Revenge Winter Finale Recap: The Ex Files

Revenge Midseason FinaleOld flames burned anew in the midseason finale of ABC’s Revenge. But, since the episode’s called “Hatred,” love is the last thing on any of their minds.

Daniel moves his ex, Sara, into Grayson Manor to tick off Emily, former couple Nolan and Patrick find themselves “a million miles past ‘sorry,’” and Conrad’s first wife (the fabtastic Gail O’Grady) touches down in the Hamptons. Need a scorecard to keep up with it all? Not to worry. That’s pretty much what this recap is. Read on… (And remember: Revenge returns on March 9, now airing at 10 pm.)

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MAKE ROOM FOR DADDY | To thank Patrick for assaulting and robbing him, Nolan reveals to him not only his father’s identity – Jimmy Brennan (Brett Cullen from Devious Maids) – but also that he came looking for him at the orphanage and, per Mommie Dearest’s instructions, was turned away. Only after locating his pop – and seeing Victoria’s freaked-out reaction to her chance encounter with him – does Patrick allow her to reveal that Jimmy raped and then stalked her. That’s why she gave Patrick up for adoption – to protect him. Um, and also to go to art school. (But mostly to protect him.)

FASHION VICTIMS | When she isn’t busy making plans to buy a house with Jack – not a chateau? – Margaux learns that Conrad planted false content in Voulez just so he could sue the magazine for libel. Mind you, neither a lifetime subscription nor a hefty settlement is what Daddy Warbucks is after: Still as pissed at his son for costing him Lydia as I am, he wants the editrix to can Junior and make him her new partner. Her immediate answer: Oui.

THREE’S COMPANY | At first, it seems like Aiden’s Niko problem can’t possibly get any bigger: Besides wanting his help to avenge her father’s death – awwwkward! – she also moves into Nolan’s house (which is most definitely not covered by the odd couple’s roommate agreement). Shortly thereafter, however, Nolan fabricates intel that recasts Declan’s killer (you remember, that whole bombing thing?) as Takeda’s killer, in order to send the ninja nurse off on a wild goose chase. The one fly in the ointment? Before Niko can leave, she finds the murder weapon hidden in Aiden’s bedroom. (What’s worse than “awwwkward”?)

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FIGHT NIGHT | Though Victoria warns Daniel that, by moving Sara in, he’s asking for trouble – “She’s a soft target” – he delights in rubbing his affair in Emily’s face. (Three words for you, Danny: Mother knows best.) In no time, the missus has called in the big guns: her rival’s mother! And, after being disowned for standing by her married boyfriend, Sara decides that, on second thought, she doesn’t wanna stand by him after all. (What?) Enraged, Daniel gets violent with Emily and, all but foaming at the mouth, says, “Sterilizing you was my gift to the universe.” Yikes!

STRANGE BEDFELLOWS | Throughout the hour, Emily seems to be suffering from blackouts – a side effect of her head injury. First, this results in her turning up unexpectedly at Nolan’s (making Aiden think that maybe they still have a chance), and later – mon dieu, as Margaux would say – it results in her waking up in Conrad’s bed! He even compliments her on the night they spent together! (I can’t imagine they really did the deed, but still – a great WTF moment!)

OK, your turn. What did you think of the episode – and of the season thus far? While the show still makes me scratch my head on almost a weekly basis (What kind of magazine is Voulez, anyway?!), I think we can all agree that, at least for the most part, it’s achieved its get-back-on-track, er, initiative, right? Emily and Daniel’s War of the Roses is as vicious as we could have hoped it would be. And, even though we only got a little peek at the first Mrs. Conrad Grayson, I have a hunch she’ll give Victoria a run for her money. Or Conrad’s money. Money in general. Any old money. Don’t you? Hit the comments!

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  1. Allen says:

    Man the claws were out tonight! Loved it!

  2. M says:

    WTF Emily and Conrad? No just no

    • iMember says:

      I’m not really sure Emily and Conrad did sleep together like it seemed to suggest. Emily was clothed when she woke up, not naked. I’m thinking they were scheming against Daniel, but Emily can’t recall what happened due to her blacking out.

      Either way, that was such an unexpected and WTF moment. PLUS, I absolutely love what’s happening to Emily and the blacking out. It’s exciting!

    • Luli says:

      They jumped the shark with that! I hope they didn’t sleep together… that’s just gross! And she really is loosing it… and kill daniel ASAP please!

      • Revenge best served cold says:

        I hope they did not sleep together, that is ridiculous and sickening. If that was the path they were going done I hope with the winter hiatus they have time to do a reshot and change the path.

    • Cami says:

      I actually thought the Conrad/Emily scene was brilliant! I doubt they slept together but great after all the silly shipping wars that the writers threw a curve ball. That’s a good way to go on hiatus and give the writers some peace! I’m also glad that we are reminded of that Aiden is were he is today thanks to Takeda and that the writers refer to Aiden as killer. It’s long overdue on a show called Revenge not to revenge the master..Oh – and Madeleine Stowe was amazing!

      • luli303 says:

        Agree with everything! Especially that Madeleine Stowe was incredible! I’ve always thought she was good, but–man–that was such a scene.

        • Montgomery says:

          If Jessica Lange does leave AHS at the end of next season, and since next year is most likely going to be Revenge’s last, I’d love to see Madeleine take her place in the fifth season of AHS !

