NBC to Revive Heroes With 13-Episode Miniseries -- Will Any of the Original Cast Return?

Heroes Reborn MiniseriesYatta!…? NBC’s Heroes shall be reborn, with an event miniseries from creator Tim Kring.

The Peacock network has ordered 13 episodes of a new standalone arc titled Heroes Reborn, with all storyline and character details currently being kept under wraps. The miniseries will air sometime in 2015, preceded by a web series that will introduce the characters and new storylines.

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The following teaser ran during NBC’s coverage of Saturday’s Winter Olympics:

“The enormous impact Heroes had on the television landscape when it first launched in 2006 was eye-opening,” NBC Entertainment President Jennifer Salke said in announcing the project. “Shows with that kind of resonance don’t come around often and we thought it was time for another installment.

“We’re thrilled that visionary creator Tim Kring was as excited about jumping back into this show as we were and we look forward to all the new textures and layers Tim plans to add to his original concept,” Salke continued. “Until we get closer to air in 2015, the show will be appropriately shrouded in secrecy, but we won’t rule out the possibility of some of the show’s original cast members popping back in.”

The news comes 10 months after TVLine reported that MSN was pondering a continuation of the series as part of a push for its Xbox platform.

Which Heroes would you “demand” appear in this Reborn miniseries?

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  1. Joey says:


    This is the worst news I have ever received.

    • Maria says:

      Then why did you read the article…? Get a life.

    • jack says:

      No disagreement there.

    • timtompkins says:

      So you’re twelve, then.

    • dude says:

      What a charmed life you must live then.

      • ultimate troll says:

        OM freaking G!!!!! I can’t believe you’ve never heard of hyperbole!!!!! It is like, the most awesome way of exaggerating something to make a point – what planet are you from that you don’t know this?!?!?!?!?!?

    • Warm Smelly Farts says:

      go smell a warmy fart and eat stinky feet sweat!!

    • Thank you, Joey. Totally agree. I was a fan and never missed an episode of Heroes. It really changed at the end and when it stopped, I gave up on it ever seeing it again. I won’t be watching it. It’s too late and I moved on to better TV: zombies and a teacher making meth.

      • Nick S says:

        I wouldn’t really say zombies is necessarily better TV, unless you mean the white walkers in Game of Thrones. The Walking Dead needs to tread lightly or it’ll reach the point Heroes did at the end where people just want it to go away. For most comic readers, it’s already hit that point a few times.

        I for one am willing to give Heroes another shot, especially if they can return it to the glory of season 1.

      • mjcp says:

        I agree, I loved it at first, then when they changed to the carnie characters they kinda lost me, but when they cancelled without a graceful ending, they lost me for good. I won’t be watching unless they bring back the old story line and see it through….. Ask Vince Gilligan for help he knows how to end a series.

      • Anne says:

        Ironically…I just saw the series premiere about a month ago…*before* the announcement of the series coming back. Back when I had heard nothing but awesome things about the show…esp the first season. Apparently, tho, it went downhill from there. Did it really get THAT bad/disappointing?! Because I am about 6 episodes from being done with the first season and I love it…but If the show REALLY does start to take a dive (which is when in u guys’ opinion?) then I don’t know if I shld even continue just knowing that I’m gonna be bummed in the end:/ Plz lmk what u all wld do if u were in my place! Wld u stop at the end of the first season? Second? I appreciate ur input, thanks:)

