Glee Headed 'Exclusively' to NYC -- But Not Without Jane Lynch, Says Fox Boss

Glee exclusively NYCGlee‘s split personality is coming to an end.

The musical dramedy “will go to New York exclusively for the second half” of Season 5, Fox chief Kevin Reilly told reporters at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. And that means the show will be saying goodbye to some of its Lima, Ohio residents.

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“Creatively, it would ridiculous if everybody moves to New York,” said Reilly, when asked how creator Ryan Murphy’s plan for Glee‘s endgame will effect “newbie” members of the New Directions show choir. “This season, there’s going to be a graduation [from Lima’s William McKinley High]. Several of the cast members will move on, and a few others will go to New York.”

Fans of Jane Lynch and her Emmy-nominated turn as vicious cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester need not fret about her future in Glee’s new (York) world order: “As long as there’s a show, there’s Jane,” Reilly promised.

What’s more, he added, even the characters who don’t move to NYC “will arc back in when we do special episodes. They’ll always be a part of it. The way it’s going to dovetail next season, we’re going to see some familiar faces coming around in some capacity.”

Ultimately, though, Murphy has already sold the network on an arc that will carry Glee all the way through the end of Season 6 — and the show’s series finale. “We do have [the show] through next season and that will be the final season,” said Reilly. “[Ryan’s] got some fantastic ideas on what we’re going to next year for the final year.”

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  1. Lauren says:


    • Taken says:

      I’m actually upset about this development. Since the beggining of season 4, the NY side-storyline felt off. Whatever. Nobody watches Glee anymore.

      • Elvis says:

        @Taken, I thought I was the only one who felt odd about NY. It’s better this year, but not seizing all this potential that the location offers. And yeah, no one watches live anymore, but they still get watched later on DVR.

      • Jess says:

        Nobody watches Glee anymore because of S4 and the Blee.Newbie take over. NY got less than 30% of the screen time last season with some episodes no NY period and fans left if droves. I do think this is a dumb move but mainly because it’s too little too late. Glee lost it’s fan base and nothing they do will bring it back. They should have never spent an entire season on the Newbies and Blam. Again too little too late.

        • b says:

          No, S2 killed the cat. Choppiest season of television I have ever seen.

        • soundscene says:

          In other words, “I don’t like Blake, so nobody liked him!” Logical.

          • soundscene says:

            Obviously I meant Blaine. I dropped caffeine from my diet.

          • Mena says:

            I agree with you. But, I really liked Blaine season 2. Not too little or too much of him. Sam was a nice addition also in season 2. Now, he is a clown. I don’t care for either of them. I do NOT want them to be in New York. That will ruin NY. Season 4 just ruined Glee IMO. I have watched a handful of eps since season 3. I don’t know if i am really excited about this. Being New York will be the center focus the second half of this season. I will believe it when it happens. TBH, I have lost interest in Glee since season 4 uninteresting circus stuff was on. And now that Finn is gone. Glee is going to have to make a 100 degree change in its content for me to return. It may be great for others, just not my thing.

      • TV shows set around high schools usually go one of three ways: Either say goodbye to many of the cast members when their students graduate (BOSTON PUBLIC, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS) or stick with a core group of characters and leave the high school behind (DAWSON’S CREEK, 90210, ONE TREE HILL).

        GLEE came to that fork in the road and took it — they tried to do both. And it was a mistake, as evidenced by the increasingly preposterous tendency of everyone to show back up in Ohio at the drop of a hat despite being in New York or California or wherever.

        I’m more interested in Marley, Unique, and company back in Lima than I am in the New York crew at this point. But I can understand wanting to stick with the ones who were there first.

        • Taken says:

          I’m with you in this one.

        • Katie Pike says:

          Wow thank you, someone who agrees with me. I think Marley is amazingly talented and she is being thrown under the bus so they can focus more and more on Kurt and Rachel. They went to New York to go to NYADA, I am wondering how they fit it all in though. They are working and they have Kurts bands. Rachel has Funny Girl.
          I am not please they will ignore all the fab talent they have in the new directions to once again focus on the older people.

