Supernatural Boss Previews Dean's New Mission, Cas' 'Luke Skywalker' Complex and Big Returns

Supernatural Season 9 SpoilersDean Winchester is hurting.

When Supernatural returns on Tuesday (The CW, 9/8c), the Hunter will be reeling from having inadvertently caused Kevin Tran’s death. He’ll also be attempting to make things right by getting the actual killer, Gadreel, out of Sam’s body — easier said than done, teases executive producer Jeremy Carver below.

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Meanwhile, reinstated angel Castiel finds himself at a crossroads and Crowley is struggling more than ever with human emotions.

Plus: Some “beloved characters” are coming back and viewers haven’t seen the last of the Men of Letters legacy.

TVLINE | Why take away one of the Winchesters’ last friends and allies? Talk to me about the decision to kill off Kevin.
Dealing with the events that led up to killing Kevin Tran is the most intriguing and felt [like] the most grounded way to tell the story this season. No one was doing handstands [when they] realized Kevin had to go, but it was where the story took us. That said, the killing of Kevin puts the strongest possible exclamation point on the idea that it was Dean who let the angel now known as Gadreel into Sam, right? So what you’re going to see coming up after this is that Dean is going to do whatever it takes to track down Gadreel and eject him from Sam. Part of that is going to be making certain alliances that he never thought he’d be forced to make, but he’s at a point where he’ll do anything to try and right what he considers to be one of the biggest mistakes he’s ever made. Kevin’s death, in a slightly perverse way, is going to open up channels into other less savory alliances.

TVLINE | Dean was right there when it happened. Having lost Kevin, how’s he handling it emotionally? Are we going to see that toll, as well?
No question about it. That’s what I was hinting at in terms of Dean going to do whatever it takes. It’s a crushing blow to Dean and it’s one that’s going to stay with him for a while, absolutely.

TVLINE | Is Gadreel really just content to play second fiddle to Metatron?
We need to watch the Gadreel story as it unfolds, without getting too far ahead of ourselves… There’s no reason to take [Metatron’s offer to Gadreel to get his name back] as anything other than truth. We’re only going to learn more pieces of Gadreel’s background as we move forward into the end of the season.

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TVLINE | What Gadreel’s up to in the next episode?
Getting Metatron’s ultimate approval is probably going to be a harder journey than what we’ve seen so far. Gadreel’s going to be put through his paces a lot more before he earns Metatron’s trust.

Supernatural Season 9 SpoilersTVLINE | Let’s talk about Castiel. Was it always the plan to have him get his grace back so quickly?
I would only say that, to me, it wasn’t that quick. What we wanted to do with Castiel was watch this guy, almost like a young child, discover what it is to be human and to figure out how to make a go of it. In a very quiet way, Cas “made” it [as a human being] when he became a clerk at the convenience store — which was something that Dean teased him about. It was actually a very noble pursuit, especially [with] what Cas had to struggle against just to get to this point. That was a victory of sorts for Castiel.  [Then] he’s once again faced with the central question of, “Is this all there is? Is this really what I’ve been put here to do?” which would be the end of end of Episode 7 when he’s staring out the windows of the gasoline station.

This is a guy who, as nobly as he tried to become the best human he could, always very much had the understanding, whether he liked it or not, that he’s intended for something bigger and greater. Some of us are just meant for a higher calling. Like Luke Skywalker could have been the best farmer he could have been, but he was meant for a higher calling. And Cas falls into this category of hero, as do the Winchesters. So it seems very apt that, at a certain point, he would come to this realization that he couldn’t sit out this fight any longer.

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TVLINE | And now that he’s an angel again, is his mission different? Has he changed somehow, having that experience of being a human?
Yes, it is different — in a way that I can’t completely go into now. But there is no question that his time being human will affect his thinking going forward. And he’s going to find himself in the angelic fray, as it were, more than ever. And he’s going to find himself at a point of decision that he never considered a few short months ago. It’s going to be a little bit of a be-careful-what-you-wish-for [situation] when it comes to Cas and what’s in store for him as a newly reminted angel.

TVLINE | What kind of a role is Crowley going to have in all this?
Crowley will have a very important role. We have just started to scratch the surface with Crowley that we started to introduce at the end of last year in terms of this King of Hell who is finding himself fighting to hold onto his kingdom, but also struggling with this feeling he experienced last year of being human. It’s a very confusing and complex place for him to be in, and Mark Sheppard has done a wonderful job with it. It’s that central conflict for Crowley that drives him through the rest of the season in really interesting ways.

TVLINE | Are there any returning faces you can talk about?
You’re going to see more people, more beloved characters that I can let on right now. There are a good handful coming and for all different reasons. Specifically, we’re going to get an answer as to what the heck happened to Garth [played by DJ Qualls] when he was supposedly guarding Kevin at the end of last season. And we will be delving even deeper into the world of the Men of Letters, and digging at some more history that had an affect, not just on our brothers, but on the organization as well.

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  1. Kady says:

    Thanks for the news about Cas! He and his bond with Dean are why I watch. I hope to see a return to the closeness of season 8 before this season ends. :-)

    • I agree entirely! I’m very curious about this be-careful-what-you-wish for arc for Cas. I hope in the end he realizes that his worth is not in his powers but in who he is. He and Dean value each other so much and can help each other through their hard times.

    • Daisy says:

      same here Kady, the only reason I watch Supernatural is because of Cass !!! :)
      Well Cass and his coat, the coat is what makes Cass…. Cass. If Cass wasn’t in the show I probably wouldn’t watch this show.
      GO CASS!!!! :) :)

    • Lisa says:

      What Kady said! I started watching the show for the Dean/Cas bond and fell in love with all 3 guys (go Team Free Will!) and most especially with Castiel.

  2. And Sam, of course, remains totally and completely unimportant and silenced, because BEING possessed by an angel is not worthy of note, while how DEAN FEELS about it must be explored for the next 5 years. Blech!

    • Kate says:

      I’m also interested to see/hear Sam’s reaction to all of this especially in view of the fact he expressly said he wanted to die so that no more innocents would suffer because of anything he did. He isn’t responsible for Kevin’s death, but he’s going to be destroyed by the fact his body was used to do it. If we get any continuity he also should be traumatized by being possessed with very dubious consent, especially with his history of possession by Meg and Lucifer.

      I’m assuming/hoping maybe there will be another article focusing on Sam next week, prior to 9×11, since it looks like that’s when Sam with be back to himself.

      Meantime, I’m happy to hear some news of Cas moving forwards, and looking forward to seeing him be there for Dean. Cas also has done the wrong things for the right reasons, after all.

    • Yes, it looks like Sam’s feelings are going to given short shrift by show again; it sounds like Sam is not even going to be allowed to be sad about Kevin, only Dean has the right to be sad and get angry.

      • Sarah says:

        I distinctly remember that Sam left Kevin to fend for himself and didn’t bother to answer any of Kevin’s calls for an entire year. And he didn’t feel one ounce of guilt about it while he was shacking up with Amelia. So it wouldn’t surprise me if Sam doesn’t feel any guilt about Kevin’s death.

        • Jen says:

          Oh so I guess Castiel is the only character on this show that should be afforded the opportunity to redeem himself then? He’s made plenty of mistakes too. The difference is that he’s been given a storyline with a chance at redemption while Sam continues to fade into the background of this show while side characters are still throwing his past mistakes in his face four seasons later.

          • MC says:

            The writers never want to let Sam take true responsibility for any of his assy behavior or choices because they see him as the show only hero. What they don’t understand is that it’s not heroic to be a constant victim who gets ready-made excuses and is allowed to shove blame onto other characters.

          • Maedbh says:

            @ MC

            Between Sam and Dean, Sam is the only one who has accepted responsibility and atoned, or sought to atone, for his actions. He make amends for what he did in season 4 by willingly jumping in the Cage. He sought to make amends for what he did as Soulless Sam via his actions in Unforgiven. He apologizes time and again, he constantly forgives and shows faith and trust, even when that is scantly reciprocated.

            Dean ‘talks’ about atoning all the time, he talks about guilt, and how he feels guilty for everything and how guilt makes him do stupid things, but that’s all he does; talk. When it comes to actually atoning, Dean falls short, especially in later seasons, because he is too well versed in apportioning blame, and the show never holds him accountable for his actions. For example:

            * Dean has put the Apocalypse, despite the role he played in starting it, squarely on Sam’s shoulders; citing it as one of his greatest sins.
            * His decision to say yes to Michael was not about atoning for breaking the first seal or torturing souls, but because he had to do it because he believed Sam would say yes.
            * His decision to kill Amy was put on Sam, as Dean said he had to do it because Sam couldn’t.
            * He blamed Martin was to blame for Benny killing him.
            * He blamed Sam for him (Dean) sending the text.
            * Dean didn’t look for Castiel when Castiel was left behind in Purgatory, despite knowing where he was, knowing he was alive, knowing how to get him out and believing that he was responsible for leaving him there. This was at a time when he was berating Sam daily because Sam didn’t look for him.
            * He chose Benny over Sam (and when Sam issued the ultimatum in Torn and Frayed and Dean walked out the door, in a scene identical to the one in When the Levee Breaks, he chose Benny), but when Sam brings it up Dean roundly denies it, but he cites Sam choosing a demon over his brother (which he did because he needed her to kill Lilith, which both Sam and Dean believed would stop Lucifer from rising), as another one of Sam’s biggest sins.

            And because Dean is never held accountable for his actions, he never really sees anything wrong with what he does, leaves the door open for him to do it again and again. This season is the first season in a long time Dean can’t blame his actions on someone else, so it will be interesting to see how he deals with it. Is he going to focus solely on revenge (something he has criticised Sam and John for doing) or will he actually try to atone to those affected by his actions by seeking to make amends, genuinely apologizing, being contrite and taking others peoples needs and feelings into account the next time?

          • Sara says:


            The writers’ refusal to give Dean a redemption sl of the size and magnitude that Sam and even Castiel have been afforded is at the root of your post. Sam never apologizes specifically for anything wrong that he does within the brothers’ relationship, but they afford him some big redemption sl where he suffers more than any human being in the history of mankind has ever suffered and we and Dean are supposed to forgive him because of that; while Dean is told to just bury and get over any hurt and anger he’s ever experienced within the bosom of his supposedly “loving” family. Dean gets boo hoo and suck it up speeches and is never allowed to truly deal with any of his feelings of hurt and anger because something bigger and more important is always going on with baby brother. Bah. I don’t expect anything different this time, but if the writers give Dean a redemption sl of the size and magnitude that Sam received at the end of S5 and even the size of Sam’s Trials sl last season, I would celebrate even after the horror of yet another attempt by these writers at annihilating Jensen’s character in the first half of this season. But you’re probably right about one thing-all these jerks will allow him to do is feel guilty and grovel and beg for Sam’s forgiveness again and some more and then everything will be dropped for Dean as it always is. Oh, and when Dean does anything wrong, there’s never a get out of jail free card as Sam is afforded. He’s never possessed or soulless or under the influence of a demon blood addition. Dean is not coated in Teflon as Sam is by these writers, but still they won’t allow the character a redemption sl. Your post highlights everything that these writers have done wrong with both of the lead characters on this show since the end of S5 even though you’re very obviously a huge Sam stan.

          • Maedbh says:


            Childish name calling, really, Sara?? That’s rather pathetic, don’t you think? Though if that is what you think makes your comment more valid, then by all means continue.

            In order for Dean to get a redemption storyline, the show first needs to admit that Dean has done wrong, and the show has always been loathe to do that. Even this season they are going out of their way to make Dean look sympathetic and his actions understandable (a luxury they have never afforded Sam) while spending no time at all on the impact that Dean’s actions had on the man he violated.

            There have been ample times during the seasons where Dean has done exactly the same as others, things they have had to get redemption for, from Dean and everyone else, but when Dean does it then it’s hand-waved off. The prime example last season would have been Dean not looking for Castiel in Purgatory. This would not only have given him a chance to understand Sam and his actions, but would have given him a chance to seek redemption for what he did. Instead, it was turned around so that Castiel staying in Purgatory was Castiels choice, so Dean had nothing to seek redemption for. (Ironically, Dean staying in Purgatory was Dean’s choice. Benny wanted to get them out asap but he chose to stay.) Dean did chose Benny over Sam yet when Sam said that Dean completely dismissed it, and this was soon after ‘he’ brought up Sam choosing Ruby as one of Sam’s greatest sins.

            I’m intrigued by the idea that Sam never apologizes specifically for anything wrong that he does within the brothers’ relationship. Didn’t he do so continuously in season 4 while also accepting whatever condemnation Dean choose to hand down to him. In Fallen Idols he said that he was trying to change, but Dean had to change too because like it or not, the breakdown of their relationship was not just the fault of one man. Dean had the attitude that he steers the ship, that he orders and everyone else should just fall into line with what he says. That’s not a partnership, and it’s certainly not a relationship.

            Dean might get suck it up speeches occasionally (he certainly doesn’t get them often), usually in times of crisis ie when there’s an apocalypse on their shoulders. The thing is that Dean doesn’t suck it up, he just goes on about how much he is betrayed and how everyone lets him down, while at the same time paying no consideration to how he lets people down.

            As for Sam’s ‘get out of jail free card’, it’s strange that doesn’t matter to Dean. Sam being possessed or on demon blood or soulless has never mattered to Dean, as we saw in season 8. As for being Teflon, remind me again who has never had to have a redemption arc because they are never shown to do anything wrong; Sam or Dean.

    • oppar says:

      you know i think this is what is making so angry about what they did with this story. because for the first time in a very long time they had the perfect set up for sam’s headspace to be explored, dean’s headspace to be explored, the brother dynamic both positive and negative to be explored, and all of that firmly rooted in the mytharc overall… and we got nothing.
      honestly i don’t think any character got explored but at the same time i’m so pissed at the missed potential in this season. they had a minefield to build on from last year in terms of the brother’s dynamic. like i can think of at least 4 issues to be tackled and blown up for organic drama and tension between the two that still drives the plot and mytharc forward.
      this whole first half should’ve been rooted in sam’s headspace to build for the switch to dean’s after the betrayal is revealed…
      but nah

    • Scotty says:

      Sam doesn’t seem to be the Luke to Dean’s Han in Carver’s world. It’s like someone replaced the show I loved with its evil twin when Carver took over. Sadly it’s getting to the point where I can’t even watch it anymore. :(

      • angel says:

        I agree this show is getting to be hard to watch, but it began long before Carver took command. The characters hardly feel like the Sam and Dean I used to know and love. I understand characters have to grow and change, but they shouldn’t change to the point where you barely recognize them anymore. And after all the different writers throughout the years, I don’t understand why they recycle the same concepts and themes, even to the point where the plot of one episode is too similar to another. What happens to one brother will invariably happen to the other, over and over again. The only reason I watch is because I love the actors and would rather watch a bad show with them than to not watch them at all.

      • Kara says:

        I caught this as well. I remember reading articles where Luke and Han were very much Kripke’s inspiration for Sam and Dean, and he created a story of an epic brotherhood. But in carvers world, where does Sam fit in? I honestly don’t believe carver knows anymore.

      • tia says:

        I know Scotty-I am so totally po’d that Carver and his writers give Cas all of Sams stories and now have Cas as Luke Skywalker which is who in the beginning Sam was. Cas seems to be more important than Sam or Dean at this point. Those yapping about Dean’s feelings? Well he never gets anything else so lay off the Dean’s feelings. It gives us Dean fans (I am actually both brothers fan actually but for the argument) something to watch him for.l

    • rowan77 says:

      Oh good lord, here we go again. Sam girls cry that Dean gets all the best storylines while eSam languishes and Dean girls whine that Dean never gets his own story – he’s only there to service Sam’s storylines. Wah Wah Wah!

      Come on people. Both men get amazing moments to play and very cool stories. They two will always be tied to each other in their stories and arc because they are brothers. Sam is not ignored. Jared Padalecki gets to play a totally different character – which I’m betting is awesome fun for him, like it was to play Lucifer and even the soulless version of Sam in season 6.

      Both guys are on screen a ton. I don’t see why people are complaining when the show has been on a amazing upswing creatively and in the rating.

    • angel64 says:

      Well then, you know how a lot of us felt last season when everything was about Sam and Carver talked only about him.

      • MC says:


        But the difference is that Dean is still all about Sam while Sam always gets to be the center of his own story so even if it’s not directly addressed, we all know that Sam will end up being the special snowflake who will end up being the center of it all once the big mytharc stuff kicks in. Why do you think he’s going to be left with angel grace inside him?

        I am laughing at all these people complaining about Cas being given Sam’s story, yet Sam is the one who was handed over the big angel connection this season. Ironic since Carver’s excuse last year to make Sam the center of the demon storyline was that he was always more connected to demons. Well Dean was always more connected to the angels but somehow, Sam is still at the heart of all that with Cas getting a parallel storyline. But I am willing to bet that by the end of the season Dean will be back cheering from sidelines while Sam gets to save the day with Cas at his side.

        These writers are incapable of breaking out of their tired formulaic writing.

  3. Annie says:

    Thanks for the Cas info. Hope we get lots of Team Free Will.

    • Kara says:

      TFW? Be honest and just say team dean and Cas with Sam far far away.

      • rowan77 says:

        Do you want some cheese with that whine?

      • angel64 says:

        Again, where were some of you last year when everything was ALL about Sam, when Carver talked ENDLESSLY about Sam, when he could barely remember Dean’s name? I guess that was ok, though, because it was Dean who was forgotten, and I know you guys could care less about him.
        This is the first season in a long time that something, anything, is about Dean for a change. Sorry some of you are so disappointed.

  4. Good to know the long-term consequences and impact of Kevin’s death will be explored. Hopefully there will be some character growth and I hope we get actual Sam back quickly and get his pov, and regains an active role rather than having to be rescued or something wrong with him all the time. Happy to see Jeremy Carver expanding about Castiel’s story, I love Cas, and would love to see more of him in the second half of the season.

  5. Sharon says:

    And meanwhile Sam’s body gets hired out for the Oscars . So any one that cares about him need not worry this Showrunner has it under control :)

    • You were expecting something different from Mr. Jerry “No one’s a bigger fan of Dean and Cas than I am” Carver; Sam is a plot point – always has been and now his ‘plot point” will be over in 9.10.

      The Dean stuff sounds exciting but it sounds like Sam’s myriad emotions about Dean’s having him possessed will be dealt with quickly so Sam can go to being ineffectual wallpaper post possession.

      • angel64 says:

        Again, I don’t understand why you guys think Sam has EVER been wallpaper! With the exception of season 3, where BOTH brothers actually had equal storyline importance, and season 7 where neither had any storyline importance, Sam has ALWAYS gotten the most attention! Even when Dean started with the chance to have the main storylines in season 4 and 5, eventually Sam’s story took over and became center stage. So Dean’s getting a little focus for the first half, BIG DEAL! Compared to the entire Sam centered series?
        And this storyline is doing Dean no favors. You want Sam to have a storyline where he has violated his brother’s free will, is responsible for the death of an innocent kid who trusted him, was forced to throw his best(only real) friend out in the cold, has turned half the fans against him calling him a rapist and saying they will never forgive him, and one for which there is no cage to jump into to make up for, no way to atone for his terrible mistake? No?
        As always, in the end Sam will end up being the hero, so hang on.

        • angel64 says:

          And when I say half the fans have turned against Dean, I mean DEAN fans.
          As far as I recall, Sam has NEVER been given a storyline so unforgivable that even Sam fans turned against him And once again, Dean’s storyline is all about Sam!
          Jensen hasn’t shown any enthusiasm at all for his story arc, while Jared has been happy and psyched about his getting to play duel role. And he’s getting praise allover for it.
          Meanwhile, Jensen got a storyline for Dean that basically destroys him and one that’s nearly impossible for him ever to atone for. Again, you want this for Sam?
          I had so wanted for Dean to have an important storyline for once. Careful what you wish for. I’m wishing now that Dean would go back to the thankless supporting/sidekick role.
          Going by past history,Sam will come out, in the end, as the hero and will get all the main focus, while Dean grovels. So don’t don’t be so unhappy.

        • MC says:

          Eh, I think the fans that have turned on Dean have never really been fans in the first place. Mostly it seems to Sam and and Cas fans who have been waiting for the opportunity to jump on Dean because they are pissed that Sam and Cas have betrayed him multiple times. Though of course when that happens they and the show somehow always manage to blame Dean for it anyway.

  6. Emily says:

    Thanks for a great article heading into the second half! I’m excited to see how Castiel’s story will develop, how his and Dean’s relationship will evolve, and looking forward to more of the fallout from Dean’s decision to take away Sam’s agency. I’m glad we get SAM back by 9×11, that the possession by Gadreel won’t be drawn out over multiple episodes. I have high hopes that this will lead to something more healthy for Sam and Dean’s relationship, that there’s more than just “saving Sam” for both of them. We saw glimpses of that in season 8 and I hope we can return to some of that character development for both of them!! Plus Cas angeled up again means he’ll be the badass soldier of God we all know and love ;)

    • Yes! I’m so excited about Cas in 9×10 and so on. I really miss Castiel, The Angel of the Lord. Definitely looking forward to see my all-time-favorite-character back with the brothers. I’d love more Team Free Will moments after all they’re incredible together and they got a PCA, which is awesome and I think it shows how passionate we are about Sam, Dean and Cas together!!

      I’m also seriously excited about Dean and Cas’ dynamic. They have such an intense chemistry on screen and I just hold my breath every time they’re interacting!! It’s one of my absolute favorite things in the whole show (and on tv right now) and it’s incredible how fans react to Dean and Cas on twitter, using the #ProfoundBond. I noticed there’s no mention of Sam and I’m really hoping he’ll come back quickly, and Gadreel will disappear at some point (the fandom ABSOLUTELY hates Gadreel btw, we’d like him to burn or something).. I’d love interaction between Sam and Cas (please!) and the most urgent matter: BRING KEVIN BACK. We all love him so dearly, like Osric is my second favorite actor in the show and I can’t imagine how SPN will proceed without him.

      • Yes I’m so looking forward to 9×10 with Dean & Cas together again! With the exception of in 9×06, I’ve missed it so much this year. Dabb writes them so well together. It’s very touching and really shows off that #ProfoundBond!

  7. Morgana says:

    I’m very excited to see what will happen with Castiel later on. Personally I’m rooting for him to choose to be human later on. I’m glad he got some power back though because I think it should ultimately be HIS choice in the end to be human and not something forced on him like Metatron did. Jared has done a great job playing Gadreel, but I’m eager for us to get the real Sam back, and hopefully Team Free Will can all heal from this and become closer and stronger together as a family. Looking forward to the new Supernatural episode tomorrow, especially with the new Dean/Castiel scenes. :)

  8. Sarah says:

    Glad we got some Dean info. Last season Carver rarely mentioned Dean. It was “Sam does this, and Cas does that, and Crowley does this. Dean who?”

    • angel64 says:

      Amen!. But they all conveniently ignore that! I remember how some of us complained about that, and of course they all told us to stop whining. They want to entire show to be about Sam, and for the better part of the series it has been, so I don’t understand their whining. But they can’t stand Dean having some of the attention for once.
      I personally don’t want either one to be sidelined, but it has almost always been Dean that has been given the thankless supporting role while Sam gets to be the center of everything. EQUALITY, that’s what I want to see.And don’t worry Dean haters, I’m quite sure, judging from past history, that ALL of the focus will soon be back on Sam.

  9. Will says:

    Kevin Tran :(
    At least we’ll get to see Garth… although they’ll probably bring him back just to kill him. -__-

  10. Thank you so much for this interview! Thrilled to have gotten some focus on Castiel’s storyline and what he will be up too. Carver also gave me a new favorite quote, “Some of us are just meant for a higher calling. Like Luke Skywalker could have been the best farmer he could have been, but he was meant for a higher calling. And Cas falls into this category of hero […].” Truly fantastic quote, and I can see that Carver has a really good grasp on Castiel. Would have enjoyed learning more about Castiel and Dean’s relationship – where exactly are they headed? Why were they kept apart for so long this season? How will they fair off in the rest of the season? Will we see more growth/development in their bond? And I could go on, but alas, I’ll have to tune in to find out I suppose. Thank you also for asking about Kevin’s death. I really saw that as one of the worst consequences of the long drawn out codependency that has always been a dark shadow in the lives of the brothers and has long since turned rancid. I hope that Dean has an emotional awakening and finally realizes that his unhealthy codependency often has too high a price. Sam isn’t a child anymore and Dean isn’t his forced surrogate. He needs to learn to let Sam take ownership of his own life; and Dean take ownership of his. Hopefully, a healthier bond can emerge from this experience. Anyway, great interview! :)

    • Kate says:

      I agree so hard with your comments about the co-dependency. I really hope to see the brothers get through the other side of this no less close but with more respect for each other’s individuality and independence. I would like to see Sam gain back some agency, and would like to see a Dean whose self-esteem and raison d’être aren’t tied up in his brother.

    • Jessi says:

      Yes, please. Sam and Dean who love each other like adult siblings, not with a parent/child symbiosis that has grown toxic. I truly believe they can live in each others pockets without smothering each other in the process.

      I’m also really excited to see Castiel’s journey for the rest of the season and beyond. I hope to see more of Cas as a strong fierce soldier, and not as much of Cas as bumbling comic relief. It doesn’t have to be all one or the other, Misha plays both great, but comic relief Cas has gotten to be a bit excessive. Out of all his scenes this season, Robert Beren’s 9.06 really struck a balance between the two well, which was great to see from a new writer, and has me excited to see more of his work.

      And if we’re saying big wishlist items, another Cas focused episode someday like The Man Who Would be King would be number one on my list. Not just for the sort of nuanced portrayal the much missed Ben Edlund always wrote for Cas, but with Cas making this teased big choice later in the season, it would be lovely to see that choice from his point of view.

      But whatever happens with Cas I’d love to see him back with the Winchesters, who made him see the value of humanity in the first place, and especially with Dean who Cas has shown throughout the years is often his primary motivator for major actions, no matter if the consequences have been good or bad.

      • otsanda says:

        I tend to agree. I love the characters individually, but I always find it the most exciting when they work well together as a team. I’d love to see more of the team style hunting we saw in earlier seasons (with Sam and Dean against the world), but showing their growth and how they’re (ideally) able to trust their support network! We saw a little of that with Kevin (one of my favorite parts of this season so far).

        It’s amazing to see the subtleties the actors can portray as well as the action sequences. It’s exciting to see things go wrong, but it’s also exciting when the characters we love work together like a well-oiled machine and the conflict comes from outside their valued relationships.

      • Madeline says:

        “Sam and Dean who love each other like adult siblings”

        This is impossible for many reason. Normal adult siblings did not go to hell for one another, normal adult siblings typically see each other a few times a year & have their own families & loved ones & friends separate from one another – this is not possible for Sam & Dean – their “family” is small & growing smaller every episode (i.e. Kevin’s death).

        Sam & Dean will never have a normal adult sibling relationship. It would be WAY weird if their did. Their lives, and history, simply don’t allow it.

        re: Cas – Cas was never meant to be human. He is an angel through & through & while I enjoy him popping into and out of the Winchesters lives, I don’t think he will ever really belong with them. Sam & Dean live human lives on Earth, while Cas lives an angelic life. He got a taste of the human life but it was never where he really belonged.

        It is the main problem I have with Cas. With Cas around, you have angels & I feel like the show is venturing too deep into angel territory…to the point where I could care less that the angels are warring. I could care less about those angels that are warring.

  11. Jason says:

    You complainer-posters are certifiably insane. Why don’t you go watch cable and leave the rest of us to enjoy this awesome show. You really ought to hear yourselves…couldn’t sound stupider if you tried.

  12. sarah says:

    And of course Sam is no important ! He was possessed by an angel and that angel killed his friend , but all we will have is Dean’s emotion , his pretty man cry and one perfect tear ! What an interesting story ! I can’t wait to see ” No Sam ” !!!

    • Zach says:

      Are people ever happy? Last year you all were complaining that there was never any mention of Dean in the interviews. I just binge watched the show last year and I quickly found out that each season focuses on one brother more than the other. How come the fans who have been with the show longer than I have not see that?

      • THANK YOU! I think the fan response correlates with which brother is a bit more focused on with each year. If it’s Sam, many Dean girls aren’t happy. If it’s Dean, put on earplugs because the Sam girls aren’t happy. I may be more Dean (since I myself am the oldest sibling,and can identify with him more), but I’m also a bi-bro fan. I do like Cas, when he’s being written in character.

  13. maloose says:

    Thanks for the interview. Next time please ask more questions about the plot, and the heros’ role in restoring heaven.

  14. Lacey says:

    Thanks for asking about Sam who’s been basically almost silenced all season through an angel? What no fallout from discovering his brother screwed him? Le sigh.

    • MC says:

      Honestly I couldn’t care about Sam’s butthurt considering the number of times he has screwed over Dean. At least when Dean betrays him, he does it to save Sam whereas when Sam dicks Dean (and the world over) it’s usually about his own ego.

      • Aedh says:

        When Sam ‘dicks over’ Dean it’s to try and save the world, or prevent further damage being done to it. When Dean ‘dicks over’ Sam, it’s to get what he wants, consequences to everyone else be damned.

        • Sara says:

          Sam has “dicked” Dean over time and time again just to get what he wants and everyone else be damned. This going all the way back to the beginning of the series. He just hides behind the world saving thing and lies to himself about his selfishness. That’s what the first half of S8 and the Benny fiasco was all about. Sam is not the flawless and completely unselfish hero who has to suffer his MEEN! brother’s wrath all the time and that his fans always try to paint him as. He’s just as flawed as Dean-moreso, in my eyes, because he lies to himself about it.

          • Teag says:

            When has Sam ‘dicked over’ Dean since the start of the series; was it going to college? Everyone else bedamned by Sam’s actions? No. That’s what the first half of season eight was about, not damning everyone else to get what he wants. Both Winchesters lie to themselves and each other, it’s the culture they were brought up in. The difference is that Dean constantly points out Sam’s lies while Sam doesn’t do the same to Dean. Sam really needs to start doing that. Not only would it balance things up between them but it might make Dean and some of his fans realise that he’s not as flawless as they like to believe. I doubt he ever will though, Sam isn’t that petty.

  15. Akiko says:

    Carver doesn’t actually say anything we didn’t already know or guess, but nonetheless, I liked his bit about Cas as a hero, though of course, a flawed, sometimes deeply troubled or even plainly wrong hero (same goes for the Winchesters). However, I disagree about Cas’ human storyline having been explored enough. It feels like the writers barely scraped the surface of it and, sadly, missed the mark completely in some instances. Everything involving April was just handled poorly and shouldn’t have made it on-screen. Kevin’s death is unfortunate, but I hope it won’t go to waste and actually prompt some much needed character development in both Dean and Sam and their all-consuming, all-destroying relationship. It’s hard to root for the supposed heroes who oftentimes bring so much pain and death to everyone around them for the sake of the “brotherly bond”.

  16. I’m excited for more stories about the MoL, and I’m looking forward to having Sam back–not Gadreel, but real, actual Sam Winchester. I hope we get some of his POV and the trauma of being possessed against his will.

    I love that once again we’ll see Dean willing to do anything to save Sam, no matter that his friends urge him not to. Sam and Dean’s emotional dependence on each other and love for each other is what makes this show so good and I can’t wait to see more.

    On the other hand, I couldn’t possibly care less about Gadreel, Metatron, Castiel or any of the other angels. They are parasites that destroy humans and ought to be hunted down and killed just like any other monster Sam and Dean have taken out over the years.

    • Clare says:

      Oh Kelios, so predictable. Always the first to show up with Cas hate.

      “once again we’ll see Dean willing to do anything to save Sam, no matter that his friends urge him not to.”
      You must’ve missed the bit in this interview where Dean acknowledges this is one of the biggest mistakes he has ever made. Bit nasty of you to think Kevin is expendable, but then you’re a Wincester aren’t you?

    • Annie says:

      Being willing to do anything to save Sam is what got them in trouble in the first place. It shouldn’t be seen a good thing.

      • Brio says:

        It was what saved the world, too, so it is a good thing. :)

        • Mandy says:

          Um, it really isn’t a good thing??? I don’t understand how their codependency and the “being willing to do anything to save Sam” attitude has saved the world. All it did was get Dean 40 years in hell and help start the Apocalypse, and give them Gates of Hell that still aren’t closed. They stopped the Apocalypse in Season 5 because Dean had to let go of that attitude. If he’d saved Sam by keeping him from saying yes to Lucifer and jumping into the cage, then they may not have been able to stop the Apocalypse. I understand why Dean didn’t want Sam to die by closing the gates, but that certainly didn’t help the rest of the world any, and then Sam’s own agency was sacrificed in the name of “saving him.”

        • Annie says:

          It broke the world in the first place too. You don’t reward someone for putting out a fire they started, especially if people died.

    • annbeancat says:

      I often wonder about you. Why is incest so interesting to you? Maybe you should see a therapist.

    • Kara says:

      When Kripke was the show runner the brothers co dependency was championed, it saved each other and the world. In carvers world he’s trying to play it both ways, it saved Sam but with tragic collateral damage. This is carver trying to play it both ways by taking Sam and Dean down what he calls a more mature path, and it will either be good story telling, or the dismantling of the heart of the show, Sam and deans bond. We shall see, but if the start of s8 is anything to go by, I don’t have high hopes.

      Oh and those ganging up on this one commenter here who was sharing their own opinion, shows to me who the real bullies are in this fandom.

  17. shelley says:

    honestly, i’m losing interest in spn due to lack of meaningful bro scenes and lack of sam. and it seems more of the same will be coming. as a fan since s1, I want my bros back–sam and dean. not angels inhabiting them, but the real sam and dean. I’ve watched for that relationship and it’s sorely missing. as is the heart of spn.

  18. Violet says:

    this season is worst than season 7 so far, the only thing is getting me watching is Dean and Cas relationship. And seriously, Kevin’s death was unnecessary and disgusting.

  19. Thanks for your smart questions, I especially liked ur two questions about Cas, they were exactly my questions.
    I agree that Cas’ experience as a human was a success, (as Dean told him once that he was proud of him) but I wished it was explored more tastefully, also it would’t hurt to let Cas experience something pleasant too. Anyway now I’m excited to see how he’s changed and what he’s up to as an angel. Just hope the second half of the season give us more team free will working together.

  20. Mary says:

    I wish we could hear something -ANYTHING- about Sam as Sam! I’m really tired of all the angel storyline and once Sam is back I hope the show will focus on the brothers again! As for those who complain about the co-dependency, they obviously forget that this is what’s been driving the show for 9 seasons now. Hopefully Carver is aware of that (he has said multiple times that the show is about the brothers) and he is not that stupid to take it away!

  21. Madeline says:

    Are we not going to talk about Sam at all….? Come on TVLine & Carver. Sam is one of the two leads of Supernatural & currently has an angel inside him & you did not find that a worthy topic to talk about?

    Earlier on in the season, I rolled my eyes at some fans complaint about the lack of Sam in the narrative, but now it really is becoming an issue.

    How do you talk about Garth but not Sam @ all….?

    I am also concerned that there is no real talk about the what Dean did to save Sam could be the biggest rift between the two we have ever had (which I am not pleased about by the way), and yet again it seems that was not relevant to talk about? Apparently Dean only wants to track down Gad to get revenge because of Kevin’s death & not because a pyscho angel is in his brother.

    I’m concerned that the angels are taking the central storyline, when the central storyline really needs to be focused on the brothers. Aside from Cas, I really could care less about the warring angels. I have no investment in them.

    Carver really does give the worst interviews. Frustrated fan is frustrated.

  22. Lori says:

    So thrilled that Dean is finally getting a real storyline! It’s been the Sam show for far too long! I can’t wait to see more of the Dean and Cas relationship! And I’m loving Crowley this season! Now, if we can only see Jo, Ellen, Bobby and John I will be a completely happy camper!

  23. RJ says:

    These extreme Sam fans need to chill–of course Sam will be vital to the show. He always is. Just because the right question weren’t asked about Sam…it means nothing.

    • Lara says:

      It has nothing to do with being extreme. Dean fans would have the same reaction if Dean wasn’t mention at all in an interview. We have a whole interview here that talks about Dean, Cas, Gadreel, Crowley and even Garth and no mention at all for Sam! Do you find this logical? I guess, yes, if you’re not interested in Sam’s character. But for those of us who are, it doesn’t make sense at all to have absolutely nothing to say about one of the two main characters.

      • Sarah says:

        Dean fans had to deal with Dean not being mentioned in any of the articles all last season. I guess it’s time for Sam fans to complain this season.

      • Sarah says:

        Forgot to add that Dean fans were told to shut up, because Sam’s story was Dean’s story. I guess that’s not working for Sam fans this year, is it?

        • Excited says:

          Excited about Supernatural’s return!


          “Dean fans were told to shut up, because Sam’s story was Dean’s story. I guess that’s not working for Sam fans this year, is it?”

          Good point! Is it amusing when these double standards are exposed? Any time Sam is erased, these extreme!Sam girls who pretend so hard to be equal fans of the brothers couldn’t be happier, because Sam has the spotlight and Dean’s story is to follow the lead like a lapdog. But when the tables are turned and Dean has the spotlight and Sam vanishes for a small part of the story then it’s complaining about how horrible everything is. Typical extreme Sam girl fans overreacting whenever the spotlight goes on anyone who isn’t Sam. Plenty of articles say nothing about Dean. These fans aren’t there complaining as long as Sam gets all the glory. The same with Jared and Jensen. Tell these fans to vote for Jensen for PCAs and they flat out say no. Why do you think Jensen lost this year? We were all supposed to vote for him but these fans didn’t want Jensen to win and be seen as a better actor than Jared. They wanted Jared to win no matter what. Just look at that article written about Jared’s acting with no mention of Jensen. These fans couldn’t have been happier with it. Gone are the cries about treating Jensen and Jared as equals when these articles about Jared show up. Their behavior is just getting so obvious and so predictable.

          • Exposing TRUE double standards says:

            It’s not all the fans’ fault though. When very biased articles show up that barely mention the leads, that’s a big deal and is going to cause some anger. I don’t care who your favorite is, leaving out such an important character is very concerning. Fans have a right to be upset and people should expect backlash. And honestly, stay true to “exposing double standards” because they don’t only exist with one group of fans that is highly hypocritical.

        • Sara says:

          Of course it’s not working for them, but yeah, I remember the abuse and so can’t feel any sympathy whatsoever. Dean’s name has been left out of a number of interviews over the last few seasons by both Carver AND Gamble. It doesn’t feel so good when the shoe is on the other foot, does it? And still this supposed sl of Dean’s is really only just All About Sam again. How about giving Dean a sl that’s about Dean, himself, Carver? It’s what the rest of us in this fandom have been waiting for since the end of S5.

      • MC says:

        There have been multiple interviews where Dean is barely mentioned over the past three years. In some, Carver and Gamble both simply refused to answer questions about Dean. Makes sense since he hasn’t had an actual storyline for all that time so they had nothing to say about him. But I do recall that when Dean fans complained, we were told by Sam fans and self-proclaimed bibros to STFU and stop complaining. So sorry, but I have no sympathy if there has been one interview in 9 friggin’ years where Sam wasn’t fawned over.

    • I'm Me says:

      Isn’t this a show about two brothers and what effects one effects the other. They don’t need individual storylines because they have a bond and their two halves of a whole.

      That sure goes out the window fast when Dean’s the one with the possible storyline.

      • MC says:

        But of course, it’s not really a dean storyline since it’s all about saving damsel Sam again. Everything is still all about Sam.

    • Andrew Hass says:

      I agree.Right now the story is about Dean getting Gadreel out of Sam and the lengths he’ll go to to do it.Now once that happens then the show might focus on Sam’s reactions to everything that has happened.Plus the show can’t tell us everything that will happen and with Sam it might be hard to reveal what’s going to happen with him without spoiling the story for the fans.

  24. Lara says:

    Is Sam Winchester still a character of this show????????? I mean seriously, Carver has so much to say about Gadreel but nothing about Sam?????????? Not interested at all at Castiel’s story. Crowley’s either. I love Crowley, but my main interest is Sam and Dean and their relationship.

  25. San says:

    So, whatever happened to the Winchesters and the Sam and Dean show? Why on earth are we still dealing with the dumbest angel in the garrison? I want to know how Sam feels about what happened to him. I want to see the Winchesters on their own show – is that too much to ask? Who the heck do you think carried this show for 9 years now anyway?

    • Clare says:

      Yeh look how well they carried it in season 7, lol. Dean, Sam and Cas all help carry this show now and have since season 4 except for season 7 (and what a load of tripe that was). Now give Dean a storyline that isn’t about Sam and it’ll be awesome. :)

      • oppar says:

        season 7 saw the return to the root of the show and the fans since season 1 were grateful that it was back to sam and dean on the road. tho baby was missed. the numbers don’t lie. as soon as the angel was gone brother fans came back in droves. the ratings sored with brother fans happy to see the show as it should be. with the focus on the heart and soul of the show. the brothers. that’s why when brother’s fans talk about getting the show back to what it was they always refer to season 7 as a prime example of how well that works this far into the series.

        • Mary says:

          Season 7 was supposed to return to the roots of season 1 but this never happened. Bro fans were disappointed from that season as well, so trying to indicate that the bad numbers were only due to Castiel’s absence is wrong. After all, Castiel’s big (and highly promoted) return that season had some of the lowest ratings ever and ratings didn’t change for the rest of the season even after his comeback.

        • Clare says:

          Whatever you’re drinking, I want some. The numbers on’t lie???!!!! The ratings for season 7 were the WORST the show has ever had. So yeah, those numbers sure didn’t lie about how popular just Sam&Dean on the road were. :D

          You know, you gotta keep it plausible, hon. Anyone can check that on Wiki and other ratings sites.

          • oppar says:

            the fact that people thought i wasn’t being sarcastic says a lot about how the brother only fans are perceived in fandom…

        • MC says:

          Season 7 was the most boring season ever.

  26. Laura says:

    The first half of the season was terrible for me (others may like it or hate it but this is my personal opinion) and after reading Carver’s answers I am definitely not looking forward to the second half.

  27. katie says:

    yay dean and cas!

  28. Sarah says:

    I’d like a little more information on Dean and Cas and where their relationship is headed.

  29. Clare says:

    Dean and Cas is the beating heart of SPN as far as I’m concerned, hope to see a lot more of them in the second half of this season. :)

  30. alistaircrane says:

    I hope one of the beloved characters that returns is John Winchester, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I also want to see the original Meg (Nicki Aycox) come back. If Abaddon can resurrect her destroyed vessel, surely something similar can happen for Meg. So yeah, John and the original Meg are the two beloved characters I desperately want to see again (although I wouldn’t count Meg as beloved except maybe by Cas).

  31. Meg says:

    What I got from that is Kevin’s death was completely pointless, just like most deaths on this show. I’m not enjoying this season at all and I’m really, really disappointed in the writing. You’d think after so many seasons, they’d try to do something new, instead of rehashing the same old stuff when it comes to the characters.

    It’d be nice to see Sam actually, you know, being Sam, instead of another weird mythic/monster arc for him. He already had Lucifer’s whole thing and then Soulless!Sam, like, just let him be himself. Give him an interesting hobby for a side story or let him start taking some online classes or something, just something different. I love Dean, but they seemed to have forgotten the character development from season 8. And Cas, oh Cas. I feel like the writers never know what to do with Cas.

  32. The only thing I care about is Dean Winchester. Glad to see him front and center.

  33. Kira says:

    Oh poor pathetic Samgirls. Always complaining that the big dumb doofus never has any good story lines. Shut up!!! The whole damn show has been centered around him. By the way I’m not one of those desperate Cas fans either. I’m sick of him as well.

  34. Shane says:

    Honestly, in my opinion, killing Kevin was a terrible thing to do. There was no build up to it, it was just so sudden and random. I got the feeling that they just didn’t know what to do with Kevin this season, they had been writing him out of episodes constantly with excuses like “he’s drunk” or “he’s taking a break in a motel somewhere else” and then once they bring him back they just kill him off.

    The first part of this season had some episodes I didn’t like (ie I’m No Angel should not have existed I have truly never hated an episode as much as that one. Dog Dean Afternoon was a huge letdown. Rock and a Hard Place was also a huge letdown with out-of-character sleazy Dean and just all around second-hand embarrassment).

    I enjoy the partnership of Dean and Cas a lot, and I want some more of them together, but I wish Sam was included in things besides being possessed 24/7 or being lied to all the time.

    Part 2 of season 9 looks good from the promo. But I’m not keeping my hopes up all the way because I was definitely let down in Part 1 of season 9.

  35. SC says:

    Wow… just, wow.

    This season has been an absolute and utter disappointment and I have never in my life been as disgusted with a storyline as I was with Cas’s humanity.

    That was NOT Castiel experiencing humanity. That was some character (who was barely recognizable as the person fans had come to know over the past five seasons) experiencing rape (from both sides; he was April’s rapist as well as the reaper’s victim), experiencing homelessness, and then working a menial job just to eat (where his boss took advantage of him).

    He did not experience humanity and it was handled so poorly I have been unable to watch the show since. There are no words for how upset and disgusted I am with Supernatural this season. (Emphasis on disgust, particularly with how often I see the writers and now Carver patting themselves on the back for a job well done.)

    Carver, I have no idea where you got the idea that any of that was good or entertaining (or in any way conscionable), but it was not. There goes any hope I had of the second half of the season being something I could recognize as Supernatural, especially if ANY of Cas’s personality transplant from the first half of the season stays with him.

    • Laura says:


    • Blue Sunflower says:

      Oh dear Lord, the “rape” nonsense. Funny how that’s only come up for a character that might have dared to get in the way of someone’s precious Destiel, and never once mentioned for oh say, Ruby, Jimmy, all the other demons and angels on the show who’ve they’ve insinuated had sex…

      Spare me.

      • SC says:

        Ruby’s been addressed in-show. The host’s soul was no longer there – they actually made a point of addressing that by showing she was brain dead before Ruby took over. (S4, I Know What You Did Last Summer)

        The same thing happened with Jimmy. In S5 (Two Minutes to Midnight), after Cas carved the angel-banishing sigil into his chest, he was found by sailors and it was mentioned that he was brain-dead. Ergo, Jimmy is no longer in that body either. (And since that relationship isn’t canon on the show, I’ll add that in fanfic, I typically see this addressed and accepted fanon is that Jimmy’s been gone for a while, though opinion varies on exactly when – when Raphael smote him at the end of S4, in S5 when it was announced that his body was brain-dead without Cas inhabiting the vessel, when he was reconstructed by God and powered up again at the end of S5, etc.) That’s why I didn’t even address the Jimmy issue when I commented on the consent issues of 9.03.

        Anna’s body was her own, since she was born human. I’m not particularly comfortable with Gabriel or Balthazar either, but no point bringing them up since they’ve been gone for seasons now. (With the demons, it’s extra Fridge Horror.) I think that about sums up the demons or angels we’ve known to have sex in the show.

        SPN has a terrible history with consent issues. Season 7, Time for a Wedding, anyone? That was laughed off too and pissed me off, but at least they didn’t go as far as this.

        This, though, this just sickened me because not only do they not acknowledge it as rape (which it was, on both counts), but the writers and showrunners actually seem to want us to CELEBRATE that it happened and congratulate Cas for it.

        That is why I’m pissed.

        • Blue Sunflower says:

          Actually, Jimmy hasn’t been addressed. Neither has Meg or any of the others. Again, call me when you’re not being a hypocrite. The show isn’t missing you.

          • SC says:

            I’m not going to retype my entire explanation of how Jimmy was addressed in the show or why it’s fanon that he’s been gone for seasons and no longer applies.

            I already mentioned how with the demons, the rape of their vessels is Fridge Horror and I don’t expect that to be addressed. Yes, this applies to Meg as well. (Though in interviews and in a con panel earlier this year, it was confirmed that Meg and Cas had not had sex.)

            I am done debating this with you because no matter what I say, you’re not going to listen. Think whatever you like, but this has nothing to do with a ship. If that’s easier for you to believe, then so be it.

            (Also, you keep calling me a ‘hypocrite’. I don’t think that word means what you think it means, considering that I’m only calling the show out on something I make absolutely certain I address whenever I write. Hardly hypocritical to hold the people who are paid to write the show up to the standards I have set for myself, since I just write in my free time.)

  36. Scotty says:

    Wow, so is Jared/Sam leaving the show? That’s what I get from this, since Carver can’t be bothered to mention anything about him and his “Luke Skywalker” role in the show that Kripke actually created is blatantly being ripped away and given to Castiel. What the heck has happened to this show since Carver took over? It used to be so balanced and good, now it’s just horrible dreck.

  37. cassie says:

    hm spoilers? not so much since there is nothing we don’t already know. as for dean he says practically nothing abt him apart the usual: everything is his fault/ feels guilty/ try to fix things & nothing more. bet they will shove under the rug his psychological state after a n episode as usual. & the rest of the season will turn in to the s flake show once again. as for those who whine that everything is abt dean, the ”princess” had another baby that’s why all the amount of work fell on jensen (as in s8 beginning). & did’nt see you complain when dean (jensen) was sidelined past seasons over special s flake.

  38. Robby Horine says:

    These idjits better bring back Bobby Singer.

  39. otsanda says:

    Interesting stuff! I’m super bummed about Kevin. The diverse cast of characters is the main reason I’m watching! I’m so glad we get to hear and see more about Castiel’s growth. I was really hoping we’d get to see more of his journey as a human (I’m holding out hope for a big monumental decision that will have him giving up grace for good so we can have more character exploration). I can’t wait until we get our main team back together. Team Free Will is a great start, but I’d love to see more supporting characters and connections on their side to keep things fresh.

  40. Excellent interview. I can’t wait until tomorrow. Based on sneak peeks, it seems like Cas will be trying to glue the brothers back together. I imagine Sam is pretty pissed right now. I don’t blame him. Bet Dean won’t blame his either.

  41. Em says:

    Still holding out for more Team Free Will soon but the amount of Castiel info in this article was really promising. I love that Carver is acknowledging him as a hero – a flawed hero, but a hero none the less. And I’m really glad that Kevin won’t be swept under the rug, and I’m hoping for a meaningful emotional reaction from Dean. – I agree that Dean allowing Gadreel to possess Sam was probably one of the greatest mistakes he’s ever made, and surely that must affect the brothers relationship in some way. The co-dependent, stagnant, relationship is really starting to bore me. It’ll be good to see where they take TFW from here.

  42. wth???? says:

    It’s amusing that the only mention of Sam in this article is about how Dean put Gadreel inside his body and his lack of agency literally has him reduced to the body that Gadreel is using – yet somehow y’all are going on about how great Team FREE WILL is? What Free Will? There is no Free Will? There’s Dean getting his close up shot and making his decisions (and decisions on Sam’s behalf lol), there’s Cas with his struggles, and then there’s Sam’s body. Sam’s body with an angel controlling it.

    Dean and Cas could be holding up Sam’s dead body and you’d still probably act like he’s an active member of the amazing ~*~Team Free Will~*~. It’s ironic and actually kind of weird?

    Don’t get me wrong, I ship this screwed up ot3 – but I tend to ship it, y’know, when all members actually HAVE Free Will.

    • otsanda says:

      Heh. That’s a fair point! I’ve missed Sam this season (though Jared has been amazing), but I’m very hopeful for his agency in the second half of the season. My ideal would be for Sam, Dean, and Castiel to work together to solve things (like adults) rather than thinking they individually know better.

  43. ryokoyuy says:

    my favorite parts are always the interactions between Dean and Cas, and between the whole of Team Free Will. They’re strong characters who care deeply about each other (even if they don’t admit it out loud often) and I love seeing them together. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season!

  44. Aithne says:

    Huh. Seems like there’s some Dean and Cas action coming up… I haven’t watched this show since they screwed the Purgatory story and Benny all to heck, but I do really miss Dean and Cas. Maybe I’ll tune in tomorrow. I doubt it’ll be for long, since I know how the trends on this show go, but I’m feeling nostalgic.

    • Sara says:

      IKR? The Dean/Benny Purgatory stuff was the best thing about S8, IMO. What a waste and all because Samelia went over like a lead ballon. Foolish writers.

  45. jen says:

    Ugh, well, this great that you are here to tell us all this stuff, since NONE of it was expressed clearly in the freaking show. Too bad for those people that watch the show that don’t read interviews because boy are THEY going to be lost and confused! Like I was completely lost and confused when Cas got made into a human again after like 3 episodes, because that makes no sense, if I go by just what I saw in the show. Gosh, good thing you’re hear to explain all the stuff you can’t bother to show that makes no sense in the episodes? Howabout some extra scenes in the show to show your work so we’re not all completely lost and pissed off? Like why Kevin has to die when Sam’s safety was already on the line? Like, I’m sorry I was previously led to assume that when Sam was in danger this was enough reason to be concerned as-is. In fact there was a whole season that was just everybody trying to save Sam from getting possessed by an angel. So I’m not exactly sure why Kevin had to die to make a point about something when Sam’s still in danger so he’s the most important thing anyway. You’re not making any sense. If you just wanted a shock death and didn’t care if everybody was pissed off then just say so.

  46. angel says:

    Perhaps Jeremy Carver and the writers could try something new. Perhaps they can stop killing off every character that interacts with the Winchesters. Any time a really great character is introduced, he or she gets killed off. I’ve come to the point where I don’t even bother getting attached to anyone new. Because of this, many of the episodes fall flat for me, there is no emotional investment in characters that stick around for a few episodes or even a few seasons because I already know how it will end. After Bobby’s death, I stopped caring about anyone new. If they could kill Bobby, then anyone was fair game. It’s kind of like watching NBC (which I have learned not to do). Sure, you may find a great show to watch, but it’s NBC so you know it will be canceled, so you don’t get too attached. As I’ve said before, the actors are the only reason I still watch Supernatural. I rather see actors I love in a bad show then not see them at all.

  47. Kay says:

    “I would only say that, to me, it wasn’t that quick. What we wanted to do with Castiel was watch this guy, almost like a young child, discover what it is to be human and to figure out how to make a go of it.”

    It wasn’t that quick? This showrunner actually thinks he did a good job with Castiel’s “human” storyline? Can I have whatever he’s smoking? Also, a “young child” wouldn’t have dubious consent sex with a reaper and think it was oh-so-hot. Carver, how the heck could we “watch this guy” when his story mostly didn’t happen in the actual episodes? That would’ve taken away precious time away from everyone fawning over Charlie and Dean barking like a dog and having sex with a pornstar.

  48. Mai says:

    So it looks like there’s going to be no reaction from Sam about what has happened to him, what his brother did to him, Kevin’s death. What a surprise. Not.

    Once again, it is going to be all about how Dean feels and suffers etc. From another interview I just read from Carver it sounds like Sam is actually going to be thanking Dean!!! To think I was actually really looking forward to this week’s episode and I was thinking that we’d be getting some juicy emotional reactions from Sam. I have watched this show since The PIlot, I really should have learned by now not to expect any reactions from Sam regarding the things that have happened to him.

    And way, way too much Castiel for my liking. I am so over the angels and their interminable, tedious storylines. I watch for Sam and Dean.

  49. mia says:

    It definitely seems like Carver managed to accomplish one thing with season 9: make every fan – Sam, Dean, Cas, bibro, Destiel – absolutely loathe it. Human!Cas was the most disgusting storyline this show’s ever had. I only tune in for Dean and Cas interaction because there’s nothing that holds my interest anymore. Good job Carver, you’re actually worse than Gamble. I hope you’re proud of yourself.

  50. Claire says:

    Oh christ, can somebody please filter out the Sam!girl/wincest whine-fest, for the love of God?

    EVERYBODY wants Sam back. Everybody wants Sam to have his own storyline. That doesn’t change the fact that Dean and Cas have an established relationship and story-line that are getting shoved in to the side in favor of more shots of Dean being guilty over fecking everything.

    I want Sam back in busines. I want Dean and Cas to have an actual adult conversation.

    All in all, I want the writing quality to improve from the cesspool of crap that it’s been so far in season nein.

    You can disregard eight seasons worth of character development, not for Dean, not for Sam, and not for Cas.