Juan Pablo Galavis Says Gays Don't Belong on The Bachelor: 'They're More Pervert'

JUAN PABLO GALAVISABC may have a Duck Dynasty-level crisis on its hands.

At the network’s Television Critics Association winter press tour party on Friday, current Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis said he would be opposed to having an openly gay or bisexual bachelor take part in an upcoming cycle — and it went downhill from there.

UPDATE | ABC Condemns Juan Pablo’s Anti-Gay Remarks

“I don’t think it is a good example for kids to watch that on TV,” he told The TV Page. “Obviously people have their husband and wife and kids and that is how we are brought up. Now there [are] fathers having kids and all that, and it is hard for me to understand that too in the sense of a household having… two parents sleeping in the same bed and the kid going into bed… It is confusing in a sense.  But I respect them because they want to have kids. They want to be parents. So it is a scale… Where do you put it on the scale? Where is the thin line to cross or not? You have to respect everybody’s desires and way of living. But it would be too hard for TV.”

UPDATE | Juan Pablo Issues Apology, Blames Language Barrier for ‘Pervert’ Comment

The former Venezuelan soccer star and single dad went on to describe gay people as being “more pervert in a sense.”

Scroll down and listen to actual audio of the exchange…

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  1. Mark says:

    He looks like a guy I had in a club bathroom last Halloween. I wonder.

    • Olivia says:

      I see what you did there lol ;)

    • Carl Modren says:

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    • Alan says:

      He may be pretty (I did him once, too, in a club bathroom) but he has no brain. Another major headache for ABC. Pervert? Yeah, this from the guy who is wooing almost 30 girls for a chance to be bedded by him. There’s no guarantee he will marry ANY of these women. So, who is he to talk? Besides, the guys who whine the most about gays being “pervert” are ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS the ones who have gay sex on the DL!

  2. George says:

    Says the guy dating multiple women on a TV show…

    • Guy says:

      Where’s the like button? LAWD.

    • Dan says:

      LOL exactly!!

    • Jacquelyn says:

      Exactly. He wants to harp on family values?? How many make out sessions in hot tubs with multiple women will he have before the end of his run?

      • Al says:

        more than one,and i’m sure the only loser may be the girl involved….other than this d-bag.he should stick to something else other than bachelor/bachelorette tv shows.

    • james says:

      You have a point! But when I think about where he comes from culturally, it kind of makes sense. Personally I don’t think he’s trying to be hateful. And hate to say it, but I think a lot of people out there who watch this show agree with him. But yeah–dating/making out with 27 women at once isn’t the best example to set for your daughter, buddy.

    • Angela says:

      Thank you.

  3. Morganic says:

    Oh lawd.

  4. Alex says:

    Publicity stunt?

  5. pecola says:

    So, let me get this straight (no pun intended): a guy who’s on a show to find a wife by dating two dozen women at once…a guy who will, if past seasons are any indication, be intimate with more than one of those women at the same time…wants to be the arbiter of what is and isn’t acceptable?


  6. Shazay says:

    Ohhhh brother, here we go. This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. A gay bachelor wouldn’t work because the other contestants would end up hooking up, plus the women who watch the bachelor and bachelorette wouldn’t be interested anyhow.
    Anyhow, I don’t watch the show, he’s pretty, but you can’t fix stupid.

    • Alex says:

      Actually many women would be interested in the gay version, and the hooking up of contestants could be a selling point.

    • srsly? says:

      i was almost on board with you until you perpetuated the stereotype that gay men cant keep it in their pants. uuuugghhhhh

      • Guy says:

        I don’t think that’s what s/he was saying. I think they mean that it’s only a matter of time before the contestants realize they’re all competing for one bachelor or bachelorette and then think, “Oh, wait a minute, there are two dozen eligible bachelor/ettes right next to me. I think I’ll try to date those people, too.”

        • Lacey says:

          The Bachelor is known for casting attractive people so it’s basically going to be a house of a bunch of good looking men. It’s not like winning the Bachelor’s heart comes with a cash prize so there’s no reason for the men not to say heck with it and try for love within the house.

      • Michael says:

        Come on now. It takes a special breed of famewhore to participate in a show like the bachelor. Any gay men who agree to participate on a gay version of the bachelor will probably align quite well with the stereotype(which, by the way, applies to men across the spectrum of gay to straight.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      HA!! I’d watch a gay version of the bachelor in a nano-second. You couldn’t tear me away!!

    • +1 says:

      Agreed. Gay people are way sluttier.

