The Vampire Diaries Recap: The Body Swap

Vampire Diaries Season 5 RecapOn Thursday’s The Vampire Diaries, Katherine takes a crash course in Elena 101, Tyler learns that eavesdropping is bad and a brokenhearted Damon makes a bold move.

Let’s review the biggest surprises from “The Devil Inside”:

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BODY CONTROL | Katherine compels Matt so she can get all the deets on Elena and continue to impersonate her. At the top of her list of all things Elena: fashion and hair. Her leather dress is definitely not Gilbert-approved, according to Matt. The pink streak in her locks is from when she turned off her humanity, and now that she has it back, Katherine does us all a favor and gets rid of it. Next question: “How exactly did Elena Gilbert break up with you? Because I’m going to need it later.”

But first, Mia the Traveler has to perform a spell that will let Katherine permanently take possession. In order to do that, they need Katherine’s body, which Damon buried somewhere he thinks she should have always been. After squeezing that info out of Stefan while pretending to be Elena – and being offended that he’s not more distraught over Katherine’s death – she knows just the place where to find her remains: the tomb she was never in.

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Unfortunately, Elena comes to during the spell, knocks out Mia and Nadia and then runs off into the woods. She tries to call for help, but Katherine put a pin on her phone (genius!). Back at the tomb, Mia wakes up and continues the spell as Katherine’s greatest hits play through Elena’s mind. She runs into Damon just as the magical mojo is completed, giving Katherine the perfect opportunity to put the final exclamation mark on that romance and get what she really wants (Stefan).

SPLITSVILLE | “You’re good, and I need a little good in my life,” Damon says. “’Cause without it, there’s an awful lot of darkness.” Katherine responds with a very Elena-esque spiel about not wanting to be the only thing he lives for and fearing what he’ll do if they break up again. He was right to let her go, she tells him. As if it wasn’t already clear to Damon’s sad face, she declares that they’re over.

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BACK TO BAD | Now that Elena’s given up on him, Damon’s back to his old ways. He and Enzo corner Aaron in the middle of the street. He used to feel conflicted in these moments and tried to be better for Elena, but now, he sees she was right and feeds on Aaron.

THE SEX TRUTH | Tyler overhears Caroline and Elena (actually a devious Katherine, totally aware Tyler can hear them) talking about her romp in the woods with Klaus. (A note to Tyler: When you declared that there would be “no more drama” after your failed revenge scheme, you were asking for trouble.) The look he gives Caroline as he walks away is devastating. So is the moment when he reminds her of all the people close to him that Klaus killed and then orders her to leave. Stefan breaks up the confrontation. When Tyler informs him what went down between Caroline and Klaus, he still punches an inebriated Tyler. “Drunk or not, she doesn’t deserve that,” Stefan responds.

What did you think of the episode? Are you glad to see Bad Damon back? Were you crushed with Tyler or siding with Caroline? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. Ashley says:

    Everything is better with Katherine. EVERYTHING. Also Caroline is way more interesting after giving into her feelings for Klaus. More of that.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Except she is irredeemable after that. I mean…she basically banged Hitler. A man who has slaughtered people for thousands of years…i dont see how he (hybrid guy) could ever forgive her, i mean she banged the guy that murdered his mom…lol thats not something you can forgive…ever. (not that i want them together anyways but still).

      • martha says:

        yeah and tyler nearly raped vicky in S1 and left caroline for revenge and tried to kill an unborn baby, he just came back to get her back as a consolation prize. but of course caroline is the worst here. seriously I hope tyler dies this season

        • Josh says:

          Everyone on this show is horrible.

        • Yanez says:

          I know most people like the idea of Caroline and Klaus getting together but lets not forget Klaus killed Aunt Jenna, messed up everyone’s life the whole time he was in Mystic Falls, and yes Tyler chose revenge over his relationship temporarily but Klaus did kill his mother. He has a right to be mad at Caroline for having sex with someone that killed his mother.

          • Bianca says:

            but the whole point is that Caroline makes Klaus better and slightly a nicer person, who doesn’t kill as many people when she’s around even when she hated him.

          • Josh says:

            @Bianca: Sadly, that’s become the function of every woman on the show(save for Bonnie). They don’t exist as characters, just devices to make the boys nicer.

          • ali says:


        • M3rc Nate says:

          If your comparing the two, and one has to be worst than the other…if you add up all Caroline has done, plus sleeping with someone worse than Hitler/Stalin etc….ya, Caroline loses.

          • Josh says:

            Ummm, I think Klaus is a horrible person but he isn’t worse than Hitler or Stalin given that, you know, they’re real.

        • anam says:

          wht r u talking about tyler almost killed an unborn baby who’s and nearly raped Vicky in S1!??????

        • anam says:

          wht do u mean tyler nearly raped Vicky in S1 and left caroline for revenge and tried to kill an unborn baby!!!!!!!!!

          • Lore says:

            Welll that happened, and Tyler went no New Orleans in the Originals and told Marcel about Hayley’s Baby and he went for her to killer her, and then Tyler went back like something never happened

      • Sara says:

        My thoughts exactly. I kind of get tired of how characters on this show go and murder innocent people and we’re just supposed to get over it because they’re ‘hot’ and they hook up with the other characters we want. It’s stupid. I know this show is not based in reality but there has to be SOME limit. What a yawn….Damon gets rejected and so he goes back to killing people. Why do I feel like we’ve been here before. Is he going to try and kill Jeremy again and when Elena is back (because of course she’ll come back), all will be forgiven? Honestly….I think any of the viewers of this show could be writers on this show.

