Community's Troy Farewell: Did You Lava It?

Donald Glover Last Episode CommunityThe Troy and Abed Era is officially over.

Community said sayonara to Troy Barnes on Thursday in an episode that found Abed concocting an elaborate campus-wide activity to distract himself from his buddy’s looming departure.

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As revealed in last week’s fantastic “Cooperative Polygraphy,” the late Pierce bequeathed Donald Glover’s Greendale vet a trip around the world. But before Troy sets sail via the aptly-named “Childish Tycoon” — captained by LeVar Burton! — Abed organizes an epic bon voyage event that starts out as a fun little game called “Hot Lava” and snowballs into a full-on disaster-movie homage.

Paintball-level pandemonium erupts throughout Greendale, and series creator Dan Harmon leaves no B-movie trope unturned (“Shirley Island” was my personal fave). But amid all the chaos, Abed’s very real feelings about Troy’s departure begin to surface. “It’s not a game for me, Troy,” he admits to his BFF. “I’m seeing real lava because you’re leaving; it’s embarrassing. I don’t want to be crazy but I am crazy. So I made a game that made you and everybody else see what I see.”

VIDEO | Community Cast Reacts to Donald Glover’s Departure

Cue Abed’s fake-death, followed by his fake-resurrection/cloning, followed by Troy’s crazy-touching Wizard of Oz-esque goodbye to each member of the study group (during which we learned stuff, like, Jeff has never stepped foot outside of Colorado!).

What did you think of the episode? Did you, like me, lose it when Troy and Abed hugged in the final moments? Do you really think this will be the last we see of him? Rate the episode in the poll below and then justify your grade in the comments!

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  1. wonderwall says:

    It was one of the most weirdly beautiful episodes. I’m going to miss Troy so much!

    • benis says:

      really? i was pretty bummed they wasted all that time with the lava stuff. the end when it was just troy and abed talking and the send off were the best parts. wish the whole episode would have had more of that feel.

  2. Christine says:

    That was awesome! It was emotion-filled and hysterical at the same time.

  3. Drew says:

    A sad farewell to Troy. I hope he comes back someday and doesn’t get Pierced.

    As for Donald Glover… After everything that Scrubs did for him!!!

  4. TV Gord says:

    It’s impossible to boil down my feelings for this episode in one word, and I wouldn’t even try. That being said….


  5. Angela says:

    God, that ending had me full-on sobbing. All his goodbyes with the rest of the group were sweet, and Abed and Troy having “clone versions” of themselves to keep with them…I’m getting emotional just thinking about it all over again.
    Also, the reveal of Troy’s sailing partner? AWESOME :D. And I loved Hickey and his contraption he had as well.
    I’m going to miss the hell out of him, but what a fantastic way to send him off.

    • DreamRose311 says:

      I’m tearing up again reading what you said! I cried all the tears, I didn’t think that would ever happen during Community

  6. cjeffery7 says:

    “Troy and Abed in a bubble!”

  7. Tom Charles says:

    It was perfection. It was perfect.

  8. Karen says:

    Loved the episode – cried like a baby the last 5 minutes. Somebody hug me, please!

  9. amy says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who bawled! It was the perfect send off for Troy.

  10. GuessWhat says:

    two cast members down now
    and out of storylines
    wrap this sucker up

  11. Et al. says:

    This season is so amazing. Whoever fired Dan Harmon last season needs to be fired from whatever position they hold.

    • LizzieB says:

      Those responsible for sacking the people who have been sacked, have been sacked.

    • Phil says:

      With the way this season has gone so far, part of me is actually happy that Dan Harmon was gone last year. Obviously we all knew he was the genius behind Community, but after seeing the show with him, then without him, and now with him again, it just makes me appreciate his brilliance so much more.

      There really is now show as inventive and superb as Community and having Dan Harmon leave and return just proves to the world how crucial he is to it.

      • Patrick says:

        I think it helped him tighten up his writing. Season 3 was really up and down, and he was in charge that year. I think the season away humbled him, which he needed. He has been better this year.

        But the real test is yet to come. What does the show do now without Pierce and Troy?

      • Alan says:

        i think people are giving harmon way too much credit, he has only co-written the first episode of the season, other writers have handled the better episodes of the season, in other words the last two episodes the first 3 were a bit ropey to me, and they should be getting the credit they deserve for their great writing rather than harmon. ive got to wonder if it was never made public that he left or that he came back would we be getting these same reactions to the episodes, i highly doubt it.

