NBC, Bill Cosby Team for New Family Comedy

NBC Bill Cosby New ComedyBuy stock in Koos Van Den Akker now.

Comedy icon Bill Cosby, with or without Cliff Huxtable’s famous sweaters, is partnering with NBC on a new family comedy, our sister site Deadline reports.

In the project, Cosby would again head up a multi-generational household, imparting wisdom on things like marriage, family and the pudding pops, see.

Cosby is developing the series with Tom Werner, with whom he (and Marcy Carsey) produced The Cosby Show.

One idea already being bandied about by the Twitterazzi: Simply revisit the Huxtable family all these years later, seeing as many of the “kid” actors are (probably) available. Or would you prefer an “all-new” set-up?

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  1. Eddie says:

    Super excited for this! I think it would be a nice sentiment to have all the same characters to come back.

  2. robinepowell says:

    I think they should bring the Huxtables and see where that goes. Maybe Lisa Bonet has smartened up and would agree to reprise her role as Denise.

  3. Et al. says:

    NBC should definitely commit to a full 22 episode season now. Cosby’s name recognition alone is guaranteed to bring success. End snark.

  4. Ally Oop says:

    Would love to see a return of The Huxtables. If any of the kids don’t want to come back just say they live across the country.

  5. RyanC says:

    And I have just learned that Bill Cosby is still alive.

  6. Zach says:

    Don’t bring back the Huxtables. Use this as a chance to create a new, original set of characters.

  7. David says:

    Well it seems like a good idea and NBC doesnt have much success with comedies at the moment. Revisiting The Cosby Show could work but there are lots of things that could prevent that from happening with interest from the original actors so it might be easier to start fresh.

  8. Michelle says:

    Given the success NBC has had with Go On, The Michael J. Fox Show and Sean Saves the World, I’m sure this will be a huge hit! But why stop at bringing back old NBC stars? Maybe they can convince Tony Danza to do a reboot of Who’s the Boss?! Or get Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams to do a show about Laverne & Shirley moving into a 55+ apartment community together.

  9. james says:

    Would LOVE for this to be The Cosby Show revisited. I’m doubting that will happen, but I’ll still watch.

  10. Mika02 says:

    Cosby as a grandpa would be wonderful if Ms. Rahsad is not available, no wife or a really big name as his wife not sure who though.

  11. KenL says:

    Bill Cosby and Felicia Rashad were a great team. I’d bring them back as grandparents, presiding over a mutli generational and multi ethnic family based in New York. Rather than before an audience, I’d go the route of a Modern Family and film it. 1/2 hour once a week. I’d try to get some other big name stars to co-star. Geroge Lopez and Cosby would be hilarious together, for example. Or maybe Eddie Murphy.
    I wouldn’t go the Huxtable route. Been there/done that.

  12. Aleana says:

    Bring their grandchildren into picture have theirs parents pop in every now then or if you could bring them all back if their not doing anything Raven Simone

  13. Trista says:

    I’d like to see an all new set up. Cosby is amazing and I would hate to see him try to recreate the magic of the Cosby Show, but instead create new magic. I can totally see him as a widowed grandfather who has moved in with his son and his sons wife while they try to raise kids in a techno savvy world. Stay away from scene stealing 5 year olds though!

  14. waterbug says:

    Didn’t Cosby come back with a show “sorta” with his original banter and a couple of neighbor kids stopping by his flat to aid in his comedic banter and it flopped? I vaguely remember that.

  15. Gail says:

    Revisiting shows after so many years is not a good. I was and am a big fan of the Dick Van Dyke Show. One of the worst ideas for a reunion was the Dick Van Dyke Revisited. Though everyone who was still alive participated and Carl Reiner wrote it, it was very unfunny. You couldn’t see how the characters got from where we last saw them to who they are now. Too much time had past. Use the actors if you want since they had chemistry but come up with a new premise. Let the Huxtable family stay frozen in time.

    Seinfeld did it best with their semi reunion on Curb Your Enthusiasm. They gave you just a touch of what a new episode of Seinfeld would be like and it left you wanting more. Plus the time between the show end and the reunion was much less. Somebody on youtube put together all the Seinfeld scenes from Curb Your Enthusiasm in order and it really plays like a mini Seinfeld episode.

    • Gail says:

      Should say “Revisiting shows after so many years is not a good.idea.” The word idea got last in the editing. Sorry

  16. Alex M says:

    Actually yes, I would totally watch the old cast on a new show. They’re all still enjoyable actors/actresses and i think it would be really fun and unexpected.

  17. Bring back the old gang. It could be incredible.

  18. Buck says:

    NBC/Universal is kind of like the WWE. They haven’t built any new stars in years so they rely on nostalgia for old stars. Instead of realizing they have some really funny programs already on their network (Parks and Rec, Community) that they should get behind, they give tons of $$$$$ to Michael J Fox and Bill Cosby. If Jerry Seinfeld showed a lick of interest they would sign over half the company.

  19. joe7775 says:

    I always like Bill Cosby “The Man”

  20. Mark says:

    I think it would be a mistake to have this and the Anthony Anderson show. I imagine both shows would be similar in tone and theme. However, to merge the two shows, that could definitely work.

  21. William says:

    I personally think that the Cosby Show or whatever the show the Bill Cosby is pitching would be fantastic I honestly think it would be really nice to see somebody’s catches the week was in group with revisited such is the case and the current to see you a continuation of Girl Meets World I don’t think you should be a us a continuation of matches should be a spinoff with the kids from The Cosby Show our parents in Southcenter going to the same kind of troubles that would be really nice to see cuz we don’t have any strong African American television shows on TV at the moment better since around wholesome family it’s all a bunch of crazy Tyler Perry oriented things or insane references to life Thousand we don’t have his people so I welcome the show

  22. William says:

    what I meant to say is thatBoy Meets World is being produced into a spin-off called Girl Meets World 13 years later so it would be nice to see the family Huxtables revisited all these years and have the children that we grew up with the parents in today’s world as well

  23. Whitney S. says:

    Am I the only one thinking Dule Hill should be a regular? Now that Psych is ending… Too soon? But seriously. That could be comedy gold, and several generations of TV fans would tune in.