It's Official: Michael J. Fox Returning to The Good Wife for Big Season-Ending Arc

The Good Wife Michael J. FoxMichael J. Fox won’t have time to stew over the cancellation of The Michael J. Fox Show — he’s needed back at The Good Wife, and not just for a one-off guest stint.

TVLine has learned that Fox has closed a deal with the CBS drama to reprise his role as Alicia’s legal nemesis Louis Canning for multiple, season-ending episodes.

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News of Fox’s possible return surfaced last month at the Television Critics Association winter press tour via Good Wife co-creator Robert King. “We’re trying to make that work,” he said at the time. “Because he finished filming [The Michael J. Fox Show], so it looks like we’re going to get a chance to get him back.”

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The Good Wife is scheduled to resume its current fifth season on Sunday, March 9.

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  1. Gabriel Anthony says:

    Please, go to Florrick/Agos mr Canning!

  2. Tav says:

    The Kings are so full of it, I wonder if they actually believe their own lies. They try to placate fans saying things like: “We suffer from an embarrassment of riches. We have such a wonderful ensemble that there are times when we aren’t able to use one character or the other as much as they deserve.”
    Then they turn around and introduce/bring on more characters for big recurring roles (Matthew Good, Michael J. Fox). How can they reconcile that with:
    “There have been moments when Diane hasn’t been as much in the forefront as we would like her to be. Same thing with Cary. They’re all such amazing actors that we hate it when we can’t use them as much as we want.”
    Uh, you could use them A LOT MORE if you’d stop ADDING characters. And this was the alleged “season of Cary” yet he’s been relegated to nothing more than Alicia’s sidekick. while Kalinda is still in the doghouse. How about giving these regular characters the proper growth and development they deserve instead indulging every stunt casting whim.
    “The audience can sometimes get frustrated with characters that might seem like they’re being neglected, but we have 22 episodes. So even if you don’t see someone popping in the first half of the year, they’ll get their moment, hopefully. I mean, unless we do our job poorly.”
    Poorly does not even begin to cover it.

    • Lori says:

      It is an embarrassment of riches. I can’t wait to see more of MJ Fox or Martha Plimpton or Carrie Preston or Mamie Gummer or Matthew Perry or Dylan Baker or any of the many amazing other guests they’ve had on the show. Kudos to the Kings for being so good at writing characters and then casting them so perfectly. It would be nice for everyone to get a lot of screen time, but I’m good with them constantly keeping me on my toes.

      • abz says:

        Agreed. Part of the reason I love this show is it’s amazing guest stars and the fact that they reuse them so often. There hasn’t been a show on TV in so long that was this amazing with casting and not many shows out there that I watch reuse their guest stars as amazingly as this show does. I love every single one of those guest stars and sometimes I enjoy seeing them more than I do certain regular cast members.

    • Lucy says:

      That’s a show where there are a bunch of things will never change. Every season every major plot will turn in a Willicia fest. Every season they’ll end up neglecting their regulars to “exhibit” their favourite guest stars or new gues stars. Also every season they’ll waste their chance to give Matt Czuchry decent storylines and scripts (there won’t ever be a “season of Cary”) and to do something with Kalinda and Cary worth Archie Panjabi and Matt Czuchry on-screen chemistry. We need to come to terms with that.

      • Tav says:

        Viewers wouldn’t have to come to terms with anything if the Kings didn’t constantly talk out of both sides of their mouth and give false expectations. How should people interpret: “This year, it’s going to be an inside force that’s the problem, and that’s going to play out as not needing as many guest stars to create tension, because most of the tension is going to be created by our characters within the firm.”
        Do they even listen to themselves? If they could stop spewing lies people wouldn’t feel conned.

        • TV Gord says:

          Why does it bother you to the extent it does? You seem more than a little over the top with your vitriol. It has been an excellent season, and we should be happy we’ve gotten this far (considering the ratings). It is possible to nitpick things to death.

      • anon anon says:

        Totally agree! Personally, I don’t give three hoots about the Will/Alicia/Peter love triangle nor do I care who Alicia “ends up with” (I’d rather her end up with herself!) But do I also recognize that it’s a cornerstone of the show, as well as a major point of interest for the majority of the viewing audience? Of course! So I accept it as part of the ride and focus on the aspects of the show that keep my eyeballs gripped to the screen each episode.

    • Bubba says:

      One of the best shows on TV and that’s what you have to complain about? STFU whiny lil b**ch.

    • abz says:

      Given the setting of the show being around a law firm, it should not be surprising one bit, the amount guest stars/characters they use. It gives a real feel to the environment. Without guest stars, who would they be representing in the courts? Who would they be fighting over? etc etc etc.
      “Poorly does not even begin to cover it.” –> Get over yourself. This show is far from poorly done and is one of the best and most critically acclaimed shows out there. If you’re so bitter and can’t find any enjoyment in what is pretty much one of the best seasons of this show so far then just stop watching and change the channel.

    • Dee says:

      The Kings have admitted that the guest stars, while always great, have dominated too much of the storylines in the first four seasons. I think that this year there has been a better balance of guests and regulars. And it has been great. Cary is much more of a presence now working with Alicia and they are starting to use Kalinda more too. I’m really enjoying this year. If they go back to guest stars having more screen time than the regulars then I will be the first to complain. I like the balance they have now. This cast is the very best on all of television. Glad to see them being used correctly. And since the guests stars are also the best we have a real winner in this show.

    • Bob Johnson says:

      The show has a VERY large cast, so everyone is not going to be able to be front-and-center in every show, and perhaps in every season. Lawyers have these things called clients. That’s how they make their money. Clients help produce the drama in the show when it needs to go beyond office drama. So, of course, they’re going to bring in guest stars to be clients. Helps with ratings. Sometimes, they bring in another lawyer-star. In this case, MJF appears to be popular with viewers, or else they wouldn’t invite him back. You are always free to watch something else on Sunday night.

    • Hannah says:

      You’re not wrong but that’s just the reality of it. Kalinda and Cary are supporting characters, like Peter and his family, with only with the status of regulars.

    • Sheri says:

      I agree.

  3. Linda Jo says:

    TGW has gone off topic. If JM is in a scene with CN, I say it is an OK episode.There are way too many guest stars..I just want the meat not the side dishes.Maybe a little dessert now and then.

  4. Who really wants to watch a shaker? Not me!!!!!!

  5. David says:

    This is great news! He is so good in his role and I kind of wish he would stick around instead of trying again with another show. I know a lot of people were excited about his sitcom but it just didn’t work.

  6. Lena says:

    Very happy about this. :)

  7. Andrew Hass says:

    I’m very happy with Michael J.Fox coming back to The Good Wife and now that his show has been cancelled this could open the door open for more visits or even a permanent stay next season.His character could join one of the law firms.

  8. hopefully its a permanent role but i doubt it. he’s a great and interesting character and has much more to offer this show but i’m hoping we get lisa edelstein back on the show too.

    • Hannah says:

      Lisa was a non-event sadly, She’s better suited for something else. I don’t think MJF or other recurring characters like Martha Plimptons’s (who will be free soon since Raising Hope is getting cancelled) should became regulars, they’re more effective this way.

  9. Diva says:

    Wouldn’t it be epic if Martha Plimpton and Michael J. Fox’s firm joined with Florrick & Agos? That would be so epic!

  10. diamonion says:

    I set my DVR to record the entire The Michael J. Fox Show series. I watched the first episode and cancelled the recordings.

  11. alfiejacques@hotmail.com says:

    Why did you all mess with this program. This was a good show and now it’s disappointing most of the time and just not good. I hope this long break was for some better story lines because it’s not good anymore.

  12. Samantha says:

    Am I the only one who wonders how they expect to keep fans interested in the show with 2-3 months between episodes?!?! This seems to happen every year….

    • abz says:

      I believe it was because of the Olympics this year. A lot of shows have been on hiatus.

    • carol van deusen says:

      I totally agree. My husband and I love this show and all the actors on it. You film in NYC where the best actors are. Why do you keep this show on an erratic schedule?

  13. JK says:

    Please God, no more Michael J Fox!!! Can’t stand his character and can’t stand him! He couldn’t cut it on his own show now they will bring him back on the Good Wife?! Please make him go away. It’s bad enough they just killed off Will, but now they want to replace him with Canning! FML

    • Kathy Johnson says:

      Cudos Michael j. Fox had his day as Alex Keton, I hate it when has been actors try to make a come back… There are struggling actors that need a chance to show their stuff. They’re making a mistake with him… Tired of yester year actors.

  14. GM says:

    Agreed. Pls no more MJF

  15. It’s basically a long-range cannon with a lasting shock effect.
    Walter White’s brother-in-law Hank Schrader DEA Agent forgets to wake up and smell the clarity.
    There are those cutleries, plates, fine china and other
    fragile goods that needs to go in separate.

  16. Lovethisshow says:

    Agree no more MJF he adds nothing. should develop the children, and her career.

  17. Delories McConnell says:

    I’ve seen every Good Wife but Michael J Fox’ character is way too annoying. I’ve always liked Fox but the character takes the enjoyment from the show. Think I’ll just record it and fast forward him out!

  18. beverly albo says:

    Please let Michael J. Fox retire. His constant rolling of his eyes is not funny and I can’t bare to watch him and not because of his Parkinsons. I have seen other people with it and they don’t act that stupid.

  19. This will make a good show so much better. Let him get in tight spots,sometimes winning,sometimes losing, He should now be seen as a serious character with very limited comedic roles.

  20. Shelly Vanslette says:

    I am absolutely besides myself because of the extensive WAIT for the return of my favorite televison show the Good Wife…..

  21. I admit that micheal j fox is a great actor.