        • elf says:

          Just because you see one or two names in the “Written by” credit does not mean that writer(s) was solely responsible for everything you see on the screen. There are staff writers who contribute to every script, story editors who add/trim/edit as they see fit, and as showrunner, Harmon has absolute control. And though the credits may say “Written by Joe Schmo,” Mr. Schmo was likely ordered to write the shell of a script with certain plot points as outlined by Harmon, then fleshed out by Harmon and the rest of the staff. In fact, what you see on the screen may often bear little resemblance to what the epsode’s original writers came up with.

        • morgan says:

          Phew I’m glad someone else feels this way. I’m a huge community fan but i have not been floored by this season so far except for this most recent episode. Everything I was reading online acted like Dan Harmon returning was the second coming but, and I’m not trying to be nasty, I haven’t noticed a huge improvement in the show. My opinion is probably in the minority but there it is. I did love this episode and especially how they let Britta have a moment or two- I’m sick of her being a punching bag.

  12. S says:

    I hate it when actors leave shows to pursue other projects and try to make it big in movies, but then it comes back to bite them in the ass and have nothing.

  13. Ron says:

    I LOVED this episode. I laughed and cried. This was the most perfect way to send Troy off, both emotional and funny. It was a brilliant episode, but I’m going to miss #troyandabedinabubble

  14. Bartleby says:

    This show is incredible. That is all.

  15. mikey says:

    Troy this week and Anne Perkins and Chris Traeger next week! Ugh!

  16. Way cool! Now if only Chase’s character’s death was a ruse to get rid of Troy….

  17. Crystal says:

    Community made me cry! A perfect send off for Troy.

  18. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I’m sorry to see you go, dong lover, but good luck to you in all your future endeavors, whether they be Childish Gambino, that new Atlanta show on FX, or whatever else you choose to do in life. Thanks for the memories. And the laughs.

  19. rowan77 says:

    This was such an amazing episode. So glad Harmon has the reins again. This was one of their very best episodes of the series. I will miss Donald Glover’s Troy and look forward to seeing his new show.

  20. Tenney says:

    One of the best character send-off episodes I have ever seen. It was strange, hilarious, and beautiful all at the same time. There is nothing else like Community on TV right now and I don’t think there ever will be. Love this show.

  21. Jeff says:

    Agree with the general consensus here – an excellent send off for Troy, too many funny scenes and movie references parodied to mention, just glad Dan is back. One thing – I’ve been watching almost since the beginning, and never knew it was set in Colorado!

    • gdv says:

      This also confused me. I always assumed it was California. It’s so sunny all the time! And it’s never snowing in the Christmas episodes.

      • Alan says:

        thats because its filmed in california.

        • gdv says:

          Obviously they do, but usually shows try to fake winter time (have characters wear puffy coats, add some fake snow on the ground, etc.). I don’t think Community’s ever attempted to make it look cold outside. Anyway, I still love the show. I was just surprised at the Colorado mention.

        • reccer says:

          Other shows like The Middle, The Office, Glee and Buffy the Vampire Slayer film(ed) in California, yet they were able to have snow. The office actually had real snow for a snowball fight sequence outside. It’s just an error in planning on Harmon’s part.

          • Summer says:

            Though the snow on Buffy was a plot point, sort of. Or the after-effect of the plot. Since Buffy actually took place in California.

    • morgan says:

      It says on the DVD packaging that it’s set in CO

  22. Austin says:

    It was an amazing episode and a great send off (but so heartbreaking </3). I love the direction Community has gone this season. The past three episodes have been pretty much perfection. I can't wait to see what will happen next. Bye Troy. Hopefully you'll come back after your trip. ;)

  23. Matt Barnes says:

    yeah… Colorado??? it has clearly always been in Southern California. where the Colorado thing came from, i do not know!

  24. R.O.B. says:

    This episode was classic and original. Hilarious. Everyone on the show throws themselves fully into these oddball situations and it is funny how the whole campus always seems to change at the snap of a finger (like the first paintball episode, where the campus was transformed during Jeff’s 15 minute nap). The whole caterpillar/inchworm chair-based transportation system was freaking genius.

    Seems to me they kept the door wide open for Troy’s return, if the show makes it that far.

    • gdv says:

      I love how the prizes always get bigger and bigger, making everyone take the games so seriously. (The Dean: “$50,000?!?!” [jumps onto desk])

  25. Weezy says:

    As classic as the paintball episodes. The concept was genius and the execution even better. I think it was my favorite Community episode ever…glad Harmon is back.

  26. Joey says:

    It was a great episode. Great and epic way to say goodbye to Troy. I’ll miss seeing Troy and Abed together and their great adventures on the show.

  27. Beautiful. It was beautiful.

  28. Kolby says: