It's Official: Justified Sets End Date, Season 6 Will Be Show's Swan Song

justified_ends_after_season_6FX’s top exec has made it official: Justified‘s sixth season will be its last.

The cabler’s CEO, John Landgraf, confirmed the news to reporters Tuesday at the Television Critics Association winter press tour, adding that the decision was made by exec producer Graham Yost and leading man Timothy Olyphant.

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“They felt that the arc of the show and what they had to say would be served by six seasons instead of seven,” said Landgraf, “and I regretfully accepted their decision.”

Justified‘s Season 5 debut last week drew 2.84 million viewers, down 21 percent from the 3.6 million that tuned in for the Season 4 opener.

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    • Charles says:

      Part of the problem is that viewers got mad when FX would not sell the DVDs to the show until a year after the show was over. Another part is that they would complete a season in 7 or 8 episodes. Needs to be longer. This show is great. They could move Raylon to Nashville, or a larger city and continue.

      • Stagester says:

        They always wanted it to end in season 6. That’s why season 5 was about setting up Boyd.

        • James says:

          Yes the producers at start of season 5 of “Justified” last year, that season 6 was it the series would end then. To bad I liked the show from the start.

      • Gary says:

        Move to a bigger city? Do you not watch the show? The back hills and hollows are what make this show! Contrary to what you “city folks” think, there is a world outside the cesspools you call a city!

        • Jules Howard says:


        • D. Shara Lascari says:

          I believe Raylan would put you in your place! Believing a sinkhole like Harlan is the sole area in which an effective, intelligent Deputy Marshall can operate indicates you’ve probably never been outside the borders of whichever bigoted, ignorant village in which you reside.

          • max says:

            NAILED IT!!! City Slicker 1 Hillbilly – 0

          • Britton says:

            That’s totally uncalled for and offensive. By what law of physics does it state that people who do not live in big cities are inferior & dumb; lacking the ability to make insightful observations and respected opinions? Your own ignorance and misplaced arrogance is simply par for the course with people such as yourself who’ve never left the confines of their city because they operate under the delusion that their big city hometowns are the center of the universe.

        • That fn sucks they shouldn’t end it its the best show on tv

          • mark wingate says:

            I agree with george. It is the best show on tv. Good luck fx for putting all your faith in the washed up sleazeball that is charlie sheen in anger management. That’s a show that should be cancelled.

        • Britton says:

          Exactly. 100% agree. It’s refreshing in this day & age of television with endless programs of rich housewife reality shows and scripted shows taking place in New York, LA, Miami, Chicago, or Las Vegas, to watch a show such as Justified that takes place in the backwoods of Heartland, USA. The whole point of Justified is to have a show that is a modern day Western with all the pioneer town lawlessness & tough justice policing that is inherent in such a setting. You can’t achieve that in even a modest sized Southern city such as Louisville, Memphis, Richmond, or Birmingham. Justified MUST take place in a small, forgotten town hidden between the peaks, ridges, and hollors of the Appalachian mtns.

      • Justin Myers says:

        wow, get it right.. The show’s creators decided the story has been told. The show was not “cancelled.” cancelled implies the network gave up on the show, not the case here.

      • Shelly says:

        I didn’t know that I was watching the last season. Was looking for another. The show was great, and Oliphant is great. Would love to see more of him.

      • DORATTA says:

        so sad that they are going to end this show…it is fabulous….good idea Charles…they could go anywhere with Raylan…he is a very unique character… it….

    • Chick says:

      FX never advertises it or shows reruns. How do you expect to keep people’s attention?

    • chickcharles says:

      Well, they may cancel it because they think it is over, but they will be disappointing a large viewer base.

    • Mardene says:

      Poor writers

      • Tom says:

        They could do a log more with an iconic and legendary character like Raylan.
        Although I agree with a previous comment that the back country madness makes the programme, I believe that they can do a lot more with the characters they have… Boyd’s Iraq military experience and love of blowing things up could come in handy in a world where fear of terrorism and terrorist attacks are only growing.
        A move back to Miami could certainly maintain the back country feel, while giving a whole new pool of conundrums and deviancies for the potential team to sink their teeth into!

  1. Allen says:

    Still would like to know the latest on the other Elomore Leonard project at USA.

  2. d4h8a15r16m23a42 says:

    Bittersweet. I don’t want it to end but if they feel it’s best than you just have to trust them. Also TVLine why do you have to refer to it as cancelled? It isn’t cancelled it’s ending.

    • Mike says:

      Tend to agree, I don’t think it counts as cancelled when the star and exec producer tell the CEO that they only want to do 6 seasons, and the CEO “regretfully accepts” the decision.

