Exclusive: The Mentalist Casts Graceland Actor as Lisbon's New Beau

The Mentalist Cast Lisbon BoyfriendThe Mentalist sees possible romance on the horizon for one Teresa Lisbon.

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TVLine has learned exclusively that Pedro Pascal — whose recent TV credits include Graceland, Red Widow and an upcoming arc as Game of Thrones‘ Oberyn Martell — has joined the CBS procedural in the recurring role of FBI Special Agent Marcus Pike.

Pike is described as “a charming man with integrity, a blue-collar cop with FBI smarts.” As previously scooped by my Inside Line column, when the G-man enlists Jane and Lisbon to help track a band of art thieves, he takes an instant shine to the latter and sets out to sweep her off her feet.

Pascal debuts in Episode 16, and will be around for at least five episodes. The Mentalist resumes Season 6 on March 9, with Episode 13.

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  1. EL says:

    So that means if this is the show’s final season (see The Cancellation Bear), the showrunners have decided that Jisbon shippers can suck it. Too bad.

    • Heather says:

      That’s what frustrates me! A renewal isn’t looking to great and now they want to do this for 5 episodes.

    • Anna says:

      Don’t listen to anything the bear says. They don’t know anything. It’s all speculation. Ratings have been decent this year.

    • Rich Abey says:

      The Mentalist is not going to be cancelled this year, as Season 6 has better ratings than the last 2 seasons & the quality of the episodes (especially the serialized end to Red John & the transfer to Texas) is far better than S4/S5. So no logic in cancelling the show, which surely has another season in it.

    • Thor says:

      So who is JISBON. ????? Not Lisbon so who is it?

    • susan says:

      i knoe…..how can they do that!!!!!!

    • MJW says:

      IMO The Mentalist is not the same anymore, l just cannot get into it, this new FBI woman does not come over as good as Lisbon does, and Grace, ooh that fringe is awful, get rid of it please, and programme makers please give Patrick something he can really get his teeth into, not just seem to go along with the flow, its a waster of Simon Bakers talents.

      • Holly Stumpf says:

        you are so right! Patrick needs to have better story lines, use his mental abilities, with his beautiful face…Grace and goofball are just kind of extra at this point. I would like to see more stories concentrate on Cho..

    • Stephie59 says:

      I like Pike for Lisbon. Why can’t Jane just be a good friend? Does every lead character have to be with the other lead character? Geez people. Grow up!

  2. Erin says:

    I’m happy for the arc in the show for Lisbon’s sake. Jane left and for 2-years she sat around in Washington State working and receiving letters from him. Taking no other actions in her life. Perhaps Jane will realize he did indeed miss out on something.

    On the topic of possible cancellation I do not dare believe CBS will cancel TM. Because when I do, I see red. And Patrick Jane would not approve of this.

    • Ann Parker says:

      the reason I stopped watching tm was because it was getting too dark. and “the red” oh we got him, no you didn’t, oh we got him now, no you didn’t . I’m sick of the red get him or quit looking for him, BORING.

      • Victora says:

        You do realize that story arc has ended. They caught Red John before you even posted this comment. So, if that was your only reason for not watching, you can come back. Why spend time commenting when you’re not watching and don’t even know what’s going on??? Odd…

  3. Adelaide says:

    This is very bad damn it Bruno Heller,,,they’re going to cancel the show and you are still building your characters if you didn’t give the audiences what they want they will stop watching and I’m really I see cancelation is in the air
    is it mean we’ve to say goodbye to our jisbon dream

    • Mary says:

      I don’t think the show should be only about jlisbon, What about the entire and original cast? What about good and interesting crimes and investigation?

  4. Cinco episódios? É, parece que Heller está de brincadeira com a nossa cara. E o Jisbon? Triste demais. Se for o cancelamento da série, tinha que ser um final com chave de ouro, para ser lembrado por todos os fãs!

  5. K, says:

    I don’t know why people are so negative about this news… you should enjoy the show and trust the crew, i mean, after 6 years, you still don’t think Bruno are not giving us what we want?

    • Rich Abey says:

      Exactly. Have people already forgotten that Jane got to have his personal revenge on Red John (just as we fans hoped for) after all this time?

  6. cmc5223 says:

    Dont worry, Jisbon will probably develop alongside this boyfriend storyline.
    Jisbon is end game.

    • Lu says:

      I hope not! Prefer the close friendship over romance with these two.

    • Mary says:

      don’t like soap opera, this was a good police drama, fun to watch. Jlisbon is ok, but please add something else, not just romance

      • WDV says:

        Nothing wrong with Lisbon having a boyfriend. However than I agree with the others. Than never bring lisbon and jane together. Than it’s fine.

        However if this storyline is a way to start the whole jisbon thing, trough jealousy, love triangles etc. Than I would hate it and seems very unoriginal writing to me. Sounds like the last few episodes of season 2 of Castle.

        So either Heller wants to bring them together, than start now without letting them start dating others.

        Or decide to never bring them together and than he can start giving them other relationships as much as he like.

        I mean what’s next? Jane and Kim?

        • Penny says:

          I really don’t care for Kim. I’d like to see her transferred to another office and Lisbon promoted. Jane is too crazy for Lisbon but he respects her, even though he runs amok, she’s got the patience to deal with him. The saga of RJ went on way too long for me. I hope they don’t drag the story line of trying to get the person or persons trying to assassinate the CBI team. I think the network was trying to kill the show by taking it off the air for so long. They sure came up with a lot of of new duds.

      • anne says:

        Add Rigsby and Van pelt i miss the entire original characters

  7. enri says:

    Can’t wait to see how Jane reacts. This will be such an interesting storyline. Jisbon is end game. Here’s hoping for season 7.

  8. TM says:


    – The Fandom

  9. Andrew Hass says:

    Lisbon having someone interested ion her could force Patrick to examine his own feelings and make his own move on her.Plus he may not know if Lisbon sees him as more than a friend or not and she doesn’t then he may not want to ruin their friendship by admitting his feelings.Plus the article doesn’t say how Lisbon feels about this guy really and she may like a guy pursuing her.

    • starfox9 says:

      Given how perceptive Jane is, I think I would find it hard to believe that he doesn’t know exactly how Lisbon feels about him. I’m pretty sure he can read her like a book. I agree with what you said about Lisbon’s new love interest probably causing Jane to make a move though.

      • dr.j says:

        I agree when you say jane is perceptive. How does ‘the mentalist’ miss something like that and do not know his own feelings? he sleeps with that every night, but when it comes to make a move, too slow. he seduces and hooks up with lot of women, but no feelings involved; however if it’s something personal (like lisbon) the man takes a lot of time (see RJ). I think that’s the point. and about she, she knows what she feels too, come on, reading his letters every night was like graving for her lost love….. they already have feelings, just need to be clear about it.

        • fb says:

          i don’t see jane getting together with lisbon. it’s not because he doesn’t know her feelings or his own; he clearly does. but he also knows that he’s a sociopath, and he wouldn’t be good for lisbon. as much as he cares for her, she needs someone she can trust, who will tell her the truth, an whom she can count on. jane is not really any of those things in the husband-y sense. he’s someone she can count on in a pinch, but not in the everyday, who will tell her hard truths but lie when it suits his purposes. he’s just not the right guy for her.

          • Mentalist fan says:

            I agree. I think there is great love between Lisbon and Jane but not romantic love.

    • Juliana_Br says:

      It is quite obvious that Teresa likes of Patrick, see episodes 5×22 / 5×16 / 6×07 / 6×08 / 6×12 …

  10. starfox9 says:

    My guess is that if they don’t renew the show, this guy being interested in Lisbon is going to be the catalyst that makes Jane realise that he needs to make a move with Lisbon in the finale (Lisbon has been single for ages, or at the very least hasn’t had a relationship strong enough to make Jane worry). If they do renew it then they might string the relationship out a while longer and have Jane realise a little more gradually that he needs to make a move or lose Lisbon. I still have faith that Jisbon are end game. My only fear is that they’re leaving it quite late to bring this guy in when renewal isn’t certain, so if this is the last season they’re going to have to make their relationship develop quite a lot over a short time while still being believable.

  11. Bonnie says:

    I don’t like getting in on speculation and rumors, etc. but I must say that 5 episodes with this new guy is both good and bad news. First it says that it is not a permanent thing but also tells us that we are going to have to be upset with the situation for 5 episodes! I love the show and part of it is because of the Lisbon/Jane situation. I can see this new guy causing Jane to get his act together and I think Lisbon does need to be sought after by a handsome guy to keep her from getting too depressed with her dateless life BUT can’t they wrap it up in 3 episodes or less? I am not just a romantic who loves Jisbon but someone who loves both Lisbon and Jane for themselves and for the dynamics that is the two of them interacting. If I just liked each of them then I could be happy about Lisbon having some handsome guy come in and sweep her off her feet and I could have been excited for Jane when Kim started showing interest in him. I guess what I am saying is that it is not just a romance for each of them that I am seeking but a romance between them. Their chemistry is remarkable and very rare and they absolutely belong together. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  12. I sure hope they give the Mentalist a 7th season. It’s to bad people don’t go on the CBS timeline and let them know how much they like the show. A lot of people would have to do it before they would listen.

    • bob says:

      I enjoyed the locations of the scenes of the original format. The story lines were more of a detective type dynamic or “who dun it” scenario. It’s beginning to get a bit too sophisticated. Keep it simple and fun so you can connect with a wider audience.

      • Inez says:

        I don’t like the new cast of characters. Can’t stand Kim.not enough crime solving
        The way they used to do things.what is going on with Simons hair??
        Haven’t liked this show since the new format and it used to be my favorite show.

  13. liz says:

    fabulous! glad to see Lisbon get some lovin’

    • Mary says:

      loosing interest lately except for the last scenes of episode 6×12. I don’t see any interesting FBI crime, and i don’t like the new characters, they should keep the entire original cast ,and they can write better crimes cases. Develop Jlisbon but they don’t need to add girlfriends, boyfriends…

  14. Lisbon’s getting a boyfriend? Oh, so I will take a shot in the dark and say he’s the one who killed Osvaldo Ardiles (and possibly Rigsby and/or Van Pelt) and Jane will save her; thus giving Jisbon shippers their payoff.

  15. Mary says:

    i better watch criminal minds than a good sere becomes a melodramatic show

  16. Liz says:

    Meh. Too bad it’s not Jane. They’re great together.

  17. Caroline says:

    NO! I want Lisbon and Jane to be together! Why do showrunners do this? They know the show may not be picked up and they know the fans want a certain pairing and yet they procrastinate or just ignore the uncertainty and the fans are left hanging! This is NOT the way you build/maintain audiences or sell DVD box sets!

  18. Caroline says:

    Does anyone else have issues trying to post comments using Google Chrome? I always have to switch to IE to have my comments appear on TVLine!

  19. Jeff says:

    Well, now that they are co-workers and not supervisor – employee (even though Jane didn’t really work directly for Lisbon), they can carry on any way they want.

  20. kirads09 says:

    Total Jisbon person here. I can’t see them winding up with anyone else long term.

  21. To me whenever I hear the terms “takes an instant shine” and “sweep her off her feet”, about a male character on a show, I always get the feeling that something isn’t right about them. (I’m not saying thats the case here, though O’Loughlin took a shine to Van Pelt and seemed to have swept her off her feet and look what happen there. So it just makes you wonder. Again I’m not saying thats the case here.)

  22. Kay says:

    I am very excited to see Pedro Pascal coming in for an arc and how Jane will react to his character. I am also actively hoping for a seventh season for the show.

  23. Juliana_Br says:

    Guys, this boyfriend of Lisbon from what I understand and have read on other sites too, will not last long. My bet is that he is a servant of Red John. ☺

    • My guess about how long it will last will depend on whether there is a seventh season or not. (I mean I can see them stringing the possibility of a deeper relationship between Jane and Lisbon along for another whole season.)

    • redjane12 says:

      Not another Red John follower surely? Didn’t they do that with Van Pelt’s fiance? It would be a little repetitive to use the same stunt again… Having said that, with only a few eps left and possibly no 7th season, he is bound to either last forever or not long at all… So far I do not have strong feelings about this character one way or another… I guess he is a bit bland so far…

  24. Em Wright says:

    I so wish for a season 7. I love the Mentalist.

  25. Gerry says:

    I thought they were going to give Patrick and Lisbon a chance, what a rotten thing to do, after all this time.

  26. Gerri says:

    It is ridiculous that the JISBON fans have to suffer again but hopefully the competition will convince Jane to finally admit to Theresa how he really feels please a season 7 there are so few really great shows on network tv

  27. I stopped watching the show the day I learnt they are chopping off rigsby and van pelt.thanks bruno but its sayonara from me.

    • anne says:

      i will stop watching the show after 6×15 the last episode of rigsby and van pelt. Hope season 7 will reunite the original team then i will watch again

    • anne says:

      totally agree such a good cast…i will stop watching the show after 6×15, PJ can investigates just “important persons” with this new boring fbi characters

  28. LINDA says:

    so glad revenge is returning.LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. LINDA says:

    i like the Mentalist BUT’, LIKE DANCING with stars better.

  30. LINDA says:

    Love Nashville a lot. PLZ,PLZ,!!!!!!keep them around.l’m from tennessee and love the music.makes me feel wonderful.THANKS.

  31. Shannon says:

    I guess I have a lot of catching up to do and it looks like the original gang I liked is no more as van pelt and Rigby is no longer around what a shame as I always liked Jane playing jokes on them and bantering about their so non secret feelings for each other.

  32. They have changed the time of the mentalist. At least on the reruns. It comes on 1 hour early. Just before the good wife. I just hope the ratings go up so there will be a 7th season.

  33. Oscar says:

    They NEED to bring back & keep Van Pelt & Rigsby!!!!

  34. Richard Liberman says:

    Van Pelt and Rigsby had several seasons about their on again off again relationship and Rigsby has a child from someone else. Even Cho had a relationship for awhile with his informant; it seems that now the focus for romance should be on Jane and Lisbon but whether they are meant to be together is not the job of the viewer, but the job of a high-paid professional writing staff that’s duty is to help the audience learn about themselves and have the given circumstances be truthful. I love this show, but I watch it for the drama as the primary story-line and for the romance between characters as a secondary story-line. I am mostly intrigued by the abilities of Patrick Jane to read people and situations. It still mystifies me and I hope that the LAPD who rule my hood, have people like this working for them.

  35. missteff says:

    i’m surprised that the mentalist has lasted this long to tell you the truth, I love the originals and it’s not the same without them. i’m not that much of a “jisbon” fan but still love the show, most shows don’t last as long as they have so keep going and see what happens……I might not watch after 6×15 either but I want to know what happens. hopefully they can tie it up (if this is the last season) nicely for us fans-that have been there the whole time.

  36. fay says:

    Love this show, be wise CBS and renew it now!

  37. Harvey says:

    Mentalist is one of the few good shows still left on cable tv, along with NCIS & NCISLA, & PERSON OF INTEREST. Keep THE MENTALIST GOING on!

  38. Mentalist fan says:

    Has anyone else noticed that there is actually some very good acting going on here in The Mentalist – not just this new trend of quick, snappy dialogue which is often times very good, but also has me marveling more about how the actors can memorize so much dialogue for each show, instead of actually watching the show. Love The Mentalist ! Please bring it back for season 7!

  39. Judith Murphy says:

    THE GOLDBERGS should NOT be cancelled. Each episode is based on an actual life occurrence that happened in Adam Goldberg’s family in the 80’s, as related by the child, Adam (kinda like Wonder Years voice-over). At the end of each episode, a video snippet t Adam filmed as a child that sparked the theme of that week’s show is shown….clever!

    If you lived during the 80’s, each episode will trigger old memories that will make you laugh as you relate it to your life then and family life nowadays. In fact, though, this show is very well cast with every performance being amusing with a wonderful script for any age group to enjoy.

    THE MIDDLE is another fantastic comedy in a similar vein. While the family members are totally different, each show has multiple laugh-out-loud and chuckling moments that just leave the viewers FEELING GOOD.

    MODERN FAMILY AND NEIGHBORS are two more comedies with totally different family relations.

    DVR these 4 comedies and give yourself the gift of laughter and amusement!

  40. Taylor says:

    I also want another season of The Mentalist, but only if there’s another big overarching Red John-esque mystery. Otherwise it’s just another generic police drama and we have enough of those on TV already.

  41. redjane12 says:

    This seems to indicate an endgame not unlike ‘In Plain Sight’ ie with Lisbon getting a new guy.
    I don’t think I will be as disappointed as with ‘In Plain Sight’ though mainly because Patrick Jane, after the terrible loss he suffered and then the chase after Red John for several years, may be better off with a brand new woman, whenever in the future he feels he is ready for that… And Lisbon in all fairness has been ready for a steady relationship for a while…

  42. I couldn’t resist commenting. Exceptionally well written!