Dracula's Finale: Satisfying or a Suck Fest?

Dracula Season 1 FinaleNow that Dracula has ripped his last victim to sinewy threads — for now, if not forever — we want to know whether or not you had a bloody good time watching the season finale.

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A brief recap, to get your juices flowing:

• Lady Jayne brings in a seer to direct her band of hunstmen to all the vampire nests in the city. They quickly get to work, always keeping Dracula as their ultimate goal.

• Van Helsing, having completely split with Grayson, torches all of his work, stabs Renfield in the gut, kidnaps Browning and then leaves him to be eaten by his own children, whom Van Helsing has seen fit to turn into vampires.

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• Grayson gives another public demonstration of his energy resonator, and Mina smiles at him from the crowd as it’s fired up. But Harker finds her and pulls her away, warning her that the device is set to blow shortly after it starts. Mina alerts Grayson, who angrily orders Harker to get her to safety. While the pair run away, Grayson tries to reverse the damage but can’t stop the plant from going up in a giant conflagration.

• Having been directed there by her seer, Lady Jayne arrives at the explosion site, looking for Grayson. She finds him. “I know who you are,” she whispers. “You’ve always known. Admit it,” he replies. They trade blows, and she stabs him in the leg, but it’s not enough: He tosses her in the air and impales her on some wreckage. “Don’t turn me,” she commands with her last breaths. “You owe me that.” He complies, sucking her dry instead.

• Thanks to Grayson’s attack in the previous episode, Lucy is now a full-fledged vampire whose first meal is her mother.

• Mina finds her way back to Alexander and they embrace. “I was so afraid I’d lost you,” she cries. They wind up in bed.

• Van Helsing summons Harker to his lab, promising to tell him everything he needs to destroy Grayson, including “His name is Dracula.”

What did you think of Dracula‘s season finale? Vote in the poll below, then elaborate in the comments!

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  1. Jacquelyn says:

    I will watch this show as long as it is on. It is so gloriously horrible.

    • Jane says:

      So, not much longer then.

    • SUSAN says:


      • Larry says:

        Love the show. Good mixture of horror with a plot you can follow. I did not like seeing Renfield being attacked. Hopefully the writers will bring him back…as a vampire.

      • Al says:

        Everyone has a demon or two that they can’t quite get a good hold of and his demon of choice is alcohol.He has said repeatedly that it has done great harm to his reputation and his relationships with friends and family.How strong he can remain to being sober is entirely up to him and NBC studios treated him as they believed to be in their best interest:maybe the reason for only ten episodes,pending on his past behavior.Only time will tell if he has overcome this major derailing element in his life.I’d like to see at least one more season,to see the story to its end; regardless of where the story takes everyone.

      • Draculette Swan says:

        I totally agree with Susan. If you don’t like it don’t watch it but leave the rest of us alone that love it. I like all the characters including Renfield. I love that his character is brilliant and not just any ole dumb butt from the hicks! A twist is good but Dracula is one bad ass mother and I love it! No one can play that part better than Jonathan. Oh yeah, forget trying to replace Dracula with the Wolfman! There is enough room for both. Thank you. Draculette Swan

    • Al says:

      it could have been worse.this was not too bad.things could have turned out way worse than its only ten episodes allowed.

    • maliha says:

      I loved the series so much that it left me craving for more and more… however, there was nothing left to suck on, so I request NBC to give it a season 2, the hunger is still on…

    • don says:

      this is the best show on tv. if it is not nenewed, someone is completely out of touch.

    • Catherine E Coleman-Merck says:


  2. Amy says:

    I’ll admit to being glued to the television but some things didn’t sit well with me like Van Helsing killing/turning the children into vampires or 2 minutes of Lucy. But other than that the episode was exciting and it really did leave you wanting more.

    • kaylis says:

      Lol..Lucy is hard to sink your teeth into. Lol. I will be really bummed off this show doesn’t make it to season two. Honestly NBC really doesn’t have a single other piece off programming I like.

  3. Tran 2.0 says:

    Really don’t know if Dracula is going to get renewed for a second season or on the verge of getting canceled by NBC. Just the network’s decision.

    • Fonetta says:

      Finally a Dracula series that is exciting and closer to the legend of Dracula than anything I have seen in a long time. Jonathan Rhys Myers is amazing in the role. The other characters were well chosen for their roles. I have been a Dracula fan since I was a child. Trust me, I know an amazing Dracula when I see him. He is perfect in this role. It will be a shame if this series is not continued. If this is canceled, I will lose all faith in NBC.

      • Emily says:

        I agree I want more of it loved it n they better bring it back on or I’m going to stop watching new show cuz I sick getting u to them an liking them then they get cancelled!!!!

        • Al says:

          At least they can maintain some difference in how they handle shows,unless Fox,who still cancels series halfway through…I’m still ticked over Firefly.

    • Fonetta says:

      Finally a Dracula series that is exciting and closer to the legend of Dracula than anything I have seen in a long time. Jonathan Rhys Myers is amazing in the role. The other characters were well chosen for their roles. I have been a Dracula fan since I was a little girl. Trust me, I know an amazing Dracula when I see him. He is perfect in this role. It will be a shame if this series is not continued. If this is canceled, I will lose all faith in NBC.

  4. Aleana says:

    Love it finally Alexander and Mina got together I like that Van Helsing got his revenge but turning children into vampires was wrong hope Alexander kills Van Helsing and Harker when he found out Van told him true about who he is over all good episode mad it was season finale but I don’t mind having ten episodes for each season so PLEASE NBC KEEP THIS SHOW!!!! IT CAN BE A SUMMER SHOW INSTEAD OF A FALL SHOW JUST KEEP THE SHOW ON AIR

  5. Christine Wilson says:

    I always look forward to watching Dracula and re-watch episodes on-demand. The complex plot deserves a second season to develop more fully.

  6. MS says:

    This is a gorgeous show, and well-acted. But (especially after tonight) I’m just not sure who I’m supposed to like (Renfield?). And this is a fatal flaw.

    • Amy says:

      IKR? I think Harker realized his mistake by joining the order when he saw all those people killed, Van Helsing crossed a HUGE line he’s no better than the Order in my eyes, Lucy is a vampire now and it looks like all her earlier kindness is gone then you have Grayson who JRM already has stated is a bad guy so really who do you root for?

    • Kris says:

      No one is all good or all bad. Everyone has sides that you like and sides that you don’t like. So in that respect it isn’t bad to be conflicted about whom to root for. It isn’t black and white; everyone has their flaws. I like that :)

  7. Lisa M says:

    Loved Dracula Jonathan Rhys Meyers was awesome Renfield was an interesting character as well

  8. Courtney Walker says:

    I loved it and really hope they renew the show for another season!

  9. de says:

    I dont know why, but I loved this show. I have no expectations of another season, So I will miss this friday night guilty pleasure.

  10. fangirl says:

    I really wish they’d keep this show. Loved the finale, even though it easily could have been a more satisfying 2-hour-event. Cable shows show us constantly that it’s not a bad thing to give your characters more time, to show longer scenes, no? I wanted to see more of Lucy, more of this seer guy and the army Lady Jane had swarming out etc. It felt a bit as if they’d cut a lot in order to stay within that tiny time frame. All in all, this show just got better with each episode. I’d be all for a 22-episode second season. 10 epis ist just not enough, it’s a tease.

  11. The voice I Am says:

    Great acting, a little dark. I would bring it back because as you know Dracula never really dies.

  12. Jonathan rhys meyers is gold…I can’t imagine NBC being stupid by dropping the show. The point of Van Helsing is to show that he himself is a monster bent on revenge so he did what he did but it was disturbing concerning innocent children.

  13. Carla Krae says:

    I hope it comes back. Loved it from the beginning. Shades of gray, anti-heroes, all that. Reminds us a bit of the books about Strahd the Vampire (Ravenloft series). The darkness doesn’t bother me at all.

  14. Maureen says:

    It’s too bad the buzz is that they are going to cancel this show.
    What bothers me is that after the 2nd/3rd episode people were saying it was going to be cancelled which I think just encourages people to give up watching since they they don’t want to invest their time on something that they think won’t go forward. I really liked this show and I hope Jonathan Rhys Meyers comes back to us again soon!

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  16. Trenton says:

    The writing isn’t bad the acting is good to great and the cinematography is amazing for a tv show… Just the story is off, like it doesn’t know what it wants to be. Lady Jayne was the most fun character in terms of you could hate her and like her and she is done for…mistake. Way off with Van Helsing … Rooting for his death. Johnathan is whiny and slept with Lucy? Making Lucy be in love with Mina was a good choice and maybe they can use her true feeling for Mina as an avenue to help save Mina. But his just wasn’t a great story for everything else they had going for it


  18. moriza nova says:

    I love Dracula but personally i think this finale not solid as other episodes .
    Executed Pretty well : Subplot how Parker finally loose Mina for Grayson
    Minus : What biggest motive behind Van Hellsing decision to turn against Grayson ?
    Not happen: Epic or “Reasonable” duel between hunstman army vs vampires or Lady Jane vs Grayson a.k.a Dracula

  19. Teresa says:

    Mr. Rhys is the problem with the show. Sadly, his problems with drug use is the main issue with renewing the show. Hope it works out.

  20. ScorpionGlow says:

    This show is excellent. I really want to see a second season, but a longer one.

  21. B SPENCER says:

    Please keep Dracula. Awesome show with much character development left to be done; incredible sets and wardrobe; acting is excellent and the general aura of the show is extremely intriguingl. Finale left me wanting more.

  22. Lena says:

    Funny. I could never really give this show a chance, but I guess it’s hard to support a racist tool like Rhys. Has he had any racist rants lately in airports?

  23. nova says:

    I love this show a lot and want to see more! Please give it a chance NBC!

  24. Tjhihs says:

    Renfield, in other true to form is associated with “D” in various ways, in “Bam Stokers “Dracula, which this is loosely based on, ( vlad the impaler- Dracula-, & Mina) & her recreation into another life, which brings (Dracula back from being dead after 100’s of years,)

    It always starts w/his body traveling, catching a drop of blood, & coming back to life as “undead”, to find Mina.
    This show was creative with how they used the characters( renfield, Van H, Lucy, Mina, Harker & a few others). I will say it lacks focuseed writing, better flow as all shows need a strong start, middle, & end!!!!
    It also needed a stronger NEW character added @ next to last or last show.
    It lacked ALL of these.

    I want it to continue & see if they can “UMPH” UP the plot as I described. Have the lead actor STOP : 1.suddenly entering. 2. promptly saying his lines. 3. Quickly ending out each scene , as if I were in Ny, watching a mid-priced play on broadway. Or as in J.R.M.’s case an “OFF- BROADWAY PLAY. Step it up Jonathon, you can command this show. ( his drug use has been mentioned & I’ll explain why he has that 1.2.3. On camera/off camera thing later about the change in his former incredible acting & how it relates to this 123 method).
    Don’t give up on Lady Jane Fans: she was stabbed first, which Dracula can heal!!! She could be a regular VAMP, or he could really give it to her with a good drink of his blood. She’s a strong character. DO NOT COUNT HER OUT, if its Re-newed!
    RENIELD: I have seen in In 2. Bram Stoker movie versions of DRACULA, BUT, unfortunately I knew he wouldn’t be back. Look for him in some movies in the next 2-3 years, & a 1-2 year supporting role on another tv show. This was the best use of renfield I’ve seen on tv & the big screen. ( see that in my fave Dracula movie ever called “Bam Stokers Dracula, where Keenau reeves plays harker & Winona Ryder as Mina. You’ll see different versions of renfield & Lucy too, which is cool. )

    As for the drug comments affecting the show: do some research about entertainers. There are dozens & dozens, on & on & on, who enter re-hab & either trust their urges & finish & leave. OR they get a sober companpion( see the incredible show “ELEMENTARY” as Lucy Liu is to Johnny miller ( only in the show- not in real life for these two Brillant actors),. If they can afford 1.

    IF opiates( heroin or pain meds,) or meth/cocaine/crack. (speeders)They will start Suboxone therapy to eliminate the horrendous withdrawls about the 3rd day of withdrawls, so they can eat, function, have private & group therapies to get to the root of why they chose to abuse themselves, “ABUSE” being the relating word here!
    After rehab many will chose to stay on suboxone. A variation of it is subtex, is an option too. This also helps like suboxone, but if the addict uses, they know they will not get high, but have withdrawl symptoms(bad BAD flu symptoms x5)

    The key is to Wein yourself of of either suboxone or subtex about the 8th-12th week with your DR or you will need it for life.(another addiction).

    SO, as I cant speak for stars rehab success or not, I know 90%+ of all who enter rehab for extreme addiction, the suboxone/subtext meds i mentioned use it, to function if they must work.

    After an 8-year dependency to pain meds, so i could work, i finally had back surgery. I put it off for 8 years to support my family. After surgery, PT & returning to work, i can say i used suboxone while in rehab, & subtex, (returning to work)they saved my career.

    S0, I can sometimes spot who’s doing what after rehab(tv too).
    While using subtex & for several months afterwards it makes you really fast @ talking, walking, entering a stage for a scene, etc
    Sorry for the rant. My point: My gut instinct tells me JRM has used this in his recovery.
    Good luck JRM

  25. Wally says:

    Please let this show RETURN!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Angela says:


  27. Marcia Murphy says:

    I absolutely loved all the episodes…and wish the season could have lasted longer. I enjoyed the surprises and character twists. Like the alliance of Alexander and Van Helsing. Even though that alliance is over now, I enjoyed the twist. I loved Renfield being a solid loyal lawyer and friend to Alexander instead of the cackling lunatic he is usually depicted as. I am heartbroken that he has been killed by Van Helsing… or maybe not? I think the costumes and the sets were gorgeous. The atmosphere was perfect. I think the acting was superb. Please NBC bring back this show.

  28. Olleo says:

    I loved every second of this series. Though I agree Van Helsing crossed a line turning the children, it made for a deliciously macabre death for Browning.

    I would love to see a second and third season. The finale opened new storylines that I’d like to see explored. I hope they renew.

  29. Carrie says:

    This is such a good show. I love that’s it’s not another cop show! Good characters, plot and suspense. And Jonathon Rhys Meyers? Hello!! I loved him in The Tudors and I love him now. Great actor and really makes the character come alive. Really hoping this isn’t the end for this amazing show!!

  30. Michele says:

    If Dracula doesn’t come back for another season, I will be extremely disappointed!
    It’s different and not your same, run of the mill series. It’s exciting.
    Excellent drama, suspense, love, and the era is fascinating. Superb acting,
    and Jonathon is amazing and easy to look at too. Takes me away and my mind focuses on the show period. I find it the best show on TV along with Duck Dynasty!

  31. Cat Baloo says:

    Loved this show! Please keep it going NBC!

  32. Lorrie says:

    Dracula had me from the first episode. This show made my Friday nights so decadent. I truly enjoyed watching JRM grow in this role. His character is amazing and extremely sexy, heck just watching him walk made me happy! The show itself was very well written with beautiful scenery, not to mention watching JRM literally eat up the dialogue (and people). I liked how the writers scoped out the differences from other Dracula programs and gave the characters room to move. Renfield’s character was a joy to watch, very well played! VanHelsing ultimately was more of a monster than any other in the show. The forbidden electricity between Alexander & Mina was always the favorite part of each show for me. Their dialogue had me mesmerized each week. I will miss this show on Friday and am looking forward to a YES when it comes to renewal time. NBC, listen to viewers who like meaty shows, not just cooking shows, reality TV or the mindless comedies that take up the schedule. Actually promote a show instead of talking about non-renewal 1/4 way through which scares viewers away. Bring back gorgeous JRM and his interesting take on Dracula. You will have a loyal viewer in me and from the looks of it many others as well.

  33. Patty Booze says:

    This show is my absolute favorite! I think Jon Ryes Meyers is one of the best actors I’ve ever seen. The finale was super. It was all as it should be, what happened to Lucy, Lady Jane, Van Helsing. I hope they can mend Renfro , he is great. Even without him, I would watch it. And then the ending with Greyson and Mina kissing, it was all Golden. Please bring it back!

  34. crash moore says:

    Thank you NBC for sparing me from another weekly hour of entertaining science fiction.
    Star Trek, V (the original), Seaquest, Earth2 (god, how I hated hearing Uly being called in every other scene), Quantum Leap, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century… Dracula

  35. nme says:

    Do not. I repeat, do not cancel Dracula. That’s all I have to say.

  36. Its a mixed bag for me given that the show has an amazing production look, and the acting was good ,

    My issues being the script , and its horrible energy story line , and the then how crazed both the characters played by Oliver Jackson Cohen , and Thomas Kretschmann became at the end ,, it seemed very forced ,

    But that said if they keep having Jonathan Rhys Meyer strip down then I sure as heck will be tuning in ! Its also one of the few shows I make time to watch when its on, and do not plan to view later via streaming

  37. Denise says:

    Love the show! Please bring it back!

  38. Hamilton says:

    I really enjoyed this “mini series event”, If it does not return. I enjoyed the revenge by Van Helsing which was very appropriate for the head of a secret society who created the monster so long ago, to become a victim by his own children. The children used in a revenge plot by a father who was torn apart watching his children burn in home in front of him as punishment. The plots and action seemed to flow in my opinion and I enjoyed being in suspense to see what ways and means the characters would hand out their justice. Many always say, “I would love to be a fly on the wall in that room”. Some of you need to relax and enjoy being a fly on the wall. Not to mention it is a television show designed to thrill you, capture your attention for an hour, and then you turn the channel to watch something else. Wow!; this is not intended to be reality.

  39. Sue says:

    Loved, loved, loved Van Helsing in this series. Thomas Kretschmann was wonderful and he made the finale for me.

    If there is a season two, he’ll be why I stick around.

  40. Monika Kish says:

    Myself and family members and there households will continue to watch Dracula as long as its on. We love this show!! So please give it another season!! :)

  41. ronda estep says:

    keep it on the air i love the show it’s the best thing on tv can’t wait till the next season fingers crossed this show has the best cast

  42. cat says:

    This is one of those shows that makes me forget where I am for an hour and allows me to be completely enveloped in another world, for better or worse. There aren’t to many shows that can completely transport me from my mid-grade life, but this does. Grayson/Dracula is just so unbelievably sexy, the scene from one of the first episodes with Grayson and Lady Jane in the theater, heavy petting, making out and the sex… incredibly hot, nothing to nasty, but super sensual. Yeah, that scene cemented my love of this show ( I even rewound it a few times ;). Then when I found out the struggles of JRM in real life, struggles I have survived myself, it just makes me want to support this show that much more. It’s something different, not just the redundancies of Reality TV or cops/robbers and hospital shows. They bore me, they stay very shallow and not an original idea can be seen in any of them. How many “Ripped From the Headlines”, shows can be on TV at one time? The answer is entirely to many so Dracula is a refreshing change. I don’t need to see shows that remind me of the crap that is everyday life. What I want is a fantasy that can completely engulf me so I can forget the “headlines” and news of that day. In my opinion that’s a good show and even though parts of Dracula could have been better, over all it did what it intended to do, at least for myself. One last thing, I’ve noticed many people commenting on what Van Helsing did to the children. I can’t lie it shocked the crap out of me too, but if a monster slaughtered my entire family(and many others) in front of me, they would pay. The end justifies the means in the world where Dracula exists. I thought it was shocking and fit the story exactly. I’ll be waiting impatiently for season 2.

  43. juliesparkle says:

    After reading his background he is an AMAZINGLY CAPABLE AND VERY TALENTED ACTOR!! SELF-TAUGHT MUSICIAN.. He is mesmerizing as a leading man!!
    Also remembered seeing him in Alexander,& Mission Impossible 3.
    In DRACULA HE IS SEXY, dominant, precise and simply a JOY TO SEE WORK!!!🎇🎇⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  44. Liz says:

    Every week i look forward to watch the show,will very much hope for next season.HUGE FAN. NBC i’m counting on your good judgement. Please consider continuing this show. Thank You.

  45. Dalyce says:

    Excellent re-interpretation of a classic. No more Boris Karloff, or Peter Cushing stereotypes. JRM has brought heart (if you’ll forgive the pun) to the titular character. Forget the cape-waving, one-dimensional bite and hiss character…Dracula reinvented is an anti-hero complete with angst and anger. The supporting cast are absolutely marvelous, inhabiting their roles with growth and depth as each new episode unfolds. Love it NBC…give us Season 2!!!

  46. Rosanna says:

    Excellent show omg I will wait for season 2 please.

  47. Angelina says:

    I hope it does not get canceled! I loved this show!
    They cannot leave us just hanging….

  48. Mikael says:

    I liked the show, but didn’t love it. I was hoping for more Dracula vs. The Order. The battle was more political warfare than physical. While I did like the political stuff, I think more action was needed. If it comes back for a 2nd season, I will definitely watch it, but I prefer Hannibal over Dracula.

  49. Christina says:

    Out of all of NBC’s lineup this is the only show I watch on their network. I thought the show was a great take on a legend. Not too cheesy, not too unbelievable, a good mix of legend with a new twist. The season only got better as it kept going. I hope NBC realizes what a mistake it would be to cancel, as their late premiere date cost them larger ratings. By the time the show premiered people were already set on their Friday night shows. Never mind that most of their target demo, go out on friday nights and weekends (18-34 yr. olds) and tend to DVR the show instead of watch live.
    Just a word of advice NBC… promote the show and launch it when the season starts so that your target demo will know when to set their DVR’s (not “on demand”) to record and then get accurate numbers from Nielsen reflecting that demo and their preferred watch method. Finally, if you do not think the number are large enough…. then do not cancel the swhow just move it to the Sci-fi network or some other channel you own for those of us who watched the first season and are hooked on the show and know how really great it is!!!!!!!!

  50. Robin says:

    I loved the show. I can’t wait for the next season… when is it?