Glee Exclusive: 'Epic' Midseason Poster Touts 'New' Night (and New York Focus?)

Fox is putting two of Glee‘s best faces forward as it gets the word out about the show’s move back to Tuesdays at 8/7c (beginning Feb. 25).

The new midseason poster — exclusively previewed below — emphasizes Lea Michele’s Rachel and Chris Colfer’s Kurt, both of whom are expected to get more screen time as Glee prepares to shift exclusively to the New York (at least through the end of the season).

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In the Feb. 25 spring premiere, titles “Frenemies,” Rachel will find herself at odds with Santana when the latter becomes the former’s understudy in Funny Girl. Meanwhile, back in Lima, Tina and Artie compete against each other to be the class valedictorian.

Check out the artwork below (click on image to enlarge), then hit the comments with your hopes and dreams for Season 5b.

Glee Season 5 First Look

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  1. Amy says:

    I’m hoping that with the new focus on NY I may return to watching entire episodes of Glee. It used to be my favorite show.

    • edwina says:

      I’m liking this focus on ny and Rachel and then Kurt. But where is Santana…

    • Whitney says:

      Excited for the NYC storyline with a focus on Rachel and Kurt. Hoping for Santana too.

      • josie says:

        I really hope this happens. They’re by far the best actors on Glee, it’ll be nice to see Rachel back at the fore again and Kurt and Santana getting the focus they deserve.

        • Debbie says:

          I just hope the stay away from the Sam/Rachel paring. Lea needs a strong screen partner that can keep up with her and that is not Chord Overstreet. I hope Adam Lambert sticks around, I think he would be a great screen partner for Lea, or maybe Jon Goff will come back? Just please Glee, keep Mr. Medicore Sam away from Rachel!

          • Jeani Marie says:

            omg I would LOVE if Ryan brought back Jon Groff.
            Love me some Jesse St. James. <3 But I highly doubt that happens.
            I dont think Adam Lambert would work as a pairing for Lea but I LOVE his presence on the show as well as Demi Lovato's.

          • Stephanie says:

            I have to agree. Chord is just not a strong enough actor or singer…either way, it’s pretty soon to pair Rachel up with anyone. Blam bores the heck out of me; sorry. s2 Sam was pretty good.

          • Caroline says:

            They need to leave Rachel single – don’t pair her with anyone. Part of the appeal of Glee was that the geeky girl got the quarterback. With Finn’s (Cory) death – it’s just wrong.

          • I would like to see Adam and Kurt together they are both so cute I love them both .love gleeks

    • Kriste says:

      I am really excited for 5b!!!
      My hope would be to bring back Jesse st James totally plausible with broadway!!! He and Rachel could start up again! Im not opposed to Trouty mouth in NYC but if he goes I want old Sam not season 4/5a watered and dumbed down Sam.
      I am worried about Santana as Rachel’s Fannie understudy. I really enjoy the friendship they’ve developed and hate to see them lose it.
      For Kurt I am really hoping the Klaine relationship continues.
      I am sad glees run is nearing end. I hope it ends with a glimpse into the future of all of them. Maybe at the 10 yr reunion!

      • Enrique the Intelligent says:

        I agree about the Rachel and Santana friendship. I’d hate to see it ruined just to add drama. I always bought the evolving friendship more than Rachel/Quinn. I could do without Kurt but that is just me. I’m not sure who I would pair with Rachel…certainly not Sam.

      • Jillian says:

        Jesse probably wont be back because Jonathan Groff’s is tied up with his show on HBO.

        • Tommy says:

          Jon did an interview 2 days ago and said if Ryan asked him back he would do it in heartbeat. I guess it depends if his HBO series gets picked up for another season but at least he is open to it. And I’m sure Lea would much prefer to be paired with him over anyone else.

  2. RCJ says:

    My hopes and dreams for 5b are that it just never comes back at all.

  3. tj says:

    Hopefully, it is not a bait and switch. In Season 4, they would use Rachel, Kurt and Finn in the promos and then they would not even be in the episode. So I will have a wait and see approach to this whole thing.

    • Anna says:

      This. Will not trust anything these ads may imply until I see (hear, because I’m not currently watching) real proof and not just bait us and end up with Blam front-center useless storylines.

    • Sil says:

      I agree with this statement. Glee has proved to falsely promote an episode or a season by its leads when it totally focuses on Blain, Sam, Tina, and the new kids in Lima. Season 4 is a prime example. I’ll wait and see. I hope this might be true. But, Glee’s spoken untruths before. Besides, I really like Santana and Rachel friendship, I’d hate to see a riff between them just for drama. But, Glee doesn’t know what to do with Santana. So they want to equate her to Rachel. Not a good idea. She needs her own thing to do.

      Furthermore, I’m not a Klaine fan. I adore Kurt and I’m glad he got more to do this season with Adam Lambert. It was fun. I would rather choose to have less characters weekly. Glee could have Artie, Sam, Blaine, Tina, Brittany, or whoever show occasionally throughout a season. IMO, one reason Glee lost its specialness is b/c there were too many characters, stories, songs tried to be done in 1 episode. An over-load. I just lost interest to the point of too busy, too much going on. That’s just me speaking. But, it got to the point that some of the characters became caracatures, and were just unpleasing and uninteresting to me. Some were too focused on ie Blaine. IMO, season 2 Blaine and Sam were nice guys. Now, I can’t tolerate either one. Sam is worse than Blaine.

      I hope this is true. Glee needs to focus on Rachel in NY and on Kurt and what he will be doing. They are the best actors. Santana is the third best. She is wonderful as their flatmate, and friend. I hope that dynamic never changes.

  4. If the focus of Glee is New York, how are they going to incorporate Sue Sylvester? If they don’t the show won’t be as good.

  5. Chris says:

    Did Fox even bother to give them a promo commercial during the Super Bowl last night?

  6. Sam says:

    Maybe putting the focus back on the original cast members will make it a better show. ‘Cause this last season has been absolutely AWFUL.

  7. Mike says:

    I hope there is much more screen time for Kurt, but only if it’s not Klaine related. The sooner he and Blaine break up the better. Blaine is going to ruin the New York Glee side. Can Blaine please win a scholarship to Mars or somewhere equally distant, so that he can never come to New York, even on a visit?

    • roelin says:

      he is so going to NYC so go cry or something

    • disg says:

      lol. enough.

    • Lydia says:

      I understand not liking a character, but you might want to keep your expectations more realistic. Hopefully everyone will have storylines that aren’t directly related to their relationships.

    • Angela says:

      Blaine is going to ny. So get over it. U will see more scence of klaine.

      • KP says:

        Too bad. Glee makes one good decision to go all NY but then negates that good decision by having Blaine/Sam along to ruin it.

        • onam says:

          So obnoxious. I’m looking forward to it. you are watching the same show as everyone else. yet you’re so elitist about who should stay or go.

          • sr says:

            Yes Balm is obnoxious. I don’t want boring Sam and Blaine ruining the show . We have had more than a season of those two and the show is horrible when they are the leads.

        • Queen Lea says:

          I totally agree! I get Blaine has to go but why Sam? Sam’s such tool! All he’s good for are doing shirtless scenes, he brings down everyone he’s paired with so God help us if poor Lea gets stuck carrying this tools dead weight.

    • onam says:

      Can’t we have single!blaine and single!kurt so everybody can go read their gay fanfiction. Or whetever else everyone is getting pissy about.

      • debbi says:

        believe it or not but people like klaine because they’re klaine and not bc they’re a gay couple ;)

        • Kristian says:

          no, most of you shippers like them because you like to fetishize hot gay men and their sex lives.

          • Bri says:

            Actually, I ship Klaine because it was the first couple that made me realize that maybe love is a real thing.

          • A says:

            Wow what a gross generalization. You don’t know why people love things, not even “most” people, so don’t pretend to. I’ve loved Klaine from the start because I personally enjoy their love story. If I wanted to just “fetishize hot gay men” I wouldn’t waste my time with Klaine. Their best moments IMO were the proposal, their first meeting, their dance after Kurt is made prom queen, come what may…beautiful things that have nothing to do with their sex lives.

          • wow that is sad. says:

            If you are looking at Klaine as real love then you need to keep looking aorund. Maybe Blaine and Eli are real love.

        • Dale says:

          Klaine is the main couple of the show now. Get over it

    • abz says:

      I was pretty disappointed that they just dismissed a possible medical school storyline for Blaine. It would have been nice to see at least one of them go after something non-entertainment/showbiz related. They’re making everyone want to be a star when I’m sure there are Glee/choir kids out there who just join it because its fun and they liked performing, but it’s not what they want to do with their lives. I agree though, they should break up. The engagement was stupid and Kurt is way more interesting Blaine-less.

      • Kristian says:

        It was never a sideline. Blaine was nervous about his NYADA audition and said it as a throwaway line. it was said as a spoiler ‘hint’ to throw people off and people took it seriously and ran with it and got obsessed with the idea. Anyone who watched the episode who wasn’t a completely blithering idiot could see that Blaine was not remotely serious about a medical profession

        • abz says:

          Regardless, it would have been a much better route for the character rather than to have him follow the same thing that everyone currently in New York is doing. The only reason they made him want to go to NYADA is to put him with Kurt to further this stupid marriage storyline. Half the time, in my opinion, it seems like Kurt doesn’t even want to even be with him.

      • nanda says:

        sorry but kurt without blaine is the most boring character of the show, his story lines are so bad written lol

        • hamish says:

          wow. that’s a first. :x

        • hamish says:

          :0 but then again I’m not surprised.

        • what a joke says:

          What? Blaine is only on the show cause of Kurt. Blaine is the most ridiculous character. So whiny and needy. You can’t possibly think Blaine’s story lines are written well. A 17 year running around in his super hero costume or getting off on controlling with his bf puppet. Give me a break.

