TVLine Items: Web Therapy Renewed, Revenge Actress Promoted, New Today Host? and More

Web Therapy Renewed Season 4Fiona Wallice is accepting clients for another season of Web Therapy.

Showtime has renewed Lisa Kudrow‘s Web-born comedy for a 10-episode fourth season, per The Hollywood Reporter.

Therapy‘s third season – which included guest appearances by Darren Criss (Glee), Mae Whitman (Parenthood) and Matt LeBlanc (Episodes) — wrapped in September. The new season’s premiere date is TBD.

Elsewhere in today’s TV news…

Michael Cera (Arrested Development) and John Hawkes (Deadwood) will play the leads in the FX comedy pilot How and Why, FX CEO John Landgraf announced Tuesday at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. In the half-hour project written by Charlie Kaufman (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), Hawkes will play Goodman Hesselman, an anti-social genius who loses his job as a children’s science show host and must start over at a new studio in a much smaller market. Cera will take on the role of Mendelson, Hawkes’ character’s boss.

Revenge has promoted Karine Vanasse to a series regular for Season 4, our sister site Deadline reports. Vanasse joined the ABC drama as French magazine editor Margaux at the start of the third season.

• Netflix is preparing to play a little Marco Polo. Per our sister site Deadline, the streaming video service in late 2014 will debut a nine-episode series based on the merchant’s travels. John Fucso (Young Guns) created and will executive-produce the historical drama, which is set in 13th century China and is described as having plenty of martial arts, sex, politics and battle scenes.

• Former Beatles Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, Taylor Swift, John Legend, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Kacey Musgraves and Keith Urban have been added to the rosters of performers at this year’s Grammy Awards, CBS announced Tuesday. The ceremony will air Sunday, Jan. 26, on CBS.

• NBC is eyeing Tamron Hall to co-host the third hour of Today alongside Natalie Morales, Willie Geist and Al Roker, TV Guide Magazine reports.

What TVLine Items have you talking today?

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  1. Anna says:

    Meh… not sure if I like that Revenge will keep Margaux around. I mean, we all know that Emily and Jack will eventually end up together (even though I DO NOT want that, I’ll still have to accept it eventually) so her romance with Jack is not gonna last… unless they make her have his child and then kill her off, too. Other than that, I don’t really know what her character does for the story…

    • iMember says:

      Unlike most fans, I still believe Jack and Emily will never really get to have that happy ending so many people keep saying they will be at the end of the series. I still think Emily will complete her mission, but ultimately pay the biggest price. Her life. Otherwise, there’s really no way Emily can ever finish this and come out and live a normal happy life afterward.

      I like the actress for Margauex though and with her digging into the Grayson’s, I think she can become an ally for Emily.

      • itssoowrong says:

        IF the story is well written I can live with the outcome, whatever it is. I think Margaux is a great addition to the show. Loved the actress on Pam Am.

    • Julie says:

      I do NOT want Jack and Emily together at all! The whole childhood sweetheart thing is so cliched and I think of the three men for Emily, the two of them have the least chemistry. Since I assume amanda won’t be resurrected anytime soon, I would rather see Jack with Margaux and Emily with Aiden. Love the two of them together!

      • greysfan says:

        THIS! I love Jack and Margaux together and so glad to see Karine continue into season 4. I’ve never been for Jack and Emily but i’ve never been for Aiden and Emily either. Something tells me Margaux might find out Emily’s real identity and who knows helps her take the Graysons down once and for all.

    • Whatevah says:

      Margaux is boring and the chemistry is sooo not there in the Jack relationship. Is anyone else getting tired of Jack being mad at Emily/Amanda every other week? Until he grows up Margaux can have him. Patrick needs to go too. His relationship with Victoria is downright creepy. That being said I’ve loved Revenge this season. Now someone just needs to kill Daniel.

      • Mikael says:

        I want Daniel to die so badly. Unlike Victoria & Conrad, who are characters you love to hate, Daniel is just a character to hate. He hasn’t been relevant since Season 1. I want them to bring back Lydia too. I love her interactions with Victoria.

    • Radha says:

      Yes, Anna. We get it. You hate Jack.

  2. Chablis says:

    Just what the third hour of Today needs — another host. Eye Roll.

  3. Kim R says:

    How many hours of Today do we need? I think 2 is fine.

  4. Charly says:

    Really happy Karine Vanasse is staying, but has Revenge even been renewed for season 4 yet?

    • Steven says:

      Not yet. But since it only needs one more season for syndication I’ll bet it gets renewed and permanently moved to Sundays at 10pm next season.

  5. Katie says:

    Karine Vanasse is awesome, so I’ll gladly take anything that keeps her on my tv.

    • Julie says:

      I wasn’t a fan at first when she went after Daniel but I really have started to like her. Especially since she seems firmly on team Jack and won’t let the Grayson’s corrupt her, at least at this point.

  6. Ethel says:

    Disappointed…..thought perhaps Savannah Guthrie was leaving. When she does, I might come back to the Today Show

    • Sparky says:

      Funny I was thinking the exact same. Of all the co-hosts including Katie Couric I think Meredith Viera and Matt Lauer were the best. Savannah always strikes me as a person looking for Matts approval. It gets old.

  7. Babybop says:

    Not a huge fan of Tameron… I just hope that when Matt leaves, Willie takes his place!

  8. Spencer says:

    So is this a sure sign of Revenge’s renewal?

    • d4h8a15r16m23a42 says:

      Not exactly. It will likely get renewed and this is just a way to make sure she stays with the show in case it is renewed.

  9. Maria says:

    Ugh, I was hoping Margaux would leave the show eventually. I’m not interested in her filler relationship with Jack and I’m certainly not interested in learning more about her family background. *sigh* I would’ve preferred Nico just because her storyline actually has potential.

  10. Babygate says:

    Really happy they are keeping Margoux in Revenge. Love her. Karine is an excellent actress which is a nice contrast to the often contrived, soap-request overacting of most of the regulars. Imo, the only credible end to this show is for Jack to find happiness with someone other than Emily. He was willing to walk away from his revenge vendetta and is trying to move on while Emily just keeps digging herself deeper into it. At the end, she has to come to the realization that her pursuit has brought her nothing but misery. Only when she’s willing to move on will she be ready to build a life for herself.

  11. Paul says:

    Really happy about the promotion in Revenge. Disliked Margaux but the character became a whole lot more interesting when she had the pictures last week of the wedding night and doesn’t give a s**t about exposing the Graysons. With her father coming to town and his ties to the Graysons I am willing to bet Margaux and Patrick share a father.

  12. Matt C. says:

    Aww, good for Karine Vanasse! All season long I’ve been thinking there’s more to Margaux than she appears. I rewatched the wedding episode recently and it seemed like Margaux and Emily were exchanging knowing glances during the yacht scene…it would be great for Emily to get Margaux as an ally, with her journalist background and her potential to help bring down the Graysons.

    Also, does this mean Revenge is definitely getting a 4th season? Do actors often get promoted this far in advance only for the series to get cancelled?

  13. The Real Amanda Clarke says:

    Yay for Karine! Awesome actress, awesome woman. I just hope Revenge is going to do her justice now and let her show the viewing audience what an amazing talent she is. They haven’t really given her much to do yet and, as someone who knows how talented she actually is, it’s really frustrating to watch.

  14. Mika02 says:

    So the important message is that we get a season 4 of Revenge!

  15. Matt says:

    I really do not understand why people dislike Margaux on Revenge. I think that Karine Vanasse is an awesome actress, and even if the dislike is not about Karine’s acting, why would people dislike the Margaux character? Compared to Ashley, Margaux is much more interesting because unlike Ashley, who was more of a parasite, Margaux is a much more independent person and can hold her own. All she wants to do is expose the truth, and Emily can use Margaux to her advantage in her future takedowns.

  16. Ella says:

    I like Karine Vanasse and Margaux but I need SOME Jack/Emily pay-off in all of this. It seems like the show keeps adding in more character to tear them further and further apart.

  17. Ally Oop says:

    I couldn’t care either way if Margauax stays or goes. I neither like her or dislike her.

    Really excited to see the Marco Polo series Netflix is making. I like historical dramas.

  18. ChrisGa says:

    Yeah, I actually think Karine Vanasse is one of the better additions to the cast of late. Wasn’t crazy about her at the outset but I’m actually really enjoying her and the character. But please feel free to get rid of Charlotte, Sarah and even Patrick(I heart Justin Hartley like nobody’s business but I just don’t think he’s sparked in this particular role at all). Oh, and please bring back Lydia because, hello, Amber Valletta is EVERYTHING.

  19. erin says:

    Ugh, I hate Margaux. I was really hoping she’d be gone by the end of the season.

  20. Hermit says:

    I like Margaux. When I read they were promoting an actress I got worried it’s Niko. What a relief! I really dislike her storyline and hope it’ll get wrapped up ASAP.

  21. Elouise says:

    I don’t mind Margaux…but Revenge has the budget/screentime for another regular? Really? Charlotte barely appeared in the last episode, Daniel is now eeeevil, and it’s hard to see where Aiden’s going to fit with the turn the story just took. Makes me wonder if one of those three is on their way out.

  22. Darden97 says:

    Thank goodness. Can’t wait!!