      • Curly Girly says:

        Tyler has no right to be upset. He is the one who chose Revenge on Klaus over Caroline, so he can get off his high horse!

    • Krissy says:

      no! elena’s better! I loved her and damon relationship.

    • Tiffany says:

      Ummm , noooo Elena is the heart of the show & killing off that for a over rated villain has all but doomed the show …. Enuf of Katherine , kill the B….! Already , it a annoying and stale , with that said , Taylor got what he deserved picking revenge over Caroline , Damon & Elena do make the better couple , Stefan needs a fresh start with a new girl , Klaus belongs with Caroline & where is Bonnie thew all this , that is a major flaw , she’s a anchor & can’t see its Elena not Katherine who’s dead , really come on, it’s lame because from previous seasons we no Bonnie woukd have noticed already , so to the writers fix the show before you lose viewers …. I’m Fed up along with a bunch of fans …..

    • Once a bad ass always a bad ass I never like Elena an Damon together I like d bad damon just dnt like him tring to kill Jeremy katerine will get wats comin an its damon who will give it to her I love caroline an klaus together not tyler I love caroline an stefan as just frenz I hope the writers dnt put them in a romantic relationship.

  2. Stacey says:

    The best parts of the episode were the Stefan and Caroline scenes, I love their friendship and I really hope they never go the romantic route because their relationship is my favorite thing about the show. Also loved Kat, felt bad for Damon, and thought Tyler was way too harsh to Caroline, but she’s my favorite character so I may be biased.

    • daniel says:

      yes, please writers do NEVER go for steroline romance. this is so refreshing to see a female and male on TVD as just good friends.

    • Anne says:

      Yes! I completely agree! This episode was THE PROOF that Stefan&Caroline’s relationship is precious, but as A FRIENDSHIP.

      I loved the way they dealt with Caroline and Klaus’ encounter. I loved that she didn’t regret or apologise for it and was actually about to gush all the deets to Katherine if it weren’t for Tyler coming into the picture. Plus, that smile on her face each time she talked about the situation (after she got the “not non-aprovement” of her friends, of course) was so symbolic… Just priceless. Actually, just like Klaus’ smile was, on The Originals. They make each other happy :’) Oh, and stress cleaning, huh? Can’t stop thinking about it? God, everything about this was perfect.

      Then, her friendship with Stefan. It is the best male/female one I’ve ever seen on TV, and I truly truly hope they won’t mess it up just to begin yet another romantic relationship… He supports, understands and is there for her just like she is to him. The way he punched Tyler and the way he spoke to her were beautiful not because she had more reason than Tyler, whatsoever, but because no matter what happens he has no right to threaten and slut-shame Caroline and Stefan was there to have her back when she, just as anybody in that situation, needed it.

      But the again, this episode was just amazing in every possible way…
      – No Elena (sorry, not sorry);
      – No already tiring Damon/Delena (I used to love them back in the day, but seriously, it wasn’t good as it stood);
      – Badass Damon siding with Enzo,
      – Katherine being sassy + her relationship with her daughter;
      – Steferine :’$;

      … Just what people ACTUALLY WANT TO SEE. Hope it keeps up like this!

  3. Lucy says:

    Eh. I’m ready for this storyline to be over, and for Katherine to die for good.

    • Melissa says:

      Yes, please. I’m already so over this storyline. Just get Elena back already.

    • Cyn says:

      This !!

      seriously though ,, can the writers please find another plot device …. Is it Katherine or Elena .. over and over …. so bored with it …. I love this show .. please stop destroying it with repetition !!

    • Cathy says:

      I totally agree!

    • Lynda says:

      I agree. Pick one or the other and enough said. This split personality thing is way past it’s expiration date. Great to see Damon back in full force again. I was starting to feel bad for him as he was walking around like a castrated puppy there for a while. Would love to see him get a new girlfriend. One that is as kick ass as he is and have them be the new dynamic duo causing trouble. Delena was good until those two broke up and then it was BAAD. I’ve seen more chemistry between a rock and blue sky.

      I liked what happened to Caroline after Klaus because I think it finally grounded her into being a little less judgy preachy. There is something very likeable about the way that Joesph Morgan plays him that makes you want to like him despite being a total -Hitler- as one person put it. I like that conflict because it really plays into the conflict people IRL feel when they like someone who a total dick to everyone, but nice to them. I think that Candice and Paul really knocked it out of the park, giving us that generous dose of non-judgemental friendship and a few laughs. Stephan is obviously over feeling sorry for himself and back to wearing his hero hair, and it’s nice that it’s not for Elena this time.

      Want to see more Steve McQueen and Kat. I think they are way underplayed and I loved the moments between Tyler and Matt as well. Overall, as everyone else has mentioned on either side of the coin, Elena/Katherine – writers give it a rest – and the doppleganger thing too. Let some other people have some events in their lives and let us get interested in whomever nina is playing again.

      Just sayin’

    • A says:



    • JC says:

      Katherine is awesome but they are ruining her character. Back in season 2, when she declared her love for Stefan I really felt it and it was true to her, they need to bring back the old Katherine. If the writers are planning to kill her they should have done it already in the 100th episode. She deserves a proper send off :)

    • Miley says:

      I wish Katerine would had died and Elena and Stefan would go back to the way it was in season 1!! But at the same time I’d want Elena to be with Damon…

    • Nicole says:

      oh my god. yes. completely agree

    • Doah says:

      Yep – bored now – this Katherine thing is making me not want to watch the show anymore. Don’t care what other direction the show goes in – but enough of double (or triple) Nina’s. Enough of Katherine – been there, done that, don’t care. They characters are not likeable. You can’t get behind and root for them. I don’t give a damn if Katherine dumped Damon – don’t want her with him anyway. Giving it a couple of more episodes….but think I’ done.

  4. sina says:

    for the first time in forever we saw some development for caroline and I LOVE how neurotic she acted

  5. Morgan says:

    Tyler is a douche! He dumped Caroline for revenge against Klaus. So she slept with Klaus. They were on a break that I’m hoping is permanent. Frankly the worst thing Klaus has done is leave Tyler and Cami alive!

    • Robin says:

      Ok…you need to get a clue. The worst thing Klaus has done is leave someone alive? Do you think about what you write? You root for the character that murders thousands of people?!

  6. Maria says:

    Team Caroline, tyler had every right to be mad at her but he went to far when he changed into his hybrid face (he was about to bite her) and when he slut shamed her in front of stefan. both candica accola and michael trevino were great in this scene. hands down

    • Ruby says:

      he was not going to bite her! duh! it was just to made her leave the room and leave him alone!!!!

    • 80s says:

      I wouldn’t call it “slut-shaming”. He wasn’t mad that Caroline had sex. He’s mad that she had sex with Klaus, his (rightful) nemesis. There is a difference.

  7. Robert says:

    Ok, did I miss something? Bonnie as far as I know did not feel Katherine’s passing, wouldn’t she have sounded the alarms and I also know Bonnie can see into the otherside wouldn’t she know if Katherine made it over there? As a doppelganger Katherine was still a supernatural being even without the Vampire abilities. I am really becoming confuse with the whole Travelers lore because the one helping Nadia and her mother said they do not have access to traditional magik but Bonnie’s ancestor Tessa was a incredibly powerful Witch who created the Immortal spell as well as the otherside;not to mention she was still kick ass when she came back from the otherside and she was a Traveler.

    • Farley Ong says:

      news flash! Katherine is human again and Bonnie can only detect supernatural beings’ death. Elena is only trapped inside Katherine’s dead body.

      • Gina says:

        Didn’t Bonnie see Katherine last week?

        • Yes, Bonnie saw Katherine because, human or not, Katherine is a doppelganger. I really thought they were going to outsmart Katherine because of Bonnie’s role as the anchor.

          • parker says:

            They weren’t gonna put all of that in one episode. Next week, Bonnie will most likely see Elena and they will somehow (because Elena always wins) find a way to bring her back and send Katherine to the Other Side. I wish they would really get rid of Elena though. She is boring and depressing and Katherine is manipulative and exciting. Plus, I’m so tired of this Delena drama. Damon needs to grow up. The writers of TVD need to do something big to grab the attention of their bored viewers. Getting rid of Elena, the main character, is the best way to do it.

          • Jessica says:

            I am with you. The writers messed up. when supernatural dies the anchor passes through Bonnie therefor makes her feel pain. The question is did she just see Katherine or did she pass through. Also, Tyler sucks and Caroline should hook up with Clause. It’s just a show and their hot together. Want more of that. The writers also, needs to stop with the Damon gone bad thing, thats so over. Yes, bring Bonnie back as a witch again even more powerful. Maybe even a little hook up with her and bad boy Damon.

        • Lena says:

          Why does it matter? Bonnie disappears for weeks at a time on this show. Even Matt is getting more time on the screen now…

      • Francine says:

        Actually Katherine is a doppelgänger- so she’s still a supernatural being, even if she changed from vampire back to human. Bonnie was conveniently “away” this episode but I seriously hope it gets addressed. She would have to know something wasn’t right when Katherine didnt come through her. Can they really ignore such a huge plot hole?

      • Meghan says:

        News flash Katherine is a traveler that is supernatural and I want Delena back together Damon good and Elena back I hate this story line so much

      • Payton says:

        News flash! She’s a dopple ganger and a traveler

    • JC says:

      Bonnie saw Katherine when she was about to pass onto the other side during last week’s episode, so Bonnie DID see Katherine, and would’ve felt her death.

  8. Kim says:

    How great would it be if the show makes this Traveler storyline permanent and we never ever have to see Elena again? … I’m serious, Elena is the worst!

    • Delenaforever says:

      Elena will be back because she is the main character. They won’t kill her off. These are characters from a book. The characters are fictional. So Elena as the main character won’t be gone for good because they will bring her back because it doing so would ruin the value of the show and in my opinion disrespecting the author wo made the characters. If she hadn’t wrote the books there would be no Elena or Damon or Caroline or Stefan or Katherine or Tyler or Meredith or Alaric or Bonnie or Matt . In the books Elena had a little sister and Bonnie and Meredith were her best friends and she was better in the books. Tyler and Caroline were her enemies they hated her and tried to kill her a couple of times and Caroline did awful thing to Matt. But Elena’s character was a lot better she wasn’t whiny or weak. But I also like her in the series without her there would be no vampire diaries at all. The show would be pointless without her because she is the main character. So they will be bringing Elena back soon she won’t stay gone forever. If you don’t like her don’t watch the show because she will be sticking around whether you like it or not.