        • sylvie says:

          Kind of agree about the story line, it was kind of badly written for half of season 4.
          But what you said is not true about the character, if we’re talking about Kurt in general – from season 1 to 5.
          Kurt is the one and only character who can make me really laughs out loud until my stomach hurts and my tears run dry. He’s so funny and attractive and one of the main characters that captures audience’ hearts the most, in the beginning.
          His story has been sidelined, yes, and writers of Glee need to improve that. Put more stories to this basically attractive character.
          He was so popular and successful during seasons 1-2 especially; therefore I am very looking forward to watch a repeat of such success during season 5b and moreover during the finale season – 6.
          I believe most fans of Glee agree with me.

          • Sil says:

            I adore Kurt since the beginning.. Snarky is his best. He could rip Rachel good in season 1. But, so sensitive. I adored him in the episode where Finn and his mom moved in with Kurt and his dad.

    • EdHoff says:

      I’m so very much looking forward to finally having Blaine in NYC and I think most of us are!

    • Amber says:

      Harry Freakin Potter is not interested in Pigfarts.

    • Jeani Marie says:

      Darren Criss is literally at least 50% of what’s kept me going through season 4.
      Now that Blaine and Kurt are engaged, I’m happy as hell about it.

  8. edwina says:

    YAS Hummelberry !

  9. Valeska says:

    I sure hope the move to NY-only Glee will be permanent and not just temporary! The McKinley side has been utterly boring this past year and a half, and I just don’t care one bit for any of the bland and annoying new characters.

    It would definitely be an improvement if not only the rest of season 5 but also the entire season 6 would be set exclusively in NY (and focusing only on the graduates)! Chris Colfer and Lea Michele were woefully underused last season so here’s to hoping that they will get more focus and bigger storylines in the future. Kurt and Rachel *are* Glee, and their stories have always been the most interesting.

    For the past year I’ve mostly just watched the NY parts of Glee and skipped over most of the McKinley stuff (except when the grads went back to visit) so I’m looking forward to being able to watch full episodes again. Can’t wait to see more of Kurt and Rachel, and also the Klaine relationship, which sadly has been treated like an unwanted stepchild by the writers since their engagement (seriously, what engaged couple on a tv show doesn’t even get half a dozen scenes together in 8 episodes of being engaged?!?!?!?). They really need more focus as a couple once Blaine gets to NY!

    So for now I’m just happy we’re getting NY-only Glee, and I hope McKinley and the newbies will never return!

    • tj says:

      The Klaine relationship has always been boring, they seem to want to portray them as a fairytale type couple. They only have hiccups in their relationship and it has no depth. What character development did either Blaine or Kurt have last season that they would think ‘ we should get engaged’ and we will live happily ever after?

    • Mandy says:

      Agree with you almost 100% but certainly do not want more Klaine. That is a dreadful relationship.They are both so ill-suited for each other. Let Kurt and Blaine be free to enjoy the life that New York has to offer and to go for their dreams. They will find their ideal partners one day.

      • Valeska says:

        Kurt and Blaine are very well-matched, and they had a wonderful relationship up until the beginning of season 4. I hate that Blaine cheated, and I do feel the reunion and engagement were rushed, but I don’t think either one of them will find someone better than what they’ve found in each other. As for character development for them – I’d love to see more of that, but this is Glee and the writers are pretty much incapable of writing anything good (especially when it comes to the relationships on the show – all of them) so my expectations are low.
        In any case, I know some people want Klaine to break up but luckily they are in the minority, and let’s be real here: Whether you want it or not, they’re getting married before the show is over. Perhaps they’ll get some drama before it happens, but happen it will. Personally, I hope that Kurt will get some good story arcs of his own, but also that we’ll see him and Blaine on their way to getting married.

        • booblee says:

          Kurt and Blaine had about 4 nice episodes in season 2. After Blaine basically attack Kurt can;t be on board with Klaine.

          • iamafighter says:

            Kurt and chandler should get together than. Literally I cannot deal with this shipping stuff. If you don’t think they’re good enough then please. break them off, so people will stop complaining >>

          • Valeska says:

            When did Blaine ever attack Kurt? And don’t tell me it was during “The First Time”, because no – that was no attack. You know what assault is? Well, just look at the last christmas episode. When that Santa guy drugged Kurt, and then tied him up and gagged him against his will when he said “No”? THAT was assault (or an “attack”). Huge difference between those two moments. But then I know the Blaine/Klaine haters will turn everything around to suit their head canons and there’s no use trying to argue with any of them.

          • Jennifer says:

            @Valeska No matter how much you fight against it and try to hide from the truth, or try to excuse Blaine’s behavior, it still will not make what happened in the Car scene any less than sexual Assault. Blaine sexually assaulted Kurt. Period.

          • javier says:

            no he didn’t.

          • Karen says:

            @Jennifer: If you think the car scene was assault then you don’t know what assault is, and I hope you never have to find out the difference for yourself. And it’s funny that no one except Klaine/Blaine haters has ever called that scene assault: not other fans, not the media, no one! Only haters. Go figure.

          • onam says:

            :) Thank you Karen

          • John says:

            @Karen and @Xavier You need to look up the legal definition of Sexual assault. What Blaine did to Kurt definitely constitutes Sexual assault. As Jennifer says, No matter how much you cry and argue and defend, it does not change the fact that under the legal definition, Blaine sexually assaulted Kurt.

          • javier says:

            My eyebrows are raised so high rn. I think you’re the one who’s on the defensive/crying.

          • Marine Blanc says:

            You’re nuts, Kurt didn’t consent at first but it wasn’t because he was scared, it was because Blaine was drunk and he didn’t want THEIR first time to be like this.

          • javier says:

            if you call a boy nuzzling you a little asking for kisses in any way pressuring.

          • lol says:

            iamafighter, you realize that if they break up klaine people will complain for the rest of their lifes? they’re the most popular couple and the media loves them

      • creatiaN says:

        Perfect and bico were halfsies/ more than halfsies. Also don’t be mean to the resident klainer.

    • Karen says:

      @Valeska: Totally agree. Glee needs to focus on new York only. No more McKinley. Lots of Kurt please, and lots of Klaine too. It’s so sad they only got so few scenes together this season. The writers need to make improvements to their storytelling. And just ignore the haters who bash Blaine and KLaine here – they can wish for what they want but they won’t get what they want anyway and they know it ;)

    • Stephanie says:

      I agree 100%. During s4, I’d make myself watch the entire episode (for the “total experience”…goes back to “try it, before you knock it”), then would watch ONLY NYC scenes during any rewatches. My favorite episodes were all either NYC centric or Kurt centric. If it had not been for Kurt and Chris Colfer, I would have stopped watching Glee entirely at the beginning of s4.

      The original cast was a magic combination. All different styles, voices and faces, which merged wonderfully into a terrific musical tapestry and story. Seasons 1-2 are my favorites, with s3 trying. Season 4 is the season that should not have been, but even that had some wonderful segments and episodes (all NYC, except “Shooting Star”).. I love “Diva”, “I Do”, “Thanksgiving”, “Swan Song” (NYC and Cory made the Lima side…his best episode), “Sadie Hawkins Day”, “Naked” (Rachel’s “Torn” was fantastic), “Guilty Pleasures”…Basically, all NYC. S5 is showing a great deal of promise…and it’s because it’s more NYC centric and more original cast. I hate to lose Dot/Coach Beiste (I’d rather have her than Mr Shue) and Figgins, but Unique and Kitty are the only two new characters to engage me. The new CAST are fine, but the characters are flat and uninteresting. Pale reflections of those they are meant to emulate.

    • KP says:

      You were going so well until you brought up Klaine. It is boring and Kurt deserves to at least go look around for someone better and interesting.

      • onam says:

        Blaine is interesting. well his hobbies and drive are interesting. I’m not sure about in a relationship with Kurt.

        • Kristian says:

          Blaine has as much depth as a teaspoon. Likewise Sam (or what Sam’s become – he was a cool character before s4). I’d rather see Tina in NY than either of those two.

          • jelly says:

            MMhh I think he has potential.

          • NY Glee says:

            Sam was a cool character before S4 because he was used in a supporting role which is about all Chord can handle. He’s just not a good enough actor to give real depth and only seems to have any significance when they pair him with someone that can carry him. The extent of his ability seems to end when his shirt comes off. He is best used is limited doses!

        • what a joke says:

          You mean puppet making so he can pretend he is controlling his boyfriend? Drive what drive? His whiny come guys do what I want?

  10. deborad says:

    I just want Klaine in NYC for once, and can Tina please go to NYC instead of Sam?? I can’t stand him and Blam.

    • noblee says:

      NY doesn’t need Tina or Sam tbh. Nephrite bring much to the show.

    • Joe says:

      I so do not see wast people see in Klaine? Kurt doesn’t even seem to like him and I get why, Blaine is insufferable.

      • even in season 2 says:

        I thought chris was supposed to be a good actor? yet people make that observation quiiite a lot.

        • keri says:

          Chris is a very good actor. It’s not his fault he’s acting against someone who thinks relationships are entirely portrayed with puppy dog eyes and a pout.

          • edwinasarcy says:

            of course it’s not his fault. not chris! he’s perfect. nothing is ever dumplings fault.

          • Bri says:

            That’s just the way Blaine’s written- Darren is an amzing actor! Have you even seen any of his stuff before Glee???

          • hamish says:

            Have you seen The Sondheim Documentary and WebTherapy!

          • keri says:

            @edwinasarcy I’m not even a Chris fan, I’m a Naya & Heather fan. It’s not just Chris fans that realize that Darren is not a good actor, most people who are not obsessed with him realize this.. He’s actually a very poor actor especially when he’s doing something other than slapstick-like comedy.
            @bri He really isn’t an amazing actor. He overacts and gives his character zero emotional depth. He is a very charismatic performer when he is perfomring music but he is a terrible actor especially in dramatic scenes.

          • keri says:

            @hamish I’ve not seen web therapy but his acting wasn’t good in the Sondheim thing either. You need to take your Darren goggles off.

          • SBB says:

            Except that I’m pretty sure the direction that Chris is being given is to play Kurt as being 100% in love – if people are commenting and noticing that he doesn’t seem to be that ~into~ Blaine, well that’s on Chris then, isn’t it?

          • gogglesoff says:

            I thought he was really good in SBSondheim

          • ripcorym says:

            @SBB actually I think Chris is being given direction to play things as he sees Kurt would feel. And that is exactly what he is doing. The character was reluctant to reconcile throught most of S4, and was shown to be undecided about the engagement in his talk with Burt. Obviously the script has him say yes to the proposal but you can see that he had a few lingering ddoubts as well as being happy – you can see it in Kurt’s face when he said yes and that is consistent with the way things were written for Kurt before. And in the ONE scene that Kurt and Blaine have had, I think Chris has kept this consistent. He is playing Kurt as he feels Kurt would be feeling,. And the directors clearly have no problem with that or they would ask him to do otherwise.

            He is a good actor because he inhabits Kurt and actually becomes the character. Naya does the same thing with Santana which is why despite her many awful personality traits she is still a character people can love and empathize with. Jenna does the same with Emma as does Lea with Rachel. Which is why they are far and away the four best actors on the show. Darren, by his own admission, does not look for Blaine’s motivations or inner feelings but just acts what is written on the script. He has actually said in interviews that he does this. That is not a mark of a great actor. For what it’s worth I don’t think Darren is as bad an actor as some make out but he is not a great actor either.

            Lastly relationships are not all moonlight and roses and puppy dog eyes. Real life couples are not all over each other all the time or gazing longingly into each others eyes or pawing at each other. Most long-established couples DO act more like friends than lovers a lot of the time in their general lives – because part of being in a successful relationship IS being friends as well as lovers. Real relationships are not as you read them in fanfics with endless declarations of undying love and never-ending pda. So things like saying ‘Chris isn’t standing next to Darren omg he acts like their friends not lovers; is absurd and makes those saying it sound liek 12 year olds with zero experience in the real world.

          • ripcorym says:

            *sorry that should say Jayma does the same with Emma, not Jenna.

          • SBB says:

            @ripcorym A+ spin job. I’m pretty sure that Chris is not being told to play the character however he sees fit. Contrary to popular belief, it is not actually his job, nor any actor’s job, to take the writer’s vision and interpret it in the way that they deem best. Funny, though, that it’s not actually fans of Klaine who are pointing out Chris/Kurt’s seeming disinterest. It’s fans of Kurt and Chris, who dislike Klaine, because they want to make it seem that Chris doesn’t like Klaine, or that Kurt’s not really sure about Blaine, etc. Personally, I think Chris is doing a fine job of portraying Kurt. As for Darren, you’re right. He sees an actor’s job as being a mercenary – that is, he is supposed to do whatever is written for his character. Chris has also said similar things – that the character is not his own, and therefore it is not up to him to decide how Kurt should act in a given scenario. If you are trying to use this to fault Darren, then I’m sorry, but that is a ridiculous argument. My point was simply that if people are going to act like Kurt is not that interested in Blaine, then it would be down to Chris, because I don’t know what show you’re watching, but Glee is not about subtlety. People are reading into his acting to suit their own purposes, rather than taking things at face value, which is that Kurt and Blaine are head over heels in love. End of.

          • ripcorym says:

            @SBB you really know absolutely nothing about the craft of acting do you? it is the writers job to create the character and write their dialogue. It is the actor’s job to inhabit that character, give that character depth and bring them to life. That is not a spin job, it’s acting 101 and it is the difference between a good or great actor and a mediocre one. An actor’s job is not to just read the lines from the script. Anyone who knows anything about acting knows that. And you are twisting Chris’s words. I remember that interview, Someone asked him whether he thought Kurt would do something specific and he said that was the writer’s job to decide not his. For instance it was the writer’s job to decide that Kurt would have the chat about being unsure about the proposal with Burt and the writer’s job to decide that Kurt would say yes. And he is absolutely correct. What he then does is the job that any good actor does which is take the script and bring the character he plays to life with depth and play those lines as he feels that character would play them. A good actor KNOWS their character and has them act accordingly and the good actors on the show all do this (Chris, Lea, Jayma, Naya and I would add Dianna to that list actually too). They DO NOT simply read the lines off a script like a school play. I can’t believe you think dismissing the nuances of good acting is valid even when a show is not known for it’s subtlety. I don’t even know how to reason with someone quite so ignorant about the craft of acting. And it doesn’t matter how many times you try and argue the fact that Chris is not a good actor just to try and bolster your favorite, it won’t make it any more true.

      • amelia says:

        have you actually watched the show?

  11. deborad says:

    Also, no more Kurt as Rachel’s sidekick anymore.

    • Janey says:

      And no more Klaine either. Kurt needs to break free. This promise of more Kurt screen time I hope means more independent story lines free of Blaine. The Klaine relationship is dreadful.

      • yo says:

        “kurt needs to break free” can you relax and he had like 2 scenes with blaine this entire season stop complaining about literally nothing

      • Lisa says:

        What show are people even watching?? Kurt’s primary scene partner is Rachel and has been for the past two seasons. It’s not Blaine who took over the Vogue storyline or Blaine who will be taking over the band storyline. You all say you want him to have independent stories of his own, but that’s just a front for the fact that you’re upset he is not with the dude of your choice. Because if you were actually upset about people taking away screentime/songs from him you would dislike Hummelberry to the same degree that you dislike Klaine. The biggest and most popular couple on the show, who also happen to be ENGAGED, have only had 4 scenes together this season, and, with what we know of the next 5 episodes, that isn’t likely to change much. You’re already getting most of what you want – all NY focus, no more newbies, and the bare minimum of Klaine, so how about you stop with the complaining already?

        • just stop Lisa. says:

          What show are you watching? At least with his screen partner Rachel he gets a little something. Rachel didn’t take over the Vogue story she had one scene at Vogue. Klaine took it over cause it was about his relationships and even SJP had to talk to Kurt about Klaine. Rachel didn’t take over the band storyline, Blaine did that again. There one gig was tainted by Blaine being afraid to call Kurt and tell him he wasn’t going to be at the show.

          And when Kurt sings with Rachel he actually gets a good portion of the song unlike with Blaine most of the time. Oh and the biggest thing Hummelberry is portrayed by two people who can actually act and sing.

          And please Klaine is the biggest couple by defulat. Stop pretending, it stinks Klaine is deem so important by Klainers. Finchel would still be front and center so stop using Cory’s death to pump up your ship.

          • A says:

            This comment is disgusting. First of all, no, do you remember season three? At all? The entire NYADA storyline was more about Rachel and Kurt got one line “I didn’t get in”, the presidential election? It started out as Kurt, but then they threw in Rachel and she pulled focus in that too. The first song Kurt got with SJP was about Rachel and her makeover, the second was also involving Rachel, and the third, oh yes, Rachel was there too, but it was actually about Santana! Kurt’s fairy godmother did as much for those two as she did for Kurt, it seemed. Chris himself made a joke about how Kurt is basically there just to give Rachel pep-talks, because it seems like that’s all he’s doing 80% of the time in NY. Kurt and Rachel were both supposed to audition for FG, and what happened there? And the band lol don’t get me started on the band. You wanna blame Blaine for that? Really? Did you notice how Kurt didn’t sing at all in the first song they got? Dani, Rachel, Santana, Elliot…they all got more than him. And of course when Kurt has a dream about their song, Rachel and Elliot are singing a bunch. The band is more about those two than it would ever be about Kurt, and they use it /once/ for Klaine drama and you cry about it? It’s pathetic. I understand why they do the things they do and I accept it, I don’t get angry and I love Glee with every fault it has, but people like you saying things that are completely false just annoy me.

          • true says:

            @A – If you have read the person pointed to things in season 4 as being about Rachel. And I still think Blaine takes more time from Kurt’s story then Rachel does. Kurt at least get something with Rachel. Rachel wasn’t even the lead on 2 out of 3 of those songs and in Turkey Lurky she just had that little interlude part. Blaine is always the lead on his songs with Kurt. Usually Kurt looking at him having to pretend Blaine is actually good.

    • true says:

      Rather a side kick to Rachel then Blaine. Blaine is more Kurt’s problem then Rachel. At least when he sings with Rachel he get close to half. Also once in a while when talking with Rachel we get to hear his POV like when he got the tattoo or his sudden audition for NYADA or his fear aobut Starchild joining the band.

      • Jennifer says:

        Oh God Yes. Season 4 we got all Blaine’s POV and practically nothing of Kurt. And this season, the writers, without explanation, have suddenly had Kurt get engaged to Blaine. That made even less sense. I know many viewers, especially Kurt fans, did not bother tuning in for season 5. Those spoilers of Kurt wearing the engagement ring, basically told everyone that Kurt had been thrown under a bus by the writers. Please let’s have Klaine break up permanently and let Kurt have story lines independent of Blaine.

        Also, last season they kept using Kurt and Rachel in their promos and then when the episodes aired, they were either not in it at all, or, especially in Kurt’s case, they got about 5 mins max screen time.

        • Marine Blanc says:

          I don’t remember Kurt having any stroy line in S4, and they were broken up …

          • kp says:

            Kurt got to NY, got Vogue, breakup, got into NYADA, got bf for a minute, father got cancer, he got to knock Rachel down yet again. What did you expect when NY got 5-7minutes of screen time. Most of what Rachel and Kurt did was jsut told to us not shown to us.

        • paulo says:

          funny because kurt’s storylines in season 4 were terrible and klaine were broken up also the episode of their engagement is the biggest rating of this season (except for the tribute)

          • keri says:

            kurt had hardly any screentime in s4 that’s why. same with santana and artie. and the show suffered for their absence tbh. instead we had to sit rhrough the sleep-inducing newbies and the every increasing farce that is blamtina.

          • ana says:

            Apparently, people saw something at the end of the episode of the engagement that make them to never watck Glee again. Do you have any idea of what that may be?

        • nope says:

          I think everyone will just get more individual storylines as friends and stuff, I don’t see them focusing on relationships too much for anyone. Kurt and Blaine have had a love story since season 2, we saw their first meeting and their first kiss, first break-up and their engagement. It’s leading to a wedding, as it should. Maybe you should get over it? :)

  12. Em says:

    Didn’t people on Tumblr say it would be funny if Santana got the role over Rachel back when they sang “Hard Day’s Night”? Further proof that Ryan Murphy probably trolls Tumblr.

    • re says:

      except none of the spoilers say she does get the job from Rachel.

    • dan says:

      Santana is going to be Rachel’s understudy? Really?

      • scooby says:

        Completely unbelievable that Santana would be an understudy on Broadway as Fanny. Not the right voice for that kind of thing. She’s also the wrong type, coming off more worldly than Rachel. Santana doesn’t project fresh young face. Her attitude is less spunky Barbra, more aggressive. Now if that’s what they want from the character, fine, but I don’t think the understudy for Rachel is going to be a different type than she is. They want to be able to put her into the show and not skip a beat should something happen to Rachel that night. Actors that take over on Wicked are the same type as Idina or Kristin Chenoweth even after they’re long gone. I think this is just BS to make Rachel and Santana have conflict because if they’re getting along all the time what do you write about? The problem is it’s not believable conflict. This is Glee, not Smash. We’re not trying to cast Marilyn here. Keep the other Glee characters out of Funny Girl unless it’s some small part Rachel helps them get. Maybe they get resentful if she lets it go to her head and acts like they should be grateful or something. There you go, believable conflict.

        • Sil says:

          Glee doesn’t know what to do with Santana, so here comes some drama. Too much nice Santana. I guess. I loved the dynamics of the trio.

  13. Abbie says:

    So the Director was hesitant to cast Rachel as Fanny because of her lack of experience, but is fine with letting the even less experienced Santana be her understudy? Wouldn’t you want a veteran standing by to step in if necessary? It certainly makes Rachel snagging the part seem less special which is disappointing. Here’s hoping this plays out better than it sounds on paper.

    • boo says:

      Not only does she have even less experience she is not right for the role. Having everyone be on bway makes Rachel’s story less intersintg and special. Why did Rachel work so hard all these years if everyone can do it, even people who don;t like bway.

      • dan says:

        Having Santana understudy Rachel’s role makes as much sense as Mercedes or Tina being the understudy: none!

        • Amy1228 says:

          No kidding, lol. Iconic Jewish character with insecurities about her looks will be played by Naya Rivera? Really? Even in the Glee universe its rediculous.

    • Courtney says:

      I completely agree with you.

    • ellise says:

      My thoughts exactly!!! I mean Rachel worked SO HARD to get that part and it was really special that she did. How on earth will Santana get to be her understudy? unbelievable.

  14. disg says:

    Sue should be on it instead dressed as lady liberty.

  15. Regina says:

    Honestly how can anyones still be interested in this? And how do the producers not realize that this is just too little too late? They should have done the full move to NY last season and they threw that opportunity out the window and let the show become the awful mess that it is right now. Also, don’t they feel that after Cory and Finn’s passing this show is just a great big ball of sad? Wish it was up to me to put Glee out of it’s misery..

    • creatiaN says:

      It’s a lot to do with the writers. they are too busy with American Horror Story. -.-

      • Regina says:

        Ugh I know.. But it’s still a shame to see what a great show Glee was in season 1 and what it’s become now.

        • Amy1228 says:

          It is unfortunate and can be chalked up to the writers listening a little too closely to what fans think they want. The greatest episodes (the first 10 or so) had no outside influences. Just great, strong character development.

    • Lydia says:

      I’m hoping the move to all NY will revitalize the writers, but if it’s the same stale writing the show will just limp along till it ends next season.

      • JM says:

        Nothing can save it now. But at least the total boredom of the newbies will be gone. At least if they actually focus on Rachel, Kurt and Santana there might be some good stuff.

      • Drake says:

        I doubt it, it will probably just complete the Blam take over of Glee.

  16. Gia says:

    I’m liking this New York focus! Looking forward to see Kurt and Blaine in the city!

    • bl says:

      Boo Blaine. He holds Kurt and this show back so much.

      • jesus. says:

        I am going to sound so immature right now. But no he does not.

        please Kurt stans. give us a break once in a while.

        • true says:

          I am not a Kurt fan. I just know that Blam are mediocre actors and singers. The NY3 are just more talented and work well togehter. Blam is so needy feeling like look at us trying to be funny. As for Kurt he needs to experience other things and other people before settling for Blaine the wonder boy.

      • stay mad says:

        That’s your opinion, but I love both Kurt and Blaine and their relationship, and can’t wait to see them in NY together.

  17. Jake says:

    Just give me some Brittana in NYC.

    • no says:

      I’m so excited for Heather Morris and her mostly one-note acting and horrible singing to ruin the show again, so, so excited.

      • hm says:

        OMG yes and thank you. Brittany was ok in season 1 with a stupid one liner even whine it was mumbled but her acting is only slightly better than her singing. She will still only be in NY part time though.

  18. Tracy Kuehn says:

    When all is said and done Lea M. should be like To Sir With Love and come back to where it all started – she’s done what she set out to do and comes back to fulfill Finn’s dreams and her own right back home – just like the end of that movie – kids running around not understanding where it all began….

    • Regina says:

      Oh I would actually love this.. Unless of course they forget Finn ever existed at all.

    • awful idea says:

      That is horrible . Why would you want Rachel to give up her dream? A FINNchel fan who never really was a Rachel fan I guess. She should honor Finn by becoming a star just like he knew she would be when he put her on that train.

  19. PSA says:

    Just ONCE I’d like to read a comment section that wasn’t overtaken by shippers/anti-shippers bickering with each other. It’s not like you’re changing anyone’s mind and this article/poster has nothing to do with the couples anyway. Please take your drama somewhere more relevant!

    • TK says:

      Slow freaking clap. I couldn’t agree more!

    • Angela says:

      God, this, thank you. Doubtful people will listen, sadly, but it’s nice to try anyway!

    • tj says:

      It is not all shipper wars. At least my opinion anyway. It is more of how the show has progressed in the last year and a half. They put too much focus on lesser actors and sidelined their better actors. Because of it several characters had no character development. People wanted all Ny ,because that was where the better actors were, not because it necessarily was in Ny. But they only gave that side about 5-10 minutes of screen time. Kurt really did nothing last year when you think about it, Rachel’s story was so hated by everyone that it seems they shortened it and had Brody be a manwhore to get rid of him. Santana just kind of popped in here or there. Finn, is gone now, but last year they sidelined him too, I guess hoping that Blam and the newbies could carry the show. The proof is in the ratings.

      • TJ says:

        Exactly! Chord Overstreet defines lesser actor as do the Newbies! A season and a half of Newbies that have the fraction of the talent of the Originals. The worst thing the did was sideline Lea, Cory, Chris and Naya. The shows best talent had 28% of the total screen time in favor of Blaine crushing Sam, Tina crushing Blaine and Newbies trying to be 2.0’s. Season 4 was basically a waste of time and is totally meaningless!

      • Scott says:

        People did not want all NYC because it was where the better actors were. They wanted it because it was where widdle Kurty and Rachey were. They could have been played by stick insects and people would still have wanted NYC over Lima. I can’t stand either character and think Kurt overplays the gay thing far too much. Even the most rabid gay guys I know don’t behave like he does. Although they do tend to play musical beds…hmmm.

        • ripcorym says:

          well isn’t that a lovely bit of passive agressive homophobia and disgusting stereotyping.

        • anna says:

          And the introjected homophobic effemiphobic one appears.

        • Scott says:

          Given what my own sexuality is there’s no way I’m homophobic. I just don’t like Kurt being a sterotypical gay guy, and have never actually met anyone who fits that stereotype.

          • Perry says:

            Scott, Just because you’re gay does not disclude you from being homophobic, and you are most definitely effinophobic. I have met many Gays like Kurt. I myself am one of them! i have also, unfortunately, met many Gays like you.

          • Perry says:


  20. kd83954 says:

    I am SO excited for this New York only shift! McKinley has gotten so repetitive and boring, and none of the newbies (with the sole exception of Kitty) has grabbed me. I’m greatly looking forward to having all my favs in NY. I’m curious to see how they set up Sam, Artie, Mercedes, and Blaine. Will they live together, will Blaine move in with the girls and Kurt? They’re all clearly going to work at the diner but I’m stoked to see what other sets they bring. I know I’m in the minority on this site, but I LOVE me some Klaine and Blam! Can’t wait to see both relationships in a new setting!

  21. Flavio Teruel says:

    Rachel, Kurt, Santana and Blaine. That´s all I need. All the other characters are dispensable (except maybe for Sue..)

    • Lydia says:

      Not a bad list, but those four need people to interact with and familiar faces like Sam, Artie, and Mercedes aren’t the worst choices. If Glee actually wanted to mix it up you could actually get some interesting story/music combinations out of that group.

    • Amanda says:

      Swap Blaine with Artie and I wholeheartely agree.

    • hamish says:

      totally agree with this

    • Alex says:

      Those four are my favorites too! I remember I liked that one song they sang in NY at the end of the billy joel tribute. Sam is okay, I can take him or leave him. But I can’t do without the other four.

  22. jesus. says:

    Blaine developement please.

    • Shannon says:

      Every other attempt at “Blaine development” has made the character wholly unlikeable. He only serves a purpose as supporting.

      • frink says:

        Supporting or not.
        Blaine development pls.

      • Janie says:

        Pretty much. Every time Blaine gets focus, his character becomes more unlikable. Puppet Master was not a good luck for him. Spoiled brat – and he gets rewarded for it!

        • nel says:

          Well that’s the point of glee.

        • SBB says:

          Yeah, man, what a brat. Not like the lead character Rachel who was totally gracious and not demanding at all. All of the characters are a little bit unlikeable, yes, even Kurt – that’s kind of the point.

          • Alex says:

            Seriously, look at Santana too, she’s mean all the time but people don’t even bother calling her out on it anymore. how many times has she called Kurt “lady hummel”? I like her though, I like these kids when they have edge or things that make them unlikable.

