Parenthood Exclusive: Look Who's Returning!

Parenthood Sarah Ramos ReturnsA Parenthood fave is making her way back to the NBC drama after a lengthy absence.

TVLine has learned exclusively that Sarah Ramos is set to reprise her role as Adam and Kristina’s eldest daughter Haddie later this season.

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Ramos was taken off contract at Parenthood at the end of the show’s third season as her character transitioned to college, although Haddie recurred throughout Season 4 to lend support to her cancer-stricken mom. Her one-episode comeback in the Season 5 finale will mark her first appearance in a year.

Back in September, P’hood boss Jason Katims left the door open for a Ramos return. “It’s always a question of finding the right story combined with Sarah’s availability,” he told TVLine. “We sort of dealt with this a lot starting on Friday Night Lights, where so many of our characters wound up graduating from high school and sort of leaving the show, and sometimes coming back for either one or a series of episodes, or sometimes a lot of episodes.”

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  1. Amanda says:

    I thought it was weird that she never showed up during Kristina’s mayor campaign.

    • brycealexander says:

      Same! Realistically there’s a lot of times where she could show up. I understand going to school across the country means not being around as much, but come on. She’s barely mentioned. Plus it’s weird because she had so many problems in the first few seasons, and I understand that she grew from them, but Haddie has had a very TV-easy transition into college.

    • rhfairchild says:

      I understand her not being there simply because I know the actor isn’t always available, but I hate when shows just forget about a character. Have they even mentioned Haddie since she went to college? I prefer when they throw in little lines now and then (at least once a season) like “Remember what happened when Haddie visited last weekend” or “I wish Haddie could’ve made it home for this.”

      • Cristi says:

        I agree they could have mentioned her here and there. Like I miss Haddie our daughter, granddaughter, niece, cousin, or I wonder how she is doing? Haddie called she needs money, made all A’s, got a new boyfriend. They could have done video chat like Modern family did with the olest girl. That would have made it more realistic for a family who’s oldest went away for college. Glad she is coming back.

        • I too think Haddie should have been mentioned in so many of the different show. I wondered what had happened to her. Were they dissatisfied with her or had she done something and they booted her off. Nope! Now she is back. How do they think a family like the Braverman’s are supposed to be would never mention a member away at college. Ridiculous…

        • P. Van Blaricom says:

          I totally agree!

  2. Eddie says:

    Poor actress, even worse character. A big fat NO from me.

  3. Joey says:

    Glad she’s coming back on the show. I miss Haddie.

    • Jon says:

      Same here! I get that the actress is in college IRL, but they’ve barely mentioned her name this season! How hard would it have been to show Adam on the phone with Haddie calming her nerves about a big test, or Adam and Kristina having a bedtime chat about how proud they are of her?

  4. Eric says:

    Good! I missed Haddie! I feel that this is truly an ensemble show, and that every character is important to me; I notice when someone’s been gone. It’ll be nice to see her come back, even if it’s only for an episode this time.

  5. Ari says:

    $10 says they bring her back just to kill off the character.

    • Eric says:

      I could see it. Season finale, they need some drama. Car accident on the way back to Berkeley; Braverman funeral. It would be awfully sad and I wouldn’t approve, but who knows?

  6. Sarah says:

    So glad she’ll be back, even if it’s for just one episode. It just seems odd that she completely disappeared from the show, especially this year, without a single mention of her, almost like she never existed.

  7. Eric7740 says:

    Yay!!! Love when the whole Braverman crew is together!!! It always amazed me how much she resembles Monica Potter, excellent casting!

  8. sarah says:

    It is not like Sarah Ramos is making movies and other shows, so I am not sure how there would be issues with her availability.
    She has pretty much been forgotten on the show.

    • Erin says:

      Re: availability: Sarah Ramos is attending college (just like Haddie)

    • CJ says:

      She is a full-time student at a university in NYC in real life which is why she is not acting at the moment. I am happy to have her back for an episode or two as I find her complete absence bizarre. They don’t even mention her, which is weird in that family!

    • Jon says:

      Uhm, maybe she is really in school. Hello.

