How I Met Your Mother Recap: 'La Vie en Rose'

How I Met Your Mother Episode 200A classic ballad, familiar faces, near-misses and an unexpected tragedy filled How I Met Your Mother‘s 200th episode on Monday night as the titular Mother’s story was revealed.

In a surprisingly emotional episode showcasing the wonderful Cristin Milioti as Ted’s future wife, HIMYM journeyed over the past eight years to…

SEPTEMBER 2005 | As The Mother and her friends mark her 21st birthday at the other MacLaren’s Pub and talk about what a great giftgiver her boyfriend Max is, she gets a call. Cut to her in mourning as Max’s present lies unopened – she was right, he did nail the gift: a ukelele so her breakfast doesn’t have to sing acapella. And so, The Mother’s journey begins with the heartbreaking death of her boyfriend.

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APRIL 2008 | The Mother’s friend is determined to get her back out there and drags her to that St. Patty’s Day party where Ted ends up snagging her yellow umbrella. The gal pal urges The Mother to put herself out there because the love of her life could be right around the corner. And if she doesn’t, he may bump into somebody else. Cue Ted bumping into that random brunette, who is just that: Random. Meanwhile, the gal pal bumps into Barney, but rejects his pick-up line about shamrocking her world.

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At the party, The Mother runs into her old orchestra instructor, aka The Naked Man. After his big move fails on her, she confesses that she feels so lost. He asks her what’s the one thing she wants to do and her surprisingly beauty pageant-like answer is to end poverty. Every decision she makes must be in pursuit of that, he tells her.

FALL 2009 | To accomplish her goal, The Mother realizes she needs an economics degree and meets Cindy ( a returning Rachel Bilson) in class. They hit it off so quickly, she invites Cindy to move in with her. She also pours out her heart, calling herself oldfashioned. She believes you only get one love, and she already had hers, so she’s on permanent hiatus. Cindy’s response: You know what comes after The One? The Next One! And here comes Ted into the wrong classroom, telling a corny shellfish/selfish joke that totally makes The Mother laugh.

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JANUARY 2010 | The Mother gets her yellow umbrella back after Ted and Cindy break up. Then she tries to console her roomie, who says Ted has a thing for The Mother. Yes, it sounds crazy, but he fell in love with all her stuff – and how could he not? Then Cindy plants a kiss on The Mother! She truly is irresistible, isn’t she? The Mother is totally cool with the smooch, even calling it nice since she hasn’t been kissed in a while. But eventually, Cindy finds her One and The Mother meets super groupie Darren while searching for a new roommate.

APRIL 2012 | The Mother hits it off with Louis, a perfectly nice guy who remembers MacLaren’s as Puzzles. (As she leaves the bar, Ted enters in that infamous green dress.) They start dating, but it just isn’t love. His enthusiasm for her breakfast show tune is seriously lacking, for one.

HIMYM La Vie en Rose

AND NOW | That brings us to the wedding weekend, during which The Mother is staying as Louis’ Farhampton home. She gets quite the surprise when he shows up to pop the question. She asks for a moment to ponder the proposal and goes outside to “talk” to Max.

“Would it be OK if I moved on?” she tearfully asks. She takes a gust of wind as his yes, but still says no to Louis. (Don’t you want to see the poor guy’s search for his soulmate now? There’s a web series idea!)

The Mother checks into what was supposed to be the mother of the bride’s room at the Inn. As she plays her ukelele and sings “La Vie en Rose,” a mesmerized Ted listens in from the porch next door.

What did you think of “How Your Mother Met Me”? Vote in the poll below and then hit the comments to justify your grade.

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  1. Mcharmkn says:

    I chocked up!!! Great episode. I wish her rendition of la vie en rose wil be release on iTunes.

  2. Mike says:

    1. This was an amazing episode. Thinking this was the 20th episode, I initially wanted it to be about the entire original cast… But, come to think of it, this is how i met your MOTHER. It should be about the MOTHER. This episode was brilliant. Smart. Heart warming.
    2. Cristin Milioti is the PERFECT MOTHER.
    3. La Vie En Rose was amazing.

    And this is coming from a 20 something man! Grew up watching this series. Man, I love this show.

