Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Grey's, Glee, Big Bang, New Girl, Sleepy Hollow, Elementary and More

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Question: You were on the Grey’s Anatomy set yesterday — what did you find out? —Constance
Ausiello: Well, I stepped foot on several new, potentially permanent sets — one of which will be a major plot point later this season for a longtime couple. Also, something happens in Episode 15 that required Jessica Capshaw to have a stunt double.

Question: Are we going to meet the POTUS that phoned Derek in the last episode of Grey’s Anatomy? —Megan
Ausiello: Nope. He will remain an off-camera presence for the foreseeable future (which means I can continue pretending his name is Fitz Grant).

Question: Any chance I can get an update on Almost Human‘s renewal chances? —Megan
Ausiello: Good timing. I literally just updated our 2014 Renewal Scorecard with some fresh Human intel.

Question: Did you get to talk to the Bones cast at the FOX TCA party last night? What can you tease about the second half of this season? —Amelia
Ausiello:  A resolution to Hodgins’ cash-flow issues appears to be on the horizon, but there’s a twist! “He’s not going to get his money back, but that doesn’t mean he doesnt come up with a way to make money,” teases series creator Hart Hanson. “Hodgins finds out that the blood of entrepreneurs and job creators is in him, whether he likes it or not.”

Question: I, like you, am growing quite fond of The Crazy Ones. Any cool scoop you can share? —Robyn
Ausiello: It’s going to be raining Keanellys this spring when the rookie comedy introduces us to Andrew’s six tough, hard-drinking, Irish sisters.

Question: On Sleepy Hollow, I didn’t understand why Abbie and Ichabod automatically assumed that George Washington had written in his Bible after his death. Did I miss something? –Andy
Ausiello: TVLine put that exact question to Ichabod himself, Tom Mison, who had this answer: “This is Sleepy Hollow, and it’s in hidden ink, in Washington’s Bible that was buried with Ichabod. My spoiler is: Yes, something weird is going on.” (Now imagine that in Crane’s clipped accent, and you’ll feel exactly as stupid as we did when he schooled us.) BONUS SCOOP: Nicole Beharie describes the Jan. 20 Season 1 finale thusly: ” It’s clandestine… gory…  surprising…. and passionate.” Word on the street is it also leaves viewers with a big question.

Darth Vader The Big Bang TheoryQuestion: The force is with you, Aus, for bringing us the scoop on The Big Bang Theory‘s big Star Wars episode. Well done. Now tell us what leads Sheldon to cross paths with Darth Vader and Princess Leia. —Diego
Ausiello: A Comic-Con crisis sets the stage for the epic run-in. “The guys for the first time get locked out of getting Comic-Con tickets and they’re not going to be able to go,” explains exec producer Steve Molaro. “So Sheldon sets out to start his own new comic book convention and is hell-bent on getting an A-list panelist. If he gets one, it will be a real convention, and he sets his sights on the voice of Darth Vader.” (And where Vader goes, Leia follows.)

Question: I hear something big happens between Sheldon and Amy in Big Bang‘s Valentine’s episode. Know anything? —Joyce
Ausiello: Molaro confirms that the slow-burn couple “have quite a moment” in the installment, which finds Sheldon/Amy and Howard/Bernadette enjoying a romantic double date on a train to nowhere. Elaborates fellow EP Bill Prady: “We keep dealing with the immovable object that is Sheldon and the irresistible force that is Amy, and inch-by-inch she moves things along.”

Question: Got anything on New Girl? —Craig
Ausiello: Apologies if this is already out there — the perfect storm of the Golden Globes and the TCAs leaves very little time for me to Google stuff — but I hear Winston is going to become a police officer later this season. Pretty ingenious move on the show’s part, if you ask me.

Question: Sam is going to New York to be a male model, Artie is going to film school — but what is Blaine going to do in the Big Apple? —Trip
Ausiello: Maybe spend some time with his fiancé? “I could be nuts, but I feel like if you get engaged to someone you should probably be with them,” Darren Criss says with a laugh. “I don’t know if they’ll live together, but that would be cool. That’s a big step, a big change for any couple. It presents a whole new set of rules.”

Question: Any Watson-related Elementary scoop? Please? —Henry
Ausiello: Keep your eyes peeled for Episode 15. “A small-ish case that Joan picks up on the side forces her to share with Sherlock a little bit more of her family history and life,” shares EP Rob Doherty. “It’s an episode with a few quieter scenes in the brownstone, and it brings a few things to the surface.” Can we get a few examples? “We’ll find out where the name Watson came from,” teases Doherty, “and we will learn a little bit more about her father.”

Question: What’s this I’m hearing about The Middle sending Frankie directly to jail later this season? What she do? —Karen
Ausiello: Dummy neglected to return Brick’s overdue book to the library — or so we’re led to believe. Suffice it to say there’s more to the story. (Get it? Book? Story? Oh, nevermind.)

The Mindy ProjectQuestion: Just wondering if you have any Danny/Mindy-related Mindy Project gossip to share? The chemistry between the two of them is amazing! —Lisa Marie
Ausiello: Do not miss next week’s episode. Trust me.

Question: Got any Patrick/Nolan-related Revenge scoop? —Tommy
Ausiello: A guy from Nolan’s past will turn up later this season, and he sounds like trouble with a capital T that rhymes with P that stands for Prison. His name is Javier, he’s an accomplished hacker just like Nolan, and he’s on parole from the clink. He also needs a place to crash, and wouldn’t you know, he lists Nolan’s killer crib as his house-arrest address. Casting for the recurring, twentysomething role is underway.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman and Kim Roots)

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  1. Ashley says:

    Stunt double for Jessica Capshaw? What?? Are you going to elaborate?

    • Diva says:

      Kinda hope she dies. Love JC but hate AZ.

    • Daven C says:

      She’ll need a body double for a shot of Arizona and the bare prosthetic leg.

    • grace says:

      if greys staff who tweet are to be believed, episode 15 is supposed to be Arizona centric and Capshaw has tweeted “Sometimes…my work involves some pretty crazy scenarios. I have been documenting them & will have some special BTS pics when 1015 airs!”

      My guess one of those new sets is a Calzona house. As for the body double, they ain’t never going to need a double for some bedroom action so perhaps a double is needed because AZ is trying on her wheeles again or perhaps taking a swim in the new digs pool?

  2. Bye Glee says:

    Sigh…Blam to NY means its the end of the road for me. I hate Sam with a passion and refuse to stick around and watch him ruin Rachel and my Finchel memories. Hopefully I’ll get some good NY before Darren and Chord complete their take over of Glee.

    • nope says:

      Rachel deserves so much better. I want her to find love again later on but with someone better then Sam. Blam it the backgorund please.

      • may says:

        I agree. Rachel deserved so much better but if Ryan Murphy goes with the same dumb storyline from season 4 were Rachel fall for a mediocre character with abs and she gets shallow again I´m done with my love for Rachel. I love Lea Michele and I will focus to support her music career outside of Glee.

    • UGH! says:

      They should just remain the show Blam because we all know once they get to NY it will be stupid Blam Bro Show with Darren Criss signing every freaking song and Chord sucking the life out of every scene he is in! I have stuck around for Lea but now that she has her own music out I feel like who needs Glee. Time to finally walk away from the mess they have made of this once fantastic show!

      • Chordie says:

        I ship samchel. They would be cute

        • writer exraordinaire says:

          They were cute in season 2 ie when she asked him to prom. But now after Cory, I don’t know. Finchel was it. What would Rachel and Sam talk about? Their relationship with Finn. Sam is too immature for that sort of heart to heart.

        • Jjb says:

          Why would you name them “samchel” when the can have the best couple name ever, ram!