    • Angela says:

      plus the women who watch the bachelor and bachelorette wouldn’t be interested anyhow.
      …hi, I’d like to introduce you to a thing called slash fiction, which pairs two men up in a romantic relationship and which is often (not always, but often) written by straight women.
      Just as men find two women together hot, women find two men together hot.

  7. Yep, this is the guy I want to get my “morals” from. The one looking for love on a television show and being paid for it. Please go sit down now.

  8. What an idiot. Another uneducated homophobe! Glad I never watched this stupid reality show anyway but now even more so!!!

    • Lena says:

      I can’t really say much about him, but it is interesting how easily the word “homophobe” is thrown around lately. You cough, then you become a homophobe. You don’t believe in the lifestyle for religious reasons, you’re a homophobe. There was even a guy on twitter that called a person a homophobe because the girl pointed out that vandalizing Chic-Fila during that mini Scandal was breaking the law. The word is losing meaning now.

      • RyanC says:

        If it helps, I don’t think all of the above makes a person sound homophobic, maybe just ignorantly. Incredibly ignorant. I’m looking at you, “you don’t believe in the (gay) lifestyle”.

      • Rbasr says:

        ” You don’t believe in the lifestyle for religious reasons, you’re a homophobe. ”

        How do you not comprehend how exactly true that statement is? Your love of mythology and magical power stories does not trump the basic human rights of a citizen. Religion is no shield from racism, hatried and homophobia, no matter if it is excused in your compendium of tall tales and mystical promises. It simply is what it is.

        Again, I’m amazed that you cannot see that.

        • Rance says:

          Listen, I’m not religious at all and I also do not agree with what this guy said… but your whole diatribe about religion sounds way more hateful than anything this guy said about gay people. Making fun of someone’s religious beliefs in order to belittle them for something they said kind of defeats the sentiment of your entire statement. You mentioned that, “Religion is no shield from racism, hatred and homophobia…” but you, purposely, sound more hateful in your post than he did by answering a question off the top of his head. ((And, by the way, I pretty much feel the same way about religion as you, but I try to just respect peoples right to believe what they want.))

          Let people who are close-minded about anything believe what they want so long as they are not hurting anyone. And if someone says they are “hurt” by his statement, emotionally, then I feel sorry for them because if someone who you don’t even know and doesn’t know you and barely speaks English can so offend you then you should probably just lock yourself in your house and never have any contact with anyone because you’re way too thin-skinned. And, by the way, definitely stay off the internet because… yeah… most hateful place. Ever.

      • xx says:

        If you call homosexuality “more pervert,” you’re probably a homophobe.

  9. Guy says:

    ABC will probably love this so that the homophobes back down. Quite honestly there has been a huge rally against Disney from that group of people.

  10. Jenna says:

    Omg. Whaaaaaaat? So, this guy thinks he is a good role model for kids by essentially prostituting himself on a tv show? I’d laugh if it weren’t so absurd.

  11. johnsuxx says:

    Well it’s not like he lied! #God

    • CSI Fan says:

      If your loved God don’t want the gay people.. then why they exist??? @NEXT!

    • duranmom says:

      Do not bring God into this.

    • alistaircrane says:

      Take your homophobia away from here, John. Also, hate to break it to you but there’s no such think as God. #Atheist

      • alistaircrane says:


      • Lena says:

        Sweetheart, that doesn’t make it a fact just because you believe it. Some people believe in God and they are entitled to feel that way. It is an individual right, preference, and journey. Just focus on your own opinions and leave others to enjoy their own beliefs.

        • will says:

          “leave other to enjoy their own beliefs.”

          Look, when your beliefs cause demonstrable harm to a portion of human beings who are doing nothing wrong, pointing out the fact that the beliefs are not supported by any existing evidence is not only the right thing, but it’s morally wrong to NOT speak out about it.

    • Whitney says:

      I don’t know about you, but MY God made all people, and He doesn’t make mistakes. ;-)

      • Lena says:

        I agree. God did make all people. Does he also hold responsibility for our actions? That’s an entirely different thing. Look at history before you answer.

      • Stormy says:

        So Jeffrey Dahmer just made a lifestyle choice, Helen Keller had it coming, and Hitler was misunderstood?

      • I Heart Damon Salvatore says:

        I’m just going to pretend there’s a like button here and click it. Repeatedly.

      • will says:

        Assuming this is the christian god, he’s made plenty of mistakes. Putting the tree, the snake, and the perfectly-innocent humans all in the same place, for one. Heck, the whole point of Jesus was to bring a new covenant, something that only needs to happen if the first covenant was somehow wrong or became wrong in spite of being rules from an omniscient timeless being. The flood story was all about how he felt like he’d made a mistake with humanity in general.

      • This is so random, but have you watched Queer as Folk? Because if you did, what you just said reminds me of a quote from the show. One of the characters- Ted, said that about God. Here’s a snippet of what he said: “He created you in his image. At least that’s what I was always taught. And since God is love and God doesn’t make mistakes, then you must be exactly the way he wants you to be… He loves us all.” :)

      • GTop says:

        You’re right God doesn’t make mistakes. And gay people are not mistakes unless you feel children born with illnesses are and religious people developing cancer and other diseases. Guess that ends that argument…

    • David4 says:

      If god is talking to you you really should be medicated.

      If god is telling you mean, hateful things you need to be locked into a padded room.

  12. Kristin says:

    I could totally see a gay contestant on The Bachelor or another such similar show working! I would watch it!

    This guy is ignorant, he is a bigot, and and he’s a frakkin’ ass.

    • J.Norman says:

      From an impartial outsider, I have huge reservations about whether a show about a gay guy selecting a partner would have mass appeal despite how much some demographics might wish it to be so.

      • aunt_deen says:

        The audience of The Bachelor is virtually all women, and straight women might very well tune into a gay version of it. It probably wouldn’t have equal numbers, but I think it would still find a decent-sized viewership.

  13. CSI Fan says:

    “I don’t think it is a good example for kids to watch that on TV” so… What kids are watching The Bachelor???? Hello?

    • Q says:

      THIS! Why would kids be watching the Bachelor? I would be more concerned about having kids watch women/men throw themselves at strangers for attention and “fame.” He is so misinformed and “my friend is gay” is no excuse to being ignorant.

    • Lacey says:

      LOL, I was wondering the same thing.

  14. Jenna says:

    Another closed minded bigot who lives in a glass house.
    Are ABC and A&E related? I don’t think it turned out too well for the latter.

  15. Jo says:

    Oh dear. Has the right registered IstandwithJuan.com yet?

  16. didi says:

    First off, it is obvious his use of the word “pervert” is not the American use of the word and he didn’t chose the right one. I think he shouldn’t have even been asked a question like this and it looks like they were setting him up to try and get some controversy. This was a question for network executives, not a contestant. At least he had the balls to say his truthful opinion instead of some fake answer to please people. What he said was true, the public would have a fit if there were a gay bachelor or bachelorette. That is not saying anything bad about gay people, it’s a reflection of society and it’s the truth many people would react like that.

    • Pollo says:

      Right on man.
      You are correct.
      We all have a right to our opinion.
      BTW, who said God made gays.
      Gays is what we brought on our ourselves
      in this perverted society.

  17. Stormy says:

    Um, Bravo did a gay bachelor show in 2003 called Boy Meets Boy. It featured a single guy who met 15 other guys, the twist being some were gay and some were not. I taped it every week for a gay friend who didn’t get that channel.

    • aunt_deen says:

      I watched that show. The fact that half the contestants were pretending to be gay (plus the fact that the show wasn’t even allowed to show any kissing) was rather twisted. But a gay version with the same rules would definitely find an audience, and not just of gay people.

      • The Beach says:

        Yep, I watched that show too. That was over 10 years ago and things have changed mightily since then regarding acceptance of gay romance on TV. Hell, even daily soap operas, the bastions of heterosexual love, are now showing two guys kissing. So maybe it just might work now but probably still more successfully on a cable channel rather than network.

  18. Hector says:

    You idiots! Abc have gay character on their show. Even Disney! It’s his opinion and what he said its kind if true. I have gay friends and family. So no I don’t hate your kind. If you can take it in the a$$ then you can take a joke.

    • aunt_deen says:

      What he said is not true. He said that gay people are less desirable as parents. He said that to show gay people seeking marriage on TV is not a good example for kids. He called gay people “more pervert,” which is not only bigoted, it’s bad grammar.

      • Whitney says:

        I think that’s what bothered me the most. Logistically he’s not necessarily wrong right off the bat – a homosexual Bachelor is probably too controversial for this country right now, unfortunately – but to go on and call homosexuals perverts and bad parents… no. You want to talk bad parents? Heterosexuals make babies EVERY DAY who don’t want them and won’t properly care for them. The system is flooded with children of heterosexual parents who didn’t want them. But a gay couple wants their child EVERY time. They pay big money for adoption and surrogates and donors. Every homosexual couple is a parent by choice. And their children get to grow up seeing that being who you are is never wrong, even if the world is telling you otherwise. I’m sorry but if anyone is a bad example for children, it’s the guy cheapening marriage to an 8 week reality competition.

    • ceecee says:

      Hector…its his opinion if he is talking to his friends.
      But he was representing the show and ABC at this
      gathering. He should have deflected the question if
      he didn’t want to look bad or make his company look
      bad. He is entitled to his personal opinion on his
      own time not when he is representing his company.
      Calling someone a pervert is not “a joke”. I

    • What he said is kind of true? What part? That gay men are more pervert? That’s a lot of BS and you say you don’t hate on ‘their’ kind? They’re people just because they are gay doesn’t make them any different than the rest of us. And where was the joke because I sure never saw one. Asshat

    • Mike G says:

      ” I have gay friends and family. So no I don’t hate your kind. If you can take it in the a$$ then you can take a joke.” I didn’t know that all gay men took it in the a$$. Thank you for the education Hector!!!!

    • Michael says:

      I would be more offended if this post were written by someone with more than a 4th grade education. Stay in school.

    • Kyla Jones says:

      Does it seem to you that straight people spend a whole lot more time dwelling (usually incorrectly) on how we do it than we do? So much up this and down that …

      • Angela says:

        Oh, most definitely. I’m a straight person who couldn’t care less-so long as you’re having fun, knock yourselves out. But a lot of straight people sure do seem weirdly obsessed with the topic.

  19. I’m straight and I’m way more pervert.

  20. Nero Trask says:

    In the words of that great 20th Century philosopher, Bugs Bunny…”What a maroon.”

  21. ceecee says:

    Wow…he is not one to be talking about any values. He had a child out of wedlock, he pimped himself out on The Bachelorette and is now doing it again on the Bachelor (and he is getting paid for it!) and its a safe bet that he is not monogamous and is boinking more than one of those contestants. He has no right to say what is and isn’t moral. Hopefully this will blow up in ABC face and it will end this franchise.

  22. David P. Graf says:

    I agree that gays shouldn’t appear on the Bachelor. I’d hate to think that there are gays dumb enough to want to participate in something as tacky as the Bachelor.

    • Angela says:

      Hahaha, this is a good argument :D.

      (Seriously, more power to those of you who like this show, call it a “guilty pleasure”, whatever, though.)

  23. 1st of all the Bachelor is not something kids should watch period. This is one giant mess & I wish that ABC would dump it. I’m surprised that something owned by Disney would put something in the earlier timeslot that shows such a slutty world. I understand it’s appeal & ratings because people want to watch the train wreck that it is, but really I don’t want to waste time watching such trash. I wish it was gone.

  24. shuayb says:

    BBM can’t look face. Pretty and dumb. None of what he said even made sense… The bachelor is the most peverse show on tv and he calls gay people peverse. What a douche.

  25. hipster says:

    ABC is probably the most LGBT friendly of the major networks, I wonder how they’re dealing with this mess. Their holiday weekend just got ruined. :)

    The bachelor calling something perverse? Ha. I can’t even….

  26. Brooke says:

    “It is confusing in a sense.”

    I get the feeling this guy finds a lot of things confusing.

  27. Joel says:

    This from the man who is whoring himself on national television. Please.

  28. Midori4 says:

    So it’s ok for the single dad to be a whore on TV as long as it’s with the opposite sex?

    You know the difference between liberals and conservatives? Liberals admit they love sex and it’s 2014. Conservatives love sex but are shameful of it and believe it’s still 1954 when it comes to “family”.

  29. Mary Ellen says:

    I think something got lost in translation. I think this is being done to taint his character, I for one don’t believe that he would say those things purposefully. Some words in different languages have double cognates. For example, intoxicated in Spanish means having food poisoning, not being drunk and “Embarasada” in Spanish means pregnant not embarassed. A former Miss Canada who said she spoke Spanish was interviewed in Mexico and she said she was “embarasada”, next thing you knew she was making news because she was pregnant. We need to take things with a grain of salt.
    I don’t believe he’s anti-gay at all.

  30. Boiler says:

    Can we please watch the ratings plummet?? What an idiot

  31. So where the outrage for these comment

  32. starla says:

    Did the media not get enough publicity with the Duck Dynasty guy? I know, let’s ask a guy from another country/culture who doesn’t speak English well some controversial questions and see what answers we can blow out of proportion.

  33. GeoDiva says:

    Another ignorant buffoon! I am proud I have never watched a minute of this show. It’s trash!

  34. Whitney says:

    Whether he meant it or not, this story is still frustrating. It’s frustrating because his words are now out there for the anti-gay crowds to run rampant with, and it’s another pointless hit for equality. It’s almost MORE frustrating if he didn’t meant it as it sounds because now it’s out there for nothing.

  35. jenferner8 says:

    I don’t know of any kid anywhere who should even be watching shows like this.

  36. John Smith says:

    Because there is nothing perverted about a man kissing 23 women in one night for fame and money. That’s great family values. And while all the girls are all very cute, it’s a bit sad how they chase after a guy they hardly know and cry when they get rejected. The show is just silly and isn’t a family show anyway. Who cares what this guy thinks.

  37. tvgeek says:

    What a freaking idiot. Hopefully this will hurt ratings and gets this garbage cancelled.

  38. Michael says:

    He’s an idiot. End of any success he was hoping to have.

  39. Kiki says:

    This whole franchise should just be over. I feel sorry for the people on it and twice as sorry for the people who actually sit down to watch it.

  40. Thi isn t rocket scientist stuff, there is nothing normal about being gay, absolutely nothing !!!!

  41. nm says:

    Okay, I don’t think he’s calling gays moral deviants or terrible ppl, he says the he has gay friends and that he respect gay ppl because they want to have children. I think his choice of words “_more_ pervert” is pretty telling – calling gay ppl “more” perverted than straight (i’m assuming) ppl as opposed to just “perverts”. I think he probably meant that he believes gay guys can’t keep it in their pants compared to straight ppl. It’s probably just a language issue. Not saying he’s pro-gay or the gay community’s biggest hero, just saying that you guys may be jumping the gun here. At the end of the day, he is not condemning the gay community, the worse you could accuse him of is ambivalence and some poor word choices.

  42. Chris says:

    I think it’s funny how is example is “fathers” and he is referring to gay men. I be wouldn’t have a problem with a lesbian season of the bachelorette

  43. Chris says:

    I bet he*

  44. Mehvash says:

    So it’s okay to stick your tongue down a bunch of strange women’s throats as long as you’re heterosexual. Then you can fake a relationship and break up just to whore yourself out for fame. Where is the perversion in that (please note the sarcasm)….

  45. chadcronin says:

    It doesn’t matter how you twist and interpret what he said. I find calling an entire populate more pervert offensive. I know for a fact they could do the show exactly the same with all men or all women and have no one acting too fem or butch or trying to hit on other contestants. I also cannot forget that he had almost no delay in saying No that gays shouldn’t be on the show. Sorry when you say someone shouldn’t be able to do something, that is discrimination and I will not tolerate or support that or defend someone who does.

  46. charlotte says:

    What a complete douchebag and waste of space. I can’t even.

  47. David4 says:

    How many gay relationships do you think this guy had? I’m going to guess more than one. That’s why, he hates that he can’t admit it.

  48. Dakota says:

    Why aren’t we seeing the same type of outrage toward this guy and ABC as we’ve seen toward A&E. Im a liberal but was it cuz the Duck guys are conservatives? This is just as bad. It shows his ignorance and bigotry, which sadly is very common in Latino cultures. Im sure many of the producers, makeup and hair people and behind the scenes people at ABC and THe Bachelor are gay? Perverts? You’re the one going on TV, kissing and maybe screwing multiple women. You should see on HuffPo today some great videos – one of a gay couple with 5 kids (4 adopted) where one guy had the kids help him with a marriage proposal and then they’re all cheering. The other of a non stereotypical looking black gay male couple and their 2 adorable girls. Sadly , they’ve been hit with not only anti-gay but racial hate comments. People are so ignorant in 2014. This guy should get the same scrutiny. Where is GLAAD in all this

    • DenverDean says:

      GLAAD will be silent because he is a minority.

    • Angela says:

      The news just broke today. Give it time, they’ll show up. And look at all the outrage his comments have spawned in this comment section alone.

    • Tia me says:

      Dakota stated “It shows his ignorance and bigotry, which sadly is very common in Latino cultures.” I am offended by your ignorance and uneducated comments, no all latinos are ignorants and I am sure language barrier is a common mistake made daily. One slang or noun in one Country is not the same to another. You need to read and research today “more latinos, and asians are hired as executives on private companies, universities, telecommunication, technology, marketing, media as CEO’s government jobs than regular american citizens. Get ready for culture diversity in 2020-2025 we will have to compete with 6 billion of Asians with more than 4 languages? This means we will be the world minority 0.8% against them. WE need to keep the free of speech in the media as part of our US democracy.

  49. Ben Kabak says:

    Most of the world agrees with him.

  50. Dalyce says:

    Just more reality show doo-doo to pump ratings.