How I Met Your Mother Spin-Off Scoop: Meet the New Ted, Robin, Marshall, Lily and Barney!

TV LOOKOUTSally is the new Ted!

Casting is officially underway on How I Met Your Dad, CBS’ in-the-works spin-off of How I Met Your Mother, and — per just-released casting intel — the soul mate-searching character at the center of the potential series is a twentysomething named Sally.

POLL | How I Met Your Mother Mystery: Why Exactly is Ted Telling the Kids His (Long) Love Story?

Read on for more on Dad‘s “colorfully ambivalent” heroine, and for scoop on the Marshall, Lily, Robin and Barney in her life.

SALLY | She’s vibrant, messy and unpredictable — a “female Peter Pan who has never grown up and has no idea of where she’s going in life.” She’s thinking of calling it quits with her husband of a year, Gavin. She’ll lean on her circle of friends for advice and support through the inevitable divorce. That circle includes…

JULIET | Sally’s sexy, flamboyant, energetic, party-girl BFF. She runs a successful fashion blog. She’s delighted to learn Sally is ending things with the terminally boring Gavin.

DANNY | Sally’s older gay brother, a Type A, overachieving lawyer whom she shares little in common with. They nonetheless share a tight bond, although Sally’s decision to move in with Danny after her split with Gavin promises to test that bond.

TODD | Danny’s warm, outgoing husband and one of Sally’s closest friends from college. Unlike Danny, Todd welcomes Sally into their home.

FRANK | The head of IT for Juliet’s fashion blog. He’s a hot nerd. He has genuine feelings for Sally, but it’s a one-sided flirtation. At least for the moment.

NARRATOR | It’s Sally from the future. She’s reliving the events of her past to her kids.

Thoughts? Theories? Casting tips? Hit the comments!

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  1. kdm says:

    Let. It. Die.

    • Kellie says:

      Agreed. This spinoff will just sour the memory of a great show. I hope the pilot doesn’t get picked up.

    • AmbleAlong says:

      I agree as well. Let’s just end this thing and show some class. We have waited about five years too long to find the Mother in HIMYM. Dredging this idea up for use again (even with girl as the primary “Ted” next time around) just screams of desperation and no new ideas in Hollywood. Reminds me a lot of the “Girls Meets World” idea that got fast-tracked for fall.

      If they make it or don’t, it is a pass for me….

    • Amy says:

      The how your mother met me episode I thought was great…

      If they did a show like that I’d watch…. This sounds nothing like that.

      • christy says:

        Amy, I agree that episode was great. I cried like a baby when she sang her beautiful rendition of La Vie En Rose. She did an amazing job touched my heart.

    • pb says:

      couldn’t agree more

    • Tim says:

      The spin-off will garner attention as HIMYM fans will want to note how good the original was, and having a gay main-line character seems to be a pandering move. Ditto with the possible divorce situation which either MUST be in the works or we are seeing the Dad (Gavin) right from the start. This whole set-up doesn’t parallel HIMYM all that much so this seems mysterious but is actually twisted/confusing/irritating and a bit ho-hum. Another kill-point is that HIMYM will be in syndication – robbing the new show of steam right from the get-go.

      I did not begin watching HIMYM until about 2 years ago. Caught up on re-runs, found most every episode hilarious, even as the plots became rather random in the last three seasons – UNTIL THIS YEAR. While I still watch, my interest is more to see what the end becomes as the 2013/14 shows have been very angry/mean/depressing/disconnected – sure some comedy and wry humor but not nearly as uplifting vs. prior years. THAT part I already miss.

      As for how I met your Dad will play??? There may be some parts that will be neat, but in reality the concept is 9 years old and making a clone is just too late. What could have worked is within the first 2 years starting this flip-side and in the end have the Dad and Mother somehow crossover (like on the daytime soaps or Dallas / Knot’s Landing for the old-timers). CBS would have probably had two killer shows as the diversions could have been easily staged and for the final year it would have come together like the latest (and best of this year) episode (i.e. -telling the Mother’s side, but in this episode we got an abbreviated set-up).

      I agree that the concept should go out clean and stay-out – the cast did a great job and now they get to do more with their lives.

    • Booger says:

      Amen. It will constantly be compared to the original.

    • Mary says:

      Agreed! Who ever wrote this last season BLEW IT!! I as looking forward to Ted finally meeting his significant other, butnthenwritting has SUCKED so bad, I probably haven’t watched 3 episodes this season.

  2. Amarilis says:

    Never watched the original series, but I’m tempted to give this spin-off a try. Sounds fun.

    • Crusaderzpl says:

      Better watch original series.

    • Schmamarillis says:

      You are an idiot.

      • Dmiant says:

        Why is he an idiot? I didn’t even know the original series existed until three years ago, and now I’m a huge fan. Does that mean I was an idiot three years ago? Does that mean anyone who didn’t watch the original is an idiot? Absolutely not. Leave him to try something new. In fact, I think I’ll give this spin-off a shot too. There’s no use in shooting down something new without first testing the waters.

        • Johnny says:

          This right here.

        • They are calling Amarillia a idiot because s/he didn’t watch the original series, but is “tempted” to give this spinoff a try, as if the person saw the original series. Dumb logic, just watch the original..

          • Dmiant says:

            There’s nothing dumb about that logic. Maybe after watching the spin-off, Amarillia will be tempted to try the original. I agree that HIMYM is a fantastic series and everyone should watch it, but there’s nothing wrong with starting with the spin-off. It’s like starting Pokemon during one of Ash’s later adventures. If someone’s interested enough, he’ll go back and start the series from the beginning.

          • Bobby says:

            It’s understandable to watch the spinoff but not the original considering they’d have 9 seasons to watch of the original, while they could just start the spinoff when it starts.

        • TH says:

          New is always better

      • Kirsti says:

        I think how I met your dad is going to be awful. Their should of make about 2 or 3 more seasons of How I met your mother. How I met your mother wasn’t ready to finsh yet.

  3. JJ says:

    I really don’t know what to think.

  4. waukale says:

    Just one question: Why??

  5. Zorkel says:

    I like the idea. The Gavin/Sally divorce seems off, but I’m excited otherwise.

    • emor says:

      Call me old fashioned, but I can’t get behind a show built around divorce.

      • S. says:

        It’s less about the divorce and more for the fact that it was after a marriage of a year. He’s boring? I’m sure he was boring before she married him. What did he do that was so terrible besides not entertain her? The spark died after a year? That’s a tough time of adjustment in any marriage and you’re supposed to work through it. It’s just confusing to me how I’m not gonna be rooting against Sally from day one. Why would I want to see her end up with someone when she violated her commitment to another guy after trying for basically no time? Hopefully a better reason for the divorce is given. Maybe serious family pressure and she went through with it but doesn’t want to hurt him by taking up his life when she doesn’t love him. Maybe he was really controlling and she needed to become a stronger person and marry someone who’s supportive of her. Something to make her not a terrible person. Right now, it’s off putting. Side note: I’ve gotten annoyed with people griping about letting HIMYM die. It’s not the same show. That conceit is still gonna have different stories and characters. You’re not watching a rehash. Judging a show before you see it is a little unfair. I have concerns, but maybe with the actual show the characters will be clarified in the writing. Is Sally a Manic Pixie Dream Girl as the lead of a show? Sounds like it.

      • Rachel says:

        Double yes.

  6. El Bandito says:


  7. Maria says:

    Sounds awful.

  8. Brendan says:

    No Thank You

  9. Lizzie says:

    This almost sounds fake!! Like the gay couple but I’m not sold on this concept.

    • +1 says:

      I actually don’t like the gay couple concept, that just became a cliché in modern TV. Now you can’t have a good show without adding a gay character. Way to write a good show.

      • Olivier says:

        Why should the fact the characters are gay matter? Gay people exist, for shows not to ignore that is a good thing. What’s bad is when they keep using the same gay stereotype over & over(Modern Family).

      • Annie says:

        So besides the gay couple, is there a fun Asian and/or African American character?

      • Adelaide says:

        “Now you can’t have a good show without adding a gay character.”

        Well, uh, what about New Girl, or It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, or Parks and Recreation, or Louie, or Workaholics, or The League, or Suburgatory, or The Mindy Project, or 30 Rock, or The Michael J Fox Show, or Apartment 23, or The Goldbergs, or The Millers, or How I Met Your Mother, or The Big Bang Theory, or Raising Hope, or Cougar Town, or The Neighbors, or Super Fun Night, or Last Man Standing, or Trophy Wife, or Dads?