        • Mikael says:

          I thought the guy who impregnated her was her stepfather or her mother’s boyfriend. Did she tell Patrick a half-truth? I can’t keep track. I also wonder if Nolan or someone else put the katana under Aidan’s bed in order to get him out of there. I find it hard to believe he’s THAT stupid.

    • abz says:

      I don’t think they slept together. Well, at least I hope they didn’t.

    • CAS says:

      I totally agree, just NO! If that is really what happened I will be disappointed because I really don’t think I could handle Emily being an adulterer, even if she did black out and remembers nothing.

  3. alistaircrane says:

    Please kill off Daniel ASAP, xthanxbye

    • Chris says:

      Nooooo, I love daniel. He is only reacting to being duped by Emily .

    • Alichat says:

      Yes please. Let Daniel be the next casualty on this show. I’m so sick of the spoiled little hypocrite.

    • C.H. says:

      I find Daniel’s anger towards Emily so ridiculous. He shot and almost killed her, yet he’s the one who can’t let go of the fact that she faked her pregnancy?

      I don’t think they can ever bring back Daniel’s character from the dark side now.

      • M.M. says:

        It isn’t even that he went to the dark side that bothers me but as noted that he has little real reason. It was such a wierd and unexpected 360 that I think the “expected” reaction must have been lost in translation. I don’t like Daniel period, or Sara. I don’t think either actor is especially gifted at thier craft ( they should be doing commercials not drama). The thing about a villan and rival is that you need to love to hate them (like Victoria and Conrad). Daniel and Sara fail to make any connection good or bad with the viewer. ( ok except for the misguided tween on this strand who thinks Daniel is dreamy).

    • Joe says:

      Emily should kill the graysons and take over their Business.Daniel is such a puss.

    • abz says:

      Yes please!! He has reached far past Charlotte-level of annoying.

  4. Drew says:

    Revenge has really gone down hill. I cringed at parts of this episode, which looked like bad 1980’s primetime soaps and nothing like the smart show of season 1. Aidan really left a murder weapon under his bed? These people are supposed to be highly trained and highly intelligent, yet he kept that thing UNDER HIS BED! Why not just hang it on the wall?
    The rest of it is just standard soap storytelling at this point.
    I want so badly for this show to come back and be the Revenge that demanded my attention in season 1. The one where plotlines were tightly woven and I could sit there, trying to figure out what Emily’s plan was, because there was actually a plan to wonder about. The show that I had to see, rather than the show I watch just because nothing else is on at the moment.
    Season 1 proved that this cast is capable of great things. Now I find myself hoping that the show is canceled so that they’d be free to do better.

    • Anna says:

      Tonight’s show reminded me of Dynasty.

    • Luli says:

      They jumped the shark with today’s episode…

      • Jess says:

        That’s the second time I see you used the phrase “jumped the shark”. I don’t think you know the actual meaning of the phrase and I believe you are just trying to sound smart. Try again.

    • katy jelly says:

      totally agree with Drew-the new writer has ruined what I considered the best shiw on tv. Nothing more than a glorified nightime soap opera.

    • Ella says:

      I agree with your comments about the quality of the show this year (and last). But I don’t want it cancelled, just get back to where it was in Season 1. There were so many good surprises. Not so much anymore. Great cast, give them something to work with!

    • Dan says:

      Sorry to break it to you, but, Revenge has always been a 1980s primetime soap opera. Even during Season 1 we used to remark how it was as a fun show in the vein of Dynasty and/or Knots Landing (although a lot more twisted). I think this season is actually much better than Season 2 and I enjoy the “glorified soap opera” nature of it all. It’s ridiculous and insane and has enough holes to sink a cruise ship, but, it’s totally fun.

      • Drew says:

        I disagree. Season 1 was much more “literary”. The “Count of Monte Cristo” element was there, and overall it was just a tighter story which had purpose and direction. Soap operas don’t have purpose or direction. They are aimless drama, created for the sake of keeping the show on the air. It’s not about the characters. It’s not about telling an honest story. It’s… cheap. It’s like a trashy novel. “Revenge” was not trash in season 1. It is trash now.
        I remember people arguing that it was a soap back in season 1 and I disagreed with them. I’m sure it looked like a soap if you don’t really look very hard or think about it. But it wasn’t what I would consider a trashy soap back then. Today, I would very much agree that it is a trashy, trashy, garbagy soap.

        • Or, perhaps you are just over-analyzing everything and the label of “Soap opera” has been and always will be appropriate.

        • Steven says:

          Have you actually read the count of monte christo? There was a LOT of soap opera-y stuff in there. Pretty much every scene that didn’t involve the count was like a 19th century soap, with secret affairs, star-crossed lovers who couldn’t be together, arranged marriages, a lovechild who turned out to be a murderous grifter, a wife attempting to poison her father-in-law and step-daughter and plenty of twists and turns which were about the relationships and not just about the Count’s revenge

          • Nick says:

            The count of Monte Christo was a soap opera of that time, 19th.. Dumas spent 6 years publishing in most popular Parisian newspaper chapters daily.. the difference between the count of monte christo and the season 3 of revenge are the presence of duels, fire and deaths. season 1 was more on par with Dumas plot though. In season 1 we had more deaths and duels, frank, tyler, manson’s house burning like Rochefort castel burning etc..

