Being Human Cancelled By Syfy

Being Human - Season 4Being Human will cease to be at the end of its current fourth season.

The cable channel Syfy announced the supernatural series’ cancellation Tuesday.

In a statement, the network said that showrunner Anna Fricke, the cast and crew have “saved the best for last with the final six episodes that revvisit the story’s beginning, leading to a not-to-be-missed send-off for Aidan, Sally, Josh and Nora.”

The original Being Human ran for five seasons in the UK, ending last year.

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The American version’s finale will air on Monday, April 7.

TVLine’s Cable Renewal Scorecard has been updated to reflect the cancellation.

Press PLAY on the video below to hear what castmembers Sam Huntington, Sam Witwer, Meaghan Rath and Kristen Hager will miss most in the show’s absence.

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  1. Daisy says:

    This hasn’t been the best of the four seasons but I’m still bummed.

    • Gordon says:

      Welp, atleast i still have lost girl and defiance….

      • Josh Yoli says:

        It sucks Lost Girl is cancelled as well. This upcoming 5th season is the last season. I love this show and Lost Girl. It sucks they are both cancelled. I just heard this now cause I looked up when the season premieres are gonna be. :( At least I have that new show Helix and Davinci Demons tho I guess.

    • Dee Bee says:

      This really blows! I LOVE this show!

      • Chuck Finley says:

        I agree this does blow, I love this show, I’m really glad I didn’t realize I was watching the final show though. It did have a great ending though, glad they got to wrap it up rather then just disappearing on us….. :(

      • Jackie says:

        this does BLOW.. I look forward to every Monday so I can watch Bitten.. and then Being Human.. when Lost Girl comes on.. thats when I go to bed..

      • Emma says:

        So exactly what was it that caused this decision? Being Human was great!!!!
        And just because I watched your channel every Monday night or caught the replay on xfinity so I would never miss an episode of Being Human doesn’t mean I know give you permission to flood my inbox.
        Bad choice cancelling a great show Syfy

    • Stephen Anthony says:

      It’s a sad day for the syfy channel !!!!!!! It might as well change its name to the reality show and stupid movie / WWE wrestling channel its lost its soul with the canncelation on being human and warehouse 13

    • Kikelyn says:

      I had not realized that it was the last episode until i saw half of it. Then i realized that it was in deed the last episode and it was in a way showing that it was the last episode

      I do hate that syfy did ended the show as it was a great show

      But that being said i looved that they actually finished the show in a way that i was satisied

  2. Eric says:

    So…what is still on SyFy

  3. Samantha says:

    Nooooo! :( So disappointed! Will they have time to wrap it up, or have they finished filming already?

  4. nateddog says:


    • Jackie says:

      I hear they are considering axing Bitten.. KEEP IT.. I like it better than Lost Girl.. how many times can you watch a succubus getting laid? PLEASE KEEP BITTEN!

  5. wrstlgirl says:

    Yeah, this kinda sucks but it seems to have run out of unique stories to tell. I suppose it’s completely filmed and we’ll get no conclusion :-( Anyone know how many episodes are left?

  6. Lana says:

    That really sucks. It’s been good this year. I’d have cancelled it after season two but it improved quite a bit.

  7. Kim says:

    NOOOO I love this show.

  8. Autumn says:

    What? This is so lame. SyFy cancels everything…

    • Patrick says:

      The only reason to run a show for a long time is to reach 100 episodes (although 88 seems to be enough now), at which point it can be sold into syndication. Problem for SyFy is that there ARE NO TAKERS. Essentially no other network is willing to pay for episodic fiction focusing on SyFy. So, the longer a show goes, the more it costs, for a variety of reasons. Usually that is OK because additional revenues can be garnered from syndication sales. SyFy has learned that there are no takers in syndication for the vast majority of its shows. Hence, early-ish cancelation.

      • Whatever says:

        Syfy has cancelled to many cool shows and once Helix is gone, why would I bother watching the Syfy channel? The BBC channel used to rock to but those days are years gone.

  9. Phyllis Bergst says:

    NO!!!!!!! I was bummed when BBC dropped it and elated with SYFY picked it up. Please reconsider and at least bring the series to a decent closure.

  10. ScorpionGlow says:

    SO PISSED! I love this show! SyFy loses me after this.

  11. Sleepwalking says:

    Typical stupid SyFy move…

    • James says:

      Unless of course, Syfy did want the show to continue but it was mutually decided with the producers from the get go that Season 4 was indeed the last.

    • Tina says:

      I think being human needs a new network home. Fox, CW, nbc, cbs. I love this show. People just don’t know about this show. Edge of your seat story lines. I’m am still in shock. MTV check this out.

  12. Mare says:

    Wait I thought they just picked it up?!?

  13. Elyse says:

    I tried to watch on Netflix. season 1 was awesome season 2… not so much. so I gave up. kept meaning to go back :-/

  14. B Padge says:

    I really enjoyed this show. There were still so many areas/story-lines to pursue. Sad to see it go.
    BBC version was canceled this year as well, after only 6 episodes.

  15. Erin says:

    I’m gutted right now. This version of the show was smart, funny, and took risks. I have a feeling the creators/writers knew so they could give the show the proper finale it deserves but 4 seasons? I was at least hoping for 5. I will miss this underrated show so much.

  16. Deion says:

    Watch the BBC series. It gives closure,

  17. Andrew Hass says:

    I didn’t want Being Human but i’m sorry it got cancelled because i did hear it was good.I just hope there’s a satisfying ending and everything is wrapped up with no loose ends.

  18. Jake says:

    It sounds like they knew ahead of time that the show was ending though? since their saying its a send off im hoping theres actual closure.

  19. EJ386 says:

    Bad move, but as long as they keep Haven I’m happy [and Bitten, but if I can have only one of these… Haven all the way.]

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Haven’s got two more seasons, or an extended 5th season, depending on how you look at it. After that, it’s anyone’s guess.

  20. wrstlgirl says:

    I see they’ve added more to the announcement and my questions were answered. Thanks for that :-)

  21. ggny says:

    Any reason on why? The ratings have been good for Syfy so this one is really surprising. Did they just decide to end it or what happen?

  22. MaryLou says:

    I liked the show in the beginning, but each year has gotten worse. This year, it’s only been on my “watch only when i can’t find anything else to watch”, therefore, I only watched one episode. Sad to see it go, but not really surprised. SyFy seems intent on burying us with idiotic reality shows, and countless series about dead people taking over the world, not interested.

  23. CourtTV says:

    So disappointed!!

  24. M3rc Nate says:

    This sucks. But im very happy to read they (writers/showrunner) apparently knew and planned for this?

    I am sad that this season is the finale because IMO this season wasnt that great which is a product of last season not being that great.

    What sucks the most is really what im talking about is Josh and Nora. IMO Nora brings everything horrible down on herself & Josh. Since she showed up, her NEED to follow Josh and know everything got her turned into a WWolf (and in turn give Josh infinite guilt), her getting involved/pushing Josh to branch out and meet the twins, well she runs off with them, kills her ex, kills them, forces Josh/Aiden to kill the brother twin…she comes back and is so sorry but brings back all the baggage of the father of the twins, she pushes Josh to adopt that wolf girl which he didnt want to…that blows up in everyones face…she hates on Aiden and that blows up in hers/Josh’s face…

    and now this season, cause she wants him back she allows Sally to do a spell which F’s Josh up, she wants to hang out with the new wolves and then wants to join the pack…knowing full well 1) Josh doesnt want to 2) Josh cant control his wolf or remember what it does 3) The Spell F’ed him up in regards to his wolf….so he cheats as a wolf, aka it blows up in her/his face, and its 100% his fault? She projects onto him that he knew, that he was in control, that he wanted it…which is BS, SHES the one that can control her wolf/remember, and has controlled it to kill people, and says she likes it and likes the power and says she feels alive when as the wolf (and josh always says he hates it).

    So…Nora? Lol though i love the actress and the character has its moments, technically Nora has been like a cancer for Josh. Let alone she just bailed in the most recent ep, basically saying “ya i know we JUST took our vows to be there for each other, and obviously cause of a spell i allowed to be done onto you cause i wanted you back, you are majored Fraked up…im out, im done, fix yourself on your own”. Lol what a….

    • Queerbec says:

      Hey M3rc Nate: That was the best description of my frustration with this show as well. Her behavior on the most recent show was so hypocritical–hating on Sally, her brother and Josh because of what Nora herself brought on previously with Donna. The series spends too much time on Nora’s hard to follow angst. Her stubborness and lack of trust have brought on most of her problems. Loved Donna in her final episode, the character ultimately came through. I miss Aiden’s little protege and his now werewolf girlfriend. I’d be interested in more of that plotline. Aiden and his wife is kind of slow, but if the season is going where it looks like, Sally may never have died, Aiden will be cured or at least put in permanent recovery by his guilt-ridden wife, and either Josh and Nora will howl off into the sunset together or Sally will somehow travel back into the past and keep Josh from ever being bitten.

  25. Allen says:

    It’s interesting to hear other peoples opinions on the different seasons. I personally felt like the third season was the strongest, but maybe that’s just cause I really dug the zombie Sally storyline.

  26. Lee Fowler says:


  27. Juan says:

    Really sad about this. I am not caught up to date on the season 4 but I loved season 3 and I feel like it would do better if it weren’t on year long breaks. I don’t want to start it cause I don’t remember everything that happened in the last episode. Now that I know its ending I’ll catch up soon.

  28. Joey Padron says:

    Sad the show got canceled. I’ll miss the show. Hope the finale will be good send-off for characters.

  29. RobMF says:

    This show has been fun as hell to watch. It was great to see these Actors bring this stuff to life. They did a great job and I’m sure there will be big things for them in the future. Sad it has to end, but at least there is still 6 episodes left.

  30. Mike says:

    “Being Human” is one of only 2 pieces of ‘appointment’ television that I have, and the only show I watch on SyFy. “Being Human” challenged the mythology of vampires, werewolves, ghosts and witches with new and innovative story lines. Once “Being Human” is gone from SyFy, I will have lost the only reason I had to watch the network. So for me, goodbye to ‘Being Human’ means goodbye SyFy.

  31. arnprior says:

    I’ll bet my left nut that SyFy cancelled it to make room for another ghost hunting reality show that costs them nothing to produce. Is SyFy TRYING to alienate its viewership? In any case, this was one rare example of a US remake outshining its original (seasons 3 to 5 of the UK version sucked badly).

    • queerbec says:

      Haven’t you heard? SyFy is greenlighting a show in which D list celebrities sit around a haunted house set and share ghost stories their grandmothers told them or their own paranormal experiences (ie. the time Joan Rivers looked into a mirror and screamed or Clay Aiken said “Let’s call my first album ‘The Measure of a Man.:) But at least we now know what the Fy stands for in the cable channel’s name.

  32. Mamacita says:

    No, no, no, nooooo

  33. Viola says:

    The best show on the network. What a laughing stock this network has turned out to be.

  34. Jonny D says:

    Is there anything this network doesn’t cancel? Why tease us with these great shows only to screw us over by taking them off the air just when they gain a following. first Warehouse 13 now Being Human, brace yourself fans I feel this coming season of Haven will be it’s last as well. SyFy sucks anymore, way to go NBC/Comcast to ruining our entertainment choices. Guess we’ll start seeing more wrestling and reality TV on here like they do with their other sucky networks! Sorry if I seem bitter, just having less and less options for great, real TV.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I have to kind of disagree with you on SyFy cancelling shows just when they get a following. I agree that they do cancel a lot of good shows but it’s after 2-3 or more years. Network channels cancel them way before that, most don’t even get a season two. We all pretty much know that Haven is on it’s way out but it’s been on the air (or will be) for 5.5 or 6 seasons. That’s way more than most other shows get.

  35. cjeffery7 says:

    aww I’m sad to see the show go, it’s been somewhat of a guilty pleasure for me, but i’m not entirely surprised. i wish all the actors and everyone involved the best of luck in their future endeavors! thanks for a fun run!

  36. Scott says:

    I suspect the show simply ran out of story. Much as I like it, I’d rather see it cancelled than limp on pointlessly.

  37. I love this show and will miss it. I hope all the actors find new jobs soon. I liked the British version but ended up enjoying the US version way more. Great work!

  38. DreamRose311 says:

    They’ve run out of story a bit…but I’m going to miss the characters so much

  39. Susan says:

    Syfy you really stink!! Being Human is a great show with a wonderful group of actors! I will really miss this show!

  40. tvetc says:

    Damn! i will miss the show! sad about this

  41. Mary S. says:

    I love Being Human, so I’m sad. But I’m also kind of relieved, because I’m always so scared for the Being Human characters, and now they will only have to deal with the writers’ torture and ruining their lives in every conceivable way and not letting them be happy for more than half an episode for a few more months.

  42. cas says:

    Lame. I really do wonder how SyFy ever gets viewers as most of their shows get canceled after only a few seasons and when you only have 12 episodes a season well…

  43. lisa says:

    I’m sorry if you guys were fans of this version but the original bbc america version was SO much better. I’m an american who watched the bbc version and the syfy version. At first I liked how the first couple of episodes stayed on track with the bbc version but then the american writers started to put there own little spins to the original writings and it wasn’t good imo. So if you really like the amer version I really suggest you give the bbc version a try. You might like it better, or not. Just see for yourself. Peace.

    • liz says:

      I was a huge fan of the British original show and when I heard that Syfy was remaking it, I did the obligatory eye roll and scoffed at it. But I checked it out, liked what I saw (even the staying close to the source material)…..but then it got better. The American Being Human I thought far eclipsed the English one.

  44. liz says:

    WHAT? NO!?!!? Though I guess I can’t really be surprised, I have only myself to blame for getting invested in something on SyFy.

  45. will miss this show big it sucks i could see more seasons man why is syfy killing great shows merlyn and now being human come on these r great shows killing them sucks now its official there is nothing to watch on syfy anymore so wrong bye being human you were awsome make the rest of the season show fantastic go out with a great bang you earned it. hope to see these great actors soon

  46. Stacy says:

    So sad! It’s not the best show, but its such a FUN show! I love the tone, the contrast of drama and comedy – done to a bigger extreme than most other shows. The shows biggest failure is that not all plot points get properly fleshed out. When something doesn’t work, it gets glossed over. We get an off screen ending vaguely discussed.

    Best season? 3, easily. Season 1 was good, but it was also strongly following in the footsteps of its BBC forefather. Season 2 was a downswing. Season 3 was definitely the high point of the show – the writing was both tighter and more unique. I like the idea of Season 4 so far, but the execution leaves something to be desired. The biggest draw for me is the humor, and I’m still laughing all the way to the finale.

  47. Poppy says:

    What???????? Didn’t expect that at all. I thought they would merrily go on for years to come. That’s really sad news.

  48. albertj15 says:

    I like the program, but all good things come to an end. The cast will find new shows an we will see them again.

  49. Michelle says:

    Once they air the last eps of Warehouse 13, I can stop watching SyFy. Boo!