      • Elena lover says:

        I totally agree with your post I hope for my sake that she will be back soon I am really rooting for that if she doesn’t the show will be ruined for me forever

        • Kathy says:

          I agree,with you too…I don’t like what they are doing with the show right now..too much drama already,bring Elena back…

          • Jessica says:

            Yes,I love Damon and Elena together the chemistry between them is good. Get rid of Katherine please. Also, I hope the writers get Bonnies power back because I kind of like it when she stands up to Damon.

      • Delena Gilbertore says:

        I seriously think that ELEna should stay because I remember when Rose said Damon was either the best or the worst thing for her For me, I think he’s the best.. Then Steroline I think they should just remain Friends no strings attached..And Tyler is a total Dick…Katherine is just too crazy and I’ll the writers to bring the good part of her because I believe she can be less crazy When she’s with sTefan…

    • A says:


    • parker says:

      For the sake of great story telling, they should get rid of Elena.

  9. AlwaysGonnaBeDamon says:

    I love TVD but this storyline is already old. The Stefan/Caroline parts were nice but the rest was SO predictable, I practically wrote this episode myself after the end of last week’s episode! I just hope they don’t drag this crap out for the rest of the season.
    I’ll never stop watching or loving this show but it really lost it’s way when Kevin Williamson left. It’s not been the same since then – Plec and Dries are okay but it’s Williamson who is the real creative talent.

    • sas says:

      There is no possible way that I could agree any more with your comment. It is obvious that Kevin Williamson was the real talent of this show. Without him, it is an ADHD driven mess-all over hte place!

      • charlotte says:

        Exactly, plus using the body swap to revive the love triangle by having Katherine declare Stefan is her true love! Come on, lame move!

  10. I’m still super grossed out by Caroline and Klaus, and kinda wished it had never been talked about again, but good on Stefan for standing up for her.

  11. Babybop says:

    I am SO happy that Elena is gone for now. Damon’s little speech made me want to barf (even though he is the sexiest thing to walk on the planet). Elena is the “best” person? She is the WORST person. I can’t stand her. I’m all for this storyline.
    Go Katherine!

    • A says:



      I don’t even care if Stelena ever happens again, I don’t think she deserves him anymore.

      • janet says:

        Preach. Every time I see Elena with Damon I remember her saying “It’s Stefan, It’ll always be Stefan.” LIAR! Can they give Stefan something new and exciting to do? He is just bouncing around giving relationship advice now. It always makes me chuckle when people start comparing who is the most evil and taking it all personally. This show is violent and kind of depraved. Everyone is bad. Arguing about who is the lesser evil makes no sense to me. I loved the Stefan/Caroline scenes, so glad they’re friends. Also EVERYONE on this show is an alcoholic. Literally every scene begins with someone poring a drink. Just ONCE I want to see someone actually fill the decanter at the Salvatore house. I predict Stefan will figure out what is up with Elena/Katherine first because he was the only one K couldn’t fool back in the day, you know season one? When this show was great. Ahh them were the days…

  12. Lena says:

    Didn’t care about most of the episode. The only scene I liked was the ending with Damon/Aaron/Enzo. I hope they keep Enzo around a few episodes…

  13. Cathy says:

    I have to agree with a few of the others. The Elena/Kat switch story is predictable. Damon feeling sorry for himself and going bad due is old too. I am pretty bored right now.

  14. Pauli says:

    It makes me sad when I see so much hate in the comments. I loved this episode! It’s this interesting mix of me wanting Elena back but at the same time kind of enjoying all the havoc Katherine’s causing…it’s a conflicting feeling, but it works. I’m curious to see how long the drag this out though. I think I’m tentatively ready to declare TVD “good” again. Two good episodes in a row isn’t going to make me forget the awfulness that was the Silas/Amara plot line, but it’s a start. I feel like the show is going back to form and maybe season five can be salvaged yet!

  15. connie says:

    I’m ready for Catherine to be gone. She’s annoyingly interrupting one of my favorite shows. Elena needs to come back and be with Damon. I’m glad Caroline hooked up with Klaus. He’s bad, but he’s hot, same as Damon. Sorry for Tyler, but I guess he shouldn’t have walked out so many times. If Elena is gone for good, I’m over this show.

    • Jonathan says:

      Connie I agree with you Damon and Elena!!!!

    • A says:


      Does that sound smart to you?

    • parker says:

      Katherine IS The Vampire Diaries. Without her, Damon and Stefan would have never been vampires and Elena Gilbert would just be another random doppelganger. This show would be pointless if its origin, Katerina Petrova, was dead.

    • Lauren says:

      I agree with you too Connie! Feel the exact same!

    • mikki says:

      I could not agree with connie more.

    • Marissa says:

      I love this show but I really wish Katherine would just die for good. Why don’t they just kill her off and have Nadia out for revenge or something?…Elena does get a little nerve wrecking sometimes but I still like her and will be glad when she’s back. Like most I love Stefan and Caroline’s friendship and I have to admit that I actually like Klaus too. Yes, he’s killed thousands of people but come on…The Salvatore brothers have had their share of killing too and Im glad Damon’s back. The whole trying to be good for Elena thing doesn’t exactly suit him.

    • Kathy says:

      AGREE with you totally!! I hate what they are doing to my fav show……

  16. Michelle says:


  17. hello says:

    I think i am over this show now that they have done the most predictable stupid storyline ever, a body-swap

  18. JC says:

    This episode was predictable and had less momentum, and it was expected because it’s the episode right after the amazing 100th episode. The storyline has to get slower for it to build up into something bigger again; that’s always how this show has worked.

    As for Elena, they can’t kill her off completely because she is the main character. It’d be like killing Stefan or Damon off. Not happening.

  19. DavidSask says:

    This show is stale and needs to have end date given ASAP!

  20. Kat says:

    The worst episode of the season. I am soooo close to give up on this show.. Extremely boring. I think it is time to wrap things up and move on. Some shows are not meant to last that long and Julie Plec is proving that her show is on that list.

  21. A says:


  22. Brittaney says:

    So Elena gets trapped into Katherine’s body, and then a spell is made to ceil Katherine into Elena. From what I saw, Elena’s body was burning into flames. I just hope Bonnie steps in and does her spells to fix this! I’m not liking the whole idea of Katherine getting with Stefan using Elena’s image, poor Damon! This show is going to suck so bad without Elena! I absolutely hate Katherine, as bad ass as Damon might be, as well as Stefan being the ripper and all, they somewhat revived from that. Katherine is poor evil. In the moment of her dying I actually felt sorry for her, and thought that there might be some sort of redemption for her, yet her intentions were never good from the start.

    • parker says:

      Bonnie isnt a witch and there’s no witch that is going to help her after she brought Jeremy back from the dead. Travelers wont help because they’re relatives of Nadia and Katherine. There is no hope for Elena (Thank God) but I’m sure they will find a way because the writers of this show are beyond predictable and Elena always wins in the end.

  23. Brittaney says:

    This is a great show! It beats “Pretty little liars as well as Teen wolf” however I just wish they could cut out all the irrelevant and annoying characters and stick to the story line that the tv viewers are actually looking forward to watching. Team Damon and Elena *Thumbs Up*

  24. Deion says:

    I am certainly up for getting rid of Elena for a while. Katherine won’t be in control forever. Look at the month. It’s not February or May. Elena will be back.

  25. hi says:

    It’s time the writers get serious and kill off a main character. It has to happen at some point and it has to be Stefan, Damon or Elena. And the most boring of the three are Damon and Elena. Change the story or change the writers because this show is getting predictable and bad, fast.

    • janet says:

      Am I the only one that thinks that the ONLY ending we’re going to get to the love triangle is someone dying? Either Damon or Stefan? That is the only way I see it staying resolved.

  26. Nikki says:

    What is going on with Bonnie’s absence? Are they squeezing her out? It makes no sense that she wasn’t around for this episode. She could have helped!!!

  27. Ruby says:

    This episode was really bad! the only characters that were interesting was Matt, Katherine and Tyler! I´m a Stefan stan but i didn’t liked that he punched Tyler! i mean he guy have the right to be upset! He did not slut-shamed Caroline! he was angry because it was with Klaus! The man who killed his mom! he only told the truth! Stefan should understand Tyler because Elena did the same with Damon.Good that Tyler have a friend like Matt! I loved Katherine speech! i wish it was Elena´s though because she told the truth to Damon! a girl cannot change a guy! Damon never changed anyway!

  28. Alysinia says:

    After sitting here and reading all of the comments, I’ve come to the conclusion that 75% of the people who commented aren’t true fans. Even if the plotline gets sour, you don’t leave a show you truely love. Yes, most of the plotlines are predictable, but so is your life, probably. 3:
    All I’m saying is if you’re a true fan, you’d stick through it and keep rooting for the show ;)
    On another note. I absolutely adore Katherine and Elena both. I watch this show with my mom and it’s basically the only thing we have in common. I love watching her get so pissed off about Katherine. She adores having Klaus and Caroline together, whereas I want her with Tyler. We share two completely different thoughts on the show, but thats what makes it entertaining.
    TL;DR I’m happy Katherine is still alive, but I wish Elena will come back too. Having the both of them is better than one because watching someone bicker with almost like a mirror is hilarious. :3

    • Michelle says:

      Ugh to the “true fan” nonsense. So we’re not allowed to criticize the thing we love? Call it out on the nonsense and repetitive plots? Sorry, that’s dumb. I watch a show to be entertained, not to rip my hair out in frustration.

    • telltale says:

      “True Fans” speak the truth, they don’t pretend that everything is great and exciting! Plus fans of the show have their favorites and no one has the right to dictate how a fan should feel about another character. Either Elena or Katherine and Katherine’s silly looking mother need to GO! So sick of this boring story.

  29. Alex says:

    I hated this episode!!! Katherine should have died and the writers made a huuugeeee mistake leaving her on the show. Stefan was weird, but he did nothing to anger me, so you go Glen Coco. As for the Damon/”Elena” drama, I am all Team DAMON! He is better off without her, I mean yes she brings out the best of him, but in his heart he knows he isn’t a hero and he knows that being a vampire is all about having fun, killing people and not giving two fu*ks about it. I will be glad, if he finds a new kick-ass girlfriend and forgets about both Elena and Katherine.

  30. 80s says:

    I really get tired of the “everyone does bad things” sentiment the fans keep on bringing up to justify actions/ point out hypocrisy. Some people (Katherine) are worse than others (Elena). And some people need another 1,000 years for redemption (Klaus). I love all of my bad characters, but stop pretending that this ain’t a spectrum with some characters on the far end.

  31. Delenaforever says:

    I love this show no matter what yes I HATE this storyline is it boring and they should have killed Katherine and let her die with the thought that she was forgiven for what she had done in the past. I have read the books and I know the storylines are very different while others seem similar. They had changed some stuff took out characters replaced them with different ones and if there are any of the book readers out there you know what I mean. But I wish they would just bring Elena back and get rid of Katherine. I do like her but she can be real nasty b**** sometimes. They need to realize that it’s not Elena. But I love love love Damon but I have to admit he is a little better in the books. He is very different in the books. I wish the ghost writer never took over it’s not cool because now L.J Smith can’t finish the books the way she wanted and they are changing the whole thing in there and making it more like the show which I think in my opinion is ridiculous. People read books because if they become a show it’s different they change stuff they may take storylines but it’s different and I like reading a book and then watching a show that’s based on a show and seeing what’s different because that’s good with them changing stuff in the show that’s based off a book because it gives mystery. But for the show I love all the characters and sometimes particular ones annoy me. But we all have our own opinions. When I first heard that the vampire diaries was gonna be a show I was so happy. I was picturing Elena with blond hair and blues and Damon with dark hair and ocean blue eyes and Stefan with brown hair with green emerald eyes Bonnie as a red head Caroline with auburn hair and Elena’s little sister and aunt Judith and step uncle and then Meredith and Alaric. That’s how I pictured it in my head. But when I found out they changed Elena’s appearance I was mad at first but then I knew I liked the actress and she was doing a great job. Then I was really mad when they replaced Meredith with Caroline because in the books Caroline HATED Elena cuz she was the golden girl every boy wanted her every girl wanted to be her. I didn’t like how they went in a different direction with Vicki. I did however like that they have Elena a brother that was not much younger than her cuz her sister was probably 4 or 5 I think so ya I liked that. As I got into the show I really started to like what they were doing with it and how they handled every situation and with what they added and etc.The other thing that I hated was that Damon and Bonnie’s relationship wasn’t like the books at all and that made me mad cuz in the books for me it was more bamon than delena for me. So I have a different view with the show I like comparing it to the books and see if the storyline that they are doing is close or the same as the books cuz if it is I know what is going to happen without reading any spoilers. If there are any vd book readers out there you may know what I’m talking about. Also if you aren’t book readers and you like books and are interested I suggest you should try the books out they are pretty interesting in my opinion I love the books and I love the show. Thank you L.J Smith for creating this book series so it can be made into an incredible show with an incredible cast :)

  32. Maryann says:

    I am just cringing at the body switch story line and waiting for it to be over, along with putting Damon back into the “can’t stand him” category he was in at the beginning of Season 1 when he was a loose cannon indiscriminately killing. Thoughts:
    -I absolutely loved Katherine’s “death” scene in last week’s episode and I was ver very happy with the ending they gave to that character. It was horrible and disappointing plotting that she stole Elena’s body instead of staying dead. Katherine really put the nail in the coffin in terms of any liking I might have for her or any feeling that she might have redeemable qualities. No one should show her any mercy after that move. She deserves to be stone cold dead for good, and off the show as a character.
    -Caroline has lost all my respect. How could she be drawn to a mass murderer like Klaus? He even personally abused and humiliated her. Tyler, regardless of his own failings, was totally justified in the way he reacted to finding out. She did something that he will never be able to forgive. That said, i feel sorry for Caroline for giving in to lust and darker feelings, and I applaud Stefan for getting Tyler off her back and being her friend. She needs all the help she can get to get over her attachment to an abusive monster like Klaus, and make her way back from psychological dependence on her abuser.
    -I have once again come to detest Damon, as I did in the beginning of the series. He has once and for all proved himself never being worthy of Elena if she was the only reason he was trying to be a better person. It didn’t even matter that the guy they killed on the road had done away with the vampire experiments for good? If I understand correctly, Damon did not turn his humanity switch off, and this is just him having “fun” now that Elena is no longer the reason for him to be a good person. It seems to me that he is permanently broken, and now just a wild card.
    -Stefan is not in the same category as Damon, in spite of his soulless days as “the Ripper” because when he doesn’t have his humanity turned off, he is trying his best to be a good person.
    -Kudos on acting for the huge differences between Katherine and Elena. You can instantly tell which character is being portrayed.
    -The writing on the show has all but jumped the shark. Caroline’s and Damon’s characters have been ruined and we are subjected to an awful Katherine-pretending-to-be-Elena arc that I hope will be gone in an episode or two, but I fear will dominate the remainder of the season. When Katherine IS finally out of Damon’s body I hope she will be gone for good. Everything that was fun about the character has been overshadowed by all that is dark.

  33. Kieley says:

    I think the show was good for the most part. However, I agree that the whole Bonnie being absent and not being able to tell them (rest of characters) that Katherine never crossed over to the other side is stupid. It doesn’t make sense. And I think instead of running up to Damon and hugging him. The first thing Elena should’ve said was “Katherine’s trying to take over my body”. That didn’t make sense either. On the other hand, I loved the scene with Caroline and Stephan! I think what Caroline did was human nature, we all want something that we can’t have, and when you’re given the chance to have it (with no commitment) go for it! Yea Klaus is a bad person but he wasn’t always that way. Nobody is perfect. And they all have murdered someone. It doesn’t matter how many. The fact is murder is wrong and they are all guilty of it. Tyler was trying to kill a baby…he can be mad all he wants but he left Caroline to kill a baby.
    I think they should have more of Jeremy and Bonnie. Give all of the characters play. Also they should tell us more about Nadia.

  34. alistaircrane says:

    Not happy that they killed off Aaron. He was my favourite new character of the season.
    LOVED the slut-shaming of Caroline! Man, I hate her. Please send her to The Originals and don’t come back.
    Love the idea of a Katherine/Stefan/Elena/Damon quad. Katherine absolutely rocks my world!

