Ratings: How I Met Your Mother 200 Hits Season Highs, The Following Eyes a Low, Blacklist Rises

Ratings HIMYM Episode 200You like the Mother. You really like her!

How I Met Your Mother‘s Mother-centric Episode 200 — which TVLine readers gave a resounding grade of “A” — drew 10.7 million total viewers and a 3.8 demo rating on Monday night, surging 22 percent week-to-week to hit season highs. In fact, that marks the series’ largest audience since December 2011.

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The balance of CBS’ Monday sitcom line-up in turn enjoyed a boost. 2 Broke Girls (9.9 mil/3.0) hit season highs/its best numbers since Feb. 14 and May 13, Mike & Molly (10.7 mil/2.6) drew its largest audience since Feb. 14 and tied its season high rating, and Mom (9.5 mil/2.4) drew its largest audience to date while rising 26 percent in the demo. At 10 pm, Intelligence (6.8 mil/1.5) was up 17 and 36 percent from its Monday time slot premiere.

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Over on Fox, The Following‘s regular time slot premiere — leading out of a repeat — did 6 mil and a 2.0, down sharply, as expected, from Season 2’s apres-NFC championship debut (11.2 mil/4.4) but also falling shy of Sleepy Hollow‘s most recent 9 pm tallies (7 mil/2.4) and hitting series lows (pending any final adjustments above 6.3 mil/2.1).

ABC’s The Bachelor (8.6 mil/2.5) added some viewers plus two tenths in the demo.

NBC’s latest double pump of Hollywood Game Night (which Michelle Trachtenberg played like a boss) averaged 5 mil and a 1.4, up a bit in audience week-to-week. The Blacklist (10 mil/2.5) grew 14 percent and two tenths, reversing its Voice-free downward trend.

The CW’s Hart of Dixie (1.16 mil/0.4) and Beauty and the Beast (906K/0.3) each added a literal handful of eyeballs while flat in the demo.

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  1. Alice Mary H says:

    Nothing else was on so I ended up on CBS until the Blacklist was on then NBC!

  2. Joe says:

    Decided after last years mess I’m dropped the following guess I’m not the only one

  3. GuessWhat says:

    When you get right down to things, THE FOLLOWING is pretty much the same EVERY episode.

    Creepy bad guys killing nice people and just barely getting away.

    Fumbling FBI guys just missing bad guys.

    No real movement in the story. Just different supporting characters doing the same thing as last year’s characters did. ZZZZZZZZ

    • Tenney says:

      In all honestly, most precedurals are just like this; it’s not just The Following. Think about Criminal Minds, CSI, NCIS, etc… they are all basically the same week after week:

      Bad guy does something horrible
      Good guys are charged with solving the mystery
      Good guys solve the mystery
      End of show until next week…

      It’s basically the same thing every week, just a different crime every week. Sure the main players may have a storyline going on here and there, but really, how different are those shows from week to week?

  4. GuessWhat says:

    Meanwhile, that was one of the best HIMYM eps in a long time.

  5. MP says:

    Although I love Kevin Bacon and enjoy seeing him in a weekly series, I decided not to watch The Following this season. Last season just got too ridiculous and I hate the Emma character. So sad about Hart of Dixie. This was my very favorite show the past 2 seasons. It was nice escapist television for me and I joked that I would like to move to Bluebell. Very disappointed to see the turn it’s taken and the lack of good storylines this season. At this point, I don’t even know if I would be upset if it didn’t comeback next season. Same thing with BATB.

    • Katherine215 says:

      I actually haven’t minded HoD up until these last couple episodes. When it seemed like Wade was working on growing up while Zoey came to her senses and they still had little moments (“you know you still love me” stuff), I was ok with Joel’s presence. but now that Wade seems like he’s kind of moving on with Vivian, I just want this storyline to be done already and Zoey and Wade back together. Fortunately, Lynley is gone now, so hopefully Joel is soon to follow. Though how that will happen when they’re buying a freaking house together is beyond me.

    • Meredith says:

      I totally agree on HOD & BATB! HOD has been so boring this season. I think it may partially be due to Jaime Pressly’s absence, Lemon needs to make it back and stir up some drama ASAP. On BATB they’ve taken Vincent’s character in such a hateful direction I don’t even want him to get back w/ Cat. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the CW has very many new pilots in the pipeline :/

  6. Dani says:

    THE FOLLOWING is very predictable. CBS had a great night and I’m so happy that THE BLACKLIST is doing fine without THE VOICE as a lead-in. Great show!!!!

  7. Boiler says:

    People please turn off the Bachelor!!! In my opinion popularity of these shows is nuts!! Watch a nice fun show like Hart of Dixie. The Lynlkey haters will be happy now and I would guess Zoe moves back to her old place

  8. wrstlgirl says:

    Great episode of Intelligence with an interesting set up into what’s coming. BATB is just meh. This second season is not very good. I’m not expecting a s3.

  9. Mikael says:

    The Mother has made HIMYM good again.

  10. Goodbye Universe Guy says:

    This series is golden for CBS – the ratings will continue to rise as we near the end. Cast making the final rounds on talk shows (featured on CBS’s ‘The Talk’ yesterday afternoon). Right now, all systems go for a very good ending for this series.

    Not beyond the possible that the finale in late March could get 12.5->13.0 in live viewers and 4.5->5.0 in ratings demo – certainly after DVR+3-7 numbers calculated, if not before. Those are ‘TBBT’ type numbers – all very good and would be all-time highs for the series.

    What this all might mean for the CBS Fall’14 pilots, and ‘How I Met Your Dad’ pilot in particular, is still not known, but has to be factored. If ‘Friends w/Better Lives’ does not set the world on fire in April/May, CBS will need something at 8pm next fall. I have to figure ‘HIMYD’ has a very good chance of getting a Fall’14/Winter’15 pickup, particularly with an ultra-strong finish in March from HMYM, which now appears certain.

  11. Para says:

    doesnt anyone feel like the mother rejecting the louis (who is a perfectly nice guy who may love her a lot) is just like Robin rejected Ted? it’s a perfect paralile?

    • John NYC says:

      Not really. Robin wasn’t at all ready for commitment while the Mother IS now ready (which she realized the moment he proposed so she felt compelled to check in with Max) and Louis just isn’t the guy: he didn’t even change expression when she did her muffin schtick!

  12. Aimee says:

    Ouch at the Following. Not surprised it dropped but wasn’t expecting it to drop that much. I’m glad to see the Blacklist on the rise again.

  13. Ally Oop says:

    Watched the rest of the Klondike series when I got home last night and Teen Wolf. How I Met Your Mother, Hart of Dixie , Masterchef Canada and Blacklist are sitting on my DVR. Blacklist episodes are starting to collect and I’m finding no desire to watch them. The show I think is much too procedurally. I was more into the the serial elements of the show but there is too much focus on the bad guy of the week.

    • Eric7740 says:

      This is the exact reason I stopped watching The Blacklist after the third episode, I’m not a fan of week to week shows that focus on one “bad guy”, just not my type of tv show. I prefer series that have one universal “arc” to the season, the story continuing with every episode. Not just series that moves episode to episode, a series that the next episode picks up where the previous one left off. Basically, I like continuation in my tv series.

  14. David4 says:

    I have watched both season two episodes of The Following yesterday and what stood out in my mind is that whenever a character is killed there is a new one that looks just like the old one!

    Bacon’s new girlfriend looks a lot like the old one. The new FBI woman looks just like the old one. There are creepy gay guys, that I thought were a couple, but I guess they are brothers.

    It’s such a bad show I can’t stop watching how bad it really is!

  15. Lovell says:

    BatB is an example of how not to change up a formula that was already working. Sure it is not the greatest series, but I did enjoy season 1 cause i found it to be a love story. Season 2 has been about “deeper mythology” as Brad likes to put it but it is not working

  16. blacklister says:

    I’m so glad The Blacklist rose..I was getting worried there, but it’s going into another hiatus..so those numbers will probably be down again when it returns..ughhhh..

  17. Miriam Maurer says:

    Intelligence and Blacklist went up because Castle was a rerun.

  18. meresger says:

    Even though I don’t watch The Black List regularly, last night was pretty good. I loved the Gordon Lightfoot in the end scene!

  19. Rich Abey says:

    Matt, do you have the numbers for Castle’s repeat episode at 10pm? Just wondering cause the numbers for regular episodes have been strangely down post-hiatus..

    • Tam says:

      Castle had a 1.4 repeat.
      Also, it’s not down. It just had one bad night against football. Now its back to its normal demo numbers. If you are worrying about total viewers number being down, don’t be. They don’t matter anyway and it’s a normal trend for Castle to be down in total viewers in the spring when it follows Bachelor instead of DWTS.

      • Rich Abey says:

        Thanks for the info Tam! Yes the demo numbers are steady indeed except for that one night…guess I was just worried when the viewer numbers went down to around 9 million from the 11 million average pre-hiatus, and you do make a good point about the Bachelor as it brings in less than 9 mil viewers compared to the 12-14 mil DWTS brings in.