  9. Tran 2.0 says:

    Great news for Parenthood fans. Haddie’s back.

  10. Andrew Hass says:

    I’m happy that Haddie is coming back and i’m thinking something happens involving her family that makes her return necessary.The actress is in college but maybe there’s a way the show could work around that so that she could do a few episodes a season.For example the show could tape a few scenes in which we see Haddie calling her family from college and the show could spread those scenes over a few episodes.

  11. Liz says:

    Awesome! It’s annoyed me that we’ve had to deal with Drew’s dull college story but we didn’t get to see any of Haddie

    • brycealexander says:

      I know. I was hoping that since we were following Drew to college and not Haddie it meant we would get a gay plotline, but, alas, no.

    • Win says:

      THIS! This was my problem as well. I do not care for Drew much at all and I just feel his storyline is wasted time.

  12. Ray says:

    About damn time!!

  13. Merry says:

    Calling Haddie a “fan favorite” is a bit of a stretch. I think people don’t like her so much as they think it was weird how fully she disappeared/like seeing the whole clan together. Personally I think her character is rather annoying and self-righteous.

  14. Arien says:

    Oh dear, are they bringing her back for yet another happy end season finale? The show’s season finale’s are usually rushed and incredibly unrealistic. usually everything works out great for the Bravermans.
    So this season it will probably be a school for Kristina, reunion for Joelia, wedding for Ryber, the 26st attempt to convince us that Mark and Sarah are made for each other … did I miss anything?

  15. Jen says:

    It’ll be nice to see Haddie again, I haven’t missed her since there are so many loved characters, but I welcome the return. Let’s just hope she doesn’t start every line with “I mean…” as she used to! I could never figure out if it was a script thing or an actress thing, but either way she said it much too often!

  16. RJ says:

    Re-watching seasons one through three really made me realize how much I enjoy Haddie NOT being there. Her storylines were boring and she was always whiny.

  17. Nicole says:

    I keep thinking about how her own parents never mention Haddie as well! There was even a moment this season when it seemed like Kristina was talking about something that could affect their family and literally mentioned everyone but Haddie! She does remember she has a daughter right?

    I am also surprised how Amber doesn’t mention talking to her. Didn’t they become good friends right before she left?

  18. Ryann says:

    It seems strange to me that Haddie was sent off to college and barely makes any appearances, yet the show was able to incorporate Drew at college with no difficulty at all.

  19. Doug H says:

    Maybe they had plenty of contact with Haddie off camera…. Sarah Ramos probably coming in during spring break .. Good for her..

  20. Laura says:

    I thought Haddie’s relationship to Max was one of the most realistic beautiful aspects of the show.

  21. St. Louis says:

    Too late to bring her back now. Its stupid!!

  22. dee says:

    Gee, one’s daughter doesn’t just vanish upon entering college. Kids come home at the holidays, and what about summers?

  23. Erin says:

    So many are are all on pointe in this discussion. No mention of Haddie was a major error in script. Out of sight, out of mind. She will never be the standout star but it will be interesting to see how she is weaved back into the script.

  24. Lisa parrella says:

    Did they take it off channell 7 Queensland.hadnt been on last 2 weeks

  25. MtKat says:

    ALL Family members need to be retained… just because someone goes off to college doesnt mean they disappear. If one of the stars has a movie to fulfill, they can leave for a few episodes, but NOT write them off. Each person is important to the storyline. I loved it when she was rebellious and dressed and looked a bit crazy. I think she is too tame now (and smoking some pot doesnt make one crazy). Please give her some meaty script to get back in the storyline. I loved it with the military guy. (but she needs to leave that behind; she’s mentioned it briefly lately; dont make it lame and bring him back — I LOVED him, but it’s too late now).

  26. Diana says:

    Why would Amber ( Mae Whitman) pay her ex fiancé a visit at the hospital only to end up getting hurt by the the jerk who dumped her? I would not give him any sympathy because he sounds like a selfish jerk!!! I think Amber deserves better!

  27. rick says:

    Why in the heck is Parenthood in it’s final season???? Its a great show for the whole family.