  35. Delenaforever says:

    If I remember correctly didn’t Aaron have vampire blood in his system. It might have been a dream or an actual episode but I think when Jesse attacked him and either Elena or Caroline gave him blood. But I forgot how long vampire blood stays in the system with vampire diaries.

  36. sls says:

    Well Katherine’s body burned, but was it completely burned? If so, that means either Katherine or Elena gets to live on in Nina Dobrev and one of them dies or moves on to a different body. Either that or there is another doppleganger out there (played by Nina) and Elena or Katherine are going to take over that body (ugg no!!!). But probably wherever this storyline is going is leading to Nina only playing one character.

    If so, my vote is for Katherine to stay in Elena’s body and for Elena to find some other body. I like Katherine and Stefan together and Damon and Elena together so if Elena wasn’t a doppleganger any more Damon wouldn’t have to feel worried about the doppleganger destiny. And how interesting for the main character to move on in a different body. Who knows. Maybe this would make Elena more interesting.

    • Delenaforever says:

      That is an interesting idea that Elena be played by someone else so that Katherine can stay alive then all her fans would be happy. Because since they can’t kill off Elena for good they would have to bring her back so if they do that idea of being in another body would be brilliant especially in a blue eyed blond hair body like the books. She would be the ice princess as that is what she is called in the books and Damon calls her his princess of darkness that’s what he wants her to become anyways. He calls Bonnie his little red head or red bird I need to read the books again. But in the books Damon and Stefan have Italian accents. But I think if someone else portrayed Elena and Nina kept being Katherine every

    • Delenaforever says:

      That is an interesting idea that Elena be played by someone else so that Katherine can stay alive then all her fans would be happy. Because since they can’t kill off Elena for good they would have to bring her back so if they do that idea of being in another body would be brilliant especially in a blue eyed blond hair body like the books. She would be the ice princess as that is what she is called in the books and Damon calls her his princess of darkness that’s what he wants her to become anyways. He calls Bonnie his little red head or red bird or I don’t know I need to read the books again. But in the books Damon and Stefan have Italian accents. But I think if someone else portrayed Elena and Nina kept being Katherine everyone would be happy. Katherine is much nastier in the books I mean having a relationship with boys at the same time was the same but how she “died” and that whole plot is totally different from the show. So I think the whole Elena being in someone else other than Nina is a pretty cool idea.

      • sls says:

        I have only read a few of the very old books so I don’t really have enough knowledge of the books to comment on it but I think a lot of people would really be happy to see a fresh, new Elena. And having another actress play her is much more original than having a new actress play Katherine.

        I know not all fans like Katherine but I think enough do like her to keep her a regular for the rest of the series, and significant enough for Nina to still be the star of the show. Probably isn’t going to happen but I’m holding out hope the writers could work it out.

        And it would certainly be an improvement over the love triangle. I mean how many times can Elena go back and forth before people just give up on this show. While it doesn’t bother me for her to be with one brother and then the other, I know if bothers plenty of people. Why not solve this triangle by allowing Damon and Elena to be together without Elena being a doppleganger destined to be with someone who looks like Stefan. There is good balance between Damon and Elena and between Stefan and Katherine.

        So note to the writers, please stop stealing ideas from Buffy and be original! Have a new actress play Elena and work it out so Katherine (Nina) remains the star of the show. (probably asking too much)

        • Delenaforever says:

          You should know this isn’t just ideas from Buffy the body switch is also from charmed and freaky Friday and the change up they may not be the same way but it is the same kind of storyline. People are gonna keep using the body switching storyline so the body switching storyline was used way before Buffy even if it was in a different way. Down the line there are gonna be the same storylines used over and over and over again. Then people will keep complaining yes I agree they should think of something new. But that’s never going to happen probably not in my time. I’m only 21 and I seen shows that have used the same storylines and it will never get old cuz it’s different shows. So what I’m saying is it’s not going to change there will probably be other shows that use the same storylines that Buffy used. So there is nothing you or the writers of the vampire diaries can do. Other writers will use these storylines too

          • sls says:

            That’s true. The idea of body switching is ancient. But, new ideas are possible. The great thing about good writers is that sometimes they are capable of being original. For some really great writers original ideas happen daily. Whether they are afforded the opportunity to express those ideas and bring them to life is a whole other situation.

            So while I know it is unlikely that a new actress will be brought on to play Elena I can still hope for it. I’m twice your age and have been into the vampire/paranormal genre a very long time, since I was younger than the age you are now. So I have seen/read/experienced stranger things than this. Daring to hope for something is something that should live on in all of us.

  37. yuckk says:

    I was rolling my eyes all the way to Mystic Falls throughout this episode. Everything was sooo boring and predictable like come on. Whiny petty petty Tyler, yeah right man, like you didn’t drag Caroline trough the mud for 17 times in the past, and now YOU’RE the victim? Really?
    Damon was not exciting like ever since the Delena happened. Are you good, are you bad? Make up your damn mind already!
    Stefan was flawless like always.

  38. Erika says:

    I agree with team Katherine, kinda feel bad about it, but it’s a TV show and I’d rather watch someone who’s a little evil but sarcastic and lighthearted rather than someone who is very kind but always frustrated and, honestly, kind of whiny…plus there’s more room for the writers with a character that can develop in to a good person instead of being pinned in to a corner by, “Elena would never do that”.

  39. kitty99 says:

    Didn’t catch most of the episodes for Season 5, but I don’t know I missed much when I watched the 100th episode. I felt sympathy for Katherine in her death bed and was actually a little mad that everyone else was toasting to her death. I mean, she’s dying, everything should be forgiven. Then, she decides to steal Elena’s body. Oh geez! She just lost all my sympathy in a matter of a few seconds. I don’t mind Katherine if she has her own body and Elena in hers because seeing them bicker at each other is very funny. But, this body switching thing drives me insane. Now Katherine gets to hop around in Elena’s body creating damage and well, for everyone that likes Katherine, her being in Elena’s body means she is not her usual self anymore. She has to act like Elena so that no one can see through her. So, technically, Katherine isn’t even there. I also really hate what they did with Damon’s character. I mean, to me, he doesn’t seem to have changed since Seaon 1 which really sucks because I was starting to like him. I always believed that he wouldn’t change before and well, it sort of just confirms my thinking. He just can’t say oh since Elena doesn’t want to be with him, he should just go back to the way he was before. Um…I don’t think everyone on the show got what they want and if everyone thinks like that, then the show wouldn’t have a storyline. Even would randomly act as they please because something drastic happened in their lives and they couldn’t handle it. Can’t they just have him absorb it and still be a man about it instead of just going on a random killing spree? Oh I hate how the series progressed. I hope it gets better later on because I’m really sad about the way it is now.

  40. It was a very interesting episode … but I’m tired of Elena always turning into the victim, I am ready for her to stand up for herself and take control of her body. She has been through too much in her life for her to die now. Katherine doesn’t belong there she is supposed to be dead. The universe had pretty much spoken once she decided to jump into Elena’s body. The whole Damon/Enzo thing I love! Its a little obvious that he would start recklessly killing again, its what he always does. Its good to see him doing what he wants, Elena fell in love with the bad boy, when she comes back she will again.( if he will take her back)

  41. AnnieM says:

    I just want Alaric back.

  42. Ilovedamon says:


  43. Life disco says:

    Hello, im i the only one that hates tyler on this show? Seriously??…….elena wont be gone that long coz on my imagination “apart from matt, stefan is the only guy who knows elena, a hell lot more than everyone else, he’s gonna know something is off. And beside, bonnie is an anchor, if katherine’s spirit is in elena’s body, thats a hundred percent that she (katherine) have’nt pass on to the other side, A.K.A bonnie would know katherine is still alive…. The question is “Will stefan forgive katherine if he finds out what she did”?…….tell me if im wrong

  44. Whitley says:

    So ready for katherine to be dead or at least out of the picture go take someone elses body over and llive her life with her daughter elena has been through hell because of katherine but she just cant catch a break bonnie needs to notify that she didnt see katherines doppleganger self. And yeah caroline did sleep with klaus ut seriously hes romantic and he killed people but duh so did damon jeez with the episode it was good but elena is the main character not KAtherine. Hurry up with the next storyline already

    • starvingdiva says:

      Me too. I actually barely watched this episode as I really hoped Katherine would just die and we could move on. I feel like the show is losing it’s luster for me with the same old recycled relationships. But I love Klaus and Caroline. I don’t watch the Originals.

  45. Elena says:

    Klaus and Caroline plz. Stephan and Katherine. Plz. Jeremy and new sexy witch.

  46. Life disco says:

    Stefan was her (Katherine) one true love. But stefan WAS once in love with the girl who lost her parent so young, the girl who’s daughter was ripped out of her hand at birth, the girl that the originals were trying to kill, the girl that had no one in the world. The question is “WILL STEFAN 4GIV KATHERINE, IF HE FINDS OUT WHAT SHE DID TO ELENA”???……..STEROLINE friendship on boat

  47. Ella says:

    elena better come back.. it would kill the entire big picture of it all if she were gone just like that. as for the haters toward any aspect of the show. you’re still watching it obviously and have taken time out of your day to post comments. yes Elena can get annoying but if you really liked the show as a whole you’d get over it she’s apart of it. the main reason the story began. i love all the characters. and I’m always anticipating the next episode

  48. Elisa says:

    And done. The Vampire Diaries has officially lost me as a viewer. Its a shame. I swear the writers listen to the loudest most vehement fans and pander to them. That and they take their writing ques from that of daytime television.

    Thanks for giving us the wonderful chemistry that is Damon and Elena but I’m officially done, not that it matters one iota to these writers that aren’t in touch with the true fan base,

    (Only things I’ll be watching are The Originals and maybe some online clips of Damon and Elena if the writers can ever get past the soap opera aspect of the show)

  49. Life disco says:

    Come on ELISA, we both know thats not true. Your eyes would be peeled for the next chapter, and seriously, i im super happy for delena boat tearing apart, i really hope elena came back, but Elena +finding out Damon killed Aaron + damon being the bad ass again = Not a good combo…. Steroline have your fun guys. Fair is fair

    • Elisa says:

      I wish it weren’t true, but for the first time ever, I actually turned the show off the other day and took it off the dvr and don’t regret it. There is plenty of quality television out there to watch. If the show gets better, Ill tune back in, if not then I won’t. I’ve done that for years with General Hospital; and if Vampire Diaries wants to act like a soap opera, it can receive the same treatment.

  50. Brittani says:

    I hope they find away to bring Elena back, and Caroline starts dating klaus. Yeah klaus did bad things but so has everyone else in the show, but they’re so hot together. He’d do anything for her just to make sure she is happy (: and that’s what every girl wants is a guy to be there for her when ever she needs him! (: