Big Bang Theory Exclusive: Lost Alum Tania Raymonde Cast as Raj's New Love Interest

unnamed-1Raj is about to come down with a potentially serious case of puppy love.

TVLine has learned exclusively that Lost alum Tania Raymonde is set to guest star (and possibly recur) on The Big Bang Theory as a new romantic prospect for Kunal Nayyar’s intimacy-addled alter ego.

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Raymonde, whose more recent credits have included Chicago Fire and Switched At Birth, will play a cute and somewhat surly veterinarian who ends up taking care of Raj’s ailing dog Cinnamon (a role I first told you about in last week’s Ask Ausiello).

She’ll debut in next month’s Valentine’s Day episode.

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  1. AmbleAlong says:

    I just noticed in this photo how much Tania looks like Shah in Person of Interest. Truly she could be her sister if they need another kick#$% gal on PofI!

  2. choco says:

    I don’t think the writers have the balls to do it, but I’ve always thought Raj was gay.

    • Linda says:

      I too was hoping they’d go this way.

    • websnap says:

      I think, in this case (from a story perspective), making him gay would be the easy way out… to just explain away his poor dating luck (or ability) in that way prevents this particular character’s growth. He’s an awkward, spoiled, sweet man child. If he was gay, look at his friends – he would have had all the support in the world. Since this show is run by the same guy in charge as Two and a Half Men, making a character gay wouldn’t really be an issue or risqué.

      • BBKEKS says:

        Since when have the writers or exec producer of this mindless show ever done anything other than the most cheesy easiest way out of a corner they’ve painted themselves into with their horrible teen storylines.

    • Lisa says:

      Actually, I think it takes MORE ‘balls’ to play him/write the character as a feminine straight guy. Of which there are many in the world — and who rarely get portrayed on TV without everyone assuming that they are gay. Gender and sexuality are a spectrum — you don’t have to be one or the other.

    • Kim says:

      I like the fact that Raj has a yorkie and spoils it. My brother and his wife wanted to get a dog and my brother wanted a tiny yorkie and the SIL wanted a big rescue dog, but decided for their first dog she let my brother have a tiny (3.2lb) yorkie, that my brother spoils, dresses up, is like Raj with the dog. That dog has a beret and is in a baby bjorn thing. I think showing Raj with this little dog gives him this compassionate side that’s really sweet. It would be “easy” to give Raj a big manly dog and have him dress up the dog like Vader or him and the dog dress as Hans and Chewie. It’s more interesting to give him the tiny dog that he can’t do that with. I like the idea of a vet for Raj.

      • nancy says:

        Not all show have to have a gay actor or actress, we get it. The show is great, funny,just as it is. Each charactor plays his or her part perfect,

      • Yeah sure the writers don’t know what they are doing regarding the top comedy on television. They’ve never even though about making Raj gay which adds to his relationship with his best friend Howard. Get Raj laid and soon to the vet. They both seem straight so keep it that way

    • Christian says:

      The producers have made a huge mistake not making Raj gay. It would have given the show a much-needed jolt of new energy – and to perpetuate this idea that comic book nerds are all heterosexual is as misleading as Bold & Beautiful never featuring a prominent male gay character in its fashion industry setting.

      • Blondie says:

        I totally disagree! Portraying Raj as gay would detract from the storylines where his feminine side comes out and he is ‘perceived as gay’. It would no longer be funny… Not every show on TV has to have a gay character.

    • Bob says:

      Have to agree. It’s OK to be “metrosexual” (yeah, old term, but it applies), but I think the producers and writers have gone far beyond that over the years with the Raj character. They need to develop some cajones and bring Raj out of the closet.

  3. Wow, depending how they dress Tania up she might become the hottest of the girls. Not sure Penny would go for that.

  4. KM says:

    At least this time they are putting him with somebody who is better looking…

    • Ella says:

      THIS! Raj was basically the only one of the four who, despite his inability to speak to women, got any attention from female characters at all. It’s about time they got him someone attractive and cool.

  5. Apples says:

    Can they finally give Raj a proper girlfriend? That would be a good storyline to explore.

  6. Whatever says:

    Great news! Lucy was annoying.

  7. Stormy says:

    Hopefully Raj’s douche alter ego won’t rear it’s ugly head. When he gets all snide and superior I want to slap the crap out of him.

  8. Carolee says:

    what a alter ego? Why can’t they make him change like normal people.People change when they meet the person that completes them.Well the show is getting awful. I think the writers are in a rot. I would like to see Raj to change and start talking to girls without alcohol.Alter ego come on.Writers you can do better.

  9. ElenaGreece says:

    Fantastic news! I hope this means Lucy will never come back. I had no problem with her looks, but she was annoying and creepy. A caricature character, not offering anything to the show.

  10. BBKEKS says:

    Also, anyone else tired of these “creative” people behind the scenes getting stars from shows the guys on the show would love like a Lost star? First of all do they even have the guys do geek humor and nerd stuff anymore? Not really. The show is a far cry from the nerd chic it started out, and bringing in stars from Lost, or Star Wars is just dumb at this point.

    • Bob says:

      Agreed. Leonard is dating way above his pay scale. Howard somehow managed to marry a knockout, even though his character will always be a d-bag. Now they’re going with someone way above Raj’s league. Only “normal” couple is Sheldon and Amy.

  11. Eniru says:

    Leonard is not dating above his pay scale. Penny has many issues as shown in the episode a few weeks where she proposed to Leonard in a drunken state after realizing her life was crap. She is getting closer to 30 and has gotten nowhere in her life.

  12. Jo Ann West says:

    I am delighted that finally Raj will have a girlfriend. I really like the Yvette, too. She and Raj will be a good match. I, too, did not like Lucy at all! Raj deserves to be with a beautiful, smart, successful woman like Yvette. I can’t wait to watch their relationship develop.