TVLine Mixtape

TVLine Mixtape: Your Favorite Songs from Parks and Rec, Reign, Criminal Minds, Coven and More

I see this life like a swinging vine, swing my heart across the line, in my face is flashing signs, seek it out and ye shall find the latest edition of TVLine Mixtape.

What follows is a collection of tunes used recently in your favorite shows, complete with artist and album information in case you want to add them to your permanent collection. Spoilers abound, and we chose songs we liked – but we always want to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

So peruse our playlist, and then hit the comments with your favorite TV jams! And remember: You can always submit questions or suggestions about TV music on Twitter @meganspinelli.

Parks and Recreation - Season 6

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SERIES AND EPISODE | Parks and Recreation, “Ann and Chris”
TITLE | “Wildflowers”
ARTIST | Tom Petty
ALBUM | Wildflowers (1994)
WHY IT ROCKED | Petty sings, “You belong among the wildflowers, you belong in a boat out at sea”…or in Michigan. Leslie says a sad farewell to her best friend, Andy wishes Ann luck in Mexico, and Chris presents everyone with gifts, as only the most over-the-top optimist could do. As the camera pulls back to a view of Pawnee, everyone feels the heart wrenching departure of Chris and the beautiful musk ox. Cue the tears.

Mixtape GirlsSERIES AND EPISODE | Girls, “Dead Inside”
TITLE | “There’s A Beast and We All Feed It”
ARTIST | Jake Bugg
ALBUM | Shangri La (2013)
WHY IT ROCKED | There’s nothing like cartwheeling around a graveyard while “there’s a beast eating every bit of beauty, and they all feed it” fittingly plays, to ease the pain of a friend’s eBook’s death. We get that everyone grieves in their own way, but not even a tear for David, Hannah?

mixtape-reign-lightSERIES AND EPISODE | Reign, “Sacrifice”
TITLE | “But That Can Wait”
ARTIST | Jonathan Allen Guerra
ALBUM | Hue (2013)
WHY IT ROCKED | Mary delivers Bash’s cousin’s baby, Isobel holds her baby girl, and Mary and Bash exchange a promising look all while this soothing song plays in the background. Of course the happy moment doesn’t last (RIP, Isobel) but this tranquil song is enjoyable while it lasts.

Mixtape The Following 2SERIES AND EPISODE | The Following, “Trust Me”
TITLE | “Stand By Me”
ARTIST | Ki: Theory
WHY IT ROCKED | As Joe and Mandy set fire to her house, Ki: Theory’s eerie rendition of the Ben E. King classic sends chills up your spine and sets a dark(er) tone for the end of the episode.

Mixtape AHS 2SERIES AND EPISODE | American Horror Story, “The Seven Wonders”
TITLE | “Silver Springs”
ARTIST | Fleetwood Mac
ALBUM | The Dance (1997)
WHY IT ROCKED | We say our goodbyes to Myrtle Snow (for the second time) as she utters one very profound last word: “Balenciagaaa!” Because everyone has a French fashion label on their mind when they’re engulfed in flames, right? As Myrtle is burned at the stake, Fleetwood Mac’s haunting ballad plays, and we can’t help but feel sad saying goodbye to Myrtle and the Stevie Nicks-inspired Coven.

mixtape-nashville-lightSERIES AND EPISODE | Nashville, “Too Far Gone”
TITLE | “Keep Coming Back”
ARTIST | Nashville Cast (feat. Charles Esten)
WHY IT ROCKED | Deacon’s back in the business, y’all! The only problem is that the country crooner’s powerful love song is for his ladylove Megan, not Rayna (or is it?). Let’s hope it’s only a matter of time though before Deacon trades in his lawyer friend for the country superstar we all know he’s meant to be with.

Mixtape Hart of Dixie 4SERIES AND EPISODE | Hart of Dixie, “Should’ve Been A Cowboy”
TITLE | “Carousel”
ARTIST | Miner
ALBUM | Into The Morning (2014)
WHY IT ROCKED | George nonchalantly kisses Tansy, AB and Lavon call it quits, and Joel shows off his lovely battle wound to his cowgirl Zoe, all while falling into a metaphorical carousel of which Miner sings at the cake fest. Some fall off and some stay on, but bright side? Cake makes everything better.

mixtape-criminal-minds-2-lightSERIES AND EPISODE | Criminal Minds, “200”
TITLE | “Blackbird”
ARTIST | Sarah Darling
ALBUM | Let Us In: Nashville (2012)
WHY IT ROCKED | The country Darling’s (get it?) remake of The Beatles’ classic – and some celebratory drinks – wrap up this episode perfectly after JJ is saved.

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  1. Krystan says:

    Lavon needs to get it together. I love Lavon and AB. I am happy Jason Street and Tansy are getting their act together.

    • e says:

      me too! the breakup between lavon and AB broke my heart. i used to be diehard zoe/wade, but i think the relationship i’m most invested in now is lavon and AB… i am hoping that instead of getting back together, he just comes to his senses and proposes and they live happily ever after. done :)

    • I Heart Damon Salvatore says:

      Haha, I can’t help calling George Jason Street, too. And, I came to FNL after I started watching HoD.

      I think Lavon, deep down, is still hung up on Lemon. But, I do hope he and AB can work it out. She is just precious.

    • Alexa Berry says:

      it”s so stupid who would want to wach it anyway

  2. LA Hope says:

    Oh, the best song of all the shows and episodes this season so far is defenetly “Nothing More” by The Alternate Routes, which was featured on NCIS season 11 episode 11, the christmas ep. This song is just sooooo wonderful! Just listen to it once:

  3. Ruba Zahran says:

    the most impressive one i heard this week is in Arrow the final scene silhouette by Active Child feat Ellie Goulding

  4. Rook says:

    No mention of La Vie En Rose that was on HIMYM??? What?? Milioti killed it.

    • Mary says:

      La Vie En Rose aired in the last episode in January. Not this week is which it was about Ted and his past girlfriends/Barney passing on his playbook knowledge.

  5. Et al says:

    Full version of Ass Crack Bandit from community hit YouTube this week. It’s hilarious and awesome.

  6. Shira says:

    Oh, that Deacon song in Nashville is about Rayna…and I wanted to throw somthing at the screen when he dedicated it to Megan. But still, great song!

  7. Brian A. says:

    What is the song on the Spice of Life commercials on the Food channels?? It’s the commercial where they show her bungie jumping.