        • Well, it really depends on what exactly you like about the show.. if you want some possibly-spoilery warnings, you can ask a question like, “Does my fave character survive (or other [action verb] here)?” & someone could key you in, lol. But yeah, if you’re loving the entire first season, you’re hooked, it’s up to you to see it thru to the end.
          The way I look at already-ended shows (& movies), even if it does depress me to no end lol the way it was written, or that we’ll never get to see (blank) happen, or that smth else should have been diff (& I feel that way about a LOT of shows, lmao) I still get sucked right back into them at the mere thought of rewatching, cuz it inspires many creative daydreams & fannish media ideas liek whoa XD So if you’re into that, ie if you could find entertainment in creating &/or viewing fanart, editing &/or watching fanvids, writing &/or reading fanfic, I’d say it’s still totally worth it! The fandom must still be active in ~some places online, & I kno they’d love you to join..
          I’m currently revisiting LOST for the first time in yeeears lol & I ~kno it’s gonna depress me but I’m mostly doing it for 2 reasons- 1, first time seeing it in HD, since I got an HDTV only near the very end; & 2, nostalgia & “knowing what I kno now” not just about the show / plot etc but everything else in general, life / time / etc. Personally, Heroes started annoying me within the first few episodes (I recall saying smth about how it went right to crap faster than any show before, even Smallville, tho I was probly being generous with SV as upon later reflection, I realized SV was always bad lol but in that same, “damn I’m addicted anyway!” kind of way) yet I still stuck with it, so..
          Enjoy? ;P

        • wingsstef says:

          Some people didn’t like Season 2, but I think the show did not start going downhill until Season 3 (volumes 3 & 4). Why? The non-spoilerous answer is because the show started to rewrite history and also decided to break rules it had previously established. Characters in my opinion started to act differently as they would have acted before. If you make it to Season 4 (Volume) the series is much better than season 3 in my opinion (though it too has it’s faults). Season 1 is great, but except for a few silly things, Season 2 is also good in my opinion. That said, I watched till the end and will be checking out the reborn mini-series.

        • Adam Bryant says:

          I, myself, loved season one more than the rest of the series. However, I did like the rest of the series as well. It’s all about your own perspective and take one it and like the other person said, all about what you like about it. The things I thought were good about it, kind of began to not be there nearly as much as in season one, but I was also watching it on dvd. Once it comes back, I’ll force myself to watch it. I say “force”, because I don’t like commercials, so I don’t watch much tv anymore, just vhs and dvd but I will sit through commercials to watch heroes for sure. Like someone mentioned, I also wish they would continue with the storyline, I myself have an idea that would be great to follow with the story line as well as keep the twisted storylines on the side as well, but I’m also willing to see what they do with the idea of having an all new characters and storyline if that’s where they’re going like everything I’ve read says so far. Either way, I’ve gotten to the point that I like it so much that it would take a lot for me to lose interest in it. I would suggest watching it all the way through and see what you think of instead of what others think of it. There might be an episode or two that you don’t much care for, but what tv series doesn’t? That doesn’t mean the rest of it is going to be bad, right?

        • Ramad19 says:

          I finished the show its really good I recommend you keep watching till the end but the season that I didn’t like the most was season four it was a bit slow but overall it’s good. The cliff hanger at the end pissed me off a bit but hearing about season five I couldn’t believe and now I can’t wait for it

        • Brian Cummins says:

          You should deffinitely watch it all !! I finished it literally yesterday…I couldn’t be more amazed over a show !! :)

        • Q_Dogg says:

          Watch all that you have of heroes. The series is interesting. I do agree with season one and two being the best of the series.

        • Jon Doe says:

          TBH i never felt like it went down hill i loved every minute of it and as long as they follow the same story line or relativly close to it with the same cast ill continue to watch it even if theres 10+ more seasons! (i hope there will be more than just 5 seasons!)

        • salina says:

          Ive watched all five season i think u should finish watching . Everyone has there own opion but it really a good shoew i like it all the way to the end

    • Stephen says:

      This is the worst comment I’ve ever seen.

    • David Norman says:

      If this is the worst news you have ever received then I want to have your life.

    • Tarc says:

      Then you seriously need a brain transplant.

    • Megan says:

      I don’t see how, this show is amazing.

  2. Esaul says:

    Nothing can touch the first season of Heroes. There’s no going back sadly.

    • CTDogMom says:

      AMEN to that! It went downhill fast after season 1.

    • Pavanne says:

      Agreed. You can’t go home again. But who’d want to when you can go to a nice bed & breakfast in Maine in the fall to watch the leaves turn colors?

