Did SNL Dis Melissa McCarthy? Bachelor Double- Talk? Who Invited a Kardashian?! And More Qs

SNLWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Saturday Night Live, The Following, The Biggest Loser and Supernatural!

1 | Hey, Carrie Diaries, there’s room for Walt in that loft, too, right?

2 | Did Helix “get” you with that Jaye-doesn’t-actually-exist twist?

3 | Saturday Night Live does know that Melissa McCarthy can play something other than a manic or disturbed (or manic and disturbed) woman, right? And has a sketch ever imploded right out of the gate as painfully as that “living museum display” one?

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4 | The man and woman ranchers from Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” Super Bowl spot kinda sorta have to have a country wedding during next year’s telecast, right?

5 | How much are you looking forward to the day that Downton Abbey’s Mrs. Baxter finds her way out from under Thomas’ thumb… and then scratches the scoundrel’s eyes out?

6 | Granted, Showtime could not have entirely predicted the timing, but shouldn’t Episodes‘ “Matt LeBlanc” have felt honored to have been booked for The Tonight Show during Leno’s farewell run — going on after Zac Efron or not?

7 | Was something lost in translation or did Bachelor Bachelor_Sex_ClareJuan Pablo have a sexual encounter with Clare during their late-night dip into the ocean and then essentially shame her the next day, because he realized it might not play well when/if his daughter watches the show? And is this the same guy who was preaching last month about the moral murkiness of ever casting a gay Bachelor?

8 | Does Annie Parrisse get, like, a $5 check from The Following each time they show her on Ryan Hardy’s corkboard? And has Ryan been out of the FBI so long that he’s forgotten everything he learned about not spooking a suspect?

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9 | Even from the first moment he appeared on this week’s Almost Human — who greets a Terminator-like robot with a pleasant hello?! — didn’t you Castlejust know that John Larroquette’s Nigel wasn’t on the up and up?

10 | What does this TVLine screen grab tweeted by a Castle fan mean?

11 | On Supernatural, was Sam’s confession that he wouldn’t save Dean over the greater good that surprising? (He has always been the one more likely to be able to move on. Case in point: Sam’s year of normal while Dean was in purgatory.)

12 | How convenient was it that NCIS had immediately handy phone call recordings from Parsa’s sister that said exactly what they needed them to say over the loudspeaker?

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13 | Should New Girl have aired the much funnier Adam Brody episode one after the Super Bowl, and Prince’s visit on Tuesday night? And how long until the Untitled Half-Hour Single-Cam Prince Project gets a green light at Fox?

14 | Was Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s birthday party for Captain Holt the funniest episode of television in 2014? Speaking of which, is How It’s Made: Contact Lenses — one of four programs we saw on his bedroom DVR — a real thing?The Biggest Loser

15 | In the wake of the Biggest Loser winner’s alarming weight loss, did anyone actually expect a producer or trainer to come forth and issue a public “OMG”/”Oops”? Has no one heard of “legal exposure”?

16 | With so much going right for Justified‘s Art, is this where we worry that something awful looms ahead — possibly including but maybe also more “fatal” than Raylan’s confession? Also, what was this week’s biggest twist: Danny gunning down the Haitian, Johnny double-crossing Hot Rod or Ava being framed for shivving that lecherous guard?

17 | Wasn’t it about time that a gizmo-centric show like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. had some fun with characters not knowing how to operate the Holotable?

Nashville18 | On Nashville, is extreme hair growth a side effect of Scarlett’s uppers addiction? Is the show setting the stage for Brent to tip off the tabloids to Will’s sexuality? (And seeing how Will got his handler/erstwhile lover fired for no other reason than his latent attraction, would Brent be kinda sorta justified for doing it?) And doesn’t Rayna’s rockin’ “This Time” deserve a better video than the Robert Palmer-lite one we saw being shot?

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19 | Yes, we love Arrow‘s Felicity, and yes, she’s very smart — but: She deduced a long-held Queen family secret in just a few hours? And then she just had to tell Oliver right before his mother’s important press conference?Bob-Costas

20 | Would an eye patch have been preferable to the disease-ridden, blood-splattered monstrosity (aka pink eye) that Bob Costas was sporting during the opening night of NBC’s Olympics coverage? And what are the odds NBC will acknowledge how Sochi’s preparations for the games have fallen short?