        • Tom says:

          PLEASE NO! Chord is a terrible choice of screen partner for Lea. All he seems to be capable of are bad impressions and going shirtless! If they HAVE to bring in a new LI for Rachel at least get an actor that can keep up with her instead of one that needs to be propped up! I would also prefer to see someone new, sorry but every time someone mentions Samchel it’s just a painful reminder of losing Finchel. And why would Sam fans even want that? He would also be a second choice, and far distant second choice at that, because Sam could never be to Rachel what Finn was. At least with someone knew it would be a fresh start for Rachel.

        • dcl33 says:

          Considering that they reduces Sams IQ to single digit, why would you want Rachel to be with him? Am not saying Finn was the sharpest tool in the box, but at least Lea had chemistry with Cory and he could actually carry the scenes/show. Chemistry between Lea and Chord is non existent.

    • soundscene says:

      I wonder if anybody has done an analysis of actual screen time and song time for these characters, or is your view that the show is all about Blaine and Sam just a projection based on your weirdly strong hatred for two make-believe characters?

      • Marcus says:

        right? and it’s even funnier when a Rachel fan says something like this because she still has the biggest amount of screent time, songs and solos on the show. oh well, but everything is Blaine’s fault right?

        • Ali says:

          Lea Michele is the star of the show. Glee is about Rachel Berry according to Ryan Murphy and Fox. But in S4 Lima had 72% of the screen time with Darren Criss singing the majority of songs, Rachel was like 4th on the list of signers after the Lima characters.

        • +1 says:

          Agreed. These crazy people need Glee to be renamed THE RACHEL FREAKIN SHOW so they’ll stop whinning about life. The NY shift is bad enough. :(

      • m says:

        Yes, that analysis was done. Do you really think this “NYC scenes are just 5 min per epidode” or “Blaine is singing more than anybody” is false?. Check for yourself. Tumblr has so many talented fans with statistics . showthemwhat is one very accurate

    • Dee says:

      Just wait and see what happens first before complaining – Geesh!
      I for one, cannot wait for Blaine to get his butt to NY and be with Kurt!!!

      • netta says:

        I’ve been hearing “just wait and see” since the start of Season 4. Meanwhile the casting and cast emphasis has been bad, the writing has been worse, and the planning has been worst of all. Nothing suggests any of this is changing, so I’m done.

  3. uh huh says:

    I volunteer to be schooled by Tom Mison. Anytime, anywhere.

    • Angela says:

      You and me both :).
      Yeah, I just chalked the thing with the date up to, it’s Sleepy Hollow, the Bible holds a lot of relevance to Ichabod’s life and their mission at large, so anything that seems off date-wise is automatically worthy of suspicion. Plus, if Washington meant the date to just be something innocent and uneventful, I’m thinking he wouldn’t have written it in invisible ink.
      The comments about the finale have me intrigued, too, especially the bonus bit of information. Agh…I want next week to come, ’cause I want to see the episodes, and yet I don’t want the end of the season to be here yet! Way to leave me torn, “Sleepy Hollow”.

  4. Meg says:

    The “Winston becoming a police officer” plot point was introduced at the end of tonight’s show.

  5. D says:

    I just don’t see the Mindy & Danny chemestry.

    • CSI Fan says:

      I’m sorry but you’re kinda blind… It’s sooooo obvious!!!!!

    • flutiefan says:

      Ditto. I don’t see it.

    • soundscene says:

      I see it.

    • scooby says:

      Wow, do not know what to say to that except go back and watch the Christmas episode, maybe the one where she pretends to be his gf to get a woman to leave him alone, or Santa Fe from last season. You can tell Danny’s into her if only because of the various looks he gives and she’s gone from saying he has a “weird body” to a hot one so clearly while she’s in denial most of the time but has occasional moments of awareness. Last night when Casey mentioned a guy from work, she stopped for a second thinking he meant Danny. You could see it on her face. We always get something Mindy/Danny when they go off to a conference. :)

    • Martoukian says:

      That’s kind of like saying you don’t see any Romeo/Juliet chemistry. Danny/Mindy is WHAT THE SHOW IS ABOUT.

  6. Devon Pierce says:

    Ooh, I love the brownstone scenes in Elementary the best. It’s when the show is at its most awesome.

  7. blee says:

    What a stupid glee question. We all know what Blaine will do he will spread his medoctiry allover all what was good in NY. duh.

    • freni says:

      He’s engaged
      To kurt

    • blee hater says:

      Took the words right out of my mouth. Once Blarren is in NYC – I’ll have to stop watching. I didn’t watch the episode ‘Movin’ Out’ cause Blam took over everything. They’ll destroy what was so wonderful about NYC. If they would just take Bland and Sam and send them to the west coast or China or the moon – I’d be much happier.

      • freni says:

        That was Sam focussed. We never even got to see his audition. When hummelberry had tons of stuffdedicated to their joint audition.

        • elliott says:

          Hope we see a flashback. I felt shortly jipped. :/

        • Queen Lea says:

          Sam focused is right, I couldn’t even finish watching it! The Sam/Rachel flirtation made me hate Sam and now that he’s going to NY I won’t even be able to watch the Rachel scenes. I love Lea but not even she can get to watch the up coming Samchel train wreck!

        • Enya says:

          Rachel and Kurt are the core characters and Lea the star of Glee. So it makes sense they show their auditions since Ryan Murphy claims Glee is about Rachel’s journey. Blaine is a secondary character that owes his continued time on the show to being paired with Kurt. It just didn’t seem like the writers thought Blaine warranted the same kind of attention Hummelberry warranted.

          • soundscene says:

            Seriously — Blaine owes his time on the show to his being with Kurt? Just because you don’t like him doesn’t mean that he’s not a popular character.

          • Juno says:

            I’m sorry but that “Blaine is a secondary character” hasn’t been true since season 3, he has a huge fanbase and his own stories that are not necessarely related to Kurt.

      • abbott says:

        There’s barely anything good about new york. The nyada scenes were good but they stopped showing nyada.

        • writer exraordinaire says:

          Rachel got on Broadway too quick to my tastes. I wanted more build. Glee don’t rush..

          • Lori says:

            Next season is Glee’s last so they don’t have time to take it slow!

          • LeaLea says:

            Lea got on Broadway at 8 years old after 1 audition and originated a role at 19 years old, so it does happen with once in a generation talent which is what we have been lead to believe Rachel is. Given their is only 1.5 seasons left they pretty much had to fast track her.

        • Lisa says:

          As much as I hate the writing, it’s not Lima and Blaine and Blam, that was good enough. Watch in whatever lazy script they put the good talent into. I’d watch Lima for Tina if she wasn’t a Blainer representation every time she is allowed to have screen time or Artie if they let them righteously use his amazing voice instead of Blaine’s, but no. Newbies wouldn’t be so disliked either if they hadn’t been delusional enough to think blaine could hold Lima and actually put on some effort in making them full on original characters instead of 2.0 versions.

          • netta says:

            Preach! Strong acting can save a lot of weak writing, but there are limits, and once there’s weak acting as well, forget it. The characters aren’t convincing enough for many viewers to care about. They also made a lot of very poor choices in terms of who to give screen time to in Lima. Overall, the showrunner took the audience for granted and turned the show into something very unlike what it used to be, screwing over a lot of fans in the process. I guess now it’s the newbies’ fans’ turn to get screwed. They let the actors down long ago when they didn’t bother developing the characters.

      • KC says:

        Yeah, that’s right, say you are going to stop watching before you even know what is going to happen. People make up things in their minds that things will be good, bad or whatever and it turns out to be the opposite.

    • ML says:

      Darren is not dumb. He knows Lima is doomed, and his screen time was reduced already. He needs to hang up to Chris Colfer again. This is the same guy who was so happy with the Klaine split up for a while last season but I guess He realized it didn´t worked for him LOL

      • abbott says:

        If he talks about his characters passion, you will accuse him of having an ego. He has to talk about Kurt.

      • abbott says:

        So what, hes a househusband now

      • hang on says:

        Goddamn. Blaine is graduating. What does lima matter post graduation? It’s not like Finn where he didn’t apply to any college. And had to stay

      • pinoygleek says:

        Lima is doomed and…. how does that effect the seniors?

        • longest a** senior year ever says:

          They already extended the year by half. kept back a couple of the cast during the longest a** senior year because they were too afraid to let lima go. And now the older kids have to graduate because it’s gotten so long, this Never ending school year. they didn’t achieve enough interest in the 2.0s. And suddenly now it’s time to rebrand the show.

          • coloelfilibuster says:

            Why did FOX even think that the revolving door would work. This is not Doctor Who. Well the doctor is the Same man all along so that comparison is a moot point.

        • philD says:

          The seniors can’t stay in lima anyways.

        • evan says:

          It doesn’t.

      • Lisa says:

        I know. He just clang to Chris’ character even more now that he knows people doesn’t like Blam and that was what he was clinging to before. I really want Glee to end if just because Chris will be free from being related to this guy in any sense.

      • soundscene says:

        Yes, because Darren Criss writes the Glee scripts and so is creating a master plan to get himself more screen time. What power Darren has! /sarcasm

    • writer exraordinaire says:

      He’s done the most diligent college prep.

    • Jean says:

      Most fans have been dying to see Blaine finally in NYC with Kurt. It’s been in the cards since the end of season 2, get over it honey.

  8. Lisa says:

    Good bye NY-glee. You are being blaine’d. I have no interest on that so it was nice while it lasted.

    • freni says:

      Blaines been on board the new york train since season 2??

    • hospice says:

      Blaine was thinking of going to new york long before Santana even

    • abbott says:

      Blaine has stuff on his college transcript, he’s very hard working character, scoring gigs in high school. And you ignore that, and darren has to talk about his characters husband before he can talk about his characters passion. That’s not fair.

      • Lisa says:

        all you people are either hitting the wrong reply button or just copy/pasting whatever “we want blee waaa~” comes to your mind in hopes to still seem like the majority that you really are not in place of any other thing to say. Or you really didn’t read at all, so let’s get this clearer: he is finally setting contaminating the NY scene full time so, bye NY.

        • mary says:

          Don`t bother. Those are the Stepford Wives of Glee Forum. They don`t read. They just post about Blaine blindly and if you dare to have an opinion against them/him they will banned you lol.

          • Banned! says:

            LMAO! So true! I got banned for being mean to the Newbies and Blam. Funny how they could spit on Finn/Cory and now the Originals returning for the 100th but say anything negative about the Newbies and Blam you are banned. And if you mention anything negative about Darren you get piled on as being a hater. Over at GF even the critics are haters because they don’t like Glee post S3.

        • soundscene says:

          I’m not getting why you think that you and your little group of Blaine haters represent the majority position on his character. The internet does not represent the majority of the viewing audience. Frankly, one of my least favorite characters is Rachel. Yes, Rachel. And I’ve been annoyed by her character since season 1. But I’m not spending day after day complaining about it. I’m in the minority or Rachel wouldn’t have become the focus of the entire show. I get that. If Blaine is seeing more screen time than you would personally like, it’s probably because (1) the writers like Blaine/Darren Criss; and (2) the response they have gotten about Blaine from the viewing audience as a whole has been positive. So Blaine running around NYC may ruin the show for you, but it’s a very long, long shot to say that it will ruin the show for most people.

    • Janey says:

      I know! I was really hoping that they would just concentrate on New York and now they are, it’s going to be ruined because Blaine will be there. I don’t care who else goes to New York, just NOT Blaine. I cannot stand that character. Why can’t they write Kurt coming to his senses, realizing that He could do a million times better than the obnoxious, self obsessed, self absorbed and narcissistic Blaine, and then he breaks off the engagement? Blaine could then be so upset that he decides that he cannot possibly be in the same city as anyone who doesn’t worship the ground he walks on and then moves abroad somewhere, never to be heard of again.

      • edmund says:

        Just because you’re afraid of a little healthy competition:) come on a little never hurt anyone.

      • MrsVietch says:

        Lol. The delusion is strong in this one.

      • ksharp says:

        Don’t worry, Kurt will still have hummelberry scenes and hummelberrypez songs.

      • evan says:


      • Ann says:

        I am legitimately stunned at the idiocy surrounding these types of posts. If you haven’t accepted that Klaine are in it for the long haul, and Blaine was always going to end up in NY (hello, “Blaine is on board”, Season 2, ring a bell??) then I don’t know what to tell you. He is one of the most popular characters on the show, and it only makes sense that he would be there. Also, how freaking selfish – after all of the whining and complaining about Lima, they’re finally getting rid of it (and many of the new actors look to be out of a job) and you’re mad because you don’t get every single thing you want? Get over yourself. This is an ensemble show, and no one is ever going to love everything about it , but newsflash, it’s not all about what the delusional Kurt stans want to see.

        • Lisa says:

          just replace that last sentence with klaine and blaine. Also lol at you wanting all to kneel to the blaine altar, else face you throwing disgrace on them or something. Keep trying. Darren Criss still has no awards even given by people (nah, the thing is not by people) that have not been bought by FOX itself. Poor us that don’t see his light.

      • Lisa says:

        At this point I have had to stop caring and have to focus on the entertainment that presents them forcing that guy blaine’s …should we call him “actor”? through everyone’s throats and continue alienating the remaining audience. It’s almost like they want to keep on trying to deliver the worst on purpose, and it’s their money! so be it, fail whatever way you want Fox and let that mediocre piece of talent be the face of a once mighty show’s downfall.

        I did enjoyed watching the NYC edits, tho and here we are now saying goodbye to them because what ruined the core location is now joining.

      • KC says:

        It’s not going to be “ruined” because of Blaine….wow…

    • Blammed says:

      More like Blammed, Sam and Blaine is a double does of aweful! And the Samchel garbage in Movin Out was the last straw. Paring Rachel with Mr Superficial is slap in the face to the epicness that was Finchel. I understand Rachel has to move on but please can it be with someone not defined by his abs and greasy long hair?

      • Lisa says:

        ugh, poor Rachel. I liked Sam back in s2, but since we joined the backwards Midas Touch that is interacting or being forced to interact with Blaine (and a huge bout of lack of creativity from the writers) he’s just as bad. At least I don’t laugh at Chord’s scenes when he has to act angry or worried, like with Darren, but yeah, what in all earth’s might made them think THIS Sam could be considered to be Rachel’s love interest? wtf.

    • ksharp says:

      That’s a good thing. Imo

    • evan says:

      Do you really need the entire city to yourselves. Selfish and elitist. You’ve got bushwick and the diner.

    • Jean says:

      The best thing that could happen to NYGlee is Blaine getting there finally.

  9. glee has no plot anyway says:

    Darren is pretty and sounds pretty. If he’s on my tv, I’ll watch.

  10. Amy says:

    Of course POTUS will stay off screen.

  11. Molly says:

    People on this site spend way too much time accusing the presence of Blaine and Sam of ruining Glee. What ruined Glee was the godawful writing and the fact that it became really terrible pretty quickly (even in the vaunted season 1, there was the absolutely horrendous storyline of Terri faking her pregnancy and trying to buy the baby off Quinn, who lied about the kids paternity and was defended by all the other characters for reasons unknown since she was horrible to them. It was like a bad soap opera.)

    Keep in mind I watch and enjoy Glee, I just acknowledge that objectively it’s a really terrible show. For me it’s a huge guilty pleasure.

  12. ggny says:

    Glee is pretty much spitting on Finn and Rachel memory if they put her with Sam. Just let her end the show single there is no reason someone with as much talent as her needs a guy in her life especially if that guy is Sam

    • TJ says:

      Exactly! She is 18 how about let her be single with out a man for a while? Paring Rachel with Sam is flat out offensive to the memory of Finchel! Plus Chord is a terrible screen partner for Lea! They should keep Sam out of NY!

  13. Margaret says:

    Are we ever going to revisit Joan & the online dating? I loved her little moment with Steve Kazee in the episode in October!!

  14. Just NO! says:

    Only on Glee could they take a dope like Sam and make him America’s next top model and only on Glee would they take mediocrity like Chord Overstreet and pass him off as a leading man.

  15. Patrick Maloney says:

    I’m happy that we’re gonna finally learn what an Asian woman is doing with a name like Watson

  16. Klaroline says:

    Greys/Scandal crossover. I can but dream!!!

  17. JJ says:

    LOL Grey’s Anatomy needs to stop already…

  18. Lisa says:

    Can’t wait for Blaine to get to NY! Other than Rachel, he is the only other character who has always screamed perfomer to me, so whether he gets into NYADA, or tries to make it on his own, I’m sure he’ll find ways to keep busy in NY.

    • Lisa says:

      Singing without reason, I’m sure. Of course he is not going to start being considered for anything that requires actual acting. It’s going to be just like when he arrived to McKinley. Lovely times, right?

  19. Lori says:

    I am not a Blaine fan and I don’t like the way they’ve dumbed Sam down…he wasn’t this bad in season two or three but I will reserve judgment on the way these two will impact the show until I see how much airtime they get. I think FOX is letting Ryan Murphy run the show but I also think they are giving him some guidelines – like moving the show to NYC. RM hasn’t done a good job with Glee in awhile and that has been reflected in the ratings so it makes sense that FOX would reign Murphy in!

    • netta says:

      You misspelled “ruin”.
      If Fox thinks that the New York setting will magically save anything, they deserve to sink. Good acting and more developed characters, with scenes between strong actors (except the scene-runing Mr. Abs), that is what made the NYC side better. Even then it wasn’t all that good, it was just a lot better than almost everything in Lima.

  20. Lisa says:

    I wanted to add one last thing, I LOVE the Blaine picture you used for this article, so on-point to everything him ;)

  21. Luanne says:

    On Elementary, I am especially attached to the turtle, and look forward to seeing him/her well fed and getting plenty of exercise. What a cutie! More please.

  22. ella says:

    I don’t think blaming darren or chord of the the decreasing ratings of glee is right, its not their fault that they will move to NYC. Remeber guys, they are ACTORS, NOT WRITERS! And the samchel thing wasnt even continued. The writers are just experimenting storylines. Give em some slack! They had to rewrite basically the whole season because of
    Cory’s unexpected passing. RIP Cory. Give the show a chance, and don’t expect Glee to meet all your expectations.

    • Taylor says:

      YES! It is the writers fault! They decided to focus on Darren, Chord and Newbies for all of S4 and it lost most of their fan base. It’s too late to save the show after the mess they made of it. And sending Blam to NY is another dumb move on the writers part. I can understand Blaine since Darren gets stay because of Kurt, but there is no reason to send Sam, a character that’s never shown a hint of ambition or desire to go to NY. Yet a character like Tina that’s has only ever talked about performing likely gets left behind. They finally got rid of the Newbies only to bring 1/2 of the Lima dead weight to NY.

    • I hate Sam! says:

      Samchel wasn’t continued because Sam went back to Lima. Put Sam in NY and it’s probably going to pick up. And Samchel should have never happened even if it was to test things out. It was 3 episodes after Finn died and they have Rachel rubbing oil on a shirtless Sam. Talk about a slap to everything that was Finchel. I can’t even think of watching the 100th episode because I know Rachel will be in Lima and am afraid of Samchel stuff. So basically moving Sam to NY means I won’t even be able to watch Lea anymore.

  23. Pat says:

    Just curious, since Pelant is dead on Bones, where exactly is Hodgins money, sitting in a bank off shore? I do not understand why the government cannot help him get it back, since this was a definite Cyber Theft of all of his accounts. This part of the story I just do not get and I still want to see Hodgins get back everything that was stolen from him by this murderous character.

  24. jj says:

    They need to give Hodgins’ back his money and stop bringing Palent (dead or alive) back into storyline once and for all.

  25. c says:

    Very, very happy about the Joan-centric storyline on Elementary.

  26. Colleen S says:

    What happened to Finn on Bones? He and Hodgins had their sauce Thurstons and Opies that supposedly bringing in mega cash. It’s like that storyline has disappeared with Finn. So what will Hodgins be doing that is not like this or perhaps more of this.

    • Betty says:

      I think the actor is not available. He is playing a role on this season of Pretty Little Liars. They did mention the hot sauce in one episode in season 9. It was an episode with Oliver in it and he discussed with Hodgins how much he likes the hot sauce and he uses it on his eggs every morning.

  27. Matt C. says:

    Why does it seem like Nolan always gets involved with shady people? Tyler, Padma, Marco, Patrick…

  28. Annie says:

    Excellent news about Almost Human! Kennex and Dorian are great together.

  29. baby says:


    1- you realize that no one here care about your opinion, right?
    2- also we know that you’re the one replying to all our comments spreading blaine/blam hate you just change the name. (at least change your arguments and the way you write, sweetie ;))
    3- you probably are a bitter kurt stan so shut up

  30. For a second I thought you were talking about Tyler in the Revenge scoop! LOL

  31. Em says:

    I can’t wait for Kurt and Blaine to live together in New York! I hope that’s what Darren meant, he’s a crafty one that man!

  32. starh says:

    Almost Human! Yesss!

    • soundscene says:

      I’m so happy about Almost Human being a “safe bet” for renewal. It’s really fun, the writing is great, and the characters are rich, human and oftentimes amusing. It makes the loss of Fringe a bit easier.

  33. Ginger Snap says:

    All I can say is: 2 more months until we get some OUT spoilers.

  34. Tia says:

    YAWN. More Arizona. YAWN. I don’t care at all, and this season have been so mehh. The leg stuff is so boring, I don’t care to see any of those at all. Who would have thought in the early days, that Grey’s Anatomy the fun, sexy, medical show would be about a doctor and a leg, or virgin crap. Poor show.

  35. Babybop says:

    Color me excited for the next Mindy episode!

  36. Sarah says:

    I wish they’d cast Tom Welling for the revenge triangle with Nolan/Patrick. I could go for a little Smallville reunion!

  37. sarah says:

    I love the Crazy One’s it is a very funny show! I am looking forward to seeing all the sisters.

  38. gaylynn209 says:

    RE: Glee

    I know of a famous Bway Actress Betty Buckley who went from her home in Texas to NYC and got her 1st role on Broadway as Martha Jefferson in 1776 on her first day in the city so Rachel getting the role in Funny Girl is plausible.

  39. shirleena says:

    I’m so sick of hearing about Hodgin’s money!! Yea he lost it, yea he was really rich. Get over it. But he’s not the main focus of the show Booth and Brennan are the focus.

    • Cate says:

      Have to agree, cant see his lifestyle has changed one bit, yawn of a storyline, btw, isnt Angela still getting royalties from Brennan’s books and they both have skilled full time jobs. They prolly arent standing in line at the Food Bank.

  40. Klaine says:

    I doubt Klaine lives together. Someone has to be stuck baby sitting Sam and get the job of propping up Chord Overstreet and since Blaine is his fav Bro it will probably be him lol!

  41. Last episode of The Mindy Project next week until April 1st :'(
    How am I going to survive without my Mindy & Danny fix?!
    Next week should be good but I heard the spoilers for episode 16 to be even better;)

  42. Brenda Dart says:

    What I want to know is why they are turning Meredith and christina against each other? If Sandra Oh wants to leave, o.k. but don’t make the two of them hate each other. That makes no sense, Since they have been besties from the beginning.

  43. shirley dean says:

    is there any info on Major Crimes? will it be back?

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