          • Drew says:

            I know the history of The Count of Monte Cristo well, but the characters and story remained strong. Revenge as gone off the point of the show and they’re now just spinning their wheels, creating drama for no reason and doing nothing to hold up or advance what was supposed to be the entire arc of the series. The difference between The Count of Monte Cristo and Dynasty is purpose and focus. One is strong and the other is weak.

    • dude says:

      To be fair, it’s not like anyone was looking for Takeda (besides Niko) and Aiden likely did have enough respect for him to protect his precious katana but I agree, that doesn’t explain why he didn’t move it once Niko came into the picture or at least before she moved into his bedroom. I mean, that’s just careless.

      • Drew says:

        There is no good reason why he would have a murder weapon stashed under his bed. Hide it somewhere brilliant or throw it away. Don’t put it in the place where teenage boys hide their skin mags.

        • Kasey says:

          Personally I think it shows his ego. The one thing I know about Aiden is that he believes he is able to do everything when it comes to revenge, and get away with it. To be a double agent, sometimes a triple agent….probably multiple times really gets your ego boosted. He put it under his bed because 1. He probably wanted the sword with him at all times. 2. Who truly looks under the bed anymore 3. If there was someone after him, he would know because they would look under the bed last 4. Pride. OOOh and another thing. Niko LOVED him. She would never suspect him. Though…ego and pride take the cake with this one.

          • Nosey says:

            Exactly, Aiden is good at throwing someone under the bus and justifying why he did it. You are right who would look under the bed especially where it was under the bed. I actually could see him blaming Fauxmily. Who’s to say he did not want Niko to find it, I could see Aiden doing this. Aiden does have a lot of pride though and he always gets himself out of a bind.

      • Mike says:

        There’s no way Aiden is dumb enough to stash the katana under his bed. That’s a Jack level of stupidity, aka bad writing.

        • Kristen says:

          My thoughts are that Emily’s pool black out rage, which was caused by finding out Aiden and Niko were together, made he put the murder weapon under Aidens bed. She did end up in the house after all, and there is no explanation why. I just can’t remember where it ended up after the murder

    • beth says:

      Amen to you- completely agree- I am so sad at the direction of the shoe- i wish they would have kept with season 1 instead of the path he last 2 seasons have taken. I’d rather see a short lived 1 hit wonder(like season 1) than this. Boo

    • Molly says:

      You’re forgetting that Emily had just found out that Aidan and Niko were sleeping together before she ‘blacked out’ and found herself in Nolan’s house. Ding ding ding….source of murder weapon under the bed with bag hooked upon it. Seems like her ‘blackouts’ are all revenge driven / rage induced. Same with finding herself in Conrad’s room after her confrontation with Daniel and after Conrad’s earlier statement that he’d be leading his revenege camp from the hotel. (I don’t believe they slept together, but do believe they were plotting against Daniel.)

    • O-Town says:

      “Try to figure out what Emily’s plan was”? She had a picture and crossed out the faces of people she either killed or ran out of the Hamptons. How difficult was that?

  5. RobMF says:

    Tonight was Season 1 quality. Hopefully they keep this up when the show returns.

  6. IMember says:

    Season 3 leading up to the wedding has been great, but the episodes since then have been EVEN BETTER! I’m loving the direction of the storytelling and I’m really enjoying what they’re doing to Emily’s character in particular. They’re really digging into her and I’m glad the shooting had more of an aftermath than the temporary amnesia.

    Can’t wait for it to come back on March 9. The new time slot at 10 will definitely mean more darker things to show and tell for the rest of the season.

  7. iMember says:

    Dear TVLine,

    Please award Madeline Stowe “performer of the week” because the scene she shared with Patrick explaining in great detail what happened and how she was rated was a STELLAR PERFORMANCE.

  8. Justin says:

    Dang son. They were firing on all cylinders tonight….they were NOT messing around. Best episode of the season.
    So many wth moments

  9. N says:

    I want MORE Nolan!

  10. Robert says:

    I have to say, I was uncomfortable with the idea of Emily sleeping with Conrad who is beyond sleazy. I am hoping the first Mrs Grayson will make the family suffer something awful and my sympathy for Daniel is at near zero.

  11. Scott says:

    this episode was so good, I’m excited to see more Gail O’Grady when Revenge returns

  12. Anna says:

    “What kind of magazine is Voulez, anyway?!” Voulez, Voguez (rest assured, it’s also a French word), who cares? If only, Margaux could take Jake to France with her (I like Karine Vanasse but her character is pointless -so is Jack). Anyway, tonight’s episode was a little bit slow for my taste but still fun, thanks to Nolan’s one-liners (“make big Ben chime every hour on the hour” – gonna keep that one on record). Now that Sara’s seemingly gone, I can’t wait for Niko to say Sayonara to the Hamptons, obviously in a casket.

    I was excited to see new characters being introduced: Niko,Sara, Margaux, Patrick but they’re all poorly written. It just looks like they’re on vacation in the Hamptons. They’re like avatars of Jake, Charlotte and Declan, another set of dull characters. Be nice, make Jake part of the Revenge’s pack.

    • Radha says:

      Like clockwork, every week Anna, you just have to stick it to Jack don’t you? Like a broken record I swear.

      • Jess says:

        To be fair, Jack IS a pointless character. He either needs to join Emily in her revenge plan or leave.

        • Jack is not currently integral to the plot but he is integral to the endgame. He is one of the last people with any remaining moral code and is one of the few people who’ll be able to pull Emily back from the brink. I don’t disagree that his character and story arc are boring and, at times, pointless but that doesn’t change the fact that Jack will ultimately be useful in a big way. All Emily/Aiden fans need to be prepared for the guaranteed demise of that relationship.

          • Nick says:

            I agree in parts, but I think Jack (Nick Weschler) should become a part of recurring cast.

          • Mike says:

            Jack as last-gasp moral compass, I buy. Jack and Emily sailing off into the sunset together, playing How I Met Your Stepmother with Carl? Not at all. And there’s nothing the writers can do to Aiden, or Margaux for that matter, that’ll make it remotely believable.

        • Nosey says:

          Totally disagree, I think Aiden’s and Partrick’s, characters are pointless, Jack adds to the plot, he suffered at the hands of the Grayson. I don’t necessarily think he has to be actively seeking revenge or be a target to be crucial to the story, I think him being her conscious alone adds to the plot. Seeing him get to her level to me is interesting. Watching the innocent go dark 1st hand is interesting. Jack, like Nolan, actually is working w/ her, both are trying to protect her, not sure how anyone who watches the show cannot see this.

      • Anna says:

        Well time for you to skip that record, don’t you think? I DO NOT like Jack, sue me!

      • Mike says:

        The broken record is you, Radha. Why not try engaging in the discussion instead of attacking posters whose opinions you don’t agree with? Lots of us find Jack annoying and pointless. Don’t take it so personally.

        • Nosey says:

          Wow, I find Aiden annoying and pointless. It made sense to me she feared Aiden when she lost her memory and welcomed Jack. Aiden whines too much b/c he knows she love Jack more, Jack whine’s b/c he wants to protect her. Jack knows how to move on, Aiden does not. Jack is just as crucial as she is, she has a strong connection to Jack.

          • Mike says:

            Your shipper goggles are on too tight. She feared Aiden because he went in all guns blazing, which gave Jack enough foreknowledge to take the softly-softly approach. It had nothing to do with their ‘connection’.

    • dude says:

      Niko at least has a little bit of purpose and I’m pretty sure that purpose will be killing Aiden.

  13. Mariam says:

    I dont know why is everyone hating on daniel so hard , okay he shot her but get over it , emily is no inocc

    • Jenna says:

      There is so much wrong with this comment

      • Bates says:

        No there is nothing wrong with that comment. Emily’s kidnapper, arsonist, framed a man for murder, lied to Daniel right from the get go, and much, much more. A drunk Daniel shot Emily after hearing her confess her duping him from the begining. So while I do not condone what he did I would cut the guy some slack.

  14. Mariam says:

    I dont know why is everyone hating on daniel so hard , okay he shot her but get over it , emily had done bad things too ( using daniel and sleeping with adien , yup sleeping with adien while you are with daniel calls cheating even if its for revenge and bla ) and now daniel’s dad ewww ,

    • Lydia says:

      Because cheating is TOTALLY the same as attempted murder am I right? I get the point you were trying to make (neither of them are perfect little angels), but that’s a terrible comparison.

      • Euvee says:

        Well, Emily did try to kill her fathers actual murderer (the dude with the silver hair). Even though she ended up not killing him, she attempted to. No one is completely white in Revenge. They’re all different shades of grey though some are greyer than others. I understand where Daniel is coming from even though I don’t condone it.

      • F says:

        um Daniel sucks, he has no remorse.
        Emily did bad things, so she deserves to be shot and sterilized?
        Daniel ruined Sarah’s life and didn’t even check on her during her recovery. She is an idiot for siding with him, her mom ia right. Hate Hate Hate Daniel,he fired all those people to make a point, he ruins lives, Sarah, Emily, various cleaning ladies lol.

        • Euvee says:

          Same way Ems ruins lives without remorse. Daniel was her pawn or should I say her intended collateral damage from the get go. She intended to use & dump him (ruin) him for something his folks had done. End had the evidence to put the Grayson’s in jail for framing her Dad but she chose to fling everything in the sea for the pleasure of sharpee take downs. With take downs come collateral damage like poor Sarah who got disowned for being with Daniel. I mean, before the wedding Ems was comfortably sleeping with 2 men without remorse. Anyway, Daniel is no saint, same as Ems and everyone se on the show. There is nothing he has done (in terms of psycho behavior) that can’t be matched and probably superseded by Ems.

    • Rob says:

      OK, he shot her but she cheated on him? Are these two things really equal?

      • Bates says:

        He was drunk, and distraught over Sara’s apparent suicide attempt he married Emily thinking he got her pregnant. And when he heard Emily confess she used him… he snapped.