        Just because a handful of sitcoms have one or two gay characters each, doesn’t mean that there’s any sort of gay takeover, or even that it’s cliche. Some people are gay in real life. It makes sense that some characters will be gay on sitcoms. The same way there are a handful of sitcoms with one or two redheaded characters each. It would be weirder if they weren’t represented.

      • tjlane94 says:

        Yeah it makes me mad. Like, maybe it would better if they had a character come out a while into the show but marketing it with a gay couple just seems really cheap. All of the character descriptions make it sound like this new show is designed to be just like other shows we’ve seen. Himym was so unique. I want another original.

  10. C says:

    It actually sounds slightly less horrible than I imagined.

  11. May it be more of a Fraser than a last season of Scrubs.

  12. Mo Walker says:

    A bit of (racial/ethnic) diversity would be great! Having a homosexual couple/characters is a great start.

    • e says:

      i thought the same thing! the cast already sounds a bit more diverse than i expected, and i can see them casting a damon wayan’s type character (think brad from happy endings) in the role of todd… if the casting is right, relying on equal parts unknowns with maybe one bigger (not huge) star, this could have potential! i am definitely willing to give it a chance and see how it shakes out. as long as the writing stays fresh and relevant, and not identical to HIMYM, this could work.

      • e says:

        josh cooke as danny could be interesting too… he fits in with the cbs casting choices. this is kind of a longshot, but joanna garcia swisher might make a cute sally?

      • Paul Moore says:

        To be fair, HIMYM does feature a lot of characters from minorities. Granted, it’s not within the main five, but we’ve still had a fair number of major supporting characters: Ranjit, Patrice, James (Barney’s gay half-brother, for the uninitiated), and Kevin all play major roles in the main characters’ lives, and I doubt any true HIMYM fan would ever forget any of them.

  13. Mare says:

    *cough cough* canceled at midseason *cough cough*

  14. Mary says:

    I have watched How I Met Your Mother since day 1….I have continually thought about quitting this show because it just isn’t funny anymore and hasn’t been for a long time! But…I have put so much time into this mother thing I have to see the end and I’m watching til the end. But I will not….will not….do this again. I will not watch this new How I Met Your Dad BS.

  15. I Heart Damon Salvatore says:

    They’re missing the boat not making Lyndsy Fonseca’s character the new series’ lead.

  16. Mariah says:

    I was hoping they would cast Lyndsy Fonseca

  17. John NYC says:

    Always open to a Manhattan locale!

    Tomorrow People’s Peyton List for Juliet?

  18. John NYC says:

    But how is this a “spinoff” they going to still use the bar set?

  19. linda says:

    she been married for one year yet she has kids? granted they could have had kids before she got married and thats why she is tired of him after one yr but still it doesnt sound right.

    • John NYC says:

      Married a lot longer to her NEW husband in the “future” from which she’s narrating the thing.

    • Banjo says:

      The kids are most likely from her second husband, who she is going to meet.

    • Lucas says:

      I don’t think she has kids with the man she’s married, she’s probably telling the story to the kids she has with the man she meets at the end of the show, like how i met your mother did.

    • rarefied says:

      The kids are her kids with the future dad, like in the current series. Gavin is the guy she’s divorcing at the beginning of the series. He’s (presumably) not the dad and not the father of the kids.

    • PsiHawk says:

      linda… I am guessing she met the kids’ father *after* the divorce…. and that the divorce is just the starting point. Hence Gavin is not the kids’ father.

      • John NYC says:

        Yes, otherwise it’s “how I met your dad, found out he was a total douche and kicked him to the curb!”….

        A feel good story that would write itself…

  20. dude says:

    I like the idea of the characters. They sound fun but I’m not so sure about this idea as a whole.

  21. Alicia says:

    A plot that’s ten years old with trope-y characters representing popular tv shows off the last twenty years? PASS.

    Here’s an idea…come up with something new.

  22. linda says:

    i dont get how the scenario could be titled how i met ur dad. it could have any other title. it just seems force. it should be how i left your dad.

  23. cjeffery7 says:

    eh. you’ve read a breakdown of one rom-com ensemble, you’ve read them all. i’ll wait until the pilot to make my judgement.

  24. Amanda says:

    So is this the future of television today? I want to believe in this project, because the earlier seasons of HIMYM were hilarious and I loved them. But this premise already has me running for the hills. I will reserve my comments for when they actually name the actors/actresses who will be playing these said roles. HOWEVER, I’m scared to say that homosexuality has replaced diversity in tv. Some say it’s good, some will say it’s bad. But if you don’t know how to write it well (and the latter seasons of HIMYM has provided my scariness) it can turn a hit into a flop. And I smell a flop!

  25. hello says:

    So basically Ted and Lilly are siblings in this

  26. Daisy says:

    I think this spinoff is the best argument against the “the mother is dead” theory. No one is going to watch a spinoff about a dad if the mother turns out to have been dead the whole time.

    • leah says:

      it has nothing to do with the original series , so the mother can’t be dead because it has nothing to do with ted’s friends or life

      • Daisy says:

        You missed my point. My point is that if one story ends tragically, a spinoff would discourage viewers from investing in another potentially tragic storyline.

        • Bo says:

          This story sounds terrible on its own without thinking about how HIMYM will end. Most HIMYM fans won’t be tuning in for this…especially when so many of them have expressed displeasure in the last couple of seasons of HIMYM. So they’re likely trying to target a new audience.

          • Daisy says:

            I def agree that the new storyline sounds terrible.

          • Tookie Clothespin says:

            Comments like yours crack me up. The last episode of HIMYM got over 10 million viewers and you think that the feelings of a very small but vocal minority on the internet, probably less than 1/10 of 1 percent of total viewers, is how most people feel about the show. I’m not trying to say that this new show will automatically be a hit but, I’d be willing to bet that a majority of HIMYM viewers are going to give this new show a try. After all, the final season of Friends did about 22 million viewers and almost 19 million people tuned in for the premier of Joey. They didn’t stick around long because the show sucked but, they at least gave it a try. I won’t guess on the long term chances of this new show becuase that will depend on quality but the premier ratings will probably turn out close to the ratings of HIMYM.

        • tjlane94 says:

          Word is is that the dad in this show will be introduced in Episode 1. And Himym won’t end with the mother dying. Give me 5 big hints that she’s dead and I’ll give you 10 big reasons why she’s not. That whole thing is a red herring. They want you to think she’s dead so you’ll be distracted from the real ending. Whole thing’s designed to get people talking.

  27. the girl says:

    Yeah no.

  28. Alexei says:

    Can we please have some diversity in the cast?

  29. Lucas says:

    The plot seems better than I thought it would be. But I’m not very excited because they might drag on the story for a decade and get to the point where we can’t enjoy it like in the early years (sadly, what happened to how i met your mother)

  30. Traci says:

    I’m confused. I thought the mother was distraught over the death of her boyfriend and didn’t date for a long time until the guy right who proposed right before she met Ted?

    • John NYC says:

      Different “Mother” which is why this entire “spin-off” label seems a mistake, the only overlap appears to be the two main producers, who are moving back to NYC and want to do a show from there….

      • Daw Johnson says:

        I thought this crew was also going to hang at MacLaren’s, the central bar from HIMYM. Did they nix that?

        • John 1138 says:

          No idea. But that would add a connection. Though they’ll have to move the set since the guys are moving from L. A. back to Manhattsn to make the new show there.

        • tjlane94 says:

          Yeah, they did. Sadly because I would’ve liked that small connection. But they said, “New show. New bar.”

    • Aimee says:

      The mother in THIS show is not the same mother from How I met your Mother. It is a completely different group of people.

    • Nicole says:

      I really think they should stop calling this show a “spin-off”. It seems to be confusing people. This show has absolutely nothing to do with the original, and I think they should also change the title. How I Met Your Dad rings too close to the original series. I’m sure that’s why they didn’t go with “Father”.

  31. JSG5 says:

    The show will crash and burn. This sounds awful.