  3. Some chick says:

    Before tonight, I thought she was alive based on the premise of the episode. Ted telling her story has me thinking she may actually be dead like others have speculated.

    • neha says:

      I don’t think she’s dead, but I think she’s dying and that’s why Ted starts telling the kids the story.

    • Stacie says:

      This show isn’t Lost, this show isn’t Breaking Bad, or any other drama, this is a comedy, always has been. It has dramatic moments at time, but still it’s a comedy. If they end up having Ted tell this story to his children because the mother is dead it will be like I wasted 9 years. The mother not being alive would be the worst mistake. I truly hope this is not the case.

      • EL says:

        Honestly, Ted has taken a long journey through his 20’s & 30’s, desperately trying (slutty pumpkin anyone?!?) to find his soulmate and have a family…and in that journey he has had a lot of heartbreak along the way. It has even led to him listening to Barney at times (NO! ;)), being an idiot, loosing a bit of his belief that he will find the “one” and the most important part, he is being the best man in the wedding that marries off the girl he has loved for a very long time; that is an act of a selfless person. The WORST thing the writers could do, would be to have had the mother no longer alive, after Ted only getting to spend 16ish years with her! The show has always flashed forward to Teds “Happily Ever After” and so you know his journey & heartbreak have been worth it. But if they kill her off, the viewers will be bitter that he got such a short amount of time with her.

      • neha says:

        Why would it be like you wasted 9 years? Ted got his happy ending – he met the love of his life, had two children, and spent many,many years with her. Yes, this is a comedy but it’s had more drama than most – infertility, death of a parent, father abandonment – and they could pull it off.

        • Stacie says:

          Not saying that artistically or emotionally they couldn’t pull it off. But Ted having 15 years or so with someone you have waited your entire life waiting for isn’t enough. Sure he has two children and those 15 or so years were probably the best, but why can’t they just be together at the very last second of the show? The show has been about finding this mother, and now that we have finally found her we lose her in the last seconds of the last episode? That would be unfair. In real life is losing someone like that unfair? Absolutely, but this is a TV show, one that people come to so they can be entertained not to be told that in real life bad stuff happens and you can’t live happily ever after. I get they can pull off Marshall’s father dying and Robin’s infertility and all that stuff, but it doesn’t mean that’s how a 9 year old journey should end. I’m not saying we have to get an ending that will have them riding on a horse into the sunset, but just to know that in our TV world Ted and the Mother are together would be enough.

          • JLK says:

            I know what you’re saying. We spend the whole series waiting for Ted to find that one true love. If these doom and gloom types are correct, then we’ll have reached the end of the story and Ted would be alone…yet again. That wouldn’t be a satisfying conclusion. Frankly, I’d be waiting for the sequel, “How I Met Your Grandmother.” The story of widower Ted getting back out there finally and getting a second chance at love in his twilight years. No thanks. I want a happily ever after, not a “those were the best years of my life.”

          • justsaying says:

            I’m almost 40 and can’t find a boyfriend, not to mention a “soulmate”. It’s looking more likely that i never will marry and never have kids. For the record, i would be more than happy to find someone to love for 15 years. your post makes me feel like since i haven’t/won’t, i should just jump off a bridge and end it already. so… thanks for that.

        • jenna says:

          I’m hoping the mother doesn’t turn out to be dead but something interesting was that the mother had her soulmate (matt) and when she thought that that was it for her she later found Ted. I’m hoping Ted is just telling this story on the eve of their anniversary or a marriage renewal or something. It would be really heartbreaking if the scene in the time traveler is about her death.

          On the flip side I was REALLY hoping we would get to see the mother’s reaction to that scene

          • Alan says:

            why would we see the mothers reaction to the scene from the time travelers? it never actually happened so how could she react to it?

      • partisan says:

        Totally agree. Ending this show with a tragedy would be a slap to the face of evryone who’s watched this show from the beginning.
        BTW Best episode of the season by far.

      • Patrick says:

        Her having lost the “love of her life” in Max was a real shocker to me. That parallels Ted’s loss of Robin.

        I have this horrible feeling that she is not going to survive the late night birth of her son, and that Ted is remarrying Aunt Robin.

        • Alan says:

          i highly doubt ted would count that as the exception to the “nothing good happens after 2 am” rule if she died, thats just a world of no.

        • Mary says:

          We know she is alive after Luke because Ted has made mention of things they have done together as a family.

    • Kiley says:

      I don’t think the mother is dead after this episode. When do people reminisce the most about the past? When a big occasion is coming up. Yes, it could be a funeral, but it could also be a wedding, or Ted and the mother’s 20 year wedding anniversary. My impression is that there is a big celebration (anniversary) and Ted is reminiscing to his kids about the love of his life.

    • David7118 says:

      You’re all wrong. There is no mother as she’s simply a figment of Ted’s imagination. Ted’s kids were adopted because after a drunken night Ted, Robin, and Barney have a 3-some after which Ted and Barney become lovers and Robin moves back to Canada to be surprised by Lily two years later who confesses she has left Marshall because she can’t get Robin out of her mind. Or maybe I’m wrong. ;-)

  4. Matilda says:

    Wonderful episode !

  5. Mare says:

    That was a really lovely episode. I’ve already watched it twice! I’ve really come to like the Mother. She’s perfect for Ted! The only thing is, I don’t remember hearing about her first boyfriend who died. Had they mentioned that before?

  6. Sam says:

    Ted she laughed at your lame pun, marry her!

  7. Stacie says:

    Awesome is definetly the word for the episode. I just wish we had an hour of just watching what the mother has been doing all of these years. It filled in a lot of pieces, and is interesting to see so many mischances, but I would have loved to see more of her life. I get they couldn’t make it so ridiculous that they almost ran into each other more than what we saw, but still. But anyways, great episode. I liked every part of it, and it explains why The Mother was just as read to find Ted as Ted was to meet her. It was also cool that the Hotel Innkeeper guy delibertly put The Mother next to Ted’s room. he knew what he was doing.

  8. Tracie says:

    So 1) i loved the episode but 2) i never really bought into the whole “the mother is dead” theory, but the way future Ted talked about her singing La Vie en Rose, sounded very past-tense. Now i’m beginning to wonder. I really don’t want that theory to be true.

    • ZisforZombie says:

      I actually USED to think that…until this episode. I don’t think they’d have the mother pass after they just told us that her BF passed away. Too sad for a comedy. Just my opinion, though.

      • jen says:

        to me that might be a reason to HAVE the mother pass away. She had a soulmate but found a second chance with Ted, while I wouldn’t be happy with this ending it would give the possibility that there might be a second chance for Ted out there

  9. Zed says:

    1. It’s only Monday, but I think we already have our TVLine Performer of the Week.
    2. Clues from this episode aside, I’m still not convinced she’s dead. I think if anyone is, it’s Barney or Robin, the two most integral to them meeting.

    • trainwreck says:

      I second you , Zed..

      The Mother had me rooting from emotion-free zero to tear-jerking softie within this episode!
      Kudos to the writers too .. many shows build up expectations for 100th and 200th episode (yes I am talking to you, Shonda Rhimes!) and then don’t deliver that much.. but HIMYM’s 200th was PERFECT – even with the actual cast minimally present.

    • mikey says:

      They haven’t shown what Robin wanted when she asked to see the Best Man yet, have they? My guess is that Robin wants to see Ted to send him to the train station to bring back the bass player for the band, which is why he’s spent 8 years telling his kids about Robin. She has to be the source that brings Ted and the Mother together.

      • DarkDefender says:

        I thought the platform scene was after the wedding and Ted was on his way home to pack for Chicago.

      • Azerty says:

        For me Robin already is the source, the pilot starts with Robin who is going to marry Barney, and Ted and the mother meet a the wedding. No Robin = no wedding = no mother. And I must say I really like that, it gives a logic to the beginning of the story and explain perfectly why Ted chose to begin the story with that particulary day.

  10. Nicole says:

    Amazing! I loved every minute of it. I didn’t want it to end. I was surprised when 8:30 came around. I wasn’t ready for it to end. Also I think I need to find “La Vie en Rose”

  11. DramaMomma says:

    Loved it! Though Ted’s comments about “I must’ve heard her sing…” and “I heard her sing…” leads me to fear even more that this show won’t end happily.

    • DramaMomma says:

      Had another thought this morning. Given her dream of ending poverty, I wonder if they are about to head towards her bring celebrated as awardee for a prize.

    • murley says:

      He has heard her sing. Many times. Over the years that have passed. It isn’t a clue, it is grammar. I must have eaten dinner with my husband thousands of times over the course of our marriage. And will continue to do so. I don’t see how else he would have phrased it. I can’t imagine they would end the show with the mother being dead. That would be sacrificing an awful lot just for one “big twist” that doesn’t even have any pay off because the show is over.

  12. JBS says:

    Was I the only one who felt that this was all a bit of a letdown? Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy it for what it was, but I guess it I was just expecting more from this episode than any other one this season (eventual series finale included). I guess in the end, this will go down as one of the better episodes of season 9, but I actually enjoyed last week’s episode much more than this weeks.

    • Aly says:

      I’m with you, I think I just expected too much, more than they could do in that short amount of time.

    • Ange says:

      I felt the same way. I’m not sure this was the proper way to explain 8-9 years in 30 minutes. There were parts that were important that I feel were left out. It was like ‘oh, I remember that’ then you would expect a bit more but they were moving on to the next sequence of events.

  13. GeoDiva says:

    Just one thing….. St. Patrick’s Day is not in April. Otherwise, it was one of the best ones ever!

    • John 1138 says:

      Lol: Bays tweeted about that.

      “@CarterBays: Pretty sure that in 2008 St. Patty’s Day was in April. Yeah I’m right about this. Don’t look it up. I’m right. (CASUALLY BACKS OUT THE DOOR)”

    • Teag says:

      Yeah, I was like what the heck.

    • arianeb says:

      The St. Patrick’s Day episode aired in April of 2008, it was the first episode back after the long writers strike hiatus. They must have scripted the date title based on when that episode aired rather than when the episode was set (which was a month earlier).

  14. Justin says:

    I understand having to say no to Louis because it’s not love, but I fell in love with how nice he is in the minute or so of screen time he’s on.

  15. emma says:

    I absolutely LOVED the episode. I’ve already watched it twice. I love the mother, I wish the episode could have been an hour to see more of her life. She really is perfect for Ted. I can’t wait until they meet.

  16. newinkpop says:

    Wonderful episode best one of the season

  17. Tom Charles says:

    Wonderful episode. Truly fun to see things from her side. Was a little disappointed that we didn’t learn her name or learn if she’s alive or dead in 2030, but other than that it was great. Does anyone know if La Vie en Rose is available some place that isn’t itunes so I don’t have to give money to apple?

  18. Margaret says:

    kudos to Cristin, that porch scene was so emotional and poignant. and what a bonus to get to hear her sing!

  19. Tom 027 says:

    Maybe she’s in surgery and they don’t know if she’ll pull through and Ted is telling the story of how he met her while they are waiting

    • DL says:

      That’s a long surgery! ;)

      • Alan says:

        thats also a horrible way to traumatize you kids. “hey your mother might not pull through let me distract you by telling you the story of how i got it on with every other woman in new york except her while we wait.”
        also if she was in surgery they would be at the hospital not at home.

      • JLK says:

        No kidding! They actually went home while she’s in surgery to sit around and chitchat? Because no hospital I’ve ever been to is that homey. Sheesh…all these people with their dramatic theories are starting to bother me. The tone of the narration is completely wrong if the mother is in any danger or dead. Someone should have told Saget that was where they were going so he could have injected more emotion at certain points if that’s where this is going. Things like declaring that he met the mother at a strip club on Thanksgiving in such an upbeat manner would be tough if he’s really in a stressful situation like waiting for surgery or the mother’s passed away. Not to mention the kids’ annoyance and impatience with their father. I think they might be humoring the old man a little bit better if he were coping with his pain.

  20. esunrise says:

    Absolutely in love with the episode. The mother is so perfect for Ted, she’s custom made but I love that about her. Every moment fit so perfectly and it made me want to re-watch the entire show. Blown away.
    I don’t know where this mother-is-dead theory is coming from, could someone explain?
    I’ve always assumed this was just a dad telling a boring story that would not end. we don’t see them arguing that he should shut up – because that’s not part of the story. This is Ted, he’s just rambling, and somehow he got Bob Saget’s voice.

    • Connie says:

      I think it started with the episode where Ted knocks on The Mother’s door some days early and said he wishes he had more time with her. And then the way he’s telling the story now makes everything sound past tense, alluding to the possibility that he’s telling their kids the story because she is now either dead or dying.

      • tiger66466 says:

        I always just figured Ted was so tired of being single and disillusioned by not having met The One yet. He just felt really alone is all. He’d just spent the evening staring at a lone ticket to Robots Vs. Wrestlers. I never thought it was something more ominous like the mother dying too young.

        Plus by the time of the wedding he’s ready to move to Chicago – by him saying he wished he had those 45 days with her, means he wouldn’t have been considering a move to Chicago. Him wanting to move to Chicago just shows how lonely and disillusioned he was.

    • jen says:

      re-watch the final scene in the Time Traveler, an emotional Ted knocks on the mother’s door and talks about how he’s going to meet her in x amount of days but he wishes he had those extra x amount of days with her

      • JLK says:

        This is clearly a glass is half full/half empty situation. Those prone toward pessimism hear that and think, “Oh no! She’s dead.” Those of us who are more optimistic, hear that and think, “Oh isn’t that sweet? He knows how many near misses that they had…and where he could have found her sooner. He wishes they connected instead of missed each other so often.” Maybe my perspective is skewed because I think that about my husband quite a bit. We knew each other for over 10 years before we were together. But there were just too many obstacles in our way through those years. But I think that we both occasionally think that we could and should have had a lot more happy years together if we’d just ignored all the issues and taken the leap of faith that we could overcome whatever. The thing that prompts that thought for us? Anniversaries…and especially hard weeks and months with the kids when we think, “remember when we used to spend Sundays in bed? We could have had so many more lazy Sundays if only…”

    • EL says:

      if you rewatch the The Time Travelers episode, Ted says he is till married in 20years and the year the episode takes place is 2013, meaning she is still alive in 2033. I agree with one of the posters below; its a glass half empty/half full situation. I am single and if I knew that in 45 days I’d meet the man of my dreams, I too would run to his house and say I’d like to start now…why wait 45 days? While being with the one you love has its ups and downs, id much rather have those days with that person, then be alone…the suspense would be terrible! ;)

  21. Mary G says:

    What a great episode. And let’s face it, this season has been a struggle to get through but Cristin just knocked it out of the park!

  22. Adam says:

    This was a really great episode, easily the best of the season. My only issue with the episode was that it wasn’t longer – I feel that if it were a two-parter it would have been much better. For a half-hour episode, it hit all of the notes correctly, but I wish there were more notes to it.

  23. Kelsey B says:

    I really hope that she isn’t dead or in surgery or sick or anything. Somebody mentioned it above, but I would also be really upset if after nine years, that is how this ends. It would be incredibly disheartening and not at all what this show has been about. Yes it’s a comedy with a touch of drama, but the creators and writers have done so much for their fans with episodes/jokes/etc. that I just can’t see them ending the series like that.

  24. Lara says:

    If she is dead I’m going to hunt down the people in charge and punch them in the baby making bits. This is one of the few shows that gives me ~happy feels~ PLEASE don’t end on such a downer.

  25. Julia says:

    I’ve really never understood why people think the mother has to be dead or dying for Ted to their kids the story of how they met. Can’t he just want to tell them for the fun of it? And if you re-watch the first minute or so of the pilot, when he sits them down and says he wants to tell them an incredible story, they both just look bored an irritated (as if he tells long-winded, pointless stories about his past all the time). I can’t imagine them sighing and rolling their eyes like that if their mother has just died!

    • Exactly! I don’t get it, either. I mean – have they seen this show? It would be wholly antithetical to the entire run and the show’s “personality.”

    • JLK says:

      I agree…and said something similar above before I read your comment. I don’t know why people need a big excuse for Ted to start telling the kids this story. Didn’t he say that he really wanted to share every detail with his kids on day in an episode with his parents? I thought he talked about how he didn’t know anything about his parents and their relationship, but he wanted to know, so he was going to make sure his kids knew how he met their mother someday.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Because there is a reason why he started the story when he did:

        • JLK says:

          Thanks Matt! I hadn’t seen your fine work yet.

        • EL says:

          Oh no! I really hope its a happy reason on “why he started the story when he did”.

          I know it would be a lot for the show runners to reveal, but if you are speaking to them again, we dont need to know WHY he is telling the story, just that the mother is not dead. it would be nice for longtime viewers, who are now falling in love with the how perfect the Mother is for Ted.

          And while I have never been good at re-watching episodes to figure out clues, because of all the chatter after the 200th episode, I did go and re-watch the Time Travelers episode. I hope I am correct in thinking that in that episode, Ted says he is till married in 20years and the year the episode takes place is 2013, meaning she is still alive in 2033. Doesn’t the flash forward in the beginning of each episode take place in 2030?

  26. Tee says:

    Seeing the mother is about the only thing I’ve enjoyed this season, wish the episode had been an hour! But it was great.

  27. j says:

    This might have been the best episode of the series, but only because the rest of the series had given them so much to reference. Also: Yeah, she’s probably dead.

  28. nina says:

    Great episode, the best of this season! I like the lother & ted and how they had the one (who thinks it was) and give up till they meet. But I really dislile to make her Ted’s twin like they did it for barney & robin. She’s perfect but no need to make her like Ted, we don’t fall in love this ourselves in real life.
    Cristin is so talented, love her!!!

    About the theory if the Mother died, I believe in it but I’m not upset because Ted will find happiness and have the family he always wanted. Plus I don”t see ted & the mother a lot to be that mad. The writers said there are a message behind all of this and the knew how it will end since the beginning (they didn’t know who will be the mother at this moment). The show name is how I MET your mother, his about Ted’s journey to find love, the days extra with the mother, the title of this episode about the mother was “How your mother met me” not how I met your father… so yes maybe she dies ‘we have a lot of sad moment like marshall’s dad death, robin being sterile, marshall & lily breakup…)

    Btw I think The Mother’s name is Daisy, we saw a Y in her bday cake and it’s the title of episode

    sorry for my english, not my native language

  29. Stef says:

    Was I the only one who noticed the necklace she was wearing right before she got the call about her boyfriend? It looked like one of those name necklaces and I swear the name began with an “L”.
    Leia anyone? :)

  30. wordsmith says:

    It’s kind of random, but the moment that really choked me up was when Roger Bart’s hotel clerk hears her sad story and you know exactly which room he’s planning to give her. Lovely little unexpected callback to his earlier interaction with Ted.

    • Ange says:

      …which is how I think she meets Ted…by a chance encounter due to the clerk putting her in that room. So if anyone deserves credit for putting them together, I honestly think it is him.

  31. wordsmith says:

    That was as close to a perfect half hour of television as this show has managed in years. It hit all the right notes – dramatic, comedic, romantic (and musical – girlfriend can croon!).
    I liked the Mother before, but I can safely say I love her now. She’s totally worthy of Ted, and of the show.

    • Lola says:

      I was about to post all the same things. It broke my heart and then put it all back together again. I couldn’t stop crying at the end and I just had to download la vie en rose on itunes.

  32. wordsmith says:

    Looking back at all of the ways they could have tied her back into the early seasons, it would have been great if they had found a way to also make her Ted’s near-perfect match from the dating site, though that wouldn’t really have fit in with the timeline of her grieving and all, so it makes sense they let that one slide.

  33. Mick says:

    Am I wrong, or is the music, when the Mother talks to Max and then arrives at the inn, the same one as the music when Ted imagines going to the Mother’s place in “the Time Travelers” ? Such a beautiful one.

  34. Pat says:

    This episode, by far was one of their best ones for this season. She really was funny and then she tore at my heart when she went out on the porch and looked up into the sky to talk to her deceased boyfriend. There are not many shows left and it is a shame that she has not been present in most of the episodes this season. I just hope that we see more of her now that the show is coming to an end.