    • Luli says:

      He is a psycho! Emily may be one, but not as bad as Daniel…

    • Alichat says:

      Why is everyone coming down hard on Daniel? Well, let’s see, he has been preaching from episode 1 of season 1 that he’s nothing like his parents. He doesn’t want to turn into his parents…..he’ll never be like his father. And yet, he’s just like him. He has supposedly loved Emily from the moment he met her, yet dove into a bottle and strayed into Ashley-land when Emily told him he was becoming too much like a Grayson and broke it off. This was after he found out what his family had done to David Clarke, ruining the man’s life and sentencing him to death. Daniel was apparently ok with that. He was ok with them using the Amanda Clarke Foundation to protect their assets. He was ok with this father being a part of The Initiative. He has suddenly decided that he’s madly in love with his ex-girlfriend, whom he almost killed years ago in a drunken crash and hasn’t thought of or mentioned in the last. two. years! But yet,he rebuffs his dad’s presentation of the “Grayson mistress lair” to him by telling his father he wants nothing to do with it, then immediately calls the ex-that-had-never-been-mentioned-before and introduces her to the love nest. So he finds out that she lied about being pregnant, and instead of just divorcing her, he attempts to murder her. And he doesn’t feel bad that he overreacted and tried. to. kill. her. He feels bad that he might get caught. And then he decides to parade his mistress around the house. So he’s now pulled a somewhat innocent person into his mess. He’s pathetic.

      • Luli says:

        This so much!!!!! Daniel needs to be punished!

        • Nosey says:

          Couldn’t he get away w/ it though, I mean the gun was already on the boat, he was already distraught, he was drinking, he thought she was going to shoot him, sounds like he may have a good defense. I could see Lydia doing time when she did not even pull the trigger, I can see Daniel get way even though he actually pulled the trigger.

      • GuyAwks says:

        Thank you for posting this so I didn’t have to. Daniel is literally scum of the earth who has no problem stealing other people’s companies, buying his way out of crimes and treating women like playthings. There isn’t an innocent bone in his body and Emily is an angel in comparison to him.

      • Laura says:

        YES. This, all of this! Daniel is a pathetic, violent, idiot. He has absolutely no remorse that he almost killed his wife, for god’s sake. He’s a nasty piece of work and I can’t wait for Emily to take him down.

      • Mariam says:

        And yet Daniel is STILL a better person than Emily. Ironic isn’t it?

        • abz says:

          I think you need to read @Alichat’s post a second time. Maybe a third.

        • Lori says:

          I’m sorry, but there is no way Daniel is better then Emily. He’s such an asshole. At least Emily is only trying to get Revenge because of what they did to her father, she actually has a limit of what she’s willing to do. in case you forgot, she didn’t kill the white hair man, even though she wanted to. She didn’t. Daniel on the other hand has almost killed two people. without remorse.

          • Euvee says:

            ‘Wanted to’ being the operative term here. BOTH Ems & Daniel wanted to kill people but they BOTH didn’t. Suffice it to note, Daniel was drunk both times while Ems was completely sober. Ems has also been an accessory to murder a few times, she even managed to corrupt Nolan (with Nolan fixing things so Declan’s murderer will be killed). Everyone has bad in them in Revenge, they are all shades of grey so kindly cut Daniel some slack or hold others to the same scrutiny/standard! )

        • Alichat says:

          “And yet Daniel is STILL a better person than Emily. Ironic isn’t it?”

          I’d say this is open to debate. I, and many others, do not believe this. Any sympathy I felt for Daniel Grayson disappeared the moment he decided to keep quiet about the framing of David Clarke. You want to prove you’re a better man than your parents? Turn them in for framing and killing an innocent man, and for the death of 247 people. Or…at the very least….do not go on national television and pledge your faith in your father and proclaim his innocence.

          • Euvee says:

            Granted Daniel should not have given that press statement but he can be forgiven for not turning in his parents, very few people can do that IMHO.

            I also lost respect for Ems when she had the evidence to take down the Grayson’s in Court but chose to destroy it cos she didn’t want the Grayson’s in jail (her words), she wants them destroyed her way, the illegal way. Judging by the promo, Ems wants KILL all of them!

            Once again, no one is a saint in Revenge.

          • Jackie says:

            I totally agree! He is far from innocent. I stopped feeling bad for him at the moment. Emily, did feel bad about using Daniel and I think at one point, she had feelings for him. That all changed when he lied during that interview.

        • refresh my memory: who killed the Initiative wench in Daniel’s residence in that crummy Season 2?

      • Jackie says:

        Thank you for this post! During the first season, I felt a little bad for him but he has shown his true colors. We can’t have two Conrads on the show, so Daniel needs to go. Also, being cheated on or lied to does NOT make it okay to try and kill someone. To quote Emily, “For the truly wronged, real satisfaction can only be found in one of two places… …absolute forgiveness or mortal vindication. This is not a story about forgiveness.” Emily will do whatever it takes to make them pay for what they did not only to her father but to her. Last season was a little weird for me but I’m loving this season. Just when I think I’ve figured it out, they throw in a new twist. I like the theories about her being drugged (either by Conrad or Niko) or this being linked to her injuries or losing her mind. Either way it’s great writing. I just hope she didn’t sleep with Conrad because that would be gross.

    • S says:

      Emily’s no saint, but she is the (anti)hero of the show. Daniel has increasingly become a villain. Attempted murder isn’t an okay, rational response to anything. He’s proven he’s just like his parents, he’s become complicit in the David Clarke cover-up, and he tried to kill her. Say what you will about Emily’s actions, but her takedowns never involved murder.

      Daniel’s a bad guy, an impulsive and hateful drunk. He wasn’t at the beginning of the show, but he is now. His fake contrition and intention to turn himself in over the shooting was just that—fake. If he’d wanted to, he would have slipped away and done it, not ran to mommy-who-has-unhealthy-obsession-with-him and told her his plans.

      At least that’s my view.

    • Nosey says:

      I don’t like her and Daniel together, but I understand why he shot her. He has shot someone every season, I believe she is the root cause of his shootings. He is a Grayson, if you mess w/ the Graysons, you are going to pay. She played him, he found out and got his revenge. Graysons always protect their own. Also, he was faithful to her although tempted by Margaux and Sara, until he found out about her, she on the other hand was not faithful, he found out. To me the worst plot of the show was Daniel going back to her, after he was warned by Tyler, her tryst w/ Jack, and warned by Aiden. What I take out of Daniel’s character is he is trying his best not be a Grayson, but it is in his blood, he tries to do the right thing but he gets pulled a lot. But he probably became more like a Grayson when she came into his life. The show is called Revenge, and I understand Fauximly’s angry toward the Graysons, but I also understand Jack’s and Daniel’s anger toward her. I personally like the war between the newlyweds. I still don’t understand what Fauxmily has to lose by revealing Daniel as the shooter, I don’t understand why Daniel would through Sara int Fauximly’s face. If her goal was to frame Victoria, so Victoria will oust Conrad, I think Victoria would do the same if her son was in danger. Unfortunately she is not a true revenger like the Graysons.

    • Elle says:

      Because generally speaking Emily is an interesting, clever, no-so-innocent character and Daniel is a pathetic, boring, spoilt little boy character.

  15. Diz says:

    I thought this ep was a step way back from the last few. I can’t stomach the whole Emily/Daniel/Sara thing it was just dumb & I don’t like the magazine woman either she does nothing for me.

  16. BBMARTI says:

    I still don’t get the purpose of Patrick’s character on this show…

    • dee123 says:

      Well like Margaux, Niko, Sara and the just introduced 1st Mrs. Grayson basically Patrick and the rest of them they are very to stretch out the episodes. Without them there would only be like 10 -12 episodes of Emily vs The Graysons. And we can’t have that. So few episodes, can we?

    • Nosey says:

      Agree, Patrick does not add substance to the show. When they revealed Charlotte was not a Grayson, that was enough, to add another non Grayson child for Victoria, too much. I never understood Aiden either. Plus it did not make since for him to live in Grayson Manor, after he was shot by Daniel, even if no one else knew about it. The Fauxmily-Nolan duo was enough Nolan has ties w/ David Clark, Aiden has no ties w/ David Clark or the Grayson. I understand Niko more than I do Aiden. Takeda’s daughter being jealous of her b/c she got more of his time than his own daughter at least adds substance. Every character in season 1 added substance/drama to the show. Margaux, I thought would add substance, when she seduced Daniel, then I thought she was going to use Jack, but her character ended up not engaging as I thought. I think writers could have done more w/ Ashley’s character than they are doing w/ Margaux’s character. I thought Margaux would be nosey and find out her true identity, particularly since she is hanging w/ Jack. She still could be using Jack who knows. I would prefer Jack working w/ Fauxmily than Aiden, Jack also has ties w/ the Grayson. Not sure what the 1st Mrs Grayson will add to the show, we’ll see To me, Sara does add to the show, I like for Fauxmily to have a challenges. Season 1, all characters added fit the story, season 2, none of the characters added fit the storyline, season 3 Sara adds to the story, there is still a direction to take Margaux’s character, but not sure where writers are going to take Patrick’s.

      • Steven says:

        I agree with your comment about Ashley. I was just thinking, with a bit of tweaking, could they not have just replaced Margaux’s storyline with Ashley? Say she gets an internship with a popular magazine and vows to us her new journalism skills to expose Emily and the Grayson’s secrets. Or why not have her discover the truth about Emily, and join her in her quest to destroy the Grayson’s? They did used to be best friends. Her and Jack wouldn’t be so bad together too. I always felt really sad at how much they under-utilised her character and was really disappointed to see her go and be replaced by new characters who more or less fill the same roles.

  17. Jenny says:

    I’m not sure I understood Conrad’s and Emily apparent sexual encounter I mean seriously? That was a leap..not a good one though. I just want to see Emily revenging within the Grayson household, this Sara thing was just plain dumb..,get your hands dirty already ems!

  18. MP says:

    I’m waiting for the writers to give Emily multiple personality disorder. It would fit in with the soapy storylines.

  19. Dian says:

    This episode was so slow and boring. I don’t like the way Emily chose for revenge. I hated Daniel when he said” sterilizing you was my gift…” Hiding murder weapon under the bed was like a joke. They have to think twice when they write a senaryo.

  20. JSG5 says:

    Revenge went full retard tonight. Pretty sure the writers are literally making it up on the spot at this point.

    • S says:

      Unless you actually mean that this episode “delayed or held back the show’s progress”, which I doubt, don’t use that word. Think about what you’re saying and what it means.

  21. Et al. says:

    This show is so amazing again. Kudos to the new showrunner.

  22. MP says:

    Why would Emily take Victoria’s word for it that she can’t have children? If there was ever a case for a second opinion that would certainly be it. Everyone knows Victoria is manipulative.

    • Lorilei says:

      I don’t get that either. A doctor would tell her with a family member present, not her mother-in-law. And, they would have had to remove ovaries in order for her to not be able to produce eggs that could be carried by a surogate. She would have sought a second opinion and at least talked with her doctor. I still think the writers missed a great opportunity when they decided the doctor would tell Daniel she was never pregnant. She should have been pregnant, with Aiden’s child, and lost it due to the shooting. Daniel would think that it was his, Aiden would know it was his and there would have been all kinds of revenge on Daniel.

      • Nosey says:

        Would have been more interesting if she was pregnant w/ Jack’s not Aiden. Aiden would be way too obvious. If you add a twist go full force, twist would be she actually was pregnant, and it was shockingly Jack’s. Based on the tension between the two, I can see them hooking up unexpectedly.

        • Lorilei says:

          How’s this for a twist? Emily can get pregnant, did sleep with Conrad (yuck, ick, gross) and becomes pregnant with Conrad’s child. Too weird for words, but would make for an interesting twist to the story.

        • Toni says:

          I am still hoping that Emily and Jack will end up together.

      • Sarah says:

        When ladies’ days hit Emily she’ll be like “Vickie, you old trickster.” Also, who wants a Nolan /Neko hookup?

  23. Matt says:

    Daniel is vile, all he knows Emily did is the fake pregnancy. Yet he thinks him shooting her multiples times and rendering her unable to have children is what she deserves? He’s just despicable, his character is pass the point of redemption and needs to be killed off before the finale. Considering the actor who plays Daniel wants off the show I hope the writers follow through and kill him by the season finale.

  24. mantua says:

    “After the hell that bitch has put me through, she deserves to have her nose rubbed in it (his infidelity)”

    Uhm, after he put two bullets in her and left her in the freaking OCEAN to die, you’d think dear Daniel could call it even, but no, he MUST win “The Greatest TV Rich Boy Douchebag” award for being the most entitled, psychotic little bitch on television at the moment. Compared to him Mama Pope feels like Mary Poppins.

  25. regina says:

    I’m amazed that people actually seem to think Danny boy will get killed off. He’s one of the main characters. The writers couldn’t even commit to killing off Lydia, whose character added nothing to the show in her first run. No way in hell will Daniel get killed off. He’s no better or worse than any of the other Graysons, really.

    • dee123 says:

      Um… Are you forgetting about Amanda and Declan? Both appeared in way more episodes than Lydia did.

      • Nosey says:

        Killing both Fauxmanda and Declan served a purpose for the storyline, adding fuel to Jack’s anger Not sure how killing Daniel will help the story. It does not make any sense to kill the only Grayson heir whereas it made sense to kill both Fauxmanda and Declan. The Graysons already have fuel. I think it would be better for Daniel to end up in prison not killed. I would prefer Daniel in the story than Patrick.

  26. GeoDiva says:

    I think Voulez is like Vanity Fair. Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense at all. Love how crazy this is getting.

  27. scotlore says:

    Re: Revenge: I have hung in there with this show for 3 seasons and I gotta say…Emily out of control and off mission……nope, not loving it. I hope they get her back to business very soon and her revenge plans work like they used to.

  28. Belle says:

    after watching this episode I am so confused and frustrated – those feelings are not good, especially when they are miles away from what I used to feel at the end of each episodes of season 1 or even 2!

  29. Holy Crap! says:

    I am absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVING the craziness!!! Keep it up!!!!

  30. L.M. says:

    Last night’s episode knocked it out of the ballpark! Kudos to Emily Van Camp and Madeline Stowe for some fantastic acting!!! My jaw literally dropped when I saw Emily in Conrad’s bed. WTF, indeed!!! Can’t wait for the rest of the season!!!

    • Carol Young says:

      I’m hoping that she was dreaming and was never with Conrad. The rest of the episode was fantastic and can’t wait for the next episode on March 9th.

    • Nosey says:

      I have to give the cast kudos for their acting, the only person I really struggle w/ his acting is the portrayal of Patrick, the eye candy is there, but am not impressed w/ his acting. To me I actually am most impressed w/ the portrayal of Jack Porter, his role is not designed for a good actor, but yet they picked a good actor to play that role. You have to be a good actor/actress to portray Victoria, Conrad and Emily, and the actresses and actor nail their roles. You don’t have to be a good actor to play Jack Porter, but yet he does an outstanding job. Overall the show is well acted.

  31. mocha says:

    All I have to say is March 9 can’t come fast enough. Last night’s episode was mouth gaping.

  32. Amy says:

    Funny to see the contrast in the reactions. It seems like fans are either loving it completely or hating it to the bone. I’m joining the hate party. Agreed on al the comments above about Daniel being anoying and stupid as hell, kill him off please. Get Emily back on the mission she had at the base of the show. All that is going down right now is just too out of control and so far off mission. And one thing I reallh didnt get is why they’re bringing ms grayson the first into the picture. Thats going to be one boring storyline and, as some of you mentioned, another destraction to strecth the show out. Definitly not loving how its going. I’d rather have ten good episodes and the end of the show than all of this crap.

  33. Lopez says:

    Bring back the original Emily/Amanda . You have turned her into a villan . Bring Jack to her as a friend and lover. They need to work together along with Nolan. Jack needs to know what Daniel has done to Emily. The Grayson’s need to be taken down not glorified. Go back to original story line. It has become a Grayson on top and Emily getting from all sides. Please do not let it be she slept with Conrad that is just plain sick of the writers. Niko
    needs to work out Aiden killed Takata.

  34. Ava says:

    I loved last night’s episode! Great way to send the show into a month and a half hiatus. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  35. Joe says:

    The writers of this show are getting “LOST” ,what a disappointment.