21 | Whose brilliant idea was it to sully Jay Leno’s final episode as host of The Tonight Show with a cameo by Kim Kardashian? And how did they break the news to the legendary Carol Burnett that the reality bubblehead would be participating alongside her in the “So Long, Farewell” musical number?

22 | Big Bang Theory fans, how does Tania Raymonde’s veterinarian compare to Raj’s last love, Lucy? And what most surprised you about The Kiss: Sheldon getting into it, or Amy’s modulated appreciation of the moment?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Nicole says:

    22. I thought Amy’s reaction was so much better being simple and sincere then if she had freaked out excitedly. Well done Big Bang!!! That kiss was such a nice surprise and the actors were perfect in the scene!!!!

    • dfrap says:

      It was years in the making and bam there it was. As an audience member I was completely submerged into that episode. One of my favorites so far.

    • spindae2 says:

      I really didn’t see the kiss coming. But the moment was so honest so Shamy so perfect. Loved Tania’s appearance will be nice to see her meet Sheldon and Howard she seems like a keeper.

    • Stormy says:

      Since Raj’s last lady friend resembled a science experiment gone wrong, the lady vet is a huge improvement. As for the kiss, if they are going down that road with Shamey, Penny and Bernadette better give Amy a major makeover. JMO

  2. iammusic says:

    The Castle/wedding dress ad just means that Castle fan was searching for a less ugly wedding dress that Kate should wear. I mean no disrespect to Luke/crew for designing that dress as a team, but it’s definitely not my favorite clothing item on the show …

    • April says:

      Fine, I’ll say it. That dress is ugly. Ick!

      • czariana says:

        i know I’m way in the minority, but I thought the dress was beautiful and she looked stunning in it.

        • I think it would have been utterly perfect had they gotten rid of the unfortunate white overskirt. The silver lace was gorgeous against Stana’s skin.

        • grey says:

          Yes, you are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay in the minority. LOL!

        • RUCookie says:

          I liked it as well (would have loved it without the hip-cape). It has that couture feel – and it is very non traditional!

          • lame says:

            The ad is an obvious reference to the budget AWM says they must adhere. If you follow the Beckett mythology look at the dresses she’s worn, all very ultra stylish and plain. That “Disney princess gown” goes against everything we’ve been lead to believe.
            Find the money in the budget for a Vera Wang or the like. This will be the signature episode of the series.

        • sanchopanza says:

          You’re right, she did look stunning – but it’s just not a wedding dress. An inaugural ball, maybe. Not a wedding.

    • Rich Abey says:

      I agree. Even though the producers at Castle have the licence to choose a wedding dress of their liking, they should first consider whether their original choice was a hit or a miss with the fans…and by the looks of it it was a miss. Maybe if it weren’t for that puffy white thing protruding from the waist down, the dress would have been a hit. Btw it says something that Stana was able to look gorgeous even with this awkward looking dress!

    • Luminosity says:

      I completely agree. I REALLY did not like that dress. Stana is a beautiful woman with a great figure and the dress (in my opinion) didn’t flatter her at all. I didn’t the the predominant dark silver-gray color and the over skirt was ill-placed. I truly hope show decides to choose another dress. Perhaps the current could get blown-up/burned/stolen by a crazed perp out to stop Castle and Beckett from getting married. Just a suggestion.

    • Shante says:

      Is the Castle fandom EVER satisfied with anything on the.show? The show has more haters online than they do fans who enjoy the show. All they do bitch, moan, whine, and complain over every single thing.

      Lighting. Kisses. Hair. Weight. Clothes. Nathan. Stana. Molly. Castle. Beckett. Alexis… Happy Caskett, Angsty Caskett. Case of the week. Supporting characters. Johanna Beckett arc. Bracken. 3xK…

      Nothing the show does is ever good enough, so why am I not surprise the wedding dress is getting such hate?

      This is not a fandom, but a hatedom. I hope Marlowe and the actors and the crew and ABC know that the online fandom doesn’t speak for the other 10 to 15 million viewers who tune in each week.

      I think this fandom is uglier than that dress ever could be.

  3. 4 | The man and woman ranchers from Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” Super Bowl spot kinda sorta have to have a country wedding during next year’s telecast, right?

    A: It’s like you read my mind…..that is what I was thinking exactly! Budweiser always does such amazing commercials that resonate with fans.

    Thanks for posting this question, TVLine. :-)

    • Scott J says:

      Just some random FYI: The actors being referred to in the Bud “Puppy Love” Super Bowl commercial this year are Texan Dean Jeanes, who’s apparently very comfortable around horses and former Sports Illustrated model Melissa Keller. And yes, it was Mr. Jeanes in last year’s even better “Brotherhood” Super Bowl spot and it would be nice to see it all come full circle next year. The spots were both directed by famed director Ridley Scott’s son, Jake.

    • Laurie says:

      I totally thought the couple in the Bud commercial should get together. So you aren’t alone. It’s also nice to know it was the same actor from the Bud commercial last year as well. Next year they need a wedding.

  4. uh huh says:

    23. How are we all going to survive until “Sherlock” comes back?

  5. Jared says:

    Unfortunately it looks like will never get to know if there is room in Carries loft for Walt even though S3 would be the perfect time to introduce the rest of the SATC girls.

  6. Laura says:

    8. “Instead of quietly relating my suspicion to Weston and handling this properly, I’m going to go creepily stare at her until she freaks out, kills someone, then gets away.” I’m glad they smartened up the FBI this season, but that mess is frustrating.

    14. Yes! Scully’s shorts, wine drink, “That’s not ours!” when Gina returned the clock…I couldn’t stop laughing the entire half hour.

  7. auntiemm says:

    The whole Parsa storyline seems a casualty of Ziva’s departure and need to fit Bishop into the team. Just awful.

  8. wrstlgirl says:

    I’m really enjoying Helix so happy to see it mentioned here.

    Juan Pablo is acting like a horny frat boy and I won’t defend what he said to Clare after their Ocean frolicking but she has been throwing herself at him and enjoyed every minute of both of their make out sessions (even bragging about it to the camera) so it takes two to tango honey, but he’s a major tool.

    On Nashville I always thought that it would be Layla that would “out” Will to the public but you might be on to something here with Brent :-)

  9. RUCookie says:

    4) SUPERBOWL PUPPY LOVE – Hmmm- Yes! They have to be planning that!

    11) Supernatural – Sam and his moral high ground has gotten on my last nerve. I am not surprised with his “I would let you die” comment. I am just tired of it. I am with Dean – he made the right call (but I would have told Kevin).

    17) Shield – the Halotable joke was bound to happen sooner or later and we needed something to luagh about in tyhis gut-punch of an episode. Saw an obervant comment about Simmons being willing to sacrifice herself by body blocking thta grenade! So True – I gasped!

    18) Nashville – that comment about Rayna’s video was exactly what I said on Wednesday – what a boring take!

    21) Leno – Loved that Burnett did the Tarzan yell, hated that a Kardashian was there. Also could have done without Jack Black’s tired joke we have heard before on Fallon failing.

    22) BBT – WOW, that kiss was superb. What a nice surprise. And holy moly did the actors knock that whole scene out of the park. There was an audible “OHHH” across the country!

  10. ... says:

    1: If the show makes it to a season three, I think Walt is very much in the fold, hence him getting into Pratt vs. going off to college. They’ll probably reduce Maggie to a guest star, along with Tom, Sebastian, Dorrit, Mouse, and West. Focus will be on Carrie, Samantha, Walt, Bennett, and Larissa, with other SATC figures popping up.
    2: I figured it out when Julia said something about Jaye to Hatake and Hatake had a befuddled, kind of “…uh, who?” reaction.
    6: I think the point of his storyline is him reconciling his current situation with his past; he went from being on one of the most popular shows of all-time to something that’s barely hanging on and that can be a difficult pill to swallow. He wants so badly to be back where he was and he’s having trouble letting go of the Matt from Friends and embracing the Matt from Pucks, so I buy his reaction to being second on The Tonight Show.

  11. 11. Totally agreed. Dean has always been the one to cling to Sam and his other loved ones at any cost. Sam has always been able to let it go.
    12. I already figured NSA is recording our calls but they sure found it fast!
    15. I’m still worried about that poor woman’s health, and I hope the producers say SOMETHING.

  12. Tonyfan says:

    12. Ncis has definitely jumped the shark. There are so many holes in that storyline I have up. Not to mention all the convenient coincidences with Parsa and the blonde girl. Granted, ncis has often relied on coincidences, and it’s a tv show, so I’m ok with that. But I think Glasburg has taken the show over the shark, and it’s in danger of landing in the tank with the shark and getting eaten, if someone doesn’t do something very soon.

  13. meah says:

    Am I the only one who is confused about who Oliver actually loves on ARROW?he loves Laurel,Mckenna(I actually liked her),the Huntress(my fave can’t wait for her return),sara,Felicity?The writers need to let us know who actually has his heart..I don’t want olicity,I thought they were cute in s1,but now am over it.
    As long as Avery and Juliette remain flawless I would keep on watching NASHVILLE.I have actually started liking Gunnar,which has shocked me.The writers need to give connie better story lines because Rayna is so boring.

    • I’m totally on board with you there. The writers don’t seem to know how to give him an all-out love interest so instead, they just kind of keep him on this fence with a foot in the Felicity camp, a foot in the Sara camp and a hand in the Laurel camp (sorry if that sounded dirty). It’s like he’s “kind of in love” with three women and instead of choosing one just willfully remains in this sort of love limbo. I really hope they don’t make Felicity he’s ‘true love” or anything. I can’t handle that.

      • Ronnie says:

        What makes you think he is ‘kind of in love’ with Felicity??? He cares about her, sure, but I don’t think he’s falling in love with her at all! Most of all I think it’s the writers trying to force that pairing to please olicity’s shippers. It really bugs me!

        • Ella says:

          Yeah, they’re pandering to the Olicity fandom enough as it is. Frankly, I’ve had enough of it, the relationship works well as friends and co-workers. The so-called romance seems incredibly forced and uncomfortable.

    • Ronnie says:

      I don’t think he ever loved McKenna or Helena, in fact, the whole time he was with them he was still in love with Laurel! I don’t think he’s falling in love with Felicity either, just the writers trying to make olicity’s shippers believe that to please them. I actually hate how they’re trying to force that couple!
      I am really confused about his feelings for Sara, though. The flashbacks of the island and how he treats her now (specially with how things ended last ep) makes me think that he might love her or that he projects the guilt he feels for what she had to go through because of him in the form of this ‘loving treatment’. I think it’s understandable if he loves her or wants her to be his romantic partner because she’s the only one who can really get him and knows everything he’s gone through.
      Finally, I’m not sure about his feelings for Laurel anymore! I mean, last season it was everything ‘I’m in love with Laurel, I could never stop thinking about her, she’s all I ever want’ and this season he seemed totally ok being over with her and being her friend and doesn’t seem to be in love with her anymore, so I don’t get it! He couldn’t stop loving her in the 5 years he’s been on the island even when he was with Jado and later Sarah, he was still in love with her last year but now, all of a sudden, he’s not?? The only explanation I find is that the writers decided to put them in a ‘friendship status’ just to highlight the olicity crap with louder shippers…

    • Ella says:

      This episode made me mad at almost everyone except Diggle, Laurel and her parents. Sara saw how angry Laurel was and she still went right back to Oliver, showing absolutely no remorse for her actions 5 years ago and all this while. Oliver too, should know better. Felicity told a secret that was none of her business to clear her own self-righteous mind and alleviate her selfish fears of losing Olly. Moira is, as always, deceitful, though I do like her character a lot. I don’t care about Thea or Roy.

  14. Dawn says:

    11. Yes, I can see Sam saying that more than Dean. However, unless my memory’s off, wasn’t it Dean who had a year of normal, with Lisa and her son, when Sam was in hell? Wasn’t Sam with Grandpa when Dean was in purgatory?

    • I thought Dean was in hell, then Sam was in Lucifer’s cage, then Dean was in purgatory (while Sam had his turn at a normal life), and Adam is still stuck in Lucifer’s cage. Did I get that right?

    • d4h8a15r16m23a42 says:

      Sam was with Amelia while Dean was in Purgatory.

    • Gail says:

      Sam was with Amelia while Dean was in Purgatory. Sam was with grandpa Samuel when he first got out of the cafe, while Dean was with Lisa & Ben.

      • Gail says:

        When he first got out if the cage**

        • sg says:

          Dean first went to hell after making the cross road deal to bring Sam back after Jake killed him. During Dean’s time in hell, Sam tried to find a way to bring Dean back including hooking up with Rudy which lead to the demon blood addiction.

          Sam was next to sacrifice himself by jumping into Lucifer’s cage but his time in the cage can be
          a bit confusing, because his soul that was trapped in the cage for over a year, while his soulless body was above ground working cases sometimes with his grandfather, cousins and Bobby. During this time Dean was honoring Sam’s final wish of trying to live a normal life with Lisa and Ben.

          Next up was Dean’s year in Purgatory which Sam spent with Amelia.

    • See others for timeline correction.

      11. Comment in general: Nope. Didn’t surprise me and I love Sammy. Sam has just had it with being brought back to life and others dying as unintended collateral damage. And yet I think Dean’s instinct was right – it really wasn’t Sam’s time to go. I wish Ellen or Bobby would show up and stage a bro-vention. Sam is right in getting them talking but he’s being way to vague in how he’s handling stuff and Dean can’t hear right now because that’s his heart being ripped out.

  15. David4 says:

    I know it’s been awhile since the show was canceled but I think that Melissa McCarthy and SNL should have done a Gilmore Girls joke during a skit It was her first long term acting job.

  16. Aimee says:

    #22 – The Vet is OK but Lucy was perfect for Raj and a hard act to follow. As for the Sheldon/Amy kiss, I give MAJOR kudos to the writers and actors. They have handled that relationship perfectly!

  17. dude says:

    19. This was not a good Felicity episode. First of all, you don’t go up against Arrow’s best character, Moira Queen. Secondly, that was none of her business. There was no need for her to tell Oliver other than her own moral righteousness. She totally just tried to sabotage his relationship with his mother for her own benefit and it did nothing for her to me.

    • Rook says:

      But if Oliver found out the Felicity kept this huge secret from him it would have been worse. She did the right thing by telling him.

      • Garnet74 says:

        She totally did the right thing. Oliver loves his sister. He needed to know what was going on. Oliver and Felicity are friends and he trusts her. If he asked her point blank what was up and she lied and he found out the secret later AND that she knew and lied to him? That would have been a disaster. So glad the show took this the adult way and had them be upfront and honest with each other about what was going on instead of turning it into a soap operay Big Misunderstanding the brewed stupidly for episodes.

    • JC says:

      I am completely failing to see how it was to her benefit.

    • abz says:

      I agree with @JC, She didn’t do it for her own benefit. She did it because Oliver was her close friend and keeping a secret like that from him would have hurt him, not to mention the fact that the “keeping secrets until they get revealed and the other persons gets upset at the secret keeper for X amount of episodes” storyline is one of the most annoying TV cliches ever. I was very happy with Arrow for bringing up that plot point and dealing with it right away in the same episode, avoiding any unnecessary drama between Oliver and Felicity.

    • Ella says:

      Agreed. Saint Felicity got on her high horse and exposed a secret that was not hers to tell. I liked her so much last season but I HATE self-righteous characters and she has basically turned into one.

  18. For #12, well, this is the NSA we’re talking about so I’m not too surprised they just happened to have phone recordings of Parsa’s sister on hand and someone to splice it together that quickly for Bishop and co. to be able to use.

    And wasn’t it just a little too convenient to kill Parsa, in front of Bishop, in such an anti-climatic way, after recreating the Kate/Ari moments with Bishop/Parsa?

    • Mel says:

      In fairness, though, it was no worse than last season’s dreadful Bodnar climax (he “slipped” and fell off the ship? Come on!). Gary Glasburg just doesn’t know how to write bad guys very well, and consequently the audience can’t get engaged with them. And he does have a habit of using past-proven formulas that in his hands fall flat. I can’t blame that on Bishop though. And having to re-write the first half of the season in a very short time, after Cote suddenly left, I’m sure hasn’t helped, nor has the addition of a new character that they’re still tweaking. That said, I still enjoyed much of the ep, and I’m enjoying S11 very much. I’m definitely not in the jump-the-shark camp.

  19. Krmille says:

    I’m surprised and maybe a little disappointed that there was not a question about how ridiculous it was to have R

    • Krmille says:

      Robin floating away from Ted at the end of this week’s HIMYM. Or am I the only one who thought this?

      • dan says:

        It was a connection to his balloon floating away in the flashback from when he was a little boy.

      • San says:

        Even though it was referencing the balloon, it was really the weakest moment of a very weak season. It was a “jump the shark” moment for sure. Hard to watch that scene.

        • Lliannan says:

          Not sure you really understand what that expression means…

          • Sam says:

            I am well aware of what it means. There were plenty of other subtle ways they could have had Ted finally “let go” of Robin. It was gimmicky and lame. The writers on this show are better than that scene.

      • mikey says:

        I thought it represented Ted finally letting Robin go, and with the Mother last week letting her old love go, they are now ready to meet each other.

  20. #22 – I loved everything about that first kiss between Sheldon and Amy…..seeing how much spontaneous Sheldon was with it and Amy’s contented smile afterwards. Of course, the scene with Leonard later made us realize how clueless Sheldon is…but that’s why we love him.

    Loved Raj and the vet, Yvette, interactions. Would love to her back as Raj’s love interest, especially now that Raj is getting more comfortable talking to women.

    • dan says:

      Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik played their roles perfectly. I can see each of them submitting this episode come Emmy time! Of course, Jim has more episodes to pick from (where he is featured prominently), but for Mayim this may be the one.

    • Maybelline Green says:

      I didn’t like the vet character or the actress portraying her. The rest of the cast is so good…they don’t need to skimp on the role of Raj’s love interest.

  21. Elyse says:

    13 | Should New Girl have aired the much funnier Adam Brody episode one after the Super Bowl, and Prince’s visit on Tuesday night? And how long until the Untitled Half-Hour Single-Cam Prince Project gets a green light at Fox?

    The prince episode almost lost me as a new girl viewer… it was so boring! The Adam Brody episode was perfection. Glad I stuck around!

    14 | Was Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s birthday party for Captain Holt the funniest episode of television in 2014? Speaking of which, is How It’s Made: Contact Lenses — one of four programs we saw on his bedroom DVR — a real thing?

    B99 has been KILLING it lately. Love love love that show!

  22. Kim R says:

    7. The Bachelor….he’s kind of a dumb bunny and it was a total cop out to shame Claire. As she said, why didn’t you just say no to the “swim”? And not kissing women because they are a mother? Come on. He’s pretty but not the sharpest knife in the drawer. :)
    12. What is happening to my NCIS? Start sharp, PTB! Remember the team as a whole.
    16. Justified has so much going on in general that I feel like I need to start making notes to keep it all straight. Such a well done show.
    17. On S.H.I.E.L.D., which I really enjoy, I loved them trying to figure out the table. Funny.
    19. Well, it’s Arrow so it is not reality based, and Felicity is super smart. ;) I am just glad she told Oliver the truth. Good on her!
    22. I like everything about TBBT. Sheldon’s kiss was perfect. Amy’s reaction, perfect. I liked the vet. Lucy is toooooo weird. I found her annoying more than anything. Just my 2 cents. :)

  23. sarah says:

    Nashville: Scarlett already had tons of hair, it was just messy.
    Brent will spill that Will is gay and Jeff will release him as an artist and by seasons end Rayna will have Scarlett (who is on her label aleady), Will, herself and I bet Juliette on her label. Hwy 65 will be one powerful label.
    Arrow: Felicity has the resources and smarts to figure anything out quickly. She as trying to not tell Oliver but he knows her so well and knew something was up and forced it out of her.

    • Tess says:

      Felicity figured out Moira’s secret because Water had asked her to look into that account – and we all know she is thorough in her research, which is what helped her piece the puzzle together. She only told Oliver when she did because he could tell by the look on her face that something was up and he wanted her to tell him what it was – she was likely going to tell him the truth anyway but she did it before Moira’s announcement only because he pressed her for it.

  24. Jenny says:

    I’m glad Felicity revealed the secret right away I thought they may prolong that and it’d prob get old fast…good move Arrow.

    “This Time” on Nashville is a terrible song. I can’t believe that’s the genius Deacon and Rayna cooked up in a day. And to be the lead single off her album which she’s releasing herself and whatnot. Also Scarlett is getting annoying. And Zoe. Can we just get Scarlett and Gunnar back together…musically I mean because they are awesome together. Oh and who cares about Lamar teddy drama?! Seriously.

  25. dan says:

    #20: A friend posted on FB that Bob Costas was anchoring with pinkeye. I thought it was a joke until I tuned in to Olympics coverage. Really Bob? I guess “the show must go on” and there was nobody else to cover the anchor desk. I understand he did make some self-depricating remarks to explain the infection (he is a funny guy). As for the Olympics coverage last night? I fell asleep. Boring….

  26. Jodes says:

    My thought when Sam said he would have let Dean die was, “But what about Faith where you wouldn’t let him die and demanded he see a faith healer?!? Dean, think a little bit! Throw that back in his face.” Sadly Dean didn’t throw that in Sam’s face, which made me sad.

    And I loved the Sheldon/Amy kiss and the fact that Sheldon was actually happy about it.

  27. Tran 2.0 says:

    Three is enough for Melissa McCarthy on SNL just like Jonah Hill was. I mean Saturday Night Live needs better hosts like big name stars to provided entertainment.

  28. Chablis says:

    Ugh Kardashian – she’s on E, KUWTK struggling so put her on E ‘s parent Company NBC.

  29. Eliza says:

    #18: Scarlett/Clare Bowen has horrible hair imho. I have wanted to take a scissor to it for some time. Please give her a makeover.

    #20: Sochi has always felt like a disaster waiting to happen. Do not have much interest in watching for numerous reasons. Which is a shame for all of the athletes who have worked so hard for this.

  30. Cassandra says:

    18) I think Brent is more likely going to sue for wrongful termination/sexual harassment, and that the impending legal exposure will drive Will into some horrible mental state.

  31. angel says:

    #11 – Sam’s confession was and yet wasn’t surprising. I’m not surprised he felt that way, but I am surprised he told Dean. The Sam that we used to know and love has been dead and gone for a few seasons. Now he’s a whiny brat who’s troubles are always someone else’s fault. His solution is to blame Dean for everything that has ever gone wrong and then sever his brotherly ties to the one last member of his family, the one who has dedicated his whole life to Sam. Though they are brothers, I feel their relationship also has an element of parent-child, since Dean practically raised Sam. So it isn’t surprising that Dean would do anything to save Sam. It’s what any parent would do for their child. And Sam…he just doesn’t appreciate it and most certainly doesn’t deserve it.

    • RUCookie says:

      Could not agree more! And I have to say that this relationship dynamic is really grating on my nerves. I want to shake some sense into him most of the time.

  32. abz says:

    18) I am so dreading this potential drug addiction storyline with Scarlett, I have been so hooked on this season of Nashville with Juliette, Will, and Rayna’s storyline that I’m in no mood to sit through Scarlett’s drama, even though I know I probably will.
    22) The vet is way better than Lucy. In the 2 minutes I saw of her on screen, I liked her more than the any Lucy episode.

  33. Jon says:

    Of course Bob Costas would look better with an eye patch, but he wore the glasses on purpose to cross promote the Mr. Peabody movie they kept advertising.

  34. leo21 says:

    #5 Definitely. Heaven help Thomas if Baxter realizes she could have an ally in Bates or worse, exposes his black heart to Cora.

  35. Morgan says:

    I loved Tania Raymonde. I hated Lucy and was glad to see her go.

  36. JM says:

    8. I miss Annie on ‘The Following’. She was much better than this new no-personality lady boss.
    9. Yes!!! JL is one of the great comedic actors. I’m really enjoying ‘Almost Human’.
    13. Yes!
    14. Love B99!
    16. Yes, I fear for Art on Justified and dread his ‘possible’ fate. All of them were great twists (something I’ve come to expect from this excellent show), although I cried a little with Boyd when he found out that Ava was transferred.

  37. Garnet74 says:

    9 – totally saw that coming. Though apparently I missed what the whole wall thing is. What’s on the other side? Can we picnic there?

    14 – That’s on my Gotta Watch This Weekend list. I can’t wait! I enjoy that show so much.

    16 – So many great Justified twists and yea, I fear for Art. I loved the Ava twist but the buying out of the henchmen for the triple cross was awesome!

    19 – I think Felicity just didn’t want to lie to Oliver. She’d already put him off a few times when he asked so when he said that’s it, tell me the truth, she didn’t want to lie, which I think was the right choice. Bad timing? For sure but it made for one heck of an entertaining speech! LOL! OH and P.S. How AWESOME was the Felicity/Moira confrontation? More of them, please!

    22 – I like the vet better. I think it’ll be a more normal, healthier relationship for Raj than Lucy and not so one note joke each week. The kiss for Sheldon/Amy was fabulously done and about time. They needed a little forward motion (so to speak). I think my favorite part was Sheldon unexpectedly getting into it. You saw that shift moment in the kiss and it was like oh wow…. I can’t wait to see where this goes from here.

  38. Saabgirlatx says:

    18. Brent lets something slip around Layla…Layla figures it out and goes on a warpath. OR, now being under the watchful eye of Jeff, Jeff picks up some signs and there is a confrontation (or Jeff tells him he knew all along that’s why he put he and Layla together). As cringeworthy as Jeff is as a character, if they all end up at Highway 65 who will be the catalyst????

  39. enuff said says:

    16. No! Don’t even suggest they will kill Art :(

  40. 16. Terrified for Art. And HOW is it that I’m feeling bad for Ava and Boyd! Boyd just killed a man in cold blood and yet I root for the guy. I need to go to confession or something.

  41. Panacea says:

    11. Totally agree that Sam would choose the greater good . . Even if it meant not saving Dean. Dean should not have been surprised.

  42. Janet says:

    18. Up until the more recent episode I never thought that Brent would be the one to out Will. But jilted lover will spill secrets…though I believe that Layla is vicious enough to out someone, more likely than Brent anyway and I would like to believe would he would be more understanding of Will’s sitch…But Jeff is devious and cunning and would work that secret to his advantage if he knew of it. Oh, Nashville, I just don’t know which way is up anymore :(

  43. cjeffery7 says:

    17 – HILARIOUS.
    20 – i honestly didn’t even notice until he said something about it.

  44. Addison says:

    Here’s the thing about Kate’s wedding dress on Castle. Stana Katic could put on a paper bag and look stunning, so that aside. The top of the dress was flawless, I thought it was absolute perfection; well done to the designers. However, in my opinion the bottom didn’t work. Frankly, it was a bit distracting. It struck me as 1.) Oh my goodness, a dog bit a chunk out of the middle of your dress! or 2.) Fill in the middle and Beckett could leave the NYPD to play Glinda, the good witch on Broadway. Granted, I am not a fan of high-end fashion, so interpret this as a taste preference only-not a reflection of any hard-working person’s skills. All in all, I am hoping that something happens that will change the dress, if for nothing else to offer a surprise to the fans when the wedding does happen.

    P.S. I think Kate Beckett is too tall to play Glinda the good witch…

  45. Robin D says:

    RE: #22 Though I enjoy Kate Micucci as a personality, the writers failed to give the character depth and kept repeating the same joke about her crippling social anxiety. Unless they do something interesting with the veterinarian, I don’t know why I should want to care about that relationship either, beyond just wanting Raj’s love life to improve.

    • tara17 says:

      Well said! I thought Lucy had potential but the writers didn’t give anything to work with. I also have a hunch the actor playing Raj wanted a more beautiful actress to play his love interest.

  46. Ella says:

    #19 – YES! I found that infuriating, the secret was NOT Felicity’s to tell and she’s just a little too high and mighty now for my liking. She’s been getting on my nerves a lot this season, which is a shame, because I liked her a lot last season. I think it’s the love angle well, angle, being forced down my throat so inorganically.
    #22 – I didn’t like Lucy so I like this new love interest for Raj. It’s shallow but he deserves someone less awkward and frankly, better looking, especially since in the early years of the show, he was the one of the four guys that got the most female attention.