  35. C.Jeria says:

    Here is my argument against the dead mother theory.

    Let’s go back to the Pilot

    Ted: Kids im going to tell you an amazong story. The story of How I Met Your Mother.
    Luke: Are we being punished for something?
    Ted: No
    Penny: Is it going to take too long?
    Ted: Yes. It all started in 2005…

    So The Mother is NOT dead. If she had died the kids wont be complaining about Ted’s story. They will be willing to hear every single detail.

    PS: Loved the fact i could write the conversation with the real names

    • Pau8148 says:

      unless instead at the mother funeral it like 3 years post her death and he repeats the story to them from time to time and they too nice to stop him.

      • C.Jeria says:

        Wow! Is like you people really want her dead.

        By the end of pilot Ted says and thats How I Met Aunt Robin and kids are line What!?

        Which means they have never heard the full story before

        • S. says:

          People are messed up. She’s not dead. They’re not gonna end a sitcom like this about finding a soulmate (or second soulmate, Max: RIP) with the Mother being dead. What’s next? The Mother isn’t there because she got abducted by aliens and the government doesn’t want you to know? *facepalm*

  36. KT says:

    Loved the whole episode and all the little “Easter Eggs” they managed to squeeze in. My favorite part was the reference to Puzzles: “Why would you call a bar “Puzzles”?…Maybe that’s the puzzle!” I laughed out loud at that.

  37. LouieLouita says:

    This was perhaps my favorite episode of the entire series. I feel overdramatic saying this, but what the heck is the purpose of 8 seasons of this show if the mother isn’t someone kind of wonderful and worth taking 8 friggin years to talk about….LOVING how this series has pulled it all together so beautifully

  38. Monica says:

    Best episode this season! The whole convoluted and drawn out wedding weekend storyline has struggled to hold my attention. It was irritating that Marshall wasn’t with the group for quite a few episodes. The funniest moments have been Lilly’s “Kennedy plan” drinking bit. But this episode was everything that made the show worth sticking with for so long. It reminded me more of the feel of past episodes: funny, sad, nostalgic all at once. Loved it! Having said that, if The Mother is dead and that is why Ted is taking the kids on the journey through this story…that would ruin the show and cast a shadow over it forever. It would mean that I would not want to re-watch this show later!

  39. ElSol says:

    To be honest… this episode just makes me want to see Ted & The Mom’s story even MORE!!! I felt that at the beginning of the season, they were missing the boat by not showing more of what the mom was doing during Ted’s search. The death of Max was an absolutely brilliant stroke to make her love life frozen for those years. But seeing HER with all the personality quirks that seem to fit perfectly with Ted makes me want to see them on their first date… the moment that she reliazes he IS the one and vice versa. This season needed much, MUCH more of the mom and this episode proves it. I also was hoping that the Mom was the one that computer matched with Ted for the date he didn’t go on. Congratulations to Cristin though… I never believed anyone would beat Victoria as my favorite but the english muffin scene trumped the entire meeting episode between Ted and Victoria. Ted wasn’t even in the scene and Cristin blew away Victoria — I could just imagine the look on Ted’s face when she did it for him.

    • This! Victoria was my Ted-fave for years, and the second we met the Mother, I loved her. She’s perfect for Ted. She’s a combination of everything he is and isn’t, but needs. She’s just perfect. She feels right.

    • DarkDefender says:

      You know… She could be the dating match girl. Cameron Manheim said that girl was already matched… And that could’ve been Max… But she didn’t know Max died and the Mother was not dating anyone. Could still fit.

      • Alan says:

        the mother was clearly with max for some time before he died so why would she have been involved with a dating agency? you cant shove that one in there, it doesnt fit the timeline established in this episode.
        anyway if i remember right the match that was already paired up was another woman, a doctor i think, who ted did meet, you are getting that mixed up with the other episode about the dating agency from later in the season where ted didnt go to meet the woman because he was hung up on goddamn robin again.

      • Lindsay says:

        No, the dating match girl was the same age as Ted, and the mother isn’t.