          • mscchang says:

            there is unlikable and then there is what blaine has become. he has been turned into a narcissistic, manipulative a*hole. as a tina fan i’m sick of the fact that focus on blaine has reduced tina to a complete joke, to the point that she’s most likely about to be sidelined on the show, but all you blaine stans think it’s cute. which says it all really. if sam wasn’t the only white cis-gendered male left on the show then he’s be going the same way as tina as he’s gone from being a lovely character to blaines joke of a sidekick. it’s like the writers and blaine stans see a different blaine to the rest of the glee fandom.

          • gogglesoff says:

            No I think It’s pretty much on the same level. He’s actually more tolerable too.
            You need to actually watch
            like. Without bias

          • Jane says:

            yes but Lea and Naya are such good actors they make unlikable likable. Darren doesn’t have the acting chops to pull it off and comes across as a whinny little brat.

          • goawayblaine says:

            But Rachel was fun and can actually sing. Blaine had no personality and tried to give him Rachel’s and Darren can’t pull it off and Lea can.

    • sylvie says:

      jesus, get a grip, all season 4 is about Blaine, and so is season 5a. especially “puppet master”. Geez that episode when Blaine whines with the puppet tina praising him – what a scene that I wanted to vomit so bad!
      give us a break! I don’t want to vomit watching him do that thing! LOL!

  23. J says:

    While I liked Glee and Bones, both have become very dull and over done. It is time to put them both out to pasture and start fresh with something new…Oh wait, this is TV, the only thing they can do is create spin offs, i.e NCIS, The Vampire Diaries, etc…and recycle old ideas.

  24. lola says:

    i literally dont care for rachel or kurt’s storylines they have been so bad since they moved to new york. hopefully when blaine and artie and brittany(?) and mercedes move to new york it will be more interesting. but if i have to suffer through more kurcheltana friendship i may just have to set myself on fire

  25. Stefani says:

    I’m only interested in Rachel, Kurt, Santana, and Artie anymore. Hopefully the NY shift does well for them.

  26. JJ says:

    I love the way they use Kurt in all the advertising, but under utilize the very talented Chris Colfer on the show. The sad thing about the move to NY is that they are moving Blam, who played a huge part in the decline in the show (queue the Blarren stans calling me a hater in 3, 2, 1). The Movin’ Out episode clearly showed that Chord and especially Darren can not hold their own opposite Glee’s top actors Chris, Lea, and Naya. Moving Blam to NY is just going to bring down the NY side of the show, and Ryan Murphy’s fixation on Darren is going to make him the focus of NY, with growth for Kurt pushed aside to play the loving supportive adoring boyfriend of Blaine, and everyone else used to talk about how wonderful Blaine is like they have done since the beginning of season 3 when they made the Darren a regular. It’s no coincidence that as Blaine focus increased on the show, the viewership has steadily decreased. He’s not the only issue, but if they kept Blaine as a supporting character more in line with Darren’s acting ability rather than trying to make him a leading man, the show wouldn’t have gone so far downhill. Even Chris can’t carry him anymore, and Chris makes everyone look good. I don’t know what Ryan Murphy was thinking when he pushed second rate talent into the forefront, and introduced new characters who are just retreads of existing characters.

    • javier says:

      Thank you for your essay of like just, gloating. We’ve heard this a million times before.

      • tim says:

        You liked the essay, but can you deny that it speaks the truth. Ep1 and Ep2 lost millions of viewers this season and that was the big Klaine enagagement story line. Ryan Murphy was surprised that people thought that he was writing a teen depression storyline for Blaine last year. But that is how Darren came across, he is not an actor that can convey a lot of emotion, people have to guess what he is doing. Just look back, at what are suppose to be his emotional scenes and you make the call.

        • javier says:

          /yawn. I still really don’t care.

        • hoitytoity says:

          Everyones a critic. XD No I still don’t care.

        • Marine Blanc says:

          Lol what ? Klaine was super promoted for the first episode and that’s why so many people watched it, Movin’ out literally had 0 Klaine promo…

          • karen says:

            People watched the first episode for the Cory effect, let’s be honest. Then they saw where the focus is going to be and millions decided not to tune in to the 2nd part of the engagement story. Who is talking about ‘movin out’. No matter who they promote they aren’t going to bring back people who use to watch. Season 4 , was the death of them and they can not recover.

          • sunday says:

            Klaine was not necessarily heavily promoted. Glee was in the news because of Cory’s death, so some people tuned in to see what all the fuss was about. Glee fans tuned in to see what changes ,if any would be made from the previous season. One thing I saw was them trying to force stories to match the music versus letting the music enhance the stories. Probably why music sales are way down. This is not the Glee that I loved in the first 3 seasons.

          • bop says:

            yes they were heavily promoted. there was a giant picture of them kissing in the US weekly or E!(??) magazine and darren did that promo where he talked about the proposal and the cliffhanger for season 4 finale was about klaine. cory was in the news but you cant ignore that fans didnt know that the first episode was about klaine reunion

          • sunday says:

            So if Klaine was heavily promoted for the first episode,why did they lose so many viewers for the 2 nd episode which was the actual engagement? BTW most premier episodes of a series sees a bump in viewers, but to retain those viewers is a separate issue.

          • SBB says:

            Sorry @sunday your facts are a little off. The first episode was the engagement. I guess no one tuned into the second episode because there was no Klaine. :)

          • Alex says:

            @sunday well the second episode was called “Tina in the sky with diamonds” and the promo was about a high school prom and promised Demi and heavy Santana focus. Maybe the GA doesn’t care about Tina, high school, guest stars, and hey, maybe they don’t care about Santana either.

          • tina says:

            Klaine fans , are you really proud of the ratings from the first episode this year? The worse premier numbers in Glee history. Wow, I would not be bragging about something like that. The puppet episode was promoted and was Blaine heavy, I know it was on Thanksgiving, but it was lower than last years Thanksgiving episode.

          • ... says:

            Yes @tina, and the worst episode ever for an episode not on a holiday (episodes on Thanksgiving do not count towards overall ratings, for obvious reasons) was, wait for it, the Christmas episode, which featured zero Klaine and was very heavily focused on NY and co. But who cares about any of that – the show is in its fifth season; ratings drops are inevitable, and the very real tragedy of Cory Monteith’s passing, and Heather Morris leaving to have a baby did not help things. The fact that people are tearing down the actors and the show, when they are just trying to do their very best in terrible circumstances is appalling.

          • Ruth says:

            As the ratings critics have said, the ratings for the Unaired Chrismas Episode count even less than for Thanksgiving this year if you are going to compare like that, LOL. Every one knew about The Sound Of Music airing that night, so Glee again did a throw away episode, as they knew that they could not stand up to the Sound Of Music Live show. It attracted over 18 million viewers and every single show’s ratings was badly effected by that. If you compare the Thanksgiving Puppet Master epidode and The Unaired Christmas episode, on percentages, I’m afraid The Puppet Master did ten times worse, with a lot less competition.

            Keep trying Blaine stans, LOL

    • Karen says:

      Darren is not half as bad an actor as the Blaine haters always pretend. No, he’s not as good as Chris, but he doesn’t need chris to “carry” their shared scenes either. Plus they have great chemistry which at least makes up for the bad writing. If you don’t like Blaine as a character, fine, but don’t be mean to the actor about it. And I seriously doubt that Darren/Blaine is responsible for the decline in Glee’s ratings. I blame that on the bad writing and the terrible new characters at McKinley. Agree about Blam though. That friendship is boring but that’s mainly because of Sam. He’s so boring. It would be better if only blaine went to NY and not Sam.

    • I appreciate chris and all. but you guys are so egotistical. says:

      lol chris stans.

      • Bethany says:

        LOL at you Darren stans. You lot try to find every reason under the sun to excuse Darren and his bad acting. It’s not just the Chris stans who have have had enough of having to sit through painful scene after painful scene of Darren trying to act. The Glee fandom, as a whole have had enough of the Blarren show. He is dreadful, and is stealing valuable screen time from ALL the other characters. He needs to take a back seat. And if you must know, I stan Kevin and Naya. I cannot stand Blaine.

      • Juned says:

        Newsflash – no fan group likes Blaine except for Blaine stans.

    • Rita says:

      God. Keep shouting into the void, because no one, least of all Ryan Murphy, cares about your pathetic and ridiculous need to tear down Darren and Blaine at every opportunity. The show’s decline can be chalked up to many, many, things, but enough with blaming Darren. That is low, even by internet standards.

    • lola says:

      viewership went down because the quality of the writing went down because ryan and brad are too busy with their new shows and bored with glee and rely on other writers like hodgson who is so dumb to carry their show. oh ~~blarren~~ haters stay crazy and biased :*

      • Shannon says:

        The quality went down because they started concentrating on characters that aren’t interesting, compelling, and are played by actors that can’t elevate the writing like Darren Criss and Chord Overstreet.

        • lk says:

          they focused on SO MANY CHARACTERS in season 4 SO MANY you can’t pin it on chord or darren. that fricken ryder kid had a six episode arc about CATFISHING!!!!!! kurcheltana got a lot of screentime (which was promoted heavily) in 5×08 and that episode had the worst rating ever!!! one where blaine said 2 lines so i guess the fall of glee is on kurt rachel santana :// like please your logic is so twisted

        • Dan says:

          THIS…so much so! The writing on Glee has never been great but the Original leads made it work. Darren and Chord don’t have that ability and as Glee’s new screen time leads have really highlighted the poor writing with below average acting.

    • Laine says:

      You forgot to mention his fixation on Sam’s abs. That is only reason i can see for that idiot to be headed to NY because Sam does nothing to make Glee better. NY Glee will probably become NY Blam.

    • blee says:

      Yes thank you it need to be repeated. Sadly Blam and Blee will still ruin things.

  27. hummelbrayyy says:

    Why is it just Kurt and Rachel. -.-
    Where is Santana and Blaine and Sue and Artie and (pls rib chang ur minds about tina) and probably Sam even though that’s still weird.

  28. Stacy says:

    Glee going up against The Voice is a bad idea.

  29. aak says:

    sounds epic, yay.

  30. Karol says:

    Ok, but where is Santana???

    • vox says:

      they couldn’t find a way to ridiculously shoe-horn her into the photo the same way they do with her in NY storylines, too bad.

  31. LJ Peck says:

    This schedule change worries me very much! Fox is pitting Glee directly against the number one show on television NCIS…why in the world would they do this…suicide maybe!?

    • josie says:

      The show’s already ending next season. they don’t need to pull in big numbers anymore. It’s why there hasn’t been any substantial prommo either. They’ve given Ryan another year to bring the show to this conclusion he wants, especially in the aftermath of everyone being thrown for a loop by Cory’s death, because the show was such a huge success for Fox in it’s early years and has a loyal core audience. They’re not going to pull in anyone new now.

    • r0ckmypants says:

      NCIS is one of the oldest-skewing shows on the air. I doubt that Fox has to worry much.

      Also… Glee aired in this slot for two seasons.

  32. Dj says:

    I won’t be watching Glee live anymore.

    • Claire says:

      I haven’t watched Glee live since 1/4 the way through the worthless waste of time S4. Now I’m not even sure I’ll be able to stomach any of it w/ Sam moving to NY because of the Samchel crap they pulled in Movin Out. Glee seems determined to drive away viewers by focusing on the worst actors and characters ie: Chord/Sam

  33. Larry says:

    If the show is going to just concentrate on characters that always pull focus -then I have to say I’ll rather watch the competition. The Originals all the way. Glee was always about an underdog Glee club -not a story about struggling youth in the big city. Seen that story play out in too many TV shows. How boring. I’m sorry if that is a minority feeling here so if you feel the need to bully then not only I’m sorry you feel that way but I also feel sorry for you.

    • josie says:

      lol who’s bullying you? I don’t see anyone criticizing so why are you being so defensive? You’re allowed your point of view just like everyone else. But you’re right that it’s probably a minority one. For me it *is* about an underdog Glee club, but that club is the characters themselves not the actual club and most people are attached to those fabulous underdog characters from the first season. Maybe if the new characters had been more compelling then Lima would have held my interested but personally I found them bland and boring and poor imitations of the originals.

    • Adam says:

      But it’s not about the Glee Club, Ryan has admitted Glee is about Rachel. Glee has always been about Rachel Berry, the Glee Club was just the setting and w/o Cory/Finn to lead Lima and bridge the 2 narratives Lima and the Newbies become useless. Yes they were under dogs but the only on going story from day 1 is Rachel’s.

      • fr says:

        It is about following you dreams and Rachel embodies that idea. She was the under dog who rose to over come it all. So hopefully Glee actually remembers that and stops focusing on Blam. Rachel should be your female lead and Kurt your male lead.

        • Andy says:

          She is STILL the underdog. Even FG gets cheapened by Santana just walking into the understudy role w/Rachel was put through the ringer. Blaine breezes into NYADA, Sam breezes into being a model, which only on Glee would that happen.

  34. Marine Blanc says:

    Can’t wait for Blaine and Klaine in NYC, maybe Glee will finally be good again.

    • Bill says:

      With Blaine in New York? Impossible.

      • frink says:

        or entirely probable?

      • Marine Blanc says:

        You meant most likely.

      • nel says:

        I am hopeful **;

      • . says:

        More like a sure thing.

        • Tania says:

          More like the beginning of the awful demise of the New York Glee. Blaine will be the kiss of death.

          • hedbeck says:

            More like you can’t be serious right now.

          • Leann says:

            Mwah! I don’t know if you heard, but the show only has a year and some change left. But keep it up, guys! Your rants on the interwebs has accomplished so much!

          • Tania says:

            Oh Hedbeck, I am deadly serious. Blaine will be the death of the New York Glee. The New York trio were the only hope for this show, but with Blaine arriving, all hope is lost.

          • hamish says:

            He’s been on the show for four seasons, you do realise. X: bit late to be kissing any death.

          • vox says:

            lol @Tania you people are so sad though. Love may not be heard as much as your hate, but I like to think it goes further and has more resilience. I can’t wait to see Blaine in NY and Klaine too. I also love how you people feel you have to respond to every single positive happy fan with negativity and hate, you just need to tear positive people down. Kind of ironic considering we’re Glee fans.

          • Tania says:

            @Vox LOL!!! I just love that you klaine/blaine/darren stans think that the people who post negative opinions on Klaine/Blaine are simply trying to spoil your fun and enjoyment and are trying to pull you down, and be mean, when in fact they are simply voicing something that you do not want to hear and also desperately want silenced so that you can keep making out that everyone loves Blaine/Klaine. NO! People are, at last, speaking out and you all are just going to have to deal with it. Every show, every ship, every character is liked by some and not by others. Just because for your favorite character and favorite ship all you want to see is positivity, does not mean that those that do not enjoy it should keep quiet and not voice their negative opinions.

          • Ger says:

            Blaine and Sam aka Dumb and Dumber = downfall of Glee NY

  35. Oliver Queen says:

    Glee needs to end and just quietly leave the air at the end of this season.

    It’s a side show of its former self and nowhere near as good anymore.

    The show should have ended when the first group graduated.

    Glee jumped the shark a long time ago.

  36. Josephine says:

    Excited to see Blaine join Kurt in NY – I hope we get to see more of their ground-breaking relationship, since they are, y’know, engaged!

    • Hilary says:

      Nothing about them is ground-breaking.

      • lk says:

        tell that to the new york post that said they are the most beloved couple of the millennium and other media websites that matter more than your opinion

        • Darrell says:

          You’re…you’re seriously citing the NEW YORK POST as proof? Oh my God.

          • . says:

            “A timeless, groundbreaking TV love story.”- Entertainment Weekly, “Perhaps even more provocative are the acts Murphy has inserted into the PG-rated Glee. The characters Blaine and Kurt (played by Darren Criss and Colfer, respectively) were the first openly gay teenage couple to share a kiss on network TV. Taking it a step further, the two boys are even shown lying amorously, noses pressed together, after losing their virginities to each other.”-out.com, Billboard chose Kurt and Blaine’s storyline as the #1 “musical moment” ever in entertainment, to advance the understanding and acceptance of lgbt people. Are those reputable enough for ya, cause I’ve got plenty more if you need them…

          • josie says:

            This is a reply to the comment above me as it won’t let me reply to it directly but klaine were NOT the first openly gay couple of share a kiss on network TV. That was very famously Kerr Smith & Adam Kaufman as Jack McPhee & Ethan in Dawson’s Creek.

          • lk says:

            why yes i am darrell.

          • Angela says:

            @lk: The point being that the New York Post is not exactly the most legit and professional of newspapers. If you guys want to talk about why you think they’re a good couple, fine (I myself have no dog in the fight one way or another), but quoting from that paper won’t convince anyone to your side.
            Not to mention, ANY media outlets commenting on the relationship are still only giving their opinion on the topic. They can think they’re a great couple and say so all they want…but it doesn’t make it an automatic fact (same logic would apply if a paper trashed the relationship and said it was the worst thing ever).

      • Josephine says:

        Except that they were one of the first few gay teenagers to be shown on network television in an actual relationship and not relegated to being the sexless friends of their straight counterparts, but okay.

        • Santana says:

          Not really. Gay teen couples have been around since the late 90s.

          • Josephine says:

            Lol, okay.

          • josie says:

            @josephine I’m not sure why you’re laughing because @sanatan is rights. Most of the accolades you try and pin on the klaine relationship are actually held by Jack McPhee’s relationships back on Dawson’s Creek. Which was in the late 90’s. THAT was groundbreaking tv. You may be too young to remember the massive outcry when teenagersJack & Ethan kissed on primetime network tv but believe me it was a huge huge thing.

          • Josephine says:

            @josie – It was actually two women on ‘Law and Order’ in 1991 that were the first gay couple to ever kiss, but idk, you may be too young to remember that. I am laughing because who cares if they were the very first ever. My post said they were “one of” the first, and they were. I watched Dawson’s Creek pretty religiously back in the day and I cannot tell you who it was that Jack kissed, because while it may have been the first kiss between two males on network TV, their relationship was not ground-breaking, and will not be remembered in future generations. Klaine will. Arguing about who did what first is pointless and not helpful to anything.

          • josie says:

            @josephine actually is wasn’t because Law & Order wasn’t on primetime network tv. Neither were that couple teens. But yes, they did kiss before Jack & Ethan, as did Buffy & Willow and several other gay characters not least of which were on Queer As Folk. It is the claim that Klaine are the first gay teens ever to kiss on primetime network television, which is touted by Klaine fans constantly despite not being true, that I was refuting. And if you’re old enough to remember the groundbreaking strides that shows other than Glee have made with LGBTQ representation then it’s laughable that you think Klaine is in a league of their own. Those shows making those strides is what has enabled Klaine and Brittana (funny how you Klaine shippers only ever focus on Klaine’s impact) to exist in the first place. Klaine and Brittana have contributed by normalizing gay teen relationships, which is fantastic in itself, but they are relationships that are cogs in the wheel, not the ones that paved the way.

          • jkm says:

            “actually is wasn’t because Law & Order wasn’t on primetime network tv. Neither were that couple teens.”

            Of course, Law & Order was on network TV in prime time. (If you weren’t aware of this fact, you could probably safely deduce from the number of spin-offs; they tend to be a network TV phenomenon.)

            (: Of course, if it’s a teen issue, Degrassi probably did it before any of the American shows. :)

      • Marine Blanc says:

        It’s not like everyone know what Klaine is and love them, well some haters aside. :)

      • ana says:

        funny because they’re literally one of the most popular couples of tv :)
        stay pressed

        • Hilary says:

          Child, it’s not being “pressed,” it’s being logical. Everything they’ve done has been done by previous gay teen and adult couples.

          • bop says:

            you can get off your freaking high horse to realize klaine is considered a groundbreaking relationship. like where is your logic here???? there are other gay characters kurt means nothing he is trash we have done them before?? PLEASE.

          • Rayann says:

            You heard the lady, kiddos! We’ve already had a handful of gay couples on TV, our work here is done! What are you even trying to accomplish here? Klaine is ground-breaking, in part, because of their mainstream popularity. It’s in the fact that they were nominated alongside their straight counterparts for a People’s Choice Award, or that they routinely win polls for “Best Couple”, “Fan-Faves”, etc.They have helped to normalize gay relationships in our media, and though there is still a long way to go, and though they may not have been the very first, they still played a huge part in helping things progress. Your pettiness and bitterness will not change those facts.

          • josie says:

            @bop & @rayann no amount of quoting people’s choice and online polls, both of which can be manipulated by fanbases, will take away the fact that other shows have broken the ground in the first place to allow klaine to exist. and while it’s great that both klaine and brittana (i notice you klaine fans always forget that they are not the only popular lgbtq couple of the show. i wonder why that is?) helped normalize gay teen relationships on tv, they are not the massive groundbreaking force that you consistently make them out to be. they are a very welcome cog in the wheel but they did not pave the way.

          • Rayann says:

            People are talking about Klaine because that’s who people in this comments section are ragging on. Like, sure, great, there were others before Glee. No one is disputing that? But Glee is, or at least was, wildly popular and the success of a couple like Klaine in the mainstream media and for the general audience, is something to be lauded. I don’t really feel the need to get bogged down in the semantics of it all. And sure, online polls can be manipulated – but they can just as easily be manipulated by Klaine fans as they can by anyone else, so they are a somewhat accurate gauge of the continued interest in them as a couple.

    • tim says:

      You might get a few hugs here and there.

    • josie says:

      I don’t understand this trope about them being such a groundbreaking couple. They’re not the first teen gay couple on tv by a long shot. I believe that distinction goes to Dawson’s Creek. They were also the first show to have a gay couple (teens) kissing on primetime network tv. Granted the fact that they tried to show Klaine & Brittana in the same light as the hetero couples early on was great but they ruined that by making Blaine’s once promising character into such an insufferable douchebag and turning Brittany into a walking joke.

      • Jenna says:

        It’s out of ignorance of anything outside of or pre-dating Glee. As a fan of television, t’s embarrassing to witness.

        • josie says:

          Yes this. It’s the fact that they all claim to be such advocates of lgbtq visibility and history on television and yet have no idea what they are talking about in reference to the subject. As someone who is lgbtq I’m sick to death of them all tbh.

      • BF says:

        Kurt and Blaine will get married and there will still be comments about Kurt needing to ~~~break-free!!!~~~. Get a grip. It’s a TV show. Maybe 5 years down the road Ryan Murphy will do an interview and say that he regrets Kurt and Blaine’s relationship and Kurt should have ended up with Jacob Ben Israel instead. But until that happens, this is the show. Let people who love Klaine enjoy their couple. Lord knows that they rarely get to see them interact anyway, so I’m not sure what the fuss is about, except that it seems to me that the complainers want the show to be tailored to meet their very specific needs and wants, and everyone else be damned.

        • Callum says:

          Why should those that do not love Klaine, shut up and let the Klainers enjoy? OMG!!!! So Klainers have more right to enjoy the show than those who are finding the show ruined because of Klaine? We each have an opinion and we have a right to voice that opinion. Just because it is negative to those who love Klaine does not mean that it should be un-voiced. Stop trying to silence the ones who do not like what you do or have a different opinion. (And don’t come back with, I am not a Klaine fan) All you are trying to do is silence the dissenters, so that you can praise Klaine to the skies on all the sites and make it look like every one loves it. NO!!!!!!

          • BF says:

            Lol. Yeah, sure, I like Klaine. I just think the point is kind of moot – Klaine is and will always be a thing. The fact remains that it is the people who are unhappy with something that are more likely to take to the comments section and complain than those who like a thing in moderate amounts. If it makes you happy to rail on and on about how a fictional couple who has had less than 5 minutes of screentime this season has ruined the show for you, fill your boots. Or, just realize that it’s not all about you. You know which character I don’t like? Santana. But she is one of the main characters of the show, and clearly very well-liked, and so I just have come to accept that the show is not only going to feature who I want to see, and move on with my day. But, to each their own, I guess.

        • josie says:

          What the hell are you talking about? This conversation was about Klaine’s supposed groundbreaking-ness and they fact that it really isn’t all that as other shows have already broken the ground. Which is fact whether you like it or not.

      • Leah says:

        I think most of the groundbreaking stuff comes from how much they’re featured in the mainstream media and stuff. They even got the cover of EW once. It’s stuff like this that I think people consider groundbreaking. When Kurt and Blaine kissed for the first time, “THEY KISSED” trended for hours, and there was overwhelming positivity. They were the first young gay teenage couple to be media darlings and loved by so many, while old conservatives were seen as being on the wrong side. It’s more a sign of the times than anything else, but Kurt and Blaine are just one tiny great example of how the world is changing. For a young couple like them to have their break-up and first time paralleled with the show’s alpha couple and have lots of duets just like them, to get an engagement extravaganza with a song just like Wemma got, it shows that Glee itself is using them to break ground, showing the world that gay couples should get what the straight couples do.

  37. Ryan says:

    Excited for the move to NY, and can’t wait for more Blaine and Klaine and Blam! :)

  38. louisa says:

    I think an all-NY show would be great, with stops back in Lima every few episodes. I hope Kurt and Blaine are finally treated like the couple they should be and get to live together.

  39. Stacy says:

    I wanna see more of Jake Puckerman. <3 :-)

  40. jazzcolfer says:

    I agree with some people. In season 4 a lot of the promo had Kurt, Finn and rachel yet they had either one minute on screen or they weren’t even in the episode. I’ll wait and see if the focus is really on the New York three and if they have independent storylines instead o being used to prop up others. I’m sure nothing will change because glee is on a mission to force the GA to love blaine, and he polarizing and can’t carry the show, like the fans favorites can, and now I can’t stand him even in small dose, so once they’ll start force feeding us some blaine and his “dude” I’ll have to say goodbye to New York, hoping I’ll find some few blam free edits, won’t change from the one minute New York edit I watch sometimes fro season 4…

    • Marine Blanc says:

      What show do you watch ??? S4 was all bout Finn and Rachel !!!

      • Masie says:

        To Marine Blanc, What show do YOU watch? LOL. The rest of us, unfortunately, have been having to tune in to the Blarren/Blam/Blaine show called Blee. Most of us would simply like it to get back to being Glee as it was in season 1 and the first half of season 2..

        • Marine Blanc says:

          I agree there was lots of Blaine, but to say that we didn’t get any Rachel or Finn ? They were heavily involved in the “plot” (what plot). You don’t have to blame the lack of Kurt screen time on Blaine, no matter how much you despise the character and actor…

          • Tania says:

            Being as Kurt was sidelined in his own relationship and that the greater majority by far of the focus on Klaine was from Blaine’s POV, and Kurt literally had 5 mins POV/screentime if that, whereas we Got quite a few Blaine centric episodes and Loads of Blaine screentime, then yes, I can. Kurt was literally silenced and marginalized in a storyline about his own relationship. Also, where did I say we didn’t get any Rachel or Finn?

          • Tania says:

            Sorry, you were talking to Masie on that comment about Rachel and Finn, (thoughtwhere did she say that we didn’t get any Rachel or Finn? Confused) but my comment on Kurt’s marginalization still stands.

          • Leah says:

            @Tania hmm sidelined in his own relationship, given little to no POV, sounds like Blaine side of the relationship in season 2. I feel like they flipped things in season 4 to show the other side, and I enjoyed it, since I enjoy both characters. Stay pressed and bitter, though.

        • . says:

          So you want the show to focus on Will and Rachel, then? Because that’s what the show was primarily about in Season 1. Or you want to go back to the time when Kurt was miserable and alone and bullied had never smiled? Because that was Kurt in the early parts of Season 2.

          • jazzcolfer says:

            The writers always got their kicks making Kurt miserable whether he was with blaine or not. In season 3 he lost everything, class president, Nyada, Tony to blaine who wanted to have sex with him to play the part well. Then beginning of season 4 blaine cheated on him. Yet, Kurt started to get a new life (internship, ne LI) but his new resolutions were thrown to the garbage so he would be blaine’s (still-in-high-school) fiance. Kurt can be happy with or without blaine if the writers would stop having him lose everything all the time and being used to prop others.

          • Leah says:

            Okay but seriously, Kurt is getting so much right now. He has a band that he loves, he’s engaged to a fiance who he loves, he has a job he seems to enjoy, he lives with his two best friends, the man he loves is moving to NY soon along with one of his best high school friends (yay Kurtcedes!) and he still has Vogue.com as a backup and he’s still in NYADA. He’s happy and in a great place, and yet you’re pressed because a character you’ve blamed and hated for the dumbest and most ridiculous things is moving. You claim to be a Kurt fan, but you’re the type who only wants things for him if they make YOU happy. If they make Kurt happy in canon you reject it, coming up with theories and excuses that absolutely nothing in canon supports. It’s sad.

          • Leah says:

            ^^^ the above comment was to jazzcolfer by the way. :)

          • jazzcolfer says:

            @ Leah, too bad it comes so late. I don’t hate blaine for the dumbest and ridiculous things. And please blain stans, keep using derigatory words to talk about real people or their opinions. I hate blaine because he blamed Kurt for cheating over a few texts when he was texting and skyping with sebastian. He pressured kurt to have sex so he could play well the role Kurt wanted in the first place. I’m still disgusted by the car scene and by the fact that Kurt had to apologize because Blaine had a hard time listening when he said “no, stop” in the car. Also blaine cheated on Kurt with someone he met on facebook. When Also, he first blamed Kurt. Blaine is n inconsistent character who changed age and personality from one season to another. He whines all the time for his own mistakes. He is an attention seeker and a narcissist. He swears Kurt is his soul mate while pinning on Sam and went to buy Kurt’s ring with his crush who he sang to. To me Blaine is so awful for all these reasons and more. Things are getting brighter because Kurt has his own storyline while hanging with his friends. Now I want Kurt to have a boyfriend who’ll be good to him and not make him feel insecure instead of being engaged too young to someone who cheated on him. Simple as that.