          • fez says:

            Wthhhh.. I was eagerly waiting for marley rose’s story to begin i thought after the old cast will graduate marley will get the lime light but duhhhh hate you gleeeeeeeeee and i hateee rachel and kurt’s storyyy

          • fez says:

            Wthhhh.. I was eagerly waiting for marley rose’s story to begin i thought after the old cast will graduate marley will get the lime light but duhhhh hate you gleeeeeeeeee and i hateee rachel and kurt’s storyyy… They did the same with Quinn.. I loved her so muchhhhh

      • Jason says:

        You’re right, nobody watched Glee anymore…except for over 4 Million people each week. As for the NY 100%, I’m fine with that the high school stuff has been the most boring (Marley aside). Also, I DON’T want Sue in NY she hasn’t been any good since season 3

      • Aladdin says:

        I think the High School arc felt off. Like waaaaaaay off.

    • greysfan says:

      I agree! Its about time although there are a couple of the Lima cast i will miss. So is Sue going to move her crusade to New York now? Mind you as much as i love Jane Lynch her character has become downright pathetic now. Its gone on too much. At least we will get closure at the end of next season. They have an end game and i always like shows which do instead of leaving it in limbo. Looking forward to the 2nd half of season 5.

  2. adreyesatl says:

    Huh, there just might be some hope left for Glee.

  3. Kiki says:

    I hope Artie stays in! He has the best voice in the show.

  4. Esaul says:

    I’m sad that Will won’t follow :\

  5. Mark says:

    Jane Lynch’s Emmy NOMINATED run? She didnt win the first season? I could swear she did.

    • Stacie says:

      She’s been nominated more times than she won, but she did win an Emmy and a Golden Globe. So it should really say “award winning actress”, instead of nominated. But either way, as much as I think Sue has her moments, I don’t think she is entirely necessary on this new reboot of the reboot of the original show. I think her best seasons were the first 2 and since she has been a shell of herself. But, maybe in a new place it can reignite some stuff. I guess we’ll see.

  6. Sam says:

    Yaay. About time! I hope this saves it from being barely watchable.

  7. Playhouse says:

    Cue the time-honored television tradition of shoehorning a popular character into a location move when there’s no narrative logical reason for that person to be moving.

  8. Ross says:

    As long as they never do the Chipmunks again…

  9. Stefani says:

    Too little, too late. Focus on NY would have been great before the idiot twins Blaine and Sam made their way over.

    • Erica says:

      WAY too little too late! They should have done this last season and included Cory, instead they WASTED a full season on Newbies no one cares about and the Idiot Twins. Such a damn shame and I for one will not watch if they do the Samchel route! Chord can announce he’s replacing Cory all he wants, he is NO Cory!

      • Chris says:

        You do realize Chord never said he was replacing Cory or that Sam was getting whatever storyline was intended for Finn had Cory not died. What he said on the Ellen show was that Cory was the down to Earth big brother type of guy behind the scenes who tried to be helpful and be there for everyone, and that Chord wanted to step up and be that type of person. He was honoring his friend’s memory, NOT saying he was replacing Cory.

        • Bee says:

          No idea what the Ellen talk is about but I’m in the hate Sam camp. Ever since the Rachel flirtation 3 eps after Fin died I can’t stand the sight of Chord. Knowing he’s going to NY means my last episode watching Glee is 510.

          • Chris says:

            The people who say that Chord is running around saying he’s replacing Cory are using something he said on The Ellen Show out of context. He said he wanted to step up and be the kind of friend Cory was to everyone, and the majority of the people who hate Chord/Sam run with it as him saying he’s making it his mission to replace Cory/Finn. I HATE Blaine, but I liked Movin’ Out, it was the first time I enjoyed anything NYC related since before they forced Santana into the NYC crew.

          • Mena says:

            I don’t care what Chord’s intent of his words were. I cannot stand what his character has become. I don’t care for Blaine and their Blam. I’m not looking forward to those 2 going to NY. They became my least favorite. As of now, Glee has lost its star power and its have to watch since the end of season 3. It seems the fanbase feels that way too. I watch so seldom anymore.

            I hope with all the guests stars returning, Dianna, Heather, Chace, I hope the writing will be worthy of all of their characters returns.

      • joncuriel says:

        I will not watch if they choose idiot Twins over Original member Tina

      • AngieD says:

        They needed Lima in play partially due to Finn. He had to be in Lima to find his direction, which was going to be teaching. Also, I think some might’ve been upset to just ‘drop’ Tina, Artie, Blaine, Sam and Brittany. I suspect they were hoping the newbies would catch on and continue Glee while the old cast would be spun off. However, since the new cast didn’t really have the right chemistry, people want to ignore last season.

    • Olivia says:

      Personally I think I could deal with Blaine, even though I don’t like him, as long as he doesn’t turn NYC into Blee 2.0, but Sam… no sorry, I really can’t. Hell, I’d take Stoner Brett over him in a hearbeat.
      NYC edits were the only parts I’ve been watching for the past months, but now with Blam headed there I’ll have to give up on the show altogether. NYC Glee (or spin off, whatever) should have happened waaay sooner and its cast should have been the current trio + Artie, Quinn, Mercedes, Brittany and maybe even Puck, Tina and why not Karofsky in whatever capacity. Basically, the originals. You know, the cast that made the show’s success in the first place… (minus Finn, RIP :/)
      Oh well , Glee has been FUBAR for a long time anyway.

      • Elvis says:

        @Olivia, If Karofsky is an “original”, then that round faced Warbler is too. Why cut out Mike too? I do agree that the show isn’t what it used to be. And I hope you enjoy your next favorite series.

        • Olivia says:

          Karofsky first appeared in 1×08. Try again.

          • fr says:

            So he isn’t a oringal either.

          • Cam says:

            He is a character from S1, appeared in the front 13. So he’s an original character. Otherwise by your standards, neither is Brittany since she wasn’t in the pilot, and Santana because she only appeared as an extra and wasn’t intended to be more than eye candy. Lol, good look if you want to argue with that.

          • Cam says:

            I meant luck, not look obviously. Friggin’ autocorrect.

      • Amelie says:

        Yeah… it’s so believable to take ALL of the original mambers and shipped them off to New York.

  10. ggny says:

    Blaine,Artie,Sam should live together in NY. Brittany can return to the show but recurring next year. Focus the show on Rachel,Kurt and Santana full time with the rest being supporting characters. Also i would like to see Puck pop up once in awhile

  11. james says:

    santana rachel kurt and blaine in new york can’t wait.

  12. Joey says:

    So it wouldn’t make sense to just suddenly move all the kids to NYC, but Jane Lynch showing up in New York is totally makes sense?

    Its like two steps forward, one step back with this show. Let go of Jane Lynch. I get that she was popular, but I highly doubt that’s the case now. If anything, her suddenly moving to New York will just drag the show. Let her go, the fans won’t care. If you’re going to pull a creative shift with the show, at least fully commit to it.

  13. Liz says:

    I gotta admit, I like the newbies, i’m gonna miss seeing Blake Jenner and Becca Tobin on my screen, but let’s hope we’ll get some good NY storylines too :) especially looking forward to the Sam one, Chord Overstreet is definitely my favorite :)

    • Elvis says:

      I like the new kids too. Melissa and Alex have great voices and Jacob can dance. I hope they can get other parts if the show lets them go.

    • Gregory says:

      Becca Tobin and Jane Lynch rule. Rachel, Santana, Blaine, and Sam can fall in the East River. This transition from high school makes Buffy or BH90210 look masterful by comparison. Such a great premise and some good singers ruined by horrible writing.

  14. Jill says:

    Maybe I’ll start watching again…stopped watching it on Thursdays, thought I’d watch it “later” never got around to it & when I did, I fast forwarded through the Ohio parts

  15. beth says:

    i just care about blaine and artie in nyc idc about tina or sam

  16. Ian says:

    Great. So they finally have the sense to move the show on with the originals, but they’re now just going to end up wasting the last half of this season on Blee/Blam in NY. *face palms*

    I wish they’d get rid of Sam, he’s useless, and at least reduce Blaine back to a more tolerable degree so he’s not so overexposed. Go a couple episodes at time without him and give people a chance to miss him, jeez. And I only suggest that because I know there ain’t a chance in hell they’d ever get rid of him.

    And lastly, if they could bring back Mercedes and Quinn, they’d likely have a hit again.

    • aline says:

      your life must be really sad

    • Dane says:

      I agree, if it weren’t for his abs Chord would be going the way of the equally useless Newbies! I can deal with Blaine but Blam is intolerable and will be even worse they pair Sam with Rachel. Seriously, can they PLEASE get Lea a leading man that can keep up with her? Maybe keep Adam Lambert around as her main male screen partner?

    • QF is overrated says:

      They will never have a hit again and Quinn please that is as bad as Sam/Blaine in acting/singing talent.

  17. RD says:

    They should have axed Jane Lynch two seasons ago. Her character has just got more and more ridiculous,and keeping her hanging in there is just prolonging the agony.It must be in her contract that she sees it out to the end. Fine for her-for the audience? not so great.

  18. Caitie says:

    Blaine in New York means that I will actually watch Glee again.

    • aline says:

      he was supposed to be in nyc since season 3 but RIB is too stupid so they turned him on a junior lol

      • soundscene says:

        They probably kept Blaine in Ohio because he was popular (despite what some people on here think) and they needed enough of the old cast to balance out all the newbies.

        • but why? says:

          Who said he isn’t popular we all just wonder why he is, since his character is a whiny attention hog who is played but a limited actor/singer.

  19. Matt says:

    So glad Sam’s staying. The dude’s awesome, but less Blam, please.

  20. Tom says:

    This would be exciting news if it weren’t for the fact that Blam aka Dumb and the Blond Dumber will probably take over the NY narrative they way they did Lima. NY was so good because of the Rachel, Kurt, Santana dynamic. That will be over once Blam shows up.
    As for the Newbies…they did nothing for Glee so won’t be sorry to see them go!

    • Ian says:

      I know. There’s definitely something special and perfect about just Rachel, Kurt, and Santana in that loft together that’ll just be ruined once they move Blam in :(


  21. Adam says:

    It is about freaking time the let go of Lima because I am tired of the new cast members on my screen I just want to see only the New York side only for so long now and this is the best news ever to my ears! BYE BYE LIMA!

  22. RobMF says:

    This may be one of the worst changes for a TV series I have ever heard. Ryan Murphy loves having his shows run head first into a brick wall.

    • TJ says:

      running head first into the brick wall stated with the Newbies casting and someone getting the ideal Darren and Chord were the shows leads.

      • soundscene says:

        I watched Glee too, and this narrative about Sam and Blaine being the lead characters in the show perplexes me. They were given about as much time as they ever were, especially since half the dang show was in NYC so their storylines were only a fraction of 1/2 of the show. You had the newbies taking up a lot of that time.

    • Elvis says:

      Slowing down time so that mid February-early June lasts for over a year is the worst change for a TV series.

  23. Rose says:

    Love Chord :)

  24. max says:

    I don’t think that it will all be about blaine when he moves to new york i believe the reason its all about blaine in ohio is because its his songs that sell the best but when he moves to new york santana & rachel will still get there songs it will be like season 2/3 again

  25. ANgieD says:

    My guess is that Lima partially stayed in the picture as part of the long term vision of Rachel returning home to Finn, a teacher at McKinley. Since Cory’s gone, that avenue is closed and there’s no significant reason to keep the Lima storyline going.

    Of the newer cast members, I actually enjoyed Jacob Artiste the most – he can sing and dance. I thought he gave up Juilliard IRL to accept the Glee job.

    Last season, Tina said she wanted to be an entertainer and tryout for NYADA. While I don’t think Tina would get in on the 1st try, they could certainly have her make guest appearances for repeat auditions.

    Artie is going to film school in Brooklyn , already established. Sam and Blaine are likely New Yorker’s, although I really don’t want Glee to become the Blaine show and I can only take Sam in small doses.

    ‘Mike Chang’ can certainly make guest appearances by auditioning for dance roles on Broadway. Quinn and Brittany are only a train ride away from NYC. We don’t know where Puck is, which means he can turn up too Not hard to transplant Mercedes.

  26. Kaycee says:

    I wish they wouldn’t bring a lot of the cast to NY, it’s crowded as it is. I definitely believe the show could work with just Rachel, Kurt and Santana and even Jane Lynch as Sue. That’s all they need in the principle cast. No Sam, no Blaine or Artie.

    • abz says:

      Agreed, I wish they’d keep only Rachel, Santana and Kurt, and maybe if they want to have Mercedes move there too and that’s it. Focus the stories around them. Revamp the cast and add only new NYC characters. Expand the NYADA storyline and have Rachel and Kurt with other people rather than just each other all the time. Occasionally they can have older characters like Quinn, Puck, Schue, Sue, and/or Shelby, Cassandra July, or Madame Tibideauz drop by here and there where needed.
      There is no more need to include Sam, Tina, Artie, Newbies, or even Blaine (they should bring him just to wrap up this stupid engagement storyline and have both characters move on) after the graduation episode. Sadly this likely won’t entirely happen.

  27. kevinjohn says:

    of course blaine is moving to new york his finance is there it has been talked about blaine moving since the last episode of season two. he has been planed to go as long as rachel and kurt.

  28. K Witz says:

    Sorry, Glee was about a teacher who wanted to go back and inspire students like he was inspired. Lately all Mr. Shue gets to do is write a word on the board in the choir room. I fast-forward through all the NYC scenes. If they leave Ohio then it’s not Glee. You can’t be Glee if you don’t even have a glee club. And they’re taking the worst part of WMHS, Sue. I’m done.

    • Jen says:

      They can’t stay in a choir room in Ohio forever. There are only so many stories to be told in High School. This move is exactly what’s needed – a more grown up theme for the characters.

      • K Witz says:

        Actually they can. High schools do tend to compete in glee competitions for many years. But you do have to let people graduate and leave, like real high school. I find the NYC scenes worthless and the actors need to be allowed to graduate and go on to better things too.

    • Elvis says:

      Well, to be fair, Will has sung more this season than he did in the last. He even got on the Christmas album again! Also, I read in another article that the 100th episode special focuses on Will. He’ll still be around.

    • Pat says:

      Glee stopped being about the teacher and Glee Club as soon as Lea Michele became a huge hit! The only thing Ryan has talked about in regards to Glee’s future since Cory’s death is how Lea is his star and Glee is about Rachel Berry. W/O Cory there is NO reason for Lima to keep going because Glee is not about the Newbies.

    • Riana says:

      I agree with this. They should tried to phase the old cast out instead of keeping them around. Plenty of shows have made that work Skins and Degrassi are the best examples. This could have been the American example. Force people to either get used to them or stop watching.

    • glee is not a setting says:

      The choir room has been nothing to the show since seaosn 3. The show is about following your dream well at least that is what the writers say.

  29. Jen says:

    This is so exciting! I have been waiting for the switch to NY and can’t wait. Blaine and Sam will be great additions to the NY stories. Feb. 25th can’t get here soon enough! Thank you Ryan Murphy!!

  30. Lori says:

    This sounds promising. Rachel/Santana/Kurt in NY have been the only worthwhile part of Glee.

  31. Melinda says:

    God willin’ and the creek don’t rise, Mr. Shue will be off the show. I absolutely cannot stand the character.

  32. Joe says:

    NY has a great balance right now with Rachel, Santana and Kurt. That is the only part of this show that is watchable. Just the thought that Ryan Murphy would think that moving Blaine and Sam to NY is a good thing is inexplicable. The audience (aside from Klaine fans) don’t like Blaine and Sam in Lima, they aren’t going to like them any better in NY and now they could upset the balance of the NY side. Why Ryan, why do you constantly do the things that cause your shows to go over the cliff.

    • Caitie says:

      So have you actually taken the time to set up a poll with a data sample that includes representation of all demographics that watch glee, created a scatter plot to eliminate outliers, and then used this as a way to back your statement that “no one outside klainers like Blaine or Sam? If not, your argument falls into what we call a logical fallacy. Now, if you quote watcher statistics, you will realize the second half of the Christmas special had the least amount of viewers in the run of the show and, guess what, it did not focus on Blaine. Blaine-haters who blame everything on Blaine are some of the most absurd people around.

      • Elvis says:

        @Caitie, I don’t get it either. Why can’t they be angry at the writers? To them, Blaine possibly serves as a scapegoat for any number of irritating Glee things. It’s safer to hate a fictional character than the infamously petty and vindictive creator of said character and show.

      • MaryEllen says:

        Yeah there are no polls or anything but it’s a big coincidence the ratings took suck a huge nose dive when the focus went to Blam and the Newbies. There was such a huge drop from the Klaine focused 501 – 502 so obviously people didn’t like it enough to come back. It’s all on the writers but I can see where people resent the actors that play the characters that get on their nerves since that’s what people see.

        • yo says:

          an episode with klaine focus and a lot of klaine promo in magazines got higher views than one without so people watched when they knew there was more klaine??? where is your logic in this???

          • Tate says:

            I’m sure Fox was thrilled with the magazine views…too bad it didn’t get the ratings lol 501 with all the Klaine promo got a 25% decrease in ratings from the season 4 Final. I think the point is fans don’t like the direction the show went in, be it too much Klaine, too much Blam and the addition of the Newbies and most likely its all of the above along with crappy writing. Glee went away from it’s core characters and destroyed Finn and Finchel in S4 and fans left. That being said, those fans are gone, they won’t be coming back so this move is pointless. I can only guess Fox will save money by getting rid of characters ie: Newbies that do nothing more than take up space and save money by not needing as large a crew for filming.

        • soundscene says:

          The fact that you’re blaming the lower ratings on a single character (or couple) shows how little you know about the natural decline of TV ratings, or how TV works in general. Most TV series decline in ratings the older it gets. Some TV shows decline faster than others, but for the most part, all start to go downhill at some point. Glee’s ratings have been declining for the past few seasons, so that it declined again in season 5 is not surprising. Moreover, the year prior, the entire show’s structure completely changed. A lot of the original cast left, and a lot of the remaining cast no longer interacted with each other. New characters were introduced. There was a lot that happened in season 4 that didn’t seem to resonate with viewers of the show. To say that it was primarily a single character or couple is odd, since that single character was introduced and had a pretty large role in Glee’s highest-rated season (season 2). The character was so well-received (and his songs downloaded) that Blaine was promoted to series regular the following year. Yet, somehow Glee’s ratings decline is due to Blaine? It couldn’t be one of a dozen other changes made to the show in the last year and a half, or the simple result of fading interest in a show that’s been on the air for five years?

          • Caitie says:

            Finally, some actual logic. Hating a character does not automatically correlate to a decline in the ratings. There are numerous factors to consider not just “I hate Blaine, therefore, he is the reason Glee is losing viewers,” which is faulty logic and would never actually hold up in an argument.

    • Elvis says:

      I don’t know about the “great balance” in NY right now. What has Santana done there besides take a dance class for one episode and date Demi Lovato for another episode? Although I am happier with NY this season because they stopped the “NY is dark and sexy and edgy!” stuff which didn’t suit any of the three.

      I like most of the characters (the “originals”, Cheerios/footballers, others, new kids, etc) but I don’t like it when they’re inexplicably made into a-holes to serve a plot point or set up a song cue. That’s been going on since the lauded beginning of the series, so I’d argue that Ryan’s been driving the show over the cliff since the Pilot, but that’s my perspective.

    • yo says:

      the new york side is not a great balance. that’s why they kept adding people last year and this year. with demi and adam’s inevitable leave they need people to have kurcheltana interact with besides themselves or else it would be boring. if you don’t want sam there than okay but honestly people whining about blaine being there though? kurt said he has been on board with moving to new york since season 2, he is engaged to kurt, and he applied to nyc schools. like????? what is he gonna be a senior forever???

    • A says:

      New York actually doesn’t have great balance. Why do you think they pile on the guest stars? As much as some people are obsessed with those three, they can’t carry a narrative by themselves, much less an entire episode, which is why we never got an all-NY episode. And it’s nothing bad on the actors, not at all, they just need more people to interact with. By making the core three a core five and bringing in some guests every now and then (Mercedes, Tina, Artie) they make it more of a real place. Also, by bringing in different personality types, like the goofy/cracky dynamic with Blaine, they balance things out more. You don’t have to like the goofy things/characters, some people don’t like the serious/mean dynamic other characters and friendships bring, but it’s not about what one group likes, but bringing balance.

      • A says:

        *With Blaine and Sam. Also, it’s important to have characters that have history, which is why I’m welcoming Amber/Mercedes even though I’ve never been a fan. It’s about what’s best for the show and the way it works, not what’s best for me.

  33. woodyinho says:

    Can’t wait to see how they’ll move Sue to NY. It’s bound to be ridiculous.

  34. Elvis says:

    Mercedes is NY-bound, right? I anticipate that they’ll do a love triangle with her, Sam and Rachel. I don’t want that but the writers put triangles in all the time. She may have a similar amount of focus as Santana does now.

    As far as others in NY, Blaine is no surprise. He’s auditioned for NYADA, his fiance Kurt lives there, he was mentioned in NY talk all the way back in season two. If there was any sudden doubt, like a job offer in LA, it would’ve been done already.

    Artie will be in NY since he accepted the film school slot. I don’t think we’ll see more of him though. Sam is going and he’ll get more plots than he does now. Though the Billy Joel episode seemed more of a chemistry test, I bet that he’ll get more focus than anyone else except for Rachel.

    Sue will be on the show, even if only sporadically, because she and Rachel are the two most recognizable characters on the show.

    • Jamie says:

      If that was a chemistry test for a Sam/Rachel paring I give it an F-! Sorry but Chord can’t keep up with Lea PERIOD! Dude sucks the life out of every scene he is in. Rachel had more chemistry with Elliot’s puppet then she did with Sam.

      • Elvis says:

        @Jamie, I should have clarified. I thought it was a chemistry test for all five of them, not just Sam and Rachel. Whatever does happen between them, I don’t want it to warp the characters beyond recognition.

        • Bev says:

          I think there is more chemistry with Elliot and Dani in the group with than with Sam and Blaine. I get Klaine are engaged but Darren and Chris give off don’t want Klaine to happen vibs. I know Demi wants to tour but I really wish they could keep Adam around. He and Lea would be great together as screen partners. I also think it’s more interesting for them to interact with people not from Lima.

          • soundscene says:

            Adam Lambert isn’t much of an actor. Performer? Sure. Actor? Not so much. He’s not great in the scenes in which he has to be lower key (i.e., not a vamped-up glam-rocker). There was no weight in his performance. Even Chord is better than that. Darren certainly is.

          • may says:

            @soundscene Chord and Blaine are better actors that Adam Lambert????’ Please, your bias is showing. It´s time to step away and breath

          • Amelie says:

            They will do Elliot’s appartment on the show, so I’m pretty sure he’s here to stay. At least, until the fifth season ends.

    • abz says:

      I seriously hope they keep Rachel away from all things Sam as much as possible.

  35. Jean says:

    I’m excited for Blaine to move to New York and Kurt and Blaine to live together! They’re my favorites, and they’re engaged, so anything else wouldn’t make sense. I hope to see a lot more Klaine interaction, because their separation has gone on way too long. I’m excited for Mercedes like crazy! Because I much, much prefer Kurt’s friendship with Mercedes than the annoying friendship he has with Rachel or the forced one with Santana where she calls him Lady Hummel all the time.

    • meh says:

      yeah it was better whine Kurt ingnored Mercedes so he could go with Blaine. I love how Kurt fans want Mercedes. We all knw it is becasue Mercedes won’t get roe screentime than Kurt. You want Kurt to have supporting characters around him but won’t accept him being support sometimes.

  36. Kayla says:

    They wouldn’t all move! That would be ridiculous!

    I laughed. Glee is no stranger to the ridiculous.

  37. abz says:

    Happy about the the full-time move to NYC, but there are several problems that I’m anticipating:
    1) more Sam – such an annoying character. Not funny. Needs a serious haircut. Character has become extremely dumb.
    2) more Blaine – has become an annoying character too. Sings wayyyyyyyy too much. Should only be used in small doses.
    3) BLAM! – two annoying characters put together!!
    4) Klaine engagement is still a stupid storyline and should end.
    5) Sue in NY? How does that make any sense?

    Only positives would be more Rachel and Santana and some possible new NYC/NYADA characters maybe!! Also, no more newbies. Although I will miss Kitty a bit (she was my favourite of the newbies).

  38. baby says:

    “moving Blaine and Sam to NY is a good thing
    is inexplicable.” lol go watch the show again, we know about blaine going to new york since season 2 :) if anyone in nyc is inexplicable this person is santana she spent the whole season 3 making fun of rachel and kurt and then moved in with them looool

  39. Gleek4ever says:

    I can’t wait. I hope Klaine storylines will be better once Blaine is in New York. I can’t believe all these Blaine haters. Are you insane? Darren Criss is perfection. Haters to the left.

  40. joncuriel says:

    They better not get rid of Jenna. If they do, it would be one of the most unfair things this show has ever done, forr 4 years they have neglected tha character of Tina and now they are saying that Darren and Chord are going to NY, and that not all the graduates are leaving for New York, no need to be a genious to realize who they’re talking about, besides, they are bringing Amber back but not keeping Jenna?
    I swear if they ditch her I am so done with this show

    • Eliza says:

      I agree, I love Tina and she does have a great voice, arguably better dan Melissa Benoits an some of the other new kids. She has been been ignored even in the first season even though the actress is a broadwayactress. (meaning she can surely hold her own)
      there was a mention Tina getting in to Veterinarion school at NYU as a backup plan if acting didnt work out. lets hope she goes to NYU and starts a band with rachel and co.

    • bleeblah says:

      She can’t act and her character is unbearable especially when she is with Blam.

  41. Qat says:

    Anyone else think Sam/Chord looks a little like Flynn Rider in that screencap? Just me? Ok…

  42. Alex says:

    Looking forward to Blaine and Kurt being in NY together. My two favs sharing screentime again! Yay!

  43. Deborad says:

    I can’t wait for Blaine and Klaine in NYC. Laughing at haters’ tears. I hope we also get to see Kurt interacting with his fiancé and other people that aren’t Santana and Rachel again and again.

  44. Deborad says:

    Klaine living together NYC is all I ever wanted in my life.

  45. Melissa says:

    So happy to finally hear Blaine will move to NYC. I’d be thrilled with Blaine, Kurt, Santana, Rachel, Mercedes – and Sam only because there’s no way around it. Really excited about Glee again.

  46. Hana says:

    Yes! I hope we get more Klaine, Kurt and Blaine!!

  47. Molly says:

    Please do not let Tina be seen at all after graduation. Her character has become so over the top unlikable I honestly wonder if Ryan Murphy personally dislikes Jenna Ushkowitz and is taking it out on her via making her character intolerable, like he did with Quinn/Diana Agron.

  48. Kre says:

    In all honesty, Glee really hasn’t been good since season 2. Season 3 had a handful of good episodes, and season 4 was just bad. And the downward trend continues this season, and I used to LOVE Glee.

    • ske says:

      Thank you My thoughts exactly. Glee used to be my absolute favorite have to watch show. Four of us girls got together to watch it every week. Now, I cannot stand it. None of my friends watch it. Season 4 was a mess. I watched the Quarterback episode season 5. I tried to watch it with Adam Lambert because he is awesome. But, NY is better, but Lima is awful. I don’t care for Blaine, Sam or Tina. I know, a lot of it is the writing, but the acting is atrocious as well. It’s not as good as it once was. Singing either. A lot of people put a lot of praise into Darren Criss and his character as a leading one with singing talent. I’m a listener who doesn’t see or hear it, doesn’t acknowledge it, nor accept it. Season 4 I was really excited for Kurt to meet and date an adult with substance like Adam. But, he was in passing. I liked Kurt when he was with him. Not really a fan of the Klaine frenzy. Glee needs to really change a lot for me to watch the second half of this season and beyond.

  49. A says:

    This is good news! Though it’ll be weird to see the show without the glee club. At least there’s the diner and stuff. Rachel, Kurt, Santana, Blaine, Sam, Mercedes, and whoever else they bring over should be really fun to watch. It’s so funny seeing people complaining, like break out your season one DVD and get over it.