  40. Phillipe St. Leger says:

    Guys we’re missing an important clue. The mother said that she wants to end poverty. What if the whole reason Ted has been telling his kids this story about meeting their mother because she’s been away for some period of time, trying to accomplish this. Ted would obviously be missing her which would explain him wanting to talk about her to his kids. I feel like if she was dead, the kids reactions to Ted’s story would be different.

  41. Amyy says:

    I think what many people are missing is that the episode was titled “How your mother met me”…not “how Iet your dad”. The title implies that the perspective is still from the fathers point of view, so the fact that she wasn’t narrating means absolutely nothing in terms of her being alive or dead. If it were titled the latter, I would expect her to narrate…

  42. Eric7740 says:

    All I know is that I was crying by episodes end!!! What a fantastic episode!!! I know that when they actually meet, I’ll be crying again!!! I can’t wait for that moment!!!

  43. Bob says:

    THE MOTHER IS NOT DEAD! Stop with all the “dead” nonsense. This is a comedy. It’s been 9 seasons. It’s not The Sopranos and it’s not Rosanne. They’re not going to end this on a downer.

  44. Amelia says:

    Where did Barney go though?

  45. Andrew Hass says:

    I thought it was a great episode.I also don’t think the mother is dead but i do think there’s a reason Ted telling his kids this story.So maybe the mother is sick or maybe there’s something wrong with Ted and he wants his kids to know how he met their mother.

    • Zoe says:

      I’m so confused, I don’t know where the ‘dead’ theorizing started from. Wasn’t the reason Ted was telling his kids the story because he realized that he knew nothing about his parents and their life together when they were about to get divorced (…or something). I remember at that moment he’d told his parents that he wouldn’t let his kids go through the same thing, realize years later that what they’d always thought about their parents was a lie, and he’d tell them every single thing about how he and their future wife had met?

  46. Babybop says:

    Loved all the little callbacks throughout the episode. The Mother is so perfect for Ted I almost want to tear up…. But if Carter Bays thinks that ending the show with her dead is a good idea, I will find him and punch him in the face.

  47. Lloyd says:

    Since it does not appear to be that the mother was the perfect match for Ted back in season 1 that he stood up to go after Robin in “Milk”, I wonder if they’ll ever address that?

  48. drewm987 says:

    If she is dead it doesn’t make sense to me… just read this in an interview

    “”The show’s hour-long finale, titled “Last Forever, parts 1 and 2,” was also a hot topic, with Thomas sharing, “What you see on March 31 has been the plan all along and we hope that people see why we did have that. We leave the series with a certain message that we wanted to convey and that we wanted the whole series we wanted to be about. It’s very positive.”

  49. Bryan says:

    Factor in the fact that this show is syndicated on a lot of networks and having the mother being dead in the final episode might not be the best idea for that. I could see a large portion of the audience not watching it if that is how they end it. My theory about the ending is that the message is that one meeting can change your life. I think it has something to do with Robin, like his kids would only see her around thanksgiving if she was doing all the traveling and the first story that was ever told was him meeting Robin, which had to mean something. If you told the story about how you met the love of your life you would start way closer to the actual meeting. The reason has to be something to do with Robin imo. Also a lot of the stories with the mother are explained in bits and pieces, there isn’t a lot of drawn out stories involving her, so I think the kids do know their story to an extent. The crux of the story is about the group of friends and like everyone knows they are going to drift apart to an extent and there is a good chance that his kids don’t know much of their story.

    • drewm987 says:

      Ted in an earlier episode says ” kids you know one version of the story involving your moms yellow umbrella ” so they do a shorter version of it

      • drewm987 says:

        um – Ted in a previous episode in an EARLIER season said ” kids, you know the short story about the umbrella but there’s a lot more to it ” or something along those lines… I think people should spend some time rewatching the older episodes because false information is being spread across the net…

  50. Gerald says:

    Loved the episode. Love the whole season. The writers are on FIRE.
    Loved that she laughed at his joke and that the Puzzles was the Puzzle.

    • tiger66466 says:

      I haven’t seen anyone else mention it – but I also loved the bit about her talking about karma to her friend at the St. Patrick’s day party, when the whole thing in the original episode “No Tomorrow” was about karma.