Beauty and the Beast EPs Talk VinCat's 'Destiny,' Valentine's Romance and a 'Fulfilling' Reunion

Beauty and the Beast ReunionThe CW’s Beauty and the Beast (Mondays at 9/8c), which launched with the tagline “How Brave is Your Love?,” now might be more on point to ask of its titular twosome: “How Resilient Is Your Love?”

As if things didn’t already look bleak coming out of the fall finale, which ended with Cat choosing to shoot Vincent to save the father she barely knew, last week’s episode found the ex-lovers essentially electing to write their romance off as a loss and move on with their individual lives.

But all hope is not lost. “Have faith” is the message from executive producer Brad Kern, who here with EP Jennifer Levin previews the episodes to come before its spring hiatus.

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YOU ARE MY DESTINY | The skeletal remains discovered by Cat and Tori in the abandoned curios shop represent the literal bones of a meaty new mystery. “We’re trying to explore who Vincent is as a beast and how he’s connected to a deeper mythology,” Kern says. “And ultimately Catherine will be connected to it as well. We’re going to find out over the course of the next several episodes that it’s not just Vincent who’s connected to his destiny, that Cat might be as well, in a different way.” Wait, so “beasts” perhaps were not born in a Muirfield lab but preexisted long before? Says Kern: “We’re going to discover that Muirfield was a Chinese box behind a Chinese box behind a Chinese box… a front corporation” for a whole other entity that perhaps was looking to re-engineer an extinct species.

FOUR’S A CROWD | Of course, “shared destiny” or not, Vincent and Catherine are far from alone in taking this journey. Cat, for one, has ADA Gabe helping her lick her personal and professional wounds. Don‚Äôt Die on Me“Like Vincent having to explore his beast side, Cat has to explore this ‘Mr. Right’ who understands what she’s gone through, because he used to be a beast. She’d be stupid not to, especially after what a jerk Vincent was to her.” (Will this would-be couple kiss? “You’ll have to wait and see,” Levin hedges.) Vincent meanwhile has fellow beast Tori at his side — for now. “As he explores the season-long question of ‘Who am I?,’ he’s got a woman who can connect to him in a way that Cat never can,” Kern notes. Just don’t count on Tori staying around through to the season finale. “That’s not a season-long arc,” Kern makes clear.

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HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY WEEK! | Fittingly, a Valentine’s Day-themed episode airing Feb. 10 and involving a “vow renewal” will mark the first significant step toward a VinCat reconciliation. Says Levin, “[EP] Sherri [Cooper] and I wrote it and we went for the romance Don‚Äôt Die on Me— hyper-aware of the fact that it would be airing on Valentine’s week.”

KEEPING THE FAITH | But again, that episode is but a first step. There is no one grand gesture that will get the beast out of the dog house. “It’s going to take Vincent a while to earn back Cat’s trust, once he realizes that the path he chose maybe wasn’t the right one. But it was a necessary path for him to explore,” says Kern. “If he’s going to find the balance between man and beast, between heart and soul — which he must do if he is to be a better man for Cat — he must take this journey. It’s a painful path, but we ask the audience to have faith in us and to be with us on the season’s story, so that they can be rewarded with a series of episodes that bring them back together again in a much more fulfilling and foundational way.” That said….

GONNA LEAVE YOU HANGIN’ | As previously reported, Beast is going on a spring break — and it’s going out with a bang. “The winter finale promises to give the fans what they’ve been waiting for,” Kern teases, “as well as a shocking VinCat cliffhanger.”


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  1. sl says:

    Great…cannot wait to see what happens. I want the show to be renewed for a third season so I am looking forward to seeing how they work the second half of this season.

    • Agree, it is really starting to pick up steam and become fun. Great little date night show at home with the hubby :) He much prefers this season.

    • Carl Modren says:

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    • TVfan says:

      Yes want Season 3! Vincent & Catherine forever!

    • Vee Harris says:

      I am also looking forward to the VinCat reunion.. I enjoy the new action and adventures but so miss my core Beauty and the Beast romantic scenes.

      • Sl says:

        I just realized we never did get an answer from season 1 episode one and why and how Vincent was there that night her mom was killed and Vincent saved Cat. I would think that would be important.

      • Sl says:

        In also hope Tess tells off Vincent and how he hurt Cat and just be the all around friend trying to protect her friend. Vincent really needs to have a serious talking to and it looks like J.T. is not going do it.

  2. sl says:

    Just hope they have a nice flow and nothing choppy just to get to one end to another and where it seems natural and right and not forced. I am looking forward to stuff and don’t want to rush anything and as long as things don’t involve Tori or any romantic things starting with Vincent I am cool with going along for the ride and letting Vincent and Cat be alone for awhile and eventually starting on paths to lead back to each and I understand that it needs to be right and not rushed especially with a lot happening during the two seasons for them to just reconcile and a lot of work has to be done. I hope part of the path leads Vincent to having a few mire things spark his memory so there are less gaps. I liked Monday’s episode and like I said up for anything except romance between Vincent and Tori. Does the skeleton of the beast or whatever Cat found have to deal with the beast strain Vincent was in season one or two or a mix of both. I liked that Tori’s das was smart enough to hide it in a seemingly junk warehouse so no one could randomly come upon it.

  3. vincat says:

    I love this show so much!! I will die if they cancel it.

  4. Crys says:

    VinCat cliffhanger? I would be fine with that if the show wasn’t on the cancellation doorstep. With the ratings the way they are and the remaining episodes being aired closer to Summer, I hope they give us some closure if they don’t get renewed. Although everything sounds promising, I’m still not happy with the way Season 2 is turning out and I will reserve judgment on how they fix the mess this show has become before I get overexcited. So far, it’s been nothing but disappointment for me and I fear they don’t have enough time to fix the toxic relationship VinCat has become nor fix the jerk that Vincent has turned out to be. And great, I guess we’ll have to endure the silly Gabe/Catherine and Tori/Vincent triangles for a while. Sure makes VinCat love so epic…NOT.

    • Shan says:

      I agree on some points that they spent a lot of time separating Vincent and Cat that it is going to take even longer to find their way back to each other and there might not be enough time. I am all for hoping and seeing the slow journey back and not rushing anything. Not a fan of Gabe and Cat i can be okay for them for a little bit and have Cat realize that it was not just Vincent saving her that she fell in love with him in the first place. Never will I accept a Tori and Vincent romance. Let’s keep hoping and maybe put some faith in and see what happens and if they mess up again then rant all we want. LOL=)

    • Brenda says:

      I hope they can fix the mess with Catherine and Vincent.I just don’t know how they can do it.Put Sherry and Jennifer back into writing,please.We all want a season 3.

      • Diana says:

        Brenda, hang in there because you’re going to be pleasantly surprised as to where the story line goes. #BATB fans are going to be rewarded. It’s going to be a bumpy ride, but we will be rewarded so don’t give up on this show just yet.

        • Christine says:

          Totally agree with hanging in there…it’s so close, don’t go. ;-)

          • Diana says:

            It’s going to be a bumpy ride, but it’s all going to end well. There’s going to be a reward for getting through this rough patch between VinCat. The mythology part of this series is going to be awesome and we’ll find out how VinCat are meant to be together. So stay with #BATB, and I think you’ll be happy that you did.

    • Well Said…..The writers have completely destroyed the beauty of this epic love story…probably for their own egos…certainly not to give the viewers what they wanted. Vincent and Catherine’s love for each other would not have gone so badly wrong…it was epic. They could have pulled them apart for awhile without going to the extreme and triangles are not needed. The worst part of the show is Catherine trusting the creepy stalker Gabe has become. He has no purpose in the show except to act like an idiot. He should have stayed dead or come back as a bad guy…that would have at least been believable. Brad…you should have gotten your own show and left ours alone…you destroyed it and now …thanks to the writers…we will lose it.

  5. Monique says:

    Don’t want anything but platonic with Vincent and Tori but I also don’t want Catherine and Gabe to become an item either – he is NOT “Mr. Right” AT ALL – nuff said. I also don’t want it to be rushed or choppy, I want it to be believable – I can wait, tension is good and can be unbelievably sexy (didn’t someone woo someone on Valentine’s day last season? I still have that song in my head). I love cliffhangers as long as I’m not left hanging for the rest of my life (just saying DON’T DO THAT). Moving on…. I loved Monday’s Episode and those BONES – YAY I love that kind of mystery and can’t wait to see that being unravelled. An extinct species – seriously? COOL!!! I’m on this for the whole entire ride and hope they bless us dedicated and passionate beasties with a season 3 because this show really does deserve it.

    • Shan says:

      Totally agree with you! As long as it is done right and such I can wait and enjoy the ride. For Gabe, I can see him trying and that is good because last season he was a total ass. So to see him try is a good thing in my book and it is something Vincent needs to do.

    • Ina says:

      Monique, I totally agree with you! I’m enjoying this exciting ride and I hope they give #BeautyandtheBeast their well deserved S3. The story isn’t told yet so give them the chance to do so!

  6. anthony says:

    they need to get back to more romance and action to get ratings up and keep fans interesting

    • sl says:

      I am all up for romance and action for this show. I think as long as things remain platonic between Vincent and Tori and Cat and Gabe we can be okay…
      Definitely love the action and romance but don’t want anything to rushed or forced and looking to having things flow and intertwine nicely.
      I want to see more Tess and J.T. being good friends to Cat and Vincent and grounding them and giving friendly advice. I am looking forward to more and the show being renewed.

  7. Christine says:

    I sometimes struggle to find the right words to get believe to continue believing AND WATCHING Season 2. Yes it’s been tough, full of angst, oh my god moments and “another redhead really” but it’s the story with Tori that is interesting and her father Mr. Windsor hiding the skeleton in the closet, so this is no Alex arc at all. I am disappointed at times of how vocal people have been comparing S1 to S2 and how they do not want to watch etc. Beauty & The Beast will only get better. We cannot go back, we need to go forward as a show and a story. It needs to legs to stand on for a long run. We have to let it go and get on for the ride. Even Jay & Kristen understand the need to be apart for a while to get back together. BATB is like no other show on TV so there is nothing else to compare it to. It is a Beauty amongst all the other thorns out there. It is a quality show and I want everyone to appreciate and understand what we have here….don’t let go, hold on tight!

    • Shan says:

      I agree. I just wish that this season with them being apart they didn’t do it in a way there they have pain and hurt but lost the underlying feeling of love between the two leads that they had last season being apart and together such. I think that is what is missing is that the underlying love and such that should be there is not fully there underneath all the pain and such this season. I have hope it can be fixed and we can feel it again like we did last season whether they are together or apart. I do wonder if BK watched season one before he decided on his story arc and path and if he did I can understand that. If he didn’t did he think he could just wipe out season one and start fresh? I am glad no big gesture will be done to get the beast out of the doghouse and that is great. I did like the flash mob and the Bruno Mars song of last year for Valentine’s day. I thought was sweet and original. I also like seeing Vincent’s path and journey to find the balance between beast and man. I like the idea of the mythology of an extinct species that is cool and original. I just hope they can tie things together. I am also looking forward to Cat’s path and journey and seeing more of her life without Vincent for a while. I am not letting go. I am looking forward to learning more about Tori’s dad and how he came upon the skeleton and how he was smart enough to hide it in plain sight but not and the retinal scanner was ingenuous. I don’t like BK saying Tori is around and can connect to Vincent that Cat will never be able to do again don’t like the word choice or what it implies.
      Looking forward to the ride..
      I know we are beating up on Vincent but this season with his beast side more dominant it seems and more aggressive and being a jerk he kind of deserves it but hopefully the path back will lead to a balance, more ready to fight and trust Cat and the love they share and he can return to the Vincent we love and cherish or close to it. I think blending things together might be nice.

      • Shan says:

        I am curious if Cat can feel Vincent etc.. cat had a pain in her lower left abdominal region the same place where she shot Vincent. Vincent’s humanity needed to be saved.

  8. Alicia says:

    Mr. Kerns has made a tragedy of this show. Where is the Vincent we all loved? He doesn’t exist anymore, and as for Catherine and Gabe, if they go to the extremes that I fear, there is no saving VinCat. How can a love be epic when 1. Vincent pants after every woman, it seems, that crosses his path, and 2. Catherine shot the supposed love of her life to save the man who created all of this mess. She could have killed him. If she had to shoot him, she could have done it in a place that wouldn’t have been life threatening. They call this show epic? VinCat will never be epic again!! You can try to repair it people, but it’s too late. This is the first Beauty and the Beast that I have ever seen that has love triangles. That said, I do hope they have a S3, and figure out a way to make this season just a dream or something.

    • Natalie says:

      I completely, 100% agree with you Alicia! Did Kern not watch Season 1 & realise what we had?! We had the most beautiful love stories in recent years & chemistry between 2 leads that I’ve never before seen on any tv show! We had a gift & Kern decided it was too good & pure & ….boring?! I have NEVER seen such character assassination done before on any of the tv shows I’ve watched. They are still so clueless as to why people are upset with what’s going on in the show. It’s not that VinCat broke up, it’s how it was done; it’s what preceded that. It’s the fact that BatB is a COMPLETELY different show from the one we were so passionate about last season. I no longer recognise Vincent (Catherine as well but more Vincent). Where is the noble, humble, compassionate, sweet Vincent that we grew to love? They took EVERYTHING apart. They didn’t have to go so far & cross so many lines. VinCAt already has so many obstacles; they didn’t need love interests. This is the Beauty and the Beast for goodness sake, that is why I, and so many others started watching – to get away from shows that have these tasteless love triangles! Love triangles involve cheating, period!

      Vincent CANNOT be redeemed. He has become too unlikeable & unrecognizable. I no longer want Catherine to be with him but they will be together because it’s the BatB, but not after their characters have been trashed & stomped on. I wouldn’t put up with a guy like Vincent, so it’s not enjoyable for me to watch it on tv.

      You know, they would have more viewers if they made the fans happy. Happiness in terms of not crossing lines, having VinCat be true to each other even though they are not together. For example, Vincent not physically hurting Cat, not kissing other women and making Cat his second choice – the same goes for Catherine. Why would Kern & his team for one second think that fans would enjoy this or find it entertaining. We have voiced over & over again what we expect to see but they have given us just the opposite. It does NOT make any sense! I can understand angst – I expect it, but not this kind of angst. By the way, there’s nothing EPIC about VinCat lovestory anymore – that was in SEason 1. I can’t even watch season 1 episodes anymore because I know where the characters are now. I hope that when the show is cancelled, some network starts it over again from the beginning with writers who have experience with romances.

      • Shan says:

        Well thought out and valid points and I agree with most of them. If the writers wanted to separate Vincent and Cat for awhile that is understandable and I agree they could had done it with less character assassination and crossing of the lines. I most definitely agree with you that this is Beauty and the Beast and an epic love and there is no need for triangles or other love interests or cheating. I can also see where some stuff can help a love especially an epic one by having them see other people. I just remember Leo and Piper on Charmed and their epic love and how they fought through obstacles and such and won and they each had other love interests whether past or past and they still found their way back to each other. That is how I am seeing it and hoping for Vincent and Cat and hoping the writers and such see it to. I think Vincent can be saved and for the better because he will appreciate things more and more willing to fight for things. I think the more things spark his old memories the better because he can see what has been done and fix it. Also restoring his balance and such like he had last season and realizing who he is an want to be and what he wants in life.
        I can also see season one Vincent coming back and freaking out of what he has done and work to make amends. I have hope and will see where the ride takes us and see if the writers see and listen to the fans and not make more mistakes. I think Vincent did realize something when Cat told him it was over and she wasn’t going to wait for him. I am hoping the journey is done right and is plausible and believable. The way I see it (except Tori because I cannot accept anything romantic between her and Vincent and I didn’t like Alex from last season but understood it better) is seeing another can make one realize the type of love they have for another and intense feelings they will never share with another. Again I bring up Charmed because Piper was with Dan and all though he was nice she never had the intense feelings or love she shared with Leo and that love they created on their own and no with the help of a cupid. I feel the same for Vincent and Cat that if Cat sees another she will realize it too. That their love is special and that was created by them and not some interference by something else and slightly forbidden or not suppose to happen but did. That is where my hope lies and I can be understanding where Cat is concerned if she sees another. Another comparison to Leo and Piper is that Leo had some darkness instilled in him after he had to commit a drastic act to re-balance the world. that darkness led him down a path but it eventual led him back to Piper and although he still had darkness in him he returned to Piper brighter and love stronger.
        That is what I am thinking Vincent is this season he has darkness instilled in him and he will get to a point where he has a choice and hopefully the choice will return him on his journey back to the light, love, himself and Cat. The love and such will be stronger and he will understand and see what he has and wants. I know Vincent has done a a lot of jerky things this season, but he has done some sweet things and made the right choices like in the premiere he chose to save Cat in the burning lab instead of killing the muirfield guy. He saved Cat in the elevator and received flashes of memory back and started talking to her on the fire escape again so that shows me that our beloved Vincent is still in there somewhere and just needs to fight to get out from within himself.
        I also hope they answer the question why Muirfield was hunting down Vincent specifically if there were under beasts in NYC and whether they were under the radar or not Muirfield would have known about them, so why did they want Vincent so badly?
        Along the journey back will more things spark Vincent’s memory? Will we learn more about Vincent and both beast strains? How will everything tie together? Will we see Cat’s journey too? Gabe discovered something about his beast self last season and how to fix it and needed to Vincent for it. So will that also tie into the skeleton? It seems like the skeleton has some things in common with Gabe’s discoveries. I have hope and still believe in the Epic Love and hopefully they will see and consider things and do things right and see how others have balanced things and such and how they wrote the love story and use it and make their own spin of it to work for the show.

        Writers and BK I am giving you my faith to do it right and such and take us on a nice slow journey back to our beloved pair and love. Also to get us more seasons. I like the Chinese box analogy and if they can start to flow things better and such and tie things in the better.,

      • Françoise says:

        200% agree with you Natalie and alicia!

        For me VinCat is really OVER, Vincent too (yes, he’s gone TOO FAR!) and so their epic love!

        Vincent and Catherine were so cute together in season one, they both deserved the love they had…

        but now? Now, really, I would like so much to see Cat with Gabe! And Vincent? I don’t care anymore about him, he can be with this Tori that I don’t like, because he don’t deserve to be with Catherine anymore with this behavior. If it’s ok for Tori so good for them, but please! Catherine isn’t the toy of this new Vincent!

        Really sad to treat Catherine like this, kidnapped, tied, he slept with her without remembering her, knocked down, he almost killed her in the car accident, he really don’t seems to care about her… is this what means “epic love”??

        (Sorry for my mistakes in English)

  9. Liz says:

    I’m so over VinCat. She deserves better, someone who won’t treat her like an afterthought and abandon her when a charming redhead comes along.

  10. Penny. Thank you for the scoop on Beauty and the Beast. So looking forward to new season. says:

    Why don’t EP Kerns and Levin tell us what the fate of this show is? When will it be back after what Kerns calls “spring break”. Spring breaks last one week. That is not the case here, is it? Hence, can they please answer the question???

  11. lame says:

    I hope Kern ties the storylines up nicely because this series is on the bubble. Their return isn’t guaranteed.

    • Belinda says:

      Relax Beasties. VinCat will be again. Saw ep 15. VinCat were caught up in lip lock in a passionate kiss (is Cat cheating on Gabe?) Then Vincent lifts her in his arm and takes her up the stairs of his boat house to his bedroom. Tic-toc… Gabe’s time with Catherine is running out.

      • Sasha says:

        That scene ruined the show for me; I won’t be watching anymore. No respect for Catherine anymore; she has gone from strong and moral to weak and cheating.

    • Belinda says:

      Relax Beasties. VinCat will be again. Saw ep 15. VinCat were caught up in lip lock in a passionate kiss (is Cat cheating on Gabe?) Then Vincent lifts her in his arm’s and takes her up the stairs of his boat house to his bedroom. Tic-toc… Gabe’s time with Catherine is running out.

  12. Debbie Camelo says:

    Thanks Matt and TVLine for getting to the meat of an interview. Tori was and is an instrumental character for this Season 2. I feel the comparison to Alex is way off the mark because she was Vincent’s past before he became a Beast. Tori is a beast and the teacher/student comparison is how I feel. There will not be any more kissing with those two since I believe this is where some of the mythology comes into play. Besides Cat’s connection, there could be an ancestral link between Vincent/Tori that would make them “kissin cousins”, so no beastie love between them, just a shared compassion for what they’ve been through, IMO! Amber is a wonderful actress and a very talented musician, so all the hate coming from our fandom was cruel! I was embarrassed by all the negative posts to her and to Jay, for that matter! Yes I agree that Season 2 to date is all over the place and not at all like Season 1, but for the better to be sure! Life isn’t fluffy bunnies and love can rip you to hypothetical pieces, but seriously, if any ONE of a #BeautyandtheBeast fan cannot see the slow journey back into VinCat love be a good thing, you must not have been paying attention to the interviews at Comic Con, TV Line and NY Comic Con. Jay and Kristin both said it would be a boring TV show and that’s the bottom line! I need them to enjoy what they are paid to do and that is ACT THEIR BUMS OFF! Brad Kern is telling us that Ep 16 will be worth the wait before they break and May will be pivotal in either airing the last 6 episodes and getting a Season 3, or not! Not trying to bring back unhappy fans and showing SUPPORT for what has been aired to date with POSITIVE FEEDBACK is not fair to the fans that have CAMPAIGNED TO THE MOON AND BACK to keep the show going! I would like to know how many letters, postcards, roof notes, videos, etc. the disgruntled fans have contributed to keeping #BATB alive for Season 3! I love that Catherine is finally “moving on” for now, that JT and Tess are tiptoeing around each other in an awww kind of way and that Vincent has finally realized his “V-8” moment when Cat tells him it’s the “end” for them. Their end will never happen, it’s destiny, but THE FANS’ END WILL COME if CBS and the CW don’t renew the BEST SHOW ON TV! Thanks for the chance to comment!

    • sl says:

      thoroughly well thought out post and I agree with you. I guess this time like people said the journey will be slow but worth the wait and both cat and Vincent will grow and their bond and live will be stronger than ever and will fight together to save each other and who wants to destroy them and their love. I don’t want a fast pace and forced return for Vincent and Cat and I want it done right. I am also glad that Tori will not be a romantic link for Vincent because I think that is what most people are afraid of and don’t want and hate it. I don’t hate the actress but I don’t like her character at all. I hope that there isn’t a triangle link two the duo. I understand last season Vincent went back to Alex because she is his past and needed to fully close that door however the way it went about could have been handled better. Vincent saved Cat and didn’t know if she would survive and got her to the hospital. While she was in the hospital Alex sees him and they start something while Cat is still in the hospital. This was bad because Cat just started showing her feelings for Vincent and he goes to someone he hasn’t seen in ten years. Plus Cat was still in the hospital and later when all stuff is done he didn’t realize he did anything wrong. J.T. needs to put sense into him and not always agree with Vincent like he seems to do. If Alex was able to accept Vincent’s beast side and not be manipulated by Muirfield to try and kill him then where would Vincent be and who would he choose? I think it is similar this season with Tori and again could have been handled differently. All people see if Vincent choosing his beast side and kissing Vincent when prior to that he was getting sparks of memory and having conversation on the fire escape and then just what seemed like a snap of a finger he is kissing Tori. I understand Tori can relate to Vincent as a beast, and Vincent can have a beast friend he can mentor to not be evil. The way it looks is that another person comes and instantly garnishes Vincent attention and trust and leaves Cat in the dust and not acknowledge all she does and puts on the line for Vincent. It still seems like he cannot fully let her in or trust her and always thinking she will be there and no need to fight for her. Cat has put her life on hold to kind of be Vincent protector and such and risked a lot. So I want her and Vincent to have a slow journey back to each and do it right. I want more seasons and I may be upset about some things but I am still watching and not giving up hope. I agree the process needs to be slow and each grow and learn individually and together. If it is platonic I can accept Tori being like a student and a guide of sorts for Vincent to not only tap into his beast side and power but to maintain his humanity and find his balance again but this season it is way off kilter. The same for Cat, I want her to get back to her job and life and have tess there as a friend as well as Gabe and help in different ways that is great. I think being a former beast Gabe can help Cat in so many that way. I am more open to a later romance albeit a short one down the line. I don’t want Gabe to just be there as a romantic link for Cat I want him to use all the research and other stuff he has on beast to help put things together. If things are connected like Muirfield being a front, Reynolds there is more there a lot he isn’t telling and his hatred of beasts runs quite deep. I like the idea of everything being connected and makes things seem less stoic and stock and barrel. I love the action both last and this season and I hope that both Jay and Kristen get to do some action and stunts. I agree slow and steady wins the race and I am still want more seasons. Let me know where to go or write to get this show renewed. Maybe pairing it with Supernatural? That would be great and fun to watch two of my favorite shows together. Please don’t give up…
      Thanks for the interview….
      Both Cat and Vincent made mistakes and hopefully they will heal and learn. I want to see more of J.T. doing research and figuring things out especially the difference and similarities of the beast strains that coursed through Vincent last season and this season. If Vincent’s healing ability suppressed or gone and can it be restored? Is there a reason why Vincent was able to withstand all the beast stuff without some of the side effects and going crazy like his unit mates? I think that is a big question what is so special about Vincent that he can withstand a lot more than others. Now that he is on the public again will we get to see more of his family like his nephew? That would be fun and they can help Vincent in so many ways. I am all for a friendship between Tess and J.T. but I think they should have other romantic interest then each other.
      I am not losing for the show and this interview help put at ease my worst fear about Tori and Vincent… now that that is clear a little bit I can really focus on the show and enjoy it more.

    • Ina says:

      Debbie, I totally agree with all you’ve said so I have nothing to add except I can’t wait watching the exciting eps that are coming. And I really hope they give #BeautyandtheBeast a S3 and give Brad Kern and the other writers the chance to tell their story!

    • beastfan says:

      I’m sorry, but I have to say that Tori is exactly like Alex, only worst because Alex had a legitimate claim on Vincent and he did own her.

      Tori is a woman that came out of nowhere and got in the middle of VinCat. Suddenly, this completely unknown woman became more important to Vincent than Cat, he’s a completely different man around her, he doesn’t care about hurting Cat as long as she-beast’s safe, he “feels free” around she-beast, but not around Cat, he turned his back on Cat in favor of her even though Cat was right, he’s letting Tori take control of his life without any complaint or 2nd thought and, last but not least, he kissed Tori in front of Cat. It doesn’t matter that this time Vincent doesn’t have unsolved feelings for Tori. Just change the character’s name and you have the same story under a different excuse.

      • Shannon says:

        I see your point and I agree. I also think this will serve as a wake up call for Vincent and realizing he chose wrong and that this isn’t what he wants and realize what she is doing and what he done
        Then hopefully it will spark something and start him back on the right path. I agree Tori came out of nowhere and he is agreeing to a lot of her things and pushing Cat to the wayside. I have faith Vincent will see the light of day and realize what is happening to him with Tori. I don’t think we will have anything romantic between Vincent and Tori so that gives me hope. I am having faith.

      • Diana says:

        Beastfan – Tori is an important character in the mythology that is coming up in the story line. Without Tori we wouldn’t know about this gem and the collar and the significance they have for both Cat and Vincent. We may not like Tori, but in the end she will probably play a big part in the reuniting of VinCat. So don’t give up on #BATB,. There are surprises ahead. #BATB is an awesome series and all us Beasties are hoping it gets picked up for Season 3. Keep watching and keep your fingers crossed and I think you’re going to enjoy the rest of this season. It’s awesome.

  13. Natalie says:

    I agree with you Alicia!

  14. sl says:

    I think since Vincent trusted others quickly and invited them in easily it might be a reflection Vincent needs to look at and ask why and why he can not seem to do the same for Cat all the time and he cannot blame it all on the beast etc…
    I think it would help him see things more clearly and start to earn Cat trust again and work harder when you realize what has been done, what has happened to you, and how can I amend it? I think he can see what he had under his nose all along. I think Vincent has been in the dark and hiding and doing his own thing it is difficult to get out of that mode but maybe being in public will help. I hope he doesn’t put a target on his back. How did the lawyer lady know about Tori dad and not tori or Vincent? How did Reynolds know about Tori and her dad?
    Cat can learn from her mistakes too and such..
    I hope with everything they still include Gabe and his former beast stuff past and when he was a child and why cat mom rescued him. How different his strain was to Vincent’s and why things that were harmless for Gabe was killing Vincent. I don’t think with everything that the writers and everyone should forget about Gabe and his beast side and all the research he done on himself and the antique collection he has. If everything is connected he should be included. I am wondering where the skeleton was found, is that going to be explained by the archeologist? Off to re-watch season one and this seasons episode. I say we find balance for everything of the show with action and romance and beast and mythology and procedural police cases. Utilize everyone and their skills…

  15. sl says:

    I can understand Cat reasoning about Vincent saving her ans such and that formed a bond and now this time it will be different and the bond and love will be different and stronger. I am looking forward to the slow journey back to their love and each other and don’t rush it otherwise it won’t feel real. Once love and such restored I would like to see them fight together against internal and outside forces trying to break them apart. I would love to have people dig more into the beast side and realizing there is more to it and how was such things discovered in the first place. Looking forward to more seasons and episodes.

  16. angelaparaboschi says:

    I love this show and the second season is amazing It deserves the 3rd seson we want absolutely

  17. Shannon says:

    I don’t always like Ben Kern wording like when he says that Cat might be connected to Vincent’s Destiny but in a different way that is not good wording because it brings too many negative things to mind. Of Course Cat is linked to Vincent but I want them to fall in love because they love each and such and not it to be just pre ordained or something. I also like his wording towards the end of the article and that the journey will be slow and I like that they are not taking one grand gesture to reunite them because that wouldn’t work. I also like stating Vincent will learn he may see he chose the wrong path and will need to earn Cat trust back. I liked the saying it will take a lot to get the beast out of the dog house. I understand why Vincent would have to take the path to learn more about his beast side and ‘re balance himself as I agree because this season the balance has been way off kilter favoring the beast side rather than human. I understand about Cat exploring options so she realizes she has something unique and special with Vincent and working on herself. I enjoyed the interview and will have faith.

    I understand what things are trying to be conveyed and as long as Tori and Vincent have a platonic relationship I am all good and can accept her a tiny bit more. Looking forward to the next episodes…
    I actually liked the recent episode, but I really enjoyed the season premiere and want to see more of that action in some episodes. I am curious what is planned for Valentine’s Day.

    • Shan says:

      Also her love for Vincent is real and not just because they are destined or because he saved her. That it is true and real.

  18. Sara says:

    I am sure that we will now definitely a nice separation between the two! vincent and will be jealous too! but then I’m sure will come back together! I like this tug ❤ ️😍

  19. Maggie says:

    Both leads had warned us fans in one of their interviews that season 2 was going to be different in that they were brought together so fast, so we were not going to like to see them so much apart. BUT, as promised, and as the story unfolds, B&B will surely come not only together but in a way that we cannot imagine. So hold on you guys who seem to have given up. A show cannot keep on going with having them being together all the time…that would mean end of show very fast just like a movie. This is a series so there needs to be legs for the show to have more seasons. Next ep.Ancestors is already giving us that feel between definitely is NOT over between them, that’s a guarantee!!

    • Shan says:

      I agree that they were brought together quickly without fully exploring the field first and coming together. That we got use to them together and it is hard for us to see them apart. If they did things slowly last year it might have been different and if other things were done differently things this year would be more able to handle especially if they were and needed to be apart. It is just hard to have them go from being together last season, to Vincent being kidnapped and missing for three months, to find him alive but with memory loss and him being a jerk and doing jerky things and kind of killing our beloved Vincent a little. I agree they were brought together quickly last season. Even last season Vincent made mistakes with Cat and not really realize what he had in Cat. Vincent definitely needs to see Cat with another to see and understand the love he has with cat and it is special. I still have lots of hope and understand the separation although some stuff could have been handled better. I am glad the road back in going to be slow and steady and making their bond stronger and love stronger with each step. Along the way they can learn more about themselves, each other, mystery etc.. They can work together to see who is behind everything because it seems everyone is just another Chinese box like the Windsor lawyer person, Reynolds, muirfield etc..

      I agree with Maggie don’t give up or come back and see where it goes and if they make irreparable mistakes or such than go on and rant. I am working on hope and faith here and looking forward to the second half of the season.

      I can understand if Vincent and Cat were not together last season or just getting together towards the end some stuff this season could have been digested easier. I just hope they have Vincent on his path back not have Cat on the back burner and treat her as an after thought sometimes. He did that this season and last season too.

  20. kellies says:

    I think they wanted catgabe and toricent for the majority of season 2. The bad rating and the outrage of abusive and cheating Vincent cause them to rewrite in my estimestimateate. I think they’re pretty much wrapping up the series because they’re forced to. This isn’t charmed or Kern’s real life experience of his amnesia. These are iconic Disney characters they crapped all over on. They literally soiled Vincent so that for a lot of people, there’s no way back for them. Mark pedowitz said something very telling yesterday. He said they weren’t going to do wonder woman until they have the story right. That he wasn’t going to mess up an iconic character by rushing it basically. I think he learned from batb mistakes. If you look at jay and Kristin’s interview, they both said they were shocked that Vincent was violent with Catherine. You can read a lot into season 2 by looking at their ccny interviews. Kristin is not dumb, she pretty much saw the writing on the wall and warned viewers they were going to have a hard time. She also reiterated that she loved season 1.

  21. I pretty much blanked out with happiness at “vow renewal.” Thanks Matt ~ love this scoop! BatB is my crack. I just want many more seasons of my favorite show to enjoy. The storytelling is fanfriggintastic in Season 2 ~ can’t wait to find out what the mysterious new mythology is!!!

    • Laura says:

      The vow renewal is the FBI agent, possibly with the archaeologist. Not related to VinCat. The storytelling is more like phantasmagoric. A waste of good plot, actors and fanbase. I really don’t understand those “fans” that are delighted to see the show going down due Kern’s bad decisions.

  22. Thanks Matt, I always appreciate your coverage of our beloved show. I am a huge fan of S but my excitement is really picking up as S2 seems to be getting its legs under it. This show gives one crazy ride and I expect it to continue to do so. I like the expansion of the world Catherine and Vincent dwell in. Gabe is not meant to be Catherine’s great love, but who wouldn’t want a friend like he has become in season 2? Tori shows a mentor side to Vincent that is interesting. He was protected by JT and Catherine for a long time. It is nice to see him have someone who needs him in a different way. The writers may explore relationships between these couples but they don’t have the chemistry that JR and KK do so no worries here-just giving the characters depth imo. Hope beasties hang in there–I have a feeling we have a very huge, hot payoff coming round the corner and I for one and not going to miss it.

  23. Thanks for the encouraging words on the series! I love the way the producers have brought the show–it gives “Beauty & the Beast” some depth! They are making BATB more than just a strong romance between two destined lovers. Romance only brings a show so far so I am definitely glad the writers have brought more elements to BATB other than underlining romance. It is toxic for two lovers to be defined by their relationship, and not by their individualities.I do believe there could have been a better way to approach S2, but with the route they are pursuing, I am loving it!

    We all know Vincent & Catherine are destined to be together–and the writers KNOW we know this! And they WILL give us what we want, we just need to be patient and go with the flow.

    As for character assassination? Ha! I guess people don’t understand the concept of CHANGE. If something drastically changes within your life, are you not allowed to change yourself? Catherine LOST Vincent for three months–of course she’s going to act differently. Vincent LOST his memory, for crying out loud! He’s not going to be the same person he once was–especially after Reynolds & Co. brainwashed him.

    However, it’s clear he wants to change. Catherine Ashton (the costume designer of BATB) made that clear on Twitter. We need to give Vincent and Catherine a reprieve–they’ve been through hell. They deserve some fresh air.

    I’m not worried about whether or not the show has enough time to restore Vincent and Catherine’s relationship. We haven’t seen the upcoming episodes, and for all we know, there might be a major time lapse (like a month or two) between one episode and another. It’s clear Catherine wants to get back to her life and start caring about herself instead of always worrying about VIncent (even though I think the worry never really does go away).

    Have faith, beasties! The story isn’t over yet! I can handle another hiatus and I will be doing everything on my part to help give us S3! :) BATB deserves it! They need room to grow–they’ve only just begun their journey. It would be unfair to end it before it has even started. :)

    • IMC says:

      well said. I think that a lot of viewers are comparing this season too much to season one. Season one was great but they have being through so much now that they are different people. I am just going to trust the writers and enjoy the story as it unfolds. I really love the new directions and possibilities.

    • JulieDawn says:

      Very well said! Drives me nuts when I read complaints that the characters aren’t the same as last year..well they aren’t going to be. People change, it’s healthy and inevitable, and even more so when they undergo tragedies and situations like these two have (let alone adding a little extra DNA and behavior conditioning into the mix!)
      And for a TV show, change is vital. No way could the show have continued at ALL without it, so those complaining need to remember that. Sure I also miss some of what these characters gave us in S1, but I have no doubt we’ll see it again, and probably better…and in the meantime we get to enjoy the journey right along with them.
      Realistically we all know the chances if that S3 are slim…not impossible, but definitely not a given. So why not enjoy what we have while we DO have it, and be happy in the knowledge that we have been promised this wonderful reunion and rediscovery of their love.

    • Christine says:

      Love your analogy & comments. We all want things to be the same I understand and yes it has been difficult at times to watch S2 BUT I do not know of anyone who has remained the same after many challenges. As much as we would love to flat line Vincent to save him like Gabe, we cannot flat line our show with predictable episodes. I have sat on the edge of my seat the whole season so far, cursed the television and yet watched week after week. Let’s keep this going and trust in the producers, cast and crew to deliver. Besides they know we would implode on Twitter with our comments…haha!

    • twittoletta says:

      Very well said! Love #BATB season 1, season 2 season …… 13! (I have a positive and optimistic soul …maybe season 13 is too much? ;)

    • free the actors from this horrible mess says:

      They pretty much hung themselves when Vincent grabbed Catherine’s neck threw her ass like yesterday’s garbage. How dare she question him. Afterall, she’s just a useless woman only good for kidnapping and initiating sex with her kidnapper. I loved how she covered her neck bruises and made every excuses for him because, you know, that’s what a good woman should do, not! That’s some good soap right there. You will respect my authoritor!

      Yeah, wipe his memory, give him a new fembot, I mean, a beastbot girlfriend, but at least write his arc so that people can sympathize for him. Even during his flashbak they wrote him as a dbag.

    • Shannon says:

      I agree. The show is having more depth. I like there are more elements to explore and they are having things interconnected which will make things interesting and beg the question who is really running the show when things like Muirfield and Reynolds are like said just Chinese boxes. I am looking forward to seeing what they have planned. I just don’t want anything forced or rushed and such even if the fate is up in the air. I want them to have a season three but don’t want them to do anything drastic that might affect the flow into season three.

      I think Tori has been meant to be a student and such for Vincent and not romantic interest. If I read that wrong or they changed minds somewhere let me know where it was intended for her to be a romantic interest. I don’t want Tori or Vincent together that way and not sure if this season was suppose to be about Vincent with Tori and Gabe with Catherine. Great thoughts and I agree love the depth they are adding. I think we do not know everything especially about Reynolds.

  24. Gilda Beck says:

    O que me parece é que ninguém vê em Vincent 2 seres diferentes,um humano e um animal,com 2 reações diferentes. O humano ,se sentia culpado por 10 anos perdidos na vida de Alex,e o sonho de um passado que voltaria com ela.Mas ñ haveria amor entre os dois apenas companheirismo ,e sexo. Com o animal a mesma coisa,ele achou um igual depois de uma solidão de mais de 10 anos,ñ é amor sim uma parceria onde os feromônios se manifestam ao ponto de um beijo.Vincent tem que amadurecer ,o fato de ficar recluso o deixou parado no tempo.Mas uma coisa sabemos ele e Cat se amam

    • Laura says:

      Como assim, ele achou um igual depois de 10 anos? Ele tinha acabado de fazer sexo com Cat! Não tem nada de solitário nisso. Se você vai inventar desculpas ridículas para pouca vergonha, pelo menos seja coerente.

  25. brooke says:

    I sincerely apologize in anyone takes this as a negative comment, it is not meant to be but I am really trying to understand why they would spend 99% of an article trying to reassure the fans that everything will be okay, we will get the love back stronger and better before the March hiatus and that we need to have faith and trust in them-and then in ONE sentence, almost destroy all of what was said. Haven’t they heard anything many fans have been saying in the last 7 months, as it has been since August of last year that we have been continuously told about the GABE/CAT love triangle. If there has been any single one thing that the fans have said over and over again is DON’T DO THE GABE/CAT romance. Who knows how they will handle it, but WHY WHY would you tell the fans that it is still going to happen? We are trying to get fans back, not drive them away or not have them back until closer to March 16 when we know the love will start coming back. The whole TORI arc is painful for fans to watch but is understandable, given she is a beast (though the red headed thing-the light should have gone on that people would not respond to that) Fans keep saying on sites if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all, well continuing to tell the fans that GABE/CAT are going to explore a romance is NOT NICE and the best would have been to just leave it at they need to be apart for awhile to explore their Who AM I journey.

    • Laura says:

      Yeah, brooke, but you’re missing THE REALLY IMPORTANT POINT here. Gabe is MR RIGHT. lol As in right in the middle of hell, of course. But, don’t worry, he ran around town with a defibrillator and there’s nothing more redeeming than this, right? He’s the right guy for Cat, you’ll see. Not.

      I think Kern’s amnesia affected a little his sense of reality.

      • Brenda says:

        I agree with your comment.I think Mr.Kern has lost touch with reality since he continues to think all is fine,when the fans are very discouraged.He hints that Gabe might be with Cat for awhile.Come on!

    • Shannon says:

      I age with your point of giving us hope and then a sentence later almost destroy it all.

  26. Sue says:

    we just survived a month plus of waiting. now we are facing another, much longer haitus?! and worse, we have to wonder anxiously if the show will be cancel or not after that??!!! Waaaaaaaaaaa ;-( As much as i like season 2, i’ve been missing season1’s Vincat soo bad. and just as they are getting back together, we have to go thru another batch of emotional roller coaster?? God Batb is definitely going the be the death of me :(

  27. Twittoletta says:

    I really like (love) the second season as well as I liked the first. @Writerfreak001 said it all and in the best way. This continuous evolution of the show is what makes the show interesting. I hope to see all the seasons they have programmed to do because, especially for its genre, is very well made. All the cast is really talented and the chemistry between them is fantastic. In the end, the show is very stimulant in both ways and as someone said,” I don’t care if you speak either good or bad about me, just speak about me!” With much love for #BATB and all Beasties standing up for it!

  28. maureen says:

    I love reading peoples comments, whatever they are. It really does show how passionate everyone is about this show. I really wish, however, that EVERYONE would also remember that we live in DEMOCRATIC countries and everyone has a right to their opinion-it is called FREEDOM of SPEECH and it is what makes our world a better place to be in!

    • Françoise says:

      Well said Maureen! You’re so right! It’s so interesting to see what people think,

      We see this show on TV, behind our screens, but in real life, some of us would like to go on with Vincent and some of us would just give up and would like to go out with Gabe, that’s life! That’s such a PERSONAL choice!

  29. Melissa says:

    I agree with some of the other posters that we begged for them not to do the Gabe/Cat stuff, and it’s as if the writers purposely did EXACTLY what we asked them not to do. Then to top it off, we see them posting about it, and wanting us to watch. This is what is making people tune OUT!! The Vincent we loved is gone. One of the main reasons we loved this show so much was because we fell in love with him. All summer long we wrote to the writers, expressing our wishes and things we didn’t want. They paid no attention to us whatsoever, and instead did the exact OPPOSITE of what we asked. I loved what Jennifer Levin and Sherri Cooper had given us, and loved them for it. Now, sadly, I feel differently. Seems as if they just turned their backs on us. We, the fans, are what makes or breaks a show. If you don’t have loyal writers, you’re not going to have loyal fans. This season is so far from season 1. They say just wait and VinCat will be epic. Well, how can a love story be epic when all the interest in others keep happening? And like an above poster stated, Catherine could have killed Vincent. What is epic about any of this? The writers can keep screaming EPIC all they want, but it can no longer be so. I’m sorry, give me the VinCat of the 80’s. Now that show was truly EPIC. There was no cheating there. I bought those DVD’s and watched them, and let me say that’s what true love was all about. These writers should learn a thing or two from that. Sorry to say that even in season 1, when it made it look as if Vincent chose Catherine second, the epicness was lost. Yes, if you watch the end of the episode in season 1 when Vincent is talking to Alex in the woods, it was Alex that walked away from Vincent, after he told her he had wanted to go away with her. He only went back to Catherine then.

    • Laura says:

      I agree with everything you said, Melissa. I didn’t watch the original show so I can’t really tell what was about.
      But I disagree about Cooper & Levin. You see clearly that they lost their voice the minute Kern walked the door. They don’t even write the episodes anymore. It’s obvious that they’re on the sideline now, doing only what Kern doesn’t want to do.

      • Melissa says:

        What I have against Sherri Cooper and Jennifer Levin is the fact that they turned this show over the likes of Kerns in the first place. This was their show, and if they had cared enough they wouldn’t have agreed to what he wanted to do to it in the first place. He has totally ruined everything. I would have to agree with what the poster said above in why can’t they just make this season a dream? That would fix it and we could get back what we had. We would still have the Alex mess in S.1 and him making Cat his second choice, but at least none of this season would have happened.

        • Natalie says:

          Melissa, I agree with EVERYTHING you’ve stated but for me, it can’t be fixed. I too, would LOVE for Season 2 to be completely erased as it has been dreadful. Kern turned this show upside down and unfortunately he can’t see the damage he has caused. His decisions have turned many viewers off

          • Melissa says:

            That’s what I was saying, Natalie. It can’t be fixed if they keep this season this way. The ONLY way they can fix it now to make it even watchable, is to make it a dream. If it was a dream then none of this season would have happened, and we can have the VinCat that we loved so much back.

  30. VinCat Shipper says:

    Ahhh, they’re killing me here. Could they please just kill off Tori for crying out loud!!! Great, Vincent got to bond with a girl beast for a bit. We’re OVER it. As for the Gabe/Cat storyline, I’m not crazy about it and hope it doesn’t get too serious, but Cat deserves someone who puts her first! Vincent and Alex were one thing, considering their history or whatever. I tolerated that… but just because Tori is a beast doesn’t mean they need to pair these two together. Could they have created a more unlikeable character??? I love VinCat, but man, they’re making it hard to root for them sometimes. I need to see Vincent do some hardcore groveling or redemption to be satisfied with a VinCat reunion. I mean, the last time, Vincent plans a cheesy flash mob and some flowers and oh, Alex who? NO. Cat is such an amazing STRONG female lead and I want BATB to keep it that way. Cat should be no one’s second choice. As for shooting him and nearly killing him, he’ll get over it, lol. At the end of the day, I just want to see these two happy, no unnecessary bull or triangles (please PLEASE kill off Tori, I’m begging you), and an EQUAL pull in the relationship from both ends.

  31. Adele says:

    Thank you Matt for this interview. I have been enjoying season 2 just as I did season 1. I think the writers and producers have done an amazing job this season. Love is a beautiful journey in life that some people never get to experience, it’s doesn’t come without risk. Sometimes we hurt the ones we love the most, it doesn’t mean that all is lost. What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger! When Vincent and Catherine come back to each other, it will be so much more than we could ever hope for!! They will be better than ever!!! I’m keeping the faith that we will get our season 3 theme ( “Who Are We?”). I don’t think it would be in their best interest to not give the show a season 3. The only thing that would break my heart, is Vincent and Catherine coming back together by the end of season 2, and then, that’s it, the story ends. The only mistake they have ever made was changing the day from Thursday to Monday and not promoting the show enough! We, the devoted fans do that for them!!! I voted everyday for weeks for BATB and Kristin Kreuk to win the PCAS until my hands fell asleep every night, to me it was worth it and I’d do it again and again because I love BATB and the cast!!

    • Shannon says:

      I miss BATB opening sequence from last season with the voice overs. Nice comment. I am not sure about the day but hey maybe a different pairing would help. I would love to see it paired with Supernatural and that would be a great night for T.v for me.

  32. Morgan says:

    I can’t understand why she would ever contemplate hooking up with Gabe. If it weren’t for him, there’s a chance Muirfield wouldn’t have been able to capture Vincent that night. That would forever be on my mind whenever he was around me. But, I’m a grudge holder.

  33. so disappointed says:

    Im a beastie pure and simple b/c I fell in love with #VinCat no other reason. What has their honestly been 2 love in S2? 4 me very little. Im not a cult member who blindly excepts everything the person in charge tries 2 feed me. And if im served a double decker now, sh*t sandwhich im gonna refuse it and ur gonna hear my outrage! Mend what’s left,summer burnoff means uve been given ur pink slip Mr Kern.

  34. C A says:

    Dream on… Great Show

    In that last statement Kern said “A Winter Finale” I will assume he meant the Spring Hiatus.. Anyway, I’m ok with the cliffhanger just so it’s clear that Vincent & Catherine are solidly back together. Maybe the finale is that Cat finds out she’s pregnant with twins. Or maybe she and Vincent decides to get married and on their wedding day NYPD need Cat to come in. Ha!! “ah Honey can we postpone this marriage to next week, gotta catch this Perp”.(Cat)
    “Sure babe, I’ll be on standby incase you need a little Beast help” (Vince)

    Yep, I’m looking forward to that…

  35. Angelica says:

    When it comes to Vincent people seems to have double standards. They always talk about how much Catherine gave up in her life but forget that Vincent is the one who’s paying the final price for other’s mistakes : HER mother, HER dad , HER new boy-friend , JT … The list is long. He was kidnapped, abused , rewinded .He doesn’t remember her , doesn’t trust her. She’s a stranger to him. Since episode 1 Cat has been all over him , stalking , tracking , annoying him with the same obsessive stuff : we are meant to be – we are destined – you must remember me – what I’ve done for you – blah blah . She was pushing a brainwashed confused man into a relationship he was not willing or ready to accept , pretending he was somebody else and having too high expectations. She was selfish and questionable as much as Vincent was. Com’on , she’s all lovey-dovey with Gabe (!!!) and tried to kill Vincent to save her two-minutes-daddy ! How long did she wait before checking if “the love of her life” was still alive ? Two days ? Give me a break. Vincent is acting like an irresponsible idiot but she’s putting herself onto a pedestal judging who’s worth living and who’s not , what’s good , what’s bad. She seems to have a superior complex. Right now a childish frustrating Tori is the only person who truly and deeply understand the Beast , knows how it feels being different , what he has to endure to survive in an environment where you don’t belong. She is fascinated and grateful to Vincent because he saved her ,protected her. Didn’t Catherine feltl the same way ? That’s what she said . Everything is a matter of perspective. For the records season 2 sucks because has no identity. Romance ? Mythology ? Action ? Procedural ? Sci-fi ? Soap-opera ? The main characters have been declined to dumb heroes who act and talk like teen-age brats except their own age disqualifies them. The dialogues are pretty repetitive , the episodes look rushed and disconnected . They keep on saying how much the serie is exciting , fun and epic but didn’t show me why . Beauty and the Beast work when is Beauty and the Beast. If they want to make a different show , dont’ call it Beauty and the Beast.

    • Ben says:

      I don’t think people are blind to Cat’s flaws, but it’s unfair to blame on her for her parents’s mistakes. Everyone can see that these characters aren’t the same they were before. Wouldn’t be easier if they just cancelled the show last season and started a new one with the same actors? Maybe the fans would follow them and not be so disappointed.

      • Natalie says:

        You’re right Ben. They should have cancelled the show at the end of Season – at least they were together and they were people we liked and respected. This is a completely different show……and not in a good way.

        And yes, it is wrong for people to blame her for her parents’ actions.

    • Vee Harris says:

      I agree with a lot of what you’re saying.. I’d like to know what all of a sudden makes Vincent the Bad Guy?? Vincent is not the only one who’s made mistakes yet his mistakes are the only ones that are being pointed out.. And yes, Cat being all lovey-dovey with Gabe (!!!) is ridiculous, and forced. Cat and Gabe have no Chemistry whatsoever.Most of the scenes are rushed, conversations between the characters are hurried and it’s sometimes makes it hard to follow the story line.

  36. love it? says:

    Love this season? Wow, everyone has a right to their opinion. Personally I don’t love, like or even have tolerance seeing strong beautiful women diminished to being abused, lied to, cheated on and taken for granted by egocentric @sshole men~Love, huh? Baffles the hell out of me! Enjoying the ride huh? The rides ending soon. Wonder why?

  37. Anna says:

    I want Gabe and Cat.

  38. Penga bear says:

    You have ur Catherine and gabe now!! What’s next brad kern? Tori and Vincent sex next? I watch it honestly online it’s free !! I hope show will not be cancelled! I’m watching beauty and the ex beast this week I hope next week it’s beast and she beast again. Can’t wait what mr kern instore for us international beasties!!

  39. Shannon says:

    I watched the current episode and loved it. I especilly love Kristen being able to show off her moves in the bar and letting off stem. I also to keep her cover and make a point to Vincent she did. Tori is a jealous of Cat when she has no right to and when she doesn’t want to take Vincent the whole package and when she has only known Vincent a month, so she is in no league or compeititon with Vincent and she loves being with Vincent for all the wrong reasons. Why is Vincent trying to explain himself to Tori, she doesn’t have the right and shouldn’t have to have things explained too. I wonder what the shackle is for and hope it isn’t to bond Vincent and Tori for some weird thing or bond Cat and Vincent. I am glad to see more of classic beast Vincent skills. I am glad J.T. mentioned to Vincent that he could always sense when Cat is in trouble and be there in a nanosecond of sorts to help. I did not like Vincent being a interrogator and murderer even of bad dude himans. I liked Cat showing off her skills in the episode and enjoyed seeing, if brief, moments of loveable Vincent and using his beast skills.

  40. Shannon says:

    I do not like J.T. pushing Vincent towards Tori and such. He lost a few notches of respect from me especially when he pushing because they are probably the last two beasts on earth as a cause to be together. I am glad the shackle has a connection to Vincent and the gem to Cat. That is a interesting twist and mystery I am interested in, I just hope it doesn’t lead to Cat’s ancestor controlling beasts and Vincent getting all mad on Cat. I loved the previews for next week where Cat is kicking butt against Tori. I don’t like Vincent coming to Tori’s defense though! I didn’t like the Cat and Gabe kiss at the end of the episode nor the kiss with the thief crew at the end. Although, it is nice for someone to trust Cat for a change.

  41. Shannon says:

    J.T. did point out one good thing and that is Vincent’s emotions is all over the place and it means his beast and human side are way off kilter. I just hope the writers don’t make Tori die or do something else to Tori and that is the reason why he goes back to Cat or on the path. I can wait, I just want slow and steady and things done right and not forced, and not because of something happening, and not because of some mythology thing but because both realize they love each other and are meant to be. I like the actress from Law and Order playing the new FBI agent and will her husband turn out to be alive? How has the gem passed between people and why?

  42. maureen says:

    These are just observations, not an opinion and not meant to not show support for the show.

    Finally Brad Kerns has stopped telling us that it is going to be super fun watching Cat and Vincent be on opposite sides of cases for awhile. Finally he is telling us that it like it is; a painful process for both the characters and the fans.

    This is the first rendition of Beauty and the Beast, and I have seen this in many forms; plays, stories, performances, movies and several tv shows, but this is the FIRST one where some people actually DO NOT want the Beauty and the Beast to be together. Hmmm I wonder what the Brothers Grimm would think!

  43. Donna Gilliam says:

    Not feeling the lost epic love story of Vincent and Catherine. I wish that Sherri and Jennifer were still the writers. The ratings show that we have lost some of our BEASTIES fans. Change is good, that is true but BEAUTY AND THE BEAST has change too much too soon. I am going to stick it out until the very end. I am also going to do whatever I can to get a 3rd season and many more. It used to be set apart from anything else on the CW NETWORK. Now, it’s like looking at Arrow.
    Sherri and Jennifer’s work had better ratings and you I could not wait until the
    next episode. Now, as I watch the show, I find myself stunned and saying things like (WTH, WTF, REALLY, AUSM,and I could go on and on but I will stop there. The first time I screamed was when Vincent and Catherine kissed for the first time. The second time I screamed was last night when Catherine kissed Gabe. I was so upset. The show does have some surprises and I did not see that coming. I always thought that it would be Gabe who would some how steal a kiss. Brad Kern is taking the show in a different direction and I am sorry and I mean no disrespect, it just not time. Maybe the 3rd season for what they are displaying now. Vincent and Catherine have been through so much and no matter what, they were there for each other. Now, REALLY, Vincent abusing Cat. That did not sit well with a lot of BEASTIES and any one tuning in to the show for the first time is like why watch this, I could see this on every other show. Now, Catherine feels like she owed Vincent for saying her life(REALLY). That’s not what this couple is about. These major changes are hurting the show and Kern is asking fans to still with it. He should not have to do that. I am a BEASTIES FOR LIFE. I will stick it out because it’s the best show on the Television to me. Even now when i am not all that happy with the changes. And, I am raising my 16 year on niece and she watches it with me. It’s the only time she really gives me and I so appreciate that one hour of TV times she shares with me. Beside, everything else she watches makes me want to Beast Out on her what she is watching(LOL).

  44. Emilie says:

    JT’s character is also damaged in this episode…
    He forgot Cat quickly, all she’s done for Vincent, what a shame JT…

    • Shannon says:

      I agree. Disappointed J.T. could forget Cat so quickly and literally seem as though he is pushing Vincent towards Tori like Cat never mattered. Especially last night’s episode. Although aside from a few grudgeful moments the episode was excellent and like the mystery.

    • Sl says:

      Agreed. Tori has no right to be angry with Vincent and such and thinking it was Cat they tracked to the bar. Will Tori blood be used for something like DNA. I saw a picture where blood is being taken and curious about it. Will the shackle try to be used on Tori? Tess I liked in the episode as she was more realistic and a good friend.

  45. Diana says:

    Brad Kern knows what he’s doing and from what he has reported about #BATB, I think this show is going to be more terrific than it already is. The story line is getting awesome and te anticipation for Vincent and Cat to find their way back to each other is going to be awesome. We’ve got to hang in there if we want this terrific series to get picked up for a 3rd Season. I like what Brad Kern has to say about it and I love the direction he’s taking it to. #BATB is one of the best series on the @CW_Network.

  46. Brenda says:

    You know,I think the writers are trying to get this show cancelled.They kept hinting they would get together on the Valentine’s episode,now we find out they won’t.I saw a photo of Vincent about to kiss Tori.Talk about character assassinations.The only hope I have is that Sherry wrote the Valentine’s episode.At least there will be a little romance.I just don’t know how the writers can get the characters back together after everything that has happened.I am sad,because I love Kristin and Jay as actors.I will watch the rest of the season,because I want some kind of conclusion.Writers,you forgot this season that the fans invested time in the first season,and wanted just a little romance in season 2.Didn’t happen.Both characters are so cold!

  47. josette guerero says:

    i really love this show, hope that Vincent and Catherine could be together and bring some excitement like getting her pregnant for Vincent , after all the show is about beauty and the beast Catherine is beauty and Vincent is beast, so writers get some ideas in your heads and give us fans what we need.

  48. Sl says:

    Vincent already told he doesn’t trust Cat or anyone and then next thing we know he trusting them… I wish it was more spread out and such we don’t need to rush things as that is not believable and definitely not what the show needs right now to be choppy.

  49. EP brad kern says:

    cat/gabe are the main character now and vincent? he is just one of cat’s killing beast machine!! if theres a bad beast on the loose catherine will just give vincent a little chit chat and there’s the action beast to beast square off!! the valentine episode this week shows how great is gabe for cat! i wont be surprise if this show will be cancelled or they will not show the rest of the episode. no matter what beasties are doin about saving this show only US rating are the basis of renewal even how great the show internationally thats a fact!! brad kern since u take over as showrunner batb the directionof the show went into the gutter!! to the batb writers you cant fix this big mess that u created anymore w 3 episode left good luck ur ratings is the lowest in cw listing. 700000 a week .