  32. Lindsey says:

    Frank- Ryan Devlin, Hamish Linklater, Justin Bartha, Justin Bruening, Josh Cooke
    Danny- Eric Winter, Todd Grinnell
    Todd- Andrew Ranells, though I bet he’s out since he appeared on HIMYM as the demon band guy recently and that would be a conflict in the How I Met universe, no? Michael Urie???

    Sally- Joanna Garcia?

  33. April says:

    I wonder who “The Voice” of Sally will be? Who is the female equivalent of Bob Sagat?

  34. Ginger says:

    Please! Please! Please!

    Let them cast Krysten Ritter and/or Becki Newton in this.

  35. DebLG says:

    When I first heard of a spin off, I thought they’d show the mom’s story from HIMYM – from her perspective over the years. They did that in the amazing 200th episode so I thought that was it. I’m afraid this is probably a bad idea.

    • John NYC says:

      Exactly, like an actual “spinoff”? This is just a repeat of the structure and at best it’s going to confuse people.

  36. Gee, I can’t believe Gavin & Sally are splitting up. They seemed so right for each other.

  37. sarah says:

    Me for Juliet! LOL

  38. (rocking back and forth in fetal position) this is not happening…this is not happening…this is not happening…

  39. AGB says:

    Joey in the making.

  40. ES says:

    At least it’s different in that she’s been married already so she may be less likely to be looking to get married again.

  41. Shannon says:

    I think they need to stop calling it a spin-off of HIMYM because after reading the premise, it’s only sort of/kind of a spin-off of the original idea, not the show. It’s already causing confusion for people.

    • Shannon says:

      Since most people relate a spin-off to having one or more characters in common with both shows – that doesn’t seem plausiable in this case.

  42. David4 says:

    I liked the rumored idea that the daughter of Ted would play the mother and pass down the tradition started by her father.

    This sounds lame. Now casting is very very important, but I’m sick of Type A gay guys on TV. I want gay guys like Max from Happy Endings.

  43. CountryQueen says:

    UGH! I give it 3 episodes. If they had tried this 3 years ago, when HIMYM was still pretty good, then maybe, but it’s run on too long now, so I have zippo interest in this “spin-off” of their bar. I have, mostly, been enjoying HIMYM in these last seasons, but it is a lot weaker than it was years ago. The Kung-Fu episode was just ridiculously stupid. I did like the last epi though.

  44. C says:

    I think they’re gonna have to be very careful with the casting of Sally. Based on that character description, she could get very annoying if played the wrong way.

  45. Jason says:

    Jennifer Hudson (32) – Sally
    Becki Newton (35) – Juliet
    Michael Ealy (40) – Danny
    Matt Dallas (31) – Todd
    Harry Shum Jr. (31) – Frank

    • Eric says:

      Starting the character’s off in their thirties to forties might be a little weird. Sally is supposed to be twentysomething, so it stands to reason that most of her friends are around the same age. It’s possible that she hangs around with a bunch of older people, it’s just rare. If this show somehow manages to run for as long as HIMYM has, Michael Ealy would be 50 when it ended.

  46. Sean Johnson says:

    I thought the Mom would be played by Cristin Milioti in this series and she’d be telling the story to her kids [played, again, by David Henrie and Lyndsy Fonseca], though, since she could be telling this story to them later, they could cast them now and just do what they did before [just have one shot of the two of them sitting on the couch].

    If it’s got literally nothing to do with Ted and his friends [and The Mother], then, to me, there’s no point to the series besides cashing in on a popular sitcom.

    • J.Norman says:

      I doubt that any kids would be masochistic enough to – After 8 years of waiting for their dad to get to the point – would then immediately go and ask mom the same question.

      • Tom says:

        The story didn’t actually last eight years…it probably was a couple hours of their lives.

        • Paul Moore says:

          And we still don’t know why he’s telling them the story. It could just be the traditional “I just felt like telling you this magical tale” reason, but I’m hoping for something more bittersweet and meaningful.

    • tjlane94 says:

      If they were going to do something that tied into the original that much, what would even be the pointing in ending HIMYM. People need to deal with the fact that that story’s over. This is a new show.

    • Stuart Miller says:

      She’s totally dead. So . . .

  47. The cast sounds fun! But I worry about the concept being tired… I guess it’ll really depend on who they cast if people get hooked.

  48. Fernando says:

    The characters actually sounds good.