  36. abz says:

    I’m really enjoying Emily’s psychological warfare. It’s so much fun and seeing that devious smile of hers is just awesome.
    I hope they end this boring Nico/Aiden/Takeda storyline soon. It’s so predictable and annoying.
    It’s still early in the week to decide “Performer of the Week”, but I think Madeleine Stowe should definitely get an honorable mention at least for that scene with Patrick.

  37. I am getting so worried for Emily. Daniel had lost all sympathy, as far as I’m concerned. I don’t think Emily was any type of willing accomplice to whatever happened with Conrad at the end. She’s in dangerous waters, and I hope she’s able to reclaim some high ground.

  38. sm says:

    I almost gave up on this show last season and didn’t watch this season until December when I got all caught up. This season is so much better than season two. I’m back on board. Hope no one is drugging Emily at the Grayson manor. That might account for the blackouts and confusion. And please….hope she didn’t sleep her father in law.

  39. Joey says:

    Is it me or has Daniel started looking so much yummier this season? I know I know! *eye roll*

    • DMC says:

      It’s because he is acting smarter finally. I see it too. Before he was kind of stupid.

    • Nosey says:

      I have never been pro Daniel and still am not pro Daniel, but I like where his character is going. His immediate reaction after the shooting. . .priceless. It is good to see the Grayson offspring follow their footsteps

  40. B says:

    Season 2 is a little fuzzy for me. Does Emily know that Aiden killed Takeda?

  41. Asta says:

    I don’t buy that she would accept the fact she is sterile, especially from Victoria. I know it’s a plot line to keep up her “revenge” but too many holes in it. Plus, her not being able to have children is the result of her revenge and she has to take responsibility for that and own it. OK, her father was killed at their hands but her father would not have wanted her to give up her life to avenge his death. As they say, when you stay angry at people, you are giving them power over you.

  42. Garfd says:

    Emily woke up with blood on her left side at the beginning but in blackout scenes and final scene end was touching her LEFT side. Did anyone notice? She might still be in a coma in hospital. Or, lying at the bottom of the pool. Nothing made sense after she regained her memory and let the Grayson’s off the hook.

  43. Bates says:

    I think this was the best episode since the first ones in season 1. The acting of the principal characters was excellent, and the writing is much improved. I love that Emily’s revenge is taking a toll on her. As the ancient Chinese proverb used in the beginning says, “Before embarking on a journey of revenge, dig two graves”.

  44. Steven says:

    I’m pretty sure Emily WOULD have gotten a second opinion about being sterile. I mean come on, Victoria is literally the last person on earth she trusts, and Emily’s pretty thorough. It’s just not really neccessary for the writers to show it happening.

    • Amy says:

      Showing us that she did would make a lot more sense

    • Michelle says:

      I think she should have just said Daniel shot her! Then that’s sorta revenge against Victoria and Sarah and Conrad and then he’s in jail and Victoria is miserable and Emily can stay and watch or leave with Aidan.or Jack.

  45. Bob F. says:

    The Graysons should go on Jerry Springer. I can almost see the chairs flying around the stage. Can any family really have this much drama? I really like the speed this show has, we never have to wait for the next big event to charge things up. It just runs on high octane. The new 10 PM slot should really put this in high gear.

  46. I think last nights episode of Reven8e was awesome ….to me I’m getting the same feeling from season 1, that twisty crazy good drama feel….I can’t wait for revenge to return and major kudos to Madeline Stowe for her acting as well last night.

  47. Dan says:

    Not that I really care, but where is Charlotte? Baby Carl had more screen time. Loving the show and its crazyness. Reminds me of the original Melrose Place but set in the Hamptons.

  48. kacholave says:

    I think the purpose of Patrick in the show is to serve as Victoria’s final take down. The show is building on his importance to Victoria as her son…that is why she became vulnerable all of a sudden and bared the real story of Patrick’s past. In the end, Emily will use Patrick as the final means to take down Victoria. From what it appears, there is nothing that Victoria cares about more than Patrick.

  49. thi86 says:

    Absolutely amazing! Well done Revenge writers! well done! The backstabbing and twists this season are more and more interesting.

    This war between Emily and Daniel was so intense in this episode. And after the last scene with them, when Daniel says to her: “Sterilizing you was my gift to the world”, i told myself: there’s no way back to his character in this show now.

    You’re so done Daniel! And i will be very pleased to watch Emily taking you down in every way possible.

    The blackouts that Emily had in this episode, makes me very concern about her health. Something very serious is happenning to her, and i think that more than ever, she is in very danger.

    I don’t think that she slept with Conrad. I think that scene was made to make the viewers left with the doubt in their minds, and to make Emily feel confusing, since she now has this blackouts, and is not remembering things.

    I think Conrad is preparing his own revegenda in everybody: Daniel, Emily and Victoria, after what happened with Lydia.

    Aiden is very in trouble. When Niko find out that he is the murder of Takeda, things will be bloody. p.s: Nolan and Niko scene in the kitchen was hilarious! lol

    Applauses to Madeleine Stowe again in this episode. She eas absolutely amazing in the scene when Victoria told Patrick the truth about his father. Very painful history, and i actually feel bad for Victoria.

    now, have to wait until March will be torturous. Loving Revenge this season!!