Supernatural's Jared Padalecki Talks Dean and Sam's Big Falling Out -- Plus: Spin-Off Scoop!

Supernatural Season 9 SpoilersThe Brothers Winchester are on the outs, and it could be some time before they’re back in.

In the wake of Dean and Sam’s split in last Tuesday’s Supernatural, Jared Padalecki predicts that “it’s going to take something big” to bridge the gulf between them.

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“They’re handling it as you expect them to,” Padalecki adds of the conflict. “Sam kind of goes introverted and Dean goes forward. Sam is more the kind of guy that thinks something out and says, ‘Well, you know, this is where you messed up [and] this is why I’m upset.’… It’s nice dichotomy to catch on camera and, hopefully, Jensen [Ackles] and I get a chance to do a good job with it.”

Meanwhile, Sam will be dealing with the residual effects from Gadreel’s stint in his body. “It’s more emotional than literal and physical, but he certainly is still feeling the bruises,” admits Padalecki.

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The future of Dean and Sam’s relationship may be cloudy, but the show’s outlook remains bright: Not only is Supernatural a lock to be renewed for Season 10, but a spin-off set in Chicago and featuring hunter and monster cultures is in-the-works.

“I think it’s great,” raves Padalecki of the offshoot. “Episode 20 [of Supernatural] is going to be the launch of [the] new show, and I think it’s awesome.

“We’ve seen other shows on our network be able to have successful spin-offs,” he continues. “I think it’s a cool story to tell. Supernatural fans have spoken and said listen, there aren’t 100 million of us, but those of us that do watch the show are passionate and want to hear more stories and read fan fiction and be a part of this world. So I think it’s great. Anything that makes them happy. It doesn’t put any money in my pocket, but I think it’s cool.” (With reporting by Scott Huver)

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  1. Allen says:

    Don’t they have a falling out every season? I feel like the middle is always when they go on their own for a few eps, seems redundant.

    • If you had to spend 24 hours a day 7 days a week with a sibling under constant stressful circumstances you would probably need a few days or weeks off from time to time too. I think the separations add to the realism of the relationship.

      • blinderd8 says:

        And just to take a break from the 5 cassettes Dean plays and sings to over and over and over. And the odor of cheeseburger wrappers. And then of course Dean could use a break from Sam’s constant side glances and stares out the window. That’s the lighter side of a really dark road trip with family.

      • JohnG says:

        This is a TV show, not realism. You want to watch people break up and argue all the time, go watch a reality show or something. No one wants to watch another Winchester breakup; it happens every season and it’s tiresome. We get it.

        • Jan says:

          Agreed. It’s been 9 years and they STILL can’t find a means to be honest with each other, even knowing what the dishonesty does to them. Geesh! Enough is enough. Squabble, yeah, argue, okay… but lie? Come on, writers, you can take them further than this.

        • Daisy says:

          I don’t mind the consent bread ups. It adds more to the story. Anyways this show is great the way it is. I love all the main characters, especially CASS. He is my FAVORITE character on this show. If he wasn’t in the show I wouldn’t watch the show anymore. He’s the only reason I watch this show. I LOVE CASS!!! :)

          • Daisy says:

            Tvline can you tell Jared to tell the EP’s of Supernatural to put CASS(Misha Collins) in more episodes PLEASE!!!!!
            CASS is the only reason I watch Supernatural.
            Cass (Misha Collins)

          • Candygramme says:

            i think we all got the message the first time you said it.

    • Drew says:

      Everyone acts like this is a plot rehash, but it is just how they deal with things. The first episode was about them coming together after a falling out… and not their first. It’s like complaining that they keep hunting things.

      • blinderd8 says:

        The writers stay true to the original concept. Each brother is an individual and like any family there are going to be need for space and reconciliation. It breaks the fourth wall and makes the story all the more plausible.

      • Elizabeth says:

        I do agree with you I like it that they go on their own sometimes because they are individuals and shouldnt be tied down to each other all the time. Besides if they are you never really know them or who they are. I love this season and i like the conflicts they have because if they didnt it wouldnt be realistic at all and this relationship is the only realistic thing in the whole show. I love Jared and Jensen They are fantastic for 9 years and it is a great show and I am so happy it will be on another year. I love Misha too as Cas so much. I dont want to think about after or the end I dont know what will happen but life is like that too so who knows. I dont think I will like the spinoff because they wont be on it and I love them too much that any other show wont seem right without them. Thank you Jared, Jensen and Misha. I love this season. It is so great. Also I do like the storylines and that you arent with each other 24 hours 7 days I love you

    • MC says:

      I wish they would go there own ways for a few episodes but it’s only ever part of one, then Dean comes groveling back with an apology which Sam smugly accepts without every admitting to his own flaws and mistakes.

      I would love for Sam to actually learn what life is like without Dean’s constant protection and support. I suspect the guy would wilt into nothing or end up sucking demon blood again.

      • CJ says:

        I’m always so surprised by the venom of some people for the character of Sam. When they’re at odds it’s usually both of their faults somehow, but so many of you get stuck on blaming everything on Sam. I love both characters as the show wouldn’t be what it is without Sam and Dean. It’s strange how so many people see Sam as selfish and Dean as selfless when Dean is probably the most selfish out of the pair and has admitted to it several times throughout the series. He just cannot live in a world without Sam in it and damn the consequences, to himself, to Sam and to anyone else in the firing line. Sam is more circumspect about things and unlike Dean’s character, who makes the same mistakes every season – part of the reason we love him – Sam learns from his and tries to atone for them. It’s what makes the show work. Dean is quick to anger and explodes but there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do to not be left alone, where Sam is more introverted and after the Lucifer debacle, thinks about how their actions will affect more than them alone. They balance each other out. I don’t know how anyone can love the series without loving both characters. If one were to leave, the show would be as boring as hell. Plus Sam has saved Dean just as much as Dean has saved Sam. I just wish the show would go back to the themes of the early seasons – Sam and Dean against the world, saving people, hunting things. I’m so over the angels story arc.

        • Daisy Kent says:

          Absofrigginglutely,WELL SAID!

        • Daisy says:

          I think you missed an important character, CASS!!! He is also a main and AWSOME character too.! He also makes the show very interesting too. And I DISAGREE with you about your opinion, with the show being better before I think that the show is getting better. After they put CASS in the show, the show got a lot better. If the show was like before Cass even showed up, I wouldn’t be watching this show anymore. Cass is the only reason I still watch Supernatural.
          I LOVE CASS!!!!!:) :) BEST CHARACTER EVER!!! :)

        • giddy says:

          I’m always so surprised by the fans who state they are bi-bro and then spends the whole post telling people why Sam is so great and Dean is to blame. You are a Sam fan, and that’s fine, but please don’t hide behind the bi-bro safety net. Have the conviction of your beliefs and own up. In makes for a more believable post.

        • Julia Murray says:

          Normally I’d agree with you, but this particular fight I can’t help but feel Sam is punishing Dean because Sam still feels guilty for not searching for Dean the year he was in Purgatory. Sam gave up on Dean (in all fairness, because he thought Dean was dead) and moved on to a life which made him very happy; Dean, meanwhile, simply refuses to give up on Sam anymore because the one time he did (when Sam was in Hell), Dean was miserable. For all that there’s less than 5 years difference between them in age, it’s the difference between a child outliving his parent and a parent outliving his child.

      • Sara says:

        Yeah, this from JP pretty much says it all:

        “They’re handling it as you expect them to,” Padalecki adds of the conflict. “Sam kind of goes introverted and Dean goes forward. Sam is more the kind of guy that thinks something out and says, ‘Well, you know, this is where you messed up [and] this is why I’m upset.’…”…

        Notice SAM gets to be the one who tells Dean what he feels Dean did wrong, but Dean is never allowed to tell Sam what he feels Sam did wrong .It’s always the same in these big, wonderful brotherly reunions. And then Dean apologizes for everything even stuff that isn’t he shouldn’t apologize for. This is a great relationship if you’re Sam, but if you’re Dean every sl turns into Dean being the scapegoat. This time they just left no doubts as to how it would be resolved. It’s boring and no fun to watch the brothers conflicts any more when you always know how it’s going to turn out. Even last season I couldn’t believe they glossed right over Sam not even trying to look for Dean when Dean disappeared into Purgatory AND the Benny/Martin fiasco. What happened in Sacrifice was the same thing that happened in Fallen Idols-Sam gave Dean a a very vague and generalized apology and then proceeded to blame Dean for not trusting him and trusting “the vampire and the angel” before him. And Dean groveled and begged Sam “to understand”. I so hate the brothers’ relationship now. it is too decidedly one-sided and we so rarely get Dean being allowed to tell Sam how much Sam doing things like turning to Ruby when Dean was back from hell and not trying to look for him last season has has hurt him and keeps on hurting on a long term basis. As for those who can’t understand how that might ruin the brother’s relationship for some, I got nothing. But I think it would behoove the writers to imbue Sam with a more caring and understanding attitude where it concerns Dean by the end of the season, or Sam will just remain as unrelatable to many now as he was at the end of S8 and has continued to be into S9, regardless of his never-ending suffering. Sometimes it feels as if the writers want us to actually believe that all of Sam’s never-ending suffering is because of his no-good brother who only ever thinks of himself-even though Jensen Ackles portrayal of Dean, in spite of the writing, won’t let many of us still watching because of him do that.

        I see Sam as often self-involved, unsympathetic, and lacking empathy for his brother. I’ve seen him that way since S3 because if the writing for the character and for no other reason.

        • kat says:

          Uh, Dean WAS the one who did something wrong here. Why should Sam apologize? He was ready to die and not hurt anyone else. Dean is the one who can’t let Sam go, despite the consequences. Kevin is dead.

          • Sara says:

            Sam won’t apologize to Dean. He didn’t last season when he should have, so I’m definitely not expecting him to this season. Dean will, though, as it seems to be his reason for being a part of the storyboard now-the scapegoat. This time it’s just ridiculous, though-unless they plan on giving Dean a redemptive sl of the size and scope that they gave both Sam AND Cas when those characters made similar type of unwise choices in their similar type of storylines.

        • angel says:


        • Elizabeth says:

          I disagree somewhat here. Everything in the past is over now. That was said at the end of the last season so to keep harping on that is over now. They were supposed to make a new start even. Dean is my favorite and I love him. However Sam did nothing wrong. He made his decision about what he was going to do He believe Dean when Dean asked him “Would I lie” when that is what he was doing. Dean interfered and also I have a thing against Dean cause what he did to Cas when Cas needed someone. He was very unsympathetic there. Sam is not the cold character here at all. Dean told Sam many many times about the Ruby issue and also that was 5 years ago so to bring that up would be pointless. I do know the show has to have them both on so Sam couldnt die but storyline wise Dean is the one who interfered with Sam when he promised at the last of 8 that it was going to be even and they both will make decisions not just one. Like I said I like Dean and understand why but he was the one. Also Kevin would not have been killed if he didnt agree to the angel possession If he wants to do the possession then that is fine but not to make the decision for Sam

          • Sara says:

            Not even TRYING to look for Dean and the mess with Benny/Martin is not in the past. Those are new issues that Sam refused to discus with Dean last season. It was all just “I did what I did so move on or I will” from Sam and I won’t even touch the Benny thing. And yes, Dean WAS passive aggressive about Sam abandoning him then, but that’s how people who are never allowed to truly deal with their feelings of hurt and anger often react when faced with them. Dean and Sam need to really talk about DEAN’S feelings on that, too, IMO-not ONLY Sam’s feelings as we got in Torn and Frayed-or I don’t think I’ll ever be able to care about any of Sam’s issues with the brother’s relationship again. That sl made me lose any concern I ever might have thought I could have for Sam because it was too much like all the other times they’ve had big blow-outs with Dean taking the blame for everything. It was too much and too little resolved, IMO. But then again, how could Dean get his feelings out on anything when Sam was on the “ledge” at the end of last season. Maybe we’ll get Dean on the “ledge” in the second half so that he can get his deep down and true feelings out this season, and Sam can be the one that talks him down by re-affirming the bond. Dean needs that more than anything, IMO, and THAT would be different, again IMO.

      • Sue says:

        Sam did learn what it would be like to be without Dean’s constant protection and support. First in Mystery Spot, and then when Dean went to Hell.

        • Sara says:

          IA. He did learn that, but he’s never really learned or accepted that his on-going choices are a big part and parcel as to why Dean often can’t trust Sam’s judgements or actions. Sam said he was better suited to take on the trials because he, unlike Dean, wanted to live. What happened with that? Or is that also just going to be forgotten or glossed over or shifted onto Dean’s shoulders by these writers, and as most of Sam’s poor judgement calls and actions have always been in the past?-because if so, there’s the reason for the fandom’s disillusionment with the purported brother bond-and the disillusionment with the Sam character, especially, within it. Seeing it play out the same way isn’t going to make things in this now completely fractured fandom any better or banish those any of the disillusionments. It will just reinforce them.

          • myristica1 says:

            The brothers simply need to sit down and air out their differences, past and present and I agree with much of what is said here about Sam, but the writers don’t seem to follow their own bible regarding this series. They leave everything out of the loop and forever it seems. We never have heard anything regarding the Ruby-influenced cell phone call from Dean to Sam at the end of Season 4. Dean never heard the message left on Sam’s phone. He called to try to make amends but Ruby twisted it to let Sam hear a scathing and venomous threat from Dean. That was NEVER addressed. The whole business of Sam wanting to die at the beginning of season 9 after the speech he’d given to Dean about wanting to live made for piss-pour planning. The whole Angel arc has really been turned into a dead-horse that continues to turn up like a bad penny. “Saving people, hunting things…” the Angel aspect should only have been given two seasons and left alone… back in the saddle again for the two boys. Done and done. There’s no reason the boys can’t split from each other on amicable terms and go off on different hunting trips, that would be a great way to write them out of each others lives when necessary. Why does it always have to be when they are at odds with each other? I agree, arguing and bickering is part of every relationship, especially between brothers, but come on, writers… stop rehashing the same old stomping grounds. I did like the end of season 8, though. For Sam to own up that he had ‘let Dean down’ all the times he’d let him down… his greatest sin. I don’t know about you, but that was a pivotal moment for him. Dean does have a tendency to bond with others and Sam is left out in the cold. I’ve yet to see an episode where Sam bonds closely with Castiel or Charlie. Dean’s always the one who is focused on when bonding with those outside of the brothers. Sam’s just sort of coming along for the ride. We never really get to see Sam portrayed as anything but wishy-washy, and that saddens me, because I really appreciate his character, would just like to see less of his floundering and becoming more focused and stable in his own mind and heart. With Dean you get what you see, with Sam… not so much. Sad. It’s like the writers don’t really know how to portray him and portray him consistently.

      • Maya says:

        I’m not liking Sam very much this days, but let me remind you that he was alone for an entire year when Dean end up in Purgatory and he didn’t end up drinking demon blood!

    • Nate says:

      You’re right, it is redundant. I enjoy the show but every year they generate some new drama that drives a wedge between them for anywhere from one to five episodes before bringing them back together. The writers should just devise a storyline where whatever case they’re handling requires them to divide their resources…say, Dean has to work the West Coast for part of the mission, Sam the East Coast. It makes more sense than yet another “you should’ve been honest with me” falling out.

      • Sara says:

        I like this idea for S10 much better than the same garbage that it looks like they’re planning on dishing out to us in the second half of S9 if this JP interview is any indicator.

      • myristica1 says:

        Hey, Nate, I wrote my response above before seeing your idea. Yeah, I agree, separating them to work a case or cases in different areas or states would be a great idea! No more ripping them apart, no more conflict for conflict’s sake. It’s been done again and again and again, and thus expecting a different result? Didn’t Einstein say that was ‘insanity’? Yeah.

        • giddy says:

          Separate them, I totally agree. For me the connection is gone now between the brothers. Not looking for Dean and now saying Dean hurts more than he helps, is selfish and literally blames Dean for the whole predicament, and that he is a coward; I now no longer have any wish to hear Sam’s POV although I was howling for it last season. If that’s how he views his brother, there is no longer any point in being together, as a fan I don’t want it any more. I seriously would be happy to watch Dean and Benny together and Sam and Cas together. I definitely could get on board with that. But the cruelty has gone too far. Be careful what you wish for Sam fans coz our wishes always tend to blow up in our faces. I know that eventually Sam is going to have to eat his words if any bond is gong to be salvageable, but so late into these mens’ lives Im not sure I want to see it because I know one or the other parties in the Dean/Sam wars are going to be let down. No body wins and the soul of the show has gone.

      • Maddie says:

        Separating or not separating the brothers is such a non-issue here…as the writers could just stop writing them at odds with one another. It is not that difficult. I don’t understand why the writers insist on keep driving wedges between the two – are they not more creative than that?

    • Sara says:

      They do….and it seems they never learn from them. Every time they just run away from each other. At some point they’ve gotta stop pulling this and just freaking stick around and talk it out!!! This is getting old!!

    • D.H. says:

      Dean! I don’t care what you say, I’m going to find Dad!
      Dean! Why can’t you trust her! She’s the only way we can beat Lilith!
      Dean! Bobby did it. I can do it. It’s the only chance we have to save the world!
      Sam…It’s 2014. Focus.
      Oh… right. Dean! You had no right. It was my choice to die.

  2. Mark says:

    Agreed! How is this different or fresh?

  3. k says:

    I won’t watch the spin off.

  4. Dean has never tricked Sam into allowing an angel to possess him. This seems so much bigger. The story is how they bridge the gulf. That’s what I can’t wait for.

    • Sara says:

      It doesn’t seem “bigger” to me than trying to choke your brother to death or than not even trying to find him when he disappears-not dies-right in front of your eyes and then when he turns up alive, you act like you wish he was STILL dead, just because you don’t want to do your job anymore.

  5. Adrian Brody says:

    It’s not fresh. They split the boys apart every season. It’s ridiculous.

  6. Lori says:

    Supernatural is the best writing in TV history period, the acting is top notch and the fanfiction brings the world together. I look forward to SPN and the boys are gorgeous. It’s an amazing chemistry of all involved. Redundant or not it’s what works and what the fans want which is more more more. I could watch this forever and the fans are growing by the day.

  7. Brio says:

    Wait, does it mean that it’ll be a long time (episode) with them at odds?

    If so, awful news.

  8. Adrian Brody says:

    Dean did not really trick Sam into saying yes. Go back and watch it again.

    • jean says:

      What euphemism would you prefer if you don’t like the word trick? I’m pretty sure he didn’t say, “here’s the plan: you’re going to let an angel in and it’ll heal you, okay?”

    • dreamsofspike says:

      He might not have personally tricked him into saying yes, but he agreed to allow Sam to be tricked. The dialogue between Dean and “Ezekiel” – “he wouldn’t say yes to ME, but he’d say yes to YOU” etc – makes the pretty strong implication that Dean KNEW Ezekiel was going to pretend to be him, in Sam’s mind, when asking that all-important question :/ And he never gives any indication that he didn’t agree to that :/

  9. Sherry says:

    Not too worried about them being apart for long, their world brings them back together no matter what’s going on. I’m excited to see Dean with Crowley and Cas with Sam, this will be so interesting and fun!

  10. orchardist says:

    Padelecki; “I think it’s a cool story to tell. Supernatural fans have spoken and said listen, there aren’t 100 million of us, but those of us that do watch the show are passionate and want to hear more stories and read fan fiction and be a part of this world. So I think it’s great. Anything that makes them happy. It doesn’t put any money in my pocket, but I think it’s cool.”

    This guy is really in touch with his fans. I don’t think I’ve ever see an actor who embraces his fans in such a sincere way. I’ll admit to being dubious about a spin-off because I don’t want it to distract the creative team from the original, but I also see that there is a strong commitment to this universe.

    As for it being old that Sam and Dean have a split? Well it works well with the current story — it certainly is warranted. And I’m not sure how they recover. I think they may be physically back together before they are emotionally reconciled. The possession was a BIG deal. And while Sam said “yes”, Dean DID trick him and Sam probably won’t trust him again like that. That’s pretty sad for their relationship.

    I can’t wait to see where the story is going.

  11. angel says:

    Wow, the brothers split and will take some time to come back together again. I’ve never seen this story line before! Jeremy Carver has so many fresh new ideas for the show. (Said no Supernatural fan ever.)

    • Peter J says:

      I do think some of his ideas have been fresh, like the bunker, and Abaddon. Some haven’t, sadly.

      • angel says:

        Abaddon is simply one of the newest big bads they must deal with and the bunker is a poor replacement of Bobby’s house, where they used to hole up and do research. Not really fresh at all.

  12. JaniceC678 says:

    As someone earlier pointed out, these guys are together 24/7, ninety percent of the time under stressful circumstances with no outside support structure……occasional blow-ups and needing time away from each other would be extremely likely to happen from time to time. I don’t mind seeing it as long as it is not dragged out overly long.

    • Terry says:

      Totally agree. They would give their lives for each other and both of them are so protective that they don’t want that. But they are alive and underneath both of them are grateful for that I’m sure.

    • Maddie says:

      I get that the brothers would realistically fight. I just don’t appreciate how long the writers tend to drag it out.

      Sam & Dean were at odds for about half of last season, and this season we had Dean lying to Sam (when Sam was actually around & not Gadreel) for the entire first half of the season. Because Dean was lying & Sam wasn’t really Sam, we didn’t get a whole lot of dynamics between Sam & Dean.

      Now it seems like Sam & Dean will reunite shortly, however, according to Jared in this interview, things will still be festering between the two for some time. So what? We are looking at another how many episodes of the brothers at odds? Will they make-up on the season finale? Because that sounds terrible. I would MUCH rather see the brothers blow up at each other, split up for 2-3 eps, learn something, and then spend the rest of the season on the same page & in a good place.

      SPN is such a dark & depressing show as it is – I don’t understand why the brothers relationship has to be so doom & gloom as of late.

    • angel says:

      It is true, siblings fight. However, once the brothers had reached adulthood, they should have developed some coping mechanisms to deal with their friction. We get 22 episodes a season and each season a large amount of them deals with the build up to a fight, the fight, one brother sulking and running off, then the reunion episode where Dean has to apologize for just about everything from breathing air to trying to make a new friend (RIP Benny, you are sorely missed, you breathed new life into a very stale show and we know that is unacceptable to the show runners.). Sulking Sam accepts the apology and the process begins anew.
      I used to like Sam’s character but now I can’t stand his holier than thou attitude, his belief that he is always right, his unfeeling nature, his dislike of Dean associating with anyone other than him. Perhaps if the brothers had more people to interact with, they would get a break from each other and thus avoid the yearly fight. If they writers want the viewers to care about the brothers’ relationship, perhaps they should stop portraying it as an emotionally abusive, toxic relationship.

  13. Simon says:

    Why are people whinging about the bros fighting. They have a pretty turbulent lifestyle and they have to make some pretty interesting decisions. And the one thing that they fight about is the other one hurting themselves for them i.e. Dean selling his soul & i.e. Sam taking on the trials. Its going to happen, its an interesting dynamic and helps us learn more about the boys. I think the best Supernatural is when its personal and I mean family, blood, the Winchesters. Not about Demons, Angels etc, but actually personal family storylines. That is when the J’s bring it and that is where Supernatural is different from any other sci-fi drama. It makes it personal.

    They are brothers that would die for each other or very close to it, it can be a heartbreaking dynamic but its a dymanic that has kept them alive and saving people.

    • jean says:

      Love your comment and I wholeheartedly agree!

    • CC says:

      Except they’re not saving people- their constant need to sacrifice for one another isn’t just hurting them anymore, innocent people, friends and the people they call family are getting caught in the crossfire. I can’t cheer for a relationship that comes at the cost of all others, especially since it’s not even helping Sam and Dean anymore.

  14. Drew says:

    I hope the spinoff is good. The plot description gives me Angel flashbacks which makes me cringe. But the show could be spun off in a dozen cool ways, so we will see.

  15. Andrew Hass says:

    Yeah Dean and Sam may split up every year or so and they always come back together.However this time it might be different and might take time for their relationship to be fixed.Plus now they might lead separate lives for a bit but then realize they need each other even if they fight.Also Sam may need to deal with everything that happened on his own.Yeah Dean and Sam could have stayed together but the issues between them could have festered and made things worse.

  16. Aleana says:

    Please have Felicia Day as the lead in spin off

    • Drew says:

      Please have Felicia Day never come near this franchise ever again. Charlie should stay gone forever.
      (In my opinion)

    • Kara says:

      Nah I really like Charlie. I just wish she was written a little less like a Mary Sue.

    • Nate says:

      I’d like to see the “werewolf girl”…the one who was the survivor from the “found footage” espisode last season…lead the spinoff. It seems like her story is just getting started and it’d be cool to see where she wound up.

    • Peter J says:

      The spinoff apparently won’t have any SPN characters.

  17. Kara says:

    I am of the wait and see opinion when it comes to the brothers fighting. Everyone fights, especially siblings who have to find a way to overcome the stuff these two have. I like to think this the time for both Sam and Dean to do some soul searching separately, and find a way to move past this latest falling out. To be fair I do understand those saying the brothers have a falling out every year. But to also be fair Dean has never helped an angel possess his brother before. I’ll wait and watch how they find a way past it, and hope its dome with care ands understanding for each of the characters pov.

    Btw I just have to add I love Jared’s enthusiasm for the show, he gets us fans. I am curious how they plan to build this spin off, but I’ll keep an open mind.

  18. Maddie says:

    I’m whining about the brothers fighting again..because it is beginning to feel contrived. Like the writers have no idea what else to do with the brothers relationship, so let’s put them at odds with one another. Again. And drag is out for an entire season because that’ll be totally fun.

    We have the brothers (essentially) fighting about the same things all the time. I wish the writers would allow the brothers to grow & learn from their past mistakes. I wish they would quit lying to one another & start putting trust in one another. I miss the brotherly spats & banter between between the two.

    I am just sick/bored of the dramarama between the brothers. These days I would MUCH rather watch the boys fight monsters & demons & angels rather than each other.

    • angel says:

      Agreed! At this point, in season 9, the brothers fighting is just lazy writing. The same thing happens every season: one brother keeps a secret, the other finds out, a fight ensues, one brother leaves, they come back together. Yawn. Please, Jeremy Carver and the team of writers – think outside of the established Supernatural box or, at the very least, bring back more MOTW episodes.

    • myristica1 says:

      Thank you, Maddie. Agreed. :)

  19. Dr. M says:

    Now very bummed that there’s no Supernatural: Oz with Dorothy and Felicia Day’s Charlie. Awesome opportunity missed.

  20. sarah says:

    Worried about Sam’s emotional trauma after possession ! As much as i hate seeing brothers at fight , I think it’s understandable of Sam to want to show his displeasure and demand some time away from his bother ! And dean needs this time to really think about how much his decisions can affect his loved ones ! But hope Brothers pass this difficult time soon , come back to each other and be a strong team again !

    • angel says:

      How “Dean’s decisions affect his loved ones”?! Really? After all of Sam’s poor decisions, he’s lucky Dean even wants to associate with him. Before the trials, Sam said Dean wouldn’t be able to handle it because, in the end, Dean didn’t care if he lived or died. Sam said he wanted to live, therefore, he would take on the trials. So Dean decided to honor his brother’s wish to live and do whatever he had to to keep him alive. It’s okay for Sam to make poor decisions, but others cannot. Look at how fast he turned against Cas. Sam is quick to blame others, but never quick to admit his own wrongdoings.

      • denise says:

        Exactly! It’s like it’s ok when Sam does something questionable and Dean forgives him but now that Dean has done something, well now it’s the end of the world and Sam may not forgive. I’d love to see them separate a lot longer but then who would Sam blame when he makes a wonky decision.

      • Jen says:

        Sam’s never quick to admit his wrongdoings? Seriously? Did you not see how messed up and broken up he was after the (inevitable) Ruby betrayal? He apologized immediately for that. The whole part about the live or die thing is a big writing mess up in my opinion, someone in the writing dept wasn’t paying attention, so the actors had to go with what they were given & now we’re left pondering over confusing, contradicting actions. =) And I don’t see it as a Sam can make mistakes but others can’t, I see it as Everyone got mad at Sam when he made mistakes, now he’s mad because his brother tricked him into letting an angel posses him. Sam has admitted his wrongdoings on several occasions.

  21. Janie says:

    The issues with the brothers are not new and are not one-sided. BOTH brothers need to look internally, including Sam. Sam has to stop this push-pull with Dean. The show should not try and put all the blame on Dean because that would be wrong and it wouldn’t solve anything.

  22. Shan says:

    I wrote a really nice comment and it disappeared what happened? I love the newest episode and thought all four actors did a great job with Crowley trying to hotwire the angel in Sam to get information. Interesting thing about the spin off and glad SPN is finally getting recognition and respect from the president of CW, but showing the show gratitude and earning a spin off of its own.

  23. chriscross says:

    Wow – thanks for some really interesting and thought provoking comments. Usually the comment section after articles is just fan rubbish. I don’t want the boys always joined at the hip, One day I’d even like to see them get separate motel rooms. Familiarity can breed contempt, you know. Loving season 9 and fingers crossed for season 10.

    • Maddie says:

      …separate hotel rooms? It wouldn’t make sense. It is not like the brothers have tons of money at their disposal to book two rooms – stolen credit cards have a limited life span. Also, the brothers spend how much time in the room researching – so again, two rooms wouldn’t make sense if they were just going to spend time in one room together researching.

      They already have separate rooms at the bunker, where they tend to be spending most of their time these days.

  24. Lisa says:

    I adore Jared. He’s such a sweetheart and this show and this network should count themselves lucky to have him.

    As for the show, as long as the writing is as amazing as Andrew Dabb’s Road Trip episode and as long as the writers have the characters as in-character as Mr. Dabb did, then I’m happy. I just don’t want more episodes like the first half of the season. The 1st episode by Jeremy Carver and 9×06 by Robert Berens were the only bright lights in the first half of season 9 and made it painful to stick with my favorite show. Episodes like 9×10, 9×01, and 9×06 are why I’m still here running on about Supernatural all over the internet. Well episodes like that and the fact that the show has Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles, and Jared Padalecki. Those actors, those characters, and the bonds between the characters keep me coming back with this show.

  25. tvgeek says:

    I just love how so many people complain about this show. The same people have been complaining for years about it. The storylines must not be that bad if you are still watching. I would love to see them split up for a while. But I don’t want to see Cas working with just Dean.

  26. Lori says:

    I’ve given up expecting anything original in the writing for this show though I’m a little bit hopeful this sick bro bond that has caused so much misery and death might finally be on the way out for good. As long as I get lots of Cas and DeanCas in the second half of this season and in season 10 I’ll be happy. That’s the only chemistry that resonates for me now.

  27. Steve says:

    The one main thing i want to add is I LOVE SUPERNATURAL, i love a lot of the cool tv programmes on like the walking dead but still supernatural is my leading horse. I have every season on dvd and have seen them all over about 5 times. And yet i fined a spin off OMG im in heaven hahaha (pun intended lol)
    But all 3 guys have to stay with the show because it just would not be the same with out either of them.

  28. Just got hooked on Supernatural and I love it ! Been reading through the comments and agree and disagree with a lot. I think my grip is where dean is pissed when Sam didn’t look for him after going to purgatory.Well where was dean after Sam jumped in the hole ? He was with Lisa….. same thing sam did with Amelia, but dean didn’t get any flack for that! By the way the Sam Amelia story was not believable at all. They need to not try and have the brothers have relationships with women. It’s not gonna work.

    • denise says:

      And if you watched the show then you’d know that Dean did try and find a way to get Sam out. It screams of selective memory when we’re told these things on the show and still some prefer to conveniently forget about it.

    • D.H. says:

      Not that ther’s anything wrong with that.