t seem to like the Klaine storyline.

          • Becks says:

            I agree that Chris isn’t really into Klaine anymore, but TVLine has definitely been majorly deceptive in the past when it came to making it seem like Klaine is way worse off than it was.

            And besides, it’s already been spoiled that Klaine isn’t breaking up anytime soon. And that the Elliot/Kurt thing is in no way serious.

          • Fernanda says:

            Actually, Chris one time said that both actors would like to put more drama between Klaine relationship because together loving and caring all the time will be boring for them and for the audience. Chris also hinted that he wanted to have another love interest because everyone falls in love with Blaine but not Kurt. I never understand why producers don’t continue Adam/Kurt relationship, I prefer to think that Cory’s death changed everything in the plots.

            I would love to see Blaine fighting for get back Kurt but sadly as Blaine said recently: ” I know this sounds like a humble brag. But honestly, I feel like sometimes things just get handed to me.” I blame the writers for that but I enjoy the irony on the scripts.

    • Candace says:

      After those blinds, he looks like a dick trying to get Daren fired. Bad plan.

      • LOLOLOLOL says:

        That blind site also says that Darren is a cocaine addict who has used the casting couch to get his roles, cheated on his girlfriend with the female lead from Girl Most Likely, had a fling with Chris, and is gay but won’t come out. And that’s all from that same site, so nice contradictions from them. So if you want to believe one blind item from them, you have to believe them all. So have fun with that!

        • Truth Bomb says:

          None of those things contradict each other and all of them sound perfectly plausible. Especially considering what douche Darren is.

          • Jamie says:

            The ones about how he’s GAY but had affairs with WOMEN do contradict each other.

          • O-Town says:

            You say this because? You know him personally or interact with him on a fairly regular basis? If not, then whose being the douche here? By all means, Truth Bomb, if the shoe fits….

        • Truth Bomb says:

          To Jamie below – they say he’s gay and closeted and sleeps with women as a cover. Again, none of those things contradict each other. Game over. Try again.

          • Jamie says:

            The items do not say he sleeps with women as a cover. They say he had an affair with women.

          • Truth Bomb says:

            An affair betraying a woman he’s using as a beard. And let’s get it straight, they don’t say he’s hiding he’s gay, they say he’s hiding he’s bi. Sorry to burst your ‘their are contradicting themselves’ bubble, but there you go. Game Over. Try Again.

          • O-Town says:

            You can be gay, closeted, and not have to sleep with women as a cover. You could show up with a beard on your arm but not have to sleep with them. Your turn. Try again.

        • This is also the site that said Kevin and Danielle Jonas was faking their pregnancy and was planning a fake miscarriage and now they have a beautiful healthy baby. Nothing they say has any truth to it. It’s probably ran by a bunch of teenage girls that want these things to happen. It’s stupid.

      • jaqui says:

        Chris is NOT trying to get anyone fired. Blaine COULD have a life if they broke up. This is a writing/executive decision not the actor’s. The show would be better if Blaine & Kurt separated. Let said yes before they had time to rebuild from the past.

        • jaqui says:

          Stupid computer! Kurt said yes before he & Blaine really for back together. And he said he thought no one else would love him. It’s a normal story for high school sweethearts to get engaged & break up when school’s over & life starts.

          • hmmm says:

            Less normal however for a show like Glee to alienate one of its biggest canon ship fanbases and destroy a ship that’s been a big part of the show for over three seasons. Look at Quick and Brittana in the 100th episode, it’s what Glee does, and I kinda like it.

      • james says:

        Yeah, and he was all over Lea at the shoot too. They seem in cahoots big time.

  2. Riley says:

    There’s a blind item somewhere that is thought to be about Chris & Lea wanting Darren off the show, and Adam to take his place.

    • espy88 says:

      Yeah, I wrote that off as fake before but this interview is making me rethink it.

      • Jamie says:

        Then you’re an idiot, because I’m sure he’s well aware of the blind item and wouldn’t say stuff like this if it were true. You’re all falling for the game this show is playing.

        • Candace says:

          Then why play into it? It seems very real now, and I actually like Darren so I’m not here for this. It sours the whole show.

        • espy88 says:

          Look. I didn’t say I believed it. I pretty much take everything from that site with a grain of salt. But this interview sort of made my brain go “uh oh.” Can’t help it. If that makes me an idiot, then I’m an idiot.

          • Tim says:

            You’re not the only “idiot” because I really wonder if it’s true now too.

          • Sara says:

            @Candace @espy88 and @Tim, I know what you mean. With you lot saying you think that blind about Chris, Lea and Adam wanting Darren fired may be true, it makes me now wonder why? Why do they hate Darren? And that makes me think that all those other blinds about Darren Criss must be true. The other blinds about Darren say that he is a drug Addict and that he’s also a diva and he’s rather arrogant and horrid to people when the cameras aren’t on him . They also say that he’s been doing sexual favors for Ryan and the writers, in order to get loads of screen time and solos, and we all know that he had tons more screen time and solos in both season 3 and 4. So, yes, I guess it makes me an idiot too, ‘cos I’m really thinking that those blinds about Darren are true and that is why they want him off Glee.

  3. TJ says:

    LMAO I am not surprised at all! Chris and Darren look like they would rather work opposite with furniture then each other! There is like ZERO chemistry left with these two.

    • kd83954 says:

      I’m not sure what you’re watching, but the few scenes we’ve had of them THIS SEASON (aka, only two shows worth) has displayed amazing chemistry!

      • jj says:

        You see chemistry because you are a Klainer. Klaine hasn’t have chemistry since season two. What most people see is one exceptional actor playing opposite a mediocre actor who looks like an amateur opposite a gifted actor. There is no chemistry there. Did you actually see chemistry in that bro hug Kurt gave Blaine in Movin’ Out? His hug with Sam had more chemistry.

        • no says:

          You’re so ridiculous, you acknowledge that chemistry is subjective by saying they only see it because they ship Klaine, and then saying it’s not there because you don’t see it. You see what you want to see, everyone does. And how nice to bring up the “bro hug” that pissed off sites like The Backlot since it was blatant censoring of a male gay couple in an established relationship.

    • Claudia says:

      I just wish a slow and painful death to Glee. That’s all.

      • Liam says:

        I’d prefer a mercy killing at this point. Somebody cut season 6 to as few episodes as they can to wrap this disaster up. I don’t need to see Kurt nailing another Santa who goes bad and hurts him no matter how much Chris wants to grind on more dudes.

        • Lolz says:

          Tip, “Liam,” space out your comments so it’s not obvious that you’re leaving a bunch under different names. And do you think it’s more credible to pretend to be male? Also you sound homophobic.

  4. holly says:

    it sounds like something Chris would say but was Tvline even at the glee set last night i can’t find any tweets about it

    • Lauren says:

      I just checked out the twitter for the “Vlada” whose name is at end of story, she posted pictures, so… conspiracy theory overturned! LOL

  5. tim says:

    Chris has always wanted another love interest for Kurt. Nothing new here.

  6. Jimmy says:

    Can’t say I can blame him. Darren Criss is not a very good actor and Blaine is such a needy brat!

    • Emily says:

      I disagree, I think Darren’s a good actor, he’s definitely gotten a lot better as Glee’s progressed, and I don’t see how he’s a “needy brat”, he’s a little over the top sometimes but he’s not a brat and he’s not needy.

  7. kd83954 says:

    Chris Colfer has never said he wants Darren off the show. Nor that he hates Klaine. Nor that he wants another love over Blaine. He loves the DRAMA. And he loves acting the dramatic stuff. That’s why he enjoyed the Klaine break-up so much; it gave him more to do than just staring dreamily into Blaine’s eyes. The poor guy can’t say one thing about the character’s love life without people screaming that he hates Klaine.

    • jaqui says:

      Agreed. Where do people get the idea that Chris controls the show? He is an Actor, a brilliant one, but an actor paid to play a role.

    • Andrew Hass says:

      I agree.Until i’m told otherwise from creditable sources i’ll assume Chris likes working with Darren and doesn’t want him fired.However Chris may know Glee has another year or so before it ends and he may just want a little drama for his character in the meantime.Plus having Kurt been the one who is tempted to cheat could be interesting and give both Chris and Darren something different to play with.As for Chris’s comment about him wanting a second love interest that could have been taken out of context and the key might be that he said second love interest and not a new one.So Chris may want a love triangle and have Kurt see if he really wants to spend the rest of his life with Blaine or not.The show already had Blaine cheat but realize Kurt is the one he wants.So it might be Kurt’s turn now.Finally Chris probably may have other comments but TVLINE probably picked the one they knew would get the most reaction from people.Also both Darren and Chris are actors and they can only do their best on the show with the material they are given and i’m sure they don’t like some of the stuff their characters do either but they have no choice in the matter.

  8. bop says:

    chris wants another third party drama for klaine i guess he is just an unoriginal as the writers.

  9. LOL says:

    They should just let Blaine and Sam ride off together into the Sunset. Darren and Chord seem more intereted in Blam then Darren and Chris are interested in Klaine lol!

  10. Scott says:

    December 12, 2013 – Adam Lambert’s rep said that his contribution to Glee is as a guest, with that situation not going to change because Lambert is due to have a busy 2014. It was not known at the time how many more episodes he would be in.

  11. Dawn says:

    I very much doubt Chris actually said that. Klaine’s only dramas from now on will most likely be wedding disagreements and bickering when Blaine moves in. They haven’t lived together before and when they do, it’s going to take some getting used to. The writers wouldn’t be that stupid to introduce a new love interest at this point in their story.

    Plus Elliott is not a love interest for Kurt. I’m 110% sure of this.

    • jj says:

      Introducing a new love interest for Kurt (or Blaine for that matter) would be a brilliant thing to do at this point in their story. Neither Kurt or Blaine are ready for marriage, and they need to grow up before either of them are ready for marriage (especially Blaine, who still plays with puppets and runs around in super hero costumes). Being part of Klaine has been bad for both Kurt and Blaine as individual characters, and lumping one of the strongest actors on the show with one of the weakest had made the storytelling bland.

    • Derby says:

      LOL, are you one of the show’s writers? You know it’s fiction, right?

  12. Linda says:

    Well, knowing that Adam Lambert will, be very busy soon with Queen touring and his new CD, doubt that he will be around for very long.

  13. Erin says:

    I’d believe this if the things posted by his guy were reliable. But they’re not…

  14. RCJ says:

    On a scale from 0 to Chris Colfer, how much do you hate Klaine? I’m definitely a Chris!

  15. Anya says:

    I think Chris does want another love interest for Kurt. I mean first off, he’d get a lot less hate probably. Since most Klaine fans are Darrenstans first the moment Chris does anything they don’t perceive as ‘Klaine-friendly’ he gets hate. You should have seen some of the tweets he got after saying how much he enjoyed working with Bryce on the Christmas episode. Or all the questions he got about why he doesn’t tweet things about Klaine like he did when working with Adam. That’s another thing, he seems to enjoy getting to work with people other than Darren. Considering his tweets, that can’t be denied. Also, Chris is such a nuanced and exceptional actor that his skills get wasted in scenes with one-note Darren. I know I would love Kurt to have another love interest and if Chris wants one as well, then I know I’m in good company.

    • Meg says:

      I am not exactly 100% dialed in to fandom, so maybe I a missing something . . . but if you troll the Chris Colfer Tumblr tags and compare it to the Darren Criss Tumblr tags (and I really only spend about 10 min. doing this today), there seems to be A LOT of hate for Blaine (and for Darren as a person, which I frankly don’t understand coming from people who have never met him) from some Chris fans. There doesn’t seem to be as much anti-Chris sentiment. Then again, if fandom has taught me anything, it is that people can be insensitive and mean jerks when hidden behind the keys of their message boards, so that negativity comes from both directions doesn’t suprise me in the least. It is perfectly fine to not like a character or a relationship. But why does it so often cross over to truly inappropriate things being said about the actual actor – or the downright insulting things being said to someone who happens to like that actor? Just another example of how our society is becoming such a negative environment.

      • James says:

        if you look in the klaine tag right now there is so much blaine/klaine i just blocked 5 people

      • Anya says:

        I was referring to the tweets actually. Tumblr does have a lot of hate on it for everyone, yes. But I know if I were an actor, I wouldn’t be looking at that kind of stuff. The tweets are to their own Twitter accounts. I can only hope they have PR people who handle a lot of that hate like Chris is getting from the Klaine fandom right now. It’s the same kind of hate he got when he tweeted how he liked working with Bryce and Adam. Apparently that he doesn’t tweet about enjoying working with Darren is a crime and they send hate to him for that. Darren is that bad an actor thought that I can’t imagine it would be pleasant working with him.

      • Juned says:


        No hate for Chris? Really? So it’s not hateful to say he wants his character to be raped and spam him with it?

        • Meg says:

          I didn’t say there was no hate for Chris. I said I also found an immense amount of hate for Darren. And frankly I find people that post EITHER way to need to check their priorities.

          • Angela says:

            Yeah, it’s deeply immature and disturbing no matter which way you slice it, and anyone who acts that nasty online about anybody desperately needs to grow up and get serious help. Sometimes the “breaking of the fourth wall” has been much more hurtful than helpful to fandom, unfortunately. I don’t blame some actors for choosing to stay away from social media as a result.

        • James says:

          This is obviously ONE person with multiple twitter accounts Notice the exact same spelling on the typo in every single tweet. bye.

        • Paige says:

          Absolutely Chris gets hate – they all do, and it’s an unfortunate byproduct of the world we live in coupled with an unprecedented accessibility to the actors. But go to tumblr and type in #lol blaine or #lol darren criss and it will net you pages and pages and pages of hate. The #lol kurt/chris tags? Hardly a peep in comparison. It’s gross that it occurs on either side, and Chris is absolutely entitled to his opinions – but I do think the manner he sometimes goes about expressing them is off-putting. Then again, this is TV Line, so I am sure there is at least some misrepresentation of facts going on.

          • lolwut says:

            I don’t even know why you’re comparing tumblr and twitter. No actor is likely to read the crap on tumblr, whereas most will personally read their twitter mentions. Also Chris hate on tumblr doesn’t use the same tags.

          • lolwut indeed says:

            The difference is that people who dislike Blaine tag it that way. People who dislike Chris do not. I am on Tumblr. I unfollowed about 10 people today who say they’re Klaine fans but who were attacking Chris for his comments. My favorite is who they ~feel sad for Darren~. And I’m still waiting for someone to answer how saying “Maybe a second love interest” is in any way off putting. Because you disagree? That seems to be the only criteria.

  16. Dani says:

    This is the same site that posted a fake kadam spoiler

  17. Dani says:

    Remember when this site posted a ~kadam spoiler~ that turned to be about Puck and Finn? I’m still laughing about it.

  18. M h says:

    A second love interest for Kurt. Yes. Chris knows what’s up.

  19. Olivia says:

    I can’t help but notice that Chris, on the Darkness duet with Elliott, is finally allowed to sing with his non falsetto voice, which is awesome btw. It’s about time Glee realizes that. Also, Kurt and Elliott look really good together. The idea of a NYC show without the newbies, Klaine being dunzo and seeing the originals again makes me want to tune in again. I know beforehand that I will probably regret it, especially because of Blam, but I’m curious… which hasn’t happened in a season and a half.

  20. Dani says:

    Are you sure Chris said that? The last time you weren’t able to find the difference between Chris/Oliver and Mark/Cory.

  21. Brian says:

    Watch the second LI be a dog or a cat. LOL

  22. James says:

    As others said – tvline and Michael Slezak hate klaine – and their thing is sort of to rile up klainers as much as possible. We actually don’t know what Chris was asked at all or what the rest of the sentence was…I actually think it is unlikely Chris would have been that provocative – he tends to like to be the opposite (we just saw his interview with Lea where he was the opposite). We know he wanted a better story for a second love interest for Kurt last year, for example.

  23. Kaycee says:

    Klaine is boring. The engagement ruined it for me, it was so forced and we’ve had the “teen engagement” storyline before. Blaine is a bad character.

  24. Dani says:

    Tv Line, Kurtofsky will never happen, LET IT GOOO

  25. Klaine lover says:

    This is bull. Sorry, but it just is. Take no notice of this article.

  26. Sammy says:

    Remember when tvline said that Kurt and Adam
    were going to join a frat?

  27. Actual Rational Glee Fan says:

    Well, considering that no one from TV Line was AT yesterday’s 100th episode event, you have to wonder how they managed to get such a provocative quote from Chris! Especially considering that the numerous other interviews he did (some of the videoed, and available on YouTube and other entertainment sites right now) contain absolutely no negativity towards his on-screen relationship. Isn’t it odd that the one site that absolutely hates Klaine, Blaine etc, somehow manages to get the one bad quote from Chris Colfer. Odd that!!! (if my eyes could roll any harder, they’d be in the back of my head!)

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Our West Coast editor Vlada Gelman was there, actually — ergo henceforth ipso factum her reporting credit at the bottom of the story.

  28. Andrew Hass says:

    I think when Glee ends after next season Kurt and Blaine will be together and maybe married but i do see some bumps in the road before then.Kurt and Blaine haven’t dealt with living together yet and each other having different career plans.Now a new love interest might be introduced but it might be just be to tempt Kurt or Blaine to cheat and nothing more.As for Chris wanting a second love interest for Kurt maybe he does because Blaine has primarily been the only love interest for Kurt in the series and he may want something new.However Chris didn’t say he doesn’t want Kurt and Blaine to end up together.Chris may just want Kurt to be torn between Blaine and someone new and have that drama to play with for a bit.Chris may know if there’s no story if Kurt and Blaine are happy all the time.

  29. trll says:

    I won’t believe that Chris really said this until i see the actual interview, so i can see the context in which this sentence might have been said, i mean tv line is the same source that said kurt and adam would have kissed and that kurt would have gone to russia. If Chris really said it i think it is more likely that he did when klaine was broken up, also, don’t believe any of thos blind items, chris and lea and friends with darren, i mean you can see it by the way they talk about him, everyone in this cast is family :)

    • mims says:

      Yeah, cuz they’re not actors or anything and trying to keep a public image. The cast is not one big happy family who spend all their time together off-screen.

      • jj says:

        So if trll says Chris, Lea, and Darren are friends it must be true right? Hey trll do you personally know all of them? I bet you ship CrissColfer too. What you need to realize is Chris and Lea are actors (and Darren claims to be an acorn). They can’t actually come out and be negative about their co-workers publically–it’s unprofessional, and bad for the publicity of the show. They don’t have to like each other or be friends, but they do have to put up a good front when they are speaking about each other on interviews.

        • Amee says:

          Yeah, and Chris went to see Darren’s show and hang out in clubs with him and their co workers but they actually hate each other? Try again.

    • Juned says:

      I’m sure he said it, but the Klaine fandom does not get his sense of humor AT ALL. He’s sarcastic and that’s it. He also likes drama. It’s not some slap at fandom to think Kurt and Blaine should have problems. And remember – Klaine fans are NOT his only fans, so why should he act like they are and ignore everyone else?

  30. James says:

    if he said he said. its not going to change anything

  31. jazzcolfer says:

    Unfortunately this will not happen, but it would be fantastic. Kurt is so young; being engaged already and to someone who cheated on him after two weeks separation is beyond ridiculous and doesn’t set a good example for kids. It was bad for finchel, it is still bad for klaine. Also kurt’s first almost everything, shouldn’t be the last, especially since Kurt can’t compare and realize that a cheater isn’t good husband material, especially since blaine barely takes responsibility for screwing some random facebook guy. All he did while waiting for his “soul mate” was whining and crushing on his best friend and sing ballad to him. Plus Chris is a good actor, so of course it would be interesting acting wise and storywise to interact romantically with another guy. Kurt won’t seem stuck in the past. A bucket list is something you wish to do, chris doesn’t write the show and tvline only teases us, it’s all good for the klainers, let us at least appreciate chris’s honesty and refreshing look on things that are set in stones anyway.

    • Kaycee says:

      Exactly. Even sending out the message that Kurt isn’t good enough for anyone else and will stay with someone who cheated and can’t respect him is bad enough. Kurt used to be a very bold and smart character and Blaine has dumbed him down.

  32. Monica says:

    Wow this info is coming secondhand since this writer wasnt even invited to the celebration probably because he is more of a hater than an unbiased journalist, if you can even call him one. He is often wrong in his writing and speculations. He is obviously a hater of the shows couple or the actors that play them. Im pretty sure he just likes to get the fans pissed off, but the sad part is, the ppl who actually care about the show already have spoilers for 5+ eps before they air so his “info” and “speculations” are always either old news or false. Also he cant really quote someone if he wasnt there. We have video of what Chris actually said so misquoting someone is just pathetic when we have actual sources with video. Get your facts straight Michael before you get publicly corrected via twitter by the writers again.

  33. SW says:

    I am so embarrassed to be a part of the Klaine fandom right now. They’re so hateful to actors they claim to be fans of (well, mostly just Chris. Darren can literally say the same things and the response to him is, “oh, I guess I didn’t think of it that way before!). Darren is on record as saying the engagement is a horrible idea, and there’s actual VIDEO of that from this summer. Funny how that was okay.

    • jazzcolfer says:

      It is because for the most part, klaine fans are darren fans. Most Chris/kurt fans don’t like klaine. Many stopped watching the show, even though they still support Chris and his other projects. But, congratulations for being one of the rare klaine fans to ackowledge that there is a clear double standard. The counts at the PCA showed that klaine fans voted primarly for darren criss whereas very few Chris’s fans voted for klaine.

  34. Me Again says:

    Chris loves to troll but also has said on several occasions that he is ” told to say one thing” so that being said, it may just be to throw us off. They (the shows writers and the actors) have been really hush hush on all things Klaine which i find weird considering they are an engaged couple that has a pretty big following right after the Finchel (RIP Cory) pairing. So I mean there has to be reason for it. I dont really understand why, but it is what it is. I just hope that their strategy to keep quiet doesnt back fire and cause ppl to lose interest in the show more than they already have in the past.

  35. replying to SW says:

    Lets be real, Klaine is young to get married. I think I could have been fine with them just back together with talks of getting married in the future. When Darren said it, it was at the time before they actually got engaged on the show. Now that it was written and the reasoning behind it (soulmates) it makes it a lil better to stomach. I think its also on the delivery of said statements. The way Chris often speaks makes it seem that he is either disinterested in the show already or just irritated. When Darren is asked he is more humble and likes to give the fans what they want. They are just very ying yang people so its hard to pick one actors views of the show. And besides the people who are commenting are major haters either of Klaine or the actors. People seem to hate Darren based on the above comments but I can assure you that for every hater there are 10 more that love him.

    • OK says:

      Yes, because Chris Colfer dares to have an opinion, he isn’t humble and he’s “irritated.” It’s hilarious how your comment was supposed to be some defensive of Klaine fans but instead make them look even worse.

      • Me Again says:

        I wasnt trying to defend Klaine fans. I was simply saying that an above comment stated that people hate on Chris for saying such negative things about Klaine but when Darren said a negative thing this summer no one mentions it. And my defense was that its all on the delivery. Chris isnt as “fan friendly” in his responses as Darren is. Darren tries to please fans while Chris is just honest in his answers. Neither is wrong in their answers. Its just that the writers of this particular site often quote Chris and not Darren because the delivery of Chris answers can be easily twisted as Darren’s are long and rambles and mostly positive.

    • What a joke says:

      Was Darren being humble when he yelled at a fan for daring to take his photo at a concert last week? I’m surprised you didn’t tell us to have some “class,” since that’s his new word to lecture fans with.

  36. replying to What a Joke says:

    Oh…so Darren yelled at someone. Yeah I dont think he did. All he did was reply to them on instagram for tagging him that he “photobombed: them when in reality the whole point was to get a pic of him. He wasnt working, he was trying to enjoy a concert just like everyone else. He had every right to call someone out for invading his privacy that way. The person could have asked for a photo just as others did.

    • Darren stans says:

      But I thought Darren just wants to please his fans? And he does not get to police people taking a CROWD shot at a public concert. It was a selfie and he was in it. Get real. He led to that girl being harassed and was his rich boy joke of a self telling some young female fan that she needs to have “class.” But I guess it’s an improvement over him saying he wants a young girl to wash his car.

    • Replying to replying to replying to says:

      Learn how to use this site.

    • jj says:

      This couple wasn’t invading Darren’s privacy. They didn’t take a picture of him in his bedroom or his backyard or the men’s room. They took a picture with him in the background at a public event. Darren is a celebrity. He has to know that he can be photographed by people anytime he is in public–it goes hand in hand with being a celebrity. Honestly, I give these people credit for not approaching him and asking to have a picture of him when he was out on a date with his girlfriend. Only one person in that picture needs to learn to be classy, and his initials are DC.

      • Me Again says:

        I believe his gf hid because it was clearly obvious that they were trying to take a pic of him. EVERYONE knows how to take a selfie and that was clearly trying to take a pic of him. So it was invading privacy since he was out and not working. Celebrities dont owe us anything. So instead of @ replying him saying he “photo bombed” them was dumb,.He wouldnt have known who it was and if people werent licking his ass all the time we wouldnt even have known he replied. So maybe if he was able to have some damn privacy while trying to enjoy a concert like everyone else he wouldnt feel the need to call someone out. Get over your hate.

  37. santanalopezfan! says:

    No surprise here. Guess that blind item was true. Chris is really such self involved prick it’s disgusting. Someone needs to take him down a peg (or 10). His attitude is extremely unprofessional and as a 23 year old, he should have grown out of it by now!

    • sure you're a santanalopezfan says:

      What is unprofessional about answering a question about his character’s Bucket List? Please explain it to me.

    • Andrew Hass says:

      I don’t get your point about Chris being unprofessional.If he was asked a question about what he wants to happen with his character before the series ends he had every right to answer.I’m sure other actors on the show may have been the same or similar question about their own character.Plus as i said in another post that comment may have been taken out of context.Plus i’m wondering if Darren said he wants Blaine to have a new love interest would people have the same problem?Plus even if Chris wants a new love interest for Kurt maybe he thinks that could be good for Darren too because it could free Blaine up a bit.Plus Chris may not want to spend the next year on the show with Kurt and Blaine happy because there’s no story there.He may want drama and knows there won’t be if Kurt and Blaine are just planning a wedding or going to school

    • Mark says:

      So @santanalopezfan, you are going to try to claim that ridiculous blind item that tries to throw Chris, Lea and Adam Lambert under the bus is true? OK. Then that means that all the other blind Gossips on that site must also true. You know, the ones that say Darren is a drug addict, that he’s an arrogant a**hole and is really mean and nasty to people when there are no cameras around, who’s a womaniser to hide the fact that he’s a closeted Bi-sexual, who sucks up to any and everyone if he thinks they’ll help his career, and who f**ks the writers, producers and directors in order to get more screen time and solos, Wow! Darren is such an arrogant little Prick. He needs to get over himself.

      These Blind Gossips can be sent in by anyone. They are so ridiculous most people just read them for a good laugh and know not to take any of them seriously. To be frank, anyone who believes, or say they believe, these kind of Blinds, are either rather pathetic and come across as not too intellectually bright, or they are simply people who are wanting to use the blinds to sh*t-stir.

      As for this latest blind, please give Chris, Lea and Adam Lambert credit for having some intelligence.

      Chris Colfer, for one, is extremely smart, and he, as well as Lea and Adam, would know there are so many better ways of trying to get someone fired off a show than by simply submitting story ideas to the producers. This is the very last thing Chris, Lea and Adam would consider doing, as it has about a trillion to one chance of actually working, especially when it has been very obvious for the past couple of seasons that Chris at least, has absolutely no influence at all anymore, so the last thing he would try if he wanted to get Darren fired, is simply submitting a few new ideas to the producers and suggesting someone else for a love interest for Kurt. Another love interest would not even result in Darren being fired. His character would simply just have a separate story line to Kurt’s relationship story line. I mean how pathetic and weak is this whole blind for a so-called ‘evil’ plot?

      The Blind sounds as though it came from a rather scared and bitter Darren fan who was worried that her favorite was in danger, because Fox had announced that they were going to focus more on Rachel and Kurt’s stories when Glee moved solely to New York, and that Lea and Chris were going to be the lead actors, so they were scared that poor Darren was going to be side-lined, LOL.

  38. Huh says:

    Why is there literally only one quote from Chris Colfer? Did he just say five words to the reporter and that’s it? No elaboration on what he meant or what he specifically wanted to see? Was he teasing about Starchild, going along with the tease Glee itself has been trying to get going? Was he talking about someone else? How interesting that the quote is so bare.

  39. Kim says:

    Isn’t this the exact same website that said kurt was going to move to Russia? Like I don’t trust these guys

  40. It really breaks my heart that you guys are saying such bad things about Chris and Darren. They seem to be really nice people and don’t deserve all this hate. They have to do some things because it is part of their contracts. Don’t believe everything you see on the internet. And if you don’t like Chris and Darren then you should stop watching glee and just go away.

  41. Scott says:

    The problem with Kurt (and Glee in particular) is that they have reduced many of the characterizations to bare minimum stereotypes – its like Kurt is gay and that’s all. I am at least semi-gay myself, but I know that does not define me. Even though the show gives him very little to do, Blaine comes across as a more rounded character and he’s far more like the gay men in my reality than Kurt is. I know which one I’d rather have as a boyfriend…..

    • Blaine Sue says:

      Blaine has never even carried his own storyline, so this comment is funny. Did you stop watching in season two or something? Blaine is a Mary Sue, and it’ll be even more evident in tonight’s episode when he once again is handed things for no reason.

      • Scott says:

        Since I’ve never heard the term “Mary Sue” before your point is rather lost on me. Even after googling it I’m not much wiser as the term seems to only apply to female characters in fan fiction. As for the “own storyline” comment..what does that have to do with anything? The character has had a lot of activity is various stories even when that aren’t specifically his own.

        • Angela says:

          There actually is a male equivalent of the “Mary Sue”-they’re usually called “Gary Stu” in that case. You’re right that it is most often a term used for fan fiction, but people have used it to describe characters on TV shows, too. Basically, it’s just a term that gets used for a character that people feel is too perfect and gets everything they want and all the attention and so on and so forth.
          Personally, I think both terms get thrown around a bit too often in fan fiction and in regards to TV shows as it is, but eh *Shrugs*.

    • Amy says:

      Ah yes, because someone who gets literally everything is well-rounded. Please.

      Also, you’re being painfully effeminophobic to say that because Kurt is ~stereotypically gay, that makes him less-rounded a character than Blaine, who somehow “defies stereotypes” despite being interested in all the things Kurt is, plus football. Some gay men *are* interested in the things Kurt is, and that’s not problematic, nor is it problematic for TV to have gay men like that on the show. It becomes a problem if that is all they are, but Kurt isn’t just that. Family means everything to him, to the point he’d sacrifice his happiness for theirs. He’s ambitious and extremely hardworking and fights to get what he believes he deserves (which instantly makes him more dynamic than Blaine, who has never fought for anything on this show, or failed to get what he wanted– even when people dislike him, it ends up being ~out of jealousy. Were you surprised when he got class president, or became the “new Rachel” or got the lead role in West Side Story or got offered the role of Danny or (SPOILER) became class valedictorian? Because I wasn’t.) Kurt is so much more than his *interests*.

      • Scott says:

        Take a comprehension class please. Most of your response is about things I didn’t say.

        • Amy says:

          What about my response didn’t coincide with the things you said? You claimed it was “problematic” that Glee dares to have it’s main male, gay, character being ~gasp~, something *you* consider stereotypical (dun dun dun) and nothing else. I shut down your argument, because anyone who looks at Kurt and sees only the part of him that likes fashion and broadway and baking should probably think about themselves for a minute and why they focus on that one aspect of him as a whole. He’s not like you, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of gay men out in the world who *are*. Does that make them somehow less “well-rounded” an individual? Blaine can’t be more well-rounded than a character who has had to struggle to achieve, because struggle, the quest to attain, is literally what builds a character. It’s called conflict, and the most Blaine has gone through is Kurt denying him a relationship for half a season because he cheated. Next time maybe try to come back with an actual argument.

    • Lisa says:

      litterally. wtf. And my WTF goes for “Blaine being more rounded”. not whatever preferences you have that sound pretty much like guarded effemiphobia “because he is not like me”. Like Blaine all you want, but him not having characteristics you disaprove, as oposed to Kurt, doesn’t change the fact that Blaine is an awful character and has an awful actor with even more awful writers.

  42. Lily says:

    Put this show out of it’s misery already. I

  43. Ian says:

    Is it really so hard to believe Chris (and Darren) don’t love their characters together…? Why do they need to, just because they have some rabid fanbase that does? Does it affect a fan’s love for their ship if the actors’ aren’t just as passionate for it? But that’s so absurd.

    And we live in this age of things like the Sterek fandom. It’s all just completely insane and immature.

    But obviously Klaine isn’t of any real benefit to the show. It’s stifled Kurt’s character, and for their fanbase to be so vast and whatnot, well then why are Glee’s ratings so low? No one should delude themselves that once Blaine moves to NY, this show is going to be good again. I think Chris’ opinion, as the guy portraying Kurt, is coming from a more informed place than a mere shipper. These characters need to be freed up for better storytelling, more interesting drama. It’s time for this show to make changes, and they’ve pandered long enough.

  44. Lisa says:

    I love you even more Chris Colfer!

  45. Sofia says:

    Sooooooo over this couple! Please get Sebastian back for Blaine, they look sooooo much better together!

  46. Grant says:

    I miss SMASH.

  47. I would actually think that my extra special boyfriend StarChild should be Klaine friend because they will get on along together and KURT is going to stay with BLAINE Forever. Hannah Hummel Anderson (Joanne Wisniewski) xx.