      (for those of you who don’t speak snark, it means that just because the original series disappointed after the first season, sending you into a spiraling depression that resulted in you living in your car to this day, doesn’t mean that this new mini-series can’t be great, provided you pick up the shattered pieces of your life an move on.)

      And, yo! Grammar Police–I know that was a run-on sentence, but you gotta admit; it’s kinda fun.

      • Esaul says:

        Fun? I think it’s brilliant :P

        I agree. There’s a chance that it CAN work. It depends all on the actors, the storyline, and the writing. I’ll at least keep an eye on this project since it’s still a ways out.

  3. J says:

    I’m bizarrely optimistic about this…considering that all the seasons not numbered “1” sucked because of grasping for extended storyline and desperation to serve long-worn out characters, a 13-and-out miniseries may actually have a shred of potential to be not terrible.

    And you can quote me on that!

    • ben says:

      I agree – my thought on this is ‘a miniseries idea could work, it may actually be more like season 1 than the other seasons’.

      Season 1 would have worked as a stand alone story, with Sylar dying at the end, very well.

  4. Chris H says:

    Why? Just goes to prove the studios have admited that cable has won.

  5. Lysh says:

    Heck yeah! It had such a bad middle, but the last season was actually decent. Hopefully in mini-series form it will be a tight, well-written story.

  6. Robert says:

    I will believe it when I see it!

  7. I look forward to it, but I do worry that we won’t see any of the original characters given the actor’s commitments to other projects, like Nashville, The Visitors, and Hawaii Five 0

  8. Elle says:

    Why. Why why why why why

  9. Kayla says:

    I mean…I don’t know. Mostly worried about all of the people on twitter who are saying BEST SERIES EVAR and the direction of our world.

  10. RobMF says:

    Please NBC/Kring bring my favorite character Matt Parkman back, please.

  11. Teag says:

    Never seen it. Only heard first season and a bit of season 2 is good.

  12. James says:

    No Heroes Reborn without Captain America and the Fantastic Four.

  13. j says:

    I can’t picture heroes without Claire! She was my favorite, so maybe they’ll do some sort of summer thing so Hayden Panettiere can be a part of it and it not conflict with her nashville schedule

    • ChicagoDan says:

      Or she may be available if Nashville is cancelled.

    • It’s going to be a summer series so Hayden could conceivably fit both into her schedule. (And Chicago Dan is right – there’s also a good chance Nashville could get axed for ratings and free her up entirely.)

      • j says:

        i hadn’t even considered Nashville getting cancelled. It’s one of my favorite shows, so i hope that doesn’t happen :P

      • Patrick says:

        Uh, ABC is going to have a LOT to say about her starring in an NBC show. When actors sign on for a show, the network probably gets the right of refusal for that actor working on a show on a rival network.

        ABC is not going to be thrilled about their star helping another network.. Now, maybe there would be small bit part they would let HP do (not enough to really help NBC, but just enough to raise HP’s profile).

        • Seth says:

          That’s a pretty archaic practice Patrick, I don’t believe exclusivity clauses are regularly used by any network. Nevertheless, the fact is that any appearance from classic Heroes would likely be a cameo, as you predict for “Clair-Bear” – regardless of talent obligations, making one or two members of an ensemble cast into lead roles among a new group rarely makes for good chemistry (the only successful attempt I can think of is Frasier Crane). Either way NBC loses little by trying this, and could gain much. To answer the question though, glances of Hiro, Parkman or Noah Bennett would all be entertaining – I think the Petrelli brothers are too much to hope for.

        • JackSchidt1971 says:

          networks cooperating is becoming more common. case in point, “Intelligence” which is a joint venture between CBS (which it airs on) and ABC Studios.

          • tabularasalocke says:

            Not entirely. Scrubs was a product of ABC but aired on NBC for 7 years until it was brought back to ABC. NBC wouldn’t allow Masi appear on Scrubs when it moved to ABC even though Masi wanted to come back. While Heroes Reborn will air in the summer, it’ll have to shoot before then and I doubt the other networks are going to allow their actors time off for it. The best we can get are cameos from people who are able to get free. Kring will probably want to bring on anyone who isn’t busy as guest stars to appease the fans. But I think for the most part, we’ll most likely get a entire new cast. The original concept of Heroes was for a new cast of heroes each year and with the success of American Horror Story and True Detective, this is probably the concept Kring is going to go back to.

  14. hatorl says:

    If it’s like season 1, I’m in. New stories, new characters, and I hope they learn from their mistakes.

    • wingsstef says:

      I agree. I am totally fine with new stories and new characters. That was how season 4 was in a way. I would not mind a few old characters too to be sprinkled in, however I don’t need most of the cast back to enjoy this.

  15. RobMF says:

    I can’t wait for season 7 of LOST.

  16. Carrie says:

    Why? The show was never very good and it didn’t last long because people weren’t watching. Of all the cancelled shows that could be brought back…

    • Duke says:

      I’ll say “yay”, if only because it means other shows could have potential limited returns. *cough*Chuck*cough*

    • nate says:

      yea it was never very good yet it lasted FIVE seasons…dumbass

      • Christian says:

        California Dreams also lasted 5 seasons.. guess it was one of the best comedies of the 90s according to you!

      • Mark says:

        Well if your going for ltd returns then there a few shows that need a return and would have to be right up there. Just so they can finish an awesome story there are many others as well

        Here’s my list feel free to add

        1 Jericho
        2 Deadwood
        3 V – the reboot
        4 Terra Nova
        5 Las Vegas — Both versions.
        6 Chuck — Just so they can fix the end, because damn it sucked.
        7 the Inside
        8 The Secret Circle

        Just a few I feel that like Hero’s and 24 have the fan base and support still out there to make a go of it. And more importantly the actors and actresses are still young enough to be able to play there original roles unlike say some favourites we would want back like Firefly, Buffy, etc….

    • ben says:

      It was fantastic in season one, and also it was one of those shows that everybody seemed to be watching then too.

  17. zirtoc says:

    Oh, NBC. You’re so frustratingly schizophrenic. Hire Leno, fire Leno, hire Leno, fire Leno…start Heroes, cancel Heroes, start Heroes…

    I can’t wait to see what Tim comes up with, though. Heroes was the best show on TV. Period.

  18. KP26 says:

    Nobody invite Ali Larter, please.

  19. Amanda says:

    Who is voting in the poll because NO! This is a terrible idea. Absolutely no one was sitting around going “oh. I hope they bring Heroes back!”

  20. So stoked. I still feel the original show got completely and totally screwed in every way by the writer’s strike and was just finding its footing again when it was cancelled. This goes up in the “second chance well deserved” category and I’ll be anxious to see who comes back (they *have* to address the cliffhanger with Claire the show ended on) and who new they bring into the picture.

    • Csbd says:

      Totally agree about the writer’s strike. I think this show was probably one of the most effected by the strike. It lost momentum and clarity in its struggle to find its footing after the strike.

      I have faith it could be great in this format though.

    • Tahonia says:

      I agree that they will have to address Claire going public if only to explain how the video was suppressed. Did they kill off the Christopher Eccleston character?

  21. Jacob says:

    I’m hoping this is good. The original intent of the show was going to be to have a new set of characters every season, but they changed their minds after the success of season one and that didn’t go so well, so maybe new characters is what they need.

    Also, I wonder if they are going to continue as if the whole world knows about the super-powered like the last season ended.

  22. Dr. M says:

    Did anyone actually stick with this series to the end?

    • j says:

      I watched Heroes from beginning to end during it’s origina run. it was my favorite show at the time it was on

    • Meredith says:

      I too stuck around until the end (mainly to see Milo every week) and was digging the direction they were taking in the last couple episodes. I’m curious to see if they pick up where they left off.

      • Tess says:

        I stuck around to the end too and it did finally seem like they were righting the ship when it was cancelled… but I do wonder how they plan to go about with this – try to get back any of the originals and pick it up where they left off somehow or go all new and make it more like a reboot or somewhere in between. The first thing I thought when I read they were doing this miniseries though is “sure, now that they just announced that Milo’s attached to some ABC pilot…” if any character does come back it ought to be Peter, he was one of the most central characters.

        • A.B. says:

          Except didn’t Sylar kill Peter?

          • RG7 says:

            (If anyone is currently watching the show on Netflix and wants to avoid ending spoilers, avert your eyes now!) No! At the end of the very last episode, Peter and Sylar were standing side by side as Claire jumped from the top of the Ferris wheel. Peter had just rescued Sylar from the carnies (or maybe the other way around?), and they were very amicable and almost to the level of good friends during season 4 (personally, I always wanted them to be together but hey). The very end is showing them standing together and turning to walk away before the scene went to the “To Be Continued…” card every episode ended with.

          • A.B. says:

            @RG7, yeah I remember that scence but now I remember that I was mistakenly thinking of a different actor and not Milo’s Peter. I’ll just say the character I’m thinking of is related to Peter.

    • ben says:

      I have to say, no I didn’t. I couldn’t last through the third season. And its very rare that I ever drop a show that I once loved. Normally I get through them even when they get a bit sucky. But Heroes just got TOO bad.

      But I’m still gonna be checking out the miniseries, and anyone who loved season 1 surely would want to check it out with the hope it would be that good.

    • wingsstef says:

      I did, but yes, the snark was on during season 3. Season 4 was mostly better than season 3. Most of Season 3 was painful! There were some good stuff though in all the seasons.

  23. greysfan says:

    I’m excited about the idea. The way it was left i really wanted more and this is going to be great. I do have my reservations and would like some of the originals back but come on any true Heroes fan would love to see more. Its great news.

  24. Gary Panther says:

    As long as the individuals that came up with the “give powers to anyone” storyline and as long as those responsible for deciding the eclipse is what caused people to receive/activate/deactivate their powers are NOT involved, I’ll be looking forward to this. I’m on board with having only 13 episodes, too.

  25. Ian says:

    I was so stunned at that headline! They’re really doing this!

    The impact and quality of the show really was so incredible when it first premiered, but then unfortunately it suffered what’s known as the Ryan Murphy effect. They took the show out of Bryan Fuller’s hands and the writers weren’t smart enough not to keep the show from becoming over-the-top desperate mess.

    But I’ll hope they can recapture the brilliance of the show in those first seasons.

    • tabularasalocke says:

      They didn’t really take it out of Fuller’s hands, he wasn’t the creator, Tim Kring was. Fuller was a writer and producer who left the writing gig to go do Pushing Daisies.

  26. Micah says:

    “Cautiously Optimistic” is where my head is at right now… Tim Kring himself being attached is the part I’m WORRIED about more than anything else.

    Read what Kring had to say in 2008 about the “problems” of serialized storytelling and what he thinks of those who watch LIVE>

    (And that poor Irish Girl is STILL trapped in an alternate future btw)

  27. Kristen t says:

    this news has me so excited i LOVED this show. sadly the first season WAS the best but i grew to love the new characters and storylines as it went on. You can never get back to save the cheerleader, save the world, but I am definitely intrigrued and cant wait to see what they come up with !!!!

  28. alex says:

    I don’t care. I’m still waiting on a Revolution renewal, NBC.

    • Bmass says:

      Don’t get me wrong, the first season of Heroes was stellar, but the quality of season 2 onwards was just vomit.
      Revolution just has a far more interesting premise than Heroes’ cookie-cutter superpowers plot. But then again, it seems the general populace isn’t entirely thrilled with original, creative ideas.
      Then again, that’s just my opinion.

  29. Young Matthew says:

    What?! At this point, they should just stop development on any new pilots and just start bringing back old shows! How about Alias, Lost and Nikita (too soon?) next?

  30. Ritchie says:


  31. Name That Tune says:

    I am willing to give it a chance because the first season of Heroes was so refreshing.

  32. Riana says:

    Maybe they could erase certain parts and have Kristen Bell back as Elle.

    • THIS.. lol my Heroes OT5 was: Isaac / Claire / Peter / Elle / Sylar.. haate the bad writing that ruined them & all their potential but c’mon, a show with time travel ~must embrace the possibility of bringing these epic chars back & in one (sane!) piece! XD

  33. Mordy says:


  34. J.r. Edwards says:

    I’m happy. Mainly because this is the second series brought back that I used to watch (24 being the first). If its no good, what’s the worst that happened..I turn it off. If its succeeds, more people will bring back continuations of great shows instead of rebooting and prequeling the hell out of everything

  35. renitamac says:

    They could have renamed season 3 “The Zachary Quinto Show” and it would have been a more accurate title for the show.

  36. Will they finally answer how and why that cute Irish girl got left behind in the alternate universe

    • Adam Bryant says:

      That’s just one of those things that don’t need an answer. At the time, Peter didn’t fully remember what abilities he had or how to use/control them, so he accidentally left Kaitlin in that future and couldn’t figure out how to get back so the only way he could figure to save her was by destroying the virus which changed the future making it impossible for him to go back to get her because that future no longer existed. I don’t think they need to answer that, because that’s what I got out of the series as far as why he could never go back and get her.

  37. Omg why can’t they get a good show the unusaulls was a good show why can’t they re make it or some thing besides vampires and shark crap . I know the writers can come up with something better than a already died show like heros. oh well its there money not mine.revolution is one gr8 show. My fav. Just needs a little pick me up and wow bet they can make it number 1 maybe even a good movie night like they did before. .

  38. Everyone has their opinion, yes, but if you DO NOT like Heroes, tell me again why you feel it’s necessary to post on here?! Because you can, Well NEWS Flash, ur opinion is moot to me as I’m sure mine is to you. Regardless of how I felt Heroes was constructed at times, I still have a curiosity in it to see what they have in store.

  39. I Heart Damon Salvatore says:

    Just bring back Jack Coleman as HRG and I’ll be a happy camper. Come on … can’t have Heroes without our beloved Company Man.

    • ben says:

      Actually – this would probably be the best choice if bringing back a cast member.

    • Winston says:

      I would hope its like 24 meets heroes with HRG and one of them hunting down a major “hero” baddie. Sadistic, tortured always a step ahead. HRG just happens to see past heroes for help and advice. But….I doubt that is what happens.

  40. THAT Guy says:

    Bring back The Cape!

    • michael says:

      Holy crap another watcher of the cape’s only season? Don’t ask me why I got into a Netflix one season-er

  41. Tina B. says:

    I don’t know how this is possible, Hayden is on Nashville, Masai is on Hawaii 5-0 and these are 2 super hit shows with tough grueling schedules?! Milo just signed on with a show, I don’t see any of the original cast returning, maybe for 1 episode, but they have to get permission from whatever network and I don’t see that happening given the ratings.

  42. Lili says:

    Santiago Cabrera.
    Masi Oka.
    New characters.

  43. Melissa says:

    People post their opinions here because its an open forum all opinions allowed postive and negative . As for the show I watched all of season 1 and 2 even though it went downhill in season 2, and even part of 3 I stopped mid season 3 because in my FREE opinion it was still downhill . Just my opinion .

  44. Mandy says:

    Forget about this flop, bring back The LA Complex!!!!

  45. anon says:

    Fool me once, shame on you….

  46. Mike says:

    In order of preferred appearance: Peter, Claire, Sylar, Noah, Matt, Hiro. The First Season was mindblowing. The part in the Third Season where they were all being detained, was exciting. The end of Season 4 was getting pretty good.

  47. Jerri says:

    Seriously?! Of all the canceled shows they could’ve brought back, they chose this one?! What are the execs on?

  48. Malia Koshi says:

    Hiro Nakamura, the only actual Hero!

  49. TonberryLives says:

    There really needs to be a “meh” button to that poll. While I did indeed like certain parts of certain seasons and subsequently saw potential in a lot of the arcs they never managed to manifest in sufficient good ways. Am I somewhat interested? Yes. Enough to become excited? No.