      • jazzcolfer says:

        Just because the fan favorites had scraps of stories here and there doesn’t mean they were the focus, they definitely weren’t, blam and the newbies were. You wouldn’t know because you haven’t been frustrated like those who love the fans favorites watching some edits that lasted only a few minutes, when there were edits. And Finn watching blam and newbies run round doesn’t count as having proper creentime in my book.

      • fr says:

        Marine – you are joking right? Rachel had nealry half as many songs, and her screen time was cut done to maybe 6 5mintues. She also missed 3 episode ( and it showed) and Finn had even way less than that.

    • nel says:

      so much ego up in here. you may want to work on that.

      • jazzcolfer says:

        To nel, what does my ego has to do with it? You blaine stans don’t want “haters” to say anything bad about the actor that portrays that horrid character, but you sure can spew your random derogatory opinions about people who aren’t fictional.

        • Rayann says:

          Funny that the comments sections almost always end in Darren/Blaine hate, even if he is not he topic at hand, and yet you have the audacity to suggest that we are the ones spewing hate. Okay, hon.

          • jazzcolfer says:

            I don’t hate darren criss, I hate his character. If you can’t see the difference, then I can’t explain any further. I do think blaine is horrid, I definitely do. I think he is badly written and a douche. Do I know Darren Criss? no, so what can I say about him as person? Nothing. I don’t know him, i don’t care. I speak about his character, and yes, I dislike his character very much. Keep reading too much into it, I know you’re very good at it.

        • nel says:

          You are sure making a lot of assumptions there. Also. he’s not horrid. :) thank you for your reply though.

        • random derogatory opinions huh says:

          Your username is familiar.

  41. F says:

    So Glee won’t be about a Glee club anymore? What a stupid concept, they should have dropped the grads a long time ago.

    • Aevylonya says:

      Oh my goodness, THANK YOU!!! I’m THRILLED I’m not the only one who feels this way.

    • LOL! says:

      LOL Glee stopped being about the Glee Club half way through S1 when it became about Rachel Berry and Lea Michele became a star of the show. Even Ryan Murphy has stated Rachel is Glee and if Lea ever left he would end the show. He has said that several times within the past 6 months. Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchk and Ian Brennan have all said they would NEVER drop Lea from Glee so there was no way that would was ever going to be an option to drop the grads.

      • fr says:

        If Rachel aka Lea was not in glee it would have never made it pass the pilot. They should have reconned and made Kurt and Rachel senior another year and stretched it out. If they got rid of the grad and had no NY ins season4 it would have been canceled easily.

  42. Fra says:

    I gotta say, I do feel bad for the new kids, or should I say for the actors who portray them. But I am excited for NY and especially for more Blam and Klaine. Even though I don’t expect to get much in the way of Klaine, since Glee doesn’t write stories for happy couples, I will still be glad to have them in the same place again.

  43. leticia says:

    There’s nothing more funny here than stupid kurt stans/santana stans trying to prove their terrible point and it end up being #epicfail. I’m saying this in the most lovely way possible: stop, because you all are so wrong and it’s getting pathetic. The whole glee fandom hates you for a reason.

    • jazzcolfer says:

      People are entitled to their opinion. I say in the loveliest way possible and I don’t need to use call people”stupid” or “pathetic” or saying they are hated to prove my point. What I like about those stans is that they rarely resorts to insulting people here to get their ideas across. They just say what they think about fictional characters, while trying to remain civil. If you don’t share people’s opinion just move on, no need to insult anybody “in the moveliest ay possible” keep them quiet, it won’t work.

    • KC says:

      You are showing your ignorance.

    • mscchang says:

      Honey the a large portion of the fanomm don’t hate kurt and santana stans, they can’t stand blaine and a lot of blaine/klaine stans. I think you need to come out of your bubble. Blaine is not nearly as popular as you lot seem to think. And this is coming from a Tina stan.

      • Leah says:

        “And this is coming from a Tina stan” it doesn’t make you any less bitter and blind because Blaine is one of the characters moving to NY and Tina isn’t. And seriously, putting aside the fact that it’s ridiculous that people assume they know what ALL the people in EVERY fan group think, putting aside the fact that not everyone is even in a fan group and that this fandom is spread across so many places and has so many people who refuse to come into the hate-filled wankfest that TVLine has become —– what does it matter? There are so many people who watch the show who aren’t in these supposed little groups of haters, a few million people in fact. To think you speak for everyone is ridiculous enough, but to think that even matters in the long run? Nope.

        • mscchang says:

          I don’t have to speak for fandom. Fandom speaks for itself in a lot of places outside the Blaine fandom. It’s not hard to figure out if you leave your biubble.

        • mscchang says:

          And to add – yes I’m bitter. I’m bitter because the writer’s obsession with and focus on a two-dimensional character with few redeeming quaiities, played by someone who is not good enough to pull it off, has caused not one or two but THREE of my favorite characters to either become complete parodies (Sam & Tina) or to gets shoved even more out of the spotlight (Artie) at a time when they could have been allowed to shine as seniors. And I have every right to feel that way as do others.

        • LOL! says:

          You must be a member of Glee Forum where no one is allowed to hate on Blaine/Klaine/Blam/Sam and the Newies lol.

          • gfisfullofhypocrites says:

            Glee Forum is the worst, they bash on Tina and Mercedes all day and night while disguising their hate under random glee opinions, then get mad if someone calls the current flop cast 2.0’s. The writers have gone out of their way to let the audience know that is exactly what they are.

      • jazzcolfer says:

        Thank you Tina stan from a Kurt stan, a new York three lover and an original glee club members lover, no matter how bad the show treats them sometimes. The originals brought some magic to the show that can’t be manufactured.

        • mscchang says:

          They did and I’m so sad it looks like tina’s going the way of Puck and Quinn. I still love the NY three though and I hope Tina gets to visit them in the loft!

          • jazzcolfer says:

            I’m sure Tina will drop by but I’m not sure it won’t be to New York blee, but it’ll still be enjoyable to have the originals together for a bit. I know there is nothing that can be done anymore, but it is obvious that the show should have focused on the originals both in New York and Lima and follow their adventures, the originals are the glee club, they are the show that got awards, praises and so many viewers. At least we have that.

    • fr says:

      You mean stupid Blaine stans. Kurt and Santana don;t need to prove anything. They are actual good characters played by good actors. Blaine is not.

  44. I am pleased about the focus being in NY and especially with Rachel and Kurt. However, I do not see why they had to add Santana as Rachel’s understudy! Santana has never wanted to be a broadway star like Rachel- come on does she have to have everything that Rachel has. First it was Finn- now this. I mean I really hope Rachel does not lose her role to her. It will be like Smash Second Two when Karen gets picked for Marllyn only to give it back to Ivy and Karen does not even get recognize. I love Glee and I think Santana is a good character but she has talked so much smack about Broadway and how she does not need it and now this. Come on Rachel has been through enough with the loss of Finn both in the show and the outside world for Lea Michele it is time for Rachel to shine on Broadway as Fannie Bryce and I am sure Barbara Streisand herself would approve!

    • sunday says:

      They keep diminishing Rachel’s star. Why not make her competition someone with Broadway experience? It does not make sense that Santana would be able to beat out someone with experience.. Little fish in the big pond vs. little fish against little fish, does not make sense.

  45. Shuka says:

    To be honest, I watched Glee because of RACHEL-FINN-KURT-SANTANA-BRITTANY-BLAINE. And it’s sad not to see ALL of them TOGETHER anymore that’s why I’ ve already stopped watching it. Hopefully, by focusing to NY, it will back it’s high viewership and ratings. :))

  46. Dale says:

    This is so exciting. NY all the time for the remainder of Season 5 (and hopefully all of Season 6). Bring on Klaine!!! (I love them). They are the main couple on the show now. I hope Rachel and Sam get together at some point. Glee will be so much better now.

    • NO Samchel! says:

      I really hope they stay far far far away from Samchel. I wish they would let Rachel be 18 and single and not settle for Sam or limit herself to Sam. Yea let her move on but how about dating and living and enjoying being 18 and on the brink of stardom. Or at least cast a new leading man that can match Lea because Chord Overstreet isn’t even in her league!

      • Jennie says:

        I agree! Sam going to NY pretty much makes Glee unwatchable because Samchel is my Glee exit! Which totally sucks because I LOVE Rachel/Lea but no way in hell will i stick around for that paring!

      • Jeani Marie says:

        I think the ORIGINAL Sam would have been very much in her league… the sweet, intelligent guy he was in Season 2. The writers have completely dumbed him down over time to make him look like a better match for Brittany which obviously failed since Heather got pregnant and left the show.

    • fr says:

      First off Rachel does not need a love interest right now. In mid season 6 let her just be open to love again and have her met an mature man. She doesn’t need a little boy like Sam.

  47. debbi says:

    finchel and klaine were going to live together :(

  48. pedro says:

    dude, some people here need to watch glee again “klaine got engaged in the second episode” what???? they got engaged in the first one aka the episode with most reviews of the season after the tribute episode, the second one was focused on tina.

    • Paula says:

      And the ratings declined enormously from that episode on. The viewers saw just how forced and ridiculous it had all become in just that one episode. Also, for the first episode of a season, that was the worst ratings ever. The first episode of the season generally does have many more viewers, as people tune in to see what they think. If a series Keeps those viewers then it can be seen as an achievement, but Glee lost big time and is still losing. I really would not brag about the awful ratings. So many glee fans did not come back even to watch the season premiere and after that episode, they lost half the viewers that had tuned in to the season premiere. That first episode was Atrocious, and the ratings prove it.

    • TJM says:

      The Klaine engagment ratings were down over 30% form the S4 season final then dropped another 25 % after the Klaine engagement. And the reviewers were pretty harsh on the episode with lots of people commenting on how bad the premiere was.

  49. ru says:

    YES, YES, YES, A great choice! Scott is such a versatile actor he’d be great in the part!

  50. Hey glee cast is me and my name is race eberhardt the movie star of bury my heart with tonawnda and jounery to broodside and how nice to meet you guys