    • Larry says:

      I wish they could do 60 seasons… I was looking forward to at least two more years of this stellar show.

    • Genghis The Great says:

      Concur. It’s an ending not a cancellation and I’ve really enjoyed episode considering it was based on a short story.

      And I am guessing TV is time consuming for the likes of Timothy Olyphant (who as show producer and the star has decided to call time) and Walter Goggins who both have healthy work options in movies that they may have had to pass on due to commitments to the series.

      • Jules Howard says:

        Maybe they’ll make a movie. Great characters & every actor was perfect on their roll. I loved Bob, the “under appreciated cop want to be”! He was golden!!!

    • why do you have to trust them? They don’t make perfect decisions: ex. Vegas as a great show!!

  3. James D says:

    too bad it’s one of my favorite shows as long as it goes out on top I guess. the better keep The Americans going because it’s the only other show I watch on FX.

    • Wow, one of my absolute fav’s along with The Americans…Really hate to see it go..hope the “Power’s that be” find something as good the actor Timothy Olyphant can sink his teeth into..

  4. Eliza says:

    I get it but I am still sad. It’s one of my favorite shows with some of my favorite actors.

  5. sarah says:

    well i’m gutted
    but this means now we get the Gutterson, Art and Racheal spin off ” the sarcastic Marshals” right?

  6. Alan says:

    better to go out at the top of your game than to continue on and run it into the ground. nobody wants to see another dexter happen.

    • Martin says:

      I agree 100% percent! It was just disaster with Dex! Season 4 was the best and after that it was just…. ehhhh poor ending… Breaking bad and Justified rules! Greetings from Poland :)

  7. Simon says:

    They felt that the arc of the show and what they had to say would be served by six seasons instead of seven,” said Landgraf, “and I regretfully accepted their decision.”

    I can’t understand why, when it comes to show business, people feel the need to justify from a creative point of you their perfectly reasonable business decision. What’s wrong with saying “it wouldn’t be profitable past that”?

    Anyway, sad to hear this but at least they’ll go into season six knowing it will be the last and plan accordingly. For example, a Tim centric episode (or six)

  8. GildedRose says:

    I hate when shows I love end but I’d rather they go out on strong high notes than grind it into the dirt until you’re begging it to end (looking at you, The Closer!). So I’m sad to see Raylan ride off into the sunset… but I’ll be watching.

    • Pat D. says:

      Major Crimes is still a great show, IMHO. Not looking for it to end.

      • And the powers made a really great decision there: they ended The Closer (one of my favorites) just as Kera’s part was getting a bit repetitive, but they segued into Major Crimes with many of the same favorite players. I really liked that!

  9. Francine says:

    Man I will be lost without my Raylan… But I do understand it. I feel better that its their decision to end it (creatively speaking) instead of being forced to do so by the network. But yes, it’s bittersweet.

    • Saph says:

      Greetings from Australia, yea I agree, Raylan & Boyd have that connection, Drama/Action with the both of them. They will be very missed as well as the rest of the crew on Justified, thank you for making such an addictive show, that I get to watch and enjoy every Sat/Sunday on FX. All the best for your future roles – plans.

  10. Alex says:

    Six seasons is a good run. But wow, so many of my shows have ended recently–The Office, Fringe, Damages, Enlightened, Breaking Bad, Treme–and a bunch will be ending soon–Boardwalk Empire, The Newsroom, Mad Men, probably Bones, and now Justified.

    • Tammi Keely says:

      Please reconsider. I love Justified. The dialog is fantastic. The storylines r exciting..I look forward to every episode…

      • Molly says:

        I totally agree! This show has it all…excitement, mystery, action and humor! Not to many shows like that anymore. Hate to see it end.

  11. Tenney says:

    No more Boyd Crowder after next year? That is very sad news :( But, I agree that it’s better to go out when your still at the top of your game; the legacy of greatness will not be marred. Although I will still miss seeing Boyd Crowder, one of my all-time favorite characters on TV.

  12. Carrie says:

    I’m a little bummed about this because I love the show so much. :(

  13. Sundayb2 says:

    I AM ABSOLUTELY CRUSHED! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS SHOW! Justified has brilliantly written scripts and actors!! Totally bummed!

  14. Walter White says:

    Maybe there will be a spin off with Boyd!

  15. Kevin says:


    Havent enjoyed a show this much since 24. Arrgh!

  16. Jaimeson says:

    I am very bummed out the news that one of my favorite drama shows is going to be no more. Still will love the fact the creative team will make this show go off with an incredible high point. Hopefully they will give this show the proper send off it so richly deserves. Will be weird for the next season on Tuesdays on fx and no Justified, oh well guess that its in show business. Greatful for the great acting and show writing for the six seasons, and will enjoy this last season to the fullest.

  17. Joey Levin says:


  18. Mikesommers says:

    Well, it’s not really “cancelled.” That implies that the network axed it because of low ratings. Instead, it’s simply sending on its own accord as a creative decision by the producers. Sad, though. One of the only shows on cable that’s been worth watching.

  19. Well…… That sucks…… A show with a cast of characters that is interesting, fills all the voids for continuity, no buffoonery, no swearing, no screaming or yelling, jumping up and down like game show contestants and YOU THINK IT’S TIME TO PULL THE PLUG…….
    I suspect you are trying to capture a different audience than currently follows the show…

  20. Glen says:

    Justified, what can I say ,a tv show that takes you to the heartland of this great country,will miss it , gun smoke 20 years , why not justified? Just saying

  21. Nancy says:

    I am very sad. Will miss this show so much. I enjoy it so much and it makes me smile.
    Thank you all! First HOUSE then JUSTIFIED. :(

  22. Kathie Ong says:

    This just really sucks, Justified is the best show that’s been on tv in a long time, I’m really going to miss Raylon and the whole cast. It’s a shame.

  23. Kelly says:

    You know why its down? Because everybody needs their fav characters to win sometimes…they had too much bad stuff happen in a row to boyd raylen and ava. It was a mistake taking away wynonna and the baby from the story too. Not to mention no villains will ever be as fun as the original family. Also it was better when ava and boyd both had a good side. Both are straight evil now.
    I would rather instead of surrendering they fixed everything and stuck it out til 7

  24. Jeanie says:

    It never fails when I really, really like a show it gets cancelled. I am so sick of it . Next it will be Walking Dead….

  25. Larry says:

    My absolute all time favorite TV show going away… time to throw out the TV … Things are bad enough these days, but no more Raylan (Art, Rachael, Tim, Boyd, Ava) and the rest of the gang???……… that’s the last straw.

  26. William says:

    Figures, i work all week and look forward to my show at 10:00pm, pay time warner cable monthly to enjoy shows like justified. I sat down to watch justified every tuesday like usual and comes to find out its been cancelled. Im pretty upset FX, ill probably never watch this channel again, ill just stick to amc and history channel. Thanks for nothing………..

  27. Eddie says:

    I think that’s a good idea to have Raylon move to Nashville or some other city….much wider net of criminals…great show..would hate to see it end.

  28. Diana says:

    Really cant believe this ending !!! We finally had a show worth watching. Most on now are so stupid you cant get involved. Justified actually has you thinking and looking for its next move with multiple actors. We record n watch over again , it’s that GOOD !!! Lousy decision to cancel. Hopefully new show with same actors involved comes from this !!!!

    • Cat says:

      I agree. Definitely a show worth watching. I think viewers watch the show to see justice get done by someone who doesn’t let the bad guys walk all over him even if the law doesn’t always agree with his methods. The show has great subtle humor, too, that’s very well done by the whole cast at times, even the bad guys. Such a contrast with all the stupid reality shows, each one dumber than the last one. What will we watch now??

  29. LaylaOK says:

    I have loved this show since the very first episode…”These surely are end times.” (Boyd Crowder) The cast is simply great, and I’ve never missed an episode. Too bad it has to end. It will always be one of my favorite programs.

  30. Dennis Shumaker says:

    I had withdraws after finishing “Breaking Bad.”
    And now I have to cope with eventual loss of this great show :(

    I love everything about this show including its theme song and the fat old sitting dog barking in the music video.

  31. Gary Hill says:

    Just saw where Justified will be cancelled. The only show on TV worth watching; and you are cancelling it? Yost and Oliphant should reconsider. Don’t kill off too many main characters so bringing it back would not be impossible. Have watched every episode.
    I know of many people that have just started watching, and they are hooked on it now.
    Good thing I have the DVD’s.

    Kudo’s to cast and crew.

    GREAT SHOW………..Maybe follow what the show “24” is doing…..returning to TV.

  32. Keith langan says:

    Just wanted to say Thanks to the writers,cast, crew and everyone involved in the production of such a brilliant show. It will truly be missed

  33. Jessup says:

    I have watched this show from the beginning. The chemistry between the characters is fantastic. Sad to see it come to an end!

  34. Gary Cummings says:

    This is THE best show on TV currently. Amazing cast and writing. How about another cable channel taking it? Don’t mess with the format…other than lengthening the season. Really needs 13 weeks (or more) per season. And if the network would PROMOTE the darn thing maybe it would gain viewers. I have loaned seasons 1 & 2 to friends and they became fans instantly.

  35. Allan says:

    This is very unsettling .. This is the only show I watch .. I even own the same hat as raylan.. It’s safe to say I have an unhealthy obsession with this show.. Please hear a cry not to end this show yet.. The earlier comment about “gun smoke” couldn’t agree more.. I have every book justified is base from and there is easily another 3 seasons of material.. Such a shame

  36. Email Nobody says:

    If they wish to end it then go OK Corral. A big shootout at the end and everybody dies! Now that is the perfect gritty ending to it. Raylan should die if Olyphant doesn’t want to act on it anymore.

  37. KAY RICHEY says:

    Is Timothy Olyphant going to have another TV series? Something really exciting I hope.

  38. harddazeknight says:

    If I had my way I’d still be watching ‘Deadwood’ and ‘Firefly’… howsomever, THEY don’t ask my opinion before making those type of decisions. *sigh*

  39. Anthony says:

    If someone important from FX for some reason reads this… Please, don’t let this happen! It’s the best show out there, and without it, there is no reason to own a television any longer.

  40. Bob Affolter says:

    Ah, man… I love that show. One of the three I watch. (SOA and Blacklist)

    • Le Ganaway says:

      I just found Justified about a week ago and watched all episodes in 2 day’s. Love that show and am about lost without it. Now all I have left is Blacklist. Love it also, but afraid it’s about to come to an end. Is Lizzy ever going to find out Red’s her father? Still trying to live without Dexter 😞

  41. Henry says:

    I guess all good things must come to an end. It apparently has run its course in the eyes of the star and writer. It is terrible when the opinions of its fans no longer have influence over the the powers within. I have to wonder why shows like Cheers, Seinfeld, Greys Anatomy etc. Lasted so long. Mistakes can and will always creep up on you evevent
    ually and when they bite you will not sit down for quite some time.

  42. Conra Marsh says:

    I have really enjoyed this show. I am always ready each week to see Boyd he is so good at this character and he will be missed. My husband and I also watch SOA but really like Justified only wish the eposides were 2 hours as there are so many commericals, feel a little cheated out of only an hour. Maybe they will decide to go one more year one can only hope.

  43. Todd Marsh says:

    I have watched every eposide and have all the DVD’s so I will be able to watch it over again but looked so forward to each week when it was on. Don’t know why they never did 90 min or even an occaisional 2 hr show like SOA’s did so hard when your really getting into to it and all the commericals but still loved it I think Raylan and Boyd’s charcaters were so fun and love it was set in Kentucky. Maybe the show will see how much us viewers care for this show and will extent it for a little longer…Thanks for a great show with a great cast

  44. Joice says:

    OMG! I am so shocked and saddened beyond belief. Justified and Grimms are “Hands Down” the best shows on tv. Now I will only have one show to look forward to. If a less than mediocre show like 24 is brought back then I am hopeful that the powers that be will find their minds and do the only right thing and PLEAŠE DON’T TAKE JUSTIFIED AWAY! A true diehard Justified fan forever.

  45. Hazel G. says:

    PLEASE RECONSIDER KEEPING JUSTIFIED ON. At least come up with another show with that FINE “TIMOTHY OLYPHANT” . I sure looked forward to watching JUSTIFIED. ‘

  46. Hazel G. says:

    I am looking forward to Season 6.

  47. Jennifer says:

    I am beyond devastated. Boyd crowder has slowly become the love of my life and only 6 seasons???!! WTF? FX should look INWARD at themselves being the issue as opposed to the shows “losing viewers”. Only 6 seasons when the plot has just thickened to this extent is bullsh*t.

  48. GoldNBoi says:

    I am extremely dissapointed to see Raylan leave the tv land for good, like so many good police dramas, then could keep it going in another setting. Similar to Major crimes as a spin off of The Closer. I really feel like FX has sold this seris short however, but not attracting a bigger fan base. Look how long Law and Order SVU has been on the Air! And the drama never ends. Even when you look at shows like NCIS, and now Chicago PD which is turning into what should be a very successful franchise for NBC and CBS alike, even though Justified is a better viewing experience, NBC did a much better job of marketing that show to the people out there, which is where I feel a lot of FX shows fall short; you cannot CANNOT attract new viewers with the commerical shorts they use. Its a sad day to see Gunslinger Givens step away. But, maybe its good, because it can get out of control on TV sometimes; ex Supernatural.

  49. Marc Walsh says: